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NORMA stretch sand except boat


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

An Aunt at a Picnic
Now that I'm older, I have to assume that she had done it
before. I have several older cousins.
That would explain why Aunt Norma was so careful to appear
only after my parents had gone back to the city. It was not unusual for
a relative to show up at the cabin, so I didn't question it at the time. But
in hindsight, it was just too convenient that she appeared a couple of
hours after they had departed.
I was a month shy of 18 and on my way to college in the fall.
Aunt Norma was 24 and worked as a claims adjustor for an insurance
company. She had always been my favorite aunt, mostly because she
was young enough to understand the way kids are.
And before you ask, yes, I thought she was beautiful and had
adolescent fantasies about running off with a thinly-disguised version of
her. Almost twenty years later she still is a knockout and at 24, her
slim, young body was fit to grace the centerfold of any men's magazine.
I was excited to see her show up and announce she was going
to stay for a few days. I was wasting away my last summer before
starting the long, hard pull to responsibility and I was eager for a partner
in crime. She was always fun because she was not only interested in the
things I was, but was good at most of them.
The thought that my grown-up aunt had anything but relaxation
planned was farthest from my mind as I helped her stow her stuff in the
room next to mine. I wouldn't have believed that this hot woman had
any interest in me if you told me.
It wasn't out of the ordinary. Any one of Dad's five brothers and
three sisters might show up with their families at any time. We were that
kind of family. Which was a good thing since the cabin was a
rudimentary structure of logs and cement chinking with interior walls that
didn't go all the way to the roof. It wasn't high on privacy, but there was
room to sleep sixteen with two double beds in each of the four large
I felt blessed when Norma suggested that we go out water
skiing. I loved the freedom of skimming along the water. It was like
flying. And Norma in a bathing suit was sure to be a winner. I eagerly
went down to get the boat ready while she changed.
When she came down, the vision hit me with daunting force.
She was stunning. I was baffled by the feelings running through me.
In light of the advent of the maillot and no-butt thong bottoms, it was
modest in its coverage, but to me I was seeing more of Aunt Norma
than I had since peeking at her in the shower.
In fact I might be seeing as much as I did in that guilty glimpse.
I'm sure my jaw dropped as I ogled the barely restrained globes of her
breasts and all that naked flesh down to the tiny fabric triangle that
covered her pubic triangle. I didn't want to stare, but I didn't realize
that until I had been. The commotion in my trunks warned me that I
was looking too hard and I'm sure I blushed as I realized my aunt was
going to see me hard-on.
She was very cool about it. I finally made the woody go away
by thinking about algebra, but as soon as the boat started up and a
breeze blew across us, her nipples became erect and so did my dick.
I was desperately trying not to notice. I didn't want my aunt to think I
was a dork.
She pretended not to notice, but I saw her sneak looks at my
erection bulging my trunks. There was nothing to do but try and act as
if nothing was happening. I was dying with the embarrassment.
I know now that she was playing a game with me. She was
enjoying my clumsy attempts at distracting her from the fact in my pants.
She had to want to roll with laughter at my lame explanation about
better balance as I bent at the waist to hide the swelling as I got the lines
Usually you need a third to watch the skier, but the lake was
straight and I wasn't about to take my eyes off my aunt. Visions of her
top sailing off kept plaguing my thoughts as I dragged her around the
lake for a while.
I gave up my turn because watching her climb into the boat
had brought my hard-on back full force. We were on our way back to
the dock when she saw Pirate's Cove. There never were pirates within
200 miles of the lake, but the developer thought it was a good name.
Norma had her own story to tell about the secluded beach.
"When I was 17, the Pender boy took me there," she said,
naming one of the other families that owned property on the lake.
"There was no way to get to it except by boat and I think he had in
mind the old- put out or swim home."
"It turned out he had fouled the engine somehow and we both
had to swim home," she detoured from what I thought was going to
be a racy confession of teenage passion.
But she had certainly set the scene. There still was no way onto
the stretch of sand except by boat and it was a favorite spot for
sun- worshipers and horny young boys who wanted to sneak a peek.
That was pretty much all I could think about as she climbed
out with a towel to sun herself. I kinda got into the protector mode as
I sat on a towel next to my aunt and watched for perverts like myself
skimming by with binoculars trained on the beach.
She smashed my gallant knight fantasy when she rolled onto her
back and asked, "You don't mind it I take off my top, do you?"
Hell no,- er, yes, I didn't know. I wanted to see her tits, but she
was my aunt. If she didn't want me to see them, she wouldn't take off
her top. But then she was probably counting on me being sophisticated
enough to ignore a half-naked woman lying beside me. The thought
gave me an erection again, but I hoped futilely that my sitting position
was hiding that from her.
I was trapped. What kind of dork would say no, I couldn't
stand seeing you naked? It would be like saying I'm a pervert that has
sexual feelings about relatives. I don't want to see your tits because they
make me horny. And I did want to see them.
"No, go ahead," I said, swallowing the lump in my throat with
a gulp I swear echoed in the surrounding trees.
She had undone the string while laying on her stomach and only
had to throw the tiny top up over her head for it to be gone. There they
were- pink-tipped and round. I tried to keep my observations out of
the corner of my eye, but I couldn't help myself.
The way their weight made them bulge to the side as they hung
down off her chest was mesmerizing. The nipples changed colors to a
darker rose as they became erect under the kiss of the sun. I had to
swallow hard to keep from drooling.
"You'll strain your eyes peeking that way," she teased me, "You
better take a good look now, because I'm taking the bottoms off next."
I was busted. Falling into a pit of shame doesn't do justice to
the feelings I had. I felt I had let her down, and my parents and Jesus
too. I was slime. I was perverted slime.
"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to- I shouldn't have- I won't look
any more," I stuttered out my apologies in a burst.
Big macho me was ready to cry. She sat up and put her arm
around me.
"It's all right, it's all right," she soothed.
It was not all right. It was worse. I appreciated her trying to
comfort me, but putting her arm around me made her breast rest on my
arm. It was a heavy, burning presence as she patted me on the shoulder.
I was deep in the oh poor me when she rocked my world with
her bombshell.
"I'm the one that should be sorry for teasing you," she said, "I
was just having a little fun. Don't you think I know how boys your age
are? I just wanted to see how far I could go. I didn't mean to make
you upset. I'm the one that should have known better."
"Yeah?" I asked with as much intelligience as I could muster.
I had turned to look at her and her face was so close our noses
bumped. She put her mouth on mine and pushed me back onto my
towel as her tongue snaked into my mouth. She kissed me hard without
much help from me and then loomed over me.
"You like me don't you?" she asked.
"Sure, but you're my aunt," I said.
"And I bet you're a virgin too," she smiled.
Well, virgin was a pretty strong word. I'd been around. I'd
done some things... okay, I was a virgin.
"You won't be by tonight," she grinned and I felt her hand move
down to cover my hard-on.
"But you're my aunt!" I said.
"You'll feel better about that without these," she said as she
pulled down my trunks.
I really couldn't get into a fight with my aunt over my trunks. I
didn't want her to take them off. I really didn't. It was like your mother walking into the bathroom when you're taking a piss. But I didn't want
to get into a fight over them.
Having her see me naked slowed me down a little bit. It was
something else to think about in the confusing muddle sloshing in my
head. I plain couldn't think of what to do.
"Now for the other part I promised you," she said and stood up
next to me.
I would have sorted it out in an hour or two, maybe even half
and hour, but she gave me half a second before she turned around and
pulled the bottoms down her legs in one smooth pull. She bent at the
waist as she dragged the bottoms to her ankles and I watched in
amazement. Her bottom was first exposed and then began to rotate
from a slight squarish shape onto the roundness of her ass. The cheeks
moved up and parted as she bent and her pussy peeked back between
her thighs as she reached her ankles.
I had never really seen one like that. It pretty much put an end
to the clamor in my head. I was in quiet awe. When she turned around
it was all I could do not to cum on my belly. She was gorgeous. Her
tits were probably C cups, but looming over me atop her miniscule
waist they looked like the best tits in the world. And her pussy was a
clearly visible slot parting her clean-shaven mons. I had never even
dreamed of bald pussy.
"Well, I see what we're going to have to do first," she said,
noting my agitation.
She knelt down by my side and grabbed my hard cock.
"I don't think this would last until I climbed over it," she said
as she stroked it.
She was right. She bent forward and shocked me by putting her
lips on my cock and kissing it. That was more than enough.
"I'm going to squirt!" I warned her so she could pull her face
"Good," she said and then did the dirtiest thing I could imagine.
She put the head in her mouth and sucked. I felt like a goon,
but I couldn't help it. There was no way I could hold back the flood
of semen I shot into her mouth. Certainly not with the feelings her mouth
was giving my dick.
"I tried to warn you," I groveled.
"Stop worrying. I wanted to," she said. "I think I got to you just
in time."
She didn't look quite like my aunt anymore as she looked up
at me with her face inches from my belly. A dribble of my spunk had
escaped at the corner of her mouth and so excited me with its depravity
that I didn't care who she was.
"Don't let anyone tell you that is dirty," she lectured me as the
jiszm seeped down her cheek. "Little girls say that because they're
afraid or because they want to make you beg for it.
"I like to suck cock. I like... well a lot of women do and I'll let
one of them explain it to you, but it's not dirty," she continued. "Nothing
about sex is dirty. I bet you've got a lot of ideas about when not to do
it and what not to do. That sucks. I think it's a form of child abuse. You
should at least be armed when you get into the battle of the sexes. I'm
going to tell you- and show you- the truth."
She made it sound like I should applaud. But more central to
my experience was the fact that her hand was still stroking my cock and
it didn't feel like my hard-on had ever left. I knew it was back when she
sat up and brushed the sand off her front. I could feel it throb.
"It would have been over before it got started if I hadn't let you
cum once," she said and then pointed to my cock, "And it didn't hurt
you a bit, see?"
I didn't have to look. I could feel it. I watched her lean down
and reach for my hand instead. That made her tits swing and I wanted
to watch. She pulled me up and led me to her towel.
"Now I want you to fuck me," she said as she lay back. "One
of us ought to know what we're doing for your first time."
She was my aunt. I was past blurting that out, but it didn't
escape me as I obediently got on my knees between her legs. She was
spread open like a Hustler picture waiting for me to fuck her, but she
was still family.
"Now you lie down over me and I'll help you with the rest," she
said as she reached out and grabbed my erection.
Even at that point I was trying not to touch her as I got into
position over her. It was like I was thinking that if I just did it without
enjoying it, it wouldn't be like fucking my aunt. It would just be an
expeiment or something- all cool and intellectual.
That lasted as she talked about getting a woman hot while she
rubbed my cock up and down her naked slit. It burst like a soap
bubble when she set me to the opening of her cunt and told me to push.
It wouldn't have mattered if I was fucking my mother at that
point. It was a completely and overwhelmingly private experience as
I sank into pussy for the first time. It was all about me. Her cunt was
warm and wet and all of that and I wouldn't be fucking without her, but
it was my knowing what it felt like that filled my brain.
This was fucking. That's what a cunt feels like inside. I'm not
a virgin anymore! I'm really doing it! I'm really fucking doing it!
And I would have known what to do without ever seeing a
porn movie. It was automatic. It felt so good putting it in that you
naturally wanted to pull it out and put it in again.
"That's it," Aunt Norma cooed, "Do it any way you want to. It's
your turn. You're fucking me. You're in charge. You do it the way you
All I heard was the encouragement as my cock slid in and out
of her. That and the blood pounding in my ears urging me to cum. But
Aunt Norma had been a wise woman and even my eager teen balls
were not quite ready to give up a second load so soon.
I hoped it wasn't the fuck to end all fucks, but it was easily the
fuck of my lifetime. I might not have known the difference, but I was
soaking up every little detail. For instance, I didn't know to appreciate
the feel of her shaved pubis until I had a woman who didn't shave.
Waiting for my second orgasm only changed instantaneous to
brief. I don't think I fucked her for two minutes before I groaned and
came inside her. She wrapped me in her arms than and hugged me to
her marvellous tits.
"Congratulations, you've been laid," she told me.
I didn't feel too guilty until we had gotten back into our suits.
Then it was only a nagging reminder that I had fucked my aunt. I was
only worried how this would affect the rest of my life.
"You aren't still weirded out because I'm your aunt, are you?"
she asked and let my expression answer her, "That's bullshit. That incest stuff is all about the gene pool and we're not going to get married and
have kids. A lot of cultures have older women initiate the young men so
they know what they're doing. I can't think of anything more stupid than
a couple of virgins trying to figure it out from a book."
She sounded so authoritative. I didn't believe her for a minute,
but it did make me feel better. At least I knew she wasn't going to hate
me now. I would have one relative left.
I think she had dealt with it all before. Everything was too
perfect not to be practiced. She had pole-axed me by taking my
virginity and now she let me stew while we went back to the cabin to
When I came out of my room, she was sitting at the table and
motioned for me to sit down.
"Look, I know you've got a lot on your mind, but I've got
some more to lay on you," she said. "I haven't been totally honest."
She was holding my hand and leaned forward so our heads
were nearly touching.
"I'm not doing this all for you," she said with a smile. "I think
you're a pretty sexy guy. I'm in the same boat you are with the incest thing. How do you think it feels to be the predatory older woman
seducing her nephews? I use the 'teaching a virgin' thing as an excuse,
but I do think it's better to have an experienced teacher."
"But I feel so weird," I protested.
"And how much of that is because of your fantasies about me?"
she asked.
I guess the blush gave me away.
"So now it's okay," she soothed. "I want to hear every dirty
little one. We can act them out if we want to."
"But it isn't right," I protested with the moral authority of youth.
"So we won't tell," she said. "Don't you want to have sex with
me again?"
Of course I did.
"Then let's not worry about the rest of the world for a while and
let it just be you and me. I really want to be with you," she said.
I wasn't convinced, but I wasn't strong enough to resist the
pure aura of sex that she represented to me. It was a dream come true.
Anyway, if it was wrong I was already on my way to hell. I might as
well earn the flames.
I kissed her this time. Kissing I knew. Kissing had been the
majority of my sex life so far. She knew all the moves. But I wasn't
surprised she was a great kisser.
"You keep that attitude and this is going to be a great couple of
days," she said, out of breath from our long kiss.
We took a break to eat and I tried to impress her with my
cooking skills. We had crossed the bridge, but I was still nervously
prancing on the other side. The air seemed charged with uncertainty.
"You can relax," she told me, "We're going to do what we want
to do. This isn't a test. I don't expect you to know what to do. I'm
looking forward to teaching you everything you want to know."
That's easy for her to say. I was on the horizon of the unknown.
It's damn hard to relax when you're stepping into uncertainty.
But she had it all down. It was as if she waited until I was just
uncertain enough and then made me a compromise I couldn't refuse.
"First off, I think I should get you used to looking at me," she
said as she stood and began to unbutton her blouse.
She said looking. I didn't have to take off my pants. It was
distracting, but it wasn't fucking her again. She walked toward the door
of her room as she pulled the blouse off. She wasn't wearing anything
under it. She tossed it through the door in the direction of the bed and
pulled down her loose-fitting pants in one motion and tossed them after
the blouse.
She'd dressed for being naked. She came back and sat down
and I only managed to raise my gaze from the way her naked pubis
moved to the level of her dancing breasts.
"So what's to do around here?" she asked.
"Well, the t.v. only gets two channels, we've lost almost half
the checkers and you've probably read all three books we've got," I
stuttered, trying to be witty.
I had managed to widen my gaze to include her face, but there
was no question between her face or her tits which was on the fringe
and which was center view. They were real tits right there. They were
so firm and full and bursting with wet dreams.
"Then what's to do outside?" she asked grinning.
"You can't go out like that. The neighbors can see," I was
horrified of my parents finding out.
"The neighbors aren't there. They'd have to explain why they
were using the binoculars. And I was joking," she said. "Loosen up. If
you can't think of me as me, think of me as one of your teachers- the
one you most wanted to bang."
It wasn't that. I didn't know what it was, but that wasn't it. I
guess I just get nervous in high pressure sitations. And then she made
me think about her again. Her timing was too perfect.
She got up and walked back and forth in front of me executing
turns at each end of the path. She lifted up her hair and did a shimmy for
me like she was a nude model at a photo shoot. I saw what my naked
aunt looked like in motion.
"Your problem is that you keep mistaking my reasons," she told
me. "You think I'm doing this for you. Well, let me tell you there is no
more sincere compliment than a man's hard-on and a woman always
wants to think her naked body extracts such compliments."
"I just feel creepy looking because I know you," I said.
She laughed out loud at that.
"So you're going to have to marry a stranger so you can look at
them on your wedding night?" she mocked me.
She knew what I meant. And I had no clue that she was trying
to get across the point about looking at her as a person rather than a
relative. So I have to understand she had no choice but to fuck with me
some more. Hell, I was making myself an easy target.
"So, do you want to try and make it up to me that you've been
staring at me all this time?" she lured me, "Do you want to make some
amends for your actions?"
I knew the tone. I thought I knew what she wanted. I nodded
wearily as I abandoned myself to her seven-years older authority.
She walked into her room and I followed, slowly taking off my
"You won't need to do that," she stopped me, "What I want
you can do with all your clothes on."
She was laying on the bed in almost the same position she
was on the beach. Her knees were flexed and open and her pussy was
a pink mouth with crooked lips in the whiteness of her mound. She
crooked her finger at me and I climbed onto the bed. She grabbed my
head as I crawled up to get over her and pushed it into her crotch.
"Take a good look- a good look. See that thing like a tent up
at the top? That will become important later. Now look good and then
you'll lick it," she said. "Up and down at first- I'll give you more to do
I'll say this. Up close it didn't seem so scary. It was a pretty
interesting contraption. I didn't like the idea of licking it, but I felt I had
to. I got over my hesitation pretty quick when I started getting her
positive feedback.
"There- yes, that's good," she said and sounded like she meant
it. "Pretend it's a mouth you want to french. You're a good kisser, kiss
it like that."
I guess I kinda forgot the aunt stuff again and started to go at it.
That good kisser stuff was hard to ignore. I had hoped it was true and
to hear her say it made me wild to prove it again on her cunt. I dove
right in like it was a mouth and licked around inside her. I licked her lips
as I drew back to catch a breath and dove in again.
"Oh Jesus!" she gasped as I tongued her cunt, "That thing at the
top- It's time now."
I had no doubt I found it when she yelled out, "That's it! Right
there! Oh god yes. Lick it like it was the tip of my toungue and you
wanted to get me really hot!"
From the way her hips were bucking, I was guessing she was
really hot. When she grabbed my head and rubbed my face up and
down in her crotch while she was churning her cunt against my face, I
knew she was hot.
"There," she said, "I've used you like my toy. Do you get it now?
I want to fuck you. I like you and I enjoy fucking you. It's good for me.
I like to cum! We can have a lot of fun. But it would be so much easier
if you gave in and enjoyed it too."
I can't say it came across to me as a blaze of white light, but
something just as good had happened. I was feeling confident. I had
kissed Aunt Norma's cunt so good she came.
She pulled me up into her arms and we cuddled, her naked and
me with all my clothes on. She began taking my hand on a trip over her
"Let's try this," she said as she moved my hand over her flesh
and described the process. "This is Norma's tit. See, it's round and has
a nipple. This is her waist. This is her hip. And that's her butt. See, just
like your girlfriend's"
"Not like my girlfriend's," I argued, "I don't know any girls that
are as sexy as you."
"That's sweet of you to say, but they're the same parts and I
want to feel you learn to operate every one of them," she said.
She was making it sound like a test drive again, but I had no
time to ponder. She was getting up and pulling me off the bed.
"Now I'm going to prove that I'm the evil queen and make you
do something I know you won't like," she grinned at me.
She was right about that. Even with her assurances that the area
was deserted, I panicked when she dragged me out the door. She was
naked and if anyone saw her, they saw me. Even if I eventually found
peace with fucking my aunt, I knew I wouldn't want anyone else to
know. I was so nervous that I lost my hard-on.
She made me walk with her in the yard and then wandered over
by the trees.
"Now I'm going to try and make this worth the worry," she told
me and pushed me against a tree.
I knew what she was going to do when she knelt down. I just
never thought she would do it. My aunt kneeling down and sucking my
dick wasn't even one of my dreams. She opened my jeans and got out
my cock, which wasn't exactly limp, or exactly hard either.
And she did it. Just like the girls in the porn movies. She put my
cock in her mouth and sucked on it. It took about a third of a
millisecond for my cock to be hard. She licked around the bloated head
for a little while and then looked into my eyes.
"I'm going to make you cum in my mouth," she said and nearly
took away her chance with the lusty announcement. "I'm going to suck
your cock until it cums and I want you to pump my mouth as full of
your spunk as you can. I want to swallow every drop you can shoot
I have no sense how long it took her. It could have been two
seconds or it could have been a year. It felt like a year and seemed like
it ended in two seconds. I know it was great while it lasted. I couldn't
think about who or where. I was totally engaged in her mouth bobbing
on my cock.
I knew why she had leaned me against a tree when I came. I
had to hold the trunk for support while my knees buckled as I pumped
out my seed. She licked my balls afterwards and I was ready to die of
I'm not sure how it or what happened then, but my memories of
the next days aren't about my fear. I still can't guess if it was the shock
of forcing me into my worst nightmare or the relative safety of returning
to the cabin. But I know the fear went away.
I wasn't seeing her as my lover yet. She still had to speak
sternly to me to make me take off my underwear before coming to bed.
She made us sleep together naked. She didn't seduce me before bed-
which by then disappointed me a little. She let me drift into my dreams
before I was slowly roused by her kissing my face.
I awoke with our arms twined around each other and her thigh
pressing along the length of my hard-on. I think she waited until she felt
my hard-on prod her before waking me.
She rolled me on top of her and I fell easily between her legs.
"Remember what I told you about warming a woman up," she
whispered and I dutifully rubbed my cock up and down her slit still
half dreaming.
"Put it in nice and easy and fuck me slow," she instructed her
sleep zombie.
Slow was nice. And I was in the mood. I was awake, but my
mind hadn't forsaken the dreams completely. Her hips were moving
in a slow rhythm that seemed to lull me back when I tried to wake. It
was totally different from the first time when she had laid still and let me
have my way. I felt guided to keep her rhythm and we fucked that way
for a good, long time.
But all dreams have to end, and there's no better way than the
itch in your scrotum that warns you you're about to cum. I think I must
have mumbled something about that because she broke into a quicker
pace and urged me to go ahead and cum as hard as I could.
I was fully awake then. I came pretty hard, but I think I would
have done that without her urging. I remember thinking that it was
some good shit when she disappointed me by pushing me off her.
It was only for her to turn and pull me back inside her from
behind so we could nestle like spoons until my cock finally slipped out
of her. I imagine that happened, but I was asleep again before it did.
Morning was the great test. We must have been tired out
because we were still in that spoon position when I began to wake up.
The progression of thoughts that went through my mind is one of my
clearest recollections. I had a hard-on. My hard-on was somewhere
nice. That dream girl was still here. That was silly. She was a dream.
No. You fucked your aunt for real. No way.
I jerked awake saying, "Way."
My cock, for all intents and purposes, was trapped by my
aunt's ass. If I moved it, she might wake up. Then she'd make me
fuck her again.
I guess the devil on my shoulder pushed me toward seeing her
as a lover. Another idea dawned on me. It had to be that devil. If I
moved just right I would already be fucking her when she woke up.
It made sense then, I swear. Somehow fucking her let me
avoid her making me fuck her. It really wasn't that hard to take slipping
my cock into my aunt's wet snatch.
I'm sure she was laying there pretending to sleep while I eased
my way so clumsily into position. I'm sure she was frustrated with how
long it took to get my cock inside her. But she made a great show of
waking when I finally did push up against her butt.
"Mmmmmmm," she purred. "What a nice wake-up. Fuck me
good whoever you are."
I tried for a while before deciding it wasn't working. There was
something wrong with this angle. But as I tried to pull away, she
"Stay where you are," she instructed and began to roll onto
her belly.
She moved slowly enough I was able to clamber after and not
lose our connection. It wasn't much different at first, but she arched her
back to raise her hips and I seemed to be getting farther into her. Her
knees slid up a little at a time and her butt came back at the same pace.
I was going deeper inside her every time she moved her ass back
towards me.
This was all about dipping pussy. I was only vaguely aware of
the butt raised up from the bed to meet me, let alone whose it was.
The misty confusion had been forgotten as my cock went from straining
to cum to thrusting deep inside a welcoming cunt.
I could get off this way. I proved it a few thrusts later as I
humped frantially against the rounded spheres of her butt while I came.
"Two days, two positions. Only a hundred more to go," she
giggled into the pillow as I slipped down onto the bed like melted ice
We didn't fuck every minute of the next two days. We made
the transition from nephew and aunt to Norma and Ed. I found out that
she just didn't understand being full of the devil- she was full of the devil.
It wasn't that she understood young people- she was still pretty young herself.
She did take me on a light-year jump in sexuality, however. By
word and deed, she peeled away the morality it took my parents my
whole life to wrap me in.
"You know every boy has one," she said as she jerked off my
trunks while we were swimming.
That was a simple concept. Of course, a dick was what made
them boys. But I was the only one with mine. I wasn't fighting her on
this one. She was the only one likely to see it and she already knew all
about mine. But she was making a bigger point.
"They're all different and more or less they can all do what
they're designed for," she said, "So why be shy about letting it hang
Ridicule for one. And getting arrested for another.
"Yeah, we have a screwed-up soceity," she said to my point
about arrest, but she wasn't backing off on the ridicule, "But how
would you feel if I called you a stupid mathematician?"
I was the fucking math whiz. It would be dumb to challenge me
on that. She knew that. I told her so.
"And how is that different from your dick?" she asked. "You
might as well face it. It's the one you got. What good does it do to be
ashamed of it?"
I even deciphered her confused logic. It didn't make me
instantly confident, but it gave me something to think about. I was
happy enough when she tossed her suit on the beach with mine and we
frolicked nude in the water. She was getting to me. Part of the time
I didn't have a painful boner even though we were both naked.
We didn't fuck every minute, but we fucked a lot. She said it
was the best part about young lovers. They never got enough. They
didn't satisfy the lust with a fuck or two and then want to ignore their
woman until they were horny again. young lovers were eager again
right away. And she said nothing made a woman feel like a woman
more than a young boy wanting her constantly.
I had a hard time believing my mother would be amused by
someone wanting her to do it all the time, but I believed Norma felt
that way. It didn't seem like she ever got enough either.
We fucked on the beach after our swim. I put on my trunks
only to have her take them off me so she could play with me as we
boated around the lake. Then she made me take her back to Pirate's
Cove so we could reminisce and do it right- right there where it all
There really was little to do except fuck. And knowing that
made us hurry whatever else we were doing so we could get to it. We
had to break the cycle and Norma took me into town to find something
else to do.
I'm no shopper, but arcades were big and I spent some much
needed down time (heh-heh) playing video games while she shopped.
I was beginning to appreciate my aunt as I saw the jealousy in other
guys's and men's eyes as we walked around together. The pride kept
me from even considering the incest thing.
Obviously, nobody thought it was that bad that I was with this
older woman. Of course, Norma was not just an ordinary older woman. She was mostly hot and that made a lot of things unimportant.
She was also old enough to buy booze. That turned out to be
her main purchase in town. We got back after a supper out and she
set out to get me drunk.
We did a lot of crazy things while we were drinking. I had only
been drunk a couple of times before so it was again a venture into new
territory. I certainly had never been drunk with a woman- or a girl- or
a female of any kind. But the very nature of being drunk makes it
impossible to worry about stuff like that.
I remember something about groping for quarters down her
shirt and having her hold my dick while I pissed out the first four beers.
I dimly remember those quarters coming into play again as I became
fascinated with the resemblance between her shaved cunt and a coin
I could have put a dollar or so into the fuck machine or that
could be a false memory. There's no way to figure that out seeing what
came next.
She had gotten me smashed with a purpose. She may have
needed a drink herself to pull it off. I know she wasn't as sharp as she
had been when she told me what we were going to do.
She had wrestled me onto my back and my cock was standing
up like a pole. I was a little aggressive with drink and she was sitting
on my stomach as she put some cold stuff on my hard-on.
"Now you lie still. I can't hold you down and do this all at the
same time," she told me.
She had a good grip on my cock, so I was inclined to listen to
her, but when she tried to break my cock off I had to jump.
"Lie still," she reprimanded me, "This isn't any easier on me,
you know."
She was squatting over me facing away and I had a good view
of what she was doing. She was trying to make my cock go into her
asshole. This was nasty. It made my cock instantly harder.
I now think that she made a mistake getting drunk. I think she
would have been much more precise and better able to guide my cock
up her ass sober. But then I wasn't the one shoving a cock up my ass
and I don't know what she needed the alcohol for.
I know she made a couple of false starts trying to keep my
cock in place as she sat down on it. But about the third try, she groaned
and I felt her squeeze my cock into something way too small for it to
go into.
It looked even more amazing than it felt. I had seen how much
wider my cock was than her asshole. Now that ring was stretched out
and my cock was sliding inside. It was like a magic trick.
And it was the best magic trick I had ever seen because it felt
so good at the same time. Well, good might be a little to general for the
feeling of cramming my meat into the tiny hole. Actually, it was a little
confining, compressing, if you know what I mean. But it was so SEXY!
I was jamming my hard meat- actually she was forcing my hard
meat into a hole way too small to take it. It was about the definition of
being King Kong. I felt like a man giving it to her up her too-tight
She had struggled about half my cock into her ass when she
paused. I thought she was catching her breath for the continuing struggle.
She was bouncing up and down the slightest bit moaning and groaning.
Then, just when I thought this was all I was going to get, she sat the
rest of the way down with a slow settle onto my groin.
The view wasn't as good, but I could feel my cock all the way
up her fucking ass. It was hot in there. I bounced my butt up and down
under her and it felt different in there. It was a whole 'nother place
around my cock.
She tried to get into position to move up and down, but after a
few attempts at a position that resembled a frog trying to jump, she
changed her mind.
"Get up," she told me. "I'm going to get onto my knees. Sit up
and get behind me."
That wasn't as easy as it sounded. We ended up rolling on our
sides and then I climbed on top of her as she rolled onto her knees. It
was a clumsy thing, but I wasn't thinking about graceful. I was thinking
about keeping my dick in her ass.
Her asshole was no longer the cramped space it had been as
she pushed it down over my cock. It was still my close buddy, but the
frantic tautness of the muscle had disappeared. I could thrust into it
without the feeling it was skinning my cock.
And that's just what I did. My fears of shaming myself had been
washed away in the beer along with my inhibitions. I grabbed her hips
for balance and ended using them as handles to pull her back as I
pushed my cock into her asshole.
Aunt Norma offered no comment. She was busy grunting as I
fucked her in the ass. I really didn't need her input any more than I had
while I was losing my virginity. I had plenty to do feeling it all for myself.
From a tactical standpoint I think she made a mistake getting me
drunk. But maybe she was anethestized enough by her own
consumption to dull my ravaging and seemingly endless attack on her
rectum. It seemed like I fucked her ass forever.
Coming was like crossing a finish line. It was a victorious
moment and at the same time it was the reward for what had become
the hard work of ramming my cock into her ass for so long.
She wasn't eager for me to leave my cock where it was this
time. She seemed to have experienced the feeling of finishing without
the victory.
I slept dreamlessly, unless it was all a dream, and we got up
late. I was only fuzzy, but Aunt Norma seemed to have a pretty bad
hangover. She apologized for not wanting to fuck and said she'd blow
me, but she'd be afraid she puke in the middle of it.
As a testament to what my aunt had wrought in two days, we
let her bake it out of her system by sunbathing nude on the front porch
of the cabin. And I mean we were sunbathing nude. She had already
turned me into a free-thinker.
We worked her hangover out with a cuddle that slowly grew
into an embrace and then into a long slow session of making love. I
had gotten to that point. We were doing it together. She wasn't letting
me or showing me anymore.
And just like it always happens, I had figured it out late. Aunt
Norma had crammed a lot into two days, but I was just getting the
hang of it. Now that it was becoming something beyond mechanics, it
was all coming to an end.
We didn't fuck all day that day either, but we didn't get far from
it. We spent it naked and fondling each other. Fucking was just too
much all at once and then over too quick. I wanted to hold on to these
few days and make them last forever.
Since I'm telling you this all these years later, I guess I did hold
on to those days in some sense. But it didn't feel like that when she was
leaving. We had screwed twice the night before and once more in the
the morning and I still couldn't bear to see her leave.
Maybe there was a premonition in that because we never have
recaptured those days. I went off to college and got a job, just the way
it goes. We see each other at family occasions, but we've never been
able to find time alone.
I guess that's all right. I guess you don't have to always have the
one that introduced you to love. And I guess it really would be incest for
us to keep that relationship alive.


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