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[NOTE: This is a work of fiction--all sorts of acts (some illegal) are
described herein for entertainment purposes only. If you are under the
legal age of consent in your area, do not read. Any resemblance between
characters in this work and persons living or dead are purely

Good Neighbors 2

By Big B.

My forearms pressed against her ribs as my hands cupped the firmest
c-cups I've ever touched. She kneeled on the bed doggy-style, one arm
holding herself up while the other reached up between her legs and
determinedly guided my throbbing cock--rubbing it a little between her legs
and the lips of her pussy. Then, with a sound that could have been a
whimper, she lined it up with her puckered anus. I pushed and the noise
she was making grew into a gasp and then a howl.

"No. It hurts," she said, a cry in her voice.

"You want to win your boyfriend back?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Then you'll have to get used to it," I said and pushed in deeper. I
wanted to make this butt-fuck last a while, so I took my mind of the
situation, remembering how Jodi's twelve-year old sister contrived and
succeeded to steal the former's boyfriend away from her by learning how to
fuck, suck, and generally please a man. I slowly pumped Jodi's
well-lubricated butt-hole, feeling the tightness of an asshole that, until
recently, had been a virgin.

I had taught little Roxanne, a twelve-years old, eighty-pound, sexual
dynamo, how to please any man. For two weeks the child wanted me to
'stretch her out' so she could get back at Jodi by stealing the lucky Gary.
I wasn't complaining. Every day for those two weeks I spent hours
'stretching' her.

Then she was through with me. Occasionally I saw Roxanne in the
hallways of the building. Once she gave me a thumbs up, which I
interpreted as success in stealing Gary away from Jodi. I smiled, jealous
as hell. Then one day my doorbell rang. It was Jodi, the sexy, stacked,
older sister.

"Hi Mr. Abernathy," she said after I invited her in. "I have a
business deal for you....."

Little Roxanne, the woman/child I had tutored in the ways of carnal
pleasure, had ratted me out. Not, fortunately, to her mother or the law,
but to her older sister. And the sister wanted some too.

"I want to win Gary back," she said, sitting on my sofa holding a beer.
She had insisted on a beer. I think she wanted the courage the alcohol
might give her.

Where Roxanne was a tight little brunette, Jodi was tall, blonde, and
quite the woman in shape. She had swimmer's shoulders and back, the
muscles supporting firm tits that, in her T-shirt, strained to get free.
She wore short shorts and her legs, long and tanned, were crossed

"What's so great about this Gary?" I asked.

Jodi looked angry. "He's got a great car, a Trans-Am, and he's real

I shrugged.

"And what do you want to do to get him back?"

"I want to learn what Roxy did. Show me how to please a man."

I smiled, sipping my beer. I didn't have to be asked twice.

"But no intercourse."


"I don't care what you did with Roxy. She's a little slut. I want to
be a virgin 'til I marry. But I know there's other stuff you can do." She
gulped her beer.

"Oh, there certainly is," I said.

I stood and took her beer, putting it aside. I pulled her to her feet
and she kissed me back halfheartedly when I tried to kiss her.

"Could we not kiss?" she asked. "I know how to do that."

I shrugged. "Whatever, but I can help you kiss better. Now let's take
off these clothes."

A little fear crossed her face, but she stepped back a little and
shucked off her T-shirt and her shorts. Naked she was stunning. Her tits,
pale from a bikini, were high on her ribs and rising and falling with her
fear. Her hips were trim and stomach flat. blond pubic hair barely
covered an already dewy cunt. The little minx, she was excited and
protested because she thought she had to.

"Into the bedroom," I said and quickly pulled off my clothes except my
briefs. When I entered the bedroom she was on the bed, awkwardly posed and
only sexy because of her hot body, not her pose.

"Hey, you're not bad for an old guy," she said. I was twice her age,
but didn't like being reminded of it.

"Don't talk," I said. I poured some moisturizer on my palms and
lubricated her breasts.

"Do you have to touch my breasts?"

I nodded. "It's unavoidable. Put your hand here." I put one of her
hands on her crotch and pressed her middle finger against her clit. I tore
off my briefs and put some of the lubricant on my prick. Straddling her, I
put my dick between her gloriously firm tits. Slowly I rocked back and
forth, holding her tits together as I tit-fucked her. She seemed to come
around, her expression changed. Her eyes closed, her mouth became a little
circle, and I could feel her hand moving faster and faster. The face below
me, the firm breasts cradling my cock, I was enjoying myself. With my
thumbs I made little circles around her nipples and they soon responded.
Her hand moved faster. I thrust a faster and, when she finally let out a
little "Eep," I blew my wad all over her neck.

"I've wanted to do that since you were fifteen," I said, after I had
climbed off her and lay beside her.

"Gross." She wiped at the jism on her upper torso. "You noticed me when
I was fifteen?"

"That's when your tits really started poking out."

"I know," she said. "And that kind of stuff will get Gary back to me?"

I nodded. "Every straight man out there wants to fuck your tits." I
reached over and touched one. She leaned against me for a moment, the drew

"What else can you show me?"

Grinning, I moved the bottom of the bed. Her long legs were too close
together, so I parted them. I leaned down and kissed her light bush.

"I don't know if I want to do this," she said.

What was with this girl? I wondered. "Just relax," I reassured her.
"Guys like it when you enjoy yourself too. Sacrifice is for the Victorian

I tentatively licked her pussy lips, my tongue flicking delicately, only
to tease. Slowly I increased the intensity and pressure. At first she
resisted the pleasure, but soon she was into it. I don't know what was
happening in her head, but I can guess she finally decided to enjoy the
sensations instead of suffer through the act.

And boy was she enjoying it! As I lapped and licked and poked my tongue
into her crevice, she started to push her sex toward me in undulating waves
of greedy pleasure. Like the movement of a dolphin's tail while swimming,
she rocked her hips up and down, groaning and riding the inevitable orgasm.

With a cry she came, scissoring her legs together to hold my head in
place. She shook so hard while climaxing, I could feel the entire bed
shake. I had done my job right and she had learned how to come like a

"Jesus," she said after she caught her breath. "Is it always like

"Only if he's good," I said. I climbed next to her in the bed. "This
isn't such a bad experience after all, is it?"

She kissed me. "I still wanna be a virgin, but I'm liking what I'm

"Good. Ever give a blow job?"

I had felt the slightest stirrings in my penis, and wanted this girl to
get me up again. She took me in her mouth and started to lick and play
with it.

"No, that's not right." I told her to use her mouth like a cunt, to fit
around my dick and take me all the way in. She got down to it and soon I
was rock hard, pumping away as she almost choked on my prick. I'm pretty
big; some girls haven't been able to fit me in their mouths, in fact. Jodi
and her sister must have a genetic ability--maybe they were related to

I glanced down. Her blond hair cascaded over her face. Only her lips
were showing and I could see them, red against my throbbing dick as she
bobbed her head up and down. Her breasts jiggled slightly as she moved,
arcing her body with the effort.

"Now for what Gary really wants," I said.

"No intercourse," she said, pulling her lips from my cock.

Not answering her, I lathered my finger with lubricant and reached to
her asshole. She shrieked in surprise when I first touched her there.
Once my finger was in, she looked at me oddly.

"That doesn't feel so bad. Could you...." She looked between her legs.
I caught her meaning and lowered my head to her cunt again. Licking her in
the front and pumping my finger in and out of her poop chute seemed to
drive her wild. She came in a long howl, finally releasing all the pent-up
tension her earlier orgasms hadn't touched.

When it was all over and I had washed my hand, she looked at me.

"How do guys want that?"

The little sister had the brains in this family. I explained anal sex
to Jodi, who looked at my rod and shook her head.

"There's no way that would fit in there."

"Yes there is. Roll over." I could see the wheels turning, albeit
slowly, in her brain. She was willing to do anything and had liked the
sensation of my finger. She got into the doggy position.

Once again I greased her anus, then my cock. Kneeling behind her I
grabbed her hips and slowly pressed my penis against her anus. It was not
going to go in at first, but then, like a valve opening, I entered in a
rush of hot flesh. She made a noise that was probably pain, so I didn't
push in too deeply or too hard.

Her blow job had warmed me up, and in just a few thrusts, I was ready to
shoot my load. I put my hands on her tits, her nipples digging into the
palms of my hands, and pulled myself against her when I came. She fell
forward, pulling me down and I lay on top of her, gasping for air.

Under me, her body shook. From crying, not pleasure. I stayed where I
was, her tight asshole milking my semen. I waited until she had stopped
sobbing and I was soft before pulling out.

"We're going to have to do that until you start to enjoy it," I said,
gently caressing her face. "If you don't want intercourse, that's all you
can do for Gary."

Two days later she was back. When I answered the door she rushed in so
old Mrs. Peterson across the hall wouldn't notice.

"Let's get it over," she said, peeling her tank-top as she walked down
the hall. I followed, my erection preceding me. On my bed she was
kneeling with her butt in the air and her pants around her knees. "I had
to sit in a bath tub with epsom salts yesterday," she complained. "But I'm
ready to take it today."

I shrugged. I didn't object to starting my evening with a firm little
ass in my face. I stood behind her and shucked off my clothes, admiring
the pert orb in front of me. I fingered a glob of KY into her hole and
spread the excess on my throbbing head. Then I lined up.

"Make sure your boyfriends use rubbers, even when they do this," I said,
pushing against her. I didn't have a condom on, but since I was her only
lover so far, I thought I'd go without. Besides, I liked the idea of my
juice curdling up inside her, and her shitting it out the next day.

So there I was, my forearms pressing against her ribs as my hands cupped
the firmest c-cups on the planet, Jodi kneeling on the bed doggy-style, one
arm holding herself up while the other was guiding my throbbing
cock--rubbing it a little between her legs and the lips of her pussy. I
entered her, not minding the moans and gasps she made. Soon she fell into
the rhythm and rocked into me with each thrust.

I pumped, long and slowly; pushing in all the way by pulling her closer
to me using her magnificent tits as handles to draw her closer. When I was
finally finished I collapsed on top of her. In a few minutes I was going
to be hard again and I would stretch her more. I'd show her how to take it
up the ass face-to-face and a sleight-of-end trick that would convince her
boyfriend that he was taking her cherry.

"You OK?" I asked her. Underneath me she nodded. "You'll probably get
your boyfriend back. He won't want to hang around with your little sister much longer. He'll need someone to go to the prom with and to be seen in
public with. If you can please him, he'll be yours." She nodded again.
"I'm going to show you how to please him so much he's going to be your
slave. OK?"


"In a week you're going to seduce Gary. Don't tell your sister I showed
you this stuff. Don't tell anyone."

"I won't."

"Good." I rolled off her and we started to cuddle. "You want an orgasm
now?" I asked. She nodded.

Starting at her ear I nibbled down to her breasts. I would miss those
delightful mounds, but I would stretch out the time I took to train her.
She'd get her boyfriend back, but hell, I was having fun while I could.

After only a week of training Jodi was gone. Gone back to the infamous
Gary. I was a little jealous, but also thankful. Because of this
muscle-car driving boy I was having great sex. But also because of this
jerk I was only having it for a short while each time. I was being used
and starting to resent it. In a way I was glad their family had only the
two girls. I didn't need to be frustrated by any others.

These thoughts and my happy memories were percolating through my mind
when there was a knock on my door. It was probably the Fed-Ex guy, but I
didn't want it to be.

"It's open!" I hollered from my desk. The door opened. I turned.
Usually the Federal Express knocked again and announced himself. They had
their policies.

"Hi Mr. Abernathy," said a familiar voice. Roxanne was back. I turned
in my chair with a big grin on my face-which quickly fell.

With my little minx was another girl. Both wore school uniforms, but
that was where the resemblance ended. The other girl was also about
twelve, plump, and had reddish hair in pig tails. She wore glasses and had
freckles. I stood up.

"Hi Roxy," I said. "Um, who's your friend?"

They closed the door behind them, Rosy being very careful to not draw
attention to herself.

"Annie and I need your bedroom," she said, pulling her friend after her.
"I'll explain later." With a click the bedroom door locked behind her and I
was left with a mystery. Damn. I was being used by her again.


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