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Nature Calls The Bliss Family


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Nature Calls on the Bliss family by Andy and KATCLOVE (Scat, WS, Bi incest,
"This story is copyrighted and may NOT be posted anywhere without the
express permission of the authors, whose email addresses are affixed at
the end of this story. It may be copied freely. It may NOT be posted to
a pay-site. This story may NOT be revised or altered except by the

1. Introduction

A rare occurrence was taking place at the Bliss family household at the
end of the cul-de-sac on Sunset Drive. Everyone was together for the
first time in ages. The staid mansion would not remain occupied with
its six dwellers for too long. Now that everyone was assembled after
months apart, the clan decided it was time to leave. To a far away
place... away from neighbors, friends, classmates, co-workers and the
like, to a place... where nature calls.

Samantha and Tabitha Bliss were busily packing their knapsacks with
various articles that they would need on this exclusive family camping
trip. The two seventeen-year-old twins each took turns holding up
exotic, sexual artifacts and giggled lewdly at each other. Sammy held
up a large pink dildo that exceeded at least 7 inches and brought the
tip to her lips. Tabby nuzzled a flesh colored vibrator and snuggled it
against her tight crotch that was severely outlined by her too tight
jean shorts.

They took turns wetting the pink dildo with their tongues and ended up
mouthing each other deeply on the lips and lewdly dueled with each
other's tongues. The twin sisters were lovely, young incestuous
lesbians. Their interest in boys waned as they approached the
tumultuous teen years. As the time passed, Samantha and Tabitha grew
closer and closer to each other and literally knew the ins and outs of
their sleek and wondrous bodies... including the feel and the... taste.

"What do you say Sam?" Tabitha held up and modeled a skimpy black
brassiere and matching panties from Victoria's Secret.

"Oh god Tabby! That is so hot! Bring it with you!" Samantha cooed.
"Remember what daddy said. Pack only the essentials!"

Tabitha neatly folded the lingerie and placed it delicately into their
knapsack as the two twins tittered.

"Abby! Todd! Let's get going! Daddy is losing his patience." Mrs. Bliss
marched up the stairs and shouted out to the twin's younger sister and

Violet Bliss stopped in front of her oldest daughters' bedroom and
knocked lightly, respective of their need for privacy. "Are you ready
Samantha? Come on Tabitha, your dad is getting cranky. He's already
started the truck."

"Ok mom, thanks. We'll be right down. We wanted to make sure we had
some warm clothes for all those cool nights outdoors!" Tabitha smiled
knowingly at her spitting image.

Violet made her way back down while Samantha and Tabitha lingered for a
few more precious seconds in the bedroom. They stood in front of the
full-length mirror and kissed each other while gazing at their
reflections. Two light haired brunettes with emerald green eyes stared
back at each other. The only way you could tell the lovely teenagers
apart was by the nose ring that Tabby had and the pierced belly button
that Sammy sported. Their tongues clicked loudly as the metal from
their two matching tongue studs made contact. The two girls cupped
their pert, bite-sized breasts and lifted them gently. A double dose of
delectable 34B's bobbed up and down under their bra-less T-shirts.

"Let's go sis!" Samantha sighed.

The twin lovers held hands tightly as they made their way down the

1A The Campsite

As Rick pulled into the campsite, it seemed as though he was
immediately transported to another world. Instantly he forgot all about
the pressures of business trips, dog and pony shows, conference calls
and all the crap he was just about fed up with.

The rest of the gang got out of the car and stretched out before
exploring the surrounding area. Dad had asked them to leave him be when
they arrived, so he could get the campsite set up without any
interference. The only exception was Todd, who was 'volunteered' to
unload the trailer.

It was a magnificent camp in the summer time. Steamy hot afternoons,
followed by crisp evenings, to be awakened by the freshest mornings,
which guaranteed that you would be up early so you didn't miss it. The
site itself was a glade completely enclosed on all sides by dense
foliage consisting mostly of tall pine, fir and spruce trees that have
been undisturbed for many years. The entire forest itself was over
twenty six thousand acres of streams, lakes and trails (including the
Appalachian Trail) interweaving through heavily wooded areas.

A stream on the left side of the campsite babbled invitingly. There
were about eight large boulders embedded in the middle of a pool that
one could sit on and bathe themselves with the small baby waterfalls
that flowed without abating. The stream had eroded the ground around it
about seven or eight feet so you had to climb down to reach it. Trout
and small-mouth bass were frequent visitors. The brook continued into
the woods for ten miles where it became a small river. There was a
wooden platform big enough for large tents to be nailed on to. The
grounds in this area of the mountains were shale and quartz, so ground
sites were not always as comfortable because of the uneven terrain.
Fallen trees crisscrossed the creek and made climbing, sitting and
crossing adventurous but fun; a sort of combination-bridge, dam and
clothes line extraordinaire.

Rick set up a tent for his twins on the other side of the ringed fire
pit that was conveniently located in the middle of the glade. His tent
had three rooms so Todd and Abby could have some privacy of their own.
He set up quickly, being an old hand at this, and even drew some tarps
over the tents to thwart the invasion of any rainfall. After about
thirty minutes of sweaty work, he was finished with the accommodations
and all that remained were the larders for food, water and equipment.

Bliss had learned many lessons over the years on various camping trips.
The most important was DON'T LEAVE FOOD OUTSIDE. The area had some
black bears, countless deer, raccoons and other small furry creatures
that announced the opening of a new 'restaurant' whenever some
unsuspecting campers left dinner out.

To circumvent these raids, the trailer was outfitted with lockable
refrigerators that were run by gas powered generators. He also used an
aluminum box for all other foodstuffs. Stoves were safe and of the
propane variety. Lighting was accomplished with hooded lanterns,
candles, battery-operated lamps and a shitload of flashlights. The
trailer was unhitched of course. The four-wheel was parked at the
entrance to the site, blocking any passage, which made for easy coming
and going.

Just before bedding, lounge chairs and all the other stuff was set up,
Rick tied plenty of ropes between various trees which served as laundry
lines, hand rails and sight barriers. He had a brainstorm and fashioned
a shower stall in the center of three trees that were growing around a
four-foot circle. He then tied some ropes to hang towels and dry
clothes alike, secured a small wooden platform about eight feet over
the center with nails and placed a large ten gallon, sun shower, water
bag that was heated by being in direct sunlight for the entire day.

The bug and fly population was at its peak during the summer months.
Rick was careful to put out smudge pots and citronella candles all
around the site. They were effective at night. He also brought a few
very large bottles of 'Skin So Soft' which when applied to the entire
body in the morning, gave skin protection from bug bites.

All this time, Todd was everywhere, working to keep up with his father.
They worked efficiently and happily. Dad was busy directing and
engineering while handling all the tough stuff. Todd tripped, stumbled
and bumped but never once complained. When they finally had every thing
done, fifty-five minutes had passed. Dad stood with his arms around
Todd's shoulders as they stared proudly at their handy-work.

Just about then Violet and the girls were returning from their
exploration. They were giggling and suddenly very proud of their men's

2. Down by the Stream

Samantha and Tabitha ventured away for a few quiet moments in the early
dawn mist. Birds were awakening and heralding the start of a new day.
The two sisters and lovers walked hand in hand down the slight incline
of their camp and trekked towards the stream. They moved south by a
couple hundred yards until they located the perfect spot for what they
planned to do.

"Oh look Tabby!" Samantha pointed out with glee. "Right under that pine
tree, and the water is just a few feet away."

"Yeessss! And the thick underbrush behind it gives us a shield!"
Tabitha added.

"I can't wait... our voices travel too much back at camp. This is so
fucking cool!" Samantha whispered lustily.

The twins opened up their knapsack and took out a blanket. They laid it
out on the pine needle covered earth. Then they added a rather large
piece of clear plastic and placed that over the blanket. The girls quickly peeled off their halter-tops and shimmied out of their skimpy

Samantha stood in front of her twin sister Tabitha. Two lovely naked
girls gazed into each other's eyes surrounded by the secluded woods and
nature, their lightly tanned thighs and milky white butts contrasting
sharply against the dark forested background. They moved their sleek
arms and hands around each other's tender, soft bodies; caressing the
soft flesh of each other's shoulders and upper backs.

Then Samantha rested her head against Tabitha's forehead and suddenly

"What is it sis?" Tabitha asked.

"Making love to you is like making love... to myself!"

Tabitha smiled back at her sister and laughed. "The only thing is that
THIS is better!"

"Hmmmnnnnnnnn, yeah! Oh God! And I have to pee too!" Samantha squirmed
and rubbed her crotch.

"Stay right where you are - standing still." Her twin sister ordered.
"Don't move!"

Samantha obeyed her sister and remained rigid like a storefront
mannequin as Tabitha dropped to her knees and placed her head and face
between her twin image's legs. She slithered her tongue up to
Samantha's moist, reddened clit and licked at it deftly.

"Pee sis!" Tabitha instructed her. "I need to shower in it!"

Samantha sighed deeply. She never tired of this lewd and obscene ritual
that she and her twin sister participated in every few days. They
aren't just lesbians who are sisters. They are incestuous lesbian toilet sisters. Two human beings couldn't be farther away from normalcy
and decency and Samantha and Tabitha wouldn't want it any other way!

Oh gaawwdd!" Samantha shuddered as she tried to relax her bladder and
let loose.

"Come on sis! Are you nervous cause we are out in the woods?" Tabitha
laughed loudly.

"There's no one out here but us, trees, birds, bees and maybe a couple
of them four legged critters."

Samantha eyed the woods menacingly. She saw nothing out of the
ordinary. Then the young teenager relaxed and unleashed a stinking,
yellow, river of dark, morning urine onto her twin sister's face and

"Ahhhhhh! YES Sam!" Tabitha shrieked as her sister's pee cascaded onto
her head, flowed down around her ears and dripped from her eyelashes
and nose.

The metal stud in her tongue glinted in the early morning light while
her nose ring shimmered as the warmth of her sister's fluids sprinkled
onto it. She brought her hands to her face and methodically washed it
with Samantha's hot piss, literally absorbing it deeply into her skin.

"I just LOVE that dark pee that's been in your bladder all night! I
gotta rub it into MY body now... hmmmnnnnn!"

"You gotta go yet sis?" Samantha questioned.

"Not yet!"

"Shall we?" Samantha lay down on the plastic sheet and beckoned to her

Knowing that look, Tabitha climbed over her sister and offered her
snatch to her face while she lowered hers to her sister's. "Time for a
little appetizer before the main course!"

Each girl feasted on each other's cunt juices and lapped at the
honeydew that each girl had to offer. They lapped at their identical
clean-shaven pussies and devoured each other's flesh. They had no
reason to be involved with anyone else but each other. The high school
boys who courted and flirted with them didn't stand a chance. Even
'other' females had to take a back seat to Samantha and Tabitha. They
were as one with each other, an extension of each of the other's body,
so the exchange and sharing of every known fluid and solid excreted
from the other one's body was a natural occurrence.

Unbeknownst to the hopelessly incestuous and lesbian duo, there
appeared a couple of prying, preteen eyes in the distance that was now
watching their every move. Little Abby, the shy but curious younger
sister had sneaked away from camp on her own to follow the path where
her older sisters had gone. Nothing could get by her radar ears as she
heard them quietly shuffling in the quiet of the predawn. She was
amazed at the sight that fell before her. Samantha and Tabitha were
naked and eating each other's 'privates' as if their very lives
depended upon it!

"I just KNEW it!" Abby squealed quietly under her breath. "My sisters
are HOMOS!"

What Abby Bliss didn't realize was just how extreme her twin sisters'
homosexuality was, or how bizarre it could be. She was about to find

"Oh sis, it's my turn. I have to piss soon!" Tabitha said. "Only one
thing in the way of it though."

Samantha read her twin sister's mind and took the cue for what it meant
and lay down face up on the plastic covered blanket. Having been shit
sisters for going on three years sort of helped. Being TWIN sisters
enhanced the signals, cues and intuitions that the two lewd and horny
sisters had for each other.

"Lick my asshole sis, like only YOU know how!" Tabitha invited huskily.

Samantha complied. "I'm starving for your shit. Feed me your turd tarts

"Here's your bowel breakfast Sam," Tabitha gasped as she grunted and
farted. "I hope you also have some goodies for me this morning!"

"Oh! Don't you worry Ssssphghfhgghfhlh" Samantha tried to answer, her
but was cut off by the sudden rush of a giant, heavy turd that plopped
onto her face and into her mouth with only a single fart's warning.

The dainty Tabitha defecated like an unrefined trucker at a rest stop.
It was quite unladylike.

Watching from a short distance was Abby, gaping in abject shock at what
her sister's were doing to each other. She inadvertently snapped a twig
while trying to manage a better view and froze in place so as not to
give herself away. A few hungry mosquitoes and flies hovered around her
and she sacrificed getting bit so that she wouldn't risk any sudden

'She's shitting in her mouth!' Abby thought in horror, while slowly
bringing her right hand to her own mouth. 'Oh this is SO GROSS!'

Samantha kept her mouth and eyes wide open as yet another long piece of
her twin sisters fresh feces descended towards her unprotected face.
One moment her eyes saw a patch of blue beyond the green pine trees,
and the next moment a mass of milky white flesh followed by a stinking
brown blanket that draped over her eyes. The two girls knew the ritual
of their 'shitcapades'. Eat some and wear some. swallow some and smear
some. All they knew was that hot, body temperature turds felt oh so
nice and luxurious while being permeated into their flesh at the same
time that warm feces thickly coated their throats and tummies.

"Here Sam, wash it down with this!" Tabitha turned on her spigot and
filled her sister's shit clogged mouth with very hot piss.

Samantha gurgled and sputtered as she tried to chew shit and drink
urine at the same time. All the while a free hand smeared the brown
muck evenly all about her face. She meticulously worked her twin
sister's shit into the corner of her eyes and onto her eyelids as if it
was some sort of exotic and rare mascara. Then Samantha crammed tiny
bits of turd up her nose and attempted to inhale shit into her sinuses.

"Oh god! Oh, oh, I am cumming sis!" Samantha stammered.

Tabitha got out of her squatting position and plunged her face against
her sister's snatch. She retrieved the pink dildo from her knapsack and
inserted it into her cunny while she licked at Samantha's labia.

"You got anything for me sis?" Tabitha inquired innocently.

"Well Tabby, you may have to go in there and retrieve what you want
cause I'm not quite ready."

"Not a problem baby," Tabitha answered. "I'll use this!"

Meanwhile, the twelve-year old Abigail located a comfortable perch to
watch the lurid proceedings. She unconsciously dropped her jeans and
panties around her knees and was playing with her crotch. As obscene,
disgusting and gross was the spectacle of her older twin sisters; it
apparently was turning her on to no end!

Spreading the tight buns of Samantha's ass cheeks, Tabitha maneuvered
her lower face between her butt and made tiny circles with her tongue.
Abby couldn't quite see what Tabitha was doing, but from the look of
sheer delight on Samantha's face, it had to be something that felt
really nice.

"Oh lick it Tabby. Lick my fucking, stinky ass!"

Tabitha licked and laved her sister's anal opening and then mouthed the
pink dildo. Slowly, she pressed against the tight grommet with the
bulbous edge of the plastic prick. Samantha shuddered and bit her lower
lip and strained under the pressure of her ass being invaded by the

"Open up Sam!" Tabitha told her. "Gotta get in there and get my

"Uuunnggggggghhh!" Samantha grunted and rutted as inch after inch slid
into her anus a little at a time.

A few seconds later, a good 5 inches of the dildo had been swallowed up
by her asshole, as Tabitha's fingers touched the sides of her twin
sister's butt while holding the end of the dildo. Tabitha then twisted
and turned the dildo deep inside her sister's guts.

"Ohhhhhhh god! That feels wonderful!" Samantha shrieked with pleasure
as her twin continued to churn and root the plastic cylinder back and
forth and around and around.

Tabitha wrapped her arm around the front of her sister and diddled her
pussy and then fingered her navel, gently and playfully tugging at her
bellybutton ring. After several seconds, Tabitha slowly extracted the
pink dildo from her sister's rectum. Samantha's butt had firmly wrapped
itself around it and reluctantly relinquished the foreign device. When
it emerged, the two lovers gasped with pleasure. It appeared as if
Tabitha were holding a chocolate fudgcicle. Both girls lay on their
stomachs facing each other and marveled at the brown covered

They offered the shitty dildo to each other's lips and licked off the
fresh excess of shit from Samantha's bunghole. A few, pesky flies tried
to crash the 'picnic' but the two girls playfully swatted them away.
Tabitha mouthed a good chunk of shit and then deep throated the dildo
to the hilt and swallowed of her sister's shitty essence. She moaned
softly and came as she repeatedly shoved the fake prick in and out of
her throat.

Both girls looked at each other. Samantha's entire face was covered
brown while Tabitha's mouth and chin had a thin sheet of brown ass
slime. They both erupted into uncontrollable laughter at the absurdity
of it all.

"You know Sam, I've been thinking."


"Wouldn't it be like so cool to get Abby involved with us?"

"Ohhhhhhhhh! You've read my mind usual!" Samantha added.
"She's growing up to be quite a dish!"

Tabitha countered, "Puberty is very becoming on her... and I'd love to
sample her strawberry jam!"

"Hmmnnn. Maybe someday soon we can have her on our 'dinner plate'!"

Abby stood stock still from her vantage point in the thick underbrush.
Her heart nearly leaped out of her chest as she fingered her tiny pussy furiously while the discussion turned to her. She brought her fingers
up to her face and saw traces of blood on them.

'Strawberry jam?' The post-prepubescent girl uttered aloud in

"Maybe even mom!" Tabitha added.

"Hell yeah!"

"Ya know something else sis?" Tabitha asked.

"What Tabby?"

"Wouldn't it be so wicked mad obscene if we could involve the WHOLE
family in our shitty, pissy, bloody games?"

Samantha looked mischievously into her twin's eyes and replied, "I
never, ever considered 'guys' before sis, but I would be willing to
make the exception with dad and Todd!"

"We better clean up here before heading back!" Tabitha slyly suggested
while flicking tiny smidgens of shit off of her fingers.

"Everyone would freak out if we pranced back into camp like this and
headed for the shower stall!" Samantha added.

Both girls dived into the stream and leisurely purged themselves of any
traces of filth from their svelte, seventeen year-old bodies.

3. Look at what mom & Dad are doing!

"Hey Vio, it looks like we have our first moments of privacy. How about
a beer?"

"I'm sweating my ass off, how about two beers?" she answered.

Rick popped open a couple of Coors and toasted his bride. They downed
the brew in a few gulps and were each grabbing for the second can. He
reached under his wife's T-shirt and deftly unhooked her bra.

"No more bras darling, we are on vacation!"

"Pig! You just want to see my bust bouncing around all over the place."

"So, what's your point?" he laughed.

"You know damn well what the point is. Our son may seem nerdy, but his
eyes aren't. None of us women can move an inch without a glance from

"Good for him," Rick replied, "I can't say as I blame him, what with
the provocative clothes his sisters wear."

They were laughing and agreeing that the family was realistically a
lust feast.

"Well I guess he'll just have to learn to live with it," she mused.

"Look Hon, stop worrying, he's fine. Besides, how much trouble can he
get into anyway?"

Rick struggled to stifle a laugh as Vio playfully punched him on his
arm. He suddenly grabbed his wife around the waist and pressed his lips
to hers, invading her mouth with his tongue. They reached for each
other and a tonsil hockey game broke out.

One thing led to another and his hands were under her shirt and mauling
his wife's fat, succulent breasts. She had a 36C on her small frame
that magnified her bust size dramatically.

"God, I love it when you play with my tits."

Her hands were down his shorts. She always loved the way his cock
responded instantly to her. As she squeezed his cock, he began to pull
her shirt over her head. A race developed to see who could get naked
first. Violet won only because Rick's erect penis lodged in the hole of
his boxers.

"Put that cock in my mouth before I scream," she pleaded.

Rick grabbed her ears and drilled his wife's hungrily sucking mouth.
They were on the platform and she was kneeling with her back to the
tent's entrance. The sun was beating down on them. Sweat was beginning
to coat their bodies as their exertions increased. Rick pulled his cock
out of her mouth and told her to open her legs. He lay on his back and
crawled between her soft thighs. He knew she would be dripping with her
delicious cunt juice. Soon he was licking her vagina from asshole to
clit. He paid special attention to her pee-hole by sucking, licking and

"You're gonna make me piss, you bastard."

He doubled his efforts. That was exactly what he wanted. They had been
drinking each other's urine for many years. The first time was when she
lost control of her bladder accidentally in just the same situation as
she was in now.

"Please," he murmured, "drown me!"

Violet squatted over his face so her cunt was a few inches above his
wide-open mouth. Rick had a death grip on his cock as his wife began to
dribble some golden nectar. The flow increased in stages. They were
quite adept at pissing for each other and always in complete control of
their flows. Rick loved it when she narrated her actions.

"My dirty pig husband demands that I fill his mouth with my hot salty
piss doesn't he?"

Violet then let enough urine out so that her husband's mouth was filled
to the brim. He was in supreme ecstasy, like he always was when they
shared these moments. Unfortunately they had grown increasingly far
apart as the demands of his schedule increased.

'Fuck it,' he thought, 'we're here now.'

She got off his face for a moment and lowered her mouth to his and
covered his overflowing lips with hers. He let her suck out some of her
own piss from his mouth and they both swallowed. Violet loved to drink
her own urine from her husband's mouth. She often filled a large glass
with her fluid and drank it down as if it were soda. After another
kiss, she got up and filled his mouth three consecutive times as he
gulped down the precious elixir.

"Darling, you are so delicious and I'm so sorry I've been so busy," he

"Don't worry honey. We're here and you can drink me every day, as much
as you like" she answered.

She felt the last vestiges of her piss abate and knelt down. "Okay it's
your turn, stud. Hose me down. Fill me with you excellent pee."

Rick had learned to urinate with a hardon, which is no mean feat. His
cock was aimed right in the center of her waiting face. His urine exploded directly into her eyes. He covered her hair, face and both
eyes before inserting his pissing cock into her mouth. She was gulping
frantically to not spill a drop. Her hands were cupping her breasts,
kneading, pulling and bruising them.

Without them knowing, Todd was standing behind a tree, watching them
while totally transfixed. His mother was squatting open legged, her
hairy gash visible, cupping her wonderful fleshy breasts while his
father stood over her and aimed his beautiful cock at her mouth and
pissed all over her. Todd was too numb to move. He loved his parents and always tried to spy on them whenever he could. The boy did not
prefer one to the other. He loved them both equally. Now he got to
watch them, totally naked, in broad daylight, doing dirty things to
each other. His young boy cock was a carbon copy of Rick's penis
without the experience.

That didn't mean that it wasn't hard. He was jerking off passionately
and quietly. Todd did not want to make too much noise and lose this
wonderful opportunity to watch his beloved parents.

When he was through urinating in his wife's mouth, he pulled her off
her knees and they kissed fervently. They started to lick the sweat off
each other's bodies. Hot musty, smelly sweat. They sucked each other's
armpits, faces and anywhere there was moisture. Then she wrapped her
left leg around his waist and he adroitly slithered his cock into her
vagina. He fucked her in a method that insured mutual pleasure and
didn't waste effort. His hands held her hips firmly as he thrusted
rapidly and strongly and pulled out very slowly. In fast, out slow.

"God, I missed that," Violet shuddered.

As his tempo maintained a constant beat, he would suddenly reverse the
pulse. He stuck his 'ready to erupt' cock into his wife's groaning
pussy very slowly. He did so with no stopping, just a slow gradual
insertion. Bliss pulled out rapidly. In slow, out fast. She was coming
now, little shivers, but a lot of them.

She lusted after him. Violet bit his chest, his arm and anything she
could get her teeth into. Her head was thrown back now and her mouth
was open. Rick worked up a big glob of spit and dropped it right into
her mouth. Her orgasm sneaked up on her and hit like 'rapture' causing
her to lose her balance.

Todd couldn't stand any more and began ejaculating all over the tree he
was standing behind. Just as the last vestiges of sperm left his young cock, he heard his father moan.

"Darling, my wad, take my wad, you slut."

Rick came with an eruption that left his knees knocking. Violet had
both arms around his shoulders and wrapped the leg she was standing on
around his waist. They kissed deeply and lovingly. Their combined
juices ran copiously down her shaking legs. It had been a while since
they had let loose. Their eyes welled up just a little. It was as if a
new battery had been installed in their drives.

Violet whispered something in his ear that would change all of their
lives forever. "My darling, let's teach our children to be just like

"You really mean it honey?" Rick asked, his eyes pleading.

"Yes darling I do. I don't want them to get fucked up by some monster
or hurt by some scumbags, especially Todd and Abby.

They released each other, thinking thoughts that they had only secretly
considered in the past.

Todd quietly tiptoed away so he wouldn't be caught watching. If the
young boy had stayed 2 seconds longer he might have been tempted to
hang around. He didn't. Instead, the soon to be man was headed upstream
in search of more mischief. Todd also needed to yank his dong again,
maybe three or four times more!

4. You'll never guess what I saw...

The clearing that leads into the campsite from the idyllic spot that
Sam and Tabby found had two paths leading into it. The lower trail
snaked along the brook and ambled lazily up to the site. The upper
level was an easier climb when leaving the camp.

Just as the twins were in view of the copse in front of their home for
the next two weeks, Todd was passing through some bushes rather
quickly. They never saw each other.

Todd was walking along the path and looking behind him. He continued
until he could no longer hear or see his family. Todd found a big rock
in a stream and took off his sneakers, shorts, underwear and tee shirt.
Wading into the stream Todd climbed his ass on the rock and proceeded
to stroke his boy/man cock.

His six-inch dick did him proud as did his big balls. Todd started
pounding furiously as he thought of what he had just witnessed. His
mind alternated between his mother's cunt, her breasts, her face and
hair. Then the boy would remember his father's cock standing proudly
and shooting so much sticky goo and yellow rain all over Mom.

Todd was beginning to tingle, lost in his thoughts.

Abby had just pulled up her jeans and put her T-shirt on and was
heading back to the campsite. Her mind was aflutter. What her sisters
did shocked her silly. Abby couldn't believe that they had shit and
pissed in each other's mouths.

The trouble was that although she was stunned, Abby was also on fire.
These wanton acts inflamed every inch of her young virgin body. The
young girl could not stop shaking. Even discovering her 'strawberry
jam' did not upset her. Some children panic at the onset of womanhood.
Violet Bliss recently taught her youngest daughter all about her period
and Abby was prepared for it. As Abby was leaving her hiding spot she
stopped suddenly.

'What was that?' She thought.

Looking around, the excited lass realized that her brother was sitting
on a rock in the stream.

'HOLY SHIT! Now he's naked and playing with himself.' Abby got closer
to watch, the fluttering in her pussy continued, making her quiver.

While she watched her brother stroke his cock, she thought about him in
a different light. He was not a bad kid as brothers go. A little
annoying with his experiments maybe, but he always was good-natured and
went away if you asked him to. Hell, her brother was smarter than all
of them put together and his school marks were always exemplary.

She tried to imagine what it must be like for him to be the only boy among four women. Dad was away often and it must have been bothersome
for him. Well here he was naked as a jaybird, and as lusty as his
sisters and her.

She decided to bridge the gap. Abby did not want to scare him away for
she was fascinated with his sleek, smooth skinned body. He was not an
athlete in any sense of the word, but that did not mean that he wasn't
in great shape. He was kind of handsome except for his silly haircut.
Abby decided to strip naked and join him. She figured that if he saw
her naked he wouldn't be scared and run.

"Hey Toddy, watcha got in your hand?" she asked playfully.

Todd almost leapt out of his skin. As a matter of fact, his ass slipped
off the rock and he slid into the cool water around him.

"God! Abby you scared the shit out of me!" he said.

"Sorry big brother, but you still didn't answer my question."

Abby put one hand on her young hips and struck a suggestive and lewd
pose. Her small girl breasts were puffed up and the little red rubies
in the middle of them were sticking out proudly. Todd never lost a
beat. He was sitting in the water stroking away.

"Gee sis, I never realized how beautiful you are," he stammered. "I
love the way mom looks plenty, and Tabby and Samantha are knockouts,
but I can't believe how great you look naked."

"Do you really mean that or are you just teasing me because I caught
you pulling your thingy?" she asked demurely.

Todd had gained some measure of control with himself and climbed out of
the water. His engorged penis was pointing straight up his belly as the
sunlight shone off his well- defined thighs, creating quite a stunning
picture himself. He stopped about two feet from his sister.

"You're very handsome yourself, brother of mine."

They stared at each other's bodies and Abby reached her hand out and
lightly touched her brother's now throbbing prick.

"Oh Abby, that feels great. Nobody has ever touched me there."

Todd reached for his sister's shoulders and held her for a moment. Then
he took a chance. After all, they were family. Todd, at that moment did
not care if the world ended. He just wanted to kiss his darling little

Abby had exactly the same thoughts. She put her hands on his hips. They
drew each other closer. Their eyes were glued to each other's. Their
faces were getting closer and closer. Awkwardness was ever so slightly
present but it was there never the less.

They turned their heads the same way, twice. Now they were smiling at
their foolishness. Abby grabbed her brother's face and pressed her lips
to his. Todd tenderly wrapped his arms around his little sister. They
flattened their lips against each other's mouths. Then their tongues
met, causing currents of electricity to course through their bodies. It
was as if a magician had cast a spell on them, locking their faces
together. The first kiss went on for quite some time, when they seemed
to mutually agree to come up for air.

"God, Abby! Is it wrong to fall in love with your sister?"

"It can't be any worse than falling in love with your brother," she

They sat down on the rock together with their feet in the water, like a
new version of Adam and Eve. His cock was still pulsating and her
vagina was drowning in fluids.

"Guess what I just saw?" they both said at once.

Laughing, they kissed briefly, feeling incredible closeness between
them for the first time in their young lives.

"You first Abby, I want to hear what you saw," he stated.

"OK," she began. "You're not going to believe this, but I saw Sammy and
Tabby naked together just a few feet from here."

"So? I've seen them naked before too!" he replied.

"But there's more. They were kissing each other's pussies."

This got Todd's attention and he started to re-fondle his cock.

"Then they did some things that were disgusting." She scrunched her
face, pausing for effect.

"What... What did they do sis?" he demanded to know.

"They peed and pooped into each other's mouths and ate it and smeared
it and chewed it and swallowed it and came and came," Abby spurted out
rapidly, as if agitated.

Her breath was coming in short gasps. Todd realized that she was
sticking two of her little fingers into her beautiful hairless cunt.
They were masturbating with a little more intensity when Abby asked her
brother to tell his story.

"Geez, I think we're going crazy Ab," he moaned. "I saw mom and Dad
naked and screwing themselves silly. Then I saw mom pissing in Dad's
mouth and bending down to taste her own pee. Then mom pissed for a good
two minutes into Dad's mouth and he swallowed every drop!"

Their hands were a blur as they stroked harder and faster.

"Then Dad stood over mom and drowned her in piss," he continued. "It
was great, I got so crazy I shot my load all over a tree where I was

The two of them were nearing their peak. Suddenly, without any idea of
what they were doing, they switched objectives. Abby grabbed her
brother's vibrating cock without missing a beat. She was stroking for
all she was worth. Todd was no slouch either. His fingers were all over
his young sister's pussy. He was kneading, rubbing and stroking her.
Within moments, Abby was the first to implode. Her orgasm was bone
shattering. She shook violently.

Todd saw that his hands were red and brought them to his mouth. Without
even thinking what he was doing, he thrust his fingers into his mouth.

"God, Abby, you're delicious! What is this stuff?" he questioned.

Abby looked at his bright red lips and could not respond. Instead she
sat up and lowered her mouth to her brother's cock. When she encircled
the throbbing prick with her little tight lips, Todd blew his cork.
Torrents of hot jism poured out of his member and filled his sister's
mouth to overflowing. Abby swallowed all of it. She was swooning and
murmuring incoherently. Todd then spun around and festooned his mouth
on Abby's soaking wet, red cunt. He swallowed and swallowed, licking
her to an instant replay of her first major orgasm.

Without warning, Abby lost all control of her bladder. Suddenly Todd's
face was awash with his sister's urine. Before he could turn his face
to the side, his mouth filled. He had no choice but to swallow. It was
fucking delicious. He began to gulp furiously. Abby began to come
again, shuddering to a staccato rhythm like a Calypso band gone mad.
Todd now shot another load, with very little effort. After a pause to
catch breath's, Abby apologized to Todd for pissing without warning.

"I'm so sorry Todd! I lost control and couldn't stop, please forgive
me?" she said pleadingly.

Todd smiled at his sister, looking like a Picasso masterpiece. Big red streaks were all over his face. His hair was matted down, eyes
bloodshot (actually piss shot) and he was gasping for breath.

He controlled the moment when he replied. "Dear sister, you have
nothing to apologize for. It was the greatest thing I've ever done. It
was fucking GREAT! I love you!"

Abby went over to her brother and they were kissing again. She licked
his face clean, tasting a little of her blood and piss. This excited
her all over again.

"Now it's your turn stud. pee in my mouth."

Todd was suddenly mortified. "I can't! I went after watching mom and
Dad. I couldn't come with my piss boiling inside me so I washed my come
off that tree. I'm sorry, sis."

"Well I'm sure we'll have plenty of other opportunities. After all,
we'll be here for two whole weeks," she said reassuringly. "Let's clean
up, get dressed and get back to the campsite and see if we're missing
any more adventures."

They both laughed, as they were washing off their love stuff.

"You know we have a golden opportunity here," Abby started to say, as
Todd splashed her for such a bad pun. "I'm serious!" she went on, "It's
probably only a matter of time before they catch us watching them. Do
you think they would let us join them Todd?"

"Who? You mean mom and Dad? Sammy and Tabby?" Todd asked sheepishly.

"Yes," answered Abigail the grown-up.

5. Does a Bear Shit in the Woods?

It was approaching dinnertime and everybody was involved in some form
or another of food prepping. Todd and his father were rounding up some
wood to get the fire-pit going. Todd wound up chopping firewood, his
body glistening with sweat as he swung the good-sized ax. Dad was
nearby watching apprehensively as the ax made small work of the log.
They soon had a nice style cooking fire that would be augmented into a
large evening blaze. The grill was covered with foil, punched with
holes and placed above the burning embers. This prevented any food from
falling into the fire. It also let the heat and any smoke through.

Samantha was cutting vegetables while wearing headphones. She was
oblivious to those around her, not realizing that she was singing to
herself in a LOUD VOICE. Fortunately she was the singer in the family and her voice really didn't bother anyone. Her choice of music may
have, but so what?

Tabitha was unloading dinner ware type stuff from the trailer. As she
found the plates and some large sixteen-ounce plastic cups, a very
wicked thought entered her mind. She then took four of the paper plates
and colorful tumblers and stuffed them into her knapsack. 'Sammy and I
might need these later on.' She giggled lewdly to herself.

Violet was mixing a massive about of hamburger meat complete with eggs,
onions and spices. Violet loved outdoor cooking and left her culinary
talents, which were quite extensive, home for this trip. They would be
eating camp food. Baked potatoes and corn for starch; pasta for carbs;
hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, and steaks along with any fish they

Breakfast food was cereal, eggs, bacon, ham and sausage. There was
plenty of coffee and non-dietary drinks. All in all it was a diet
everyone appreciated and enjoyed to the fullest. This regimen also had
a more rewarding but as yet unrealized benefit to the Bliss family.

Dinner was always fun. Everybody climbed over each other and dug in.
There was no grace nonsense or solemnity that made everyone feel guilty
for enjoying themselves. Food fights were a constant threat. Rick was
quite good at using kernels of corn or peas as basketballs and was
deadly accurate with his shots into a cleavage or a drink as you
someone was raising a glass.

They cooked like twenty guests were coming later and ate the whole
thing by themselves.

After washing up they sat around the fire relaxing and listening to
Dad's 'war' stories. He had a talent for narration and no matter how
many times you heard the same story, you couldn't fail to enjoy it.

It began to get a little chillier as night took over. Not that it was
cold. It was just the difference between the day and evening
temperatures. Abby was snuggled between her sisters. They were tickling
and grab-assing under a small blanket and simply content as bugs in a

Violet was sitting with her back to a large boulder. She had a sweat
suit on and was sitting with her legs spread apart. She motioned for
her son to sit between them and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
He was in heaven himself as he rest his shoulders on his mother's
chest, all the while wishing his shoulder blades had hands.

Rick surveyed the scene around him and realized that he had not felt
this happy in years. God! What a wonderful family he was lucky enough
to have. Like an idiot, he was so wrapped up in his business that he
wound up spending more and more time away from them. He made a mental
note at that precise moment to ease off in his responsibilities and
delegate to others. They would earn their pay and he would spend lots
more time with his family.

Everybody was sipping on some alcoholic beverage, not to get bombed,
but to get a nice glow about each other. mom took care to mix some nice
potables adjusted to the drinker. Violet and her husband stuck to ice
cold beers with an occasional shot of hard stuff. The kids had punches,
coolers and some mild mixed concoctions.

As the evening wore on, the sandman came and beat the tar out of each
of them. Soon they were each filling their respective tents with ZZZ's.
The twins went off to their tent after kissing everyone goodnight. Abby
and Todd crawled into their separate quarters in mom and Dad's tent.

Before retiring for the night, Rick took two bars of ivory soap and
left one on the platform and one by the girl's tent. He told them not
to touch it and not to worry about it. Everyone looked at him
quizzically but they had learned to do as he said in the outdoors.

As sleepy dreams filled the night, there suddenly came some odd sounds.
Everyone arose, excepting for dad, and looked outside their tent
windows and observed a big brown bear sniffing the tents, trailers and
the table where they had had dinner. The beast was evidently scrounging
for a midnight snack. The twins did not so much as breathe. Violet was
apprehensive. Todd and Abby were awake, looked at the bear and rushed
over to pull the zippers to their sleeping bags all the way up over
their heads. Rick was out cold with a big smile on his sleeping face.

Suddenly the bear found the cakes of soap by each tent and gulped them
down. He did not find anything else to eat so he would take the soap
because it smelled nice. Once the soap began to digest in the animal's
stomach, a gurgling effect took place. Any constipation or irregularity
the bear had was soon forgotten. The mixture of soap and digestive
juices prepared the woolly for the cleansing of his life. He would now
shit every where for three or four days and would not be able to go ten
feet without shitting.

Does a bear shit in the woods? ABSOLUTELY! If you feed him soap and
don't leave any food out.

Dad picked up a few more bonus points. The rest of the evening was the
personification of deep restful sleep. Tomorrow would bring some
interesting events...

6. Caught
Todd awoke to the sound of an engine starting. He climbed over his
sister, who resembled an out cold lump, inside her sleeping bag.

"Hey Dad, where ya going?" Todd asked.

"We need some supplies, son."

"You want me to come with you?" The boy asked.

"Nah, stay here with our ladies and take care of them. I'll be back in
a couple of hours and then we'll do some fishing."

"OK! Bye Dad, I'll see you later. I'll get us some bait." Todd called
as the van pulled out.

Violet was on the other side of the tent and was doing a jig waiting
for this conversation to end. Finally she could no longer wait and
headed off into the brush. Todd was about to take his cock out to piss when he saw his mother walking downstream into the woods. She had a
terry cloth robe and sneakers on and seemed to be in a hurry.

Todd forgot all about his full bladder, as some inner demon (or angel)
encouraged him to follow her. Pictures of his parent's encounter filled
his mind. So in addition to having an early-morning piss boner, his
sack now started to swell from seminal fluid buildup.

Violet strode through the woods, for a good ten minutes, looking for
something. Todd had no idea what she was doing. He just knew he had to

Meanwhile, Violet made use of her extraordinary hearing. She had always
been able to pick out singular voices in a cacophony of sound and zero
in on conversations not meant for her ears. As she walked, she knew
that she was being followed. Vio also knew who was following her. If
Todd could have seen the evil grin on her face when she made her
discovery, he would have fainted.

Violet had plans for him that she had not really carried out and she
realized that this was the perfect opportunity. A shiver passed through
her whole body as she tried to figure how to go about her seduction.

She decided to put on a show for him that would either bring them
closer together; or forever distance themselves from any sexual
follies. Either way, Todd's mother would always love him as her son.
Besides, mom knew all of her children pretty well, even though they
seemed to think she was ignorant of their highly charged sexual

Ahead was a beautiful opening in the forest. The stream flowed
downwards around the side of a hill that led down into a very deep
gorge. The cascading waters accumulated in a rock formation known as
the 'Tea Cup'. Years of erosion and water flow had hollowed this
depression so that it resembled a cup big enough for eight or ten
people to enter. You could sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the
water or sit in it up to your shoulder blades.

Violet thrilled at this sight and realized it was perfect for her
rapidly forming plan. She crossed over the running stream and leaned on
a rock, removing her sneakers. Then she tried to subtly look into the
woods, pretending to see if anyone was around, trying to make sure that
Todd had found a vantage-point close by.

Todd was following his mother as if he had a string attached to her
ass. When he saw the spot she had picked and removed her sneakers, he
knew he was in store for something special. He had no idea how special.
Todd found a few good bushes to sit behind where he could watch
undetected and settled in.

Violet had satisfied herself that her son was very close by and then
inhaled a deep breath. She really had no idea how far she was going to
go but she knew that there was no stopping her. Violet silently prayed
that there would be no interruptions from hikers and such, as she did
not want anything to spoil this moment.

She removed her robe and tossed it onto her sneakers. Violet was
completely naked. She put her arms behind her that caused her ample
chest stick out magnificently. Her breasts were heavy on her small
frame and came from under her arms and rested quite delectably on her
rib cage. She bent her head backwards luxuriating in the warmth of the
early morning sun.

Todd was transfixed and immediately pulled his shorts off and began to
fondle his cock. His mother was beautiful and he wished he could hold
and suck her breasts just once.

'God Mom,' he thought, 'please let me see your cunt.'

As if telepathy ruled their actions, Violet raised one leg out of the
pool and placed her heel on the edge. This had the effect of opening
her vagina lewdly. In this position, she brought her arms back around
to the front and started to cup her bust. She fondled her breasts,
tenderly picking them up from the bottoms and jiggling them nicely. In
turn, she raised each of her tits to her mouth and sucked her nipples
until they stood out like miniature thumbs.

Todd, meanwhile, did not have enough hands to grab himself. Without
even realizing it, he stuck a finger up his tight boy asshole and
moaned softly. He continued to stroke his rigid dong passionately.

As Violet remained open legged with her bust in good hands, she smiled
sweetly. She even thought she heard a little moan coming from the
bushes. Confident that her son was indeed interested in her, she got

Mrs. Bliss released one breast and lowered her hand to begin massaging
her dripping vagina. Her cunt was so hot that she had a small orgasm in
seconds. This only made her more aroused and even less inhibited then
she already was. Violet decided then and there, that she would let him
see the true person that was his mother. Hell! Her husband loved her
for it and she hoped that the 'like father, like son' theory applied.

Violet then got out of the pool and turned her back to him as she lay
down on the ground around the pool. Raising her ass with her hands, she
walked her legs up the side of the small cliff wall. In this position,
Todd could see the top of her head and the tops of her breasts. Her
pubic area, thighs and legs were pointing straight up.

Mom then bent her knees slightly and opened her legs. Within seconds,
urine began to drip form her overly full bladder. The dribbles began to
increase gradually. Her morning piss was now falling downwards towards
her bust and stomach. The flow became a lot stronger and Violet raised
her head to catch her own urine in her mouth.

Todd was in a hypnotic state. He got so hot that he started to stick
his fingers up his ass farther. He pulled them out to change hands.
Noticing the brown digits, he raised his finger to his nose and took a
whiff. It just magnified the intensity of the show he was watching.

Violet was now gulping down mouthfuls of her hot steamy urine. It was
pungent and full of all the bodily digestions from the previous night's
dinner. She loved this taste, especially from her own bladder. After
one more swallow, she cut off her flow abruptly. She thought that she
just might have to save some if everything went according to plan.

'Well in for a dime, in for a dollar.' she thought.

Remaining in the same position, Violet concentrated on her asshole.
Soon, some of her shit was peeking out of her ass. mom was hoping for
one medium-sized 'breakfast sausage' because she did not want to revolt
her voyeuristic offspring.

Todd was now concentrating on doing what his mother did. He aimed his
bursting cock up to his mouth and forced himself to piss up in the air.
He swallowed three good mouthfuls as he watched his beautiful mother.
When he saw what his mom was now trying to do with shit, he fell down.
He cursed his clumsiness. He looked at his mother and was happy that
she did not seem to hear his fall. He forced a log of his boy-man shit
into his hand. It was about five inches long and he just held it
waiting to see what she would do.

Violet actually pulled a similar size piece of aromatic waste from her
rosy red anal ring. She made sure that what she was about to do was
visible to her audience.

Todd's eyes were glued to her every move.

Violet took her own shit and lowered it into her mouth. She began to
savor it, chewing and sloshing the filth until she swallowed it. Her
hands were all over her breasts and thighs, giving her a much richer
tan than she already had.

Her son repeated her actions and almost gagged. He did manage to
swallow without puking. His hand was a blur on his bursting penis. His
come exploded from his cock in two long strings. His explosion hung
from the leaves of a bush, making it look like a thousand spiders had
spun their webs drunkenly.

At this moment, Violet began to come again, throbbing and shaking. She
had no idea that her son had duplicated her actions including chewing,
swallowing AND coming to!

"Darling? Did you like what you saw?" mom called out, keeping her
fingers crossed.

Todd could not restrain himself any longer. He ran to his mother and
stood over her. His penis remained rigid as if he hadn't ejaculated at
all. The helmet was red and pulsating. His face had brown streaks all
over it. The young boy's hair was damp and most importantly his eyes
shone with love for this beautiful slut, who also happened to be his
own mother.

Violet grabbed him and pulled him down to her body. She covered his
entire face with kisses. He gave as much as he got. Their mouths were
all over each other. It was frenzy, pure and simple.

"Mom, please piss in my mouth, I want to drink you forever, please Mom,
I love you, give it to me," he begged.

"My handsome manly son, I love you to, with all my heart. Lie on your
back sweetheart, let mother urinate in her dirty little man's mouth,"
she whispered deliriously.

Violet let go of her piss as if she had stored it up for a month.
Torrent after torrent filled Todd's mouth as he drank it down. Gulping,
swallowing, coughing and swallowing again and again. Then his mother pulled him up as if he was a rag doll. She plunged her tongue into his

She then knelt at his feet. Positioning herself in front of his prick
she said, "Todd, your mother is in love with you very much. I want you
to use me as your toilet for the rest of your life. Urinate in my mouth
and I will swallow every drop. Your whore mother wants to eat your
shit, gargle with your vomit and worship your cock!"

His urine filled her mouth twelve different times and she drank every
drop. His shit could not be held back any longer. It fell in 5 good
sized bombs covering his mother's thighs. She grabbed handfuls and
started to smear it all over the both of them. She stuffed a handful of
his excrement into her mouth and smiled at her son, showing the rich
smelly shit mixing between her teeth. She swallowed all of it,
presenting her tongue for inspection.

"Mom I love you," he said again and again, "I want to eat your shit and
be your bathroom too!"

She felt the built up logs accumulate in her rectum from the previous
night's dinner. Earlier, her shitting was just for show. His mother pulled her knees back to her chest. In this position Todd had a perfect
view of his lovely mom's cunt and asshole. She could feel her anal ring
opening as her bowels gave vent to confinement. Shit spewed from her
ass and she smeared it over both of them.

While Todd dramatically took a good-sized lump of her smelly excrement
and placed it in his mouth, chewing and swallowing it, Violet came with
such intensity that it made her swoon.

It was no accident that camp food just happened to be the right items
to promote healthy and plentiful bowel movements.

They were covered in shit and piss and fucking never even entered their
minds. There was plenty of time for that, later. The first contact had
gone off splendidly. Violet and her adoring son were wrapped in each
other's arms as they entered the 'tea cup'. They cleaned each other off
slowly so as to feel every pore on each other's bodies.

They dressed and began the walk back to camp. They were side by side
and looked like any other campers. Just then, a group of boy scouts
along with their leader came marching pass them on the way down the

One of them called out to his friends, "Hey look! There's the 'Tea
Cup'! Can we go in Mr. Johnson?"

As the others said good morning to them, Violet and her son were
quickening their pace and stifling their laughter.

"I hope they like 'donuts' with their tea," Todd blurted.

Violet dribbled the remaining drops of pee down her leg as she laughed
her ass off and hugged her handsome young man firmly and with as much
passion as she had ever felt.

7. The Twins get to know their baby sister a little bit better.

Samantha and Tabitha were lying side by side on their bunks, drifting
in and out of sleep. The nighttime noises occasionally interrupting the
quiet of the woods with crickets, owls and mountain lions all vying for
attention. One distinct and sweet sound that stood out among the rest
was the soft groans of a human female. Instinctively, their eyes popped
open at the sweet music.

Their ears perked up and focused towards the opposite side of their
tent. The barely audible whimpering was originating from there. Someone
was gasping and seemingly struggling for breath! In the semi-dark
confines of their tent, the twins stared at each other in quiet

Who could it be? Mom? Abby? The melodious mewling continued unabated.
Tabitha rose from her place next to her sister in the sleeping bag and
tiptoed towards the source of the girlish resonance in the corner of
their 'room'. Samantha sat up and watched her naked sister inching
forward in a halting manner until she reached the far end of the tent.

"What should I do?" Tabitha whispered nervously to her sister.

It being one o'clock in the morning in the middle of the woods didn't
help matters any as Tabitha trembled in anticipation as to what or who
she would find as she pulled up the tent flap. By now, Samantha sidled
up to her twin sister on the floor of their tent so that they could
make the discovery together.

"I'll lift the flap, you take a quick peek!" Samantha instructed her.

"OK." Tabitha mouthed a soft reply.

Samantha slowly peeled up the corner of the tent, while her sister lay
on her stomach, to peer out at the person who sounded more and more
distressed as time went by. She was met with a glorious sight. A nude,
slightly squatting human form was fidgeting in the moonlit night. Her
arm was flailing towards her midsection. The head turned towards
Samantha, eyes closed and mouth open.

"Oh my GOD!" Tabitha gasped as she reared back from the tent flap
opening. "It's Abby! She's friggin herself out there!"

"No way!" Samantha countered. "Let me see! Let me see!"

Sure enough, their lovely young sister was in the throes of an orgasm,
furiously fingering her labia. She seemed oblivious to the watchful
eyes of her older sisters. Samantha undid the side flap of the tent and
flung it open. Tabitha grabbed Abigail by her free arm and the two
girls quickly hauled their younger sibling into the tent.

"Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Abby let out a gasp and muffled squeal as she
tumbled to the ground.

Samantha secured the tent flap to its former position while Tabitha sat
Abby down.

Abigail looked wide-eyed and disheveled, her hair tumbling over her

"What were you doing out there little sis?" Tabitha interrogated her.

Shamefacedly, the young girl replied, "I uh... have a stomach ache. I
think I'm sick! See? I'm bleeding!"

Abby was embarrassed at being caught with her pants down, so to speak,
and decided to blame her period for her actions as opposed to the pure
lust she felt. Violet had prepared her well but that was between her
mom and her for now.

With that, Abigail displayed a bloody right hand and fingers. Tabitha
and Samantha did every thing but burst into uncontrollable giggles.

"Let's have a closer look Abby," Samantha asked.

The twelve year-old girl closed her legs and shook her head and placed
her hands over her lap.

"Come on sis, it's ok... let's have a peek!" Tabitha added. "We've
always shared before, why stop now?"

"Promise you won't tell mom?"

Tabitha and Samantha exchanged eye contact and together added, "You
have our word Abby."

Abigail tentatively removed her hands from her crotch and splayed open
her legs. A red splotchy mess appeared on her vulva. Her labia
glistening reddish brown from where she rubbed her fingers raw. The
twins were beside themselves with lust and adoration at the sight of
their little sister with her period oozing for and out over herself.

"We have the same thing happen to us Abby." Samantha said. "Once a
month actually."

Tabitha reached into her knapsack and handed a small box of Tampax
Regulars to her. "You will be needing that to stem the flow."

"Thanks Tabby," Abigail replied shyly.

The young girl's heart was beating fast and her forehead beaded with
sweat. She was finally alone together with her older twin sisters.
There was no brother, no mom and no dad, just the three of them.
Abigail's mind focused on what she had seen earlier in the day. How her
sisters had made love to each other and ended up going to the bathroom
over each other and into their mouths.

'Is this what it means to be an adult?' she wondered.

She contemplated even more so at the reference to 'eating her
strawberry jam'. Was THIS the jam they were talking about? Her
curiosity and newfound lust was overwhelming and she figured that this
was probably the best opportunity to pose the question.

"In fact, we are in the middle of our periods right now!" Samantha
replied gleefully.

Gazing reflectively from one twin sister to the other, Abigail took a
stab at how her sisters were going to react when she asked them, "Does
it feel like strawberry jam in your pussies like it does to me?"

Both lovely twins' faces dropped in silent unison. Tabitha added, "But
it doesn't have the same taste!"

Samantha immediately elbowed her mirror image big-mouthed sister in the

"Owwwwwww!" Tabitha yelped, a mocked pained expression now etching
across her face.

"That's an interesting reference you have for your menstrual flow
Abby," Samantha smiled. "Where did you come up with it?"

Abigail suddenly sat with her legs propped up and her chin resting on
her knees. "If it works for you, it does for me... like it did for you
earlier today!"

"Hmmmnnn, when did you hear us say that?" Tabitha asked, trying to mask
the panic in her voice.

"Over by the stream!"

"Why you little shit! You saw everything DID you?"

The two twins tried their best to keep the loud whispering from
becoming a dull roar.

"Hehehehehehe!" Abigail snickered. "Why do you think I was so excited
out there tonight? And now I started my period, which only makes
matters worse!"

"Oh I dunno about that. Actually, I think it might make it a WHOLE lot
better!" Samantha smiled lewdly.

Thinking back on the peeing session she had with her brother earlier
today prompted Abigail to ask the next series of questions.

"Tabby, Sam could you show me about sex and stuff? Especially that
other stuff?"

"Like what kind of stuff little sister?" Tabitha inquired.

"Pee stuff," Abigail responded. "And the brown stuff?"

"Of course!" Samantha swallowed hard in excitement at the suggestion.

The two twins were relieved that their youngest sister was interested
in what their perverted inclinations were and that she was not about to
turn them over to their parents, never mind the moral authorities.
Maybe she was a lesbian like they were? Even if she weren't gay, being
bisexual wouldn't be so bad either! They each sat next to Abigail and
embraced her long and warmly. Samantha and Tabitha's bodies shuddered
with anticipation of taking their baby sister under their wing and
teach her about herself, her lovely young body and her sexy older sister's bodies.

"Let's try to be quiet so as not to wake mom, dad and our little
brother." Tabitha whispered.

"Ever kiss another girl before Abby?" Samantha asked.

Her breathing was becoming shallow and short. "Un huh."

"Ever been kissed by another girl?" Tabitha countered.

Once again, the twelve year-old uttered, "Un huh."

Abigail was soon the subject of an attack of baby soft lip kisses to
her body by her older sisters. Her eyes fluttered rapidly, her chest
heaving up and down. Samantha gave her younger sister kisses on her
forehead, eyelids and her left cheek. Tabitha stuck her tongue out and
licked Abigail's chin, lips and probed her way into her mouth to flick
her front teeth.

The duo overwhelmed the young girl with their deft kisses and embraces
with fine tuned precision. Samantha laid a carpet of saliva coated
pecks on Abby's neck, jaw and shoulder. She lifted her little sister's
arm and burrowed her mouth and nose into the pit of her underarms.

Abigail suddenly opened her mouth and gasped with pleasure, "Aaahhhh!"

Upon doing so, Samantha plastered her lips against hers and pushed them
into her mouth. She captured Abigail's tongue between her lips and
began sucking it like it was a cock. A tug of war ensued as Abby
attempted to rear her head back only to feel it jerk forward from
Samantha's professional vacuuming of her tongue with her highly
experienced lips.

The sixth grader lost track of time and place as the whirlwind of love
and lust in the beings of her beautiful older sisters completely
transfixed and paralyzed her. Her eyes were shut in an aura of profound
pleasure. She could feel her sister's tongues applying dainty kisses
upon each of her arms and fingers. Samantha took turns inserting each
of Abigail's delicate fingers into their mouths. They deep throated
them individually and collectively until the young girl experienced the
surreal feeling of having both of her hands being devoured by two
hungry, horny females.

A few minutes later, Abby's eyes opened to a most glorious sight. Two
mounds of light brown hair hovered over her upper body while two sets
of sleek hands rubbed her neck and hair while the other two hands
massaged Abigail's lower belly and the top of her crotch. Under all
that mass of brown hair was the angelic faces of her two beautiful
sisters as they paid homage to the twelve year-olds budding breasts.
They were mere mounds of protruding tit flesh, but just enough for
Samantha and Tabitha.

While gazing sideways at the prostate Abigail, they each placed their
teeth over her aroused nipples and gently tugged at them while shaking
their heads in unison. The youngest member of the Bliss family did
everything in her power to keep from screaming in intense

After several more seconds of mauling their baby sister's titties, the
twins gave each other a knowing look and asked Abigail to stand up. She
wobbled to her knees and literally had to be helped to the center of
the tent.

"Sssshhhhhhhhhh!" Tabitha placed a finger to Abigail's lips to keep her
calm and quiet.

Samantha moved behind the beautiful naked Abigail. Her boyish body was
giving way to the eventuality of her impending young womanhood. She
looked so delicious. The twins decided that it was now the time to
devour their little sister. Tabitha knelt in front of the diminutive
girl. Together, the girls began to make sweet love to Abigail's front
and backsides. Twin tongues of lust flicked and probed her lower
orifices. The young girl was beside herself in delirious and reckless

Tabitha momentarily peeked around her little sister's hip and smiled at
Samantha and stuck her tongue out and displayed a dark red residue. Not
to be outdone, Sammy went back up Abigail's butt cheeks and came back
with a thin slab of brown upon her tongue. For several more minutes,
Samantha poked and probed her tongue into the dark, deep crevices of
Abigail's lovely tush. She was happy to find more than enough brown
goodies for her taste buds. Apparently, Abigail had just shit a little
while ago and tried to make do without toilet paper, so Samantha gladly
used her tongue as a ready substitute.

Meanwhile, Tabitha was lapping furiously at Abigail's hairless pussy mound and tonguing her oozing little clitty of menstrual juices. The
taste was rich and heady, the feeling warm and pasty. Tabitha looked
back over at her twin sister and signaled for her to stop and switch

"Stay where you are Abby!" Samantha ordered her. "Just watch and

The incestuous twins kissed each other full on the lips while on their
knees before their standing younger sister. They exchanged saliva,
menses and feces and swallowed the moist, spit covered concoction. Then
they French kissed long and deeply. Crawling on their hands and knees,
they looked like two giant feline cats on the prowl as they positioned
themselves in front of Abigail.

Abby had her hands up to her face with fingers on either side of her
eyes as she watched her older twin sister's cavorting before and around
her. Now it was Samantha's turn to enjoy the flow of her baby sister's
first menstrual cycle. Tabitha sucked vainly at her tiny asshole and
tried to extract any remaining residue from her shit chute.

"You didn't leave too much for me did you Sam?"

"When it comes to sucking ass, I do a thorough job, you ought to know
that sis!" Samantha retorted laughingly.

'There's more than one way to skin a cat!' Tabitha thought. Using her
improvisational skills, she wet her index finger and gingerly placed it
at the opening to Abigail's tiny anus and gently pushed it in.

"Ooohhhhhh!" Their little sister shuddered.

Seconds later, Tabitha removed her finger from the deep vice-like
confines of the young girl's butt and found what she was looking for.
Her finger was thickly covered from nail to the second knuckle in the
shit of her baby sister. She brought it up to her nose and sniffed it.
Then without any hesitation, she jammed her finger down her throat and
lapped and licked her digit thoroughly clean and swallowed.

"Aaaahhhhhhh! I think I'm gonna c-c-cum!" Abigail wailed.

"Come here Tabby!" Samantha whispered loudly. "She's about to orgasm!"

Samantha's lower face, from chin to nose and cheek to cheek was
plastered crimson. Tabitha placed her left cheek against her twin
sister's right cheek. They both lapped furiously against Abigail's
quivering quim as she came. Her knees buckled, her hips swayed. The two
older girls had to hold her steady as her vaginal discharges burst
forth in a foamy spray.

Seconds later, the twins were rewarded with a different kind of spray.
A long, yellowish stream of steaming urine emanated from Abby's baby
hole, bathing and showering Samantha and Tabitha. The duo washed their
faces and hair in the hot flow of Abigail's quickly emptying bladder.
The twelve year-older finally collapsed onto the ground while the twins
sat back on their haunches and marveled for several minutes at what
just transpired.

"More lessons later, OK sis?" Tabitha spoke and tousled the youngster's

Abby Bliss' eyes gazed up at Tabby and she weakly nodded her approval
while smiling in extreme satisfaction.

Later, the three sisters embraced each other before Abigail tiptoed her
way back to her tent. The twins were content to sleep with the residue
of urine, shit and blood of their beautiful young sister until the next

8. A mom Sandwich

Tabitha Bliss opened her eyes and focused on the tiny dots of light
filtering through the tent like so many stars in the Milky Way. She
looked over at her sleeping sister Samantha, who was using her upper
thighs as a pillow. Her head resting heavily on one leg while a hand
reflexively kneaded and squeezed her other creamy thigh. Tabitha felt
something poking her in the side. One of Samantha's knees was wedged
under her arm. She gently straightened out her twin sister's soft leg.
It may be considered a peculiar sleeping position for some couples but
it's the standard for these twin sister lovers. Especially when they 69
each other into a dream state on a nightly basis. Very rarely do you
find these girls with their heads on the same pillow. Instead, their
heads are usually firmly lodged against one another's crotch or anus
and each girl awakens to the glorious sight and odors of each other's
honeydew pussy or asshole.

"What time is it?" Samantha asked while stretching her nearly naked
form in catlike fashion.

Her brassiere from Victoria's Secret was unhooked and her panties were
'stained' around the crotch area with a fine mixture of piss and pussy juice.

Fumbling in the semi-darkened tent, Tabitha retrieved the clock that
had ended up under the latest issue of SEVENTEEN Magazine.

"OH god! It's almost 9 am!" Tabitha exclaimed. "Nobody woke us up!"

"I kinda thought it was getting warm in here!" Samantha replied, while
rubbing a hand along her own sweating, lingerie-clad body.

The mid-morning sun was beating down upon their tent. They immediately
scurried to clean up from the previous night's activities and ventilate
the tent so as to get some fresh air into their sleeping space. The
room fairly reeked of pussy juice and other female smells. The two
lovers changed into their halter tops and jeans shorts. Tabitha took a
quick tour of the campground to see what the rest of the family was up
to. She was about to remark that there was no sign of life when she
heard the low rumbling sounds of the family truck in the distance.

Rick Bliss made his way down the foot trodden path with several
packages in his arms.

"Hi Daddy!" Tabitha squealed. "What did you get us?"

"Hello honey." Her dad kissed her on the forehead. "Oh I got a little
of this and a little of that."

He plopped down some batteries, milk, sausages, hot dogs, snacks and

"Where is everyone else?" their father asked.

"Samantha's cleaning our tent. I don't know where mom and Todd are at
and Ab is... OH! Hi Abby!"

Abigail emerged sleepily from her own tent and said, "I think mom and
Toddy are out on a little hike but I am not sure."

Samantha approached from the other side of the tent and gave her dad a
hug, "Helloooo dad! You got us some goodies?"

"Yup, I sure did. All the stuff we need to survive out in the woods,"
he laughed as he emptied out the contents onto the picnic table. "Now I
have to gather some more brush for our next camp fire."

"Well, we're gonna bathe down by the stream rather than take a shower.
Wanna come with us Abby?" Tabitha smiled sweetly at her younger sister.

Abby hesitated while looking towards her dad, who was already quickly
gathering potential firewood in the near distance, and then to her twin
sisters and back again to her dad.

"I'm gonna stay and help daddy," the cute 12 year-old finally replied,
"And keep him company."

"Okie dokie Abby!" Samantha winked back at her.

The two seventeen year-old beauties slowly made their way down to the
stream; towels, shampoo and soap jutting out of their knapsacks. They
stopped at their favorite spot and disrobed. Both girls peeled off
their halter-tops and shorts and flung off their sneakers. The water
was ice cold to the touch as they wiggled their toes through the
swirling, onrushing water. Samantha was the first to wade into the
brook. Tabitha followed close behind, supporting herself on her twin
sister's shoulder as she made her way around a couple of slippery
rocks. They gasped at the initial shock.

"You know something sis?" Samantha asked.

"What Sam?" Tabby returned the question while soaping her sister's
sleek backside.

"Quite an interesting family we have here don't you think?"

"Do you mean about us, and Abby?"

"Oh, I think it is more than that Tabby." Samantha replied. "There's a
lot of sneaky stuff going on around us. We're not the only ones."

"Well I know mom and Dad are pretty wild and depraved in their
lovemaking. I mean, we've found that out on our own back at home."
Tabitha giggled.

"Look at right here in the woods. I think the deviation is more rampant
than just us two."

"You mean?" Tabitha's eyes grew wide. "Like mom and Dad doing stuff
with each other or with Abby and, oh gawwwdddd... even Todd?"

"Or a combination thereof!" Samantha rejoined. "I can't prove it but I
have a feeling. If it hasn't happened yet, it's about to!"

"So what you are getting at is that it just can't be us two that does
weird, kinky shit to each other?"

Tabitha pondered that for a moment and answered her own question. "Well
we DO know of Abby's capabilities now!"

"I dunno sis. It's just that Abby seemed to know a little more than she
let on. Like maybe she's done stuff with somebody else before coming to

"What do you propose we do?"

"You know the old saying that the family that plays together stays

"I think the word is 'prays'," Tabitha corrected her.

"Whatever... the results are the same." Samantha countered. "We are as
much to blame as anyone else with our secret rendezvous. I say we bring
everything about us out in the open. Our family is crying out for it to

"Hmmmmn, maybe at tonight's cookout Sam? Put it to the test so to
speak!" Tabitha added in agreement.

"Exactly!" Samantha chuckled. "You read my mind for the umpteenth

The incestuous sisters finished scrubbing and rinsing each other's back
and sides and made their way back to dry land. They contemplated making
love by the stream but made do with a couple of long, tasty French
kisses before heading back up to the campsite.

"Where is everyone?" Tabitha asked to know one in particular while
surveying what seemed like a deserted campsite.

"Like I was saying earlier!" Samantha answered.

"Hey Sam, I'm hungry, what about you?" Tabitha suddenly blurted out.
"AND I've got an idea!"

Tabitha gave her twin sister that all too familiar devious grin and
knew that she was up to no good.

"What do you have up your sleeve sis?"

Tabby walked over to the portable freezing unit and produced a couple
of frozen hotdogs. She reached into her knapsack and took out a couple
of paper plates.

"The question should be what will I have up my cunny... or butt?"
Tabitha gleefully replied.

"Oh god! This is too cool! Let's do it! I love a lot of flavoring on my
franks!" Samantha replied.

Sammy fired up the grill and within minutes, the charcoal briquettes
ignited into a reddish glow. She cooked two hotdogs just enough so as
to thaw them out and warm them. Then she placed a couple of frankfurter
rolls on the grill and cooked them into a nice, golden brown. The
twosome gave the campsite a quick once over before they lowered their
jean shorts and carefully inserted a slightly toasted frank up their
respective rectums.

"Oooh that feels icky!" Tabitha giggled. "I don't think we'll be
needing any relish or mustard!"

About a hundred feet away, at the other side of the campsite, Violet
was walking the perimeter in search of her husband, youngest daughter or her independent and carefree twin girls. The distinct smell of
charcoal was in the air.

'Someone is cooking in the camp,' she thought.

She reversed her tracks and quickly headed towards the center of the
site. She stopped short and nearly tripped over her feet at the sight
that befell her. Tabitha and Samantha had their jean shorts and panties down by their ankles while Tabitha squatted low to the ground. Samantha
held a paper plate under her butt and steadied a bread roll with her
free hand. Tabitha 'shit' out the roll from her sphincter until it
plopped into the bun. From where she stood, Violet couldn't quite tell
if there were any discernible marks of shit on the meat. Apparently
there was.

"Yeah! Sis! A shitdog!" Samantha yelped.

"Your turn Sam!"

"I'm gonna put a little ketchup on mine!" Samantha slyly responded as
she extracted the basted frankfurter from her juicy asshole.

She reached up into her vagina and pulled out a thoroughly soiled
Stayfree maxi pad, placing it on the wooden cutting board next to the
grill, and replaced it with a partially cooked hotdog.

The twin's mother spied the proceedings with arousing curiosity. She
was still in the afterglow of the raunchy, perverted toilet scene with
her son Todd that transpired a couple of hours earlier and now she was
being confronted by the lewd conduct that her oldest daughter's were
engaged in involving food! Her pussy went into freely flowing
convulsions of climax juice at the thrilling view.

Samantha and Tabitha secured their shorts and tops and sat Indian style
on the grass. They had a little more seasoning to add to their mid
morning snack. Each girl gathered copious amounts of saliva and spit
onto their hotdogs. The twins then brought the buns up to their noses
and blew mucous and nasal snot over the frankfurters. Girlish laughter
filled the air at the absurdity of it all. Momentarily admiring their
handiwork, they lovingly looked at each other and switched buns and
hotdogs. Samantha was going to eat Tabitha's shit enriched frank while
Tabitha prepared to devour Samantha's menstruation laced meat. Violet
was growing passionate while watching the depraved display. She was
about to seize the opportunity.

"Hold it right THERE girls!" Violet ran towards them in quick leaping

The twins were frozen in mid-bite, four eyes and two mouths wide open.

"Hi Mom!" Tabitha greeted her. "Where is everyone else?"

"Never mind where Dad and the kids are at!" she answered. "What are you
girls fixing?"

"Hotdogs mom!" Samantha replied, motioning towards the package of
franks on the grill. "Help yourself!"

The girls were about to sink their teeth into their frankfurter rolls
when their mom stopped them.

"Hmmmnnn, I want the hotdogs you already made. I'm starving!"

"But Mom, you don't like mustard on yours!" Tabitha lied.

You can fool some people, but you can't fool your mother. Violet
quickly grabbed each of her twin daughter's hotdogs and scrutinized
them closely.

"I wasn't aware that we had dark brown mustard or even red for that

"Ooops!" Samantha murmured meekly.

She held the franks up to her nose and took a whiff. "Oh god! You
wonderful girls are so nasty!"

"You're not upset mother?" Tabitha asked.

"I told you I was hungry, Tabby. These hotdogs are now MINE!" Mrs.
Bliss replied. "I have my own special sauce for you two if you're

Samantha and Tabitha cast knowing looks towards each other in excited
wonderment. Their overall assessment of their family 'circumstance' was
beginning to rise to the surface. What took place next was a mother and
daughter 'breakfast' that was not soon to be forgotten. The girls once
again methodically lowered their jean shorts, this time in the presence
of their mother and frantically played with their pussies while their
mom ate and swallowed the disgusting hotdogs. Violet gathered a couple
of sausages from the cooler and placed them on the grill. As the meat
began to sizzle, she took her daughter Samantha's used sanitary napkin
and rubbed the bloody material over the sausages, effectively basting

The girls were reaching the throes of uncontrollable lust and arose
from their seated positions to stand on either side of their mother -
the cook. They caressed the back of their mom's neck and fondled her
boobs through the flimsy material of her tee shirt. Each brunette rained kisses against her shoulders and flicked their tongue stud into
each of her ears and lobes, tickling her. Violet smiled and closed her
eyes momentarily and smacked her lips as she chewed the remnants of the
well-seasoned hotdogs. Tabitha and Samantha zeroed in on their mother's
mouth and she was ready for them. She spit a few chunks of masticated
food onto each daughter's tongue. The trio then groped each other's
lips and mouths and exchanged spit and half- chewed food until each
woman ingested every single morsel.

"OK my babies, help yourself to my condiments." Violet Bliss said as
she dropped her jeans and panties.

The twins gasped in sheer pleasure at this outlandish turn of events.
They were preparing a sausage meal sprinkled with their very own
mother's female essence. The Bliss family was lowering itself another
notch on the perversion scale.

"Fuck my holes with the sausage, girls!" their mother ordered them.
"Get them nice and gooey!"

Tabitha and Samantha slumped to their knees and began to probe their
mom's lower orifices with the warm sausages. Tabitha fucked her cunt while Samantha jammed her anus with the meat. They exchanged the
cylinders and continued food fucking her. pussy slime and faint streaks
of feces dotted the sausages. Their mother handed them the buns for
them to place the meat into.

"Find a couple of tumblers, quickly Sam!"

"Sure thing mom!" Samantha rushed over to Tabitha's knapsack and
scurried back to her mom.

"Hold them close to my pussy. mother has to pee!"

Samantha remained on her knees as Violet filled the multicolored
glasses to the brim. Upon finishing, she handed one to each of her
gorgeous daughters.

"Something for you to wash down your 'mom sandwiches' with!" The woman
shuddered in a sudden orgasm.

Not to be outdone, the twins placed their sausage sandwiches against
their mother's spasming pussy and let the nectar of her cunt canal ooze
onto the meat like an exotic salad dressing.

"Eat me my dears," Mrs. Bliss hissed. "And drink my pee!"

Tabitha and Samantha wolfed down the tasty meat like a couple of
famished, starving animals. Their mother got down onto her hands and
knees and sauntered over to each of her teenage daughter's splayed legs
and began to gorge herself upon one twin's cunny and then the other.
She ran her fingers along the warm, soft upper inner thighs of both of
her lovely girls. Her mind raced and swooned with the realization that
she was finally full filling a fantasy of lapping at Tabitha's and
Samantha's clits since they were mere babies. When they finished eating
the sausage, they brought the warm cups of urine to their lips and
drank. As if on cue, each girl signaled to the other and began to let
loose their own bladders against Violet's face, hair and into her mouth
while they emptied the contents of their mommy's warm lemonade and
poured it down their throats.

Violet looked in contented relief at her oldest daughters, her upper-
body thoroughly soaked in their urine. Years of pent-up sexual tension
were finally released. Tabitha let loose a mighty 'pee' burp and the
three females giggled bawdily.

"I say we head back down to the stream and 'freshen' up before the
others get back!" Their mom suggested.

"Race you!" Samantha squealed.

Mother and daughters ran laughingly down the trail.

9. Abby's Daddy

"I really would have wanted to go with them, but then you'd be all
alone daddy." Abby said softly, referring to Samantha and Tabitha.

The girls had disappeared down the path several minutes earlier when
Rick hugged his daughter for being so thoughtful. Once again, he asked
Abby where mom and Todd might be.

"I'm not sure Daddy, they weren't here when I got up."

"Oh, so my little sleepy head slept late did she?" he said teasingly.

Abby smiled somewhat shyly and said that she didn't get to sleep until

"Hey! I've got an idea cutie-pie. Why don't the two of us go on a
picnic? Maybe we can find out where the bear we fed last night went off
to!" he said, not really meaning to encounter a bear whatsoever.

As quick as a flash, Abby made a few sandwiches of ham and cheese on
rye with lettuce and mayonnaise. Then she grabbed some fruit and a sack
to put them in, and they were off. Rick had a pair of very brief
dungaree shorts on. He had sneakers on his feet and the only other
article on him was a headband to keep sweat out of his eyes. Abby found
a matching outfit including headband and added a short little halter
top that simply made her nipples poke through.

Rick planned to hike up to the Appalachian Trail, which was a good
three or four mile hike from the campsite. He knew the woods would be
private on their hike because it was somewhat off the beaten path. The
climb was leisurely but required some degree of stamina. It was not
enough to wear Abby out, but it would raise a good sweat and give them
some needed quality time together.

Rick absolutely adored his daughter and never tired of her. He saw a
lot of his wife in the little would-be-vixen. The affection he felt for
her was matched equally by her devotion she felt for her Dad. They had
never had a cross word for each other and it was more than just

They had been walking for about twenty minutes when they had to
traverse a stream that was a little deep. Rick stopped and with very
little effort, picked Abby up, and set her on his shoulders. She was
laughing at how easy he had done that.

"Gee Dad! I didn't realize you were so strong!" she said, slightly

As they began wading through the deepest part, which was about 3 feet,
Rick became conscious of a familiar smell. As they walked on, it took a
few minutes for him to realize what that aroma was. 'God, my little
darling is not a baby anymore, is she?' He thought.

When they crossed to the other side, he stopped and reaching over his
head, he grabbed Abby under her arms and placed her back on the ground.
As he wiped the sweat from the back of his neck, where she had been
sitting, he happened to notice a little red stain on his hand. He
smiled and made sure that Abby was looking the other way and licked the
mixture off his fingers.

Abby had noticed the stain on his neck moments before her father started to wipe. Abigail felt mortified because Tabby and Sammy had
told her that that was a woman's thing. She was going to try to explain
to him, when she noticed that he had quickly brushed his tongue over
his fingers. When she saw what he did she decided not to say a word.
Her heart fluttered, as she couldn't believe her luck.

'Was dad really turned on by her? Was he as dirty as her sisters?' The
little girl wondered to herself.

They hiked for another hour or so and Dad suggested that they might
stop for a little rest and a bite of lunch. When they had settled on a
spot, Rick excused himself saying that he had to whiz. As he walked
behind a tree to take his piss, he was startled to see Abby staring at
him with open eyes. The way her eyes watched his semi-erect penis, made
his knees buckle. It was exactly the way Violet stared at him when they
played their piss games.

'Could it be' he thought, 'that my own little girl is into piss like my
bride? Or am I just a crazy fuck?'

As these thoughts ran through his head, his cock began to grow. It had
a mind of its own. Abby stared transfixed and never wavered from the
sight of her father's penis. His dick was so hard that it was no longer
easy to pee. He had to concentrate. Suddenly the spell was broken - by
Abby, no less.

"Daddy, may I please touch your penis? Just once?"

Rick remembered his recent conversation with Violet about bringing the
family together and any misgivings he may have had earlier disappeared

"Abby, you can do anything you want to me. But why don't we get more

He suggested that they remove their clothing. Before he could finish
explaining that they would probably not be seen by anyone, Abby had
divested herself of every stitch. She stood before him smiling happily
with her little red sunburned nose matched by her outrageously cute
nipples and her hands on her hips like a lady in waiting.

At this point Rick stared at his daughter in pure unadulterated lust.
He had not even finished removing his shorts, standing there with his
penis harder than the rock he was standing on.

"No fair daddy, I'm naked and you're not," she whimpered.

"Sorry baby, but I never realized just how beautiful you are."

He kicked his sneakers off and followed by pulling his shorts down and
standing before his daughter, naked, erect and mesmerized. It was
Abby's turn to stare open mouthed. She got closer and reached out her
left hand to gently touch her father's cock. Just that gentle contact
with a dainty fingertip, startled Rick with its electricity.

"Darling, don't be shy, you won't break it," he instructed. That was
just the encouragement she needed. All of her trepidation and anxiety

Abby grabbed the base of her father's cock and started to feel the
shaft. Then her other hand started to fondle his hot full testicles.
Dad began to labor in his breathing. Abigail could not believe that she
was having this effect on a grown person. This only encouraged her
further. She held the penis close to her face and in one quick motion
kissed his helmet. Rick gasped with pleasure.

She began to lick his prick as if it were a snow cone. Her beautiful,
green eyes looking up at him. First she would mouth the head, then lick
the sides, wet the balls, up one side, down the other and Rick started
to realize that he'd been had. This kind of talent could not be an
accident, could it?

"Wow sweetheart, you better slow down, or I'm going to have an

"Am I making you come Daddy?" his sexy, twelve-year old daughter asked

Rick was unable to answer as a shudder tore through his toes, around
his knees, the back of his thighs and circulated in his asshole before
culminating in discharging a few pre-cum globules. Abby watched them
form and wrapped her mouth around the head and savored these
appetizers. She was moaning softly and looked into her father's eyes
with a love borne of a combination of lust and passion. The fact that
they already adored each other made it all the more wonderful.

"Darling please hold on a second," he said, pulling her away from his
throbbing cock gently, "let me get a taste of you my little honey pot."

"I don't think it's honey daddy. It's more like strawberry jam," she
said while laughing at her private, inside joke.

The attempt at humor did not register, so it buried itself in Rick's
subconscious for later. He raised his daughter up in the air like when
they crossed the stream, but this time in reverse position.

Abby's father placed her virginal, bleeding, moist and succulent pussy right on his mouth. He licked and sucked as if nothing else existed.
His sucks had the desired effect almost immediately, as Abby began to
react with dizzying rapidity. His face was bright red and his eyes
glazed over. He feasted on his preteen daughter's vagina, realizing two
things. This was her vagina's first time as a woman and he knew what
'strawberry jam' meant.

"Oh Daddy, please don't stop, keep licking, lick my ass too!" she

Rick determined never again, to let anything Abby said, surprise him.
This young, twelve-year old had more class, passion and more eroticism
than most women he had ever known. Of course, he felt the same way
about Samantha, Tabitha and his darling Violet who would always set the
standard for him. For a moment, Dad realized that he was a prisoner in
a lust farm, and also knew how happy he would be if it was a life
sentence. He continued plunging his tongue into Abby's cunt and
asshole. She was beside herself with spasms of joy.

"Dad can you turn me upside down, please?" she intoned.

Her father accomplished this with minimal difficulty. Now he had her
succulent ass right under his nose and began to probe the recesses of
her shit cavern. Abigail could now reach her father's cock and
festooned her mouth on his pulsing shaft. She began to suck his cock
until he lost control. He had no interest in holding back any longer.

Without any warning, Rick began to ejaculate torrents of his gooey
cream down his young daughter's throat. Abby was swallowing everything
and not spilling one single drop. She was coming herself, violently. As
she sucked the life out of her father's cock she lost control of her

These games were all new to her and command of this situation had yet
to manifest. The good thing about her loss of control was that
absolutely no one cared less, especially her dad. As he felt his
daughter's small eruptions of orgasm, he also got a small taste of her
urine. He grabbed his daughter around her waist and turned her over
again, this time right side up. He quickly lay down on the grass. He
motioned for Abby.

"Abby, my precious little lover, sit right in my face. Let your Dad
drink his lovely girl's sweet piss."

Abby did not need a second invitation. She squatted on his face and let
go of her urine. It flowed out steadily and into her father's hungrily
sucking mouth.

He was ecstatic. The taste of her urine was somewhat sweet with tinges
of salt. It was a fairly yellow mixture but did not have the
overpowering flavor of morning piss, his favorite. As he gulped down
mouthful after mouthful, Abby cut loose with a blood-curdling fart. It
went directly into his nostrils and was so strong that it forced him to
cough and inadvertently produce a snot-bubble.

There he was lying under his daughter, drinking her piss and swallowing
her menstrual waste, smelling her farts and producing snot-bubbles. He
started to laugh uproariously. Abby could sense his happiness and
joined him, giggling loudly. Abby reached for his snot and popped it
into her mouth. She swallowed it intently, never once taking her eyes
off her loving father.

Rick knew that there would never be any turning back now. They were
crossing new ground rapidly. 'Perhaps we are going way too far, way too
fast?' Mr. Bliss mused. The fierceness with which his daughter participated eased his mind. Besides, how could he possibly stop now?
How did he feel about the repercussions? 'Oh fuck it!' he thought.

"Abby, get off my face and get down on your knees," her father instructed.

She complied instantly. In this position her father stood up and,
turning around, placed his ass over her face and simply farted. It was
not a trumpeting blast that was full of sound and fury signifying
nothing. Rather it was a pent-up 'SBD' - silent but...

When the stench filled her nostrils, Abby started to gasp as tears
filled her eyes. This was easily the foulest, most putrid, smell that
her little girl nose had ever run into. She inhaled again and again
getting herself used to the aroma. It was having its effect as she
squirmed and steadily fingered her pussy.

Rick then turned again and aimed his semi-flaccid penis to the center
of his daughter's face. He had been trying to urinate for quite a while
now and the force with which his piss escaped literally pushed Abby's
head back.

She struggled slightly, but managed to get her mouth under the stream.
The hot masculine urine burned her beautiful eyes. She couldn't see,
but she loved it. Her father began to aim at her hair as he used his
free hand to "shampoo" his lovely daughter's head with his pee.

Abby was struggling to get more of his piss down her throat and into
her stomach - where it belonged. Dad noticed his daughter's movements
and plunged his still peeing prick into his daughter's mouth. Abby
swallowed and began to come so violently that she actually passed out.
For a few seconds, Dad felt consternation at his unconscious daughter.
As he removed his penis from her mouth, he picked up his little
darling. She came alive in his arms, smiling. She wrapped her slender
arms around his neck, and they kissed as man and woman for the first
time in their lives.

At that point Rick carried his daughter to the stream and waded in with
his little treasure cradled in his arms. Then he let her down and they
started to splash each other. This was a connection that took a long
time coming. As he began to climb out of the water he noticed a pensive
look on his daughter's face.

"What's the matter honey?" he asked.

He was momentarily filled with dread at the visible change of
expression on his young girl's face. 'Goddammit,' he thought, 'don't
tell me I've screwed her up?'

"Oh Daddy, it's just that I er... feel that this is going to end soon
and we'll all be home again... and Tabby and Sammy and Toddy and mom and you will all be busy and we will never share each other again."
Abby sniffed.

She had real tears welling up in her eyes. Her father went to her and
hugged her ferociously to his chest.

"What are you talking about Abby?" Rick implored.

"It's just that I have never felt so wonderful as I have the last few
days with my family," Abby continued. "It's like I never knew you guys before and I'm just getting to know everyone. I don't want to go back
home and leave all these games behind."

"My sweet darling, young lady, I promise you, on my word as your
father, that we will never go back to that life," he stated for the
record and continued, "Honey, I, we, your mother, Tabitha, Samantha and
Todd have all come to realize how lucky we are."

Abby's father was on a roll now.

"I hope you guys don't think I'm a total STUPE, but I always notice how
sexual everyone of you are. First the twins, then Todd and now you. Do
you think that mom and I have never done it before? God! The two of us
drool at the thought of making it with our children. Where do you think
your attitudes come from? My dear, warm, wonderful daughter, this is a
very happy day in my life. I will always treasure our first moments
together in passion."

"Abigail darling, this was the first time but there is a lot to follow,
I promise you. Wait until your mother gets a hold of you. She loves you
more than anything in the world and it would take a team of horses to
get you away from her."

Rick tried to continue but Abby had put her hands around his neck and
began kissing and hugging him as deliriously happy as she had ever been
in her young life.

"Look sweetheart, I know it's just a matter of time before we are all
together. Just let it happen and I'm sure we will all be extremely
happy." Her father advised her warmly.

They dressed and started back to camp. Rick put his daughter back on
his shoulders and kissed her soft silky thighs as they engulfed his
head. He was marching proudly back to his 'Garden of Eden.'

"Oh Dad, I'm so happy now, I could just shit!"

Then they laughed even harder. All the way back to camp

10. Bliss family Stew

The entire Bliss family was gathered around the campfire preparing to
roast marshmallows, have a few drinks and take turns telling stories,
but mostly to listen to Rick sharing his vast array of spooky and scary

As everybody settled in, Mr. Bliss asked his son, "Hey Todd, why do you
have this tarp all over the railing?"

"Don't worry Dad, I'll show you later."

Violet was huddled close to her husband. Abby's head was leaning
against her brother Todd's. Samantha and Tabitha sat with legs
intertwined and their arms around each other. Their body language was
obvious. They no longer cared who knew or didn't know of their love and
lust for each other. Each family member had their suspicions, but the
twins had their own agenda and that was to bring their full-fledged
lesbianism out into the open.

"Hmmmmnnnnn, ready baby?" Tabitha whispered lovingly into her sister's

"Oh God yes!" Samantha groaned.

While Rick Bliss was engaged in an animated description of yet another
frightening story, Tabitha placed a hand on her matching sister's knee
and began to move it up on her thigh. Samantha did the same. Mr. Bliss
immediately caught sight of it and gulped. Todd, who always stared at
his sisters anyway, echoed a similar gulp. The heavy petting increased
until Samantha's and Tabitha's heads touched. By now, Violet and even
Abby were aware of what was going on between the two oldest girls of
the Bliss family.

There was a quiet stir beginning to overtake the entire family. Rick's
voice quavered haltingly and he was suddenly aware that his words were
falling on deaf ears. Everyone's attention was turned to the two torrid
twins who were unabashedly locked in a passionate embrace. Their lips
were locked together, their hands rubbing lewdly against the flimsy
material of their jean shorts.

"Ahem," Rick admonished rather weakly. "Excuse me...!"

Rick became silent when he felt a hand against his bulging shorts. He
looked down and saw his wife groping him with one hand and running the
other hand under her shirt to caress her breasts. She was keenly
fixated on her kissing daughters. Abby and Todd were squirming closer
together and each wrapped an arm around the other. They all watched
mesmerized, as Samantha and Tabitha were engaged in a loving and
sensuous French kiss. Their lips locking and unlocking, dripping saliva
down each other's chins and momentarily constructing a bridge of spit
about an inch long between their upper lips.

All that could be heard now was the crackling of the campground fire
and various lip-smacking sounds interspersed with opulent moans and
gasps. The twins reached under their halter-tops and eventually removed

When the twin's tops were detached, Todd was thunder struck. He tore
his tee shirt and shorts off. Abby raised her hands as her mother pulled her clothes off. Violet was soon as naked as her children and it
was cute to see Rick, dumbfounded and staring at his family's
collective nudity, torn between commanding decorum and explaining the
immense bulge in his shorts.

The twins were feeling each other's bodies and licking every inch.
Violet had her legs wide open, sitting on the edge of the platform as
her beautiful naked young daughter stood between them staring up at her
mother's loving face. Abby's hands were pushing her mother's breasts up
as if she was weighing them. Todd was standing about two feet away from
the torrid twins, his dick bouncing up and down as if it had a mind of
its own.

A family orgy ensued. Pent up emotions and feelings of lust swept
through the Bliss family like a wildfire. Samantha was lying on her
back with her knees up. Tabby was on all fours, crawling all over her
sister and licking, sucking, kissing and feeling her alter ego. Rick
swooped behind Tabitha and began to lick her exposed asshole and cunt.
Tabitha's attention was diverted from her sister to her father. Sammy,
in turn was dazed as two other masculine hands glided under her arms
and rested heavily upon her nubile breasts. Samantha thrilled at her
younger brother's touch as he exquisitely and brazenly groped and
tugged at her perky nipples.

Mr. Bliss could not rip his remaining clothes off fast enough. Tabitha
stood in front of him wearing only her sneakers. Her eyes were in awe.
She knew her father loved her as much as he loved the entire family.
The only thing was that he sometimes seemed distant. Well, she knew
that that was about to change. Her father picked her up as if she were
a rag doll. He brought her to the picnic bench and sat down on the edge
of the counter. He had Tabitha straddle his thighs. His cock was harder
than a railroad spike.

Her only source of penetration and stimulation to this point consisted
of dildos, vibrators, some fruits and vegetables and her sister's
tongue and fingers. Rick placed his hands on his daughter's hips and
guided her vaginal opening so it was centered on the top of his cement
hard phallus. When he had positioned her correctly, he put his hands on
her shoulders and pushed his daughter downward, thus forcing his cock
into her quite moist pussy. As the walls of her vagina engulfed his
penis, their faces met in lust for the first time. Tabitha's eyes were
glued to her father's as they began to thrust tighter. In unison, they
began to crescendo.

"Oh Daddy!" Tabitha closed her eyes and opened her mouth, sticking her
tongue out.

She brought a finger to her tongue and wet it with her saliva. Then she
began to finger her clitty while her father impaled her with a human
prick for the first time in her young debauched life.

"Oh Gawddd!" the young bookend cried, "If I had known that getting
fucked by a man was this good, I would have done this years ago!"

"Baby, daddy has been wanting to fuck you and Samantha since grammar
school! Every time I would catch a glimpse of either of you naked, I
would have to go into another room or hide my eyes and concentrate on
something else."

All the time he was speaking he was drilling her senseless. His thrusts
threatened to push her insides into her throat. Tabitha opened her eyes
long enough to see her baby brother Todd, sprawled over Samantha's
body. She smiled happily as she saw the care that her twin sister administered while trying to give her brother a quick lesson in how to
fuck a girl.

Todd smiled at his sister and planted a kiss on her mouth. This kept
her quiet as he pushed both his tongue and his cock into one of the
four girls of his dreams (the other's being his other two sisters and
his sexy mom). As he began to probe her vagina with his ramrod boy cock, Samantha placed her fingers on his buttocks and applied downward
pressure on him.

"Push it into me you 'Hot Toddy'!" Samantha cried out. "Fuck me little

"Who's little?"

He smiled at her as his shyness quickly gave way to a revitalized
display of lust and vigor as he quickly surveyed the decadence that was
unfolding around him. His prick was young and ready to go as he plunged
into his sister. Here he was lying on top of one of his all time jerk
off fantasies - one of his own twin sisters! His cock was bursting at
the thought of what he was doing. He took it upon himself to latch onto
Samantha's hips and thrust his torso repeatedly up and down into her
wet, moist cunt. His aching dick made squishing sounds as it plowed
deeper and deeper into the oozing, free flowing vaginal fluids of his
goddess like sister.

'Heaven could not be better than this!' he thought to himself.

Todd's forehead was beaded in sweat and the salty drops rolled down his
nose from his exertions. The droplets formed and rained down on
Samantha's face. She smacked her lips and swallowed his salty
perspiration. As Todd was plunging into Samantha, he looked up for a
moment only to see his darling little sister Abby, with her cute butt
pointed directly at him. He couldn't see her face because it was buried
between the spread-eagled legs of his mother. Violet watched her son
staring at her and Abby's ass as he plowed Samantha's smoldering snatch senseless.

"Eat me child! Make a meal out of Mommy!" Violet screeched.

Mrs. Bliss grabbed Abby by her long hair and tugged her face towards
her hirsute bush. She had dreamed of this day for the longest time.
Secretly lusting over her children was one thing but acting on it was
another. What a day trip this was turning out to be! First some long
missing awakenings from her loving husband had stirred her cauldron.
Then her son stunned her with his lust, warmth and willingness to
engage in everything with her. This was followed by the lewdest, rudest
lunch she had ever had with the loves of her life, those little sluts
that were her twin daughters.

Finally! Here was the one missing piece. Abby was the most wonderful
child anyone could ever hope for. Violet simply adored this baby of the
family. Here she was leaning backwards, her hands on the platform, her
legs wide open and her daughter was using her mouth, lips and even her
perky little nose to ravenously gorge herself on her own mother's cunt.

The twin's lesson that given to Abby last evening, were fresh in her
mind. Eating pussy was an art form and an acquired skill. Tabby and
Sammy had given Abby her final exam. One day later, Mom's sopping wet
vagina was Abby's graduation day. Abby snuffled and gasped for air as
she tried to insert her entire face into Violet's vulva. The youngster
hadn't been this close to her mom's snatch since she was born a dozen
years ago. Her mother's hands caressed any part of Abby's body within
her reach.

"Dear, look up at me when you eat my pussy!" Abby's mother beseeched

The lovely little twelve-year old responded in kind. They both shared a
knowing look as if this scenario was going to be repeated again and
again. The Bliss family had changed forever, dramatically and
positively. As Abby festooned her mouth on her mother's clit, she
looked over to Tabby and Samantha and smiled at the sight of Dad and
little brother pummeling their cocks into the twins and fucking them

"I love you mommy!" Abby finally uttered, "and you taste good to!"

The young girl resumed licking and lapping her mother's succulent
labia. Violet closed her eyes and let herself go into convulsion after
convulsion of orgiastic release.

While the air was filled with the smells of the slippery friction
caused by the melding of mucous membranes, Rick realized that he had
the best seat in the house - or rather Tabitha did. He kneaded and
mashed Tabby's buttocks and squeezed her hips in his strong, manly
hands as she bounced up and down on her father's prick. His daughter was wild eyed with lust as she tried to squeeze every drop out of her
dad's plunging cock. They were causing the chair to buckle as his dick
lanced her dark, dank, blood smeared fuck hole.

Mr. Bliss now had other ideas. He wanted his turgid penis embedded into
his beautiful daughter's ass. Tabitha's beautiful face was covered with
sweat and her smile was both bewitching and deranged with lust. Rick
was chewing on his daughter's hair, stuffing handfuls of her liquid
brown mane into his mouth. Her ass cheeks were bouncing on his cock
right before his eyes. The forty-two year old man was in a hypnotic

"Up sweetheart! Get up!" Rick ordered.

"Oh daddy, please don't stop now!" Tabitha responded sheepishly.

"Not to worry baby. Dad wants to climb into your ass!"

Tabitha smiled viciously at her 'dirty pig' father. She wiped her
disheveled hair from her forehead and dropped to her knees. She stopped
for a moment to take her sneakers off.

Naked, wet and ready, she told her father, "Daddy drive me, fuck me,
make me cry, I love you so much, I've wanted this for so long, take
your daughter's ass and take it now!"

His cock was beet-red from the menstrual juice from Tabby's now swollen

"Ahh the perfect lubricant!" he said.

He ran his fingers over her cunt once more. The hand looked as if it
had been painted. He wormed his middle finger into her ass and rubbed
it all over the walls of this young woman's shit chute. Then he gave
his cock a few strokes to wet every inch of it in his daughter's blood.
As he circled the brown grommet of her anus with his resplendent
cockhead, he looked over to his wife for a second. Violet was coming
load after load as she alternated between every member of her now
delirious family.

They exchanged winks and blew each other a kiss as Violet called out,
"Honey, I love you darling, fuck Tabitha's ass, make her scream! Tabby
your mother and father love the shit out of you and we are going to
love the shit out of you."

They all giggled as Rick licked every vestige of menstrual waste from
his fingers, savoring every drop. He was concentrating on placing his
rigid cock right at the beginning of the anal ring.

"Let me help daddy." Tabitha offered.

Tabby spread her ass cheeks with her long sleek fingers. Even though
the twins had placed sundry devices, contraptions, food items and
fingers into their rosy reds since their prepubescent days, nothing
compared to the subsistence of a real live flesh and blood engorged
cock of a man. Especially when that man was her own father.

"Goddammit Tabby! You're tighter than a well digger's ass!" Her father shouted incredulously.

"Oh daddy I've never had anything so BIG up inside me. It hurts like
hell, but it's the greatest hurt I have ever felt! Stick it all the way

Tabitha was clutching the grass in front of her and pulling out clumps
like a weed whacker gone berserk. The intense pressure that Tabitha
felt as her father's cock slowly invaded her vise like rectum was
excruciating. Her bowels were coagulating as he plowed through his
daughter's asshole. The man's penis met with a wall of resistance in
the form of Tabby's excrement. Undaunted and newly enflamed, he
pistoned his cock deeper and deeper as the feces wall began to break up
and plaster itself along the passages of her pulsating, throbbing
shitter. Rick was determined to bury every inch of his cock in
Tabitha's ass, right down to the pubic hairs. He wanted his balls to
bang themselves silly against her butt.

Father and daughter breathed rapidly in unison. They were sprinting
after a two-mile run: each striding to reach the finish line. They
gasped and rutted as his cock was swallowed completely by her sweet
rear end. As Rick's cock slid almost completely out before returning
for more, shit began to burst from her intestinal walls. This lubricant
further facilitated entry as his next thrust buried his prick to the
hilt. The sheer force of the last incursion drove Tabitha onto her
stomach as her father continued his rhythmic foraging of her well-
fucked asshole. Rick grabbed his daughter and pulled his cock out as he
pulled her face to his and kissed her deeply and amorously telling her
how much he loved her.

11. Todd drills Samantha's butt

Todd pulled out of his sister's cunny and momentarily watched as his
dad fucked Tabitha's ass and burrowed his cock deeply between her
gorgeous butt cheeks. Without a word spoken, he licked his fingers and
circled them around Samantha's anus. She looked back at him and over to
her sister. She was ready for the same kind of treatment that her daddy
was giving to her twin. Samantha turned over onto her back and raised
her legs so that her feet rested on either of Todd's shoulders. Todd
smiled and looked slightly intoxicated as he took in the incredible
view of his sister lying before him, legs and ass spread wide, her
pussy leaking like a sieve.

"Oh shit sis!" I gotta fuck your butt hole!"

"Yes... yes... YES Todd! Fuck my ass! Tabby and I are your personal ass
fucks! Our asses belong to you and daddy!" Samantha yelped.

With a tremendous downward thrust, Todd's cunt slicked cock was easily
slurped up and swallowed by her anus. In seconds, the young teenage boy was far up into his sister's guts. He leaned over and sucked on
Samantha's heaving and bobbing titties. Samantha grabbed him by the
head and tousled and twirled his hair with reckless abandon.

"Fuck me Todd...take my asshole. Fuck your sister's ass!"

Thighs slapped against thighs with an audible smack. brother and sister gasped. Their breaths panting in unison at the intense pleasure they
were feeling from the incredible incestuous anal copulation. Samantha
was clenching her butt cheeks as she tried to capture each stroke from
the invading meat in her ass. Todd had handfuls of his sister's hair in
his hands as he pulled her back towards him with each stroke.

12. Abby pisses in mom's mouth.

Violet looked briefly at the tarp that was draped over the railing. She
went to reach for the cover and pull it off.

Todd scurried over to his mother and yelled, 'Wait mom! Allow me!"

The Bliss family scientist waited until he received the proper
attention from the entire gathering. Todd then quickly unveiled his
invention. Mrs. Bliss stared at it for a moment and then laughed at the
sheer brilliance of it. His sisters gasped in awe and Rick Bliss
applauded his young son's efforts.

It was a 'booth' for lack of a better term, designed for a chair that
looked like a chinese rickshaw. Only the poles were side to side
instead of back to front. The rider could sit in it and be raised over
the floor without impedance. There was even a floor that was obviously
leak proof and steady. It was large enough to hold all off them
comfortably and would keep any 'contents' from escaping.

Violet laughed out loud as she told her son, "Toddy, my little genius,
you are wonderful! I know exactly what this is for!"

"What do you say we try it on for size?" Violet suggested to her
youngest daughter.

Mom and daughter ambled into the platform and slithered into the
trough. Violet sat down in the well while Abby straddled the chair so
her open pussy was directly over her mother's mouth.

"Eat me now mom!"

"Abby, mommy could eat you forever..."

In her excitement, Abby couldn't contain herself, or the contents of
her bladder. At exactly the same time that her mother was mouthing her
little daughter's cunt for the first time ever, Abby suddenly gushed
forward a sizzling torrent of pee. Mrs. Bliss was momentarily taken
aback and her eyes widened like saucers. She seized upon the situation
and held onto Abby's butt cheeks to hold her steady. She kept her mouth
wide open as the droplets of pee sprinkled off her lips, teeth and

"Grrrgggggllllllllleeee" Violet gargled happily.

Abby giggled lewdly at the proceedings and continued pissing away to
her hearts content. She was becoming downright giddy from the wine
cooler she had consumed earlier. Rick Bliss walked over and cheered his
daughter on as she finished going to the bathroom into his wife's
mouth. The man stroked his shit covered cock that had just exited
Tabitha's asshole. He retrieved another wine cooler from the ice bucket
and handed it to his youngest child.

"Have another refreshment honey. You gotta keep replenishing those
fluids of yours."

As Abby downed the cooler, Rick opened 5 more cans of beer and passed
them to everyone, saying "Everybody load up, we need more ammo."

Violet had two, so did Tabby.

"Thanks daddy!" Abby laughed as she shook her cunt lips of any
remaining piss droplets.

Her mom helped her by bringing her glistening tongue to her daughter's
pussy and licked the little darling clean.

13. Dad's shit covered cock and Tabby's mouth

"Daddy, get back over here!" Tabitha playfully cried out to her father.
"I feel suddenly empty!"

She licked her lips as her father returned from giving Abby another
drink. The man grabbed the kneeling girl by her hair.

"You made a mess of daddy's cock little girl!"

Rick brought his dick close to Tabitha's face for a closer inspection.
His cock and right hand were smeared in excrement. The sexy twin looked
up to her dad and licked her lips. She knew what she wanted to do, but
wondered if her daddy had the same idea she had.

"Clean me off Tabby!" Bliss brought his feces covered dick to her lips.

Her mouth parted to accept the dirty penis and the girl was transported
to heaven. Her pussy throbbed at what she was made to do. She had just
soiled her father's penis when he rammed it up her butt; the least she
could do was to lick it clean until it was it's shiny self again.

"Put it in my mouth daddy!" Tabitha whispered. "I'll suck your filthy
cock clean!"

The teenager covered her father's dick in her spit and tongued it to
its previous pure state. Rick wiped his fingers clean with her hair
like it was some sort of dishrag. Rick's shitty prick was being
thoroughly cleaned by his daughter. As she did so, he looked towards
his son, to see Todd looking at Sammy's shit on his cock. Meanwhile,
Todd continued to lance his blood-engorged penis up into his older twin
sister's anus with youthful enthusiasm. They both shared a laugh when
Samantha was overcome with a bout of flatulence. Tears welled up in
both their eyes from the stench. Sammy had some hard-boiled eggs for
breakfast and when you mix hard-boiled eggs and beer, the gas you
create can cause the grout to fall out of the tiles.

All of that pile driving of her rectum by her young brother's
formidable cock was loosening up her shit chute and was about to cause
a premature evacuation of her bowels.


"What is it Sam?"

"You better pull out. I gotta shit right now!" Samantha smiled,
slightly amused by it all.

"Tell you what...let's go join mom and Abby and I'll sit down and you
squat over my dick and shit on it sis!

"Are you crazy?"

"Oh god sis... please do it. I want you too!"

Samantha looked curiously at her brother while watching the increased
depravity that was surrounding them. They quickly clambered into the
pit and Todd plopped his shit streaked dick and sat his ass on the
tarpaulin-covered bottom. Samantha quickly positioned her creamy
buttocks over his rock hardness. She didn't even grunt as her shit very
unceremoniously exited her ravaged anus in three huge pieces of heavy

"Oh shit yeah!" Todd exulted.

Her sister defecated onto his cock and the creamy turds rolled down to
his balls and wisps of newly grown pubic hair. An orb of shit the size
of a silver dollar attached itself to the bulbous dome of his young,
teenage cock. It looked like a Tootsie Roll pop.

14. mom makes a meal...

"Oh my god Mom!" Abby pointed incredulously. "Sammy just shit on Todd's

Violet Bliss was beyond the point of no return and quickly moved down
next to Todd and Samantha. Her hands rubbed the left ass cheek of her
oldest daughter as she coaxed out one last turd onto the mass of shit
that now covered her only son's sex organ. She kissed her on the butt
and slapped it lightly and gently maneuvered her out of the way.

Abby stood next to Samantha and they wrapped an arm around each other
and kissed. They watched bug-eyed as their mother placed her mouth over
the shit covered head of Todd's penis. She completely captured the ball
of shit on the end of his dick with her long tongue. She flicked it on
the end and moved her head to the side so that her two daughters could
get a good view. She closed her mouth, shook her head and closed her
eyes...and swallowed.

"Oh god!" Abby brought her hands to her face in shock. "I dunno if I
can do that!"

Samantha kissed her on the lips and assured her that she could.

"The best thing you can do is try eating your own first."

Mrs. Bliss mashed her face along the side of Todd's quivering cock and
ate at the shit surrounding the base and covering his nut sack. She
rutted like a happy pig as she systematically devoured Samantha's warm,
brown excrement from around her son's scrotum. She sat back on her
haunches and brought her hands to her lips. Her lips, chin and cheeks
were stained brown. She had a massive amount in her mouth and had
difficulty chewing it. She watched as Samantha handed a plate to Abby.
Todd collapsed in delirious pleasure, uncertain as to what was going to
occur next. He began to massage his balls and cock with whatever shit
remained after Mom's meal.

15. Abby shits on plate...

"Can you make now Abby?" Samantha asked her.

"Yeah, I think I can. Should I?"

Samantha gave her a nod of confidence and a soft squeeze of her
shoulder. Abby bent over the plate and fixed her stare on Tabitha, who
was now deep throating their father's shitty dick to its previously
clean condition. She scrunched her face up and forced a ball of turd
out of her tight rectum.

"Relax little sister." Samantha rubbed the soft ass globes of the
beautiful, young preteen girl.

Slowly, a long distended piece of light brown crap emerged from the
tiny confines of Abby's puckered anus. It settled onto the plate near
the round shaped feces. She eyed Samantha for direction. Her older twin
sister immediately complied.

"Pick it up in your hand!" Samantha instructed her. "And put it under
your nose first!"

"Gawwddd! It's smelly!" Abby made a face.

"Of course it is silly. Shit smells. But it tastes so so good!"

"Now my baby slut, put your own shit in your mouth." Samantha commanded
her gently.

Abby closed her eyes and tentatively opened her mouth and crammed the
ball of turd past her velvety soft lips. Her mom nodded approval as she
continued to chew the incredible amount of Samantha's shit cramming her
mouth. Samantha encouraged Abby to continue while pointing to their
mother's shit smeared, cheek swelled face. Violet was staring at Abby
with glee in her eyes. mom was sitting with her legs wide open, her
cunt dripping and her hands were cupping her breasts suggestively. That
was enough to send the little girl over the edge. She chewed quickly on
the mass of shit in her mouth as it stuck to her pearly white teeth.
She gulped once, then twice.

16. Abby chews...pukes

The young girl suddenly turned a shade of white and green at what she
had just done. She opened her eyes in amazement once she realized that
she had ingested a part of her own bowel movement. Abby was now a shit
eater just like her mom and her twin sisters. She wanted to revel
proudly in her accomplishment but her violated stomach had other plans.
Samantha knelt next to her hunched over baby sister. Abby retched and
coughed as the bile rose from her esophagus and up into her throat.

Abby's stomach heaved violently, sweat pouring down her face. She let
out a horrendous cough that was quickly followed by a huge wave of
chocolate colored vomit. It splattered outward in front of her,
splattering the feet of Todd and her mother. Samantha deftly positioned
her face under Abby's chin and caught the next disgusting discharge of
puke and caught it square in the face and mouth. The twelve year-old
girl's eyes widened in astonishment, even as she emptied her guts out
at what her older sister was doing.

Samantha rose to her knees and sat back. Her face slightly disfigured
from the mask of vomit that she wore. Her fingers worked the puke and
Abby's breakfast from that morning into her mouth and swallowed it
lovingly. Abby gasped and wheezed while her head and face bobbed weakly
against the tarpaulin. She looked around at Dad, Mom, her older brother and her twin sisters and thought to herself 'What a fucked up family I

She hadn't seen anything yet.

17. Dad gives Tabby a drink

Rick Bliss' eyes blazed with lust. After Tabitha had cleaned her shit
from his cock, they were catching their breath and watching the goings
on all around them. Rick picked up his daughter in his arms and carried
her over to the booth.

Mom was now worming her tongue up Todd's asshole looking for more of
his brownies. Samantha and Abby were recovering nicely. Abby was
anxious to try again and Sammy was covering her little sister's face
with kisses.

Tabby was now in the catbird's seat, waiting for whatever her wonderful
father could offer. Up to this point, absolutely nothing has left
Rick's penis. The swelling in his abdomen was caused by the enormous amount of pressure built up in his bladder. The effect was to prolong
the endurance in his erection. There was no other reason to explain how
he could just have finished the cunt fucking of a lifetime, followed by
an anal insertion to end all anal insertions and still not have spent
his cookies.

Now Tabitha was about to understand the strength of her father's cock.
She sat awaiting the next episode, thinking that perhaps he would fuck
her face. Tabby was inwardly a little disappointed thinking that he
wouldn't be able to shower her with his hot urine. She had always heard
that erections and pissing did not mix. Rick simply plunged his prick
into his daughter's mouth and began to urinate. Tabby was up for the

"Glug!grlprlprplrlp!!" Tabby swallowed down ten of fifteen mouthfuls.
"Daddy, I'm coming, I'm fucking and grlrgr..coming!"

She was mauling her perfectly shaped 34B's with one hand and pinching
her clitoris with the other. Her father took his cock from his
daughter's mouth and washed her face with his salty urine. The flow had
not subsided one bit. He aimed directly into her eyes, one at a time.
The piss blurred her vision and she didn't give a fuck at all. Then he
bathed her already caked and matted hair thoroughly. He drained the
warm flow into her ears, causing the wax to pop out.

"Tabitha I will always need you, love you and want you my darling,
darling daughter, I love you so much I'm going to come!" he wailed.

Everyone else gathered around for just a moment to watch this.

Samantha mumbled happily, "Tabby, you lucky bitch!"

Rick heard her and looked at her briefly stating, "You are going to get
an exact replay sweetheart, drop for drop."

Samantha actually came at this promise.

Abby was drooling openly and just a little high from the wine coolers
she was consuming. She was so happy that she was just floating.

"Stick her gooey, daddy!" Abby cheered.

Todd and Violet were sharing her rewards from the hunt up his red ass.
They were both eyeing the spectacle that was about to unfold.

Rick was stroking in perfect rhythm. He knew that he would stop that
one tiny second just before the onset of jubilation. His knees tensed.
His toes curled. Shudders ran up and down his spine as the tingling
reached his chest. His testicles knotted up as the veins took all the
force they could stand. His semen came in five bursts of Olympic sized
proportions. The first tattooed Tabby's left eye. The second splashed
over and past her grinning lips and teeth and spurted directly into her
mouth. The third shot was a bull's eye in the middle of her forehead.
These explosions of jism had already covered her beautiful if not
disgusting face. Rick plunged his dick into her mouth and shot two
remaining globs of thick sticky semen down Tabitha's throat. The
frenzied girl took every drop, licked her chops and jumped into her
father's arms and shared a mouthful of his cum with him.

18. Samantha pulls out Menses
Todd was watching his sister Samantha with fascination and disbelief.
She had a mouthful of Abby's regurgitated shit leaking out from the
corners of her lips. She furiously played with her clit until her
fingers were stained a dark pink. She got into a slight crouch and
grimaced. Taking her index and forefingers, she plied her way deeply
past her vaginal lips and probed the inner depths of her cunt. Seconds
later, her eyes opened with satisfaction, as she found what she was
looking for. When her fingers emerged from her pussy, Todd was shocked
to see a couple of dark red pieces of what looked like some kind of raw

'My god!' The boy wondered. 'It looks like her pussy has been torn

Samantha could tell how keenly interested her little brother was in
what she was doing. Todd leaned in closer for a clearer inspection of
his sister's blood soaked hand. She rolled the chunks around with her
fingers and brought them up to his face. His mouth gaped open. Without
a hint of warning, Samantha shoved her three crimson colored fingers
into Todd's mouth. The smell and the taste were heady and pungent and
immediately overtook the boy's senses.

19. Todd pukes guts out...

Violet quickly moved over to Todd and Sammy when she saw one of her
eldest daughters feeding her period sauce to him. Todd tried vainly to
fight the disgusting feeling that overtook him because his perpetual
hardon signaled the surreal enjoyment he was receiving out of this
perverted family scenario. His senses and body was overwhelmed. But his
churning stomach had other plans. The combination of seeing Samantha
lick her reddened fingers clean, her mom's shit smeared face, Abby
still blue and convulsing on the tarpaulin floor, was making him swoon.
Add to that the scene of Tabby wringing her hair dry from her father's
piss and his dad squatting nearby over a plate was making him sick and
excited at the same time.

Todd's mom brought her face closer to his to give him comfort. She was
rewarded with a face full of puke that her young son forcefully shot
out of his mouth towards her, like a projectile. Violet opened her
mouth and kissed his vomiting lips for a direct exchange of puke. Mrs.
Bliss shuddered as she swallowed a concoction of Todd's last meal and
her daughter's menstrual chunks. She frigged her cunny and came.

20. Rick shits onto platter...

While the Bliss family's moral breakdown was rapidly and unceasingly
unfolding around him, Rick Bliss hunkered down contentedly over a large
platter and defecated his guts out. The man had shit his share of
monster loads in the past and has been known to clear out a few men's
room stalls in his day. But this was a bowel movement for the ages. No
less than 5 gargantuan turd cylinders fell from his anus and coiled
itself onto the platter. The shitty brown muck spread outward like
lava. It was piled two inches high at the center.

The man arose and observed the massive amount of excrement he had just
given birth to. The other family members were now in various stages of
intense sexual lust and frenzy. Violet took a handful and shoved some
of her husband's shit into her mouth. She took another glob and fed
Rick with it. Samantha and Tabitha took that as a cue to help them

"Oh god!" Samantha exclaims. "Daddy's shit is scrumptious!"

Samantha scooped out a handful of her father's shit and gave it to
Tabitha. Tabby ate her dad's shit right from her twin sister's hand.

"Delish sis!" Tabitha jumped up and down with glee while clapping her

The youngest members of the Bliss clan were sufficiently recovered from
their temporary plight and joined in the proceedings. They fought the
urge to regurgitate again but didn't want to be left out. Abby and Todd
had to hurry however. Half the shit was already gone. Samantha and
Tabitha were making piglets out of each other, shoving their father's
shit back and forth into the other one's mouth and playfully coated
their faces and hair with it. mom and dad were sharing repeated shit
smeared kisses.

Abby, fresh from eating her own shit for the first time ever,
tentatively placed a finger into her dad's shit pile. She brought it up
to her nose and sniffed it. Todd placed three fingers into the brown
muck of his father's wastes and looked at it. brother and sister stared
at each other and then over to their sisters and parents. The examples
were on display before them. Todd opened his mouth wide and plastered
his tongue and gums with his father's feces. He chewed quickly and
swallowed so as to get it over with.

Abby pursed her lips, gliding her finger into her mouth as if she were
sucking on a cock. When her finger came back out a few moments later,
it was clean except for a residue of excrement under her fingernail.
She looked over at Todd, who sheepishly nodded his approval. The little
girl cocked her head and rested her chin against her shoulder blade and
swallowed the morsel of her father's shit.

21. Todd Sucks Dad... and Dad Pees

Everyone was feasting on Rick's crap. The twins were finger painting
their breasts, arms thighs, forehead, noses and cheeks and licking
their fingers clean. Violet showed motherly concern when she put her
arm around Abby's shoulder, wondering if her youngest daughter would
get sick again. She coaxed a little more of Rick's shit into hers and
Abby's mouth and the two of them slowly chewed the morsels. Todd's mind
was abuzz with all kinds of sensual and sexual impulses. He had just
consumed a rather large mouthful of his father's shit and found it to
be not as bad as anticipated. The total debauchery of his family was
transforming the kid from an introverted geek to an outward pervert.

The way Todd looked at his dad, Rick sensed that he could now take
liberties with his only son. Bliss moved towards his little boy and
placed a firm hand upon each of his shoulders. He pressed on them,
forcing Todd to his knees in front of his dad. The man grabbed hold of
his colossal prick and waved it like a magic wand around his son's face
and rubbed the glazed tip against the young boy's shit smeared lips. A
strange quiet arose as the females of the family quickly realized what
was about to happen next.

"Suck it, son!" Mr. Bliss ordered him.

Smoldering with passions that never before enveloped Todd Bliss' body,
the boy opened his mouth and obeyed. He took in the first male sex
organ of his life into his oral cavity. The boy enveloped his lips
around his daddy's huge penis. A strange and thrilling sensation filled
the pit of his stomach as he guided that warm mass of another male's
flesh into his mouth. Todd was sucking off his own father! And loving

"Hmmmmnnnnnnn!" Todd moaned looking up to his dad for approval.

"You're doing good son." Rick complimented him. "Are you sure you
haven't done this before?"

Tabby and Samantha stood close to one another and watched transfixed
with utter amazement as they watched their only brother go down on
daddy. Actually, they were a little jealous because they wanted more
time to play with their father's dick. The significance of the act of
their dad getting sucked off by his son did not escape them. It was
incestuous and it was gay. They drew the comparisons between themselves
and what was unfolding before them now. The twins placed a hand over
the other girl's pussies and frigged each other silly. It was their own
subtle way of showing their support and approval.

"What do you think Todd?" Mr. Bliss momentarily removed his cock from
his son's mouth.

"I, I... um... like it dad!" Todd smiled up at his towering father.

Todd kept his mouth open like a baby bird waiting to be fed another
worm by the mother bird. Rick's 'worm' was reinserted into his little
boy's mouth. Todd began to lick it with his tongue and bobbed his head
upon the thick, 6-inch shaft of his father's prick. Abby and mom wrapped their arms around each other and ran a couple of delicate
fingers over each other's breasts while watching brother and son
blowing dad and husband.

The fourteen year-old boy's chin began to get smacked by his father's
ball sack as both daddy and son thrust towards each other. Todd's head
moved closer to his dad's groin while Rick's torso gravitated against
his little boy's face. The boy started to suck with more enthusiasm.
But his dad tapped him on the shoulder and told him to stop

"Hold still Todd!" he ordered. "Don't move."

Todd felt a sudden burst of warm liquid squirt out to the back of his
mouth and trickle down his throat. It was bitter and acrid and tasted
nothing like sperm, at least not the kind of cum that the boy had
sampled when tasting his own. The boy's eyes widened when he realized
that his father was pissing into his mouth and using him as a urinal!

"Swallow it son!" Bliss trembled. "Swallow daddy's pee!"

It was a sudden and erotic turn of events to say the least. The twins,
mom and Abby stood in stunned silent as their brother and son was
suddenly transformed from being his father's cocksucker to his father's
toilet bowl!

Todd's head recoiled backwards at the forceful gush of urine. It
dribbled down his chin and leaked out of his nose. Rick Bliss needed to
pee so badly. There was no way that he could maintain a hardon this
time and perform to a climax under these perverse and homosexual conditions. He needed to empty his bladder and found his little boy's
mouth to be a handy and convenient receptacle.

In the frenzy and flurry of tonight's outlandish decadence, and the
fact that Todd had already swallowed a few pieces of his dad's asshole
candy, drinking a little of lemonade from his dad's bladder wouldn't
hurt much.

The boy swallowed his father's piss as eagerly as possible without
choking or drowning

22. Abby's Thirsty and Hungry...They All Are

"Oh Mommy, wasn't that great when Dad pee peed in Toddy's mouth?" Abby
commented rather calmly.

"I'm sure it was wonderful, sweetheart," Vio replied. "Baby why don't
you lie down on this platform with your head over the side of the

Abby maneuvered her head so her neck was just over the edge of the
platform. In this position, Violet could squat over her daughter's face
and any spillage would run into the collector that was getting
impressively filled with a rather vile concoction.

Mrs. Bliss' body was streaked with shit morsels. Her vagina and mons
veneris were matted with turd and puke remnants. She had a large glob
of dried shit under her left breast. Her hair was a multitude of

She was downing a couple of slugs of scotch while giving Abby another
beer. Abby drank it greedily. Violet looked unbelievable! She was a
combination of wild-eyed madwoman and totally content sex goddess.

Samantha came over and stunned even her mother. Sammy consumed a few
slugs of scotch and produced a long Italian bread roll. Then she placed
it under her ass and filled the bread with a nice, long salami... a
hard 'salami.' She ate her shit sandwich, leaving nothing. Then she
took another log out of her ass by sticking her thumb and forefinger
into her violated butt. By now mom had positioned her vagina over her
daughter's face

"Darling I want your eyes to sting so I'm just going to pee a little in
each of them. Then I am going to urinate into your mouth slowly.
Samantha, darling come closer, this is something I want you to learn

After stinging Abby's eyes with several droplets of piss, their mother indeed proceeded to fill up Abigail's mouth halfway with her warm,
amber liquid.

"Sweetie, before you swallow urine, slosh it around your mouth. Let it
coat your teeth and try to smell the pungency. When I drink my own hot
urine I keep it in my mouth until it cools. The other day when we were
shopping for supplies, I had a small bottle of my piss with me and I
walked around the entire store with a mouth full of my own piss. I want
you girls to know that so you can do it too. It's a real turn on."

All the while mom was orating, she was pouring fifteen or twenty small
mouthfuls, which Abby easily tasted before she swallowed.

"Gee mom, I love this! Sammy I'm hungry. Can I have something to eat,
please?" Abby pleaded coquettishly.

Violet and Samantha smiled wickedly as Sammy took her rolled up shit
food that she was filleting and fed it to Abby.

"Darling I know you won't throw up if you let me fill your mouth before
Samantha puts her shit in," Her mother stated, "Chew the shit and the
urine at the same time."

Tabby crawled over to them and tongue kissed her mother, surprising her
with a nice large chunk of menstrual waste.

"Thanks darling! Give me some urine to wash it down." Mrs. Bliss

Abby burped and everyone looked at her expecting chunks to come flying
out of her now filthy mouth.

Instead the little cherub looked at each of them wickedly and announced
proudly, "Now I can eat shit, drink piss, vomit and anything just like
my filthy mom and my homo sisters!"

With that, she picked up a stray shit ball and tossed it into her mouth

"Who are you calling a homo, you slut?" Both twins said as they mauled
their little sister lovingly.

"I'll show you what's filthy, you bitches!" As Violet squeezed out one
more titanic burst of urine directly into all of their wide open

23. Tabby sucks shit...

Despite the fact that Todd was concentrating on quaffing his dad's
urine, the inescapable feel of a warm, soft tongue worming its way
around and up his anus was unmistakable. When Rick finished using his
son's mouth as a toilet, Todd grasped his dad's dick and rubbed the
remnants and droplets onto his chin and cheeks. The boy turned and saw
the top of Tabitha's head hovering over by the base of his spine.

Todd's brain impulses were on overdrive. He had just drank his father's
vile, salty pee and now his guts wrenched and worked to liberate
himself from his bowel contents and send them towards his sister's
tongue, teeth and mouth. He stroked his dad's cock and fondled his
balls as he felt Tabby's tongue plow through his tight shitter.

"Unnnnhhhhhhhhh!" Tabitha spoke against Todd's asshole. "Feed me Toddy!
I need this!"

Rick observed the utter wickedness that his family had lowered itself
to and marveled.

"I've got my wife and two of my daughters eating the rest of my shit,
another daughter feasting on my son's crap, and my son just drank my
piss and I think he wants to eat what's in his old man's balls right

As a silent response of agreement, Todd looked back at Tabitha eating
his asshole as he lowered his face and playfully chewed on the sacred
family jewels of his father. Then the young, teenager suddenly gasped.

"Ah shit Tabby!" Todd lifted his head away from his dad's groin. "Here
it comes!"

The boy farted forcefully as the first morsel poked its head out of
Todd's anal opening. It was fleetingly exposed to light and air as
Tabitha firmly fixed her mouth around it. The turd went almost directly
from ass to mouth. Todd shat another log, and this one was a huge one.
The reluctant brown mass clung to the sides of the boy's anus, not
wanting to release its grip.

"Mommy look!" Abby pointed to the distended, 5 inch brown log.

The entire family stopped and focused on what happened next. Tabby got
on her back with her elbows propped up on the mat in support and her
head against the base of Todd's balls. She mouthed the seemingly
petrified piece of excrement and deep throated it. The boy agonized and
grunted as he tried vainly to pinch off the solid loaf of shit. Tabitha
bobbed her head up and down and took the entire feces into her mouth
until it touched her tonsils. The luscious looking seventeen year-old
'fucked' the semi-hardened shit with her mouth. She brought her lips
completely off it and the shit glistened and softened with her spit.
Just as suddenly, the shit broke off and fell in a flopping heap onto
Tabby's neck until the turd lodged itself between her ample, healthy

24. mom fists fucks...

Tabitha crawled towards her mother like a frisky feline. She cupped the
captured piece of crap from Todd's rectum and held it to her bosom like
a prized possession.

"Lie down girls, I need to try something," Violet Bliss breathlessly
ordered them. "Abby, you just watch ok?"

Abby nodded and got on her knees to take in the next lewd and debased
scene involving her outrageous family. Tabitha and Samantha lied down
side by side. Violet placed a hand on each of her twin daughter's
nether regions. Slowly and rhythmically, she circled the brown, oval
grommets of Tabby and Sammy. The girls cooed with pleasure at the
ministrations of their mother's delicate fingers on their smooth
bottoms. Samantha, being the little shit pig that she was, zeroed in on
Todd's turd that had plastered itself to Tabitha's breasts.

She sucked on the shit on one tit and smeared male excrement upon her
sister's other boob while Violet inserted the middle fingers of each of
her hands up her twin daughter's rectums. Tabby reached down and vainly
tried to put her right tittie into her mouth. But the girl's 34B's just
weren't ample enough to reach her mouth. Her tongue was a tantalizingly
1/2 inch away from making contact. Instead, the girls made do with
Sammy gathering and scooping Todd's shit from Tabby's soiled breasts and fed her sister with her mouth and teeth. Violet now had two fingers
firmly thrusting into her daughter's shit holes.

"Oh mom!" The girls screeched. "That feels so fucking good!"

Mrs. Bliss then really got into it. She took her fingers out of their
asses and fingered their flowing pussies to add lubrication to her
digits. Now she had three fingers at the entrance of their respective
poop chutes and pressed inwards.

"Isn't this wild Tabby?" Samantha looked into her twin lover's eyes.
"Where eating our brother's crap off your titties while mom is fisting
our butts."

"It doesn't get any better than this!" Tabitha agreed.

Abby unabashedly played with her clitty and her own asshole as she
watched her mom place FOUR fingers up each twin's butthole. The little
12 year-old girl tried to emulate her mom's efforts by gamely placing a
couple of fingers up her own asshole. Violet squeezed her fingers into
a ball and then flexed them outward inside the anal canals of her two
lesbian daughters. She tried to maneuver her thumbs along the outer
edges of Tabby's and Sammy's obscenely stretched asslips.

The girls spread their thighs as wide as they possibly could. They
stopped concentrating on Tabitha's shit smeared breasts and brought
their hands down to their butt holes and helped open their buttocks as
far apart as possible to accommodate their mother's hands. At almost
the same time, both of Violet's thumbs snapped into place under her
index and forefingers and slipped an inch into the twins hot rectal

"Oh gaaawwwddd mother!" Samantha cried out in delirious and
uncontrollable pleasure. "Push mom PUSH!"

Violet Bliss did just that. She started a slow punching motion as her
fingers slowly oozed past her daughter's slimy ass caves. The knuckles
of her fingers now tightly enveloped by her twin daughter's respective
ass rings. Abby stopped fingering her own butt and watched in amazement
as her mother's two hands were seemingly swallowed up by the twin's

"Hmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn!" Mrs. Bliss moaned. "Fucking your fucking lesbo assholes with mummy's fists!"

Todd and dad moved over next to Abby and watched the lurid proceedings
of mother and daughter incestuous anal fisting at its best! They
initially both jerked their pricks but were quickly replaced by Abby's
two dainty hands. Abigail jacked off her dad and brother at the same
time while taking in the disgusting scene of her mother burying her
hands up her older sister's stinky butt holes up to her wrists!

Back and forth Violet thrust her hands in and out of her daughter's
obscenely stretched anuses in a punch and jab fashion.

"Ah...ah... ah..." Tabitha and Samantha whimpered and mewled softly
while resuming the task of cleaning Tabby's breasts of shit with
Sammy's tongue.

A few more seconds of furious fisting ensued. The squishing sounds were
audible in the still night air of the forest. Finally, Violet's arms
were a little 'sore' from her efforts and she extricated her fists from
the tight confines of her twin daughter's dirty assholes. Her hands
were a putrid mess of ass slime and flecks of shit and blood. She
opened her fingers for all to see. From just past her wrists to the
tips of her fingers, a brownish reddish gunk covered every inch.

Unable to stand it any longer, Rick Bliss approached his wife and
licked at one of her filth coated hands with his mouth and tongue.
Violet took her other hand and wiped it all over her husband's
features. She smeared the shit and blood gunk of Tabitha's asshole and
stained his entire face and even part of his hair in it. Rick sucked each digit clean of his wife's left hand and licked her knuckles and
the rest of her hand clean of residue from Samantha's shit hole.

"Goddamn is that tasty!" Bliss announced to all.

He licked his chops and smiled.

25. mom shits...

Violet felt weak kneed and engulfed with lust at the rapid-fire
commotion in her family. Every few minutes, something more outrageous
than before was occurring amongst the Bliss clan. No one was immune or
left out of the decadent proceedings. From her forty-two year old husband right down to her fragile preteen and everyone else in-between,
the despicable corruption was complete and unending.

A crazed and lust filled mentality had overtaken the members of 'Camp
Bliss'. Violet squatted slightly over the plate that Rick had used
earlier and spread her asshole. She reached in back of herself and
cupped her two hands near her bottom. The woman watched as her sex
kitten twin daughters obliviously kept sucking on each other's titties
with their filthy, shit covered mouths, their legs remaining lewdly
splayed and exhibiting the gaping holes of their assholes that had just
accommodated their mother's fists. Her husband, young son and youngest
daughter stood and watched and leisurely masturbated as Tabitha and
Samantha besmirched and smeared each other's beautiful breasts with the
remnants of Todd's excrement.

Mrs. Bliss farted and grunted. Then she farted again. Abby rushed to
her side and knelt down near her mom to watch her defecate. The young girl tried to fight off the still queasy feelings about eating her own
shit earlier and wanted desperately to conquer the gagging and retching
reflexes associated with ingesting stinking human feces. The small turd
she had eaten from her father rested rather comfortably in the pit of
her belly so she wanted to give her stomach a final test. She longed to
be a full-fledged shit eater like her older sisters, Tabby and Sammy -
for they were her idols.

A long distended, snake-like comma of brown shit slowly exited from
Violet's anus. She caught the first heavy turd in her hands. Four other
logs quickly followed and dropped onto the platter.

"More shit!" Tabitha and Samantha suddenly bolted towards their mother.

Violet handed the shit in her hands over to her two queer, shitpig

"Hmmmnnnnnn! Mummy shit!" Tabitha cooed.

"Yum yum! This is gonna mix good with Toddy's!" Samantha replied.

Todd and his father picked up the platter and pushed their faces into
the muck and feasted on her shit like two contestants at a blueberry
pie-eating contest. Violet licked her lips cleaned and turned her head
from side to side.

"Where's Abigail?"

Tabitha and Samantha, displaying shit-eating grins pointed down at
their mom's butt. Abby was flicking at the piece of shit that was still
hanging from her anus.

"Oooohhhh baby!" Violet crooned. "Lick mommy's butt clean like a good
little girl!"

Abby fastened her mouth against her mother's shitty asshole and
ravenously ate and cleaned the excess waste dangling from her asshole
and the surrounding wisps of hairs. She looked up at her adoring mom and smiled from ear to ear. Her cute, button nose was stained a dark,
rich brown for her efforts. Everyone was momentarily quiet excepting
for the lip smacking, gurgling sounds of a family on a mission. All
that could be heard was the collective sounds of everyone chewing and
swallowing the excrement of Violet Bliss, herself included.

26. The men do'em

Mr. Bliss looked over at Tabby with a leer in his eye. He stood up and
walked over to her. He put his hands on her hips and picked her
straight up into the air. After kissing her he stated, "Tabby I want to
cum into your cunt as quickly as I can."

"Well do it you fucking stud!" Tabby said rather haughtily.

Dad grabbed his daughter's legs and spread them wide. Tabitha was a
picture of depravity. Her hair was matted with shit, piss, blood and
vomit. Her eyes were nearly caked shut. Her breasts were spotless from
all that licking that the family had done. It was the only clean spot
on her body. Her vagina was an unbelievable mess. The pubic area was
completely matted with shit in various colors. The stench from the
girl's open cunt was incredible.

"God Tabitha! You look great! I would violate the food and drug act if
I did not taste that before I fucked it." Rick proclaimed.

Tabby held open her cunt while her dad gave it a few slurping licks.
Then without any further preamble, he stabbed his cock into her right
up to the point that his sack was acting as a clapper in a very large
bell. He pumped frantically, as he needed to release here and now and
into his daughter Tabitha's stinking vagina. They locked lips and tried
to make each other vomit by sticking their respective tongues far into
their sucking mouths.

"Fuck me Dad! Fuck your slutty shit-eating, piss-drinking, lesbian whore daughter!" Tabby screamed deliriously.

"Yea honey! Fill up our little whore!" Violet called out.

"Save some for me to daddy." Samantha and Abby called out.

Todd was looking at his mother lying with her legs open, fingering
herself. He went over to her and picked a nice six-inch log off the
platter and walked over to Violet. He smiled at her and put one end in
his mouth. His mother filleted the other end and they shared the log
until their lips met in a filthy, shit burping kiss.

"Fuck your shit eating mother, darling." His mother begged.

Rick was spasming and shaking and started roaring like his balls were
going to explode. He let go of Tabby's hips and raised his arms in the
air, flexing them as if he were some sort of odd demented Adonis.


He began to buck so hard that he caused Tabitha's head to ram into one
of the platform posts. The bump actually drew blood. Neither seemed to

Whoosh! His torrents of hot semen sprang from his nuts like the water
pumped from a fireboat. At least a dozen spasms exploded his thick scum
into his daughter's cunt.

"God Daddy! I can't believe this! It's... It's... It's FAN
FUCKINGTASTIC !!" Tabby raged.

Rick grabbed his daughter's breasts in each hand and pulled her up to
his face where he kissed her deeply as his detonations continued. He
looked over to Violet's loving eyes and silently mouthed the words, 'I
love you,' to his dirty minded wife.

Todd was now jamming his cock into his mother's cunt. Rick pulled out
of Tabitha and she fell onto the deck, convulsing in orgasm after
orgasm. Miracle of miracles, Rick's member was still fully functional
and standing like a veteran in a Fourth of July parade. He eyed his
son's doings.

"Todd, my man! Stick your cock in your mother's asshole, while I tackle
her pussy." Bliss suggested in a possessed stupor.

Todd was quick to comply. He pulled his dripping penis out of his
mother's cunt and wormed it into her ass. Violet groaned in passion.
Mom was on all fours while her son pounded her shit factory. Rick slid
under them and placed his hands on her spine and pushed her onto his
dong. father and son were hammering Violet with a passion of love and

"Let's switch son and see who can get more shit on his cock!" his
father kidded.

"I'll clean off the winner!" Violet chimed in.

Rick was now behind his bride, plunging her butt while grabbing huge
handfuls of her hanging cans. Mrs. Bliss began to orgasm feverishly. As
she moaned, she was startled but thrilled to feel a surprising
sensation in her vagina.

"Rick, honey, your son is urinating in his mother's vagina." Violet

"Fitting and proper, don't you think?" he answered.

"Absolutely! I hope he never stops!" she replied.

"Mom, I wish you could pee inside me." Todd said so kindly and

That made Violet squeeze him warmly as she replied reassuringly, "Don't
you worry my darling boy. Your mother will fill you with as much urine as possible!"

All of this lewd matter-of-fact talk about urinating in Mom's cunt and
everything else that followed, pushed Rick into expunging another nice
load up his wife's ass. After Todd filled Mom's cunny with pee, he
pulled out as his father came up her ass to watch the ooze drip out of
her cunt.

Todd stood up and went over to Abby, his load intact. Abby was watching
her sister's get into some obscene wildness as well as Dad and Todd's
depraved violation of her mother. She was licking the fingers of one
hand while sticking the fingers of the other up her ass and cunt and
switching back and forth.

Todd asked Abby, "Hey sis! Wanna clean my cock off and taste Mommy?"

"Oh shit yes!!" she exhaled.

27. Stuffed to the gills...

Tabitha and Samantha surveyed the immediate area around themselves,
seeking some goodies to play with. The so-called 'goodies' were of the
brown, gooey variety. They each retrieved a couple of pieces of semi-
coagulated shit, one turd from each parent. The twins sprawled out on
their stomachs, facing each other, while comparing their prized
possessions. Sammy cast her sister a mischievous look, which was always
a dangerous thing when these two wicked vixens are together.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"Wanna play the 'turkey' game?" Tabitha replied.

"Ha Ha! Oh yeah!" Samantha laughed.

The 'turkey' game is a playful activity that the evil twins invented
when they were about the same age that Abby is now. You've heard of
'stuffing' the turkey? Well my friends, this variation that Tabitha and
Samantha engage in with alarming frequency is aptly named 'stuffing'
the 'cunny'.

While her mom, dad and the younger siblings were involved in their own
preoccupations of the moment, the incestuous teenage lezzies prepared
themselves for such said 'stuffing'. They momentarily placed the two
slightly aged and hardening chunks of parental excrement nearby. The
girls proceeded to get into their standard position of sleep on a
nightly basis - the classic 69. Their tongues hovered and roamed the
edges of their despoiled pussies, lapping away vomit, blood, semen,
mucous and shitty excesses.

"Gotta make sure we're clean before... " Samantha said.

"... We get dirty again!" Tabitha finished the statement.

Both girls laughed uproariously against each other's soiled vaginas.
The warm breaths induced by their strenuous guffaws tickled the
sensitive tissue and flesh of their clitties. Sammy and Tabby feasted
upon the tender flesh that is so familiar to their tongues. They
created guttural sounds of satisfaction and pleasure as they plowed
their tongue organs deeply into each other's moist, reddened vaginas.

"Hmmmnnnnnn!" Both girls squealed at the fine tasting juices that they
offered each other's mouths.

Tabitha removed her head from between her twin sister's legs and sat
back on her haunches. Samantha followed suit. Their chins, lips and
noses were a sticky, gleaming mess of feminine byproducts. They kissed
each other tenderly. Seconds later, they repositioned themselves onto
their backs and spread their long, sleek legs and thighs. Each grabbed
a hardening turd in their hand. Samantha had a piece of her mom's shit
in her fingers while Tabitha grasped a rather prominent chunk of her
dad's bowel discharges.

The sections of shit from their parents were just hard enough for them
to insert into their pink pussies without causing any significant
degradation of the dark brown substance. The two wicked lesbian sisters
resumed their kissing and tongue-lashings, attacking their sensuous
mouths with renewed vigor. Slowly at first, and then with a little more
pressure, Tabitha and Samantha began to 'fuck' themselves in the shit
of their mother and father.

Samantha impaled herself on her mother's filthy turd while Tabitha
enjoyed the most decadent and debased form of sexual pleasure that a
young girl can endure... having sexual intercourse with her own
father's solid mass of excrement. Their hands and fingers were a faint
blur as they went in and out of their sweet pussies, gently holding
onto the grotesque logs of brown crap. The girls talked loudly into
each other's faces between French kisses.

"Fucking myself in mommy's shit!" Samantha screamed.

Tabitha countered, "Stuffing my whorish cunt in daddy's turds and

"We are so disgusting Tabby!"

"Ha ha! Speak for yourself 'dildo-turd fucker!' " Tabitha zinged back
at her.

"Cesspool cunt!"

"You're mother's shitbox!"

"Daddy's dung depository!"

Samantha and Tabitha giggled and made faces at each other, sticking
their tongues out and hurling spit against their faces in mock anger as
they crammed crap between their legs. The fervent twin teenagers
continued fucking and stuffing themselves in their parent's feces until
they lost the 'handle' of the situation. The shit of their mother and
father began moistening and softening in the dark, dank confines of
their respective uterine walls, clinging to the sides. Their pussies
spasmed and shook as their vaginas seemingly chewed and swallowed
Violet's and Rick's bowel movements. Then the girls closed their long
legs and squeezed their creamy thighs together, squishing the wretched,
soupy, stinking contents deep within their wombs and came.

28. Todd makes Abby cry.

Todd crawled over to where Abby and mom were sharing the last remnants
of her tossed brown salad.

"Mom, I just gotta borrow Abby for awhile!" Todd demanded.

"Good for you Toddy. I think Abby needs to get fucked now." His mother demurred.

"It's about time," Abigail said gaily.

Abby went to a nice patch of grass near the stream and lay down on her
back. Her face, while dirty from her shit feast, was radiant and her
eyes were as big as saucers. She reached up to take her brother into
her arms. Todd, for his part, was also filthy and erect. He knelt
between Abby's thighs and began to caress her labia with the head of
his penis. As he began the insertion process, he was of course met with

Abby told him, "I'm still a virgin, brother, but I'm glad you're going
to be the first."

His first two attempts came up short. The sweat on his brow beaded. He
began to panic just a tiny bit. His penis was throbbing and he wanted
to fuck. As he reinserted his member into her glistening honey-pot, he
felt a hand on the base of his spine.

"Son, just go in steady. You don't have to force it, you just have to
be steady," Rick instructed.

As Todd applied renewed pressure, Dad pressed down on Todd's coccyx and
the resplendent sound that followed, was that of a full, wet, slightly
bloody entry.

"I'm next honey and I can't wait," he whispered to his daughter.

Abby groaned with pain for a few seconds. She fought to get

"Oh my! It hurts like hell!" she blurted.

Todd began his thrusting, remembering how his mother had taught him
about tempo. His entries were steady and deep. His exits were gradual.
He began to plow deeply and bent down to place his mouth over his
sister's shit covered lips. In a few seconds, Abby's groans turned to
moans. She was on the edge of her first vaginal orgasm.

Violet whispered in her ear, "Take your clit between your fingers and
squeeze it hard."

Abby did as she was told as Todd continued to ravage her. The rhythm
was increasing rapidly but steadily.

Before Abby knew what hit her, the first trembling of a deep inner
uterine spasm grabbed her. She shook violently as her hand continued to
pull on her clit. She was drooling, as wave after delicious wave poured
through her body. Todd's prick was being strangled. There was no way
any man could have withstood this young tight vagina and the havoc it
was causing to Todd's staying power. As Abigail was beginning a second
round of ecstasy, Todd began to come like he had never come before. His
eyes crossed. His toes curled. His ball sac crinkled up. His knees
buckled. His left thigh got a cramp in the hamstring. He also kept
stroking, deeper and harder.

Violet and Rick were as proud as parents could be, watching the amazing
performance that these two former virgins were producing. brother was
exploding wad after wad of boy come into his sister's young hairless
cunt. Abby held on tightly. Tears filled her eyes and she began to sob
with happiness.

"I love you Todd! You'll always be more than a brother to me," she
cried as their convulsions began to match.

Todd was in no condition to answer and instead placed his mouth over
hers, wrapping his arms round her tightly and holding on until he had
been completely drained.

He looked into his sister's tear filled eyes, and before lowering his
head to lick those beautiful drops of saline said, "Abby you're the
best, I love you to, forever, no matter what."

Their bodies melded as one as Rick and Violet hugged each other as they
morphed further into a rather unique family.

Rick whispered. "Hon, there are now three more women in the world just
as perfect my bride."

"And their father has a clone in that beautiful boy," Violet sighed.

29. Dad and mom Embrace Sammy and Tabby

The torrid, outlandish session of extreme decadence and depravity had
simmered down to the level of a slight lull as each member of the Bliss
family contemplated what had happened in their respective and perverted
minds. A momentary respite was taking place as each person recharged
their batteries and quietly thought about what might develop next.

Todd and Abby sat naked, dirty and sticky by each other's side. Each
youngster gently fingered the other's groin area in a reflexive
response to the evening's occurrences. The incorrigible duo of Samantha
and Tabitha were quietly talking to each other, their beautiful and
identical faces masked with flecks of shit, glistening with urine droplets and speckled with blood and various chunks of vomit. They were
in their element. The stench of human discharges served as an
aphrodisiac. Their lifestyles were never the same ever since they
entered the perverted world of lesbianism and discovered what that part
of the universe does in relation to sex and toilet habits and how the
two are blended together. The two girls were quick studies into their
indoctrination to adulterated, vile and disgusting girl-girl depraved
sex. They were only a few months past their 16th birthday when they
were introduced to a couple of college girlfriends of an older, gay female cousin. The rest is history.

The girls were thrilled beyond belief at the rapid and degenerative
course of happenings amongst their fellow family members. Of course,
there was no way of them knowing that their parents secretly WANTED
this to materialize. They also didn't realize that their very own
mother had encouraged the friendship and interaction with their
'cousin'. And now the Bliss' were finally witnessing the fruits of
their labors. Their twin daughters are gay, female toilet shit pigs,
and Rick and Violet wouldn't have it any other way. They were very
proud of their two oldest off springs.

Mom and Dad stood next to Tabitha and Samantha and lied down on either
side, flanking them. The girls were momentarily taken aback, lost in
their own private conversations, but quickly and enthusiastically
responded to their parent's nearness.

Rick wrapped a mighty hug around Samantha's shoulder as the girl sat
up. "What a night, kittens!"

"Oh daddy! We're so happy!" Sammy gushed. "We've been hoping for months
to let you guys know what we've been up to."

Tabitha countered, "We are hardly ever home together so we never knew
if or when we could share our, um... you know."

"Desires?" Her father finished the sentence for her.

"Yes daddy. That's it!" Tabitha replied.

Violet happily embraced her and said, "It's wonderful Tabby! Now there
is no more pressure or hiding or any of that silly stuff."

"We can bring it out in the open!" Rick continued. "I think we are the
luckiest family in the world."

Samantha scrunched up her cute nose and wrinkled it. "What's that

"Hmmmmn, could be 'us' my dear!" Rick answered.

Everyone had a hearty laugh at the obvious reference. Samantha wrapped
her slinky, shit stained arms around her father's neck and kissed him
full on the lips. Tabitha did the same to her mom. An understanding had
been reached between the parents and the twins. The Bliss family shenanigans would never again be conducted on a secretive sly, or the
cover of darkness.

And THIS night was far from over.

30. The Draining

While Abby cleaned off Todd's dick of her mother's juices and Dad and
Samantha kissed tenderly nearby in a decadent embrace, Violet was left
to focus on Tabitha. Tabby was on her back, eyes closed, legs splayed,
while attending to the slight bruise on her head.

"You OK sweetheart?" Her mom lightly touched the area around her wound.

"Yeah, I'm all right mom. Daddy just fucked the living hell out of me
that's all."

Mrs. Bliss saw the evidence for herself oozing out of her daughter's
dark pink vagina. Blood, semen and brown turd sauce flowed slowly from
her snatch.

"I can see that!" she laughed and added, "You can borrow my husband
anytime you want, but you can't steal him all for yourself."

"I know that mother. You've always taught us to share."

"Whether it's material things or in this case physical
things...especially the physical things!" Her mom added.

"What do you mean?" Tabitha asked.

"Your father and I want the Bliss family to be an 'all-consuming'
family. When he and I first met, we had sex and stuff. We ate each
other out and swallowed many cum loads from each other. But your dad
and I also had our kinky side. I was into golden showers and your
father was a bona-fide scat man. Before we were married we combined the
two. Eventually we got to enjoy both the giving and the receiving of
shit and piss."

"Wow!" Tabby marveled. "I never knew that mommy!"

"And Rick and I have known about your penchant for eating and drinking
your sister's pussy, shit and pee, and SHE doing the same with yours
for a long, long time."

"Mother!" The girl responded in shock. "And we thought all along that
we were being inconspicuous!"

"Hush darling!" Violet kissed her daughter on the forehead. "I
understand that you two are and were made for each other and have no
intention of marrying or going after boyfriends and things like that."

"You're right mom. Sammy and I have been playing with each other's poop
and pee since we were in diapers. It seemed like the thing to do!"

"Did you know that you and Samantha are 'shit' babies? Maybe that's why
you two grew up for this fetish towards each other!"

"Huh? What do you mean mom?"

"The night that daddy and I conceived you, he and I were covered in
each other's excrement from head to toe!"

"Oh god mom! That is making me hot all over again!" Tabby began to play
with her overflowing cunt.

"Yes, you are our 'shit twins'. And dad and I are happy with how things
have progressed. Now we want to become a 'shit family'!"

"Don't forget piss, cum, blood, snots, vomit and anything else we can
think of!" Tabitha laughed uproariously at her outrageous suggestions.

Violet Bliss smiled in acknowledgment and lowered her face against her
daughter's very repulsive pussy. Without a word, she opened her mouth
and lapped at the horrid concoction like it were a rapidly melting ice
cream cone. She ate and feasted upon her husband's cum which flooded
Tabby's vagina. Then she ingested Rick's shit that also had found a
home up her daughter's baby making canal. But more importantly, she
relished the taste and the feel of her little girl's feminine essence,
her vaginal discharges, climax juices and menstrual flow.

"Oh you nasty mother you!" Tabitha convulsed.

The young teenage girl hung onto her mom's head for dear life. The
older woman thoroughly enjoyed making a meal out of her daughter's
pussy and the disgusting glop that settled between her legs. She came
at the thought of the Bliss family consuming and eating and drinking
each other's bodily fluids and wastes from now on. Fucking, swallowing,
ejecting, eliminating and recycling all over again. Four females, two
males, a mother, three daughters, a son and a husband all as one into
and onto each other forever more!

Then Mrs. Bliss mashed her face against Tabitha's sex and shook it from
side to side as if she were nodding a vigorous 'no'. She swallowed cum,
shit and menses and wiped more onto her facial features. Then she took
a few locks of her hair and wiped the remaining residue from Tabby's
labia until it was thoroughly cleansed.

31. Dad and Abby at Last

Abby walked over to look into her father's eyes. Her face was stained
and filthy with shit, cum and blood. The little girl's teeth were
discolored, her hair a wet, dangling mess.

"Dad, I want you to fuck me, right now!" Abby proclaimed.

"Goodness! That's right! I have not yet had the pleasure of your sweet
tight pussy, have I?" Her father drawled.

He grabbed his daughter's hand and led her to where everybody could see
them. He gently lowered her onto her back and put his hands on either
side of her filthy young cunt. Then Rick opened her garishly pink and
brown slit. Without preamble, he placed the head of his still engorged
and soiled prick at the entrance to her young, recently awakened

"Daddy, DON'T FUCK AROUND! FUCK ME!" Abby screamed.

He plunged into her, causing her to slide. Violet placed her hands on
her daughter's shoulders to steady her.

"Hang on honey, Daddy will do us proud." Violet proclaimed.

Rick's insertions were deep, slow and shivering. Low guttural roars
were permeating in his chest. Abby's eyes began to loll around in her
head. She began to suck on her filthy hair. Todd saw this and pulled a
small turd from his ass and placed it on her lips.

Abigail Bliss was in delirium. She was chewing shit, sucking her piss soaked hair as her own father pummeled her vagina, stroke after
glorious stroke. She lost track of how many times she came.

"My daughter. Your father will always be there to fuck you, to suck
you, to eat your shit, to drink your piss or to do the same to you.
Don't ever take chances with anyone but us." Bliss reassured her.

As nuts as she felt, she paid attention to everything this wonderful
man said to her.

"Daddy I wont take chances without you and mom and Todd and Samantha
and Tabitha. I trust you all with my life and I know that I have
everything I need with you."

They were all amazed that Abby could be getting her brains fucked out
and still manage to sound as mature as she did.

"Dad, I want you to come in my cunt now," she commanded quietly. "Mommy
kiss me on the mouth, please," she pleaded. " Tabby, Sammy let me hold
on to your tits. Toddy! Grab my ass with both hands. OK! Now Daddy,

The ejaculation should have been nominal because of the tremendous
overuse that his penis had encountered over the last few hours. The
flow was stupendous, as scorching fluid exploded from his cock like the
release from a freshly opened bottle of Dom Perigon. Everybody was
covering the little doll with kisses as she came again and again. Her
body shook as her father 'sperm' filled her to over flowing.

Lo and behold, his spend was so forceful that for the first time in his
life, Rick got dizzy and keeled over...with a large shit-eating grin
from ear to ear on his dirty face.

32. Six Tumblers

Violet and Dad rested in each other's arms licking sticky crud off each
other's bodies while Todd and Abby brazenly fingered each other's
soiled privates. The twins wandered over to their kid brother's
invention and climbed the makeshift ladder and peered down at the
grotesque pile of human muck, filth and wastes that had accumulated at
the bottom of the six-foot high pit. A blend of various discharges of
every kind imaginable from every single member of the despicable Bliss
family coated the base of the 'floor' in a two-inch thick covering.

"Ooooohh! Look at that Tabby!"

"Ewwwww... gross!"

"And yummy to!"

"Gawwd it stinks Sammy!" Tabitha wrinkled her nose at the rancid odor.

"Ha! Bet you can't go in there and drink some of it!" Samantha
challenged her lesbian sister and lover.

"We'll see about that piss breath! You're on!" Tabitha nervously

"No problem shit lips!"

Ah... there's nothing like sibling rivalry, especially when it involves
one of them questioning or doubting the other's 'degree of decadence'!
The gauntlet had been dropped! Samantha scurried over to Tabby's
knapsack and came back with a box of tumblers, six white plastic
drinking glasses. She handed three of them to her sister and kept the
rest for herself.

"Let's see who's the wickedest between us now!"

Tabitha haltingly climbed into the contraption and sloshed her feet
gingerly in the horrid broth. She delicately bent her knees and ladled
one of the tumblers into the human waste stew. Samantha followed right
behind her and unceremoniously scooped two of the plastic cups and
quickly brought them back up, filled to the brim. Each girl placed them
on either armrest attached to the chair and retrieved more of the
sickening potion in the last of the six tumblers.

"Whoever drinks ALL three tumblers first is the winner. No spillage,
and EVERY drop must be swallowed!" Samantha announced the quickly
formed 'ground rules'.

Tabitha shuddered at the thought. She had eaten unadulterated shit from
hers and her sister's bowel's dozens of times and had now sampled some
of the other family member's turds. piss was no problem. Neither was
cum (both male and female) and menstrual flow. But this human discharge
potion was something else! The ingredients included a mixture of snot
and other nose blowing fluids, remnants of regurgitation, perspiration
and belly button lint. The only thing missing was toenail clippings!

Rick, Violet, Abigail and Todd clambered up to the side of the
apparatus and heard the commotion and tirade of challenges and insults
that the twins were hurling at each other. The Bliss family was split in half as to which girl would be able to successfully quaff the entire
contents of their tumblers first, if at all!

"Um...what if none of us can't finish?" Tabitha asked.

Rick interjected, "Simple. Whoever swallows the most of their three
tumblers will be declared the winner."

"Sounds great daddy!" Samantha replied. "Why don't you be the official

"I would be honored!"

Abby and Todd were split in their allegiance to their older twin
sisters. Abigail sided with Tabby while Todd placed his 'bet' on Sammy.
Violet, being the true and loyal mother that she is, hoped that both of
her girls were winners. Rick had to remain noncommittal because of his
role as chief arbitrator.

Tabitha placed a finger in the muck of one of the overflowing tumblers
and declared, "This is so icky!"

"OK girls, why don't you sit down on the floor." Their father ordered

Samantha plopped her butt right down in the muck, making squishing
sounds with her ass cheeks. Tabitha followed reluctantly and sat her
derriere in the festering, human sewage. The twin teenagers looked
positively sexy and raunchy while seated nude in the filthy, semi-
watery wastes. Rick Bliss' penis rose to the occasion in endorsement of
the scene unfolding in the trough. Violet jammed a couple of fingers up
her own butt in anticipation and excitement while Abigail tugged on her
brother's dick as Todd fondled his younger sister's blossoming twelve
year-old breasts.

Tabitha eyed her twin sister with fleeting glances while Samantha fixed
a cold stare and frown right back at her. Both girls have always
relished the opportunity to whip the other in some fashion throughout
their childhood and youth. Whether it was in gymnastics, running track,
playing one-on-one in basketball, dressing sluttier than the other at
school or at parties, out-flirting each other for the affections of a
sexy girl at school or even making the biggest 'messes' in their
panties during potty play time. This would be no different.

"Ready... set... GO!" Rick brought his hand down to start the 'race'.

Both girls guzzled the first tumbler with relative ease but
simultaneously made an outrageous and contorted face of disgust at what
they were swallowing. The putrid cocktails they ingested were revolting
beyond human imagination. Immediately, Tabitha and Samantha fought the
urge to retch their guts out as their respective gullets swallowed
mushy shit, piss, blood, vomit, mucous and other refuse from each other
and the rest of the family.

They brought the second tumbler to their lips and nearly heaved but
regained their composure in time to inhale the contents. They gulped
the goo and muck as best as they could. The sinewy, slimy and lumpy
brew burned their lips and gums with the acrid aroma and tastes
relentlessly assaulting their buds. The twin garbage disposals
performed like masterful, human sewage treatment plants, their mouths,
throats and stomachs chewing, swallowing and ingesting the foulest and
most wretched things that most people could not even fathom.

Tabby and Sammy were beginning to turn different shades of green as
they reached for the third and last tumblers. Neither teenager wanted
to give in and refused to lose to the other. It was a classic
performance of extreme debauchery and perversion. They reared each of
their pretty heads back and gulped and swallowed loudly. The proper
technique in drinking this god-awful muck was speed. Any hesitancy
would cause one's stomach to take over and immediately and violently
expel the unwanted and foreign objects. In the girl's haste, some of
the contents oozed and spilled out the corners of their mouths and
dribbled down their chins and onto their breasts. It was quite a sight
to behold!

Rick Bliss jerked his cock earnestly as he watched his twin daughter's
command performance of rapidly quaffing an overwhelmingly gross
concoction of excrement, urine, mucous, blood and semi-digested food.
No matter who 'won', Rick was proud of his little girl's efforts.

Each girl gulped one more time and their hands moved in a blur as the
last of the tumblers were loudly placed upon either side of the chair
in a photo finish.

It was a virtual tie!

Tabitha and Samantha had swigged all that was in each tumbler, save for
a few dribbles that coursed their way from chin to pussy. Both girls then grabbed their stomachs and lay down on their sides in a bed of
turds, throw up and twat juices. The sickness enveloping their faces
was quite evident. Their beautiful facial features portrayed a 'what
have I done look' about them.

Samantha and Tabitha reached for each other in mutual comfort but the
damage was done. The protestations of their violated bellies was at
hand... as each girl vomited against the other's face at the same time.
Dual jets of heaving emissions, traveling at lightning speed towards
each other, crashed and splattered each girl's mouth, nose, eyes and

Too weak to move, the girls remained still in the disgusting swill
until their breathing returned to normal. Rick Bliss placed a gentle
hand on each of his daughter's shoulder in a show of support and loving
admiration. Violet, Abby and Todd stood in silent wonder at the
unspeakable acts that their daughter and sister had just completed.

33. Good Morning?... Already?

Mr. Bliss offered his hand to Tabitha and Samantha, and raised them to
their shaking feet. Violet gave each of them some nice cold beer to
rinse out their mouths. Abby and Todd wiped away the tears caused by
the twin's gut wrenching heaves.

As if it was already planned, the children turned to their parents and
forced them to sit back to back in the "booth." It was as if a rebirth
had occurred just when closure seemed so near.

Samantha and Tabitha shared most of the beer with their younger sister and brother. They retrieved a couple more from the nearby cooler and
drank the refreshing essence that soothed their ravaged throats. Todd
and Abby guzzled the brew in their hands like the giggly amateurs that
they were. They became increasingly giddy with the intoxicating effects
of the alcohol. Abby couldn't contain her laughter and attempted to
drink at the same time, the end result was a coughing fit and beer
shooting out of her nostrils. Everyone roared in merriment.

Then the scene took on a more serious and seemingly ominous tone. Sammy
and Tabby positioned their little sister and brother with their backs
facing their seated parents.

"Lick their butts!" Samantha ordered her mother and father.

Todd's puckered anus was an inch away from her mom's mouth while Abby's
pink grommet of an asshole connected with her father's stretched out
lips. Violet glued her mouth to her son's ass, moaning, as she funneled
her tongue into his fudge packed rectum

The boy's penis grew immediately as he told his mother, "Suck out my
ass mom, dig deep."

Rick grasped his young daughter's creamy buttocks in his hands and
forced his tongue so far up her chute that she farted, sending his
pecker off once again.

"Once you've sufficiently licked their shit holes, we'll rotate. Tabby
and I will switch off. mom will lick my ass and daddy will suck my
butt. Then after a couple of minutes we'll shift again. This time daddy
will eat Toddy's ass and mom will lick Abby's." Samantha continued
explaining the plan of action.

"How long will this continue?" Rick asked, his curiosity and prick at
its most aroused state since setting up Camp Bliss.

"Until all of us have fed you enough shit so that we can watch you puke
to!" Tabitha informed her dad.

"Nonsense," mom replied, "Your father and I have been doing this for
years, and its been a long time since we threw up."

"They are still youngsters, honey, what do they know?" Rick replied
while continuing to ravage his daughter's ass with his tongue.

Just about then mom and Dad drew mud at about the same time.

Violet's mouth was feverishly working all around her little boy's anus,
peppering his smooth, tight butt cheeks with hundreds of kisses while
alternately tunneling her tongue into his deep, dark crevice. Her
stretched out tongue suddenly encountered an obstruction. At the same
time, Rick's lower face was being smothered by his young preteen
daughter's dainty asshole. Bliss exclusively breathed in Abby's
pungent, female rectal scent. Her young butt released another fart
against his nose and mouth that the man relished more than a bouquet of
freshly cut flowers. Moments later, Rick felt her ass muscles tighten
and contort, heralding a very imminent 'deposit'.

Samantha and Tabitha helped position their mom and dad's head back
while the younger siblings straddled their legs on either side of
Violet and Rick's shoulders. Todd and Abby grunted in unison as the
oral coaxing and ministrations of their parents achieved the desired
results - fresh deposits of excrement. It was an uncanny sight, as the
two youngest members of the 'badly behaving' Bliss family rewarded and
fed them with the fruits of their young and abundant bowels.

While the simultaneous evacuations occurred from the children's
intestines, Sammy punctured three, then four and finally FIVE of her
fingers into her mother's vagina and leisurely fist fucked her as Mrs.
Bliss let her own son use her mouth as a human toilet bowl. Tabitha
kneaded and massaged her father's balls and rubbed the excessive amount
of precum all around his cock and scrotal sack while her dad accepted
the direct transfer from 'anus to stomach' of his little girl's tasty
chocolate brown butt hole cakes.

Violet gasped as her son defecated directly into her mouth. The boy had
a 'ton of turds' stored far up his colon and he was more than willing
to release his entire load into his mother's mouth and clog her throat
with it. Todd stroked his cock as he shat with perverted thoughts of
his mom 'choking' on his shit overtaking him. Four huge brown cylinders
of feces plopped without ceremony into his mother's mouth and clung to
her teeth, gums and lips.

To her credit, Mrs. Bliss gamely tried to rapidly chew, eat and swallow her son's anal dregs. There was just too much for the woman and she
lovingly accepted the remainder of her son's shit to land all over her
face. Todd peered between his legs and saw that his mom's mouth was
filled to the edge with his shit so he leaned back and covered her
nose, eyes, forehead and hairline with the last of the turd droppings.
Violet felt momentarily smothered as her mouth, esophagus and her nasal
passages became obstructed by the brown muck. Add to that a thick,
stinking, sticky brown blanket of shit that completely obscured and
covered her eye sockets - heightening the overwhelming excitement of
what had befallen her.

Abby started to grunt as her father's tongue licked the walls of her
ass. A rich dark tube began to emerge. The periphery was out about 2
inches when Rick centered her ass right over his wide-open mouth. As
the fecal feast announced itself, the presentation began to take shape.
If you have ever seen the Italian sausage called Lagniappe you know
what happened. If you haven't, it's the long endless casing that
spirals concentrically like a never-ending coil.

The 'dinner' Abby served her father began to fill his mouth completely
and started to wind around his lips then his chin and over his nose
until it covering his entire face from jaw to forehead. The ghastly
pile was smoking - it was so hot. The aroma could knock a buzzard off a
shit wagon.

Tabitha kissed Abby on her lips and beseeched her, "God sis, you have
to promise to feed me like that some day."

"Feed US...silly...US!" Samantha countered.

For all that was taking place, Rick just chewed and chewed and chewed.
He was in seventh heaven and laughing at the great attempt the
youngsters had made to overfill their parents. He suddenly recalled his
and Violet's first excursion in a group shit binge where they both
puked so much that their assholes were puckered inside out from the
strain. He would have to tell the children about how their parents got
started. Both Violet and Rick's faces were engulfed in shit. Their hair
was indistinguishable as hair. It resembled paint. Or worse yet
driveway sealer.

Abby was fingering herself and peeing in a glass at the same time that
her father and mother were dining. She raised the glass to her lips and
drank it straight down, burping in an erotic manner that had everyone
on the edge of spending.

Samantha grabbed Abigail off her father's face and kissed her saying,
"You little slut you! You're just as wicked as the rest of us. It's my
turn Daddy! Are you ready to toss your cookies?"

Tabitha bent down and gave Todd's cock a good suck, causing him to
squirt a quick jolt of urine up her nose.

She swallowed it greedily and suggested, "Let me see if I can make
Mommy say uncle, honey."

Now Todd and Abby cheered on the efforts of their fabulous twin
toilets. As Tabby and Sammy situated themselves over their now leaning
back parents, their mom and dad's faces and hair were completely
unrecognizable in a ghastly mask. Rick and Violet had to open their
mouths to give their oldest daughters the desired target for their
imminent discharges.

"Shit bomb them, girls!" Abigail cheered her twin sisters on.

"Bury 'em!" Todd added his own shout of approval.

The twins squatted over their parents, their inner thighs squeezing
tightly around their mother and father's shoulders. Rick and Violet
could not see what was going on. The coagulating shit of their youngest
off springs weighed down their eyelids, impeding their efforts to open
them. And now they awaited the recycled shit of Sammy and Tabby who had
previously devoured each other's excrement the day before. Combined
with the sandwiches and other meats and salads that they had eaten in
between, made for a semi-watery and partially consistent bowel movement
from each girl. The color was darker and a lot more brown in some spots
than it was in others. It took on the appearance of a monstrous
chocolate marble cake.

The stench was particularly horrendous. Don't let the fact that Tabitha
and Samantha, who are two of the most beautiful and sexy looking
teenage girls in all of New Jersey, fool you. Don't let their dignified
air about them deceive you when they're out in public - - their shit
positively STINKS! Dual bursts of flatulence spewed forth from the
beautiful butt cheeks of the darling twins. Within seconds of each
other, the dark 'heads' of two brand new turds protruded from the tight
and impossibly tiny assholes of the two young incestuous lesbians.

Tabby and Samantha held hands in support and gazed lovingly at each
other as they took their turn at utilizing their mom and dad's mouths
and faces as living, parental port-o-johns.

"This is too much Sammy!"

"It sure is wild! I love using mom as a toilet bowl!"

Tabitha masturbated her pussy as she strained her abdominal muscles in
preparation for evacuating the putrid contents of her intestinal tracts
and depositing them into her father's mouth. Thin, diluted shit
immediately splattered and dotted the feces covered faces and hair of
Mr. and Mrs. Bliss and sprayed out over their upper chests, arms and
the surrounding chairs and area around them like so much fallout from a
nuclear explosion. The wet, watery turds even speckled the smooth,
white buttocks of their fellow depositors, Tabby and Samantha. Without
any hesitation whatsoever, the reeking, stinking shit piled onto the
turds already covering the parent's lower faces and entered their
gasping, crap congested mouths.

"Uggghghlhlhlhl" Violet spluttered as Samantha fed her mother the fetid
fecal feast.

The flavor was as horrible as the smell. Mrs. Bliss gagged and coughed
but gamely took in Samantha's offerings. Little chewing was necessary
as the shit sloshed and splashed its way into her mouth. In essence,
Violet 'drank' her daughter's shit while her pussy vibrated. Rick was
experiencing much the same with Tabitha. His nasal passages and taste
buds were getting a pummeling from his daughter's extremely disgusting
excrement, causing his hard-as-steel penis to spurt forth a steady
supply of fresh droplets of precum.

"Oh My God!" Rick Bliss managed to utter in a muffled tone.

He swallowed the brown, watery diarrhea-like potion from Tabby as fast
as he could and tried to keep any shit residue from 'lingering' against
his taste buds for too long. It was to no avail. The twins, grunted,
groaned and lowered their assholes right against their parent's mouths
and shit encrusted noses and main lined the remainder of their rapidly
emptying bowels down their despoiled throats.

>From the guttural sounds being emitted by Rick and Violet, it was as if
they were 'drowning' in the watery excrement of their twin daughters.

Samantha and Tabitha stepped away from their creation to survey the
damage. The only thing that was visible on Violet's face was her left
eye. The whiteness was stark in contrast to the brown-black-tan filth
that caked her face. Rick was even worse. If his ears didn't stick out
you would have expected a beaver to emerge, wondering where the dam
project had gone wrong.

The parents were gamely chewing the filth in their mouths. The children
were slightly dismayed. Todd grabbed his mother's breasts and started
to scrape the pile of shit off her dark globes. He then began to roll
this mess into hand grenade sized lumps of shit. Before long he had 3
of them. Abby caught on and started to do the same with the excrement
that covered her father.

"Hey Tabby, Sammy! This stuff, it's hard. I can't scrape it off so
easy." Abby declared.

"I'll help." Samantha said, as she cascaded some fresh urine onto her

"That's great Sammypoo! Now I can make meatballs."

They all chiseled shit from everywhere they could find it. All the
while thanking Todd for conceiving his trap. It was bad enough that
they were eating all this filth, what they didn't need was rocks and
twigs and gravel and creepy crawlies. Soon they had a very impressive
platter of shit bombs that they began to stuff into their parent's
mouths. The chewing began to be less enthusiastic. Violet was starting
to blanche.

Rick was also beginning to waver. The twins pounced on the opportunity.
So did Todd and Abby. Of course they all took a few bites of shit
themselves, while they caressed every body part in sight.

Todd aimed his filthy cock at his father's mouth and started to piss like a racehorse. Abby joined her brother and opened her own
floodgates. It was impossible for Rick to swallow it all. His
determination was fading rapidly.

Tabitha and Samantha drowned Violet with their own micturition.
Violet's stomach began to gurgle as she swallowed endless mouthfuls of
her twin daughter's urine. For a good five minutes, Mr. and Mrs. Bliss
ate shit and drank urine. They were trying as hard as they could to
win. The children were amazed at the intestinal fortitude of their
wonderful parents. Violet and Rick finally stood weakly, albeit on
shaky legs. All of the children sat down in a circle in front of them
as they stared in disbelief.

Just when they thought the war was over - it began anew. Todd and the
twins tripped up their mom and she fell in a heap before them. Abigail
rushed to her dad and aptly diverted his attention.

"More shit for you mommy! You haven't eaten enough!" Samantha

Violet's eyes rolled in her head as her body was wracked with a roller
coaster of emotions and feelings ranging from euphoria to nausea and
everything else in between. Todd grabbed the few remaining shit
meatballs and stuffed them into his mother's mouth as if he were
preparing a pig for a roast. Her cheeks bulged out obscenely. Samantha
and Tabitha reached up into their rectums and scooped out remnants of
runny brown residue and placed their foul fingers up under each of
their mom's nostrils and pushed the sloppy shit up her nose.

Once again, Mrs. Bliss could hardly breathe because of the incredible
invasion of crap in her mouth, throat and nose. She struggled to sit up
but Todd pushed her shoulders back down. The twins then did a curious
thing. They plastered their mom's ears in shit to muffle her hearing,
then they repeatedlyfinger painted her eyes, lashes and lids in brown
muck. Now she could hardly hear or see as well as smell or breathe and
the disorientation was taking its toll on her head and stomach.

"That's enough Todd," Tabitha instructed her brother. "I think she's
had enough."

"Ha! I think so!" Her brother giggled.

The woman scraped her eyes as clearly as she possibly could and tried
to focus past the filaments of shit clinging to her eyelashes. She
found her husband lying down with the bobbing head of Abby in his lap.
She rose and lurched towards Rick while the twins and Todd watched,
thoroughly entertained. Violet staggered forward and plopped down next
to her husband and watched with fascination, despite her surging
queasiness at her youngest daughter and what she was doing to Rick.

Abby had gone over to her dad and got on her knees before him and began
to suck on his shit smeared cock, gazing up at him with her soiled and
browned facial features. The little twelve year-old was blowing her
father with incredible enthusiasm. She sucked his dick forcefully and
purposely. The man had stumbled back to his knees and lay back down
onto the tarpaulin covered floor and acquiesced to his young daughter's
wanton and sudden oral assault upon his prick. Abigail took her daddy's
shaft as deeply down her throat as she possibly could. Rick's excrement
laden eyes opened wide as he breathlessly observed the sword swallowing
techniques that his little girl was applying to him. The youngster
gagged and choked upon her father's prick as if she were attempting to
induce vomiting. She was!

Mrs. Bliss' skull began to spin while Rick's cock head and the one on
his shoulders throbbed and pulsated. They watched in what appeared to
be slow motion as Abigail suddenly removed her face, throat and mouth
off her father's penis and rushed towards both of her parent's heads
and turned her stomach inside out all over their faces and hair. The
little girl threw up as if she were a drunken sailor. Wave after wave
of green and brown vomit jettisoned out of her mouth and onto Rick's
face, splattering his forehead and nose, while disgusting pieces of
puke shot out and struck Violet in her matted, shit spiked hair.

"Oh god!" Samantha roared.

"Abby's sick!" Todd stated the obvious.

"Literally... Oh this is TOO gross!" Tabitha buried her face in her

Both Violet and Rick opened their mouths in shock as their youngest
daughter finished puking directly into each of her parent's mouths and
plopped down between them. That sent Violet Bliss over the edge. She
immediately coughed and gagged uncontrollably, followed by a grotesque
expenditure of vomit all over her husband's chest, neck and chin. Some
of the puke landed on the back of Abigail's head, whom now lay semi-
conscious next to them.

That was all that Rick could stand. As sexually charged as he was, the
wooziness of eating and breathing in too much shit and now the twin
casings of vomit from the stomach's and mouth's of his daughter and
wife did the man in. His belly exploded like dynamite, sending three
powerful hurls of semi-digested food, shit, piss, cum and blood
hurtling out of his mouth and all over his wife and his youngest
child's back. His hardened and aroused prick spurted forth, profuse
amounts of semen at precisely the same time that his stomach rejected
its contents. Bliss had somehow concurrently emptied his abdomen and

Todd, Tabby and Samantha stared at the grossest pile of filth you could
ever imagine. The stench was indescribable. Todd was the first to cut
loose a torrent all over the already drowned parents and child. Tabby
and Sammy, as was their wont, looked at each other, and on cue, dumped
the remains of their stomachs into the goo.

They all fell into a pile, gasping and still a 'trembling' visited all
of their sexual organs. No one was violently sick, but they were all
somewhat turned on. The semen that exploded from Rick's cock had lodged
itself on the eyebrow of his solidly mucked wife. Tabby had landed with
her face right next to her mother and consequently saw the dollop of
spew there for the taking. She took it, greedily. Samantha jerked
Todd's cock, attempting to coax one more cum from the boy's overtaxed
penis. Well, he didn't disappoint. Although his load was not as copious
as his father's was, he nevertheless produced a generous mouthful for
the hungrily sucking Samantha.

For a few moments there was an eerie silence as if everyone was
exhausted, stunned or just to caked to move.

Good old dad, was not the panty wearer in the family and neither was
his son.

"Hey Todd lets take these dirty women and make them pretty again," he
joyfully suggested to Todd.

"Sure dad, let me take Abby first."

Todd picked up his filthy, puke, shit and piss covered sister and
carried her down to the brook. Rick lifted his wife up in his arms and
kissed her with enormous passion. It was returned in kind and then
some. He brought the love of his life gently down and placed her near a
cool refreshing waterfall. Then the men went after the twins.
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