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NOTQUITE girls favourite video was

Not Quite as it seems.
A story by Davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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Authors note :- This is not my usual style of story. It came to me in
the early hours of one full mooned night when I was unable to sleep
as usual. I mulled it over during the next day, then sat down and
dashed it off before I forgot the 'plot'.

Not Quite as it seems!

The Event 1 :-
"No Daddy, please donít do that", the sounds of a young girl
screaming drifted out of the slightly open window of the small
suburban house. A few seconds later the front door was battered down
and a SWAT team burst into the living room where a middle aged man
was sitting on a chair with a teenaged girl, dressed in a short
nightie sitting on his lap as they watched TV.

Before the man could react the girl was snatched from his arms,
quickly passed to a civilian woman, and the man was thrown roughly to
the floor, handcuffed and gagged with adhesive tape. The girl was
also handcuffed as she was struggling so violently the woman was
unable to hold on to her. Almost without pause the pair were dragged
out of the house, the girl to be pushed into a car and driven away,
the man to be thrown into a police vehicle and delivered to the local
precinct house. All this had taken a matter of three minutes, so well
trained were the police officers carrying out the raid. The officer
in charge of the raid turned to a pair of local detectives, "OK, it's
all yours now, we'll hold him until you need to talk to him." With a
single nod he then climbed into his own vehicle and drove away to
complete his report of the days proceedings.

The detectives, a man and a woman walked through the shattered
doorway and into the living room so recently vacated and began a
systematic search for evidence of wrongdoing. After almost an hour
the female detective decided to check the video that was playing at
the moment of attack. After a few minutes her partner heard her shout
"Jesus fucking Christ, what the hell have we just doneÖ" and when he
was standing beside her, watching what was on the tv screen, turned
pale and dashed across the room to the telephone and made a frantic
call in an effort to limit any damage that had already been started.
It was too late!

The Event 2 :-

Still restrained the teenage girl was driven at speed to the local
hospital where she was placed in a private room and strapped to the
bed. A young doctor was called by the matron that brought the girl in
and shown her identity whereupon she instructed him to carry out an
immediate oral, rectal and vaginal internal examination of the girl
to establish what sexual abuse she had been subjected to.
Unfortunately she was in no mood to submit to this indignity and
struggled so much the woman insisted the girl be sedated. With the
assistance of a nurse the doctor gave the girl sufficient drugs to
keep her quiet while he carried out the examinations as instructed.
After taking throat and rectal swabs the doctor began the vaginal
examination, and suddenly became very frightened. Frightened enough
to insist the Child Services woman left the room while he called his
supervising paediatrician. Before the girl had recovered from the
sedative the Hospital administrator was called from a meeting and
placed in receipt of certain facts that really spoiled his week.

The Event 3 :-

Handcuffed and gagged the man was held down on the floor of the
vehicle by the feet of four of the SWAT team that had arrested him,
accidentally kicked now and then to remind him of his current status
in the world. When at last the vehicle stopped the man was dragged
out of the vehicle along a passage and eventually thrown into a cell,
where he had the shackles removed and the tape ripped from his face.
That this took all of his moustache and a good deal of skin made no
difference, in fact it was a cause of much amusement to the police
officers concerned. As they left him collapsed on the floor they spat
on him before slamming the cell door closed and turning the key.
After about an hour the prisoner was hammering on the door shouting
out "I want insulting, I need insulting now". The officer in charge
of the cells opened the hatch and shouted "I'll insult you, you
fucking pervert, only I'll do it with my fist if you donít keep
quiet." Two hour later the same officer returned to check on the
prisoners, looked into the mans cell and rushed to the 'phone,
calling for medical assistance. Some time later the prisoner was
laying in a room in the hospital attached to machines and drips as
the medical staff struggled to bring him from the coma he had slipped
into in the police cells.

The Report 1 :-

Rose Bowerman was sitting in her office in the Child Protection
Services Building when the initial call came through. An un-named
woman was on the line and told Rose that she had heard a child
screaming in a house where some people had recently moved in. "The
girl keeps on screaming for her father to stop doing something" said
the woman. Rose asked a few more questions and filled in a department
form as the woman spoke, thanked her for her assistance and assured
her that her name would never be divulged. After completing the form
Rose sat and thought for a moment, then made the most momentous
decision of her life. For years she had hated men and the things they
did to young women and girls. Fathers were the worst of all, always
abusing their daughters under the guise of 'teaching them about
becoming a woman'. Now at last she had the chance of catching one in
the act, and she was determined to ensure nothing went wrong. Using
her authority she called the local police and demanded certain things
be made available to her. The precinct captain, not wanting to cause
waves, especially where a child was concerned, complied with her
'request', a raid was organised. After the raid Rose drove the girl
to the hospital and again used her authority to get her way, and the
young inexperienced doctor bowed to the authority presented to him.
It was only when the paediatrician asked her to leave the room that
Rose returned to her office to write her report of the case, just
waiting for the hospital report to be attached to finalise it.

The Report 2 :-

The officer commanding the SWAT team sat down in his office and
filled out his report, sending a copy to the captain of the precinct
where the prisoner had been lodged. This copy landed on the Captains
desk at the same time as the report detailing how the prisoner had
been incarcerated, and later found collapsed and had been rushed to
hospital. All that was required was the report from the hospital to
close the case.

The Report 3 :-

The hospital administrator, the paediatrician, the junior doctor and
now a cytologist all sat round the table going over their own
sections of the full hospital report to be submitted to the police.
The junior doctor said "I carried out the examinations as instructed,
until I came to the vaginal part. It was then that I found the girl
was in fact 'virgo intacto', and as I'd seen no other evidence of
sexual activity I stopped and called Doctor Robins." Doctor Robins
continued, "As soon as I walked into the room the condition of the
girl struck me, not that she was heavily sedated, but that she
appeared to have 'Downs Syndrome', that could have accounted for the
fact that it was so difficult to restrain her, combined with the
report I'd just received about her physical condition, it made me
suspicious of the stated reasons for her being brought to the
hospital. I placed a senior nurse on duty with instructions that no
one but myself was to have access to the girl until further notice."
The cytologist said "The prisoner that was rushed in under police
guard was examined and found to be in a diabetic coma, having been
without his required insulin injections for some hours. He has now
recovered enough to tell me he asked for insulin while in the cell,
but was refused. It will be some time before he is fully recovered,
and may well have severe eyesight problems in the near future, as
well as other complications associated with diabetes. It turns out he
is the father of the girl being treated by Doctor Robins." The
hospital administrator said "Gentlemen, the shit is going to hit the
fan very shortly, and I'm afraid some of it is going to stick to us.
I'm going to try to reduce our liability, and promise no jobs are on
the line here. Child Protection will be bearing the brunt of any

The Report 4 :-

Jack and Kelly, the two detectives left to clean up the mess made by
the SWAT team sat opposite their captain, in silence, as he read
through the report they had just finished writing. Kelly almost
smiled as she watched her boss turn pale, and his eyes open wide, as
he got to the end. Despite having read all the detail he couldnít
resist reading the short summary at the end of the report. 'A
recently widowed father, and his Downs Syndrome daughter were
watching a recording of 'Little house on the Prairie' where the
father of the house was pushing one of his daughters high on a swing.
The child was screaming 'No Daddy, please donít do that' on the film
seconds before the SWAT team burst in. There was no evidence of any
untoward sexual activity in the house, just a father and daughter
grieving over the loss of a wife and mother, who died from Cancer a
few months ago, prompting them to move away from the home where they
had so many bad memories. After questioning neighbours it seems that
was the girls favourite video, as it was played every evening at
about the same time, just before she was put to bed by her father.'

The Aftermath 1 :-

Father and daughter were placed in the same room in the hospital, and
remained there until he had made a complete recovery. The only
visitors besides Jack and Kelly, was a lawyer who was preparing a
claim against the police and Child Services on the basis that there
was no evidence of wrongdoing and therefore no reason for the arrest
to have been made in the first place. The medical evidence supplied
by the hospital showed the father had been physically abused by the
police, and despite trying to claim ignorance of the request for
insulin ended up 'copping a plea'.

The Aftermath 2 :-

Rose retired on health grounds, before she was asked to leave. She
also agreed to forego her pension rights in return for immunity from
a personal claim for compensation. The officer in charge of the raid
received a reprimand for not checking any of the 'facts' used to
justify the raid, it set him back a few years in his quest for
promotion. The rank and file officers of the team were all returned
to beat duty for the abuse heaped on the father during his transport
to the precinct house. The officer in charge of the cells at the time
of the collapse also retired quietly, again without qualifying for
his pension.

The Aftermath 3 :-

The judge was scathing in his remarks about the actions of the
authorities, praised the quick response of the hospital doctors when
they discovered the true state of affairs. His Honour awarded father
and daughter each a seven figure sum in compensation of the treatment
they had received, saying "I would suggest that you keep the volume
turned down next time you watch 'Little House of the Prairie'".

The conclusion :-

A panel truck drew up in front of the house with the new door and the
driver hammered a post into the ground, then attached the realtors
'for sale' sign. father and daughter had moved away, trying to find a
quiet community in which to live and grieve for a lost wife and

The Moral :-

Look before you leap! Not everything is quite what it may seem, and a
girl screaming 'No' in a house where there is a girl, may not be the
girl in the house screaming 'No'.


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