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NINA enormous pole and poking


Nina - (Mggg, pedo, anal)

This is my first story that has ever been published... It was written back
in 1991 or 1992, and posted anonymously - it has been floating around since

This is a fantasy of mine - I would *never* do things like these described.
Children are the most wonderful creatures on Earth, and they must be
treated with respect. There is in my opinion nothing wrong with fantasising

This story must never be published on any "pay-sites", or in any way be
distributed for profit. It can be published only on truly free sites, like
ASSTR, or posted on USENET. And only with this header intact.

Adults only.


Copyright 2000
Mr B. (
Constructive feedback welcome

[I sincerely apologise for any spelling or grammar errors - I do my best to
get rid of them. The poor language in some "erotic" stories really put me
off, as does the non-critical use of spell checkers. But who am I to
criticise... English is not my first language.]

Nina - Chapter 1

Nina lives just a few houses away from me and she normally pops in when
she finds out I am at home. Occasionally she'll bring a friend also, but
most often she is alone. In my back yard there is a small stream making a
turn, and the water there is shallow and quite warm during summer. I moved
in last summer, and it was just a few days before Nina visited me and asked
if she could play in the water; she had always been allowed to do that, she
told me. Well, why not, I thought. I was sitting nearby and could watch her
anyhow, making sure she was OK.

"My name is Tom," I told her.

"I'm Nina!" She ran towards the stream where she was obviously building
some sort of dam as far as I could see. She was wearing a short summer
dress and had no shoes on, and her hair was blond and fairly short for a

I sat down and tried to continue reading my book as I watched her
moving small rocks around creating something that looked like a pool. When
she bent over with her back towards me I could see her slim legs, and the
panties covering their upper parts. The panties were tightly covering her
little behind, and I could see the outlines of the sex between her legs.

She was singing a joyful tune and looked really cute. She turned and
waved at me, and I waved back, smiling. Then she started moving towards me
and pointed at her creation.

"I've made a pool and I would like to try it, can I do that?"

"Sure, go ahead, but don't head for the deep water." She looked a bit
embarrassed, and pointed out that she hadn't brought her swim suit; she was
not used to that.

"That's OK, no one will see you here except for me," I told her. She
nodded and headed back to the water, where she pulled the dress above her
head and revealed that she had nothing put the panties underneath.

With her back turned towards me she slipped them to the ground and was
completely nude. Then she sat down in her pool and splashed the water
around her. It wasn't very deep, and the water covered her only to a bit
above her waist. She leaned back and seemed to enjoy herself for a while,
as I tried to read another page. When I looked up again she had risen from
the water and was picking up her clothes.

"Did you enjoy the bath?" I asked her. "Maybe you would like a towel?"
She smiled and nodded and I went inside to get one.

When I returned she was standing beside my chair using her dress to
partly cover herself. I gave her the towel and told her she could put the
clothes on the table.

"I don't mind if you are naked," I told her, and she put down her
clothes. She dried her front first, and I sat down watching her, smiling.
Then she put the towel behind her neck, and I could for the first time see
her beautiful young body. The legs were long and slender, and where they
ended she had a perfectly shaped rounded vulva. She was completely bare and
her lips closed around her most private parts. Looking up I saw her flat
stomach, and above it her chest.

She had two tiny breasts that had just barely begun to blossom, with
small nipples pointing towards me. She watched me, too, and I said she
needed not be embarrassed because I looked at her.

"Mmmm," she said, "can I lie down in the grass?" I told her of course
she could do that, and that I might join her if she liked. She nodded again
and spread the towel on the ground, placing herself on the back, facing the
sun. I went for another towel and lay down beside her, removing my
T-shirt. The day was wonderful, and I looked again at the girl who seemed
pleased to sunbathe naked.

"Wouldn't you like to be naked too?" she suddenly asked. I hesitated,
being afraid to show her that I was getting aroused by her nude body. So I
sat up and watched her, trying to figure out what she was at.

Nina - Chapter 2

"How old are, you, Nina?"

"I'm eleven, but I have seen naked men before!"

"Have you seen a hard-on before, too?" I wondered, and she replied that
she hadn't really seen that, except for on boys her own age. Then she
smiled and moved her hands down to her crotch. I looked at her pussy and
she opened her legs a little. I moved slowly around and looked between her
legs where I could see her childish outer lips being parted by a millimetre
or two.

"Please take off your pants; I would like to see you too," she
exclaimed. So I considered the thought for a moment and decided it wouldn't

I slowly lowered my shorts and underwear, revealing my quickly growing
penis to the sunshine. She looked excitedly at my member but did nothing.
I returned to look at her sex, and studied her mound for a while. She was
totally bald, but I could see some hints of a blond downy cover just above
where her pubic lips parted. I would have liked to touch her, but dared not
do so. Then she looked at me and moved her legs a little further apart
showing me more. I could see a tiny clitoris hidden between her lips and
the opening of her vagina glowing slightly red. I moved my hand to touch
her stomach, and she said nothing, so I moved it slowly upwards until it
was just underneath her small breasts, and stopped there.

I looked at her face and she seemed pleased, so I moved my hand
further, gently touching her right breast. It felt soft except for a hard
bump just under the nipple, and I stroked it slowly, enjoying the feel of
the young girl. She looked somewhat tense, so I asked her if I should stop.

"No I like it but it feels strange," she said, "nobody have touched me
like that before." I moved my hand to the other breast and squeezed it
gently, and my penis grew really hard because of the forbidden act with
this child.

I removed my hand and lowered my head to have a closer look between her
legs. I put my hands on her thighs and pulled them gently further apart. I
could feel a slight shiver and I told her to stop me if I did something she
didn't want me to. I could now see all of her genitals, and the hairless
pussy looked beautiful. The inner lips were folded around her entrance
which looked pink and virginal. I bent my head closer and could smell her
young-girl scents, nothing like that of the older girls.

She laid completely still, observing what I did; this was obviously a
new experience to her. So I finally kissed her pussy carefully, and she
sighed in surprise. I asked her if it was OK, and she said that yes, it
felt good but different.

"Can you get your finger up inside yourself?" I asked her.

"Yes, a little bit, almost to the second knuckle," she answered, "then
it feels like stopping."

I looked down at her little vagina and touched it gently with my
finger. Then I put my middle finger at her entrance and slowly traced the
outlines. She felt damp, and was obviously getting excited, too. Carefully
I inserted my finger in her pussy, feeling the wetness between her tight
lips. She sighed again and I didn't push further. Instead, I removed my
finger and kissed her again. Placing myself on my stomach between her legs
I got a wonderful view of her sex; I moved her knees up and outwards until
she was completely spread. I almost came just from the sight of her now
fully open cunt, and I planted my lips between them. Licking her like this
I could really taste her, and she tasted like nothing I had experienced
before. Her juices were not very developed, but she tasted lovely and I
felt really happy being between the legs of this wonderful child.

I tried to bury my tongue between her inner lips, and it slid in a
bit. The taste here was a little stronger, and my nose was filled with the
smell of the pre-teen girl's pussy. I concentrated my efforts on the places
I thought she would enjoy most, and she started shivering again while quiet
moans escaped her lips. I stopped and asked her if she was OK, and she
nodded vigorously.

"Will you do it more?" she asked, and I was just glad to continue my
work on her naked pussy.

I didn't know girls at her age would orgasm, but that did indeed happen
when I licked her tiny clitoris a little extra. The child let out a small
scream, and her slender body shivered heavily. I moved my mouth down to her
opening and caught the little extra that escaped her pussy. I felt really
good about being able to bring this young girl to an orgasm, and she had
certainly enjoyed it. I moved up to her and kissed her small breasts and
finally her mouth. She was silent for a while, then she said, "I have
played with myself some times, but it has never felt as good as this!"

Nina - Chapter 3

I looked down at her and really loved this little girl. I kissed her
again and turned her around on her stomach. She looked so cute from behind,
and I patted her small buttocks. They were soft and childlike, with only a
hint of her growing into a lady soon. I then asked her if she was exhausted
or if she would like to do some more. She was absolutely in the mood for
playing, and told me to teach her more of this. I was very happy to hear
that, so I started caressing her behind more. She wriggled it against me to
show me that she had meant it.

I lifted her ass carefully and placed her on her knees, moving myself
behind her to look at her again. I pushed her shoulders down and her
buttocks parted, giving her a good view now of her pussy from behind, and
her little opening just above it. I felt really excited and lowered my head
to her thighs. Slowly I started kissing her on her legs, moving towards her
butt. Licking the behind of this girl got me almost over the top again. I
parted her ass cheeks with my hands and moved my mouth closer to her tiny
opening. Then I licked her from the lower parts of her pussy and all the
way up to her asshole. She let out a small sigh again, apparently surprised
with this new form of caressing.

I looked closely at her displayed rear entry, which was almost
completely red, darker than her pussy. I licked it again, and put my tongue
carefully against her hole. Pushing a little harder my tongue slowly
entered her back door, and I now had my tongue really inside the little
girl. I think she felt a little funny having a tongue shoved up her behind,
but she didn't move and didn't dislike it. With my hand I started caressing
her fanny, feeling her hairless mound and her equally hairless pussy lips. I removed my tongue from her behind and looked closely at her
intimate parts again. They looked so lovely, small and childlike, and I
moved my finger towards her pussy opening. I carefully inserted my finger,
and it slid in a fraction of an inch.

With the other hand I touched her other hole, and opened it slightly.
I pushed on, and the muscles opened a bit. Some more pushing, and my finger
slid into her rear until it was completely buried. Her ring muscle worked
on my finger, and I felt she was really tight. My finger in her pussy moved
a fraction inwards, and here I could feel the walls of the virginal cunt pressing tightly onto me. Taking care not to press too hard on her pussy I
started fingerfucking her, watching the movements inside the tight openings
of the child. Her back hole opened and closed as my finger went back and
forth, and the pussy lips gripped my finger as it moved inside her pre-teen

"Oh, it feels so funny when your fingers are inside me!" Nina said. I
asked her if she liked it, and she said it felt good. I slowly removed my
fingers from her small openings and had her sit up facing me.

"Would you like to do me some good too?" I asked her, and she agreed,
smiling. I took her hand and led it to my penis, and she anxiously gripped
it; for the first time in her young life touching the erect organ of an
adult. I felt it like a lightning when her little hand first came close to
me, and I almost couldn't believe that this child actually touched my sex.

"Don't be afraid of it, and pull your hand slowly up and down the
shaft," I told her. She started masturbating me, and I marvelled at the
sight of her, a completely nude, slim 11-year-old girl standing on her
knees. Her hairless pussy looked so young, and her tiny breasts had stiff,
erect small nipples. She giggled and enjoyed her introduction into making
love. She looked closely at my penis and moved her hands around, feeling
the hard organ. I moved her hand to my balls and told her she could touch
all of it as she liked. She felt the hair and my balls, and moved a hand
in between my legs to find out what it was like.

"Will you kiss it?" I asked her, and she lowered her head towards my
now immensely erect member. "If you do, I'll come and you will get the load
pretty soon." She looked puzzled, and I told her she could try to swallow it; it wasn't dangerous. I took her head and lead it closer, until her lips
touched me, and she hesitated.

Then she let out her tongue and tasted. She decided it didn't taste
bad, so she opened her mouth and put the tip inside her lips. I pulled her
closer and watched my cock slide into her. It looked very big compared to
her small head, and I couldn't hold it back any more. Moving my hips
quickly back and forth I felt the most intense orgasm build up and with a
groan I started pulsating into her wide open mouth. She let out a squeak
when she felt the liquid coming inside her mouth, but I held her fast and
she started swallowing as much as she could. Coming into the mouth of this
child gave me the best orgasm I had felt ever, and I moved my hand and felt
her tight, childish sex to fulfil the experience.

It seemed to last forever, but when it ended I calmed down and looked
at her. Some of the come had spilled from her lips, and I moved my hand to
help her lick it all up. I removed my cock from her mouth and slowly sat
down, trying to recover. She finished licking my fingers and sat down,
too. Then she smiled the most wonderful smile I have ever seen, and asked
me if she had done it right. I told her I had never dreamt having sex with
a little girl would be so great.

My stiffness hadn't gone down the least bit, and I wondered if the was
tired of it. She assured me she wasn't, and that she really enjoyed the
whole thing.

Nina - Chapter 4

I decided it was time to open more of the child, and asked her to come
with me inside. She rose and started walking towards the door, and I
watched her cute little ass wriggling in front of me. I took her hand and
led her to my bed, where I put her on her back and made her spread her legs
wide apart. I lay down between her knees and felt her little cunt. She
must have enjoyed the sucking, for she was by now really wet between her
lips. I led her hand so that she could feel it, and she told me she hadn't
ever been that slippery between her legs before.

I inserted a finger into her, and pushed a little. She whimpered
slightly and told me to be careful. Her pussy felt really tight, and I
decided I would like her to be a virgin a little more. I bent her legs
upwards, exposing all she had between them. Again I felt like kissing her
back opening, but instead I found the jar of K-Y jelly.

I opened it and had some on my fingers. I got harder and harder as I
applied some of it around her little opening. She watched me wondering what
I would do next. Then I slid a finger into her rear, enjoying the tight
pressure. I asked her to relax and led another finger slowly into the same
hole. She gasped as I pressed the fingers all the way into her, but when I
asked she assured me it didn't hurt.

I moved my fingers back and forth into her, lubricating her inside.
Then I put some more jelly on my penis and asked her if she was ready to

"Are you going to put that in my butt?" she asked, disbelievingly.

I told her I had long wanted to do that with a child, and that I hoped
she would like it, too. She nodded and spread her little legs as much as
she could, opening her cunt lips and displaying both her tight openings.
She was totally hairless all over between her legs. I put a pillow under
her to raise her a little, and moved my cock close to her. Bending her legs
backwards I pushed against her back opening, moving it a little back and
forth enjoying the close contact. Then I pressed forwards and felt her
muscles opening for the tip.

Being about a centimetre into the girl I stopped and looked at her wide
open eyes. This was definitely something new for her, and she was obviously
scared. I rubbed her tiny clitoris gently, and she moaned slightly to the
touch. Then I put more pressure on her anal opening and her muscles opened
slowly. She started moaning and breathing heavily, and I stopped again when
the head was almost inside her. She was the tightest I had ever experienced,
and it almost hurt when her hole gripped around me. I pushed a little more
until the head was fully inside the child, and her moans increased.

I saw tears in her eyes and asked if it hurt. She nodded and said she
was too small. So I paused and looked at the sight of my cock inside her.
She did look too small for my cock, and her totally bare pussy and almost
flat chest confirmed that. I bent forward and patted her cheeks to comfort

"Relax now and try to get used to it," I told her. She released her
tense muscles and after a while she breathed more normally. She told me it
was better now and almost didn't hurt any more, and agreed to go on.

Now that she was getting used to having a penis inside her ass, I
started to enter the child further. I pushed slowly and watched it slide
millimetre by millimetre into her, feeling her insides making room for me.
She whimpered again but I continued the pressure on her hole until my cock
was half way up the narrow canal. Then I withdrew a little making her sigh
loudly, and pushed back a little extra. She didn't seem too distressed, so
I started moving slowly back and forth into her, creating new moans each
time she felt more of her insides being used. With each forward movement
more of my cock was buried inside Nina's tight hole, and I could see she
was hurting.

I paused again, this time feeling her ring muscle gripping amidst the
shaft. Her asshole was widely stretched and the girl had started crying
again. I kissed away her tears and she recovered slowly, amazingly being
willing to go on. Pushing harder, my cock slid rapidly in until it was all
the way into her, and she cried out that it hurt. So I stopped again,
giving her some time to get used to it, before I started moving back and

I watched her grimace as I moved all the way in, and sigh when I pulled
out. Now she could take it, and I increased the pace. I started fucking the
child in earnest, and watched her hole as my cock entered and retracted.
The tight muscle made her really narrow, and ass-fucking this little girl took me to the edge quicker than ever before. I inserted a finger into her
little girl cunt, and could feel my cock below. She was really stretched
more than she had ever experienced, but seemed to have overcome the pain in
her rear hole.

Her pussy was really wet, and I started fingering her clitoris lightly
again. This she seemed to appreciate, so I continued at the same time as I
pushed as hard as I could on her ass. Although it was still very narrow,
her asshole was now more accustomed to my cock, and Nina started moaning
again in pleasure. I was really surprised with her, and very pleased that
she was not in pain any more. Fingering her hairless pussy and fucking her
narrow canal I started to build up again, and I started fucking the child
vigorously. Her vagina got wetter and I saw Nina was now enjoying being
fucked; soon her moans grew louder and I continued masturbating her child

I couldn't wait more and increased the speed, feeling my balls slam
against her butt as I pushed as deep as possible into her. She started to
wriggle and I could feel her hole contracting rhythmically when I started
to orgasm, releasing my load into the child. My most wonderful fuck ever
was at its climax, and the little girl managed to come simultaneously. I
massaged her clitoris and felt the hairless vulva shiver when her rear hole was filled with my come in what seemed an endless stream. If she had been
wet earlier, this was a hitherto unknown amount, and I used her lubrication
to give her extra pleasure with my fingers. Finally we collapsed, and I
turned us around so that she lay on top of me, my now half stiff member
still buried inside her opening. The tension lessened slowly, and I lay
still trying to recover while I let my hands caress the soft skin of this
little girl, and felt her tiny breasts pressed against my chest.

Nina - Chapter 5

"Are you OK?" I asked Nina after a while in silence. She smiled and

"You are not so big in my asshole any more. It really hurt in the
beginning! Now it doesn't hurt and I sort of like it." I could feel her
muscles tightening around my limp cock as she squeezed her hole tighter. I
wanted to be good to her and asked if she would like to have a wash. She
said yes and I lifted her off my chest feeling my cock pop out of her
behind. I carried her to the bathroom and turned the shower on with nice
warm water.

I started washing her tiny body, massaging her back and small ass
cheeks. Moving my hands around her body, I continued with her breasts and
again marvelled at her small bumps with the fingernail-sized nipples.
Moving downwards, I stroked her between her legs, and slipped a finger
carefully between her bald pussy lips. Her little cunt was still very wet
and slippery. I gave her the soap and sat down at the floor. She started
rubbing my shoulders and worked downwards until she reached my loin. Then
I felt her small hands gripping around my member and she washed me
thoroughly, removing all the traces of where it had been a few minutes

She washed my balls carefully and poked a finger between my legs,
touching my rear hole wilfully. She giggled. This made me feel horny
again, but I didn't consider it possible to do anything for a while. I put
my hands on her small hips and made her sit down, and I gave her a small
kiss. She was interested in this, and we kissed again; this time I pushed
my tongue inside her mouth and started tongue-kissing her properly. She
responded and we ended up licking each other's tongues. Her mouth was very
small, but she kissed the best she could.

After a while I asked her to bend over so I could wash her behind
properly. She went down on her knees and spread her legs, again showing me
her nude crack. I soaped my hands and started rubbing her between the legs.
I cleaned her outsides before I put a finger inside her back hole. It
opened easily to my finger, as her muscles were still stretched. I spread
her ass cheeks with my hands and her hole stayed open even when I removed
my finger. I squirted water over her and removed the foam before I started
licking her behind. I licked her opened hole and she moaned.

This made me stiff again and I wanted to be inside her. I moved up
behind her and rubbed my cock back and forth between her legs. She moved
her hand to my cock and pulled it close to her back hole. She wanted more,
and I felt delighted. I pushed hard, and even without any lubrication I
sank into her asshole again. She made loud sounds and started to move back
and forth, making my cock enter her back hole quickly. The girl really
enjoyed having her ass penetrated this time, and her childish moans made me
even stiffer. But as we rocked back and forth I felt the water turning
colder, so I had to pull out of the child to turn off the shower. I
produced some towels, and we dried each other's bodies thoroughly.

Nina - Chapter 6

Now I took her hand and we walked back into the bedroom together. She
jumped onto the bed and lay down on her back with her legs widely
spread. Raising her legs she exposed her sex and back hole fully.

"Can we do it again please?" she asked with her childish voice. I
looked down at her and told her I would like to fuck her other hole, if she
wouldn't mind. I told her it would also hurt to begin with, but that it
would probably feel even better after a while.

I told her she was actually too young for fucking, and that she might
like to wait till she developed before she did it. Children's cunts are not
really equipped for that, and most girls wait at least until they grow hair
between their legs, I told her.

"But I want to try, even if I haven't got any hair there," she said.
She moved her hands down and spread her childish cunt lips with her small
fingers, and I saw her extremely tight vagina opening; it looked red and
swollen, and the child was very eager to go on. Her low age made it
unnecessary to think of any kind of contraception. She was so small I
thought it would be impossible to open her cunt, but I really wanted to try

Having barely reached the first stage of puberty, this eleven-year-old
virgin acted more like an older girl than the child she was. She wriggled
her ass and begged me to do something with her. I moved down to her and
started licking her slender thighs, moving slowly upwards to the centre of
attraction, her completely hairless little snatch. I could sense her scents
again, and I buried my tongue between her inner lips. She again started
breathing heavily when my tongue started caressing her child cunt. This
time I pushed as far as I could into her vagina, and I felt the walls
tightening around my tongue. I inserted a finger in the child, and pushed
further than anything had ever been inside her. I felt her insides giving
way to my finger, and she screamed as I pushed hard into her.

"It hurts!" she demanded, but I left my finger buried in her cunt as
far as it could go. Leaving it there, I started moving it slowly, until she
was comfortable feeling her vagina being used for the first time. This
child was extraordinary, and her little cunt started to feel slippery again
as she worked up a sexual lust. I removed my finger from between her legs
and let her taste her own lubrication. She looked puzzled at first, but she
licked my finger and moaned as I kissed her stiff nipple.

"Do you want to try?" I asked, and she nodded, ready to enter womanhood
at the age of eleven. I was getting really horny now, and I couldn't wait
to feel the extra-tight cunt of this child around my stiff member.

I moved closer to her and placed my cock at her entrance, feeling the
childish cunt lips kissing it. With my fingers I opened her lips and I
pushed carefully until half the head was inside her cunt. Her eyes were
again opened wide in anticipation and fear. I then told her again it would
hurt, and started pushing harder. Her cunt just wouldn't open, and despite
her lubricant I couldn't get myself inside her. So I had to push really
hard, and I watched her small lips finally starting to part.

Her eyes filled with tears again, but I decided to continue pushing. I
grabbed her small hips and pulled her towards me as I thrusted hard against
her bottom. Then I felt her cunt open, and my cock slid quickly into her.

She screamed intensely as I opened her small-girl hole, but I didn't
ease the pressure until I felt the tip of my cock being blocked by the
bottom of her vagina. She screamed and cried by the pain she felt in her
little pussy, and I stopped pushing. I looked down at her, and she sobbed
loudly while tears streamed from her eyes. I looked further down, and I saw
my cock buried between her childish, hairless cunt lips. Compared to her
tiny body, I looked monstrously big, and her child pussy looked extremely

I bent over her and rolled over so that she was on top of me, my cock
still inside her. Then I had her sit up; I wanted her to have control over
the situation until she got used to it. She felt extremely tight around my
cock, and the sight of her sitting on top of it almost made me come
again. I looked at her and saw the tiny breasts, her slender waist and flat
stomach. Below this was her hairless cunt, now being stretched by my cock
inside it. We kept the posture for a while, and then I kissed away her

I asked her how it felt, and she assured me her little pussy still
hurt. But the worst was over, and I started moving her slowly up and down
my shaft. She didn't protest, and her small pussy lips slid up and down,
giving me so much pleasure. After a while she started to look better, and
when I fondled her clitoris a bit she started moaning again.

"Oh, it hurts between my legs, but it is good when you touch me there,"
she exclaimed. I let the child rest with my cock buried inside her little
fanny, and increased the caressing of the tiny button between her bald
pussy lips. This kid was truly remarkable, as she now seemed to enjoy the
whole thing. I pulled her towards me and managed to reach her little
breasts with my lips. I bit her nipples lightly, making her breath loudly.

"Do you want to finish?" I asked her, and she nodded. I felt I could go
on forever, having had so many climaxes over the last few hours, but I knew
she was getting sore from this. I moved my hand down to her bottom and
carefully touched her between her legs. The pussy lips were extremely
stretched and there was absolutely no room between them and my cock. I
touched her little crack, carefully inserting a finger in her behind. This
made her let out a little moan, and she started moving her hips a little up
and down, sliding my cock inside her. This was just too much for me, and I
told her I would come inside her pussy soon. Then she increased the
movements, sitting down as hard as she could and raising so that my cock
was just barely inside her. I knew she hurt herself doing this, but she
continued moving up and down on me until I could feel a climax quickly

Then it happened, and my cock expanded slightly; I grabbed her little
ass and pushed her as far down on me as I could, making her let out a
scream of pain when her insides were stretched to the limit. I then filled
her eleven-year-old cunt with what I had left in my balls, spasmed again
and again before I pulled her down upon me feeling totally exhausted. She
sobbed silently when I carefully patted her back, and I felt her little
cunt squeezing my softening cock in a tight grip.

We rested for a while, and then I moved Nina down to my side, making my
cock pop out of the tight child cunt. We kissed, and I asked her how she
felt. She told me it still hurt down there, and I moved down to have a look
at her sex. She was very red between her legs, and when I touched her
little cunt she whimpered slightly. I could see a little bit of blood
inside her pussy lips, and I thought it would be best to wash her. We went
to the bathroom and washed, being very careful with her sore vagina. We
then dried and dressed, and I felt assured she was OK when she smiled at me
and told me she had liked it, after all. She told me she would go home, but
she would like to come back another day. We kissed, and the lovely child
then said good-bye and left.

Nina - Chapter 7

A few days passed, and I slowly started building up a lust for more sex
with Nina. She was the youngest girl I knew that had actually had a cock
inside her, and she had even liked it! So I was very pleased when she
knocked at my door and asked if she could come in. She wore a small dress
again, and looked like a very happy little child.

Once inside, she waved at me and wanted me to bend down. Then she
started whispering in my ear: "I have my sister with me, she is waiting
outside. Can she come in, too?" Of course, I said, and she opened the door
again and waved at the bushes.

Then an incredibly young girl ran up the pathway and came inside.

"This is my sister Catherine, she would like to meet you!" Nina said
proudly. Catherine was the cutest little thing ever seen, and when I asked
her she said she was six. I gave the girls a soft drink each, and we sat
down at the kitchen talking for a while. They were both very happy little
girls, and I wondered what Nina had in mind. Then she stood up and said she
wanted to go to the bedroom. She took Catherine's hand and they both walked
in with me following them. Nina winked at her baby sister, and they both
bent down showing me their behinds. None of them had panties on!

"Do you want to look?" Nina said, as she spread her legs a little.
Catherine spread her legs as well, and I kneeled behind the girls, looking
at the youngest cunt I had ever seen closely. Catherine's little pussy was
completely closed by the lips, and the crack starting at her protruding
mound didn't part at all, all the way back to her little asshole. I looked
at the girl and was really puzzled that she did this. Then the girls stood
up and quickly removed their dresses, now both completely nude in front of

"Now you undress, too!" Nina said, and she helped me remove my
clothes. Now undressed, my cock instantly stiffened and stood out like a
pole pointing at the girls. They jumped onto the bed and lay down on their
backs. Nina had obviously shown Catherine how to do this, because they both
spread their legs wide open to show me what they had. Nina's pussy now
looked good again, and her lips parted showing the entrance to her vagina.
Catherine's lips were still closed, however, and I stood still for a moment
not knowing what to do.

"Look at her," Nina said, and I bent down to take a closer look at
Catherine. Her pussy was that of a very young child, with not even a trace
of hair on it. Looking up at her chest I saw she was completely flat, and I
figured she wouldn't grow any breasts for many years to come. I then
lowered my head to her little fanny and kissed her. She was surprised and
shuddered a little from this. I then raised her legs and spread her as much
as I could and saw her pussy lips parting a little bit. She had a tiny
clitoris and an extremely narrow vagina opening, and when I tried licking
her pussy I found that only the tip of my tongue managed to enter between
her lips.

I pressed slightly, and felt my tongue being gripped by her narrow
canal, not being able to move more than a few millimetres inside her cunt.
The big surprise was that she was actually damp there, so even this
six-year-old girl was actually horny! I could smell a very faint odour from
her sex, but she hadn't developed any of the stronger smelling liquids at

Now Nina came up to us and asked me if I liked her little sister.

"Do you want to have fun with her?" she asked. I told her that we could
have fun, but that Catherine was really too small for having sex yet.

"But we kiss each other down there and she likes it very much. I have
also tried to put a finger in her butt the way you did with me," she
answered. I gave it a thought and decided I would like to play with this
very young girl. Nina moved over and kissed her little sister on the mouth
and then started sucking her nipples. It was a wonderful sight, and I
raised the child's bottom a little and looked at her tiny rear opening.

I wanted to kiss her there, and did so. Using my tongue I pushed a
little and entered the hole slightly, making Catherine let out a childish
sigh. Then I pulled Nina's behind to me and had her lie down on top of her
sister. I pushed her down and watched their small pussies rubbing each
other. Catherine's pussy was completely closed even when her legs were
spread, but Nina's pussy lips parted a little showing her small opening. I
inserted a finger in the eleven-year-old pussy, and it slid inside the
child's vagina. Nina breathed heavily and pushed back with her little
behind. She was really wet, and when I removed my finger it was slippery.

I moved my hand to Catherine's sex and probed lightly between the
six-year-old's tight lips. I pushed a little, and the child opened a bit to
my finger. She was so small she felt almost like a vice down there, and I
didn't know if she wanted this. So I asked her if it was OK, and she
grinned and said that Nina had told her it would hurt but that it would be
better after a while, so she didn't mind. She was not very wet at all, the
child, and I thought it would be better to use some lubricant in her.

I found the K-Y jelly and spread it on her cunt and on my finger; I
also put some of it on her other opening for later. The first time I had
ever been close to the sex of a girl this young I was actually trying to
open her; I felt extremely aroused just by the thought of it. I touched
Catherine again, slowly inserting my finger in her childish opening. She
was so tight I didn't think I could enter her at all, and I thought I had
to be very careful with her. Nina looked down wondering what I was doing,
and I thought it was best to look after her as well. I raised my head to
her behind and gave her a good kiss between her young legs. Pushing my
tongue out I started licking this child from her little vagina up to her
asshole. She pushed back wanting to have more of it. My tongue went between
her vagina lips, and they parted so that I could lick her inside. She was
still extremely narrow, but I knew she could take a cock there.

Still licking Nina I concentrated on Catherine's tiny pussy, pushing my
finger a bit further until it was blocked. She was so narrow my finger
almost hurt inside her, and she let out a small cry as I poked her hole a
little. I stopped licking Nina, and she moved to have a look at what was
going on with her baby sister. She saw my finger inserted in Catherine's
pussy, and moved down to kiss her tiny clitoris, which she knew would give
her sister pleasure.

"Oh, that's good!" the six-year-old exclaimed as Nina worked her tongue
between her legs. She relaxed, and I pushed my finger a little harder into
her totally hairless, unused cunt. She moaned loudly and I could feel her
cunt muscles rhythmically contracting. More pressure, and she cried out
loudly when my finger slid into her.

This girl was so small, and her cunt was for the very first time being
penetrated; I let my finger rest inside her and looked at her face. She
was grimacing from the pain she felt inside her. I didn't want to hurt her
more, and removed my finger from her tight grip, making the child relax.
Her cunt was far too small for being penetrated yet without giving her
unbearable pain.

"I think your pussy hole is too small, but maybe you would like me to
try the other hole down there?" I asked the little child. She looked
puzzled, and I touched her back hole slightly to tell her what I meant. She
nodded and smiled, remembering what Nina had done to that hole earlier. I
inserted my thumb in the girl, watching her face carefully. She was anxious
but smiled when my finger came to a rest within her. I moved it back and
forth a little in her well-lubricated asshole while Nina played with her
clitoris and hairless pussy, and the child smiled, enjoying what was being
done with her almost baby-like body. Her skin was very smooth, and she was
soft all over like a very small girl. Her hole gripped tightly around my
thumb when I moved it back and forth within her.

I decided to do more with her, and stopped fingerfucking the girl.
Nina lifted her face, and I turned Catherine on her stomach, raising her
bottom in the air. The little child looked very sexy in this position with
her legs spread apart revealing everything she had between her legs. A
small back hole, and just beneath it small, tight cunt lips covering an
unbelievably narrow, virginal pussy opening. I found a small vibrator I
thought the girl could take, and lubricated it well. Nina watched anxiously
as I touched her little sister with the vibrator and widened her anal
opening a little. I told Catherine to tell me at once if it hurt, and moved
the tool very carefully into the child's butt.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt the vibrator slide inside her, but she
said nothing. When the vibrator was halfway inside her I stopped and looked
at the young child; it was an incredible sight, a girl the age of six, many
years from reaching puberty and still she was having sex. Her small, soft
ass cheeks were parted, and between them a vibrator was inserted in her
tiny asshole.

"Does it hurt?" I asked her.

"No but it feels strange in my end, I think I must shit," she said. I
didn't think she had to, but maybe she was right.

"Do you want to do it now?" I asked, and she nodded. I removed the
vibrator from her behind and followed her to the toilet where she sat down.

I asked her if she wanted me to leave, but she said I could stay. I
spread her legs and put a hand down between them, feeling her little pussy and ass. I told her to do her things, and that I would like to watch. I
could feel her asshole opening a bit, and I removed my hand to let her go.
She was soon finished and bent forward, asking me to clean her. I then
lifted her into the shower and washed her thoroughly, paying extra
attention to her little cunt at the same time. Then I dried her and carried
her back to the bed.

Nina - Chapter 8

Once in the bed, Catherine lay on her stomach, raising her behind again
to continue where we left off. I was astonished by her attitude, and
couldn't understand how such a small girl could want sex! Then I lubricated
her ass again and asked her if she wanted more. She nodded and told me she
liked that I played with her down there.

This time I put the vibrator inside her more quickly, and she moaned
when she felt her insides parting. Now Nina looked like she wanted to play,
too, and I asked her if she wanted to ass-fuck her sister with the
vibrator. She smiled and nodded, and gripped the tool that was planted in
her baby sister's behind.

"Do you like this, sis?" she asked.

"Yes, this is fun," Catherine answered.

I let the girls play and found a larger dildo I wanted to use on Nina.
I showed it to her, and she nodded quickly. I lubricated it well and placed
myself behind her. She raised her ass and waited anxiously for me to
continue. Then I started to insert the tool into Nina's rear entry as she
worked on her little sister. She moaned loudly as the head of the dildo
passed her ring muscle, and let out a cry when I pushed it into her. "Oh,
it feels so big inside me," she said when the dildo was pushed all the way
up her little behind. There was a scream from Catherine, and I saw that
Nina had pushed the vibrator all the way inside her. Now the
eleven-year-old girl had a dildo inside her and her six-year-old sister was
being fucked with a vibrator in her anus. I looked down at the children who
were both far too young for this, and they really seemed to enjoy it.

I went down on Nina and felt her little pussy; she was all wet and good
down there between her small lips, and I thought maybe she would like to
have a cock in her child cunt again. I ran my tongue over her bald pussy and enjoyed the feeling of her nude skin. Then I put my iron stiff member
to her tight lips and entered the child a few millimetres. She breathed
fast and heavy when she felt her pussy lips being parted again, but didn't
stop me. I pushed on and slid a bit into her, just below the dildo that
spread her ass cheeks wide. She now stopped toying with Catherine and
pressed her head down to the bed.

"Oooooh, careful!! It hurts! Ooooooghhhh!" she shouted with her
childish voice. I was only just a little inside her, but I stopped and
withdrew from her. She was just too small for this, and could only manage
to have one of her holes stretched wide at a time.

I slowly removed the dildo from her asshole, and she sighed when she
felt the head leave her ring muscle. She recovered quickly, and I handed
the thing over to her, asking her to try her baby sister with it. Her eyes
widened when she thought of pushing the dildo into Catherine's end, but she
nodded and pulled the vibrator out of her. I watched her small hands
holding what seemed like an enormous pole and poking it at the little
girl's behind. Catherine turned to see what happened, and looked
frightened when she saw the big dildo being held close to her little hole.
But Nina was very careful, and used a lot of time to try to accustom her
little sister to having her asshole stretched that much.

After a while of rubbing the thing back and forth between Catherine's
ass cheeks Nina managed to get the tip of the head into her sister. The
kid let out a small cry, and I told her to try to relax her muscles. She
buried her head in the pillow but said nothing. Nina waited a little, then
pushed the head of the dildo into the little hole. That made Catherine
scream, and Nina stopped the movement. The big dildo pointed out from the
little girl's behind, and it didn't move when Nina released her grip. Nina
went to hug and kiss her sister, and I comforted her by kissing the tiny
clitoris and the narrow slit of this truly young girl. She was really
petite, and the dildo now placed in her behind looked much bigger than it
actually was.

After a while Nina came back again and said her sister was fine. She
just felt strange now with her asshole so big, and it didn't hurt any
more. I was delighted to hear that, and when Nina raised her behind and
spread her legs I felt my cock expanding more than ever. We moved over so
that Catherine could see what happened to Nina, and she lowered her rump
with the dildo still inside her. I caressed Nina's little pussy, and again
I could hardly believe I was actually doing this with a girl that was only
eleven. Her cunt was so smooth and soft, and she had no hair at all between
her legs. But between her lips she was now very slippery from her girl's
juices, and when I moved my cock to her opening she sighed and said I
should put it inside her.

I opened her child cunt with my fingers, looking at her pink entrance
that was so narrow between the young folds of her pussy lips. I pushed
forward, and she accepted me slowly, gasping for every centimetre she felt
slide inside her.

"Is it good?" Catherine asked.

"Oh yes, oh yes, ohhhh... Wait until you are bigger, then you can have
it, too... Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh!!!" Nina gasped as her extremely tight
little pussy allowed more and more of my cock to enter her.

"Oh I like to feel a big man inside me now, mmmmmmmmmmmhhhh, it hurts
but it is so good! I'm glad I didn't wait until I was bigger and had hair
and all down there!" She was truly fantastic this little girl; she wriggled
her slim behind as I sank deep into her widely stretched, but willing,
tight cunt.

When I felt her vagina bottom I had still a few centimetres to go, but
she was too small to accept it all. I started fucking the girl, and her
moaning increased rapidly. Only a few seconds later she started shuddering,
making her pussy contract even more around my stiff member. Then I
released my load inside her, and she screamed in pleasure as she orgasmed
violently with my cock buried deep within her. I didn't soften a bit, and
continued moving within her while I caressed her tiny tits. This made her
come again, and I felt my cock starting to hurt from the extremely tight
grip her cunt had on it. I slowed down, and she relaxed, feeling exhausted
from her first real vaginal orgasm.

Nina lay down on her stomach, and my cock popped out of the child's
cunt. She moaned and let her hand feel her pussy lips and inside her young vagina. She licked one finger and told Catherine to lick the rest. The
little child held back a bit, but Nina insisted, and the six-year-old girl tasted sperm for the first time in her life. It obviously didn't taste too
bad, as she licked the hand clean.

I still wanted more, and wondered if the little girl would like to try
something new. I went behind her little ass and raised it, spreading her
small legs. The dildo was still inside her anus, and I moved it a little
bit further inside her. She gasped, but it didn't hurt her. I decided to
try this child, and removed the dildo from her now fairly stretched
behind. I kissed her tiny ass cheeks and caressed her incredibly young cunt for a while. Then I put some K-Y on my cock and laid down on my back beside

Lifting her on top of me, I placed her little ass close to my stiff
cock and asked her if she would like to try to fuck. The little girl shuddered, but nodded and said she could try. Nina crawled over to her
little sister and placed her right over my cock, spreading her legs so her
tight pussy lips parted a little. The tiny girl was now slowly lowered down
on my cock, and Nina made sure she was in the right position. Then I felt
the tiny asshole on the tip, and as Catherine was pushed down her anus
opened, allowing the head to slide inside her. Again she gasped as she felt
herself open, and she slid down until the head was well inside her.

The little girl smiled and felt no pain from having her anus stretched
like this. So she started lowering herself onto the cock millimetre after
millimetre. I felt her tight anus gripping my cock forcefully as she moved
downwards. Occasionally she stopped, but she continued when she got used to
the stretching of her back canal. I was really surprised by how much she
could take, and she continued until she was all the way down and her little
bottom touched me. Then she stopped, resting on top of me. I asked her if
it hurt, and she said it didn't hurt at all, but that she wanted to shit
again. I couldn't believe what I saw; here I had a girl that was only six
years old, and she was actually having my cock all the way up her butt! She
looked so small where she sat riding me; there was no sign at all of any
breasts, and her pussy looked so small and childish with the rounded vulva
and closed lips.

I raised and put her on her back with my cock still inside her, to be
able to fuck her genuinely. This gave me a better view of her behind, and
my cock inside her looked extremely big compared to the tiny child. Her
asshole was really stretched, and she was almost too narrow for me. I felt
it building up inside me again, and started to butt-fuck the little girl under me. As I moved within her I felt her muscles gripping, and she panted
loudly with each move. Then I started moving faster, sinking deeper and
deeper into the little child for each stroke, and she moaned as she felt
her widely stretched asshole being pushed in and out. She spread her legs
wide parting her pussy lips a little, and I could see her vagina opening,
being only a few millimetres wide. She started whimpering a little. I
understood her asshole was getting sore, so I increased the speed even
more. Within seconds I was there, and then I came, shooting my load into
her behind with an intense pleasure. It was like a dream; below me I had a
six-year-old child, and I had my cock buried deep inside her, releasing my
semen in a long lasting stream in her narrow anal opening.

Finally I stopped, and rested on top of the little girl. I could feel
her rounded hairless vulva pressing against my crotch, and I kissed her
head while I felt my cock softening in her hole. Her pressure on it was
intense, and after a little while I slowly retracted, feeling my member
slide out of the child. I lay down beside Catherine, and Nina moved up to
my side. I pulled both girls on top of me and started kissing and hugging
them. I patted their small behinds and backs, and stroked them between the
legs and felt their totally nude pussies and ass-cracks. With my arms
around the girls I felt better than ever, and we rested for a long time.

Nina - Chapter 9

The small girls now visited me almost every day, and they enjoyed
having their small pussies and butts licked and fondled. Nina was having
great pleasure from having her little cunt penetrated, and both girls would
spread their legs to allow me to slide into their narrow anal openings. The
six-year-old Catherine enjoyed laying on her back with her legs wide apart
while I fucked her asshole and Nina was licking her childish pussy.

One day they asked to borrow a dildo each so they could play at home.
The next day they really surprised me when they knocked at my door. I let
the children in and kissed them welcome, and they walked over to the
bedroom immediately. They were giggling to each other and had a strange
kind of walk. The girls lay down on their stomachs and told me to feel
between their legs. I moved my hands up their slim legs and patted their
bottoms. Neither of the girls had panties on, but they each had a dildo
inserted in their small asses! They had put them there at home and walked
over to me with their anal openings widely stretched. That made up for
their rather strange way of walking.

I lifted the skirts over their bottoms and the girls rose to the knees
with the asses pointing in the air. I gripped the dildos and fucked the
children in their assholes for a while. They both moaned and said it felt
so good to be played with like this.

"Today Catherine wants to feel something inside her pussy," Nina
suddenly said. "I have used my fingers inside her and she says she wants
something bigger!" I looked at the six-year-old girl and she nodded.

"Your pussy is still so small that it will really hurt if we try to put
something inside you there," I said, but she told me she would really like
to try anyway.

"I know I am a very small girl, but I want to do with you as Nina
does." I nodded and said we could try to use her virgin child cunt if she
really wanted that. The girls undressed and then I removed the dildo from
Catherine's asshole.

Moving over to Nina I told her to spread her legs as much as she
could. She did that and exposed her tight hairless snatch to me. I put the
dildo to her wet little cunt and said I would try do fuck both her holes at
once. She grimaced at the thought but said nothing. I fingered her little
hole for a while, then started to insert the large instrument into the
child. It entered her a little, and she started whimpering. I pressed
harder and watched the dildo sink into her young snatch next to the one she
had in her tight asshole.

"Ooooooohhhhhh - it hurts!! Careful! Oooh - it is so big inside me, I'm
too small! I'm going to split in two," the young girl cried as more and
more of the dildo was pressed into her eleven-year-old cunt. The dildo made
it all the way up into her, and stopped when she was completely filled.
She sobbed and cried, but she didn't try to remove the dildos from her
holes. After a while she stopped weeping, and I watched her as she calmed
down. She looked lovely where she was, laying nude on her back with her
tiny breasts pointing upwards. Her flat stomach was moving as she breathed,
and between her legs was her bald sex, with her childish cunt lips
stretched wide by the dildo. I raised her legs and looked between them,
and I could see the tiny strip of bare flesh separating the big instruments
she had inside her. The child was now opened wider than ever, and I asked
her if she thought she could keep both dildos inside her while I tried to
fuck her little sister. Nina nodded and said she would try, even if it hurt between her legs.

Catherine watched her sister, and I told her to move over and kiss
Nina's small breasts. She did that, and raised her little bottom in the
air. I went over to her and started kissing and licking her between her
small legs. Both girls started moaning, and I put my tongue inside
Catherine's anus that opened easily since she had had the dildo there for
quite some time. While I licked her insides I found the K-Y jelly and
lubricated the little girl's pussy opening. I inserted a finger in her, and
it slid in a bit into her very young vagina. I stopped licking her ass and
watched my finger opening the rounded pussy lips of the incredibly small
child. Her pussy gripped tightly around my finger when I moved it slowly
back and forth within her. Then I told her it would hurt, and she nodded,
being scared but ready for the next move.

I then started to insert finger number two into the child. She
whimpered, but didn't move as I pressed the fingers about an inch into her
extremely narrow opening. Then she stopped kissing Nina and pressed her
face onto the bed. I pressed hard on her little cunt, and the two fingers
slid inside her up to the second knuckle. She screamed intensely as her
cunt hole was stretched this wide for the very first time. I kept my
fingers still and kissed her small buttocks until she calmed down. Her
tiny, unused vagina was now squeezing my fingers in an extremely tight
grip. Then I started moving my fingers within her while I caressed her
little clitoris with the other hand. The child was bleeding from her pussy,
and it was clear that nothing had ever been inserted this far into this

Still fucking her tiny opening with the fingers, I asked her how it
felt. She turned her head, and I saw her tears flowing. She said it was
painful, but that she wanted me to continue. I couldn't believe this, the
six-year-old girl actually wanted to have her undeveloped cunt hole used,
many years before she would reach puberty and start growing into a young lady. I then removed my fingers from her abused pussy and lay down on my
back beside her. My cock was incredibly stiff from this forbidden game with
the children, and I put K-Y on it to make it slippery. Then I pulled
Catherine on top of me and asked her if she was ready to be fucked! She
nodded and said she was.

Nina watched us closely, her legs widely spread and her hairless pussy and asshole filled with the dildos. Catherine was now sitting on top of me,
and her tight pussy lips were closed, making it seem impossible to put
anything into her narrow love canal. She was very tense and she was
breathing fast in fear and anticipation of the pain she knew she would
feel. Then I pulled her close to my penis and rubbed her young pussy against it. It looked far too big for the slender child, and I didn't
believe her smooth and hairless cunt could stretch wide enough for me to
enter her. Lifting the little girl up, I placed her vagina on top of my
cock. Then I lowered her a few centimetres, and my cock slipped away. Nina
saw this, and moved over to assist. She closed her legs, but I could still
see the dildos she had inserted in her widened openings. I lifted Catherine
again, and Nina made sure my cock pointed directly at her baby sister's
cunt. Down again with the child, and now I could see and feel her pussy lips opening to the tip of my penis.

The six-year-old girl started breathing heavily when she could feel her
cunt being opened, and I lowered her until most of the head of the penis
was inside her. If Nina had been narrow down there, it was nothing compared
to this kid; my cock started to ache already, and Catherine started to let
out small whines of pain. I asked her if we should stop, but between her
moans she managed to say that she wanted to go on. Thus I continued to
lower her, and my cock slowly pressed into her little girl cunt. Her whines
increased and tears started running down from her eyes. Her vagina was
opening more and more to accept my cock, and the pressure on it was
intense. When I was about an inch inside her she sobbed loudly, but she
didn't ask me to stop, and then I pressed the tiny girl down on my cock and
it sank into her virgin cunt all the way to the bottom. That made her
scream intensely in agony; the pain she felt in her little hole was more
than she had ever experienced.

My cock was now inserted in the narrowest canal ever, and although she
was completely filled she had only accepted just about half of it; the
little girl's cunt was so small there was no way it could make room for
more. I let Catherine sit still on my stiff member, and her screams slowly
subsided, giving way to a more silent, constant sob from the child. She
bent forward and tears ran from her eyes down to my chest making it wet.
She lay motionless and crying on top of me with her tiny vagina for the
first time stretched almost beyond its limit by my cock that was buried
within her. Her cunt pressed tight on my penis, and it started to hurt,
being inside the tiny opening of the six-year-old girl.

We didn't move for a long time, and then Nina became impatient and
moved her face close to her little sister's behind. She wanted to comfort
Catherine and started to lick her little asshole. That made Catherine
react, and her sobbing stopped. When Nina let her tongue circle the little
girl's anus she started moaning silently, for a moment forgetting the pain
in her pussy. Nina continued her licking for a few minutes, and then I
raised Catherine to a sitting position again. With Nina probing her
sister's anal opening I watched the little girl relaxing her muscles. I
studied her tiny body and could see her pussy lips closing tightly around
my penis that was inserted all the way up her tight hole. I saw the
completely nude, rounded vulva of the kid, and was astonished by the fact
that this naked six-year-old girl was actually being penetrated by a
full-sized penis.

I was feeling extremely horny and wanted to shoot my load into the
child. So I started moving her slowly on my cock, and when Catherine felt
the movements within her pussy she started crying silently again. I
repeatedly lifted her up from my penis and down again, pressing it into her
extremely narrow vagina opening. For each move I pushed her hard downwards,
and when she felt the tip of the penis pushed against her vagina bottom she
let out a loud scream. I watched her tiny pussy lips rubbing back and forth
over the shaft, and for each movement they moved down a little bit
more. The young child had her vagina being stretched more and more, and
when I pressed her down her cunt could now take two third's of its length
inside it. The girl was bleeding, and my cock was coloured slightly red from it. My climax was approaching, making me move the child faster up and
down the shaft; I could sense it building up, and finally I pressed the
girl hard towards me, feeling a tremendous release as I filled the
undeveloped cunt of the girl with a big load of semen.

Catherine could feel her tight love canal being stretched even further, and
she screamed when she felt the sperm flowing into her abused child
vagina. The climax finally died down, and my cock slowly softened, easing
the pain the little girl felt between her legs.

I pulled the girl close to me again, and she cried softly on my chest
with my now limp penis still inside her pussy. I then pulled out of her and
put the girl down on the bed next to me. Nina crawled up on the other side,
and we both caressed and kissed the little girl until her sobbing
stopped. Then Nina asked her little sister how she felt, and Catherine told
us it had hurt so much she almost wished she hadn't done it. Her little
pussy was throbbing and aching. I went down on her and examined her sex
carefully. She was all red and swollen between her legs, and there were
traces of blood at her tight entrance. I kissed her hairless vulva and
hoped she'd be fine.

Then I moved over to Nina and asked her how she felt being filled by
the dildos. She said it felt good inside her now, but that she wanted me.
I thought maybe it was possible, and started caressing her between her legs
and moving the dildos back and forth within her openings. This actually got
me up again, so I removed the dildo in her pussy and entered her slowly
with my cock. She spread her legs and moaned.

"Oh yes, that is so good! I want you! Ooooooohhhhhh... You are so big
in my pussy, it feels so good!" I fucked the girl slowly, feeling the extra
tightness caused by the dildo she had in her asshole. She quickly neared
her climax, and suddenly she orgasmed, making her tight hairless cunt contract rhythmically around my penis. I continued fucking her naked fanny,
and when she reached another orgasm I slammed my cock inside her narrow
hole and filled this child as well with a load of semen. I lay down on top
of her, panting heavily and trying to catch my breath as my cock quickly
softened inside her pussy. This we had both enjoyed enormously, and we
kissed as I rolled off her and slid out of her childish cunt. I then
removed the dildo from her anus and lay down beside the girls. Now both
sisters had their small pussies filled with my sperm, and I felt really
relaxed when I caressed the six- and eleven-year-old girls.

After a while I went to the bathroom and filled the tub, and then I
called for the girls to have a bath. We washed each other carefully, and
paid special attention to little Catherine's pussy. She was recovering, and
now she said she was happy she had done this; she hoped the next time would
be much better.

Nina - Chapter 10

There were a few days when I didn't see the girls, and I started to
miss them. Then one Saturday morning I could hear someone knocking at my
door. I went and opened, and was met by Nina's smiling face.

"Hi! Can we come in, please?" she said.

"Who are WE?" I answered and looked for her little sister. Nina turned
around and whistled a tone. Then an unknown girl appeared, smiling as well.

"This is Ellen! She is my neighbour and good friend!" Nina said.

I asked the girls to please come in, and I asked them if they had
eaten. They had, but quite some time ago, so we all sat down at the kitchen
table and had a breakfast together. I looked at Ellen, and guessed she was
twelve or maybe thirteen, being a little more developed than Nina was. And
she was beautiful! She had long, blond hair, a cute little face with a few
freckles, and a light blue summer dress. She looked at me and winked when
she saw I was watching her.

"Isn't she cute?" Nina asked when I smiled back at Ellen. I agreed, and
said this girl was truly a gorgeous young lady. We talked for a while, and
Ellen said she had turned twelve just a month ago, and was one year above
Nina at school. Nina had told her about the games we played one night when
they were having a private slumber party and had come as far as laying
naked in the bed. They had been close to each other, exploring the
bodies. Ellen had moved her hand between Nina's thighs, carefully touching
her little pussy. Then she had inserted a finger into the vagina, and she
was surprised that it slid easily into Nina. Nina had explained what she
had done, and that it felt very good to have a big cock inside herself
there. Ellen had thought it sounded tempting, and had asked Nina to take
her with her the next time. So here she was.

Nina asked if it was OK, and I assured her I was delighted to have such
a stunning beauty visiting me. We finished the breakfast, and went out in
the garden to stay in the sun. I brought some towels, and we lay down on
the grass next to each other, me in the middle. Knowing what Nina was good
for, I started feeling horny between the two young girls. Then Nina asked
me if she could take her dress off and sunbathe for a while. I said of
course she could do that, she knew that. So Nina sat up and pulled her
small dress over her head, showing us her slender body with her tiny
breasts, and a pair of white panties covering her pussy. She looked over to
Ellen, winked, and stretched out on the towel again. I also looked at
Ellen, and she looked back, a little unsure about what to do.

"Don't be shy, Ellen! Take off your dress too," Nina said. Ellen looked
at me and flushed a little - she thought it was exciting, but a bit
frightening, too. She sat up, and slowly she started pulling her dress from
underneath her rump, displaying her perfectly shaped, slender young girl thighs. I watched her painstaking progress, and suddenly I asked if I
should help her. That made her really blush, but after a moment she nodded
quietly. I moved behind the young girl and placed my hands at her thighs,
feeling her soft, warm skin as I slowly pulled the dress towards me. Her
face glowed red as my hands moved over her small buttocks, revealing her
tiny bikini bottom, that barely covered anything of her. I could see her
flat stomach towering over her little mound; she seemed to have a beautiful
body, this little girl.

Pulling her dress upward, I uncovered more of her, and when I finally
got it over her head I stared dumbfounded at the goddess in front of me.
She was slim and small, but the girl had started growing into a lady. Her
bikini top covered two small breasts with clearly erect nipples, and she
had soft, lightly tanned skin. I put the dress down and gave her a little
kiss at her cheek. She looked shy, but smiled at me and returned a small
kiss. Then she turned over and lay flat on her stomach, while I studied her
young, wonderful body. I turned to Nina, who pointed to Ellen's bikini top,
indicating that I should remove it. I thought that could be fun, and put my
hand on Ellen's back, massaging her carefully. She sighed and said she
loved that, could I continue, please.

I massaged her for a while, then quickly opened the buckle of her top,
and the straps slid under her. She yelped in surprise, but started giggling
when she saw Nina laughing at her. Then I continued massaging the girl, and
let my hands slide down her sides, touching the base of her small
breasts. Her face was now almost dark red, but she giggled and didn't try
to stop me. I gripped her shoulder and started turning her over. She
quickly covered her breasts with her hands, but didn't struggle against
me. I smiled at her and tickled her, making her burst out in laughter.

"Oh please don't - I'm so ticklish!" she shouted between her
chuckles. I then took her hands and slowly removed them from her small
tits. She was a really shy little girl, but she let go of her breasts without further complaints. Her small bumps were pointed and didn't sag the
slightest bit, and she had small, dark, erect nipples pointing directly
upwards. I asked her to stop me at once if she didn't like it, and then I
slid me hand slowly across her stomach and up towards her tits. She looked
at me and said nothing as my hand got closer and closer to her childish
breasts, and when it finally touched her left tittie she sighed silently,
closing her eyes. The little girl's breasts were firm and soft, and the
nipples stiffened more when I circled them with my fingers. The child
obviously enjoyed it, and I bent down and gave her breast a small kiss. She
moaned, and pulled my head closer towards herself. I started licking her
small breasts and bit her nipples slightly. She was wonderfully soft, and
while I nibbled her titties she started breathing heavier. I stopped, gave
her a kiss on her mouth, and she looked up at me, smiling her lovely smile.

"Did you like it?" I asked her.

"Oh yes, it feels so good when someone sucks my titties." She paused,
then looked away from my eyes and said quietly, "but --- there is another

Nina - Chapter 11

She didn't finish the sentence, and covered her reddish face with her
hands. I looked over at Nina who nodded, and I lifted Ellen and started
carrying her into the house. The little girl was a bit taller than Nina,
but she was slim and didn't carry much fat at all on her slender body.
With Nina following us, I carried Ellen into the bedroom and laid her on
the bed. None of us said a word as I touched her little rump and started
pulling down her bikini bottom. Again she hid her face, but she lifted her
behind to help me undress her. When she was totally naked I bent down and
had a look between the little girl's legs.

She had the most lovely pussy, with a pair of blond curls just above
where her pussy lips started. Her lips were bare, and there were no hairs
growing along her little slit. I parted her legs a little, and found she
was equally bald between her legs into her ass crack, making her sex
totally visible from where I was. Her lips parted when I spread her legs,
and I could see a narrow vagina opening below a red, swollen clitoris. I
touched her, and she was really wet. Her pussy was slippery from her
juices, and I slid my finger carefully between her slightly parted lips.
She groaned and pushed her pelvis forward, letting my finger slide quickly
into her pussy. She was narrow, but because of the wetness it penetrated
her quite easily until it stopped against her hymen. She was a virgin, but
I was not sure how long that would last, especially when Nina quickly
started undressing me.

I helped her, and soon I was naked and removed her panties as well.
Feeling her hairless pussy I found she was slippery, too, and my cock
quickly swelled to its full size. I turned to Ellen again, and the child
looked anxiously at my penis, the biggest she had probably ever seen. I
went over to her and asked her to touch it, and she tensely moved her hands
to it. Then Nina came over and showed Ellen what to do, and the girls masturbated me until I suddenly had to stop them. I sat down beside Ellen
and asked her what she wanted to do, and she said I could do with her
whatever I wanted, she wanted to do just like Nina did. I then told her I
would like to fuck her, but that it would hurt her since she was still a
child, not yet developed for making love. She said she would like to try,
even if it hurt. So I went down on her and started licking her child
pussy. Her smell and taste were a little stronger than what Nina had, but
still it was clearly a child's scents.

I let my tongue explore her little cunt, and she moaned loudly as she
for the first time had a man eating her sex. Her clitoris was very
sensitive, and when I licked it a little extra she suddenly cried out loud
and started shaking in an intense orgasm. I continued caressing her love
button, and yelling she pressed her legs against my head, at the same time
pulling me close to her pussy. The orgasm finally subsided, and panting
heavily she slowly relaxed her muscles.

"Oooooooh, that was fantastic! I just discovered this a few weeks ago,
when Nina was playing with me," she finally said.

I looked down at her red, swollen pussy, and I wanted to try the
child. Moving on top of her, I spread her legs widely and lifted them, so
that her sex was fully exposed. I inserted a finger into her again, and
rubbed it back and forth in her narrow opening. She was so wet between her
child cunt lips that my finger was glistening with her juices. Then I put
my penis closer to her and asked her if she wanted to try real sex with me.

"Oh, yes, I feel so good between my legs, and I want to feel something
inside me!" she answered. She breathed heavily now, and I could see her
small beautiful breasts moving as she was breathing. I opened the child's
pussy lips with my fingers and tried to enter her with my tongue first. It
slid into her, and I licked her insides while I caressed her clitoris a
little more. Then I wanted to have the child, and put my cock close to her
narrow entrance. I pushed on a little, and the head slid into the little
girl. She was really wet, so I had no problems opening her childish vagina,
and could feel the pressure from her tight hole.

I paused and looked at her; her eyes were closed and she was grimacing
a little, but she made no sounds. Then I decided to go on, and suddenly
pushed hard on her. I felt her pussy open for the first time, and my penis
went all the way up inside the girl. Her eyes opened, and she screamed
loudly when she stretched wide to accept my cock between her legs. I
stopped pressing when my cock touched the bottom of her love canal, but
kept it inside the girl. Her face was all red, and tears were streaming
from her eyes as she cried from the pain within her little pussy. I didn't
move for some time, and then her cries slowly subsided, until the little
girl was weeping silently. I bent down to kiss and lick her wonderful small
breasts. I continued this for a while, and the beautiful girl started to
relax as I kissed and nibbled her small stiff nipples and soft child
breasts. I now felt Nina moving, and suddenly I could feel a small tongue
between my buttocks. I shouted to her it was marvellous, and she started to
lick and suck my balls and asshole while my cock was buried into little
Ellen and I sucked her tits.

I soon felt like coming, and stopped Nina from doing that for a while.
Then I started moving my cock inside Ellen's tight child pussy, and she let
out small screams again when I pressed it against her abused little
cunt. Looking down at her, I could see her small childish cunt lips being
pushed in and out with my cock. Her narrow opening pressed tightly at it,
and I felt I would come any second. It rapidly built up within me, and as
my cock expanded a little extra I buried it deeper and deeper inside the
child. She screamed with each stroke, when she could feel her vagina being
stretched more and more. Then I went over the edge, and I started releasing
a large load into the child; she cried when she felt the fluid inside her,
and I felt her cunt muscles contracting around my cock, making her feel
incredibly narrow. I collapsed on top of the little girl, and I slowly
caught my breath while my cock shrunk inside her. Finally, I pulled out of
the girl, and then I moved down to examine her abused little sex. Her
pussy opening looked red, and there was a little blood seeping from it. I
closed her legs, and then she looked just like an ordinary little girl,
with a few blond curls above her pussy lips, and the lips themselves
hairless and childishly closed.

I went up to her, kissed her and asked her how she felt. She answered
it had been very painful to have her pussy stretched like that, and that it
still hurt very much between her legs. I fondled her small breasts, kissing
her softly and telling her she would be OK after a while. The next time
would be so much better, now that her little vagina was getting used to
having a cock inside it. She nodded and said she was glad she had done it;
now she felt like a much bigger girl.

Nina - Chapter 12

The three girls visited me often, and we all enjoyed the company of
each other and having sex. Ellen's little pussy had very soon become
accustomed to being penetrated, and one evening we had jumped into the bed
she turned around and asked me to take her other hole.

"And do it hard, I want to feel it!" she exclaimed, wriggling her
beautiful behind in the air. As it turned out, Nina and Catherine had
initiated Ellen into the anal pleasures by licking and fingering her cute
butthole. Ellen had insisted on having more than fingers put into her, and
she even walked around with a dildo inside her anus occasionally.

I looked down at Ellen and saw her little rosebud between her lovely
buttocks. She turned her face to me and smiled, "Please?" I reached for the
jelly but she stopped me and told me she wanted it without that.

"But that will hurt..." I insisted.

"Sure, I know that," the little girl said and smiled. I placed myself
behind her small body and touched her little hole with my dick. She
shuddered. I pushed on a little and felt her opening. I slid in a bit and
she screamed, making me retract at once.

"No please, go on! It hurts, and I like it!" she shouted. She wanted

I wasn't sure if she meant it, but I pushed hard on her and rapidly
slid all the way into her tight little asshole. She bellowed with her
little voice as I forced my way into her and started fucking the child
forcefully. For each stroke I sank deep into her little ass, and when I
pulled back her little ring muscle followed me penis a bit. She obviously
felt the pain quite badly, tears dripping from her eyes, but she insisted
that I continue, and between her screams she said she liked it! Nina was
watching carefully, and now she asked if we could turn around. Without my
cock slipping out of her, Ellen turned on her back and raised her lovely
legs high in the air. She spread them and her pussy opened a little,
showing the tight entrance between her hairless cunt lips. I continued my
vigorous pushing into the child, and Nina took one of Ellen's small tits between her teeth, biting the stiff nipple quite hard. Ellen screamed
again, and moaned, "Oh yes... Bite me. Fuck me... hurt me!"

I couldn't believe what I saw and heard, but it turned me on and I
couldn't hold back any longer. Increasing the speed, I started to empty
myself inside her narrow canal, coming and coming. Ellen felt this, and her
little body shook in an enormous orgasm. It seemed to last forever, but
finally I sank down upon her, completely exhausted from the exercise.
Ellen's eyes were closed, but she whispered that it had been fantastic, and
that she wanted more.

Nina - Chapter 13

I lay down to rest a bit, but the girls were all eager and put on a
fantastic show. Ellen was lying on her back with her legs spread wide
apart, and little Catherine climbed on top of her and lowered her tiny
bottom on top of her face. This made Ellen start licking her, and her
tongue and fingers played around with Catherine's small openings. Nina then
placed herself on top of Ellen's stomach, and raised her own behind so that
Catherine had a view of her sister's crotch, and the smallest girl started
licking and sucking her anus. But Nina was putting on the biggest show, as
she started biting Ellen's pussy, tugging her few blond curls with the
teeth. She was pulling quite hard, and Ellen screamed and moaned as a few
of her pussy hairs came off.

Then Nina spread Ellen's legs even more, exposing her abused little
anus to herself and me. With one hand she continued pulling the few curls
down there, and her other hand searched between the legs until the fingers
touched Ellen's rear door. One finger slid in easily, then another, and the
third finger was on its way into her when Ellen shook again. She continued
orgasming while Nina forced finger number four into the tight asshole, and
she didn't stop pushing until all the four fingers were completely buried
inside Ellen.

I was now completely stiff again from looking at the girls playing, and
I asked if Ellen wanted to be tied up! She giggled from beneath Catherine's
little rump and said she sure wanted to try. So I got some rope, asked the
sisters to let go of Ellen, and together we started tying ropes to Ellen's
slim wrists. I had two hooks in the ceiling just above the bed, and when
the ropes were fastened there Ellen was forced to stand with her legs wide
apart. Then Ellen's legs were tied to each side of the bed, and I found a
couple of pegs that I showed her; she shuddered when she thought of their
use. I grasped one of her tiny tits and let a peg squeeze her red, hard
nipple. She gasped when I let go of the peg and it stayed, clipped to her
little girl's breast. Another peg was fitted on the little child, and then
I found two large dildos and went down between her lovely thighs. One dildo
slid with relative ease into the little girl's ass, but she started to
panic when she felt dildo number two being pressed into her still very
tight, young cunt. I held the child tight and forced the instrument deep
into her, making her scream and cry in agony. I slapped her hard on her
buttocks and told her to keep still - there was more to come...

She sobbed silently when I found another pair of pegs that I tried to
fasten to her young cunt lips. Her lips were unfortunately too stretched,
so I had to give up. Then I found a shaver that I showed her. I told her I
would shave the little fur she had between her legs, and went down on her.
She wriggled, but soon discovered there was no pardon. There was not much
to shave off her, only the curls she had just above her slit, and soon her
little cunt was as hairless as that of Catherine. I told Ellen to make sure
she was always bare down there, and she just nodded. I stepped back and
looked at her for a while. The little queen was now so vulnerable,
completely bare between her widely spread legs, and she didn't look too
comfortable where she was standing, arms in the air, her tight holes wide
open around the large dildos, and her nipples tightly squeezed with a pair
of pegs.

"Do you want more?" I asked her, and she nodded again. What a girl..!
So I found a paddle which I started to slap on her behind, slowly and
easily at first, but when she started moaning I increased both the speed
and force, until I slapped her helpless buttocks hard, quickly turning them
red. For each slap she cried out loud, and finally she looked like she had
had enough, heavy sobs escaping her lips. We lowered the poor girl to the
bed, and she whimpered when her sore bottom touched it. Nina suddenly
whispered to me: "Is it OK if I pee on the bed?" Oh, why not, I thought -
it can be washed. So Nina turned Ellen on to her back, and squatted down
over her while she spread her own small pussy lips. Then she started, and
she sprayed Ellen with her pee, over her breast and up to her face. Ellen
closed her mouth and tried to avoid being sprayed directly in her
face. When Nina finished, she pushed her crotch over Ellen and asked her to
lick her clean. Ellen grimaced, but did as she was told, and licked the few
drops from Nina's hairless cunt. Catherine wanted to do it also, and I told
her to go on. She sat down directly on Ellen's face and told the bigger
girl to open her mouth and swallow her pee! Ellen shook her head and said
she wouldn't do it, but Nina grabbed her hair and held her head still while
Catherine placed her little pussy directly over and touching the mouth and
started peeing while poor Ellen was forced to swallow the liquid. Catherine
soon finished, and Nina told Ellen to lick her clean as well. Ellen
obliged, even if she looked disgusted. She kept her tongue running back and
forth in Catherine's narrow slit which was soon nice and clean.

Catherine now left her position on top of Ellen and sat down beside
her. Ellen was crying silently, but didn't move. I looked at her and felt
really sorry for her - she was lying on her back with her sore behind
touching the bed, her legs spread. She still had the two big dildos
inserted into her narrow child openings, and the pegs were attached to the
nipples of her tiny breasts. I thought she had had enough and removed the
pegs. Her nipples were red and sore, but they were still erect, pointing
directly upwards from her small cones. I started caressing and kissing her
soft breasts, but she didn't react. Then I went down on her and examined
her 12-year-old sex. The pussy lips were taut, tightly closing around the
instrument she had inside her. Slowly, I removed it, and her little, now
totally hairless pussy didn't close at once, leaving an empty opening
between her slim legs. I spread her legs a little more and removed the
other dildo from her behind, which also left a hole that took some time to
close. Ellen relaxed now that all the painful devices had been removed, and
I slid up and kissed her on the mouth. She responded quickly now, and we
kissed long and deep. I could smell the pee from the other girls, but it
didn't matter much. I caressed Ellen's soft little body, and she embraced
me, in need to be comforted after her torture. She released herself from
the kiss and whispered in my ear: "Thank you. It was wonderful what you did
to me..." She was truly a masochist, and I obviously didn't need to worry
she would leave us.

... and that's all!

Hope you enjoyed it.


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