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Neighbor girls

{g/b, m/f, first experiences. Mast,oral,cons.}

By Typoman

Edited by Denny the pedantic, then re-edited by Typoman and sent back to
the Dennster. He re-edited it once again and bitched me out for my stupid


Do not repost this story without my header. Do not remove my name from

Larry Sanderson

My stories contain graphic descriptions of sexual encounters. Various
ages from adult to children may be described in sexual acts, either willing
or coerced. If you are not of legal age to read adult material, close this
file. If you are offended, or even think that you might be offended by
reading material such as this then go find something else to read. By
continuing to read this material, you have agreed that you are of legal age
and material such as this is legal to have in your possession.

A word about fantasy: My stories are just that, a FANTASY! They might
contain a thread of an old childhood memory, or just be the brainchild of
my fertile imagination. If you like to read stories like mine then more
power to you! However, if you find yourself seriously contemplating
abusing an innocent minor, then go seek help. Our children are our future.
Don't start (or continue) the cycle of sexual abuse. Enough said, on with
the tale.

My family moved to Arizona in 1960. I was only six years old back then.
My parents bought a house in a new neighborhood that was full of kids. I
was the youngest in our family of five, four boys and one girl. The Watson
family who lived next door also had five kids, four girls and one boy who
was my age.

It was kind of funny that the ages of the kids in each family matched
each other. Naturally the two families became great friends and we spent a
lot of time together.

Debbie Watson was in the same grade as my older brother who is about a
year and a half older than me. My sister is six years older than I am. By
then she had reached puberty and was very careful about us boys seeing her
naked. As a matter of fact, I don't ever remember seeing my sister naked.
Debbie Watson on the other hand was quite sexually oriented and initiated
sexual exploration with my older brother and me quite a bit.

I remember one time when she took off all her clothes and spread her
legs and pissed on the ground so we could see how a girl did it. There was
another time when I came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and found
her waiting for me in my bed. For some reason, I was embarrassed that she
saw me in my underwear and told her that she better leave. Debbie flung
the covers to my bed back and showed me that she was naked under her dress.
She told me that she wanted to show me something and asked me to sit on the
bed next to her. James, my older brother who shared the room with me, was
lying in the top bunk smiling at me.

He said, "Go on and do it Larry, Debbie already showed me and it's
really cool!"

I think I was about eight years old back then and was starting to get
erections. I went ahead and sat on the bed next to Debbie and watched in
fascination when she spread open her pussy and started playing with
herself. James had his head hung over the edge of his bed and was watching
the action from above.

I lay down next to her when she asked me to, then she flung the covers
over the both of us. I was starting to get scared until I felt her hand at
the front of my underwear. I didn't have an erection until then, but
Debbie's hand sure gave me one.

Before long, she had worked my underwear down to my knees, then
completely off. She took my hand and guided it to her pussy. Then with
her hand on top of mine she showed me what she wanted. I guess I was sort
of clumsy back then because she pulled my hand away in frustration. She
grinned, then ducked her head under the covers and put my little prick in
her mouth.

Debbie was getting pretty worked up by then. I could tell that she was
playing with herself while sucking on me. It would be another three years
before I had my first orgasm but what she was doing still felt pretty good.
Debbie started going faster and faster with her fingers on her pussy until she made herself come. Just before she brought herself off, she
stopped sucking me and flung the covers back so James and I could watch her
get off. When she started coming, she grabbed my hand and pushed it
between the folds of her bald pussy, then she thrust her hips back and
forth while holding my hand in place against her pussy. She kept her
vise-like grip on my hand and held it to her pussy until she calmed down.

Debbie asked me, "Do you know what just happened to me Larry? I just
had an orgasm. I guess girls develop quicker than boys cause you and James
can't have one yet. Sometimes I can't do it no matter how hard I try,
that's why I wanted to try it with you. What do ya think?"

"That's pretty neat Debbie, but you got yuck all over my hand."

"Larry would you put your mouth on my pussy and lick me like I did to

"NO! That's gross!"

"Okay, Shhhhh! I want to try something else okay?"


"You'll see Larry!"

Debbie sorta spit on her hand, then she put her spit on my dick and
climbed on top of me. I felt her pussy against my prick and realized that
she wanted to fuck me. That was perfectly fine by me because I knew what
fucking was thanks to older brothers. She moved around until I felt the
head of my cock enter something wet and warm. She squirmed around, then I
felt my little cock go inside her a little farther. Suddenly Debbie winced
in pain and moved her pussy off my prick. She looked disappointed and

"That sorta hurt Larry, I guess I'm not old enough to do that yet, do
you want to try it again sometime?"

"Sure Debbie, what about James? Did you try to screw him too?"

"Yeah, but his wiener got soft and it bent when I tried to put it in.
It didn't work out very well, so I wanted to see if yours would go in cause
you're younger and it's smaller."

Debbie kissed me before she left the bedroom, I remember that I was a
little grossed out at the idea that my prick had been in her mouth but I
kissed her anyway. It wasn't that bad.

I told Debbie's brother Bruce what she did and he just shrugged his
shoulders. He didn't want to talk about it so I dropped the subject.

A few weeks later I told Debbie that I would lick her pussy if she
washed it really well right before I tried it. I never got the chance to
try it with her. Their family bought a farm out of town. We never got the
chance to experiment with each other again.

The family that moved in to the old Watson place had six kids. The two
youngest girls were a lot younger than I was. Dan Parnell was my age and
we became good friends. His younger brother Ned was a year younger than
Pam and Melanie; the two girls were about a year and a half apart.

They were a sort of poor but well-adjusted and down to earth family.
After a Pam got older, it became apparent that she had developed crush on

I was around thirteen and Pam was ten when this happened. I was over
their house, Pam came running up to me and said; "Look what I just got

Pam lifted her dress all the way up over her head then brought it down
and smiled at me. I was astounded that she would do something like that,
especially right in front of her mother.

Mrs. Parnell acted like nothing bad had happened. She just told me,
"Pam just wanted to show you her new bra and panties."

Pam asked me, "Did you see the little cherries on my panties Larry? I
picked them out myself!"

"Yeah Pam, that's pretty neat!"

What she was wearing on top wasn't really a bra as far as I could tell.
It looked more like a halter-top. When I think back on it, her nipples had
just started to develop. I went back to Dan's room, but he was busy
drawing something. I got bored and decided to go. I was planning on going
home but as I walked past Pam and Melanie's room I saw Pam in her room,
lying on the floor coloring. She was facing away from me and kicking her
legs nonchalantly. I could almost see all the way up her dress. I found
myself stopped at her door. By then I had been masturbating and having

My brain knew what I wanted to do and it signaled DANGER! Naturally, I
paid the warning no mind. Mrs. Parnell had taken Melanie to the store
with her and Dan was busy in his room with the door closed. Pam noticed
someone watching her and she turned around, her smile greeted me.

"Hi Larry! Dan's in his room drawing. He got mad at me when I was in
there so I decided to come in here and do some coloring."

"Yeah I know. I don't think Dan wants to be disturbed."

I gathered my courage and walked in her room, then sat on the floor next
to her. I laid my nervous, sweaty hand on her back.

"Whatcha coloring Pam?"

"Sesame Street Larry, wanna see?"

"Yeah! Can I close your door?"

"Yeah, I guess so. But why ya want the door closed?"

I got up and quietly closed the door to her room, then said, "Well Dan
might get mad if he saw me in here with you."

"Why would he get mad about that?"

I bit my lip and started my quickly worked up plan. "Cause I want to
look at your panties again. I didn't get that good of a look at them

Pam smiled at me, then she stood up and lifted her dress all the way
over her head like she did before. I put my hand on her leg, right at the
back of her knee. My dick throbbed painfully. Here I was looking at a
girl in panties about six inches away from my face. I could see the slight
bulge from her developing mound and just a hint of her slit line. Pam
pulled her dress down after giving me a long close-up look.

"Wow! I really like em Pam, especially cause you're the one that's
wearing them."

Pam gave me a big smile. "I thought of you when I picked them out
Larry. I wanted to show you what a big girl I am now. My teacher sent me
to the nurse and she gave me a note to give my mom saying that I was going
to need a bra. I don't have titties yet but I'm getting bumps up here.
Anyway, that's why mom took me shopping! "

Pam pushed the material of her dress against her nipples but her bra hid
what she was trying to show me. I was scared shitless but turned on as
hell. I reached out and gently grabbed the hem of her dress and slowly
lifted it up, giving Pam plenty of time to stop me if she wanted to. My
other hand moved up her leg slightly, then stopped.

"Why don't you go ahead and color some more Pam. I'll just sit here and
watch you okay?"

Pam laid back down on stomach and continued her coloring. I lay down
beside her, putting my hand on her back. As an excuse to get close to her
I leaned in to look at her picture. I could smell the freshness of her
hair and her body laying next to mine as I talked to her was exciting. I
nervously ran my hand up her back then squeezed her shoulder gently.

"You're coloring is really good Pam. You're growing up into a very
pretty girl too!"

"Do you want me to color a picture for you Larry?"

"That would be great Pam, I'll scratch your back while you're coloring
my picture okay?"


She leafed through her coloring book until she found a picture to color
that was suitable for me.

So far, so good! I started gently scratching her back while she started
the new page.

"Do you like having your back scratched Pam?"

"Yeah, it feels good!"

I continued my scratching, alternating with light rubbing. I got braver
and my hands went lower. My hand lightly grazed over her butt past the hem
of her dress then on to her bare leg. She wiggled a little but didn't stop
me. I decided to lay my cards on the table.

"Pam, I really like you. I don't want to make you mad at me, so if you
want me to stop just say so okay?"

"Can I be your girlfriend Larry? I'm old enough now!"

"I'd really like that Pam! Can we be secret boy and girlfriends?" Your
Mom and dad would be really mad and ask a lot of questions if they found

Pam turned to her side and put her arm around my neck and kissed me. It
was a tight lipped, little girl kiss but a kiss just the same.

"That was nice Pam, you really surprised me there!"

She giggled and blessed me with her big smile, then went back to her
coloring book. My raging hormones were working overtime now. I
concentrated on her butt and legs being very careful not to tickle her and
spoil my progress. When I brought my hand up, the hem of her dress came
with it, exposing her little panty-clad butt. Pam continued coloring, her
facial expression a little more serious.

I started gently stroking the cloth-covered area of her butt. Pam
laughed when I put my finger on one of the little cherry prints.

"There's a cherry, here's another cherry!

I was being careful and only pointing to the cherries on her cheeks. My
main target was a cherry that on her butt, but teasingly close to the back
of her crotch. I finally had to do or die trying.

"There's a nice little cherry!"

I felt her little butt cheeks clench as she reacted to my naughty
finger. She sucked in her breath and started to turn her head to me, but
decided it was okay. I quickly changed my area of attack and rubbed the
safe area of her shoulder blades. After a pause Pam went back to her
coloring like nothing bad had happened. Soon I drifted back down after
carefully pulling her dress up further by the friction of my hand. Her
dress was loose fitting so I was able to expose almost half of her back. I
ventured with a single finger to the waistband on her hip. Holding my
breath, I then traced where panty stopped and skin began across her back,
pulling the elastic down a little as I traversed to her other hip. My
finger bumped into the beginning of the crack between her little butt
cheeks. Pam stiffened in reaction to the strange new feeling from her
previously unexplored territory.

"You know Pam, you've got a really cute butt! It really turns me on."

Pam turned her head and looked me in the eyes, trying to judge my
meaning. She seemed satisfied and turned back to her coloring.

"Do you know what I meant when I said you turn me on Pam? I'll stop
what I'm doing if you don't like it or get sacred."

"Yeah, sort of Larry."

"Tell me what you think it means okay?"

"It means that you want to pull my panties down and put your thing in
me, but I don't want to do that okay?"

"I wouldn't do that Pam! But ya know there's lotsa of ways we can make
each other feel really good when we get turned on. I don't need to put my
thing in you either!"

"Really? How?"

"I don't want you to get scared Pam. I'll never do anything you don't
want me to do. I guess I better stop now so you know you can trust me. I
can go home and take care of my problem by myself. I'd sure like to do
this again sometime though."

"What problem are you talking about Larry?"

"Well honey, feeling your body and just being close to you has got me
all turned on. I've got to take care of it or my balls will start to

Pam turned to me, this time she rolled over to her side and looked
directly at the bulge in my pants."

"Have you heard about masturbating Pam?"

"Yeah, but I don't do that Larry!"

"I wouldn't expect you to do that Pam, at least not until your a little
older. A lot of boys do, older girls do it too. That's how we relieve our
sex feelings."

"Did feeling my butt really make you get, uh turned you on like that?"

She made a hand gesture in the general direction of the bulge in my

"I get erections all the time honey. You certainly caused this one
though. Just being near you, kissing you, smelling your hair. All kinds
of things about you get me hot."

"I'm sorry Larry! I didn't mean to make you get that way, honest!"

"Honey. It's not your fault! I like to be near you and I really loved
feeling your hot little body!"

"Yeah but now you have to leave and go masturbate. I feel kinda bad
that I caused it."

I reached out and pulled Pam to me and kissed her. I looked into her
eyes and smiled, then kissed her again. Pam's lips were more relaxed this
time. She was certainly learning how to kiss. I placed my hand on her
butt and pulled her against me so she could feel my erection with her body.
"Mmmm, that kiss was really nice honey, you're relaxing your lips now,
that's a lot better! I can't wait until I be alone with you again. Maybe
the next time we'll go a little farther okay?"

"I never asked you to stop Larry! You were the one that stopped
remember? I wish there was something I could do to help you!"

"There's a lot of things you can do Pam! When you're ready, I'll be
glad to show you some of them. We'll take it slow and easy."

"I'm ready now Larry! Show me what to do please?"

"Are you sure you're ready honey? I can go home and I won't be mad."

"I want to at least try!"

"Okay then, reach down and put your hand on the bulge in my pants!
That's how we start."

Pam bit her lip, then reached down and lightly placed her hand on my
bulging pants.

"Squeeze it, you won't hurt it."

Pam nodded her head. She was a little scared but determined to
continue. I rolled onto my back and opened my legs while she explored.

"When you're ready honey, you should undo my pants and put your hand
inside okay?"

Pam sat up, using both of her hands to unsnap my jeans. She hesitated a
little, then unzipped my fly. My underwear covered prick thrust itself out
from between the split halves of its previous confinement. She peeled my
pants open and noticed the wet spot of pre cum on my underwear where the
head of my cock was.

"Did you already come a little Larry? There's a wet spot there."

"No honey, that stuff comes out when I'm really turned on. It's a
little different cause it's clear. When I come, there'll be white stuff
that squirts out. You'll need something to catch it or wipe up the mess it
makes afterwards."

"Something like a cup or a glass Larry?"

"That would work, but I can think of something a lot sexier to catch my
come with!"

"Like what?"

"Hmmm maybe something very special, something with cherries on it would
be really sexy!"

"My panties? But I'm wearing them Larry!"

"Yeah, I know!"

Pam started feeling my cock through my underwear while she thought about
my suggestion. I helped things along by lifting my butt and pulling my
pants down to my knees, then my underwear. I was getting worried about the
time and the possibility of getting caught by my best friend if he came
down the hall.

Pam's eyes got big when she saw my thirteen-year-old erection five-inch
erection with it's small ring at of pubic hair at the base.

Pam squeezed my phallus, gauging its hardness. She received a dollop of
goo as a reward.

I grasped Pam's wrist and showed her the up and down motion boy's use to
get off. This was the first time that another female's hand had been on my
prick since Debby had played with me five years earlier. I was so turned
on that I knew it wouldn't take long to set me off.

"Oh yeah Pam! That feels really good! You're gonna make me come like
crazy in just a little while! We're gonna need something to wipe up the
mess I'm gonna make though!"

She caught my hint and slipped her little cherry panties off. I pulled
my tee shirt up and laid her panties on my belly. She started jerking on
my prick again, turning so I could see her pretty little bald pussy.

"Oh honey, you have a really sexy pussy! Oh yeah, I'm getting really
close to coming now! Go just a little faster!

I felt the familiar stirring from my loins and knew this was going to be
a good one.

"Okay babe, here it comes! Don't stop till I tell you okay?"

"Okay Larry, wow it's getting harder now!"

"Mmmm. Oh yeah I can feel it building now babe! Gawd you do that so
well! Oh shit, here it comes!"

I tensed my muscles to delay the inevitable as long as possible, then
the dam broke.

"UNNNGGGHhhh! Holy .........Ahhhhh!"

Pam's jaw dropped in amazement when the first wad spewed from my
erupting boy meat. It landed high upon my chest leaving a ropy stringer
back to its source. Several more wads followed in the wake of the first
one, leaving little puddles and trails in their wake.

"Ahhh! Don't stop babe, you're doing great!"

I let her keep jacking me until my orgasm had gone completely away, then
I grasped her hand to stop her and held her there while the last of my
sexual tension melted away. I closed my eyes and relaxed releasing Pam's

I opened my eyes and smiled when I felt Pam's finger trace down the
tender underside of my prick. She giggled at the way my still hard cock
twitched in response. Pam gently felt my balls, then used her panties to
wipe up the spreading puddles of sperm on my chest and belly.

"Wow Larry! I didn't know that so much of your stuff would come out
like that when you did it!"

"There usually isn't babe, but you got me so turned on. I guess my
balls went into overtime making sperm for you! Come here and give me a

I pulled Pam on top of me and kissed her deeply, she accepted my probing
tongue as my hand ran down her back and pulled up the back of her dress.
She started to close her legs when my hand went for her pussy from the back
way, but she relaxed and allowed me access when I reassured her.

I gently rolled her off from on top of me and laid her on her back, so I
could feel and caress her private place from the front. Pam sighed and
spread herself open, giving in to the pleasurable feelings.

"Don't move okay babe? I'm gonna pull my pants up so I can move

With my pants pulled up and fastened, Pam knew that I was not going to
try anything she wasn't ready for. I moved between Pam's open legs and
tenderly opened her pussy with my fingers. She was clean and pink inside.
Even at the age of Ten, her clit was good sized and peeked out from it's
protective hood to greet me.

Pam's eyes were closed. A sure sign of the trust she placed in me. Her
little pussy was just too tempting. I had to try and make up for the
opportunity I had missed with Debbie. Slowly I moved my head closer until
I could smell the faint trace of her girlish excitement.

I steeled my will, then covered her pussy with my mouth. Pam gasped in
surprise at the unexpected sensation. Her legs tried to close momentarily,
then they relaxed.

When my tongue found her clit, Pam's body reacted by thrusting her hips

"Ahhh....That..... Oh Larry that feels! Oh my, it's so......So Good!"

Time was certainly running short for the two of us. I doubled my
efforts and hoped I could make her come. Pam shivered once, then she
shivered again.

"Oh Larry! I think it's happening! Oh! This is... Ahhh! Don't

I pressed harder with my tongue then grasped her hips and pulled her to
me. Pam's shivers turned into quakes, then her first orgasm came crashing
down upon her. She bucked her pussy against my face and let out a long
moan. Pam tried in vein to scoot away from the lingual intruder that was
causing her such unexpected sensation. I finally stopped when Pam batted
the top of my head with the palms of her hands. She rubbed and scratched
her pussy after I rose from between her legs and lay beside her. After Pam
came to grips with her still tingling pussy, I pulled her next to me.

"You just had your first orgasm honey. I'm sorry I had to go so hard,
but you're still kinda young and I didn't know whether you could do it or
not. The time is kinda short too. Your mom's gonna be home any minute or
Dan will come out of his room and wonder why your door is closed."

"That was.....Was.... WOW! It started feeling really good.
Then.....I'm sure I came Larry! It kept feeling better and better, but
then I started to itch like crazy down there!"

"I gotta go babe! I don't want to, but we don't want to get into
trouble okay?"

I started to kiss her goodbye, but stopped when I realized where my
mouth had been. Pam realized the same thing, but kissed me anyway.

"That was wonderful honey! Remember now, we gotta act like nothing ever
happened okay? We'll get another chance to be together again, but don't
feel bad when I still act like before we got close!"

"Okay Larry! I understand. If we act different they'll get

I propped myself up on an elbow and drank in the sight of the girl that
had given herself to me. When I reached for her pussy, she covered my hand
with hers and smiled.

I rose to my feet and quietly opened her bedroom door, then gave her one
last look and left.

My fondest memory of that sweet little girl is from that last look.

I see my little Pamela lying on her bedroom floor. Her eyes are closed
and she's smiling contently, one hand gently rubbing her pussy. THE END.


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