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NICKI thick stick She wanted touch


WARNING: This story contain scenes of graphic sex. If
subject matter of this nature does not interest you, do not
read any farther.

All events in this story are fictional. All the characters
in this story are fictional. This is a fantasy. In other
words, this is a tale in which physical acts and human
responses are not limited to nor necessarily based in
reality. Some acts and responses in the story are
physically or physiologically improbable. But I like to
think believable..

This story is intended for the salacious entertainment of
consenting adults. Do not try to do any of the things
described in this story. You will injure yourself or your
partner. Or be arrested, or shot by her father...

If you are under 18 years of age, go away. This story will
burn your eyeballs and fry your brain.

If material of a strong sexual nature is prohibited where
you are, go away.

By continuing, the reader accepts all responsibility for any
disgust, revulsion, jail sentences, or pleasure that result
from reading this story.

You have been warned!

That said, enjoy!... :)




By NightShade

4/7/97, rev. 12/98

Steve put down the heavy trunk he was carrying and turned to
watch the small figure on the path far below struggling with
two heavy suitcases. In the distance, he could just make
out his rusting Ford pickup parked at the end of the dusty
road that wound up the valley. His cabin commanded a view
he never tired of. Unless, of course, he was carrying a
fucking steamer trunk full of fucking rocks up the fucking

"God Damn bitch," he muttered to himself. "Every fucking
year the same fucking thing." Why couldn't his sister
watch her own kid for the summer? Just because he had a
disability pension and didn't have to work; and because he
had a big place up in the mountains where the kid couldn't
get into trouble, his sister had been unloading his niece on
him every summer for the past 10 years. Ever since Nicki
had been 4 or 5 years old. Five years after the stupid bitch
had given birth to an unplanned and unwanted child. It
still amazed Steve that those two self-centered brats who
called themselves her parents had suffered through five long
summers without their precious vacations with their money-
stuck-up-their-ass friends. They still lamented that
sacrifice loudly and often.

Steve glanced back down the mountain path. He grinned, in
spite of himself. He really did like the kid and all. He
watched her struggle determinedly with those heavy
suitcases. He knew she wouldn't quit and that made him
proud of her. He had taught her that.

He had to admit she was actually somewhat nice to have
around after a couple of weeks at his place. It took about
that long for her to get over being spoiled and to get the
`city' out of her system. His sister and her no-good
husband were too busy working to pay much attention to
Nicki. They substituted cash and gifts for love and
attention. As you would expect, Nicki was spoiled rotten.
But she was more lonely than spoiled. Kind of like he was
when she left at the end of the summer. He quickly shoved
those painful memories out of his mind.

He picked the heavy trunk back up and headed towards his
cabin in the distance. Shit, it felt like she was moving in
for good this time. This was by far the most stuff she had
brought with her, and that wasn't counting the suitcases she
was lugging. He thought he remembered hearing something
about more shit on the way, too. UPS or something. Fuck!
That meant even more fucking trips up and down the hill

When he reached the cabin, he put the trunk down heavily on
the packed earth clearing that substituted for a front yard,
turned and sat wearily on the trunk. He rested, wiping the
sweat off with his shirtsleeve, waiting for his niece to
make her way up the path. He knew better than to help her,
or to offer any assistance at all. It was an understanding
they had had from that first summer 10 years ago. She
always insisted on carrying her own weight. This time, she
almost was. Those damn cases were heavy!

It was hot today, hot for this early in the season, hot for
this high up the mountain. Still, the sun felt good on his
back as it warmed him through his shirt. He impulsively
pulled the shirt over his head, baring his muscled torso to
the sun's rays. His chest glistened from the effort of
hiking up the steep slope carrying the extra weight. He
kept in excellent shape during the spring, summer, fall and
most of the winter by chopping firewood for the entire
valley. He did it for free, just for the exercise. And to
keep from going crazy up here by himself. Only the deep
snow kept him housebound. The neighbors thought he was
already crazy to do it 'fur nuttin', as they said, but they
weren't complaining loud enough for him to hear, yet.

He watched his niece struggle as she lugged the cases up the
last section of the path to where he was sitting. Nicki
wasn't used to the altitude or the exercise and it showed.
Her hair was messed up, her breathing ragged and she was
sweating profusely. She dropped the heavy cases helter
skelter next to the trunk and collapsed on the ground.

"Moving in for good this time?" he asked.

"Huh? Didn't mom write you? She said she sent you a
letter. They're going to Europe or something and will be
gone longer this year."

"Shit!" He meant to say it under his breath, but
apparently, some of it slipped out. Nicki's face clouded
and the excited light in her eye flickered and dimmed. He
watched as a large tear dripped down her smooth cheek. Now
he knew what shit felt like.

"Oh, Nicki, Hell! You know me. I didn't mean that like it
sounded. You know it's not you, it's your Mom. It's just
that, well, I just wish she would ask me first. Just

"You don't want me here, do you." It wasn't a question,
but a statement. Her shoes fascinated her at the moment.
She wanted to hear him grovel a bit. It was another
tradition. She always needed him, at least once, to say he
wanted her to be there with him.

"Oh, shit, yes! Of course I do. I look forward to you
coming every summer. I really do. Honest! It's like you
belong here, you know? You always have a room up here with
me. Besides, I can imagine, it must be hard for you, too,
getting dumped off on old Uncle Steve, having to come all
the way up here in the woods every year. It must be tough
not to be with all your friends."

"Nah, it's OK. No big deal. None of them are home,
either. They all go to camp all summer and sleep in big
rooms with people they hardly know, different every year.
At least I know where I'm going to be, have my own room, and
who I'm going to be with." She grinned up at him, and he
knew he was forgiven for his outburst. "Besides, you're
not all that hard to live with, Uncle Steve."

She had been looking at his face during this last part. She
liked his face. It was so open and honest. Not tight and
closed like her father's. <Not bad looking, either!> Nicki
flushed red as this thought flashed through her brain. But
now that she had noticed, she had to admit he was kind of
good looking. His longish blonde hair was lightened by long
hours in the sun. It gave him a kind of surfer look. His
face was, well, not handsome in a pretty way, but its
ruggedness deeply attracted her. She was drawn to his
strength. She liked how his eyes sparkled when he looked at
her. They both had the same blue eyes. So did her mom.
Icy blue, almost white. Against his dark cheeks, the
contrast was startling.

Her gaze drifted down to his thickly muscled chest and she
felt a funny twinge in her tummy. She blushed again. She
was really feeling weird. It was the altitude, she tried to
convince herself, but she knew better. She had felt the
same way in the airport looking at that football player.
The muscles rippling across Uncle Steve's chest as he moved
stirred her. She remembered she had the same feelings when
she had watched his tight butt as he walked in front of her
up the path. She hadn't needed to rest. She wanted to see
his body!

His bulging muscles when he lifted the heavy trunk had taken
her breath away. He tried to pretend it was nothing, but it
had taken her and both her parents to get it into the taxi.
She felt the fluttering again, as she looked a little lower
at his stomach. God! A six-pack! Even slouched as he was
there was no excess. All muscle. All male.

Nicki felt her heart-rate pick up and a hot flash swept
through her young body. She leaned back on her elbows and
closed her eyes to cover her embarrassment. She could still
peek between the slits of her eyelids at her uncle. She had
never realized what a huge hunk of a man he was. Maybe,
maybe he could teach her about some of those things.?

Steve watched her looking him over. He had been trying hard
not to stare at her the whole way up the path to the house.
When they had first started up the mountain, he had been
behind her. He immediately noticed that she had developed a
decidedly feminine ass over the past year. He thought back
to when she had left and he knew she had not looked like she
did now. She had been a skinny kid then. He began to have
trouble walking as he kept staring at that enticingly
swaying ass, and at her first rest stop, he moved in front
of her.

As he looked at her now, hot and flushed from her exertions,
he started getting hard again. Climbing the steep path to
the house on a hot, humid day had plastered her thin cotton
tee shirt to her young 15-year-old body. And God! What a

It was obvious she wasn't wearing a bra underneath that thin
blouse. He had done her laundry for the past 10 years and
he knew she had never worn one up till now. But someone
should have clued her in. With tits like that hanging out
in the open, he was going to have a lot of trouble keeping
his hands off her. He shifted a little, relieving some of
the pressure on his swelling cock. Here tits were just as
he liked them. Not huge, but definitely out there. High,
firm mounds capped by the lightest pink/red centers.
Smaller than a quarter, with stubbornly erect nipples he
could see poking up into the damp material of her thin
shirt. He thought again of how she looked when she left
last September. Yep, she was a scrawny kid. He had hardly
recognized her getting off the plane. Holy Shit, was she

He didn't think she was aware that her unrestrained breasts
were essentially completely exposed by the wet translucent
material. As he watched her slyly scoping out his chest,
arms and abs, he saw her tiny nipples suddenly perk up and
poke out very sexily. What could she be thinking? A dark
damp spot was spreading across the crotch of her tight
shorts, too. Could have just been from sweating, but
maybe.? His cock began swelling even larger in his jeans,
causing a lump to grow down his right pants leg.

Nicki caught her breath, now that she had it under control.
She had closed her eyes almost all the way shut and leaned
back against the suitcase, resting. She could still see out
of the slits in her eyes and had been seriously checking out
her Uncle Steve. He didn't look like any of the boys at
General Parker Middle School. There were no guys at the
high school she was starting next year that looked like him,
either. They were boys. This was a man! Her heartbeat
sped up, sending more strange fluttering feelings to her

And that thing in his pants! God! That couldn't be his
`thing,' his penis, could it? If what her girlfriends told
her was true what she was supposed to do with it, it was way
too big. It went all the way down his pants leg! And if
what she had learned in SexEd was true, when it got hard and
stiff, when a boy got `excited,' he was supposed to fit his
erection up inside her somehow. Geez, Uncle Steve wouldn't
be thinking about doing that to me with that, would he? Oh,
God, would he? Do you think, maybe, he..., we.? Maybe this
wouldn't be such a bad summer after all. Maybe she..., he...,
they. But it was so BIG!

She had heard one of the girls talking about putting her
boyfriends thing in her mouth and sucking on it. Most of
the girls had thought that was gross, but Nicki wasn't sure.
She wondered how it felt. And some of the girls had called
the girl a slut and a cocksucker for doing stuff like that.
Nicki didn't do anything but listen. And think about it.
But just thinking about it now, putting her mouth over Uncle
Steve's thing, well, just by thinking about it the tingling
got stronger. That wasn't all sweat that was leaking out of
her cunny, either! With a little shudder, more stuff leaked
out, and she suddenly felt very self-conscious.

Blushing bright red, Nicki jumped up quickly,
unintentionally giving her uncle a nice little bouncing
booby show. He enjoyed it immensely and almost applauded.
She picked up her suitcases and headed for her room, leaving
her semi-aroused uncle staring at her long legs and shapely
ass as she walked by, and wondering if this summer would not
be so bad after all.

The next few days were somewhat tense and unusually
uncomfortable. Both of them were trying to figure out if
there were new rules of behavior, now that there was another
set of raging hormones in the cabin. There had never been
two sexes there before. Nicki was a late bloomer. Fast,
but late. So it had never been a problem with them, and
they had been pretty casual about dress and closing doors
and privacy. There had never been a need for privacy.

There were several `accidental' walk-ins when one or the
other was in the shower or dressing. She was fascinated
with his schlong, hard or soft. For two days, whenever they
were together, it seemed to him she never looked at his
face. Her eyes automatically fell to his crotch. He dug
out all his bikini underwear for her benefit. Or at least
that's what he told himself.

On her part, she was oblivious to his stares at her newly
developed body. She hadn't had it long enough, or been
exposed like most of her friends to a lot of gawking young
boys to make her sensitive to male attention. She hadn't
yet learned to watch where a man's eyes were focused. If
she had ever looked up at Steve's face, she might have
noticed. But all she noticed was that fat tube in his
shorts when he got up in the morning and went into the
bathroom. She got a good look at it once when he was in the
shower and she `had' to go pee. It seemed to get a little
bigger as he watched her use the toilet, but she wasn't sure
as he politely turned his back to her. She thought he had
taken a longer shower than normal that morning.

Every year, the first week after she got to the cabin was an
`off' week. Her Uncle Steve would let her get used to the
altitude, and no telephone, and no tv and no CDs and so on.
They always did the same thing on the same day every year
for that first week. The first couple of days they sat
around and talked, catching up. This year they both did a
lot of looking, as well. Then, to get her used to the
altitude, he would take her on short hikes, one day to the
caves down the mountain a ways, the next day they would hike
to the lower lake and go swimming. This year she had
forgotten her swimsuit at the cabin and stripped down to a
thin tee shirt to go in. She really liked the way he looked
at her and how he reacted to looking at her. That night she
put all of her bras away for the summer. She decided she
wouldn't be needing them.

The next day found them at the top of the mountain behind
the cabin and then the last day of the `off' week they went
to the high lakes and went fishing, if the ice was melted.
The water there was really too cold to swim, but the cool
air made her nipples poke out through her shirt. Again, she
had `forgotten' her sweater, and Uncle Steven had to put his
arm around her to warm her up. The heat his touch generated
in her quivering young body had nothing to do with shared
body heat. It was more like the chemical reaction of two
sets of raging hormones rubbing together. Maybe
thermonuclear would be more appropriate....

In many ways, the week had gone pretty much like normal, but
they were both unsure of how to act around each other.
Sometime Steve thought she was just his little niece again,
and he was cool with that. But increasingly, she was acting
more like a little sex kitten. That drove him nuts and he
just about got a blister on his prick jacking off at night.
Then there was the issue about her disappearing without
telling him.

Nicki kept sneaking off by herself, thinking she was
slipping away unnoticed. Because, to put it bluntly, Nicki
was horny. She was also inexperienced and naive and a
little bit shy about her new body and these strange feelings
she was having. Her mother, as usual, didn't have time to
talk to her about the changes she was going through. The
changes in her daughter's body had happened so fast, she
almost didn't recognize her when she had come home from work
early one afternoon. She had stared at this strange
beautiful young woman, and then had gone into her office,
ignoring her. Nicki had been hurt, but she had caught on at
a very young age that she wasn't very welcome around her

So any education Nicki got, she got on the street. So many
of her girlfriends had developed tits earlier, they had
boyfriends and had started kissing. Nicki had had a body
like a stick next to theirs until just last year and the
boys just weren't interested when there were girls with
boobs available. When she had started to blossom, hell, she
exploded; she had been embarrassed by the deformations
happening to her body. She covered up what was happening
with the loose-fitting styles of her generation. No one

She was also terribly shy about sex and boys, but mostly
sex. That didn't mean she wasn't curious or that she didn't
talk to her girlfriends. She was just not confident of
herself, of what she had become. And the urges the other
girls were feeling hadn't been there, either. At least,
until now. Just before she had left the city for the
summer, her one best girlfriend had asked her if she had
ever rubbed herself `down there' and Nicki, even though she
hadn't, said she had. But she would only admit to once so
her friend wouldn't think she was a slut or ask her more
about it. But it got her thinking.

As she got used to the altitude at Uncle Steve's cabin, and
the clean air, and the early nights - they went to bed when
the sun went down - she finally did it, once. She touched
herself down there with one slender finger. Over her
panties. She liked it a lot. She touched herself just
where the hair ran out. That's where it felt best. The
thin cotton of her panties kept bunching up and getting in
the way so she slipped her finger underneath. It still felt
good. Better, in fact, than through her panties. The tip
of her middle finger traced up and down the firm lips of her
cunny. It tickled a little, but she knew this was in the
right direction.

As she played with herself, her knees came up automatically,
spreading her virgin cunt open to her exploring fingers.
She ran her hand up and down slow, then faster. She noticed
her fingers were wet and first thought it was perspiration.
But this was slimier, slicker. Her breathing became
shallow, and she could feel something happening. She knew
something was going to happen, she could feel it. But she
didn't have a clue what.

On the upstroke, a lazy finger grazed the spot right at the
top of her slit. She gasped at the sensations that slight
grazing caused. She had touched herself there before, yeah,
but it had never felt like that. She touched it lightly
again, and groaned. It seemed a little bigger, swollen
like. So this is was her girlfriend meant. Gently she
began experimenting with her new magic button. Rubbing it
with her fingertip was good, but too intense, at least for
the beginning. Rubbing felt better later, when she felt she
was ready to explode. What felt best right now was running
two fingers up and down, one on each side of the swelling
hooded button. And then there was the rhythm. Slow was
good, but so was fast. Then faster. Now slow for a bit.
And faster. And ....

She was afraid she had woken up her Uncle Steve with her
screaming, but he hadn't said anything at breakfast the next
morning. She hadn't meant to scream, but the feelings that
had charged through her sweaty, heaving body had really
surprised her.

It may have surprised her, but it still had felt like
nothing she had felt before. It felt so good, she began
playing with herself all the time, whenever she could. She
couldn't get enough of it. She had always thought she might
feel dirty when the other girls had talked about touching
themselves down there. All she felt was good! It was
thrilling, and it was naughty at the same time.

She was rubbing herself constantly, day and night. During
the day, she would stand at the corner of the kitchen table
and let it poke into her crotch as she would rub up and
down, forcing the corner against her sensitive swollen lips.
She would position her chair at an angle and she would use
the table leg, sometimes with Uncle Steve sitting across
from her! He never noticed!

When she was out in the woods, she would find a large fallen
branch or tree and straddle it, riding it to a thrilling
shudder. There was one fallen tree in particular she liked
that was just out of sight of the cabin. She could really
let loose there, out by herself. She used the stairway
banister with that wonderful knob on the end, she used the
free-standing towel rack in the bathroom, the edge of the
bathtub, the old exercycle with the busted seat in the
basement. Basically, she dry humped anything she could find
that she could get between her legs.

Every night she used her fingers before she went to sleep to
rub herself to a shuddering orgasm. Or two. Or three.
Every night, in her dreams, she had visions of huge
sausages, writhing tubes of meat, snake-like monsters all
looking at her naked virgin cunny. She would spread her
legs wide in her dreams, inviting them to do something,
anything. All the monsters ever did was rub against her.
She would wake up in a frustrated sweat, somehow
unfulfilled, knowing there was something more. She was
still a virgin, even in her dreams.

Steve, for his part, was playing it cool. Or at least as
cool as a pedophile could in this situation. No one in his
family knew, but his sudden discharge from the Army was not
for physical reasons. It was technically a medical
discharge. He had been an exemplary soldier, not bright but
not stupid, on his way up to a sergeant's rank. He was the
top ranked driver in the motor pool at HHQ. He had been
discharged from the Army after banging six 12 year olds on a
five-day field trip. The little girls hadn't complained or
turned him in. Hell, it had been their idea to come into
his room night after night after night. He hadn't even
suggested it. It had been their fucking ugly teacher who
yelled `Rape' when she was caught in a compromising position
by one of the horny brats.

He could get it up for those little girls any time they
wanted, which, for those precocious Army Brats, was every
time no one was watching. But it went limp-city when their
teacher was under him. No matter how much she sucked on it,
what she wore, or what she let him do to her, it played dead
soldier. He hadn't asked her into his bed, either. Hell,
all he wanted was some rest!

The teacher had cried rape when one of her girls came into
his room and caught them both naked with her tied to the
headboard and him beating the shit out of her tits, just for
the heck of it. He had been arrested and that should have
been that. Her story was so weak, he would probably have
gotten off with a note in his record. Except that during
the investigation, the whole story came out when one of the
little cunts was questioned. She broke down and told the
whole story, then pissed her pants because she was afraid of
what her father would do. To her, not Steve.

When the other five girls were confronted with the story,
they confessed and told the same story, leaving no doubt
that Steve was not the instigator. The shit really hit the
fan, then. Two of the girl's fathers were generals, and
they didn't want any publicity like this. Period. So Steve
was discharged, honorably, and even finagled a disability
pension on top of it. The US Army just wanted him gone.

Even with his leanings toward young stuff, Steve had never
noticed his niece in that way. Hell, she was his niece,
family, fur Christ's sake. But shit, did he notice her now!
Maybe it was her boiling hormones that let off a scent or
something. Or all that sticky stuff on the sheets. He
noticed her hard young woman's body now, that's for fuckin'
sure! He also noticed how her long blonde hair looked
better in twin ponytails. It made her look younger. He
noticed that just a little makeup made her look outstanding,
especially red lipstick. He began dreaming of those ruby
lips stretched tight around his hard cock.

Now that he had noticed her, he began watching her whenever
he could. Following her out of the house on the second day,
he almost laughed aloud when he came upon her straddling a
log in the woods. If she hadn't been screaming her orgasm
to the wild, she would probably have heard him jacking off
watching her. He arranged for a tree about the right size
and the right height to `fall' closer to the cabin, but with
a convenient view from his deer blind. He also began
placing convenient objects in her path, like the `old'
exercise bike in the basement floor. It had only taken a
couple of minutes to weld the seat so that the horn was
almost vertical and then to stack the boxes just the right
way. She had spent several hours down there in the
basement, humping herself on that old bicycle seat, unaware
of the front row seat he had arranged for himself.

As he watched her become acquainted with her sexuality, he
learned several things. First, she never penetrated her
cunt. He thought that was odd unless she really didn't know
anything about how sex worked. Knowing his sister, that
made sense. Second, it didn't take much to light her jets.
She could cum faster than any woman or girl he had ever
seen. Third, she got excited, really excited rubbing her
cunt on something. But she also got just as excited when
she rubbed her asshole. Which she was doing more of as she
got more experienced. It almost seemed she preferred it
back there, when she could get at it, like on the upright
bicycle seat. Fourth, she began, finally, to notice his
reactions to some of her actions. Like him staring at her
in skimpy clothes, or staring at her bare tits when she bent
way over and poured his coffee. And she was repeating the
things that turned him on, made his cock rise. Fifth, she
didn't strip down to do it, except maybe at night. He
didn't know about that. He had only listened at night, not

After that first night when she had scared the living shit
out of him with her sudden screaming, ol' Uncle Steve began
to listen at her door at night. He could hear the tell-tale
bouncing bedsprings and the sloshing of a tight juicy quim
being tormented with dainty fingers. He would let loose his
throbbing cock and stoke it firmly, timing his cum with
hers, her high-pitched squeals, now muffled in her pillow,
announced her oncoming climax. There were several new
stains on the wall next to her door and a funny bleach smell
in the hall. She never noticed.

So the first week passed without incident. That all changed
when they started their normal summertime routine.

Every year Nicki would help her Uncle Steve as he chopped
firewood. When she had been a little girl, not much more
than a toddler, she would pick up the scattered wood chips
and pile them in a neat stack. Well, more or less neat. It
got neater as she got older. It had been her way of
helping, carrying her weight.

As she got older, she would do other things, some of them
actually productive. He always had something for her to do
near him because he honestly enjoyed her company. She had a
ready laugh and was always chatting about something.
Besides, it kept her busy, gave her something to do, and he
always knew where she was.

Until she got here, he hadn't been sure what she would do
this year. That changed when he saw her at the airport. He
decided then to let her take a more active adult role this
year. He tried to convince himself that he had made his
decision based on her physical size, she was taller, too,
not her physical attributes. When he closed his eyes,
though, he could just imagine her bra-less tits bouncing in
her tight shirts as she swung a light ax or used the two-man
saw. The images of her firm ass in her tight shorts flexing
with each stoke kept him hard most of the night every night.

Nicki came outside for the first workday after cleaning up
the breakfast dishes - he cooked, she cleaned, as always.
Steve handed her a pair of safety goggles, some new soft
leather gloves in her size and a new lightweight ax. He
pointed silently to a stack of dried logs waiting to be
split and smiled. A more experienced girl might have said
he leered lecherously. Ok, Ok. The corners of his mouth
were tilting upwards and several teeth showed. So you
decide. What would you be doing in his shoes?

Nicki understood what he wanted her to do and she was
thrilled. She didn't even notice his expression. Finally,
she was getting to do the big people stuff. She attacked
the pile with youthful vigor, never giving a thought to how
sore her muscles were going to be from all this unaccustomed
work. Or for the erotic show she was putting on for him.
It was everything he had imagined and then some. She kept
going and going, Stroke after stroke, matching, or nearly
matching his output. She didn't notice he seemed
preoccupied, and was not splitting as much wood as he
usually did. She just wanted to make him proud of her, to
show him she was grown up. In this case, that wasn't really
the issue. She was already shown him she was grown up. By
the end of the morning, she was hot, tired and sore.

Sweat covered her body, slicking down her loose blonde hair
to her neck, plastering her shirt to her body. She blushed
when she looked down and realized she could clearly see her
stiffening nipples through the thin fabric. She shuddered
as a soft breeze chilled them, making them poke up quite
dramatically. Looking up quickly, she saw Uncle Steve
grinning at her as he watched her near naked body in the
bright morning sunlight. It was the first time she had
caught him looking at her body, but he was too tired to
care. Fuck it. She looked damn good.

She was embarrassed by his stare, but thrilled, too. Really
thrilled. Excited by his bold gaze, she decided to push it
and see what happened. Her gloves came off slowly as she
pulled each finger up and then took the glove off her hand.
She didn't know it, but she was mimicking a strip teaser.
Uncle Steve knew it, and his prick reacted accordingly.
Nicki noticed that, however.

As she teased him, her eyes were glued to his crotch. As
she shook out her sweaty hair, she reached into the back
pocket of her tight shorts and took out a rubber band. She
gathered her hair up into a ponytail to keep it off her neck
and out of the way. She noticed his `thing,' his cock,
jerking and swelling as she seductively posed for him. It
thrilled her to think she could do that to him, make him
excited. Being naive, she didn't know that by Spring, Uncle
Steve was so horny, he would fuck a sleeping bear.

From the reaction she saw in his cutoff shorts, Uncle Steve
apparently liked it when she had her arms up and her hands
behind her head. She kept her hands behind her head for
longer than necessary, fussing with hair that didn't need to
be fixed, teasing him. When she turned around and wiggled
her butt at him, she heard a groan escape from him. Teasing
him, she turned her head to look over her shoulder at him.
His face looked awful red and she gave him a happy, almost
innocent smile.

Deciding to continue and to see what else he liked, she
nudged her gloves off the log she had laid them on. She had
to lean over the log with her butt towards Uncle Steve, then
reach way over and get them. Which she did. Slowly. She
even managed to drop them two or three times. That wasn't
hard to do because her arms were so sore and she could
barely reach them by stretching out on her tiptoes.

She knew her shorts were tight when she was standing up and
that they would be even tighter now. What she didn't know
was that the wetness from her sweat and her cunt juice made
the fabric stick to her so that it formed to every curve.
It was like a second skin, showing her slit and puffy lips,
her ass crack and even the little dimple of her asshole.
Uncle Steve was getting quite a show. And he was enjoying
it immensely.

He walked over to her as she was leaning over the log, her
feet just barely on the ground. He placed a leather-gloved
hand in the small of her back, ostensibly to steady her, so
she wouldn't fall. Actually, his firm hand pinned her to
the log. He tipped her slightly forward. With her feet now
off the ground, she had no leverage and she hung there

He moved in behind her and leaned over her back, pressing
his own sweaty body against hers.

"Need some help, Nicki?" He tilted his hips up and
pressed his swollen cock up against her stretched ass

"N-n-n-no. I almost have them. But you can steady me,
OK?" Her breathless voice caught as he punctuated her ass
with his prick. Her ass wiggled back against his cock-
swollen pants.

Steve stayed where he was as he watched her struggle to
reach the gloves. He leaned in a little bit, pressing
tighter against her ass. He reached down to hold her around
the shoulder blades, thinking to hold her by the shoulders
and dry-fuck against her fabulous butt. But just as he was
reaching down, she finally got a firm hold of both of the
gloves. She arched her back to raise herself up. This had
two effects. One, her ass flexed up against his crotch even
harder. Two, his gloved hands missed her shoulder blades
and ended up slipping around her chest to grab firmly onto
her tits.

"Oooooohhhh! Pull me up, Uncle Steve."

She loved the feel of his strong hands on her boobs. To
prolong the feeling, she locked his hands in place by
bringing her arms down to her sides. She still was teasing
him and didn't notice he was beyond teasing. When he didn't
move to lift her up, she wiggled her butt impatiently and
turned to look at him over her shoulder. She giggled when
she saw him standing there with his eyes closed.

The "little girl" giggle did it. He went over the edge.
This was no longer a game to him. Too fucking bad if she
was his fucking niece. His hands squeezed her firm tits
suddenly, and she gasped. The rough leather of the gloves
rubbed against her sensitive flesh and a bolt of energy
surged from them straight to her tight little slit. She
bucked against the log, spreading her legs, rubbing her clit
on the rough bark and her ass on the hard cock behind her.
Her legs bent around his legs automatically. She locked her
ankles around the backs of his thighs and urged him closer
to her. She rhythmically ground her pussy into the log.
Uncle Steve picked up on her erotic rhythm, squeezing her
tits and humping his crotch against her ass in the age old

After several minutes of this frantic stimulation, a
tremendous flash of lightning hit her brain, cunt, tits and
ass at the same time. She screamed in wild orgasm, shaking
in his grasp, feeling electrified all over and oh, so good.
Her first big girl climax left her limp and unconscious in
his arms.

As she came to, she thought she was dreaming again, but this
time the dreams were different. This time, the monsters
were tickling her, one of them was brushing up against and
actually poking a little ways into her cunt and another
monster was nosing firmly into her asshole. But this dream
felt different, too. Oh, God! It wasn't a dream! Please
don't let it be a dream. It feels so good. Oh, please!

Nicki was still head down over something, but it wasn't the
log. This was narrower, and closer to the ground. She
looked up and saw her glove lying near her head. When she
went to grab for it, she found she couldn't move her hand.
Neither one. Confused, she looked back at her hands and saw
they were tied at the wrists to her ankles and that each
ankle was then tied to a leg of a sawhorse. She was spread
wide open.

Her shirt had either dropped or been pulled so that it
bunched around her neck, exposing her bosom for the first
time to male eyes. Her naked bosom, anyway. And that flash
of hot pink around her left ankle was her shorts. She
couldn't wear panties under those shorts. They were too
tight. Oh my God! She was tied up, bent over a sawhorse,
her naked butt sticking up in the air and her bare boobies
bouncing with every breath. And she was loving it! She
could feel the juice running down her legs from her cunny.

She thought back to those dreams, those things poking at her
privates. She looked back through her spread legs. And
gasped! Uncle Steve had taken his shorts off, too! And it
was bigger than BIG, it was HUGE! It looked angry, it was
so stiff and red. But there was the cutest little slit at
the top of it with a delicious looking drop of fluid seeping
out. It looked like a big, make that huge, lollipop. With
a thick stick. She wanted to touch it, kiss it even. He
was on his knees behind her, and seemed to be leaning in.


"Welcome back to the living, Nicki. Did you have a nice

"Oh, Wow, Uncle Steve. I never felt anything like that
before. And just now, what did you do?"

"You mean this?" She spasmed in her bonds, screaming.
"Or this?" He did something else to her butthole she
hadn't felt before. She screamed again.

"Oh, geez, Uncle Steve. The first one, but they were both
nice. Better than nice. It felt fantastic." She paused,
breathing heavily. "Uh, Uncle Steve, did we just do

"If you mean, did we just fuck, no, we didn't do `it'."
He leaned down to look at her upside down face. "You mean
you don't know what `it' is?"

"Well, er, uh, kind of, but, uh, well, not exactly. I know
it takes a man and a woman and he puts his thingy in-"

"His WHAT?"

"His thingy. You know, there, that thing there." She
tried to point with her nose at his pecker, but, having
straightened back up, that wasn't the mouth he was staring

"You mean this?" He reached down with one hand and
grabbed his rampant cock. He shifted so that he could move
the tip up and down the inside of her left leg.

"Oohhhhh, yesssss. That. That thing."

"That `thingy' is my cock. And this <kiss> is your pussy,
or your <kiss, lick> cunt. This little rosebud here <kiss,
poke> is your asshole." Uncle Steve punctuated each of her
holes with a kiss and/or a probe with his tongue. She just
lay across the sawhorse, shivering with each touch. He
repeated the lessons several times. He continued his
licking, kissing and probing with each lesson, listening to
her gasps and groans.

The longer she didn't ask to be released, the bolder he got.
He still wasn't sure how far he would or should go right
now, but now he was sure that sometime - soon - he would be
fucking his little niece. And not just her cunt or her
mouth. Uncle Steve wanted Niece Nicki's ass. He was
fixated on it. He was going to have it and soon. Maybe
tonight? Maybe. Hell, probably.

"Cock. Cunt. Pussy. Asshole. Got it?"

Oh, yeah. G-g-g-g-got it, Unce' Stev'. Ooooooohhhh. Oh,
Uncle Steve, your cock. Is it really hard? How does it fit
up me? Oh God. I have so many questions."

"Shit, Nicki, don't they teach you city kids anything at
school? I'll bet you've never even seen a cock before, have

"Huh-uh." She shook her head `no'.

"Well, shit. How're you supposed to practice being a good
little cocksucker? We'll just have to give you all the
practice you need this summer. How `bout that, huh?"

With that, he tipped her over a bit more, moving her head
down under the sawhorse and towards his cock. As her head
swung around, he pointed his cock right at her mouth. His
aim was good. As it got close, she opened her mouth, wide,
then wider still. With an audible plop, it was in. And it
kept coming!

Without her hands, she couldn't control the depth. She
gagged a couple of times as it whacked into her tonsils.
Then she relaxed her throat, swallowed and forced it down
into her throat. Uncle Steve must have liked that a lot,
because he yelled down the valley. After he was done
yelling and moving it in and out real hard, he buried his
face in her cunt and she didn't remember much after that.
She thought she felt her asshole being stretched, as if he
had poked two or three fingers in it. Mostly she just
remembered his iron prick sliding in her mouth and throat.
It got bigger, then it jerked and she had to swallow some
salty, fishy tasting stuff. And she had never felt so
wonderful in all her short life.

After he untied her and helped her up, they decided to take
the afternoon off. With the amount of work she had done
this morning, Steve knew she was going to be worthless the
next couple of days. But he thought he could find something
to keep her mind off her aches and pains.

She had seemed pretty submissive during the time she had
been tied up and he decided to see how far she would carry
the submissiveness. If he were lucky, she wouldn't know any
better and would think it was normal. Hell, it was worth a
shot. He took her into his arms and held her tight, her
arms held captive between their bodies. She stood there
meekly, looking up into his eyes. He kissed her forehead
and then told her what he wanted her to do, how he wanted
her to look and what to wear. He waited for some
resistance, but saw none in her adoring eyes. With a swat
to her bare bottom, he sent her scampering back into the

He picked up the work area a bit, putting away the discarded
tools, clothing, and gloves. He went into the cabin's
living room and sat down in his overstuffed easy chair. The
stack of mail from the Post Office was still sitting there
from last week's delivery. He sorted through it, liking
that there were never any bills. Mostly junkmail, but it
helped keep him informed of what was available in the real

He had just found his sister's letter when Nicki came down
the stairs into the living room. He tried to remain cool
and calm when he saw her, but it was impossible to keep his
prick down. She saw him stiffen and giggled. That added to
the effect and he gave up.

"Shit, Nicki, you look great! Just fucking great!"

"Really? You don't think I look too young? Or do you
like...? Why, Uncle Steven! I do believe you're a pervert!
You want me to look like a little girl!" This tickled her
for some reason, and she down ran the remaining steps
laughing and jumped into his arms.

She had done her hair in twin ponytails, red lipstick, a
too-tight cutoff tee shirt and tiny thong panties. A little
girl slut look. He was in heaven.

She sat on his lap and let him touch her for a long time.
Finally, she was squirming, her ass writhing directly on top
of his iron prick. That reminded her of something.

"Uncle Steve? Can I practice some more now?"

"Huh? Practice what?"

"You know, with your thing."

"My what?"

"Oh, yeah. Your cock. Can I practice sucking on your

"Is that all you want to do? Just suck on it?"

She blushed. "N-n-no." She took a deep breath and looked
at him wistfully. "I don't know anything else to do, I
mean, I've never done anything. But I want to learn about
everything, and I want practice a lot so I get real good at
it, too."

"You want to do everything?"

"Uh-huh. Everything. Especially the stuff you like to do.
I want you to have fun, too."

"Oh, well. OK, then. I guess you can practice. We'll do
some of the other stuff later. Something I really like, OK?
You know, really do need the practice. But if you want to
be really good, you can't use your hands."

"Really? Gee. I want to be the best, uh, cocksucker I can
be. For you," she added, smiling at him.

"Alright then, let's get you started. Stand up and turn
around, hands behind your back."

She did. He took a short cord from the pocket of his
cutoffs and looped it around her wrists that she had
placed behind her back. Then, he took a
longer cord and tied it tightly around her waist, leaving a
long end hanging down in front. Reaching through her legs,
he grabbed the hanging cord and drew it up between her legs,
hard into her cunt. He looped it over the waist belt in
back and then drew it back through her legs. He had her
turn around and face him. Her face was flushed and she was
gasping for air. She was feeling things she had never felt
before and she just couldn't seem to catch her breath.

Being tied up scared her a little, but she felt safe with
her Uncle Steven. Looking at his tented pants, he obviously
liked doing it to her. It felt exciting, too, making her
little slit wet. She decided she would let him tie her up
anytime he wanted. All the time, if that's what he liked.
It was kind of funny, the way his hands were shaking from
his excitement.

She watched him as he tied off the loose end of the crotch
rope at the waist belt. He made it tight, then he pulled it
tighter still. When she wiggled her hips to adjust it a
little, the crotch rope slipped between her cunt lips and
rubbed right against her magic button. She just about fell
over from the intense pleasure.

Uncle Steve helped her to her knees so that she was between
his spread legs. He unzipped his shorts for her and his
prick sprang out. He held it for her while she captured the
swollen head between her ruby red lips. Her eyes looked up
at his for approval and he nodded his pleasure at her. She
just held her head there, not knowing what to do. Gently,
he took her head between his hands and showed her how to
move her head up and down. He instructed her to move her
tongue, and suck. Above all, no teeth.

Nicki was a good student and diligently practiced the
elementary movements he had taught her. He leaned back in
the chair as she bobbed slowly up and down his hard shaft.
Reaching over, he picked up the discarded letter.

"Dear Steven. Derrick and I have a wonderful opportunity
we just can't pass up. He got a promotion and a transfer to
the European office of his company. I was able to get a
posting in my company's European office, and a promotion to
go with it! I'm sure you can see what a tremendous
opportunity it will be for us, but we'll be too busy with
our new jobs to take care of Nicki. I'm sure you won't
mind. It will only be for a couple of years,...."

He put aside the unfinished letter and looked down at the
petite blonde head bobbing enthusiastically up and down
between his thighs.

Nah. He wouldn't fucking mind at all....


End of story
I hope you enjoyed it. :)

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