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Archived Sex Stories

Neighbourly Tutor Book 1


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the important… WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be illegal in the
reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended in any
way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the
whole file. If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any
further and MUST delete the file NOW! The author cannot state the case
more clear than that, surely? LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the
author who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It
must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit
without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted to
Newsgroups but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in it's
entirety and must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All
names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either
living or dead. Neither the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has
ever indulged in situations described in this story; they are solely based
on fantasy of the mind. Most stories written by the author are of
book-length size and the first chapter or two are usually taken up "setting
the scene" so to speak. If they are not read or given just cursory glance,
the atmosphere that is intended for the story may well be lost on the
reader. Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as "getting
there". There are many more stories in progress but because of the size,
completion and publication is naturally slow. I would appreciate
constructive comments on any aspect of this or any of my other novels -
flamers should NOT have passed beyond this preamble as they have been
warned about content, so their comments are a waste of time and will be
dealt with in a fitting manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all
constructive suggestions and may be contacted at - NOTE: remove the "REMOVE"


Sexual Fantasy Fiction by Writer'sCramp (Fm, fm, FfmM, rom, humil,
coerced, forced, nc, teen, spk, menst, sm, ws, inc, etc)

The Characters: James (Jimmy) Tailor, aged 15, Jennifer (Jenny) Tailor,
my sister aged 16, Margie Tailor, my sister aged 13, Mrs Tailor, my mother,
Bob Tailor, my Dad, Mrs Esme (Essy) Mercer, our neighbour Josie Mercer, her
daughter, aged nearly 16, father Eustice Faustino, family priest.

Synopsis In Book One: Fifteen-year-old, Jimmy Tailor finds himself left
with the lady next door while rest of his family goes on vacation. Soon
learns she has designs on his innocence and between her and her
sixteen-year-daughter, they initiate him into sexual awareness. Is shocked
to find that his prudish sister, Jenny has already been corrupted by the
neighbour and soon,

In Book Two: Jimmy and his sister, Jennifer cut their ties with the
neighbour after her male friend tries to take Jimmy for his own love-boy
and their newfound friendship together grows into a passionate life long
love affair. Many sexual adventures are encountered during this journey
with family incest in many forms dominating.

JIMMY'S story BOOK ONE Chapter One

Sometime during the fifteen years I have existed on this earth, I came
to realise that parents wield more power than any other group of people
alive. They have the ability to make me do anything they want with the
help of cajoling, threats and downright capital punishment, which is no
more than genuine torture.

I objected with all the effort I could when Mum informed me we were all
going to the hills for Dad's month long holidays. It wasn't that I didn't
like my family. They were fine generally, well except for malicious
sisters who made it their sole purpose in life to annoy me in any way they
could. But at least when I was at home I could escape whenever I needed
to, into the confines of Fortress Bedroom as I called it in my mind, lock
the door and my privacy was safe.

But a month couped up with every one including two sisters, one a year
older and the other two years younger, all sharing the same room together?
Well that was just too much. Of course, they objected just as strongly.

"But he smells," Jennifer graciously complained about me. "And I'm not
going to sleep in the same room as him. He's always trying to watch me
when I get dressed."

"I do not," I objected with an ever reddening face, especially when Mum
looked at me strangely as she heard that. The fact is I did peek whenever
I could but never once saw Jenny or Margie in anything less than their
pajamas. I needed to see what a girl looked like, I really did. But there
was no way I could get them to agree to show and tell.

"What about when you barged into the bathroom when I was taking a
shower? You tried then," she spat at me."

"I didn't know you were in there, sis. Truly. Anyway you were already

"Lucky for me. I'd only just put my pajamas on, Mum. If he'd done it
any earlier he'd have seen me naked."

That was news to me. How could I have missed by so little? Damn.

"I caught him spying on me too," Margie added her bit. "But he didn't
see anything 'cos I cover the keyhole with a blouse every night."

"I'm sure your brother doesn't want to see you without any clothes," Mum
said with a knowing smile. "After all, you're his sisters. Why would he
want to look at you like that?"

I smiled back at her with all the innocence I could muster. The fact is
I desperately wanted to see both of them in the raw, to see anything, bum,
tits, yes certainly the tits, and hope against hope, what's between their
legs too. I haven't even managed a real look at Mum either. Now her tits are the biggest. They push out so far she literally bounces when she walks
quickly and I'd dearly love to get a look at her undressed.

I know my sisters are well aware of me trying to catch a glimpse of
something illicit but Mum would never believe her white haired little angel
would want to see her like that. Oh, yes he would, I smiled inwardly.

"Anyway, Mum, I'll have my... You know," Jenny reminded Mum as she
whispered something in her ear. "If he ever sees me like that I'd die."

What on earth was she prattling on about now? I managed to control my
innocent look, desperate to know what was so secret.

Mum blushed and shuffled. "Well, that is a bit of a problem, dear.
Yes, I understand. What do you think we should do, Bob?" She looked at Dad
who continued to read his newspaper.

"What? Oh, yes, I see," he mumbled not really knowing what Mum had
meant. "Anything you want, my dear," he said and kept his eyes glued to
the sports page.

"There's only two bedrooms, you see," she reminded him. "But it'd be a
shame to miss out on such a wonderful holiday."

"I'll be alright at home, Mum. I can look after myself," I suggested

"You're only fifteen, James. You can't stay on your own. Oh, what can
we do?" She looked particularly gloomy.

"I can ring you every night, Mum. Then you'd know I'm alright," I
suggested. Actually, I liked the idea of staying on my own for a whole
month. For one thing, it'd give me freedom to explore my sisters' room.
I'd sneaked in there several times and looked through their drawers,
especially their underwear. They had all kinds of knickers and it made me
feel strange when I rubbed the soft material against my face. My prick
always got hard when I did it and I never knew why but it made me want to
do it more and more. And they had packets of strange things. I thought
they were baby's nappies at first but they never unfolded, just a long pad
sort of thing with a sticky strip along the sides. It was very curious.
Both sisters had the same things in their drawers. I knew it was something
that girls did that I didn't, but what the purpose was I had not the
faintest idea.

"You are not going to stay home alone, young man," Mum said adamantly
but I could see she didn't know how to solve the predicament and still get

"Come on, Mum. You know I'm responsible enough to stay on my own," I

Just then the doorbell rang and the girls raced to answer it. Jenny was
hoping it was her boyfriend, no doubt and when she returned she looked
disappointed for Mrs. Mercer from next door followed her into the room.
There were the usual pleasantries for we didn't see her all that often.

"So what's the problem?" She asked looking between Mum and Dad and
realising there was an imperceptible tension in the air. "Have I come at
the wrong time?"

"No, it's nothing. We were just trying to work out what to do with
James here. We are going away tomorrow for a month but there's only two
bedrooms at the cottage and the girls are objecting about having to share
it with him. He doesn't want to go anyway but he can't stay home by

"Hmm, I see. Quite a problem and I agree there's no way someone so
young should be left alone for that long." She looked me up and down and a
strange smile seemed to move across her face, as she looked me straight in
the eyes.

I'd never had much to do with her and we only ever said hello if we met
in the street. Her daughter though was someone who interested me very
much. She was much prettier than my sisters and I often imagined having her
in my power and able to do all sorts of things with her. They were some of
the best fantasies I ever had. She was in the same level as me at school
although in another class. She thought herself superior and hardly ever
said anything at all to me. I guess that's why I liked to imagine
dominating her and playing with her naked tits. That too, made my prick
hard. But they were only fantasies.

"It's just possible I may be able to look after James," Mrs Mercer
suggested while still looking straight at me.

"What? No, I'll be alright," I said quickly. I couldn't imagine living
in the same house as that uppity daughter.

"You would look after James?" mother asked, surprise written all over
her face.

"Well, I know Josie would object to having a stranger in the house but
I'm sure she could be made to agree. Of course I'd need to maintain
parental authority while you were away. I couldn't have James doing his
own thing. If you do agree, it would have to be on the basis that James
accepts my authority just as Josie does," Mrs Mercer stated pointedly.

"Uhm, Mum, can I talk to you outside for a moment?"

Jenny giggled aloud as she saw my discomfort. "At least we'd all get
away on time, Mum," Jenny stated with a look of pleasure.

"Yes," Mum agreed dubiously. " But I wouldn't want to put Mrs. Mercer
to so much trouble. And for a whole month too," Mum added as a reminder to
the woman who was offering to be my guardian for a month.

"Oh, he wouldn't be any bother, I'm sure. He'll help with the chores
and it would be a sort of holiday for both Josie and me to have someone new
in the house. Yes I do believe it would be good for us as well."

I was shaking my head towards Mum but she didn't see me, on purpose, I
was sure.

"Mum..." I desperately wanted to get her outside so I could tell her I
didn't want to do this.

"You would be quite safe with Mrs. Mercer, dear," Mum said as though
the decision had been made already.

"But Josie. She mightn't want me to intrude," I suggested hopefully.

"Oh, Josie won't mind. Not if I insist," Mrs Mercer said bluntly. "So,
if you agree, I would expect James to be obedient just as he is to you,
Mrs. Tailor."

"Oh, I know he would be," Mum agreed and I could see my life was going
to be a living hell for the next month. Josie was a spoiled little brat
who I imagined got her own way in everything so I was going to be her
whipping boy for the month.

"We intended to leave in the morning before lunch, if that's alright
with you, Mrs Mercer," Mum said.

"Surely," she smiled. "He can move in tonight if you like," she
suggested, looking straight at me. I felt myself blushing and said I would
come over in the morning.

"If that's what you want," she replied. "Be there at ten o'clock sharp
then. Give your folks time to get themselves ready. Don't be late," she
added almost as a demand.

"Yes, ma'm," I agreed, a feeling of utter dejection seemed to pass all
through me.

As we were all going to bed, Jenny came into my room without knocking.

"You could have knocked," I growled.

"Now you know how it makes me feel when you creep around trying to see
me in the buff. Anyway I hoped I'd catch you jerking off," she said

"What? I don't."

"I'll bet you do. All the boys do. That's why you want to look up my
dress so you can get a hardon."

"That's filthy," I said indignantly.

"It's true, just like all boys. But you do, don't you?"


"Get a hardon when you imagine naked girls."

I knew I was blushing. How did she know that?

"It just happens," I told her sullenly.

"Anyway, we do it too."

"What? How can you get stiff?"

"Jerk off, stupid. But you'll never catch me."

"Jerk off? You mean...? How...?" I looked astonished.

"Don't know much do you? Well we do and it feels just as good as it
makes boys feel. That's what Peter said anyway." Peter was her boyfriend.

"Do you let him...?"

"Of course not, but we talk. I know all about how you do it," she
smiled salaciously and made a pumping action with her closed hand. I could
only blush when she added, "How do you clean up the mess?"

"What mess?"

"When you come."

"It doesn't make a mess. What do you mean?"

"You're so naive, Jimmy. When you jerk off and the stuff shoots out?"

"Nothing like that happens. Peter's been teasing you."

"It did when he showed me," she said with another smart laugh.

"You've watched? While he touched himself?"

"Sure, a few times. He likes me to watch and I do too. To watch him, I
mean. I've only ever done it in front of him with my hand under my skirt.
He's never seen my... Well, my privates, although he sure wants to. You
should see how he begs me. It's a scream."

"What if Mum and Dad found out?"

"Who's going to tell?"

"I could. Maybe I will," I said seriously.

"You wouldn't. You'd be too scared."

"No I wouldn't. Anyway, it'd be like pay-back for lying about me
watching you." I looked steadily into her eyes. "Show me how you do it and
I won't tell," I said, blood roaring through my brain like a canon,

"What? You've got to be joking. In your dreams. Besides, say anything
to Mum and I'll tell her about you going through our underwear drawers."

"Wha...? How did...? I never did."

"Of course you do. You've done it several times. You're so messy. If
you say anything, I'll get Peter to shoot all over a pair of my knickers
and show them to Mum. She'd believe you've been jerking off in them. By
the way, if you don't shoot white stuff when you jerk off you're either
sick or you don't know what you're doing."

"What stuff?" Where does if shoot from? You're fooling aren't you?"

"How do you think babies are made, stupid? It shoots from your... From
your thing and it's white and sticky."

I had no idea at all what she was talking about. I must have looked
stupid because I sure felt it.

"Ask little Miss Snooty next door to do it to you. I'll bet you'd go
all the way then. Ha. Ha."

She left the room still laughing and I felt sick because I knew nothing.
Is there any good reason why I shouldn't be allowed to peek in at this
sister who teases me so much, gives me such hard cocks with her explicit
talk and does everything but that which I seek so desperately? What is
wrong with exposing oneself to their brother, anyway? Absolutely nothing.

I laid in bed stroking my hardness until I drifted off to sleep. See,
there no such thing as shooting white stuff everywhere, I remember telling
myself just before oblivion.

Chapter Two

Mum and Dad took little notice when I said I was going next door, She
just waved a weak goodbye and Dad didn't even acknowledge me. Jenny gave
me a one-finger hand sign, grinning widely as I left and I didn't even see

I rang the doorbell at exactly ten o'clock and Mrs Mercer immediately
opened it. She had to be waiting with her hand on the door handle, I
thought as I self-consciously walked inside. "Welcome to our home, James.
Are you sorry you've been handed over so easily?" Mrs Mercer asked with a
wry look at me.

"No, Mrs Mercer. It's good of you to look after me," I said
perfunctorily. I guess I had better get off to a good start.

"Come and we'll have tea," she said leading the way into her living
room. She had certainly furnished her home well as everything had the look
of class and expense, I thought in my naivety. Yes she certainly had a
nice home.

"Josie is taking a bath but she'll join us soon," I was informed as she
sat opposite me, her eyes watching my every move. "We haven't had a man in
the house since my dear husband died several years ago, James. I hope you
can take his place in the way he left it." I hadn't a clue what she meant
but I said I hoped so too.

"Before Josie arrives, I want to lay a few ground rules out, James.
There is no sense in dallying with such things, don't you think?"

"Oh, no, Mrs Mercer."

"Good. Firstly, Mrs Mercer sounds so formal when we're going to spend a
whole month together. You can, no you must call me Ma'am or Mother." She
saw me start when she said that and added, "You look surprised but just
remember this. While you are under my roof, young man, I am responsible
for you just as much as any mother could me. Your own mother said as much,
you will recall?" She raised an eyebrow questioningly.

"Oh, yes, Ma'am."

"Josie calls me 'Mother' and it would be quite appropriate for you to do
that as well, don't you think?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I mean, Mother."

"Good. Milk and sugar?"

"What? Oh, yes please," I said as I saw her holding a small milk jug,
waiting for my reply.

"There's no need to be nervous, James. Are you nervous, James?"

"I think so, Ma'... Mother."

"Then don't be, I forbid it," she said smiling almost forcefully.

"Now let me see. You already have two sisters so living in a house with
two ladies shouldn't cause you too many problems," she stated matter of
factly. "Do you have a girlfriend, James?"

"Oh, no."

"Hmm. Then all you know about ladies is what you've seen through your

"I suppose so, Ma'... I mean, Mother."

"But you respect them. Ladies, I mean?"

"Oh, yes, Mother."

"I must tell you this James. Josie and I have lived alone for several
years and became used to walking around unclothed from time to time." Her
eyes bored into me so hard that I had to look away. I was blushing and
felt very uncomfortable.

"Look at me when I speak to you, young man."

"I'm sorry, Mother," I said looking up and feeling the hot flush move

"It's natural, surely? There is no embarrassment for a mother to see
her daughter undressed or vice-versa. My concern is that one or the other
of us may forget for a moment that you are now with us and display
ourselves. Do you understand our dilemma, James? What would you do if you
saw such a spectacle?"

"I... I'd say I'm sorry, Mother," I said unconvincingly.

"But would you be sorry, James?"

Now was definitely the time to lie. "Oh, of course."

"I wonder. I had a husband, you remember. I know what men think when
they look at a naked woman. What do you think when you see a naked woman,

"Me? Oh, I... I haven't seen..."

"You've never seen a girl undressed? I find that hard to believe, young man, living in a house with two sisters and a mother. Never?"

"No, Ma'am. I promise."

"But you have wanted to?"


"You have wanted to see them naked, am I right?"

"I... I... I suppose so."

"In this house, James, you will respect women with all the reverence
they deserve. Do you understand? Women's bodies in this house, James
Tailor, will be treated as goddesses. How would you treat a goddess, young man?"

What was I getting myself into, I wondered. She was almost saying I
would see them naked. God, I wished my prick would go down. I
self-consciously laid my hand over the erection.

"I don't know, Mother," I said simply.

"Then I will have to teach you. And you will learn, believe me. Am I
correct in assuming you have an erection?"

"An erec...?" I was at loss for words and thought I was going to burst
into tears. "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it, Mother," I added. If I
thought I could have escaped I would have but her eyes held me still in the
chair as though I was bound to it.

"One of the things you will learn is that erections are banned in this
house. Unless I give permission," she added purposefully after a long
pause. "They are caused by only one thing, dirty thoughts. Am I correct?"

"Yes, Mother," I agreed, letting my eyes fall towards the floor. What
else could I say?

"Dirty thoughts do not show respect but lust. Are you lusting after me,
James Tailor?"

"Oh, no, Mother. I promise."

"I think you are and that you have been imagining how I would look if I
were undressed. Is that what caused your filthy erection? I want the
truth now."

"It just happens, Mother. I can't help it. That's the truth," I added
hoping it sounded sincere.

"You think I am doing this to embarrass you don't you, James?"

"I don't think so, Mother. You said you were telling me the rules of
your house," I said innocently, really thinking she was indeed wielding
this parental power game just like my own mother.

"That's probably the nearest thing you said to the truth so far, young man. Ground rules have to be set from the beginning and you will obey

"Yes, Ma'am," I interrupted her.

"It is for our protection as well as yourself, you must understand. I
know boys of your age have sexual needs just as both Josie and I do. And I
will fulfil your needs," she added, leaning closer towards me.

"Ma'am?" I asked without realising it.

"I will give you fulfilment, James but on my terms. Do you understand?"

"I'm... Not... Sure, Mother," I answered doubtfully, but feeling my
prick rising again.

"As a mother I know you have urges that have to be fulfilled. It's
natural. But fulfilment has to be earned with respect and obedience. You
like my breasts, don't you?"


"I've seen you looking at them," she said looking down at her enormous mounds. Well that's how they looked to me.


"There's no need to become all shy again. It's the truth. And I'm sure
you want to see them and Josie's too, in the flesh as it were," she added
directly. "I may let you."

"What?" I let out an exclamation.

"But not before you learn to respect us both and show it in the ways we
require. Only then can I be certain that you wouldn't brag to all your
friends or for that matter, tell your family when they return."

"I don't understand, Mother," I half sobbed.

"Of course you don't, but you will. How do you think you could show us
the respect we deserve, young man?"

I had no idea whatsoever and looked down at the cup of tea, still full
for I hadn't had a chance to take even one sip. I was too busy hiding my
erection and trying to understand what she was really saying to me.

"I will tell you and I expect total obedience in this for the length of
your stay. The first time you see us every morning, you will kneel on the
floor before each of us, bow your head to the floor and kiss the top of our
feet. Both feet, that is, as you say 'Good Morning."

"You mean I..."

"And seeing as this is the first time you've seen me today, you can
practice now."

"You want me to do it now, Mother?"

"I demand it," she hissed fiercely

red faced, I knelt on the floor in front of where she was sitting and
bobbed my forehead against the carpet. "Good morning, Mother," I said
softly then kissed the top of each foot just above her shoe. I began to
get up when she said, "Stay. Wait until I give you permission to rise."

I settled back again thinking how stupid I felt and worse, how
ridiculous I would look to Josie when I had to do it her as well. I'd be
the laughing stock of the whole school once she began to blab.

"Now listen carefully. When Josie comes into the room you will show the
same respect to her. And she is to be addressed as 'Miss Josie' at all
times. Understood?"

"Yes, Mother," I said, red-faced at the thought of what Josie would
think of me when I did this degrading thing.

"Now you may rise. Slowly and keep your eyes on me all the time."

As I lifted myself up I saw her legs were parted. Just slightly but I
saw nothing as my face raced quickly to catch her eyes. But they were
definitely more parted than before. I was being tested. Her eyes told me
that for there was a wicked smile looking directly at me.

"So how did you feel about that, young Man?"

About what? I thought. About me kissing her feet or about her spread
knees? "I... I hope I did it correctly, Mother," I stammered.

"You will learn to put more sincerity into your obedience but for a
first time it wasn't too bad. Just don't let me down, James Tailor," she
said with definite warning.

"No, Mother," I agreed, fighting to keep looking straight at her.

"Ah, here's the young lady now. The Tailor boy is here Josie," she said
as I watched Josie walk into the room, a superior look in her face. I knew
it was my cue and fall to the floor in the same degrading way until I felt
the carpet against my forehead again. "Good morning, Miss Josie," I
whispered then kissed the tops of each foot which were bare.

"What?" She yelped with a laugh, jumping a step backwards.

"He is learning to respect you, dear," her mother explained with a
knowing voice. I had no doubt Josie knew exactly what I was doing.

"The most respect would be for him to clear off and leave us alone,"
Josie spat out at me, fire in her eyes. "We don't need you here," she

"That maybe so, dear," her mother said, "but the fact remains he will be
with us for a whole month. I'm sure you'll learn to cope with his

"He'll probably rape me," she said accusingly.

"If he does, he'll become a eunuch and I'll let you do the cutting,"
Mother responded with a sweet smile directly at me.

"I'd do more than cut his balls off," Josie said sadistically.

"I'm sure. Now dear tell him to rise. He won't until he's given

"Then he can stay that way all day."

"No, that's not the way to behave. Accept his respect but then allow
him up. You can order him to do anything you want except when he's under
instructions from me," mother told her.

"Well that's the only way snotty-nosed boys should be anyway," dear
Josie sniffed. "Get up, slave," she snapped, so I did.

Josie did look lovely, I thought. She was wearing a jumper that hugged
her chest tightly showing off two tits that literally made my prick stand
up stiffly. God it's going to be difficult, I thought but with all the
things mother had just said, she had left the feeling that there was more
to me being here than just being neighbourly. I wasn't quite sure of what
but it seemed like something illicit was being hatched in her mind.

I tried to think of something to let my hardness subside but all I
thought of was what was under Josie's jumper. She wore a pleated skirt
that swished around her hips and came midway between her knees and her
hips. Her face was round and her dark hair fell in long strands past her
shoulders. She was slim and I think very fit.

"Have you bathed, James?"

"Last night, Mother," I said.

"Mother? She's not your mother," Josie cried out.

"I am while he's staying here," Josie was informed.

"But... But that makes him my... My brother," she said aghast at the

"Yes I suppose it does. But you are the elder, dear," mother reminded

"Now, James," she continued. "In this house we bathe regularly. Every
morning and every night as well as the occasions that you will be required
to cleanse yourself in between as well. You will always use the bath,
showers will not do. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mother. But why...?"

"Never question my instructions, James. Never, do you hear?" Her voice
reverberated throughout the room and I saw Josie smile to herself.

"Yes, Mother. I wasn't trying to..."

"You were questioning my instructions, that's what you were doing, young man. Do you know what corporal punishment means, young man?"

I looked at Josie and saw her looking at me intently; waiting for my
answer, the same smile of superiority all over her face and it was truly

"I'm... Not sure, Mother," I stammered.

"Tell him, Josie."

"It's when you get your arse reddened," she answered quickly.

"Watch your tongue, young lady. It is punishment that causes pain. The
cane and the tawse. Doesn't your parents inflict corporal punishment? The
truth now."

"They've never... Oh, I've never been caned, Ma'am," I said with
pleading eyes.

"Well you will while you stay with me, young man. I can guarantee it.
No matter how well you behave, I always punish in advance of wrong doing."

"In advance...?" I didn't understand.

"You will receive punishment today for the next disobedience you are
guilty of. Then when you commit the next offence, you will be punished,
again in advance, for the next time you are guilty. I find it allows the
recalcitrant to know what to expect the next time they decide to disobey.
Isn't that so, Josie?"

"I suppose so, Mother," she said with a pout.

"And when was your last punishment, Miss?"

"Mother," she cried out. "Not in front of this boy. It's

"Just answer, please," mother pressed. "Unless you want to feel the cut
of the cane so soon again."

"Yes, Mother, I'm sorry. Please no more just yet. My bottom...? Oh,
it was just yesterday," she finally answered.

She was genuinely frightened of what might be in store for her,
something I wasn't yet aware of. It was so scary, how this woman was
beginning to dominate me so soon after my arrival and yet in the back of my
mind I sensed an illicitness that urged me to remain, to see what she was
really meaning. It was almost as though she was telling me I would
experience some kind of sexual pleasure through it all. Maybe she meant
that she would experience the pleasure and I would just feel pain. I
suppose only time would tell. I was frightened and yet drawn deeper
towards the words she hadn't yet spoken.

"Mother, I don't want to be caned," I pleaded.

"Stop snivelling. Of course you may not want to but that's beside the
point. You will be, and that's that."

"When, Mother? When must you do it?"

"When I'm ready," she snapped back with some satisfaction. "Josie, take
this pitiful boy and show him his room. James, you will do everything your
sister tells you. She knows what she's allowed to do and what is
forbidden. You yourself will do nothing unless you're told to. Do not let
me down or you will be punished twice in one day. Don't forget that."

"Yes, Ma'am," I agreed with some trepidation and then followed Josie as
she walked quickly from the room.

"Wait, Josie. Let me catch up."

She turned and stood glaring at me, hand on hips, her legs wide apart.

"Listen, worm. It's bad enough having you live here but don't you ever
call me that again. You were told how to address me." I struggled to
remember and then replied, "I'm sorry, Miss Josie. I forgot. I just
wanted you to wait until I caught up," I explained.

"I'll certainly never wait for you, you pitiful little slug. I don't
like men and especially boys; let's get that clear. All you want to do is
fuck me. Isn't that right?" Her eyes bored through me with fierceness.

"No, Miss Josie. I wouldn't."

"If you thought you'd get away with it you throw me to the ground and
stick that filthy thing between your legs right into me. That's exactly
what you'd do, isn't it?"

I couldn't believe she'd say anything so filthy. "I promise I wouldn't,
Miss Josie," I objected with humility but knowing full well I would do it
exactly as she described it except for the fact that I wouldn't even know
where to start.

"Bullshit," she spat and flounced onwards until she stood at an open
door. "You'll stay here. I'm next door and Mum's straight across the
hall," she said pointing to the closed door opposite.

I didn't know what to do next. "Will I unpack my case, then?"

"No, I'll do that. Put it on the bed."

She was going to unpack my case? She was going to see my private
things? She was going to shuffle through my underwear and things? And the
book? Oh, she's going to find the book.

"No, you don't have to do that. I'll do it," I said, putting the case
on the floor beside the bed.

"Bloody well do what you're told," she snapped in an absolutely foul

She waited, hands on hips again, until I finally gave up and laid the
case out with the lid open. I knew my face was bright red from shame at
what she would find.

"Now stand still. I have some sorting out to do."

With that she grabbed at the top clothes, some shirts, and threw then in
an untidy heap on the floor. "You won't need these. Nor these," as socks
and handkerchiefs were strewn on the heap. "My, my. What are these?" She
asked with a smirk, holding up a pair of red underpants.

"Un... Underpants, Miss Josie."

"A bit bright," she said, adding, "for a boy."

Then more embarrassment as several pairs of boxer shorts were laughed at
and thrown on the heap. None of my clothes so far had been kept. I was
getting mad, I knew it, but bit my tongue to keep quiet.

"Hmm, I suppose you'd better keep your toiletries. Couldn't bare for
you to stink of boy smell," she said putting my toilet bag on the bed.
"Ha, ha. The boy has brought some reading matter. What pray tell, do his
literary pursuits rise to?" She looked at the cover. "It doesn't surprise
me," she said with glee. "You've brought a sex book into my house, haven't

To say I was devastated was an understatement. I had no idea how to
explain it and looked towards the floor with deep embarrassment.

"Well? Say something?"

"I'm sorry, Miss Josie," was all I could think of. I might be fifteen
but to stand here and be so humiliated by my so-called sister was more that
any man could take.

"What is 'Sex Slaves Of The Sheik' all about then, slug?"

"I don't know, Miss Josie. I haven't read it."

"Where did you get something as filthy as this then?"

She was looking at the cover that my mind knew so well. Two naked women
tied to iron rings in what looked like a dungeon with a fat grinning man pulling at each of their tits.

"From school, Miss Josie. One of the boys."

"Which boy?"

"Colin Segren, Miss Josie."

"And he told you all about it when he gave it to you, I suppose? What
do you do, read it at night and jerk yourself off? I know what boys do,
believe me."

"I don't..."

"You bloody well do," she hissed at me. "I know exactly what you get up
to. We're not stupid you know. How many times do you do it?"

"Miss?" I questioned, knowing exactly what she meant but thought
innocence was the best response.

"Pull yourself," she hissed again. "How often do you shoot that filthy
stuff all over your pajamas?"

Now here was another girl talking about shooting something off. What do
girls think we guys did to ourselves? "Miss, Josie, I don't shoot anything
over my pajamas. It's not true."

"Don't lie to me, slug face. You all do. We have books too. For
educational purposes," she added solicitous.

"I haven't ever done that, Miss Josie," I pleaded.

"You don't play with yourself? You've never made yourself come? I
don't believe it," she looked at me incredulously. "You're having me on,
you little slug. You're lying, aren't you?" She said with glee, looking
hard into my eyes.

"No, Miss, it's the truth."

"Well I don't believe it. Mum will get the truth from you and I look
forward to watching the punishment. She hates lying the most. Never lie
to my mother, for your own good," she said seriously. "What am I saying?
No, lie for all you're worth. The punishments will be all the worse then.
God, you have no idea what pain is, do you?" She laughed, shaking her head.

The evidence of my crime was laid on the bed and she continued to throw
the rest of my clothes onto the heap on the floor.

"Miss Josie, I'll need to wear those," I said finally.

"You won't need any of those, believe me," she laughed knowingly. I
wished I knew what she meant.

"Where are your pads?"

"What, Miss Josie?"

"Your sanitary pads?" She said matter of factly. "For your periods,

"My periods? What periods? We're on holidays. We don't go back to
school for another five weeks."

"And you're not going to bleed for that long?"

"Not unless I cut myself," I replied innocently. I had no idea what she
was talking about.

"Oh, that's right, you're a boy slug, aren't you?" Her voice was the
ultimate of sarcasm.


"Never mind," she said, exasperated as though I was supposed to know
why. "Well you can remove your clothes now,"

"Take my clothes off? Why? It's the middle of the day.

"So what? Strip. You can leave your underdaks on if you're that

"Undress? In front of you?"

"What was it that mother said? Obey me, if I'm not mistaken."


"Or I'll inform her of your disobedience."

I was dumbfounded and yet aroused at the same time. If I'd tried to
undress in front of my sisters they'd have gone running to Mum with all
sorts of tales. But this girl was demanding that I strip in front of her.
And she was watching intently.

"Do I have to call Mother?"

"No. No I'll do as you say," I capitulated.

It was most embarrassing; even undoing the buttons of my shirt was
humiliating. I removed my shirt and singlet and stood still.


I decided shoes and sock would be next which wasn't so bad but this left
only my trousers. I had often looked at myself in the mirror and thought I
had a good physique. I was good at sport and fairly fit so my muscle
structure was firm and noticeable. I saw Josie watching like a bear at the
honey pot. The thought of her licking me like a bear ran through my mind
but my predicament soon stopped that. I turned my back on her as the zip
came down and she blew up like a volcano.

"Don't you ever turn your back on me, slug. Turn back now."

"I'm sorry," I said in a flustered voice, turning back and wondering
what I should do. Did she really want me to drop my pants? No girl had
ever wanted that before. But then I'd never been in this sort of situation
before. I looked up into her eyes but she showed no wish to stop me. Oh,
well, here goes. The final clasp undone, I let the pants drop to the floor
and stepped out if them.

"You've got a hard-on, haven't you? You want to rape me."

"No, Miss Josie. I wouldn't do that."

"But your cock's hard, isn't it?"

All I could do was nod sheepishly. I was embarrassed in the worst way
and yet it was so exciting. She was playing sex with me, I was sure and no
one had ever done that before.

"I should make you strip off and show your disgusting thing but it'd
make me sick," she said stepping closer. "Would you like me to take my
clothes off too, slug?"

"Only if you want to, Miss Josie."

"Or perhaps you'd like to put your hand under my skirt and feel me up?
That's what boys like, isn't it?"

"I don't know, Miss," I replied, shifting from one foot to the other.

"I do. You want to look at me in the nude, be honest. You do, don't

"Please Miss, why are you treating me like this?" I whined with genuine

"Because I like to see you squirm, slug. Don't you like me treating you
like this?"

How could I answer this truthfully, I thought? I did like it in a
secret way, but to tell her that...? "I... I haven't been treated like
this before, Miss Josie," I blurted out.

"That's not what I asked. Answer my question," she napped back.

"I... I think I... Yes, Miss, I don't mind."

"So you do like being ordered around? You like to hear me talking about
dirty things? Is that what you're saying?" She pressed me further, glee
all over her face. A look of real exhilaration.

"Yes," I whispered in capitulation.

"Good. Now go and take a bath. Leave the door open."

"Leave it open, Miss? But anyone could look in," I reminded her with
great doubts.

"I should think so. It's because slugs don't get any privacy in this

"Will you look at me?"

"Why would I want to see a slug taking a bath? You think too much of
yourself, slug. What are you?"

"A slug, Miss," I replied, my face looking at the floor.

"Worse than that. You're slug shit. What are you?"

"Slug shit, Miss." She smirked as she left the room without another

Chapter Three

I stood still for some time not knowing what to do next. I saw my
reflection in the mirror and was shocked to see how pitiful I looked.
Naked except for my underpants, a woebegone look on my face, shoulders
drooping. I suppose a bath was the right thing but she never told me where
and there wasn't a bathroom off my own room.

Gingerly, I crept into the hallway and hoped a door would be open to the
bathroom but none were. I knew Mother's room was opposite and Josie said
her room was next to mine. But which way? Left or right? If I opened the
wrong door, she could be waiting for just the excuse to scream out that I'm
raping her.

Then I realised there was a door next to Mother's room. That seemed a
likely choice so with almost no sound, I turned the knob and looked in.
Just a toilet. At least it was something I could use and made sure no
tinkling sound emerged. The door the other side of Mother's room was
indeed the bathroom and I went in leaving the door wide open, as Josie had
said. It felt almost scary knowing she could be standing there watching me
at any time. Water splashed in until the bath was half full and I quickly
removed the last stitch of clothing and sat down.

No sooner had I done so that Josie's smirking face was watching me. She
simply walked in and stood looking down into the water. The face-washer
covered my privates and I expected her to order me to remove it at any
moment. I knew I had a roaring hardon and desperately hoped I could
conceal it.

"I'll wash your dick if you want me to," she said cattily.

"No, Miss Josie. I can do it, thank you," I replied humbly.

"Just like you do when you're in bed, no doubt." She dared me to reply
but I didn't respond.

Then she put her hands under her dress, lowered her panties and dropped
them on the floor.

"When you've finished jerking off, dry yourself, put these on and
nothing else then come back into the living room. I'm sure mother has some
surprises for you." She left the room before I had a chance to respond. I
thought I would faint, I felt so weak.

On the floor, waiting for me, her knickers were bright pink and looked
very smooth and silky. Surely she was joking. How could Mrs Mercer ever
want me to come back wearing just these? And if she didn't expect me to be
wearing them, what would she say when she saw me? What kind of surprises
was Josie talking about? At least she sounded genuine when she said that.
Maybe her mother did want me to wear these things on the floor. Oh, how
useless I felt. I finished washing myself and quickly dried off; staring
the whole time at Josie's knickers trying to tell myself I had to do what I
was told. Yes, I suppose I had no choice but to do as Josie said. The
worst would be a shouting out by her mother for being so disgusting.

It felt as if Josie's body heat was still present when I picked them up.
I brought them to my face feeling the softness and smelling her perfume.
My prick stood up like a flagpole.

Damn. I was going to make another spectacle of myself.

Strangely they fitted like a glove but my erection was very evident even
to the extent of the tip popping up above the waistband of elastic. They
made me feel as sexy as I had ever felt and when I stroked my fingers over
the hardness of my prick, a new, more intense feeling ran through my body.
It was nice and I wanted it to continue but I dared not provoke it any
further. Was this when it began spitting out the white stuff? Please
don't let it do that now, I pleaded with myself.

The walk along the hallway, the coolness chilling my nakedness after the
warm bath, the anticipation making my prick all the harder, seemed to go on
forever. As if I were moving in slow motion. What was going to happen?
No matter what it was, I wasn't going to like it that was for sure.

Finally I reached the door and stood still for a moment. I could hear
the two of them talking in low voices but wasn't able to make out a single
word. Should I walk in or knock? No, knock was the right thing. I heard
the sound of my knuckles on the door but never realised I had lifted my
hand. A dream, that's how it felt. Something I had no control over.


I couldn't remember opening the door but must have because as I stood
just inside the room, I saw Josie kissing her mother. Kissing her like
none of my sisters ever kissed Mum. They were holding each other tightly
and their mouths were clasped together as though they were lovers. As
though they were man and woman for I could see lips and tongues pushing
together as I've seen on television but these were two women, mother and
daughter no less. I was awestruck. What should I do? One of them did
call me in, I was sure but they gave no indication that they knew I was
watching. Then I realised they were doing this for a purpose. They were
telling me something and I was sure I would understand before very much

Finally they broke apart and as Josie looked at me her breath blurted
out between her lips and she laughed loudly.

"I told you he would, Mother," she finally said smugly between her
laughter. Nothing could have hurt my ego what little there was left, than
having this girl who was in the same level as me at school, making a total
humiliation of me. I forced myself to stop sobbing from the shame.

"Hush, Jo. No, more," her mother said and then to me, "Come here, boy."

"Yes, Mother," I managed to say, my face red with shame.

"You look uncomfortable, James," she said."

"I'm embarrassed, Mother."

"Well you may take them off if you wish," she said knowing full well I
wouldn't. Josie laughed again at the thought.

"I take it you would prefer to wear Josie's panties then?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Do they feel nice?"

"I... I..." I couldn't get the words out. "I feel stupid, Ma'am."

"Look at me, James," she said. It was only then that I realised they
were both wearing nightdresses. Mother's was almost transparent and I
could see her tits, the dark bits, where they pressed against the gown. My
mouth must have gaped open for she asked what the matter was.

"I... You... Nothing, Ma'am," I replied.

"You've been looking at my breasts, James," she accused, not in any way


"You can look if that pleases you. After all you are my son, are you
not? Do you find them pretty to look at?"

What did she say? I can look? At her tits? Pretty?

"Well, James?"

My eyes looked upward into hers. "Huh? Um, Yes, Ma'am," was all I
could think of.

"And your sister? Is she not pretty too?"

Josie's gown wasn't as revealing but I could see her twin mounds more
clearly than when she was fully dressed. Her knees were uncovered while
Mother's gown much longer.

"Yes, she is, Mother."

"Then tell her so. girls like to hear such things."

I'd never told a girl she was pretty in my life. I had certainly
imagined what they looked like, undressed but never got to the stage of
saying anything about their looks and had rarely seen any of them in their
nighties, my sisters, that is. They almost always wore a dressing gown
over their nightwear when I was around.

"You're... You are pretty, Miss Josie," I said blushing.

This of course sent Josie into fits of giggling again and she pushed her
face against her mother's tits. Between her laughter I heard her saying,
"His dick is sticking out."

And it was. My eyes jerked down and I saw the whole of the knob poking
up above the elastic. When I tried to push it back, it kept popping up
again and all I could do was cover myself with both hands.

"Be quiet, Josie. It wouldn't be as funny if you were standing there
showing yourself off."

"But I don't have a dick, Mother." This sent her into more fits of

mother then smacked her thigh very hard. The sound was loud and Josie
jumped from the shock of the sudden attack.

"Now apologise, Josie, for being so rude."

"What?" She almost squealed. "Apologise to this piece of slug shit?
Never," she stated vehemently.

"If you don't, you will be the one to show yourself off, my girl," her
mother warned.

"You wouldn't," Josie stated fiercely. "And I won't?"

"Very well, I'll say it for you," mother said looking darkly at her
daughter. "And you'll pay the forfeit later."

"No, Mother, you can't. You wouldn't punish me for something like
that," she said with less conviction.

"We'll see. James, Josie is sorry for the way she spoke to you. I hope
you will accept it in good faith."

"Yes, Ma'am," I agreed, knowing that was the right answer.

"Good boy. Now, do you know why I wanted you dressed in this way?"

I dreaded to know but answered in the negative.

"I have to punish you, just as we spoke about earlier. So far you've
been fairly good. Not perfect, mind you for you've queried my decisions
several times and I believe you have done so with Josie too. Remember?"

"Yes, Mother. But I didn't know it was wrong then. I'm very sorry."

"I'm sure. But you need to be punished in advance, as I told you. A
warning of what's to come if you show any more naughtiness. Go to that
cupboard and bring the two items on the top shelf." She gestured which door
to open.

I probably looked frightened for deep down I knew it would be something
like this. A long cane, light and pure white with a curve at one end for
holding it firmly. It was very whippy. The other thing looked even worse.
It was a leather strap, possibly two feet long, about two inches wide and
very pliable. As I picked it up I saw it had a split down the centre along
about half its length, as though it were two straps with the one handle.
With dread in my heart, I carried both implements back and held them out
towards her.

"Please, Mother, don't hurt me," I whined with a squeak in my voice. It
didn't even sound like me and I could hear Josie giggling but dared not
look in her direction.

"If you carry on like this when I haven't even started, heaven forbid
how you'll be when they really land," she snapped but I could see glee all
over her face. She could see I was genuinely frightened. I'm a coward I
told myself but that didn't stop the tears from running down my cheeks.

"He's crying, Mother," my so-called sister almost laughed. "Look at him
crying. He's such a chicken. Like all boys."

"But that's not all he is," Mrs Mercer declared without looking at her
daughter. "I think this boy rather likes being tormented. Can you see,
what's happening to your brother, Josie?" She said, still looking straight
into my eyes. Her look was so forceful I couldn't even blink.

"His dick's even bigger," I heard the words fill the room but it was
seconds later before I realised the meaning. My head jerked downwards and
in horror I saw half of my prick poking up above the waistband.

Before I could move to cover myself, mother snapped, "No. Don't touch.
Allow your sister to look."

"It looks gruesome," Josie said callously and every remaining vestige of
confidence left me. I was a lost soul, manipulated by a forceful woman and
humiliated in front of her daughter as never before. And yet my erection
remained firm. My brain was liking it, wanted to be treated so and I could
feel a strange need deep inside my loins.

"You want to be beaten, don't you, boy?" mother asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," I whimpered, a sob bursting from my lips.

"Will you obey me in every way, boy?"

"Yes," I said imperceptibly.

"And Josie?"

I nodded.

"Speak," she demanded.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"You will obey in every way, forever?"


"Then lower your panties."


"Yes," she snapped, unhappy at even this minor infraction.

I saw Josie grinning like the Cheshire cat as I leaned over to remove
them. I stood up and felt my prick pushing out hard and firm, pointing
straight at mother and Josie. It was the strangest feeling. I felt an
urge stronger than ever to clasp my prick in my hand and stroke it and yet
my face was burning from shame. All of my privacy had been torn away and I
was agreeing to her every demand.

"He's leaking," Josie said sarcastically.

"No different to any of the others, though."

What did she mean? The others? I wasn't to discover the answer until

"No, but he looks just as silly," Josie agreed.

"Do you want to shoot off, James?" mother asked almost endearingly.

There it was again. What did they mean? It seemed that all the women
knew something that I didn't.

"Shoot off, Mother?"

"Are you ready to come, dear?" She asked soothingly.

"Come where?"

"Do you know what I mean, James?"

I waited for a moment then shook my head, ashamed at what they knew that
I didn't.

"You mean you've never masturbated? Never stroked your cock?"

"Yes, I've done that," I said uneasily.


"But I've never done anything else."

"You've never had an orgasm?"

"An org...? I don't think so."

"He's a virgin, Mother," Josie said gaily. "He's never even done it to

"Be quiet," she snapped at her daughter and then returned to me.

"James, describe how you stroke your self."

"In front of Jo... Miss Josie, Ma'am?"

"Of course. Be quick."

"Well... Well, I... When I go to bed,..."

"Get on with it young man," I was warned.

"At night in bed, Ma'am. I just run my hand along my... my uhm,

I was interrupted by more laughter from Josie who was having a wonderful
time at my expense.

"... And I just do this for a while. It feels nice."

"And then?"

"Then I go to sleep, Ma'am."

"You've never left a mess?"

"No, Ma'am," I said wide-eyed. "Just a bit that leaks out. Uhm, like
this," I added looking down at the trail of clear liquid that was dribbling
down my prick.

"And you've never discharged sperm?"

"I don't think so, Ma'am." There was something I obviously had not yet
experienced but what? Why hadn't the boys at school talked about it? Was
it something that only happened when a girl was with us? I wondered.

"And I take it you haven't ever had a real girl friend, then?"

"No, Ma'am. Never." So that was it. When I'm with a girl something
else happens, I told myself.

"Then you have a treat in store tonight, James Tailor," mother said with

"This I've got to see," Josie grinned.

"Meanwhile, young man, there is the matter of your first punishment.
Josie, wipe his cock with a tissue."

"What if he comes?" She giggled as she came back. The trail of liquid
was wiped away, much to my pleasure for no girl had ever touched me before.
It was like a dream.

"Come, boy. Over my knee." mother indicated as she held her knees out,
covered by her nightdress.

I could smell her perfume and my arm brushed against her tit as I half
fell over her, my feet and hands balancing on the floor. My shoulders were
touching Josie's knees and I felt my prick pressed hard against Mother's
thighs. The delicious fragrance of their bodies sent strange feelings
coursing through me as mother spoke again, her hand resting on my bottom,
gently stroking.

"This will be the lightest punishment you will receive in this house,
James. Take it like a man. Don't move and don't make a sound. If you do,
I will use the cane." I had been warned.

Her hand landed with a crack and I couldn't help but jump from
nervousness. It hurt but not enough to make me cry out. The second and
third were the same but at least I knew what to expect now. Then three
much harder left me clenching my teeth from the pain. They came quick and
all on the one spot, right on the centre of my left buttock. It burned
more than stung, at first that was, working down to a deep stinging feeling
that hurt and brought tears to my eyes but I was pleased I had not cried
out. At least Josie didn't get that satisfaction, not yet anyway.

"That's six, James Tailor," mother said, her hand stroking the painful
surface. "But if you give me any reason to punish you again, what you have
just suffered will feel like pure enjoyment. Remember that, boy."

I stood up when she said to and I was horrified to see the large wet
patch on her nightdress just where my prick had rested.

"That's just one of the indignities women have to suffer at man's
hands," she said without feeling when she saw me looking at the wetness.
"He's no different to any of the others, is her Josie?"

"None of them are, Mother," Josie said screwing up her nose. "I like
women much better." With that, she leaned over and kissed her mother right
on the lips again, just as they had done when I interrupted them earlier.

They parted but I saw their eyes clung to each other for moments longer.

"Go and bathe again, boy," mother told me. "Then stay in your room.
Dinner will be taken up to you. You will find your attire laid out on the
bed. Wear nothing else. And do not touch yourself. Understand?"

"Touch...? Oh, you mean...? Yes, Mother, I promise."

Chapter Four

After my second bath for the day, I hurried to see exactly what was
waiting on the bed. I was sure another pair of Josie's underwear would be
waiting but I was wrong. Well partly. It was silky but as I lifted it up
I saw frilly lace around the top and the whole front was transparent. I
could see right through the front. When I put these panties on, anyone
could see my prick and balls almost as clearly as if I were naked. And how
my cock loved it for it sprang to life and I desperately wanted to stroke
myself. I was feeling the strangest things deep inside my loins as though
I was going to explode from within. My prick was talking to me. Stroke
me, stroke me, it said and kept jumping without me doing anything to help.

I touched myself with a fingertip, just one and for a moment I lost my
breath. I couldn't breath. Something was going to happen that I had never
felt before, I just knew it.

"Stop," a voice said, making me jump. I looked around and realised I
was still alone. I had said it myself. Yes, I've got to stop. The
thought of a cane on my bare backside was enough to wake me up. I laid out
on the bed, arms to my sides, eyes closed as I tried to calm myself.
Breath slowly, I thought.

Finally the urge subsided. It was something I had never felt before.
Never. What would have happened if I'd kept fingering my prick? Was that
when I'd shoot this stuff? And where would it come from? Not my mouth,
surely? I gingerly felt my prick again and was pleased to find it softer
this time. Stop thinking about it, I told myself. Calm yourself.

Half sitting up, I was aghast at the wetness that was sticking to the
panel in front of the panties. Like a snail trail. How could I get rid of
it? A towel. Yes, that's it. I tiptoed into the bathroom and removed the
garment, wiping it time and time again until at last I thought it was dry.
My prick wasn't though. It was still dribbling and a long thin string of
the stuff was hanging off it. I wiped it clean with some toilet paper and
shook it to make sure no more would come out.

When it didn't I sighed and replaced the panties. Then as I left I saw
myself in the mirror, which made me quail with humiliation. Yes they would
indeed see everything. I was becoming their toy and I knew they could do
anything they liked. At least until my own parents came back. Then I'd
tell Mum everything.

But as I laid back on the bed, the thought of telling her anything of
what had happened became so awful that I knew I would never tell even one
little bit. I couldn't even imagine how my mother would react but my
sisters would certainly know soon after and then the whole school, probably
with much more exaggeration.

And Josie? Would she spread the rumours? No, I didn't think so. If
she did, her name would surely come into the story too and I guessed she
wouldn't want anyone knowing what she and her mother were doing to me. I
wonder what Mrs Mercer meant by 'The Others'? Were there other kids from
school that they did this to? Surely not. I couldn't imagine whom.

I think I was asleep when a noise opened my eyes.

"Some sight, Tailor," Josie sneered maliciously. "I'll bet the girls at
school would like to see you now."

"You wouldn't tell, Jo... Miss Josie, would you?"

"I might. If you don't do what I tell you."

"I will, I promise." She looked at me and laughed.

"Of course you will. Imagine what you'd see if those knickers were all
I had on," she said matter of factly.

I did and felt my prick hardening which made her feel superior.

"I'll come and get you when we're ready. Make sure you wash your face
and hands and clean your teeth after you've finished eating," she said and
I saw she had left a tray of food on the bedside table. "And make sure
your cock isn't leaking either. You never know where we might want you to
put them. You face and hands, I mean." With that she skipped quickly from
the room with a giggle.

"Come on, little dick," was Josie's call to me.

I jumped up and almost ran down the passage to catch her. "Don't dare
walk in front of me, slug," she snapped when I walked beside her so I
followed instead. She was still wearing the same nightdress but each time
we passed a doorway, the sun shone through the material and I could see the
pink of her skin. I didn't think she knew she was showing herself off like
that. For once I knew something she didn't.

mother was sitting just as she had been and I had to stand in front of
her. My damn prick was getting hard again.

"It's like a television set, Josie. Look, you can watch it grow." They
were both laughing at me and it felt terrible for the longer they made fun
of me, the harder I got. At least these pants were higher than the last
pair so I didn't stick out the top but they could see everything.

After a while they seemed to lose interest somewhat and mother asked,
"So you've never fucked a girl, James?"

"Not even himself," Josie quipped with a giggle. She was sitting beside
her mother with one hand rested on her mother's thigh, right up high near
her... her cunt. Even my mind was stuttering, I thought.

"No, Ma'am."

"But you know what they look like?"

"Oh, yes, I know what girls look like."

"She means, naked," Josie added.

"No, Mother," I said embarrassed at what they were thinking.

"Yes he has," Josie said.

"No.p No, I haven't, Miss," I said feeling genuinely aggrieved.

"He dared to bring a book into this house showing a man feeling up two
naked girls," Josie took great delight in reminding her mother.

"Indeed? Is this true, boy?"

"I'm sorry, Mother. I didn't..."

"The fact of the matter is, you did. Isn't that so?"


"So you have seen naked women?"

"Yes, drawings. But not, you know, not real girls."

"Not even your sisters?"

"Oh, no never them, Mother."

"I wonder," she mused and I didn't know how to make her understand.
Anything I said only made things worse.

"Come closer," she said, spreading her knees so I could walk between
them. Her nightdress moved upwards but still covered most of her legs.

"Yes Mother?"

"Would you like to feel a lady's breasts, James?" She asked so quietly I
could hardly hear.

"I... I suppose so, Ma'am."


"Yours? You mean touch your br...?"


"It wouldn't be right," I said with conviction, hoping she would strip
off straight away.

"It would if I said so," she continued to tease me.

"My mother would kill me," I said, feeling I was being played with.

"How would she know? Besides, I am your mother right now," she reminded

"Yes, Mother," I agreed softly

"Perhaps you'd rather see Josie's breasts instead of mine?"

"Mother," Josie screamed almost in anger. "The little slug is not going
to see mine," she said with determination.

"Whose, James?"

How could I make any reply? I was in a corner and imagined their
response no matter what I said.

"I shouldn't look at all, Mother," I said shuffling nervously between
her legs.

"Nonsense. I want an answer. Whose breasts would you prefer to look

If I said hers I would earn her wrath and Josie would want to kill me if
I said hers.

I stood there shaking my head.

"I think you'd like to see Josie's the most. After all, she is so much
younger and no doubt much firmer don't you think, James? Well, I can tell
you that it is true. Of course my breasts are bigger and there's more to
feel but Josie's...? Well they are truly beautiful. I can tell from the
look of your cock that you would really like to see a woman's breasts.
Look Josie, see how hard he's got and look at the pool of wet he's been

She reached out and cupped my prick and balls in her hand. It sent
shock waves through me and I began to shiver with emotion. She made me
feel so worked up with her talk of their breasts.

"Mother, you can't make me show myself to him," Josie began to whine, as
she looked daggers at me. "He's only a slug, a slimy great slug. You can
even see his slime all over my panties."

"Now be nice, dear," her mother said consoling. "Here's a boy who
hasn't had the privilege of looking at the most beautiful sight on this
earth. There is nothing more moving than the curves of a beautiful woman.
Don't you agree, James?"

"I... I don't..."

"You don't agree? I take great offence at that, young man."

"No, Mother, I didn't mean that. It's just that I don't know what to

"Then let's be honest with each other. Have you ever looked at the
breasts of a naked woman?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Do you want to look at the breasts of a naked woman?"

I hesitated and then nodded ever so slightly.

"Would you like to look at Josie in the nude?"

The same time as my face shot up to look at mother, Josie let out an
almighty scream, "Nooooo, never," she shouted adamantly.

"Well, James?"

Did I have Josie where I wanted her? If I said yes, would mother make
her strip or would I be punished for wanting to peep?


"I thought you'd never say it. Josie dear, please stand up."

She was now pleading herself. Pleading not to be made to show herself
to me. How important I felt at last. She was whimpering like a little

"No, Mother. Please don't make me do this. I don't want him to see me
undressed. You can't make me do it."

"You know I can, very easily, don't you?"

mother spoke forcefully and Josie nodded without replying. She had
capitulated. She probably knew that to refuse would mean a thrashing with
the cane.

"Good, then that's settled. James close your eyes and don't open them
until I tell you." Her knees closed against my legs and helped me to
maintain my balance while I was blind like this. I dared not open them
even a little.

"Josie, lift your nightie up above your hips." There was silence for a
moment and then mother said, "Now hold it there and sit down again."

"What are you going to make me do, Mother?" She was whimpering now and I
thought it was very genuine. She was being forced to do something she
didn't want to and I would have loved to see.

"Open your eyes, James," I heard her say and I immediately looked at
Josie but was desperately disappointed. She was sitting down and her
nightdress covered everything still. There was nothing to see.

"Disappointed, I see," mother said with a smile.


"I want you to sit on Josie's lap, James. Snuggle yourself right down.
Josie, hold him tightly."

I found my face laying against her shoulder and was sure my weight was
too heavy for her. But this was just as mother wanted.

"Now, James, I'm afraid I can't let you look at our girl in an undressed
state," she said and Josie smiled and said, "Ha," almost into my ear. I
was so let down.

"But I want you to put your hand under her nightdress, just there and
rest your hand on her tummy."

"Mother," Josie drawled out slowly, dwelling on every syllable to get an
unspoken message through.

"Hush, child. It's only right," mother said. And then to me when I had
done as she said, instructed further, "Now, James, just slide your hand
upwards. Yes, you may feel her breast. Cup it with your hand and feel how
firm a girl's bosom really is."


"Jo, be quiet," mother snapped, instantly cutting her off.

My hand hadn't moved.


"Yes, Mother, I'm doing it."

How could I ever have imagined I'd find myself feeling Josie's tits like
this when I got up this morning? I felt her belly button and her intake of
breath as my fingers touched the edge of her tit. And then I was there.
My hand slid over a mound and I was cupping a girl's tit, a feeling I could
never have imagined.

"Use both hands, James," I was told and I did. I was cupping both
breasts and stroking them at the same time.

"Do they make you feel good, James?"

"Yessss," I hissed, my eyes closed as I tried to take it all in.

"Are you squeezing?"

I was now and Josie jumped the first time but just moaned a little
objection from time to time after that.


"Stroke the nipples, make her feel nice too, James."

"Yes," I agreed as my fingertips held each hard tip.

"How do you feel, James? Is it nice?"

"I feel strange. It's so..."

"Stroke him, Josie."

"What?" Josie asked but I'm sure she knew what mother meant for almost
immediately I felt the most intense feeling of my life.

Her hand fell over my prick and she was running her hand lightly over
the panties, stroking me into an even harder erection. The little bubbles
began to burst within me again and I could hardly feel anything of her
breasts for something was happening inside my own body. I began to shiver
and then shake all over as Josie stroked me, her fingers tracing the length
of my hard prick, softly stroking backwards and forwards. Every time she
touched my balls she almost took my breath away.

Someone was talking but I couldn't make anything out. My hands felt
nothing although I was sure they were still touching her tits but I know I
wasn't moving them at all. The only thing that mattered was what she was
doing to me between my legs. My own hands had never made me feel anything
like she was doing and she maintained her pleasuring. For that was how it
was. It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. She pressed
harder, just slightly but noticeable for it made my body shudder violently
and then the strangest, most beautiful feeling of all hit me deep inside.
It was as though a fire hose was forcing itself through me, from my stomach
and along my prick. I pushed against Josie's arm that was around my
shoulders so hard that she couldn't hold me and I fell back along the seat
of the sofa just as the fire hose burst forth and a deep growling noise
shot around the room. My whole body was shuddering violently, my feet
kicking against Mother's legs while my head laid back on the sofa, and I
was gasping for air as a pump worked somewhere inside my body. I groaned
with the pleasure that seemed to come in spurts, tickling my teeth, which
were clamped together, a hissing noise passing between them. Oh, how good
it felt. Exquisite. It mustn't stop. I wanted it to last forever.
Whatever was happening was totally new to me. I felt Josie's hand still
stroking my prick and in a brief glimpse, I saw her watching what she was
doing as though mesmerised. I felt wet between my legs and thought I had
been sweating. I know my forehead was because the sweat ran into my eyes
but I didn't care. Nothing mattered as long as this feeling stayed with
me. My body rocked as though I were a cannon spewing forth devastation on
the enemy.

But finally it subsided.

Not instantly, but slowly over what could have been a whole day for all
I knew. But ease it did and I laid over this girl's knees, my shoulders
and head resting on the sofa, Josie's hand still moving ever so gently over
my prick, and another hand somehow running up my leg towards my prick.

I took a deep breath as though I hadn't breathed for many minutes and
them mother spoke.

"Have you felt like that before, James?" She asked simply.

"No. No, never like that." I began to relax and a strange feeling of
satisfaction spread through my whole body, especially my loins. My prick.

I tried to sit up but Josie held my shoulder down on the sofa.

She was looking at me altogether differently. "Just relax, James dear,"
she said.

James dear? Did she really call me that? "Miss Jo..."

"Just lay still for a moment. Relax," she said soothingly.

I put a hand over my face and laid still, trying to work out what had
happened to me.

"Have I done something bad?" I asked finally.

"No, of course not," this new Josie said. "You've had an orgasm.
You've come. Inside my panties at that," she giggled and I felt her hand
stroking my face. She was being nice to me.

"I think he can sit up, Jo," I heard mother say.

I felt weak at first but pushed myself up until I was sitting back on
her lap.

"Look down," Josie said.

The mess inside my pants, well her panties really, was disgusting. A
whole lot of white gooey stuff covered my prick and the thin material and
had oozed out and onto Josie's legs. Her hand still covered most of my
prick and I could see it was wet with the goo as well.

"What is it? What have you put on it?" I asked, thinking they had used
drugs or something.

"You really don't know?" mother asked with a genuine smile of assurance.

"No, Mother. What is it?"

"What have you done is really the question," she corrected me. "It's
your sperm. You've had an orgasm. If you'd done that inside Josie's
pussy, you'd probably have made a baby for her, I think," mother sniggered
and then purposefully leaned over and kissed my groin right where the
wetness was.

"You have become a man," she said with a smile of encouragement. "And
your new sister helped you."

Yes, Josie did indeed. How come she co-operated so much in this while
she treated me so badly before.

"Was it good?" Josie asked.

"It was incredible," I replied still looking into her face trying to
make out why she had changed.

"Stand up for a moment and let me get out from under you," Josie said.
She then pushed me right down onto the sofa again and I felt the panties being taken off. It must have been a real mess because they both helped to
do it.

"Now I'm going to clean you," Josie said and before I knew what was
happening I felt her lips brush against my prick. She was licking me.
Licking the mess away. Her fingers sent little thills right along my
backbone but the thought of what her tongue was doing made my prick as hard
as a rock again.

"My, my. Do you want some more?" Josie asked with a playful giggle.
"Look at him already, Mother."

"A typical man," she replied. "Don't make him come again just yet. Use
him for your own pleasure."

"I want to watch him doing you, Mother," I heard Josie say. Do her
what? What now? I thought.

"Well, I wasn't going to give him access on his first day, but it might
be nice. A virgin cock in a well used..."

"Mother, be nice."

She was handling my prick like a baby, pulling it this way and that,
licking and sucking, even nuzzling it with her nose which made her laugh.
Josie was being nice to me. Still.

Finally she sat up and I saw her face was wet from my sperm but her
smile told me she didn't mind in the least.

"Thank you, Josie," I said simply, still laying there.

"You want to know why I've changed?"

"Yes, why? You made me feel so good."

"It won't last. I might even make you miserable again tonight. You see
I hate boys and men. But if I'm allowed to play with them the way I want,
I like them. It's simple isn't it?"

I smiled back at her somewhat sickly. I had no idea what she meant.

"It will take you a long time getting used to Josie's mood swings,
James. Just remember that she still has authority over you." mother said.

"Now you've got to make mother feel nice," Josie informed me.


"Kiss her for a start. A nice long loving kiss and tell her how much
you love her. All that kind of stuff," were my instructions.

"Is that alright, Mother? To kiss you?"

"Come over her, dear boy."

mother grasped me to her and placed her lips over mine. She kind of
washed my lips with her own and I felt her tongue forcing itself inside my
mouth. It took my breath away. I had seem kisses on television but never
realised they could feel so good. It was like two people becoming one new
person, as though we knew exactly what the other was doing and thinking.
Her hands held my face and head with so much care and caressed me so
wonderfully. I had never experienced love like this for I knew this was
love. They were loving me; I was being loved, probably for the first time
in my life.

"You can stroke my breasts," mother said between her kisses.


"It makes me feel nice too."

Josie was watching, a knowing smile saying something like, yes that's
the way; make each other happy.

I don't know why I did it but I held my hand out towards her and she
took hold, stroking it over her own small tits. I had one hand on each of
Mrs Mercer's and her daughter's tits and they were loving it. Am I dead?
Is this a dream? But indeed, it was true for Josie moved closer and
pressed herself against me, kissing my ear and whispering something that I
didn't catch.

Then without mother saying anything, Josie took my hand that was
stroking Mother's breast and pushed it under Mother's nightdress.

"See what you can find under there," she whispered and I heard it
clearly this time. My head seemed twice its size as though it were going
to explode. My prick was throbbing as it did before I shot all the stuff
out and I was being told to feel under Mother's clothes.

"Yes, baby. Touch me. Feel your Mummy. Feel her pussy." Mother's eyes
were closed and it seemed she was in a trance. Her legs were wide open and
nothing stopped me from progressing upwards. Up to where? Up to her cunt.
And Josie was urging me on too.

"Do it, Jimmy. mother wants it. See how she's letting you do anything.
Feel her pussy, go on."

Was her pussy any different to her cunt? I had no idea what her cuntwas
like; only the sniggering in the schoolyard but none of us had ever seen
one. It was just some imaginary part of what girls had. My life had
changed around totally. What would my friends think if they could see me
now? I was naked with a mammoth hardon, kneeling between two women with my
hand half up one of their skirts.

"I don't know what to do," I whimpered, ashamed at having to say it.

"Then feel right between her legs," Josie encouraged. "Feel the hairs
and then find her slit. Her pussy. You boys probably all refer to it as a
cunt. It's where you'll be poking your dick someday soon," she added and I
jerked back in utter surprise.

"What?" Josie asked surprised at my reaction.

"What did you say?" I asked in a whisper.

"Don't worry about that. Just slip your hand over her pussy. Can you
feel the hair?"


"Then use your fingers to find her slit. She loves to have her slit
stroked. So do I."

It was all too much. The fire hose burst forth again and I began to
jerk and shudder uncontrollably. This time Josie wasn't helping but all
that was needed was Mother's body that had been brushing against my prick.
I looked down in horror to see streams of the same white stuff spurting out
of my prick all over Mother's nightdress. Some even hit Josie but she
didn't seem to mind.

mother just hugged me hard and began whispering, "It's alright. Rub
your cock against me, darling. Make yourself happy. You can help me

Rub my cock against her, that's what she said. So I did and the jerking
increased for a few spurts until I began to calm down. It wasn't as
intense as the first time, probably because Josie wasn't massaging me like
she had been, but it still felt wonderful.

mother held me firm against her for a long while after I had stopped
shaking. Her lips were kissing the side of my face and no one said
anything. We were perfectly still.

Thinking about it afterwards, I realised there was plenty I had to
learn. Once mother released me I was aghast at the amount of goo I'd shot
out all over her but she just smiled.

"Men do such things," was her explanation.

I was sent for yet another bath and told to sleep naked. I never saw
them again until the next morning and my sleep had been complete. I never
woke once.

Chapter Five

"Jimmy, wake up," was the first thing I heard and found Josie at the
side of my bed, wrapped up in a bed sheet.


"Come on, mother needs you. Have you bathed?"

"I've just woken up," I said still half asleep.

"Then hurry or you'll get a beating. She's desperate for your cock,
believe me."

"What? Who? Mother? What will I do?" I struggled out of bed and then
realised I was naked. I swung back under the covers and hoped she would go

"For goodness sake, Jimmy, I've seen everything you've got to hide
already," she said with an exasperating voice. "Get your cock and wash it.
Quick. She's still in bed." Then she left and I did indeed hurry.

mother was in bed and it looked like she was still asleep when I arrived
a few minutes later. I was naked and tried to cover my prick with my

"Don't you dare cover yourself from us, Jimmy. If you want me to be
nice, you will have no secrets from either of us. Understand?"

When I nodded she added, "Now get yourself down and suck her pussy."

"What do you mean? How can I do that?"

"Lift the covers off her and raise her nightie."

"I can't do that, Miss Josie," I whined with fright. Imagine what she
would do to me if she caught me doing that, I thought.

"Oh, for goodness sake," Josie said. "You've never seen a cunt so this
is your chance."

Very gently I peeled back the covers to find mother lying on her back,
one breast almost out of her nightdress but not quite. I still hadn't seen
Mother's tits, I remembered. Josie's either for that matter.

"Go on, pull it up," Josie urged me on. The gown was already well up
her legs and there was plenty of slack that would lift above her hips. I
looked doubtfully at Josie.

"She won't get mad at me?"

"She loves being woken up getting sucked. I do it all the time."

"You do it...? You suck Mother's cun...?"

"She makes me, stupid. Go on."

I lifted the hem gently and slowly pulled it upwards until I could
finally see the black hair of her cunt. Oh, my goodness. I never realised
how much hair girls had on their cunts. It was like a forest.

"Go on. Spread her slit and start licking."

"You mean here, between her legs? Isn't that where she pees?"

"You're so stupid, Jimmy. Just do it. Look, you can see where her slit
is. Pull the lips apart and stick your tongue in. She wants it, believe

"But it'll taste terr..."

"A million men would kill for this privilege."

I had to tease the hairs apart and when some stuck together she flinched
as they pulled at her skin. Finally I was able to part the folds and found
the flesh was a deep pink colour and glistened in the early morning light.

"You mean lick inside here?" I couldn't believe it.

"Yes, of course. I want you to do it to me later," Josie said fiercely.
Well if this makes mother happy, then here goes.

As my mouth neared the target I could smell a strong musky smell. Not
unpleasant but not what I expected. Josie was pushing my head now and I
gave in, opening my mouth to lick the red tender opening. I was amazed how
arousing I found both the smell and the taste as my tongue touched a female
cunt for the first time.

"Push it in as far as it will go, Jimmy. Then wiggle it around. Don't
stop until well after she wakes up, no matter what she does."

So that's what I did. Her warm wet flesh allowed my tongue to glide
easily and I pushed as deep as I could. It was an incredible feeling and
soon my hands were spreading her slit as wide as I could. She was
breathing heavily now, much more that before and much faster. I never
stopped, hoping she would be happy with me.

"What's going on?" mother suddenly growled and tried to sit up. "What
are you doing? James is that you? What the hell do you think you're
doing? Get off me you dirty little rapist. What on earth possessed you to
do that, you filthy little beast? You're raping me with your mouth. Oh,
you'll pay for this, you little worm."

I looked up at her with bulging eyes. At least that's what they felt
like. I looked around for Josie but she was nowhere to be seen.

"I'm... No, Moth... I didn't... Oh, please, Mother, I didn't mean...
I wasn't raping you. Please believe me, Ma'am." It suddenly dawned on me
that Josie had vanished and I had been set up. That mother wasn't used to
having her cunt sucked or licked and that I was now in desperate trouble.

"You were raping me, you're own mother. How low can you get? We made
you happy last night and this is the thanks I get. Josie. Josie," she
called loudly.

"But Josie told me..."

"What is it, Mother?" She called as she raced into the room. "What's
the matter?"

"I've been raped by this mealy-mouthed skunk of a boy. He was sucking my pussy with his tongue. Can you imagine how I feel?"

"I told you he's a slug, Mother. Oh, we should call the police."

"No, Josie. Don't do that. You remember, don't you? You told me what
to do," I cried to Josie in desperation.

"You lying little creep. How could you even think I would do anything
like that? Will I ring them, Mother?"

"Not yet. I want a long hot bathe to take away the stench of what this
filth has done to me. Tie him up and make sure it hurts."

"Good idea." She slapped my face really hard as she left the room to get
some rope or whatever. Then mother slapped me even harder as she left.

I felt worse than I had ever known, accused of rape and yet a complete
innocent. Josie was back to her old tricks only more devious. This time
she turned me into a criminal without me even knowing it.

Josie returned with a handful of things and threw them onto the bed.

"Josie, why...?"

"Miss Josie, slug."

"I'm sorry, Miss. Miss Josie, why did you do it? Why have you caused
so much trouble? After last night?"

"Because I like to watch men squirm. Can you imagine what she's going
to do when she comes back? I'm going to come just watching you scream for
mercy. Oh it's going to be great. Yes, this is one of the best I've done.
I hope she scrubs your dick with steel wool. You've no idea how men cry
out in agony when she does that."

"She wouldn't do that, Miss Josie, would she?" I know I must have turned
white because I saw Josie's eyes light up when she looked at me.

"Scared, are you? You should be. Can you imagine what your dick will
feel like when it hasn't got any skin left, just raw meat? I saw a grown
man go into convulsions when she rubbed salt over his dick like that. It
was so great we had sex together for the rest of the day, mother and me.
It was fantastic. I think the prick ended up in the loony bin."

"It's not true is it, Miss Josie? You wouldn't do that to anyone, would

"It makes me horny, slug, that's why I do it. mother always believes
me. Why wouldn't she?"

"Indeed, why wouldn't she," a booming voice rose from the doorway.

"Mother," Josie cried out with shock.

"Mother indeed. Keep going Josie, my dear. Continue."

"It was nothing, Mother. I was just joking. Trying to frighten him."

"I don't think so. It sounded more like you have been lying to me,
young lady."

"No," she said, frightened now. "You know I wouldn't lie to you,
Mother. We're a team."

"I heard you, Jo. I heard you telling him how you lied to me to get him
into more trouble. And it would have been disastrous trouble."

"No, I was just joking. Lying to him to make him more scared, I
suppose," Josie said without conviction.

"His reaction was that you had led him up the garden path, suggesting
what he should do to please me. Isn't that what you did? Told him to do
things you said I would like and then ran out when I woke up? Don't
continue to lie, it won't work."

"I didn't mean to upset you, Mother. Really."

"And the sand paper? You lied about my punishments, about rubbing the
skin off men's cocks. That is a blatant lie. Can you imagine what would
happen if he later told someone who told someone else and so on?"

"It was to frighten him."

"Well I hope it is you who's frightened now. You have every reason to
be. Go to the punishment room."

"No, Mother, not that. Please, don't make me go there."

I had not heard of this punishment room she spoke about but from Josie's
reaction it was definitely somewhere to be avoided. But deep down I knew I
would be sent there in time.

"Don't expect any change of heart from me, Jo," mother warned with
purposeful voice. "You have let me down in the worst way and that needs to
be corrected. Very forcefully."

Josie looked pitifully at her mother, pleading with her eyes.

"Don't make it any worse, just go."

So the stricken girl left without a further word. But the look I got as
she passed me, made my blood run cold. She was going to make me pay
somehow and I hadn't spoken a word against her.

When we were alone mother told me to sit down.

"You should have known what you did while I was sleeping wasn't right,
James," she said accusingly.

"I did, Mother. Truly I did. But Josie, uhm, Miss Josie I mean, kept
urging me on, saying it was what you liked the best. To be woken by...
Uhm, by touching you..."

"And you believed it? You believed I would let someone staying in my
house touch me like that? So intimately?" She spoke softly and aroused
things deep inside me.

"She said others had done it, Mother," I replied with trepidation.

"And you believed that too? That I have sex with others?"

"Josie said so, Mother. You told me to do anything she told me to."

"I did, didn't I? Something else I'll need to correct in that young lady. What did you see, James?"

"What...? You mean when I...?"

"Of course. When you were molesting me. What did you see?"

"Nothing, Mother," I whimpered and realised she would know that wasn't
true. For I had been caught after I had lifted her nightdress up above her
waist. "I mean just up to your legs, Mother. You didn't wake up until
after I lifted your...?"

"You saw my pussy?"

"Yes," My eyes were concentrating on some point on the floor.

"My pussy hair? And something else?"

"Yes, Mother. I'm so sorry but I saw your..."

How could I say more without incriminating myself?

"My what?" Her voice had risen louder and deeper and her face had become
darker, not from blushing but from rage.

"I saw inside, Mother. I'm sorry."

"Inside what?"

"Your cun... Your pussy, Mother." Fear gripped me and I thought I was
going to faint.


"Nothing else, Mother. I swear I didn't see anything else?"

She smiled at me almost benevolently. "I meant, what did you think when
you looked right into my pussy?"

"I... I liked it." My heart was frightened but I had to tell her the

"Did you get an erection, James?"

"Yes," I agreed softly.

"It was the first time you've ever seen a woman like that, wasn't it?"

"Yes, Mother, it was."

"I'm going to let you see Josie's pussy later on today, James. Would
you like that, as part of her punishment? She will desperately hate it,
having to show herself to you but she will."

That strange feeling was beginning inside me again, just like when I
spilled the white stuff in Josie's knickers last night.

"It arouses your urges, doesn't it, James? Thinking about Josie?"

"Yes." I knew my prick was hard again, I could feel it pressing hard
against my pajamas.

"Slip your pajamas off, James."

"Now? You want me to...?

"Yes," she said with a smile, a reassuring smile.

I was standing in front of her, just a foot away from where she was
sitting on the edge of the bed, her breasts still showing through her
nightdress, pointing at me and she looked flushed, all red faced. Now my
face turned red too as I slipped the coat off my shoulders and looking at
her to make sure I was doing the right thing, I pulled the pajama cords and
let the pants fall to the floor.

"My, my," she almost giggled. "You are a big boy, aren't you? Is it
from looking up my dress or from thinking about Josie, James?" As she spoke
she spread her knees and pulled me closer to her, between her legs.

"I don't know, Mother." No matter what I said, I knew it wouldn't be the
right response.

She took both my hands and placed them on her shoulders.

"Steady yourself against me, James. I'm going to make you feel nice,"
she said, looking straight up into my face. Her hands then held my hips
and I could feel her fingers begin to stroke the skin of my bottom. It
made me moan out aloud for it felt better than nice, as though my legs
would give way.

But almost immediately one of her hands moved towards my front and I
could feel her cupping my balls. She was touching my prick and my balls.

"Do you like this, James?"

"Aahhh," was all that came out of my mouth.

"I can do this whenever you want, you know, James. All you have to do
is ask," she said soothingly as she smiled at me.

I wasn't sure whether she was teasing or really meant it but when she
added, "Of course, Josie would want to watch." Then I was sure she meant
every word because it was the way she always made me feel uncomfortable.

"Would you be embarrassed if Josie saw me doing this to you, James dear?
If I made you stand naked in front of her while I played with your cock
like this, James? If she saw you ejaculate your sperm over my hand as you
climaxed?" She was stroking my hardness now, sending untold waves of
pleasure down my spine.

"No, Mother. Not if it was your wish," I managed to gasp out as I felt
my urges reaching breaking point.

Then as suddenly as the feelings began to grow, so they disappeared as
she patted my bottom and stood up. "Good boy. I needed to know whether
you were being honest with me or not, James. I think you've passed."

"But, Mother," I pleaded. "Please do it again? Make me, uhm, you know,
feel good?"

"Of course, just like I said all you have to do is ask but right now
we've got to teach Josie a lesson. Come."

Chapter Six

It was a room that must have been in the centre of their large house for
there were doors in every wall of the punishment room as she called it.
The door was locked and she used a key to open it. The door looked very
sturdy. Maybe it was made of metal, I wasn't sure.

As I walked in, there was only one light switched on, right in the
middle of the room and shining straight down on the carpeted floor. Josie
stood directly under the beam of light so her body was almost all I could
see. Her back was facing the door but her front was reflected in a ceiling
length mirror that she was facing.

She wore a loose smock that seemed very short and because of the way she
stood I thought I could see the beginning of her bottom cheeks just below
the hem of the dress. She was standing on tip toes and her arms were
reaching towards the ceiling, her hands clasped as though she was strung up
but I could see no cord attached to her.

In the mirror I could see that most of the front of her smock was open,
at least down to her navel. While her nipples were still covered, the
swelling of her breasts was there for me to gaze upon. How beautiful she
looked. How hard my cock had grown.

mother walked around to face her daughter and I followed. Josie's eyes
opened in surprise, or was it shock, when she saw I was in the room too.
Genuine tears were trickling down her cheeks but she remained in the pose
she obviously had been taught to take.

"You know you were naughty, don't you, Josie?"

She nodded, her lips silent.

"You know you will not leave this room until you've been punished?"

Again she simply nodded.

"This time, James will be assisting in your punishment, Josie."

"No. Please, Mother, not him."

"Silence," mother snapped as I felt a surge of adrenalin course through
my body. I'm going to help beat her? I was sure my cock was going to

"You are forbidden to speak. You should know that without me reminding
you. And you do know that your punishment will not be over until father Faustino absolves you from all your sins yet again."

This last statement brought a moan of anguish from her lips. She was
shaking her head, pleading with her eyes for something not to happen. What
was it? The punishment? Was it all that harsh? Was that what she feared
for I saw that in her eyes as well? Fear? And who was father Faustino?

My reverie was broken as I realised mother was speaking to me.

"James? Are you listening?"

"Oh, sorry, Mother."

"You will see enough of her tits later, boy. Just listen to me now and
get your mind off your cock."

Her voice had changed. She sounded excited as though she was just as
worked up as I was. Was she aroused at the thought of punishing Josie too?

"Yes, Mother," I acknowledged.

"Good. Now go and bring me what is on that shelf," she said pointing
towards the wall.

It was a cane. Smooth and white. And very flexible, I found as I
carried it back. When Josie saw what I held she gasped aloud, lowering her
face when she saw mother watching fiercely.

"Yes, this time, young lady, you will feel real punishment. Did you
think my earlier warnings were just a joke? You were well warned that your
next transgressions would be met with the cut of the cane. It was a
promise, not just a threat," mother said with a gleam in her eye. Yes she
was enjoying this much more than a mother should, I thought.

Josie tried to cringe, laying her face to one side and whimpering with

"Right. Ten of the best on the raw," mother stated. "Remember how it
hurts, young lady, for if you cause me to use force again you will receive
the same but on your breasts."

"No, Mother. Please don't," Josie almost wept at the thought while I
almost shot my load inside my pajamas.

"James go behind the naughty girl and raise her skirt, high up."

I was definitely in heaven, I thought. Josie wiggled her bottom as I
took the hem and slowly lifted it upwards. There before my eyes, just
inches away was the most perfect bottom I could ever have imagined. It was
pink and smooth and oh, so round. The little crease was like a peach,
covered in downy fur, which shone in the light. Also there were some marks
I couldn't make out, sort of stripes yet very faint. And I could even feel
her body heat as I now held the hem against the small of her back.

Josie remained on tiptoes and I didn't know how she managed to stay that
way. It must have been excruciatingly painful, and her arms were still
raised high up.

mother stood on Josie's other side and she looked on in thought as she
swished the cane through the air, testing its effectiveness.

"You can count, James. If she moves from her present position, start
again," I was told and then to Josie she said, "Did you hear, Miss? Do not

I knew the poor girl had no chance of staying still and her punishment
could go on forever. It would have if I were in her place, I was sure.
But my cock was aching to see her get beaten. I wanted to see the
instrument land on that beautiful skin and hear her squeals of agony. If
only I could touch her wounded bottom afterwards. Oh, yes, I wanted that,
I thought.

I watched mother as she continued to make the cane hiss through the air
and then all of a sudden she landed the first blow without warning and
straight across both globes. How loud the sound as it struck it's target
and how exciting the anguish that left Josie's lips. A squeal of pain so
loud I feared my ear drums had been damaged.

Just as mother began her downward stroke a second time, I stated
clearly, "One."

"Two. Three. Four." They were landing so fast I feared I might lose
count. Would I in turn be punished for that? I had no doubt I would be
and endeavoured to concentrate all the harder.

Josie seemed to be sagging under the pain. Her voice was one continuous
scream of pain and pleading as the thin lines of darker pink continued to
spread across her upturned globes. mother had not crisscrossed one stroke.
They were all in line and evenly spaced, slowly moving downwards. Her
dexterity in wielding the cane was amazing and evidence that she was well
experienced in the art of causing pain. If she had never given it to Josie
before this, whom had she practiced on? Was I just one of many slaves she
had used?

At the count of five, she stopped and lowered her hand, taking a deep
breath as she rested. "Stay still, Jo," she warned as she stepped away to
see her handiwork.

"Maybe I should try the rest on your breasts as a warning," she said to
Josie. "Well?"

"Please don't, Mother. I promise I will be good."

"And to father Faustino? You will agree?"

"Mother, not with father Faustino. You know I hate what he does.
Please," she pleaded with all the effort she could muster.

"Then it's five on the breasts. James. Remove her smock."

Oh, it's happening, I thought as I began to raise the flimsy garment.

"No, Mother. I promise I will be good. Anything. I don't want my
breasts beaten and please don't let that boy see me."

"Father Faustino?" mother asked again and I was sure she was smirking to

"Oh, yes. Anything." Josie had given in completely. Why was father Faustino such a big deal, I wondered as I watched the pair work through
their one-sided agreement? What was so wrong with a priest coming to give
penance? Whenever we went to mass, which wasn't often, he was so boring.
Why was Josie so unhappy about him coming? It was all so very interesting.

"One last time to confirm your obedience, girl," mother demanded. "You
will be compliant in all ways?"

"Yes, Mother," she agreed with obvious reluctance.

"Good, then you have learned something about obedience today, I'm sure.
Just remember this, go back on your word even once and you will receive ten
across your bared breasts in front of the father and James."

"I promise, Mother," she agreed with her head bowed.

"I knew you'd learn to be a good little girl," mother said as she
brought a jar back and scooped a liberal amount of white cream onto her
fingers before she handed the jar to me. "It's time to heal your pain."

Then to me she said, "James, stand behind Josie. You mustn't come
around the front. Understood?"

"Yes, Mother."

"Josie, take off your smock, dear."

Josie did so without hesitation and at last changed her position so her
feet were back on the floor, a few inches apart and her hands held together
in the small of her back. It looked almost as though she had been trained
and knew exactly when she had to take this stance.

She was quite naked in front of me but all I could see was her bottom.
That was nice enough in itself but I desperately wanted to see all her
front had to offer. Alas, I knew this wasn't to be the time for mother was
definite in her instructions to me and I dare not disobey and creep around
to spy on her breasts and pussy.

"Smooth some cold cream over her burning bottom, James while I soothe
her from the front. Don't stop until I tell you."

I looked at mother in surprise. Did she really mean I could touch this
majestic behind that was poking out towards me, this pink striped, soft
baby's bottom? The one thing I really wanted to do? I tried to catch
Mother's eyes just to make sure but mother was already concentrating on
what she was doing.

I removed what I thought was a liberal amount and rubbed my hands
together. Gingerly I pushed my hands closer to the twin domes, expecting
to be shouted at by either mother or Josie but neither one stopped me. My
hands rested lightly on her bottom cheeks and then I knew it was right.
With a sigh I began to lightly spread the cream over the stripes and then
wider afield until the whole of both buttocks were glistening wet. My
hands slipped freely over both surfaces and after a while I became bolder
and allowed a finger to smooth some of the stuff into her bottom crease.
Again I wasn't stopped.

Whatever mother was doing, Josie must have liked because before long I
began to hear little moans and sighs coming from her. Her foot spread
further apart and mother was kneeling down in front of her. I thought that
one hand was touching Josie on her breasts and the other was at her pussy but I couldn't see for sure.

Her sounds were increasing and every now and then she would utter a
whimpered, "Ooh," or a, "Yes," from between clenched teeth. She was
shifting her weight from foot to foot, which in turn made her bottom jiggle
from side to side which I found very sexy.

As I kept stroking these beautiful orbs, I knew my cock was getting
harder and harder and the urge to shoot was almost overwhelming. I was
scared my pajamas would brush against my prick, which was poking through
the fly by now, for I didn't want the humiliating scene of me squirting
white stuff all over the floor. Or worse still, all over Josie's legs.

Finally, Josie seemed to lose all control of her body. She was swaying
violently from side to side, her sounds were loud and coarse, she was
screeching at the top of her voice for her mother not to stop and she moved
her hands to steady herself against her mother's head.

Then she had an orgasm. I knew instinctively what it was even though I
had never seen a girl do that before. mother must have been playing with
Josie's pussy to such an extent that she gave her daughter an orgasm.
Josie's whole body shuddered and kept doing so for what seemed an eternity,
all the time a long string of deep moans of pleasure coming from her lips,
her face raised to the ceiling as though she was forcing herself towards
ultimate bliss.

"Yes, dear, keep going. Enjoy it my baby; take your pleasure, don't
stop." mother was still doing things to Josie because I could see her arms
and shoulders moving fast and purposeful.

At last as the sounds dimmed, Josie fell against her mother and then her
knees gave way and she slumped to the floor, all the time her front covered
from my sight. How frustrating it was.

As mother had ordered, I still hadn't stopped my efforts on her bottom
but neither woman seemed to notice. mother was kissing Josie's face with
little pecks, all the time whispering endearments to her. I was a
forgotten person.

"That's all, James. Go to your room," mother snapped, never once
looking at me, all her attention showered on Josie who lay still against
her mother.

I left in total disappointment and as I went through the door, mother called out, "Don't you dare jerk yourself off, Boy."

It was a fight of inner will not to clasp my hand around my prick and
begin to pump. That's what I needed right now. I wanted to feel the
thrill of shooting off but I was forbidden. The threat of what mother might do if I disobeyed was strong enough to make me leave my prick alone.

The next thing I remember was being woken up and called to dinner.
Josie was dressed in a nice skirt and blouse and neither of them even
hinted at what had taken place earlier in the day. I looked from one to
the other but neither seemed aware that anything was out of the ordinary.
Did I just dream it? Was it just a figment of imagination? It sure seemed
real enough even now.

"Mother?" I asked.

"What, James?" She asked with a friendly smile on her face.

"What happened before? Did it...?"

"I don't know what you mean, James," mother replied and I saw Josie look
at her as well but with a questioning face as though she didn't understand

"I mean, when we were in uhm, in the punishment room."

"What punishment room, James dear," she asked innocently. "Every room's
a punishment room if you're naughty. Don't forget that."

"Yes, Mother," I capitulated. Josie shrugged her shoulders and went on

I must have dreamed it all I told myself. And yet that warm, pink,
striped, beautiful bottom was still so real in my mind.

Nothing further happened after dinner and when I went to bed mother walked with me. "I'll tuck you in, James," she said giving me a reassuring
hug with her arm around my shoulders.

I slid between the covers and she sat on the bed beside me, her hand
stroking the hair from my forehead.

"Don't give yourself an orgasm tonight, James. I know what young boys do when they are alone. It is so easy to stroke yourself and get a cheap
thrill. Promise me you won't tonight, James."

I was blushing from the intimacy of her words but I managed to nod and
whispered, "I promise."

"Good boy. You won't regret it. father Faustino will be visiting
tomorrow evening and it is important to keep your mind and your body pure
for his visit. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I agreed but didn't understand at all.

father Faustino? If it was all a dream this afternoon, how come mother brings up his name now? It was too much of a coincidence.

"What is he coming for, Mother?"

"To purify Josie, dear. And you and myself as well," she added.

"Purify?" He had certainly never called at our home to purify us. Dad
would have thrown him out anyway.

"Shush. You will see. It's a beautiful time. Believe me."

I remembered Josie's feelings in my dream. I was sure she didn't find
Father Faustino's visit too beautiful.

"Does he come often, Mother?"

"Oh, every few weeks, I suppose."

"What does he...?"

"He will remove all your concerns and make you feel wonderful. He
always does. Now go to sleep and don't think any more about it," she said
interrupting my question.

"What we did today, Mother...," I began.

"We did nothing today. Now go to sleep."

She leaned over and kissed me deeply right on my lips. I felt the tip
of her tongue brush against me for a moment but more interesting were her
breasts, which almost spilled out of her nightdress as she leaned over.
She made no move to stand up quickly.

Finally with one last kiss to my forehead, she flicked the light switch
and left.

I laid awake thinking over all the events of today and was sure it
wasn't just a dream. And what was in store when the father visited? It
was all so intriguing.

Chapter Seven

He was a plump man, not really fat but certainly not slim. mother lined
us up in a row beside the door when the bell rang and father Faustino came
inside. He looked happy and his smile widened as he took mother into his
arms and kissed her in a way that no self-respecting priest should. He
bent her backwards and began kissing her hard on the mouth. She held him
tightly too but I wasn't sure whether it was to return his kisses or to
support herself.

"My, this house has the best welcome in the whole parish," he sighed as
he straightened mother up. "How are you, Esme? It's been too long," he
said and swirled her around in a pirouette. This made her dress split apart right up to her bosom and showed off all of her underwear.

I was shocked but not father Faustino. Nor Josie. And mother simply
beamed when the father grinned suggestively and squeezed one of her
breasts. "I don't know why I stay away so long," he said, hugging her

"You are a naughty man," mother accused and smiled lovingly as they
broke apart.

"And Josephine. How could I ever forget this picture of loveliness?" He
reached out and held her by the shoulders then pulled her against him,
pressing his hands against her bottom to make their touching all the
tighter. It was obvious Josie hated his attention for she squirmed and
gave a few little squeaks of displeasure. Even so, she never really tried
to stop his attentions.

Josephine? I realised it was the first time I had heard her full name
used at all. It was always Jo or Josie.

"And this, Father, is James. He's staying a few weeks with us. A nice
boy but very naughty," mother explained.

"James. I'm delighted to meet you. It seems I have come at the right
time to purify you all. Yes, it is indeed the right time. You are a
beautiful boy, you know," he said and I had the distinct feeling he was
saying something to mother that I couldn't interpret.

At least I didn't get a hug like mother or Josie had so I was thankful
of that. In fact I was thankful that I wasn't much involved in any of
their conversation once the introductions had been made. mother walked us
all through to the lounge room and sat beside the Father. Josie was on his
other side while I sat in a separate chair, just a little side-on to the
sofa where they sat.

mother poured drinks all around and they spoke of mundane things for a
while as we drank. I hadn't tasted whisky before and found the burning in
my throat difficult to cope with. mother and the father laughed as I
spluttered but eventually I learned to take small sips and a warm glow soon
developed in my stomach.

"Have you been faithful to me, Esme?" The father asked slyly.

"Father, how could you suggest anything else," mother retorted in
feigned shock.

"So how many has it been then?"

"Never you mind. Just be thankful you have my entire attention now that
you're here."

"So you are ready for me?"

"Always, Father."

"No colourful seepages in my favourite place then?"

"You know there isn't. Anyway it wouldn't matter if there were," she

I think they were talking about a woman's period but I wasn't really
sure. How could a father talk about such things anyway? Was I missing

"And little Josephine," he said turning to her. "You are not in your

"No, Father," she said without a smile.

"I'm so glad. Purifying the body on those days is not nearly as
satisfying." His hand went around her shoulder and he hugged her hard to
him again. "Has your leg healed?" He added.

"Yes, Father. It is fine now," Josie replied.

"I should inspect it, you know. We need to be certain."

"No... No, it's good now," she stammered and tried to pull away.

"Jo," mother snapped and looked harshly at her daughter. Then after a
few seconds, said, "I think you should check it right now, Father. She has
to prove her faithfulness anyway. Isn't that so?"

"After her antics on my last visit that's indeed true," he agreed.
"Here girl, stand up and let me see to it."

"Mother, please. I don't..."

"Now," mother cut off her protest with threatening undertones.

Josie stood in front of the Father.

"Remove your shoes and socks, my dear," he told her.

She leaned down to do this and I could almost see under her skirt. When
she straightened again, the father said, "You aren't wearing anything
beneath, are you?"

"No," Josie replied and I could see her blushing. She looked most

"Good girl. I'm glad we sorted that out last time. You've learned

He lifted one foot onto his knee and she struggled to maintain a balance
for she had nothing to steady herself with. Although I could see all that
he was doing, again I was thwarted from seeing up her skirt because she was
facing him, her back to me. She wore a short skirt that more or less
covered her bottom but all of her thighs were on view.

The father took her foot and began to massage it, running fingers
between her toes, tickling the sole and making her squirm. Then he leaned
slightly forward and with both hands initially cupping her ankles, he began
to move up her leg, feeling every inch of it, stroking and squeezing. It
was intentional as though he owned the very flesh he was touching.

"Oh, what thighs, my dear," the father almost whispered. "You feel so
good, it makes an old man's heart shiver with anticipation." He looked up
into her face and held her gaze for a long moment. "You look unhappy,
child. I want you to smile."

Josie smiled. Not her best I must say but it was a smile and made her
look so much better. But I didn't think she did it because she was happy.

The Father's hands moved up and down her thigh, kneading the muscles,
stroking and feeling. It made me feel so sexy, for he was doing something
I was sure I would never have the chance of doing. All the time he was
humming some tune that I couldn't make out. His hand slipped under the hem
of her skirt but soon returned into view. But then it went higher up her
thigh and this time didn't quite come back. He leaned closer to her and I
could see his arms moving all around her leg, now permanently beneath her
skirt. She was enduring this priest's hand at the very apex of her leg, at
the very part of her that I so wished to see. I was sure the father was
touching her pussy. Her cunt. One shoulder was lowered and he was
definitely cupping her bottom now, the other hand directly between her

"You do enjoy what I am doing, child?"

"Y... Yes, Father," she answered unsteadily. Her face was the picture of misery despite an attempt to remain smiling. She was enduring his
attentions probably because to refuse would mean a further beating from her
mother. Or maybe even the father himself. Shit, my cock was hard again.

"Very nice, my dear," he said. "It seems to be quite sound again," he
added as he let her foot go. Josie smoothed her skirt down and began to
sit down when he said, "Now I still have the other to inspect. James, sit
beside me. I want you to see just how an inspection of a girl's leg should
be conducted."

"It's not fair, Mother," Josie wailed as she watched me change seats."

"That's very true, my child," the father said. "Life is exactly like
that if you are a girl and you have a man in charge of your destiny. Am I
not correct, Esme?"

"Of course you are, Father," mother answered immediately. "Do what
you're told, Jo."

I thought Josie was about to cry for her face bore all the signs.
Instead, she simply lifted her other foot and laid it on the Father's knee.
The father pulled her closer to him and she had to hop until her foot was
almost in his crotch. Her body was much closer to him this time. He was
squeezing her foot just as before as he looked at me and began to speak as
though Josie wasn't even present.

"When you have a girl under your control, James it's important to teach
her that she must obey your wishes. It took Josephine here, many years to
understand that. I think she was nearing thirteen before she began to
realise that. Silly really because she could have saved herself so much
pain had she simply given in from the start."

And just how long ago was that, I wondered. All I could do was nod.

He continued on. "Even now, she refuses to co-operate in some ways and
I usually have to remind her of the reality of life with further
punishment. But I'm pleased to see how willing she is today. She's being
very good indeed."

By now his hand was above her knee and he was proceeding to do just as
before. I still couldn't see anything under her skirt even though I was
sure one of his hands was working right between her legs. He was feeling
her cunt again. He leaned forward and the other hand definitely stroked
her bottom. It was so evident. Oh, how my prick was yearning to see it
all. I had to be so careful not to brush the tip against my pants, for I
was very close to shooting off.

Josie gave a little moan just like when mother played with her last
night. Yes, the father was definitely feeling her up and her mother never
once objected.

"Do you know what I am doing, James," he asked me with a smile."

"Uhm, I don't... I... Maybe you're touching her... Her pussy,
Father," I finally blurted out.

"Hmm, maybe. Shall I tell her to raise her skirt, so you can see what I
am really doing?"

The girl's head shot up and she looked from her mother to the Father,
looking for some sort of support. But none came. There was little doubt
that she knew she would have to obey, but because I would see everything
she was hoping for a last minute reprieve.

I couldn't believe my own ears. Was he really saying that or was it
just my own hopeful imaginings? What should I say? If I agreed would he
get angry for having filthy thoughts? Or did he really mean it as some
kind of humiliation for Josie? Of course I wanted to see under her skirt.
I had lived with that desire ever since I moved here. But he must have
been joking.

"I beg your pardon, Father?" I asked hesitantly.

"You didn't hear me? I asked if you wanted to see what I was really
doing to this young lady under her skirt. Well?"

He was a priest and he was doing this in front of her mother. Could it
really be happening? I looked again at Josie and she certainly showed all
the signs of hating her predicament. Good, I thought.

"Yes Father. I would, if that's alright."

mother giggled at my own embarrassment but said nothing.

"There's a price to pay, of course," the father said.

"A Price? How much, Father?"

"Ha. Ha. I think he is innocent, Esme. Come closer and I'll tell

I leaned closer to his side and he held my ear against his lips and

The price was unbelievable. I'd heard about stories of priests abusing
children. They'd been a number of court cases over the last few years and
we often talked about what they were supposed to have done when we boys got
into our huddles at school. But no one knew for sure. Now I'd been
propositioned and began to realise just what their crimes might have been.

"You want me to...?" I looked up into his face but all I saw was a
beaming smile, almost daring me to object.

"You did hear me clearly, boy?" He asked almost innocently as though
what he suggested was commonplace.

"I think so, Father. But..."

"I thought you would like to know just was happening to Josephine," he
said. "Still, if you don't want to, then it will be our secret, just
between Josephine and myself."

"No. I do want to know, Father. To look," I added. "But you want me

"Yes, I do," he replied. "Think of it as a sort of a test. If you pass
it, imagine what else you may learn."

Indeed, I thought. If he was prepared to lift her skirt and show me
things I would never have believed, like what his hand was doing for so
long beneath her skirt, then surely what he wanted of me seemed small
payment indeed. Even though what I was asked to do was something I could
never have expected from anyone let alone a priest.

"If I learn to trust you, James, all sorts of exciting things will come
your way," the father said. "Can you imagine what it would be like having
this girl all to yourself? Having her stretched out on a bed, quite naked,
her arms stretched outwards, her legs parted so you could see everything.
And then you were told you could do anything you wanted to her without fear
of punishment. I assume you can picture that, James?"

"D... Do you really m... M... Mean it, Father?" I actually stuttered.
I hadn't even imagined such things.

"Or perhaps you'd prefer her mother instead?" He was smiling all the
time, watching as the thoughts ran through my mind. I looked at mother but
she just smiled back, certainly not disputing anything he said. Josie was
though. I saw a look of hate all over her face.

"Will I do it now, Father?"

"Of course."

I stood up and as I began to kneel down, the father moved Josie to one
side, his hand still under her skirt and still moving about. I lifted his
robes, and slipped my head underneath and once they fell back, it became
almost black. He had been very explicit about what he wanted me to do and
I began by sliding my hands along his legs until I felt his prick. Yes, I
was about to make him shoot his stuff. That was the price.

I thought my prick was big but in this dark cramped position, his was
enormous. He clasped me between his knees once I leaned forward and took
hold of his monstrosity and I felt his whole frame begin a rhythmic swaying
once I started to stroke him and his deep voice began to gasp from time to
time. He had whispered a lot of instructions in the short time he had held
my face and I knew exactly what he wanted. When I felt his hand press
against my head, I knew this was to time to start licking him. The slimy
feeling at the top of his prick was awful and I pulled away, thinking I
would be sick. But his hand was insistent and I soon found his prick being
forced into my mouth. Both of my hands were touching his cock still, down
near the base, where all the hair was. I knew he was going to do it inside
my mouth and I had little will power to stop him. For deep down, what was
beneath Josie's skirt was far more the driving force than his hand that
held me tightly through his robes.

I wondered what my friends at school would think if they could see me
now. They'd probably throw up and never let me forget it. But then, they
wouldn't ever find out, I told myself.

I was hardly moving now, for the father was pushing himself harder and
harder into my mouth. And I knew if he pushed any deeper inside I would be
sick anyway, not only from the thought of what I was doing but because his
prick was poking almost against the back of my throat.

When I played with myself, I knew how sensitive it was when I stroked my
balls so I did the same to him. With an almighty roar his body shuddered
and I felt his come shoot out, filling the little room that was still
available in my mouth. I automatically swallowed, as more and more sperm
splashed out for there was no way I could withdraw. His hand was holding
me hard against him and I had no choice but to die of spermal drowning or
simply swallow. I didn't want to drown.

Finally it was all over but I wasn't allowed to release his cock until
it was sucked clean. By then it was as soft as jelly once again.

I pulled myself out from under the robes and saw him almost asleep,
while mother and Josie looked at me with strange looks, not from shock or
even pity, but simply that what I had done to the father was simply
something they were not surprised about. Was I just one of many boys who
had been boarded at Mrs. Mercer's place? I wondered.

The Father's eyes were still shut when I sat back beside him, wondering
what I should do next. Neither mother or Josie spoke but they continued to
look at me. I became uncomfortable and just looked at the floor, hoping
the father would wake up quickly. His hand was still under Josie's skirt
but it seemed still now. I suspected then that Josie had been subjected to
his feeling up many times. But if so, why did she show such distaste to
the experience?

At last, the father stirred and exclaimed, "Ahhh, My boy, that was very
good indeed. You have a bright future in the area of pleasuring man. I
don't suppose you enjoyed it?"

I had little choice but to answer and I had to think quickly. "I didn't
dislike it, Father, but to be honest, I think I would have been more
aroused if it had been a girl's uhm, secrets that I had tasted."

"Ha. Ha. Well said, young'un. But I didn't realise you had already
tasted a female's delights." He looked up at mother for confirmation.

"That was one of Josie's little indiscretions, Father," mother told him.
"It's the reason she is still in my bad books and why you must punish her
tonight. Josie convinced James that I would like to feel him licking my
cunt while I was asleep and so he did. When I woke up, I thought I was
being raped."

"Hmm. Yes, well that certainly deserves my attention," he said with a
satisfied grin on his face. "Maybe that deserves the nettle cane."

I had no idea what that was but Josie surely did because she cowered
away, and gasped. "Oh, not that. Please don't do that, Father. You know
how badly I reacted last time."

"Silence. It will be my last task before I leave. Don't say or do
anything that will make it worse."

Josie sobbed silently as she stood with her head bowed, the Father's
hand still beneath her skirt.

"Esme, lift the girl's dress over her head please."

Josie never flinched and made no move to object. Whatever the father had meant, it stopped all opposition to his wishes. And at last, there she
stood in all her glory.

She was quite naked and only a foot or so away from me. The father had
been indeed playing with her cunt for I could clearly see his thumb
embedded deeply inside her secret place. His other fingers extended
between her legs and were pinched together against his thumb to clamp his
thumb in place. Until he relaxed she could not get away from him.

"Now do you see, James? Do you see my thumb fucking her little cunt?"

"Yes, Father," I answered, dumbfounded.

He wasn't thrusting in and out as I would expect fucking to be, but his
thumb was surely deep inside her, all the way to the last joint.

"Does it hurt her, Father?" I asked in my innocence.

"Does it, Josephine?"

"No, Father."

"Tell James, not me."

"It doesn't hurt, James."

"Would you like to try, James?" I heard the father ask.

"Me? Do that?"



With that, he released her and brought his glistening thumb right up to
my mouth.

"Lick her juices off, James. Learn how a young girl tastes."

I never hesitated and was surprised to find just how nice it was. It
could have been because I was so worked up but when my tongue removed her
juices, my cock gave a jerk and spilled sperm inside my trousers.

This brought shrieks of laughter from both the father and Mother. Even
Josie smiled widely when she realised what had happened to me. But it
wasn't to last long.

"That's the best come I've seen in ages, my boy," the father whooped.
"I've never seen anyone come so easily."

"I couldn't help it, Father," I said, highly embarrassed.

"It seems that young Josephine's body was just too much temptation.
Well girl. You'd better clean up what you caused."

"Oh, no," she gasped. "Not that, Father. Please," she pleaded but he
didn't even reply.

"Remove his soiled things and clean him. Personally. You know what I
mean. I trust."

"Yes Father," she capitulated. I had to stand up while this naked girl removed my pants. I stood while she licked me and I got another erection
in quick time. She licked me everywhere, even right between my legs, which
I had to spread wider for her face to reach between the creases. Oh, the
shame, I thought; and yet the feelings, such wonderful feelings. I was
near to coming again, all over her face I suspected, when she finished. It
was a very near thing.

"Girls do have their uses, James," the father stated. "Don't you

"Yes, sir."

"You may have her this evening for the whole night."

"No," Josie gasped.

"Yes," both the father and mother replied in unison.

"And the first hour will be in front of us both," father added.

Oh, how I wanted this afternoon to go quickly. My prick was rock hard

Chapter Eight

After dinner, I was sent to bathe and as I left I heard mother giving
Josie instructions as well. I returned as quickly as I could, wearing as
always what had been left on my bed; just pair of Josie's panties this
time, white cotton ones.

The father cupped my cock and balls for a moment and commented to mother that I was already hard. Why shouldn't I be? After all I was about to
fuck Josie as much as I wanted.

Josie wasn't to be seen but a bed of some sort now stood in the middle
of the room, covered in a white sheet.

mother walked behind me and I heard her soft voice say, "Stay calm,
James," as she put a blindfold around my eyes.

"No," I objected. "I want to see her. Please, Mother," I pleaded.

"Of course you will. It's just so you don't see her before we want you
to." It was tight but comfortable. I could see nothing.

Before long I heard movements and then felt a hand cup my prick and
balls. "She is ready, James," mother whispered. "It's time for you to
become a man." The blindfold was removed and for a moment I couldn't see
Josie anywhere. Then I did.

She looked absolutely beautiful. Absolutely naked. Absolutely willing.
Absolutely open, as though she was waiting for me. She was laying on the
bed in front of us, on her back, her eyes closed and the faintest of smiles
on her lips. Her arms were spread upwards towards each corner of the bed.
Her knees were spread widely apart and her feet were brought about half way
up towards her bottom with the soles facing but a foot or so apart. It
looked as though the hair between her legs had been combed and parted for I
could see the bright pink of her sex glistening in the dim light. Oh, how
I sexy I felt at this moment.

Elated and yearning to sink down on her and fuck, and yet scared as hell
because I wasn't really sure what to do.

"It's always good manners to tell your partner how beautiful she looks,
James," mother suggested as I stood fixed to the floor. Her voice made me
look at her and I realised mother too was stark naked and showing no
embarrassment at all. And so too was the Father. His prick poked straight
out and so large it scared me. How could that go between any woman's
thighs without splitting her apart?

"And you must arouse her properly, James," mother continued.

"I don't know how."

"Just kneel and whisper nice things to her as you run your hands over
her body. Make her feel nice. Show her you love and cherish her, James.
After all she is offering everything to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," I agreed, now staring down on Josie's most beautiful naked body.
That the others were all naked too, made little difference. Josie was my
love and it was to Josie I would pay homage.

I knelt beside the bed, just a few inches above her and whispered into
her ear, "You are just beautiful, Josie. I love you." She didn't move and
I glanced up at mother who was urging me on with her eyes.

"I want to make you feel nice, Josie. I promise I won't hurt you," said
as I kissed her ear then her lips. Just the lightest brush past, which I
thought, would show her my intentions. I had a great urge to whip my
knickers off and lay on top of her but knew this would bring howls of
protest from all three of them. So I continued to brush my lips over her
face and lips, giving little kisses that could hardly be felt or heard.

I was sure she knew what I was doing though for she moaned so softly but
it was a distinct moan that maybe only I could hear. It gave me such a
thrill to know she felt good about what I was doing to her.

What should I do first, I thought but her little tits were so enticing I
just knew they were my next treat. Without looking up at mother I cupped
each breast, lightly but it was enough to make her whole body tremble. My
prick was so hard it almost hurt. I wanted desperately to let my spunk shoot off but knew that it would be all over if I did.

When I leaned over to kiss them I waited for mother to demand I behaved
myself, but no objection was raised, least of all from Josie who was
rolling herself from side to side as my lips pecked at each pointed nipple.
Oh, how wonderful it made me feel. That I could make her writhe around
like this and all the time she was seeking more. Her lips were whispering
things to me, so softly that I was sure that only I could hear and I alone
knew she was telling me to keep going, to give her more. Every now and
them she whispered, "Yes. Yes. Yes." It didn't dawn on me then that I was
being a good lover, making my sex partner excited and bringing her closer
to a climax. Of course I'd seen her have a climax when mother did it to
her but it still didn't register with me. All I felt was how exciting it
was for me to be able to touch her like this, things so forbidden that I
could only dream about doing them until now.

"Jimmy," she said in a half whisper. "Jimmy, kiss my pussy. Lick me
down there please, Jimmy."

The very thought made me rise up and look at her in dismay. Kiss her
cunt? She actually wanted me to kiss her between her legs? I looked up at
Mother and the father and all I could see were looks of assurance. When I
saw the father was stroking Mother's tits it seemed so natural that I
didn't even think about their public display. I was certainly not being
stopped from doing anything so I crawled down between Josie's widely spread
knees and tenderly ran my fingers through the patch of dark curly hairs. I
leaned down and kissed the patch as tenderly as I could and let my tongue
wet them all over.

"No, further down," Josie moaned as she opened wider. I had no idea at
all, remembering back on my first fumblings of a girl's secret place. Then
Mother was kneeling beside me.

"Here James," she said and separated the hairs that were covering her
slit. "Kiss her here."

I was looking right into her bright pink glistening crack. Never could
I have believed a girl's cunt would look so beautiful. It seemed like the
petals of a rose or something, I remembered thinking.

"Put your tongue inside, James. That's what she wants. Lick her and
press hard against here. See her little love pimple?"

Indeed I could. I was later to learn just how this little nub aroused
girls so much but all I could think of now was not about putting my tongue
onto something so wet. Her cunt was glistening with moisture, her pee-pee
no doubt, and mother wanted me to lick her there. I hesitated but the
decision was made for me as mother forced my face downwards and I had no
choice but to open my lips and do what she wanted.

The surprise was magical. Her cunt tasted sweet and musky. I knew I
was near to shooting my stuff because I was lying on my stomach, pressing
against my rampant cock and desperately wanted to hold back. I continued
licking the now openly aroused girl and made sure I flicked my tongue
against her little nub. There was no doubt that was her most sensitive
spot for she literally bucked every time my tongue passed over it. So I
concentrated my efforts in just this one place, producing the most amazing
change in her actions.

She was shuddering violently, pushing her cunt up against my mouth as
she arched her whole body upwards. It wasn't long before her voice rose to
a squealing crescendo and I realised I had given Josie a real orgasm. She
had her climax while my mouth was still clinging to her and there was no
doubt she enjoyed the experience. I had made her come. What now? Did I
sit up or keep doing it? Should I kiss her on the mouth or stay where I

It was terrible not knowing. Then mother knelt down and indicated I
should let Josie's cunt go.

Josie just lay still, like she was before I started touching her but
this time she had a warm smile on her face. I thought she really had gone
to sleep but she opened her eyes and lazily said softly, "Thank you, Jimmy.
You were wonderful."

Pride rose up and so did my cock. There was no way I could have stopped
myself from coming as spurt after spurt with long trails of spunk landing
over the carpet and over Josie. She made no move to get out of the way and
rather than watching my cock as it shot off, she was looking directly onto
my eyes with a smile that said it's alright to keep going. Mother's hand
cupped my balls but made no move to either stop me or even to catch the
spunk before it landed on the carpet. Her soft hand made me shoot even

As my spasms eased, she held my face against her breasts and stroked my
cheek. It took away any apprehension I had and as I looked up at her, a
nipple scraped against my lips and I kissed it. How hard it felt as I
sucked it in, sure now that anything was permissible. She held me firmly
against her and I stroked the side of her breast with my fingers, lying
still for quite some time before the father broke the silence.

"It seems that the young ones have found the pleasures of the flesh but
we're still unfulfilled, Esme."

"Hmm," mother responded as she released my face. "And I do need
fulfilling. You choose. James or Josie? I'll choose the method."

"James or Josie. That's a hard decision; the innocence of a virginal
boy or the softness of a young girl. I think..."

"I don't want to do it with the Fath..." I interrupted with a whimper. I
couldn't imagine doing things to the Father. Especially sex things and
what if he wanted to use his big cock on me.

"Be quiet, you silly boy," mother stated as she slapped me sharply
across the face.

"An innocent boy and frightened at that," the father repeated. "Oh,
it's just too much too refuse," he stated with a look of desire. "But
maybe the anticipation of waiting will make it all the better when he does
come to me. Josephine will pleasure me just as well, I'm sure."

I was relieved but the thought of having to do sex with him at anytime
remained with me. Josie wasn't smiling but she looked happy as she went
and sat on the Father's knee.

"Well?" mother asked with a wondering look.

Was this really happening? I actually touched my arm to make sure I
wasn't having a sexy dream. mother was waiting for me to come and touch
her while she was quite naked. Oh, how her tits looked as I moved to her
side. She was almost smirking as my reluctance to do anything became so

"I promise not to bite," she said seriously as she held out a hand and I
took it. Immediately I found myself squeezing one of her breasts. She
knew exactly what I liked the most.

"Do you like them, James?"

Of course I did, I thought as I looked into her eyes for confirmation
that what I was doing was in order.

"Yes, Mother," I said softly. Oh, how wonderful these tits felt, so
much bigger than Josie's and even tighter. Her nipple felt hard against my
palm as I stroked. I leaned down and kissed the tip ever so gently but
Mother had other ideas for she pushed my head hard against her and I had no
choice but to open my mouth and let the whole nipple slip inside. I
stroked it's hardness with my tongue as mother ran her hands through my
hair as she held me firmly.

"Listen to me James," she said as I continued to suck at her. "Today
you will become a man. I want you to fuck me, James, just as a man fucks a
woman. Today, right now, you're going to fuck your Momma."

"Wha...?" You mean now?"

She had slid down off the sofa, all the time clasping my face to her

"Right now." I sat up and there she was. Totally available. Her legs
were spread, her knees tucked up against her bottom and her free hand was
holding her pussy lips open.


"Now," she said firmly. I glanced at the father but he was too
interested in what Josie was doing to him. She was kneeling between his
legs and her head was bobbing up and down, sucking his big prick. Neither
of them were taking the least bit of notice of what we were doing.

"What do I do?" I felt stupid having to ask.

"What do you think? Just kneel in front of me and work it out for your

Needless to say, my prick was as hard as it had ever been and was
leaking most embarrassingly when I knelt between her spread knees. As my
prick prodded against her pussy hairs her hand slipped between us and
literally guided me inside. I was inside her cunt. I was fucking. Now
what do I do I asked myself but thankfully she answered my silent question.

"Push all the way inside, James dear. As hard as you can, deep inside
your Momma."

I slid in so easily it shocked me. The inside of her cunt was so smooth
it felt like silk. And then my cock took over. I thrust in and out as
fast as I could, pushing hard against her cunt and all sorts of noises rose
from my lips. I was growling and gasping and hissing all at once and my
lungs cried out so much that I had to take great gulps of air between my
ravings. How wonderful fucking was. Oh, yes, I hissed as mother clung to
me and whispered things into my ear. I knew she was urging me on but her
words were meaningless as my body sought something more. How can I
describe this feeling that controlled my total bodily functions. I felt
like a lion that always wanted more, ever more and my body was seeking that
from this woman who was compliant in all the things I was doing to her.

Other sounds intruded and I realised they were coming from the Father.
Josie was still sucking but much faster now and the Father's body seemed to
jerk each time her mouth slipped down over his cock. God, how big his
thing was. How could Josie manage with that stuck right down her throat?
But what they were doing meant little to me for I knew I was about to come
right inside Mother's cunt.

It was simply unstoppable. I had to keep going. There was no stopping
even to catch my breath.

"Come, dear. Do it right inside your momma's pussy. Wet me, my dear
boy," she urged. It was all I needed for my cock erupted and the most
incredible feelings filled my senses. Oh, how good fucking was, I
remembered thinking as my spurtings began to subside. They seemed to go on
forever and gave me the most intense sensations. Please don't stop, I
wished subconsciously. But stop they finally did.

I was replete and felt like a million dollars. Not just from knowing I
had fucked but more from the incredible aftermath of shooting my spunk.
Playing with myself was nothing like this.

When I had finally finished I felt completely washed out and needed to
sleep. It was as though every ounce of energy had been drained from me.
Mother simply laid still and I rolled over to lie beside her. The fact
that my spunk must be leaking from her cunt never crossed my mind as my
eyes closed restfully.

Some time later I felt someone stroking my face and soft words were
telling me to wake up. It was the last thing I wanted to do but they were
insistent and finally I woke to see mother smiling down at me.

"Twenty minutes is more that enough rest for a young stud like you,"
Mother informed me. "Come, we've got some things to talk about."

mother and the father had dressed but Josie was still naked. She was
sitting on the Father's knee and was blissfully swaying while he stroked
her pussy. I could see everything, her pussy hair and the pink slit that
his fingers were playing over. She couldn't have cared less that I was
looking and it seemed to me that her own pleasures were the only important
thing to her at this moment.

"We'll wait until she's finished," mother whispered and I was pleased I
could continue to watch.

One of the Father's hands held her breast so tightly it must have hurt but all Josie wanted was for him to continue annoying her pussy lips. Her
loud moaning came in cycles between heavy intakes of breath and she pushed
his hand harder against her from time to time. Her whole body jerked
rhythmically and her noises were loudest when his finger pressed against
her clit. It was such a sight my cock was stiff as a board again and I
felt the urge to crawl over to her and plant my lips right over the
beautifully glistening slit. But I knew that wasn't the thing to do right

Then, with squeals that seemed to be of pain, she writhed over his knees
and half choked from lack of air as her climax finally overcame her. It
was quite a sight, this thing called girl's orgasm and I was more than a
little envious at the pleasures she must have been enjoying. All of a
sudden her body relaxed and she lay back against the Father's chest, his
hands lightly stroking both breasts. He gave her cheek and hair a tender
peck from time to time and hummed lightly as their faces touched each

Chapter Nine

Once we had all calmed down, mother called us to order. I had put my
panties back on and so too had mother and the father dressed but poor Josie
still remained starkers. I wasn't unhappy about that and just the sight of
her little tits made my cock stand up again.

"James, I'm sorry to give you some disappointing news," mother said, so
all could hear. Oh, what now, I thought.

"You were promised Josie for the whole night, you may remember."

Remember? It was foremost in my mind.

"Yes, Mother."

"Well that won't be possible. When she was promised to you, father Faustino overlooked the fact that he would have to punish her with a Nettle
cane. But once stated, it has to be carried out. You understand, I'm

No I didn't understand I thought to myself and I'm sure they were aware
of the disappointment I was feeling. Then again, maybe I would get to see
what this nettle cane was all about.

I just nodded, knowing full well no objection would be considered

"Josie, go and bring some nettles," mother demanded.

She too, knew that her objections wouldn't help in the least but she had
to try.

"Like this? I'll have to get dressed."

"Now," mother stated firmly and the girl left the room immediately.

I knew mother was looking at me and tried not to catch her eyes but she
spoke to me. "You will see just how cruel we can be when someone
misbehaves, James. You mustn't interfere or you'll take Josie's place
yourself. Just watch and you will learn never to refuse The Father's
wishes or mine for that matter."

"Yes, Mother," I agreed seriously. "What are you going to do, Mother?"
I asked after a moment's reflection.

"She is being punished for the way she had you treat me, James. It is
not the first time, but after she learns the extent of our wrath, she'll
know never to disobey me again. Where do you think a girl's most tender
parts are?"

"Oh. I suppose her... Her pussy, Mother."


"And her ti... Her breasts?"

"That's true, cunt and tits, so sensitive and so vulnerable. What she
will experience will be quite agonising and the pain will last for at least
two or three days. This time she will learn."

Nothing more was said until some minutes later when Josie returned,
holding a bunch of long stemmed stinging nettles. Her hand and wrist were
noticeably red and I suddenly realised the significance of what they were
going to do to her.

I gasped aloud at the thought of beating her tender breasts and pussy with these things for I had been stung on the arms and legs several times
and knew just how terrible their stings were. I couldn't begin to imagine
how it would feel to have my cock and balls beaten with them.

mother looked fiercely at me when I gasped and I had to force myself to
be quiet.

Josie looked the picture of anguish and already knew what lay in store
for her, obviously having been punished like this before.

"Please don't, Mother. I'll do anything you want, I promise." Tears
were streaming down her cheeks as she looked from her mother to The Father,
hoping for reprieve.

mother disregarded her pleas for leniency and simply took the wicked
stems from her daughter, making sure the leaves didn't touch her own hands.

"You know the rules. Lay still on the bed and you get three each on
your titties and pussy. If we have to hold you down, it's ten on each and
you'll wear what's left of them to bed under your bra and panties. Make
your choice, Miss."

Despite the agony I saw on her face my cock was as hard as steel again
and I noticed The father was rubbing his cock through his trousers as well.

"I'll try not to move, Mummy," she whimpered like a little girl. "Oh,
it's so terrible," she added as she obviously remembered the past beatings
like this. I wondered if she was ever made to wear the stems under her
clothes the previous times.

"Well?" mother asked.

"I'll try, Mummy." She laid on the bed on her back, her arms at her
side, her bottom pressed upwards and knees spread so wide her pussy flesh
glistened and with eyes closed tightly she bit her bottom lip as she waited
for the cruelty to begin.

The actual fall of the stem against her skin probably never hurt at all
but as it touched the tenderness of lily-white breast flesh a pink rash
became evident almost immediately.

"Oh, it's terrible, Mummy. No more, please." But it was to no avail and
the remaining two stems added to already red-blotched skin. mother used a
new stem for each stroke.

Before mother had even started on her pussy, the poor girl was writhing
from the stinging discomfort and white blisters seemed to be forming all
over those once beautiful tits. Josie was whimpering from the agony and
she still had her pussy to be treated yet.

"Be still," was all the comfort she received from her mother who was
positioning the stricken girl's legs further apart going so far as to part
all the hairs away from the slit. Oh, how could Josie take three more of
those things right inside her tender pussy? She couldn't, I was sure.

"Still, I said," Mother, snapped to the rolling girl. Josie tried to do
so and mother landed the first stroke down below. At least it wasn't as
bad as I expected for the leaves didn't make contact with the poor girl's
pussy at all. They fell in a straight line right across her loins and over
her pussy hairs. Of course, she squealed but I think it was from fright
rather than hurt. Surely the pain of her breasts must have overridden any
further hurt.

mother took another stem and then the last and placed then over the same
area so that the inside of her thighs and actual pussy weren't touched at
all. I was happy about that.

Josie still lay on the bed, crying from the tortuous stinging and
itching the nettles were producing and she was begging for something to
stop the pain.

"Mummy, it's driving me insane. Please do something. Please," she
pleaded piteously.

"Do you know why this punishment was inflicted, girl?"

"Yes, Mummy."


"Because of what I told James to do to you. I'm very sorry, Mummy."

"Your instructions nearly caused James to rape me. Can you understand
that, young lady?"

"Yes, I know. I'm so sorry, Mummy," she whimpered still in her little
girl's voice. "Please put some cream on it to stop the itching. It's
hurts so much."

"First, kneel and beg my forgiveness properly."

The injured girl was put through more torment as she tried to do so
between squeals of pain when she moved to kneel and apologise. But do it
she did, her head bowed in humility, her voice wavering. I felt very proud
of her for it must have taken all her strength. Finally she had to lay
back on the bed, nearly exhausted.

"The girl is pleading for cream, Father," mother said. "Do you think
you can provide that, sir?"

"Possibly. With a little help," he added with a smile. With that The
Father stripped himself quite naked and moved to the side of the bed,
stroking his huge cock and then allowing mother to take over.

Nothing was being hidden from me. mother took his cock inside her mouth
then withdrew and began to masturbate him with both hands. He was already
worked up as he watched Josie take her punishment and it didn't take mother long to bring him off. With a groan he began to climax and mother moved
his cock like a fire hose, spraying his come over Josie's breasts and

She caught the last dribblings in her hands and then began to smooth the
sticky mess over Josie's tortured areas. The result was evident and the
once stricken girl began to purr with relief. mother continued her
assistance until all the stickiness had been rubbed deep into Josie's
wounded flesh. Then she brought out a spray can and sprayed the areas

"It won't take the redness away but at least the pain will go away now,"
she told Josie. "Off to bed now and we'll say no more about your
misdeeds." She kissed her daughter lightly on the lips.

"Thanks, Mother," my new sister murmured as she left, taking the can of
spray with her.

"Well, James? What do you think?"

"I... I don't want that to happen to me, Mother," I said simply.

"I'm sure. And as long as you comply, you have no fear of that. Well
now. I'm horny and The Father's just climaxed so I guess you'll have to
partner me to bed tonight, James."

"Me? You mean you want me to go to bed with you? To sleep with you?" I
was stunned. Was I to be allowed to snuggle up to this woman, to her tits,
all night?

"Well you can sleep afterwards but right now I want some sex. Do you
think you can handle that, young man?"

"Yes, Mother," I smiled.

"Undress me, James."

She had already made me strip naked and I was quite proud of my cock,
which was standing straight up. She still wore her nightdress and as I
lifted it over her head, realised there was nothing underneath, except
beautiful pink flesh and her wonderful tits.

"How many places can you fuck a woman, James?"

"Uh? Um, one, no two. Your pussy and your mouth."

"Is that all? Are you sure?"

Was she playing games or getting wild at my lack of knowledge?

"I think so, Mother."

"If I held my hands in the right place, couldn't you use them to poke
your cock in and out?"

"I suppose so," I said warily.

She was laying back on the bed, pushing her tits together. "Can you
think of anywhere else?"

"Uhm. I could suck your ti... Your breasts, Mother."

"And your cock?"

"But there's no hole," I stated so innocently.

"Lots of men have pushed their cocks between these lovely fat things.
It makes them come so quickly, you know and some like to watch the spunk shooting all over my face when they come. Would you like to do that too?"

Oh, yes please, I thought and fantasized immediately.

"Yes, I think so. If you let me."

"Oh, I'll be happy to. But not tonight. Tonight you are going to
pleasure me and I want lots of pleasure. Lots," she added with a sigh.

"Yes, I'd like to do that, Mother."

"Don't let me down, James. This time, it's my turn."

"What will I do first?"

"You've got lot's of choices, my boy. But I want your lips and tongue
to tantalise me. My vagina, breasts and face and especially my anus. Go
to work."

She closed her eyes and her body relaxed as she held up a hand to stop
me asking more. I had been given my tasks. Her anus? She wants her
bottom kissed and sucked? Perhaps I'll start with her face first.

I can't remember how long it took before her first orgasm tore thorough
her body but the whole bed shook as she jerked and groaned through her
pleasure. I know it was while I was sucking her clit, that little knob
just inside her pussy, when she held my head fast against her and ground
herself against my tongue. She knew exactly what she wanted and she
wouldn't let me stop at all.

"Keep licking me there, James. Don't stop," she whispered in bliss as
her shuddering eased.

I licked her lightly, thinking she would be too sore for anything else.
But it didn't seem so because she was soon moaning and holding me firmly
against her again, grinding her hips into me as though there was never
enough. I pressed my tongue as hard as I could against the now swollen
clit and pushed a finger underneath to tickle her cunt. Everything I did
seemed to work this time, and she began to cry out with obvious relish. I
knew another climax was near and when my finger slipped out and rested
against her bottom hole her whole body arched and then shuddered through to
the inevitable conclusion.

Even before she had finished, she opened her legs wide and raised then
up to bring her bottom nearer my lips.

"Yes, there, James. Do it," she instructed and I began kissing that
tight little entrance. I'd never even thought of this as a pleasuring
point but mother wanted more.

"Your tongue, boy. Use your tongue. Inside."

I couldn't bring myself to do it. A bitter taste was already noticeable
and I didn't want to go any further.

But then there was no choice. She slapped my face hard and said simply,

It was surprising how easily my tongue slipped inside. It seemed as
though it was meant to intrude this way and mother certainly enjoyed the
feeling it gave her for she was calling out to go deeper. I pushed as hard
as I could and found my nose pressed against her wet pussy in my endeavours
to go deeper. I was literally straining to please her and then without
being told, began fucking her little hole with my tongue. It was almost a
natural reaction. I'd never even dreamed of doing anything like this.

She definitely liked it but I knew I couldn't keep going much longer,
the muscles in my face becoming very tired. So I brought one hand up and
began to masturbate her clit at the same time, keeping rhythm with my

It worked and mother took her third orgasm for the evening.

This time she didn't want me to continue but pulled me up to hold me in
her arms.

"You've worn me out, James, darling. You are a good lover," she sighed,
kissing my face and lips. "Thank you, my boy."

It made me feel so proud and I snuggled closed, stroking her tits lightly.

My cock was still engorged and I had to make sure it didn't brush
against her because I was not only leaking profusely, but knew the least
touch and I'd probably shoot.

After some time, mother stirred and said, "It's finally your turn.
Would you like to rape my titties?"

Oh, she knew just how to arouse me.

"I don't know how, Mummy," I whispered, trying to imitate Josie's small
voice earlier in the evening.

She didn't take long to show me. I was kneeling over her, as she
squeezed her tits together with her hands. "Now fuck them," she smiled.
"You're so wet they don't need any help."

I had to hold my cock down to keep it in place but nothing more. It
easily slipped between her large breasts and I was encased in pure

"Now listen, James. I know you'll come soon. As soon as you finish,
get off me and leave the room. You're to sleep in your own room. Your
folks arrive back tomorrow."

The thought took my breath away. I'd never thought of my own family once while they'd been away. Here, I had Josie to fuck and mother too but
all my own sisters did was order me around

"Do I have to go back home, Mother?"

"Of course you do, but don't despair. We're very convenient, don't you
think? You could visit on your way home from school," she suggested with
an inflection that said everything. This didn't mean the end. "Now do
your stuff," she added.

At least my cock hadn't let me down and I began to fuck her tits. Oh,
the feeling. Soft but firmly held together by Mother's hands, yet my cock
slipped between them so smoothly. My climax was ready to explode and as
soon as I gave the first shudder, mother released her breasts and pointed
the tip of my cock straight towards her face.

It seemed to make the feelings all the more intense. I shot great glob
after glob straight over her face and neck, she taking it all with a smile,
while I struggled to remain upright as my body jerked about violently.

I couldn't believe I had so much spunk but the evidence was all over
Mother's face and began to run down the sides in stringy beads. mother never flinched and seemed to enjoy what was being done to her. Maybe it
was just for my own benefit but it certainly kept my prick shooting.

Finally, with a final kiss on the tip of my cock to remove the last drop
of spunk, she said goodnight and rolled onto her side as though the spunk wasn't there at all.

I was so worn out I slept from the moment my head hit the pillow.

mother was already dressed when I arrived in the kitchen the next
morning. I tried to kiss her and touched her breast lightly, remembering
last night, but she stood up and said, "Now don't be a bad boy. You know
that's naughty. What about your bowing to kiss my feet instead?"

I was surprised at the rejection and blushed deeply. How could she not
remember last night? Instead I knelt down and worshipped her feet as I had
done each morning.

"I do hope you will visit us again, James," she said with a smile.

"I don't want to go home, Mother. Why can't I stay here?"

"Because you live next door and your parents will be home today. Have
you packed your things?"

"Yes, but...?"

"Of course, you could call in after school to say hello." She responded,
cutting off my objection. "There might even be a surprise for you from
time to time. What's a good day when you have some free time, James?"

"On Mondays and Wednesdays I get off early," I replied in hope.

"And your sisters? When do they arrive home? I know your parents aren't home until much later. Six-thirty usually, isn't it?"

"Yes, they both work late. Both my sisters get home with me, we catch
the same bus, but on Wednesdays, Margie has Music lessons."

"But Jenny's home then too?"

"Yes. But I can get away. That's no bother."

"Hmm. Then you could visit on Mondays and Wednesdays whenever you wish.
Maybe we can add a few extra surprises on Wednesdays."

"What surprises, Mother?"

"If I told, they wouldn't be surprises. Another thing, don't call me
Mother except when we're alone. I'm sure your parents wouldn't like it.
They might suspect something strange is going on. We wouldn't want them to
think that, would we?"

"No, Mother." She seemed to be evading any talk of our antics of the
last month. It was very disappointing.

"Shall we see you next Monday, then?"

She didn't need an answer to that.

Chapter Ten

Both sisters seemed to have grown up in the month they were away and
were bitchier than ever, especially if they thought I was trying to look up
their skirts or something. More than once Mum threatened me with dire
consequences if I didn't stop being filthy. It was unnerving because both
Jenny and Margie went running to Mum at the least little infraction. I
only had to look in their direction to be accused of spying. Nothing had
changed. Life returned to the mundane again and my sojourn next door
seemed like years ago.

Then Monday came and I visited.

"Hello, James," mother smiled and hugged me to her massive tits. "Josie
is upstairs. Go and visit her."

I needed no shoving but was disappointed when I knocked on her door and
no one answered. Finally I opened the door and looked in but she wasn't
there so I walked inside. Well, mother did tell me to go up.

"What do you think you're doing, you little slug?" The sneering voice
that came from behind made me jump. It seemed girls treated boys the same
wherever they were.

"Mother told me to visit you, Josie," I tried to explain.

"You were just trying to peek at me, I saw you. What did you expect to
find? Me in the raw? I'll bet that was it."

"No, I promise I didn't, Josie."

"Well you missed out," she went on as though I hadn't answered. "I was
taking a pee. So what do you want now?" Her voice was no friendlier than
my sister's and wasn't what I'd expected.

"I don't know, Josie. Just to visit you, I suppose."

"You wanted to have sex, didn't you?" She asked accusingly.

"No, Josie. I'm just visiting."

"Right," she said sarcastically. "I wonder why I don't believe you. Do
you think I enjoyed you raping me? I just did it because Mum made me.
When you stuck that thing between your legs in my mouth and shot that
disgusting stuff down my throat, I nearly puked. I hate men and I hate you

"I'm sorry, Josie. Really," I replied unconvincingly. "If I'd known, I
wouldn't have done it, truly."

"Bullshit. You're just as big a creep as all the rest. You just want
to feel me up and rape me again, don't you?"

"I promise I won't, Josie," I whined under her dark stare.

"I'll bet you've got a hard-on right now."

"No I haven't." In fact her accusations turned a promising cock rise to
jelly and I was still like that.

"Show me."

"You mean now? Here?"

"Yes. Strip off and if you're cock stays limp, I might let you stay."

She'd seen me starkers so often, another time wouldn't hurt. I
desperately tried to stay soft but by the time I stepped out of my
trousers, I was at half-mast.

"Huh. See, it's getting hard already. Yuk, I don't know how you walk
around with that dangling between your legs," she spat and turned away. I
knew she was about to burst into laughter.

But she didn't. Instead, once she had regained control of herself she
faced me again. "I'll make a deal with you," she said."

"Oh, yes?"

"You can stay but if you get a hard-on I get to spank you on the bare
arse. Agreed?"

"I... I suppose so," I mumbled, knowing my chances were slim.

"Good. Then sit beside me on the bed."

It was dreadful having to force my thoughts away from anything sexy just
to keep my cock in check.

"Have you fucked your sisters yet?"

"What? Oh, no. They wouldn't," I mumbled.

"But you want to, don't you?"

"No, they're my sisters," I responded indignantly.

"Liar. They've still got tits and a cunt. Admit it, you want them,
don't you?"

"Please don't talk like that, Josie. I can't stop my co... my penis
from getting harder."

"Bad luck. I'll bet you spy on them though."


"Liar again. Every one of my girlfriends who have brothers say they get
peeked at in the bathroom all the time. Some even let their brothers do it
to them."

"Do what?"

"Fuck them, twit."

The thought of fucking Jenny was always in my head and Josie made it all
the more realistic.

"I couldn't, Josie. Not my sister."

"You are the biggest liar I've met, Jimmy Tailor. Of course you could.
How old are they?"

"Jenny's 16 and Margie is only 13."

"I'll bet they've both lost their cherries. By now they've let boys do
it and lots of times too. girls are grown up by that age you know. Ask

"I couldn't."

"But you'd like to," she stated knowingly.

I couldn't look her in the face because she'd see the answer.


"Yes, I suppose so," I mumbled

"Ha, ha, ha. I knew it. All boys are the same. If I let you, you'd do
it to me right now, wouldn't you? Admit it."

"Yes, Josie," I half whispered.

"I'm surprised your not stiff as a pole," she mused. "Most would be.
So you're being a good boy, aren't you? I suppose good boys deserve a

"Yes," I agreed, brightening up immediately.

"You can feel under my skirt if you'd like. As long as you don't get an

"I don't think I could hold back if I did that, Josie."

"Well try then. I'd say you can't lose. If you get stiff, it's no
different than not doing it anyway." She was issuing a challenge and
looking right into my eyes. Her legs slipped apart.

"If you say so," I said softly and began to do what she offered.

Everything about Josie was wonderful. She was always in charge, when
she was away from her mother at least, and she always made me feel aroused.
I knew my prick was growing by the second so moved faster than I should
have. Her legs were so smooth and my hand was well above her knees,
sliding purposefully towards those lovely curls.

"You're getting harder, James," she sniggered quite sure I was going to
fail. I knew I was but hoped to at least get a feel before she stopped me.

When I reached the apex I was surprised to find she wore panties. I
looked up in surprise and she laughed loudly.

"Surprise, surprise. It's not so available is it?"

"You've got underpants on," I accused her.

"I've also got my period."

I blushed, withdrew my hand in an instant and felt my prick deflate in

"Ha, ha, ha," she laughed gleefully. "Isn't it amazing how a little bit
of blood upsets boys? It makes no difference to us, you know. We get the
curse every month."

"I didn't know, Josie," I said, still blushing.

"What? That we got a period every month?"

"No, that you had yours now."

"Well we don't go around spreading the news, that's for sure. Anyway I
need to change mine now. Want to do it?"

"What do you mean?"

"I've got to change my Tampax. Will you do it for me?"

"Is it something to do with your... You know?"

"Say it."

"Your period," I added.

"What else would I use a Tampax for? Of course, stupid. Reach the
pack, just there," she said pointing to her bedside table.

It looked like a pack of cigarettes but I had never seen Josie smoking
before. "Well? Take one out."

For a moment I thought they were cigarettes, a bit thicker, perhaps then
I saw they looked like cotton wool. I took one out and it looked like a

"You'll need my washer," she said. "Warm it up first. And bring the
Fem-fresh spray and a towel. They're on the bench," she called after me.

I really didn't know what I was letting myself in for but it was
something very intimate, I was sure. So I wanted to comply.

When I came back, she was laying on her back, her feet over the edge of
the bed and her skirt pulled right up around her waist.

"I don't do this for every boy I know, James. Consider yourself

"Thank you, Josie," I replied. "What do I have to do?"

"Put the towel under my bottom then you can slip my panties off."

Oh, the joy I felt, being allowed to do something like this. I'd never

I noticed a small pink stain in the crotch of her panties as I slipped
then down her legs. The pussy hairs were all matted with sweat, I thought
and a string was poking from her sex.

"Take the old one out," she said quietly as she watched me.

"What do...? How, Josie?"

"Pull the string. How else?"

"You mean this?" I pointed towards her pussy.

"Shit, boys are stupid. Yes, that," she said exasperated with my

"I've never done this before, Josie. I'm sorry," I apologised but took
the end of the string between my thumb and forefinger.

It seemed stuck and I didn't want to hurt her.

"It won't come."

"For goodness, sake, pull, stupid."

Josie had a way with words, no doubt about that. So I pulled harder and
felt the thing moving, whatever it was. Then it was dangling from my hand,
a deep red mouse-like thing that I realised was what stopped her bleedings
from spilling.

I must have been pulling a face because Josie burst out laughing. "You
should see the look on your face, Jimmy. Wish I had a camera. It won't
bite, you know."

"What do I do with it?"

"There's some dirty old men out there who would kiss it and shoot their
load. You can if you want to."

"No. I don't think so..."

"I'm disappointed. Well you can flush it down instead, I suppose," she
informed me, with a hurt look.

I was glad to do that and came back to find she hadn't moved.

"You haven't finished yet. Now you can clean me up. With the washer,"
she added when she saw me hesitate.

Oh, yes, I thought. I'd never imagined being able to do this to my new
sister. My cock was hard again but Josie either never saw it or didn't
care. She liked what I was doing, the warm washer obviously feeling nice
on her pussy.

"That's enough, Sir Galahad. Now put the new one in." I looked at the
thing for several moments, wondering what to do about the cardboard cover
then decided that shouldn't go inside her pussy at all. I pushed the
cotton wool out of it's cover with my finger but it expended immediately.

"What do you think you're doing, you stupid boy," Josie chided. "How do
you expect to get it inside me now?"

"I didn't know. I'm sorry. But how...?'

"Give me another one. Now watch. At least when you get to help Jenny,
you might know."

"No, Jenny wouldn't... She's mean," I replied but watched closely as
she slipped the whole thing inside her cunt and somehow retrieved the
cardboard cylinder, leaving just the little string dangling down. I

"What's so funny," she snapped.

"You've got a cock, Josie," I grinned.

"At least it doesn't get hard like yours is now," she remarked savagely
looking pointedly at my prick standing up firmly. Thankfully, I didn't get

"Now you can spray some of that on me. It keeps me smelling nice." She
pointed to the pressure-pak. "Don't hold it too close, it's cold."

I sprayed the whole area around her pussy and right onto her lips as
well. I wondered if this made all her hairs matted together but didn't

"So. Now you know," she said matter-of-factly.

"Thank you, Josie. I didn't know about any of this," I told her.

"Why should you? I'll bet your mother never taught you. By the way, do
you know why Jenny is so mean?"

"Jenny? I suppose because she hates me."

"No she doesn't. It's because I told her how to treat boys. You're all
bastards and you deserve to be treated like she does."

"You know Jenny? I didn't realise," I said with surprise.

"Sure. We talk all the time. She doesn't hate you at all, but when I
told her how much fun it was to treat boys badly, especially when they want
to get up our skirts, she thought it sounded like good sport. She taught
Margie too." Josie made no move to cover her nudity.

She saw me looking expectantly. "You can't fuck me, you know, but if
you like, I'll make you feel nice."

"Yes, please," I agreed, waiting with anticipation.

She laid me back on the bed and knelt over my chest. "You can imagine
I'm Margie, if you like. Little Margie with little tits and so innocent."
She leaned down and kissed me tenderly. "Little Margie who loves you and
wants to make you happy. Would you like your Margie to fuck you, James?"

"Yes," I whispered.

She slid down until her pussy was touching my cock.

"Oh, it's so big, James. It will hurt, I just know it."

"No," I responded. "No it won't, Margie."

She began to rub her pussy along the length of my tool, slowly, all the
while whispering dirty things in my ear. `

"I like making you feel nice, James. Will I keep doing this or suck
your cock?"

"Oh, anything, Margie. It's so nice."

I felt her slide down further and then her soft lips encircled my cock
and she began sucking. I came very quickly. Why do I always have to grunt
and groan and buck all about? It would be much nicer just to lay and enjoy
the sensations. Anyway, Margie held my throbbing cock in her mouth as it
spurted jet after jet of sperm. Her hand was cupping my balls and it was
the most wonderful feeling. I never thought of Margie and sex but she was

"Thank you, Margie. It's so good," I heard myself cooing. "Thank you."

She never released my cock until I stirred sometime later.

"Margie?" I asked as I leaned up on one elbow. "Don't tell Mum."

"I won't if you don't," she said and then my eyes focused on wonderful
Josie. "Josie? I thought..."

"Have you been dreaming, Jimmy," she asked slyly.

Chapter Eleven

As I came downstairs to leave, mother called me in.


"What, Mother?"

"Enjoy your stay?"

"Oh, yes. I learnt..." I stopped suddenly, feeling the blush spread.

"There's always something to learn, James. Good. Now there's something
important I must tell you."

I waited with anticipation.

"On Wednesday, don't come here. There's a reason but you don't need to

"But you said..."

"You will do as I say, James," she said firmly. "Just go home and wait
in your room. Something may happen. Or it may not," she added.

"What, Mother?"

"It's not for me to tell you. Just do as I say. Understand?"

"I hoped to see Josie again on Wednesday," I pleaded.

"There's plenty of other days. Now go."

All I could think of was they were trying to get rid of me. Well they
wouldn't that easily. They taught me what sex was all about and I want
more. They can't do this. It's not fair. All through the next two days I
was in a daze. I hardly heard anything said to me and several times I got
a clip behind the ear from Mum or Dad for not listening. They were
mumbling between themselves about what was wrong with me. My teachers were
the same but threats of staying back or extra homework made little
impression. All I could think about was Josie and her period. Oh, how she
showed me things. And they were going to take all that away.

I hadn't even taken much notice of what mother had said to me when I
left her on Monday night. So coming home on the Wednesday after school had
no real significance except that I wasn't allowed to visit Josie.

Jenny had beaten me home because her bag was thrown in the corner where
it always was. Still, her presence meant nothing. I stayed away from her
as much as possible because she always caused trouble. No matter what I
did, Mum always balled me out because Jenny put the wrong slant on
everything and took delight in getting me disciplined.

I went to my room and slung myself on the bed. There wasn't anything to
do except homework and I always put that aside until I was made to do it.

"James," I heard Jenny call.

"What?" I replied, sullenly.

"Can you come here for a minute?" She was no doubt setting me up again.


"I've got something to show you. Please come."

Now why was she being so sweet? I got up and slowly made my way next


"I want to show you something," she said. "But you've got to promise me
something first."

"Why?" I asked suspiciously. "Anything you do always gets me into

"I promise you it's not like that this time. If I show you, will you
promise just to sit where I tell you and not move?"

"What on earth do you mean? What's going on?"

"James," she said, her face as serious as I've ever seen. "I want you
to sit on this chair and look into the mirror. Promise you won't get up
until I say you can. And you mustn't say anything. Promise?"

"You'd better not be setting me up, Jenny. If I get into trouble
because of this, I'll tell Mum everything."

"It's nothing like that. Now promise."

"Alright, I promise I won't move and I'll shut up."

"Good," she said in a satisfied voice. "If anyone comes home, just go
straight back into your room."

"Shit, Jenny. What's it all about?"

"Be quiet and look."

Then I heard some soft music begin to play and Jenny came into view in
the mirror. She was standing behind me and to one side so I could see her
completely. She still wore her school uniform and she was looking away to
the side, not at me.

Was she undoing her blouse? Yes, she was. And she kept going until all
the buttons were undone. I could see her bra underneath. I just couldn't
believe it. She was getting undressed and letting me watch. She threw her
blouse on the bed behind her and then made much of unzipping her skirt,
which dropped to the floor and then slipped her petticoat down her legs as
well. It was like I was invisible because she looked so unconcerned. All
she had on was a bra and panties and her shoes and long socks.

She bent right over, undid both shoelaces and removed her shoes then
took her socks off. For a long moment, she stood perfectly still and I
noticed she was biting her bottom lip. Was it to give her more courage to
go all the way? Then, very slowly, she turned a full circle, cupping her
breasts and as she faced the mirror her eyes caught mine for a split second
before she lowered them. Oh, how beautiful she looked. She had all the
curves of a much older girl, like the ones in those girlie magazines and
her tits were jutting right out. She was much bigger that Josie. How I
longed to see them uncovered. Then I realised I was going to see all.

Jenny turned so her image faced me directly but her eyes stayed low.
She didn't want to look into my face. It was only moments later that she
undid the bra and held it to her for a moment then let it fall. They were
luscious. So large and firm, with what I thought were huge nipples, much
rounder than either Josie's or Mother's. They were dark pink and pointed
out like needles from her breasts. The dark colour was at least two inches
across and I was sure the nipples pointed that far out as well. Oh shit,
how my cock was throbbing.

She stroked them time and time again and pulled at the nipples in a
display of 'you can look but don't touch'. It made me all the more

The last vestige of cover was removed differently. For this time, Jenny
looked straight at me and she was smiling a knowing smile all the while her
fingers slipped the cotton panties down her legs. I wanted to look at her
pussy, to see how much hair she had but her eyes held mine and I could look
at nothing else but hers.

She swirled around again, this time with a wide grin.

"You like?" She asked cheekily.

Gulp. I couldn't think of anything to say. My very own older sister was showing off everything to me and I couldn't say a thing. Still in my
view she moved backwards until she reached the bed, sat down and then laid
back, her legs wide apart.

"You can come and look, Jim," she said, "but if you try and touch me,
I'll tell Mum you tried to rape me. Understand?"

Understand? Shit, I did not understand. Why would she do something
like this if it wasn't to get me into trouble? What was she setting me up
for? She'd scream bloody murder any other time I even looked at her let
alone watch her naked like this. Was she hoping I couldn't resist touching
her? That would give her the excuse to tell lies about me. I continued to
look at her reflection in the mirror and saw her spread her cunt wide open
with her fingers.

"Why are you doing this, Jenny?" I spoke for the first time with a note
of suspicion.

"It's not for you, Jim. It's for me."


"I want to know what it feels like to see you looking at me like this.
That's why. Come here." Her eyes were wide and excited but her voice
remained calm. "Please, Jim."

"How do I know you won't tell Mum?"

"I... I guess you don't, do you? I'm sorry," she said with more
honesty than I've ever seen Jenny share with me, ever. "You see, I'm
growing up and feel these strange urges, uhm, deep down here." She was
stroking her cunt with her fingers. "Please come and look at me. Tell me
what you think." She was almost pleading.

I walked towards her until I was almost touching her knees, not saying a
word. Just watching. Then I thought of a test, something that might prove
she was genuine.

"Put your fingers right inside," I said without showing any emotion.
But I knew my cock was rock hard.

She slipped two fingers in to the hilt, just her knuckles showing.

"You're not a virgin?" I commented as a question.

"No," she said, her face turning crimson.

"Who did it? You weren't raped?"



"A... Someone you wouldn't know?"

"From school?"

"No." She was definitely uncomfortable but still stroked herself.

"So you let him? You wanted him to do it?"

"I suppose so," she said in a low voice, not looking at me. The tables
had definitely turned but she didn't make me leave.

"How many times?"

"Oh," she gasped softly. "I don't... A few times."

"So you like fucking?"

"Yes... No... Well, not the first time. It hurt. But after that it
didn't. It makes me feel wonderful sometimes."

"But he hurts you sometimes? Why do you let him?"

"'Cos he likes to do it."

"There's only one, then? One boy?"

"It's not exactly a boy."

"What? A man? You let a man fuck you?"

"Yes, but... He's not just an ordinary man... He's..."

"Horny, that's what. Are you still doing it?"

"Yes. When he wants to."

"But you don't like it yourself?"

"Not always. But he's very nice to me afterwards. He..."


"He cuddles me and says nice things."

"Shit, Jenny. I thought sex was supposed to be good for both people.
Why don't you find someone better?"

"I can't, that's all," she said with conviction.

"Who is he?"

"You wouldn't know him, Jim. Anyway it's best if you don't."

"I want to know. Tell me." I was getting angry at the thought of
someone abusing my own sister, no matter how badly she had treated me up to

"You'll only make trouble then Mum'll find out."

"Tell me," I said forcefully. "I won't tell Mum and you know I couldn't
do anything to a grown man. I just need to know."

"He's... He's a p..." She began to sob silently.

"A policeman? Is that what you meant, Jen?" I asked softly, knowing I
certainly couldn't do anything if that was the case.

"No. A... He's a priest."

"A Priest?" I almost shouted. "Our priest? father Morrow?"

"No. He's from somewhere else, I'm not sure where. Jim, please don't
ask me any more. I didn't mean to tell you about it at all," she said with
pleading eyes. All the time though, her fingers played with her pussy.
"Am I pretty, Jim?" She asked softly, looking straight into my eyes.

"You're changing the subject."

"It's because I want you to concentrate on what I'm doing. Does it
excite you?" She was still blushing as she stroked her pussy. It ran
through my mind that she was ill at ease but still she kept on doing it.

I kept looking not caring that my sister could see the huge tent my
erection was making inside my pants.

"You know it does," I said with conviction and then asked against hope,
"Please let me touch you."

"No." She said, turning her face away. "I'm not allowed..."

"What do you mean, you're not allowed. Who's stopping you?" I asked.
Then it dawned on me. "He made you do it, didn't he? Your damn priest?"

"I... No... Yes," she finally said.


"Because he likes to make me do things that embarrasses me. Oh, please
don't look at me like that, Jim. I'm sorry," she said as she wept

"He actually told you to strip and do this in front of me?" I asked
incredulously. "What if I'd raped you or something?"

"Then he would have beaten me." She made this revelation without

"But it wouldn't have been your fault."

"That's the way he works. I had to do it in front of you but had to
make sure you didn't lay a finger on me. Thank you for not doing it, Jim."

"I wanted to, you know. I wanted to do everything to you. It was so

"I thought you would," she said. "I didn't know whether you could
control yourself watching me do this." She had stopped masturbating and sat
up, inviting me to sit beside her. As I did, she kissed me on the cheek.
"Thank you," she said simply.

"Jenny," I said. "Will he make you do it again?"

"I don't know. He might."

"Will you do it for me anyway? But let me touch you next time?"

She stared wide-eyed at me. "You really want to, don't you?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"I... I'm not sure, Jim. He knows when I tell lies and then I get

"How can you let him do it, Jen? Why don't you just go and tell the

"I'm over sixteen so it's not illegal. And I've tried to stop seeing
him but... Well, I always go back."

"Aren't you frightened he'll get you get pregnant?"

"No, I use... I take a pill every morning. You know...?"

Yes, I knew. Just like Josie, I thought. Then a niggling thought ran
through my mind. What if he was the same father Faustino? No, it couldn't
be. And I certainly couldn't ask anyway because then Jenny would know I've
been doing similar things as well.

"Jen, would you do it again and let me touch you next time? Can you ask

"I don't... I'll see, Jim. Yes I'll ask..."

"No, don't ask. Just do it without anyone knowing. I haven't had
sex..." I said hesitantly, hoping my lie wouldn't be discovered.

"He said that. He said you'd probably be a virgin," she smiled as she
began to dress. "But I just couldn't do it without my master agreeing."

"Your master? Shit, Jenny, you sound like a slave or something."

"I am. I do whatever he wants. Please don't say anything to Mum and
Dad. They'd go off their head."

"You know I won't. When will you do it again?"

"I don't know. I'll have to ask. You'd better go to your room; Mum'll
be home soon. Are you going to touch yourself?" She asked me this with a
smile that was in no way sarcastic.

"I think so. It's still hard as a rock," I replied which made her give
a little snigger.

But I didn't get the chance to jerk off because Mum and Margie walked in
the front door just as I reached my room. Damn.

Jenny gave no indication that we had done anything wrong and she became
her bitchy self again in front of the rest of the family. I sometimes
wondered if the things I saw her doing had been just a dream, for her
attitude to me had returned to the same old Jenny. Just like old times and
as usual, Mum never came to my rescue.

Chapter Twelve

I craved relief but had no chance to visit mother until the next Monday

"So, our little boy has returned," Josie said cattily as she opened the
door. "You're late and Mother's furious."

"I didn't know..."

"Shut up and follow me."

She took me into another room, one next to the living room and said,
"Strip everything off."

I stood waiting for her to leave but she just stared back, waiting.
"You weren't so bashful last week," she snapped impatiently. So I
undressed while she watched my every move.

"Doesn't that thing ever go down?" She asked seeing my erection poking

"I'm sorr..."

"You know you're not sorry, Jimbo. You like to show off so stop being
so coy. Now, stand here and face the mirror. Don't move until you're
called. If your cock goes soft, think about me sucking you off. That
should keep it up." With that she turned the light off and left.

I must say I am proud of my cock. I'd never really studied it much but
there I was with my dong standing up, pointing straight at me. Yes, It was
big enough, I thought. But it wasn't long before my mind turned to other

Suddenly, I could see right through the mirror as mother entered the
living room and turned the light on. She was as clear as if I was in the
same room with them. Behind her, Josie and the father followed and Josie
came and stood right in front of me, looking straight up into my eyes. I
realised then that she was facing the large mirror that was in that room.
So, in fact, this was a two-way mirror. Make it lighter in one room or the
other and you could see right inside. That's why this room was in
darkness. From where Josie stood, she was simply looking into a mirror but
from my side, I could see everything that went on next door.

"Begin," the father said and Josie immediately began to undress. She
did it slowly, turning towards her audience from time to time, giving a
little giggle every time something was removed. But she always turned back
to me and it looked as though everything she did was for my benefit alone.
She tweaked her nipples and cupped her tits all the time looking directly
into my eyes. As soon as she was quite naked, she bent her knees and
inserted a finger deep inside her pussy as she licked her lips and looked
sulkily at me. As she turned her back, one hand stroked her bottom cheek
and waved at me, I was quite sure.

"Now your mother," the father directed, and mother rose and stood beside
her daughter. mother also looked straight up at me as though she knew I
was watching, which she no doubt did. Yet it was so arousing. I fought
the urge to jerk off right where I stood because my prick was telling me
that's what it wanted. If I did, my spunk would have splashed all over my
side of the mirror and I was sure they'd see it.

Josie began to undress her mother, garment by garment. I'd often seen
Mother naked but this was so sexy because they were giggling away together
and touching each other all the time. Mother's large tits were Josie's
main targets and she kissed and licked and at times bit the nipples, which
made mother jump. When she was totally nude, not more those two feet from
me, they embraced each other just as lovers to do, kissing hungrily.

"Suck me, Mummy. Suck your little girl's pussy," Josie pleaded.
Immediately, mother was in her knees, side on to me and I could see her
fingers parting the curly hairs and her tongue entering Josie. She was
sucking her own daughter and Josie loved every moment, her head thrown back
in abandon, deep moans of appreciation coming clearly to me. Josie soon
climaxed and fell to the floor in a state of weakness.

"Up," the father demanded, having watched the two women avidly. "Our
guest will arrive soon."

Did I hear correctly? A guest? With Josie and mother stark naked? The
women moved to the Father's side and let him touch them wherever he
pleased. He made no bones about his wish to hurt as he squeezed tits and
slapped bare bottoms. The crack of his hand on their flesh was loud and
made them complain but they never moved away from his reach.

The father was wearing some sort of Cossack, his usual garb, just like a
dress and was lounging in his large chair, lying straight out, his legs on
the floor. When the doorbell rang, he made them stand on each side of him,
while he inserted several fingers into each of their cunts.

"Enter and lock," he called in a loud voice. The two women were
writhing from the attention he was giving their sex holes, and looked as
though in torment.

I saw a shadow in the doorway and then Jenny walked inside and stood in
front of the Father. She was still wearing her school uniform and carrying
her books. She watched what the father was doing, not saying a word. I
couldn't believe it and yet I had wondered about her priest when she talked
of him last week.

"You're late."

"I'm sorry, Master. I couldn't help it." Her voice was pleading for

"No matter, you have earned a beating. No, don't interrupt," he said
sharply as she began to explain. "You know the rules, do you not?"

"Yes, Master," she said, her head bowed.

"Of course," he said satisfied. All the time he was admonishing her, he
was still feeling up mother and Josie. "Do you have anything to report?"

"Yes, Master. I did as you instructed."


"He watched but he didn't touch me."

"But he tried?"

I did not, I mouthed the words, staring at the scene before me.

"He wanted to but he didn't."

"Anything else?"

"Master, I couldn't do it," she said in a pleading voice.

What couldn't she do? I wondered. Was she supposed to let me fuck her.

"That won't do, you know it, don't you?"

"But he was never away from Mum, Master. I would have shown myself but
there was never a chance."

"But you said he was always home before your mother on Fridays. You
should have exposed yourself then."

He was talking about Dad. She was supposed to show herself to Dad as
well as me.

"He usually is, Master, but last week Mum arranged to pick him up from
work. I really was waiting for him but had to quickly dress when they both
came home together."

"So that will have to wait until this Friday then. Make sure it
happens, slave."

He said it. She was his slave. Did that mean he touched her too? Yes,
of course. She said he used her for sex.

"So what did your sibling say?"

"He wants me to do it again, Master and wants to touch me this time."

"And you?"

"Me? I don't understand."

"Do you want him to touch you?"

"Oh," she gasped. "Only if you want me to, Master."

"I think it's time you showed him how to fuck, don't you? How old is he

"Fifteen, Master." She never answered the first question and I still
wasn't sure whether the father was teasing her because he knew I was
watching or he just wanted to make her do it.

"You will teach him the next time you see him, Understand?"

"You mean, let him do everything?"

Yes, I answered silently, stroking my hard cock gently.

"Yes. A full fucking. All the way. When?"

"I... I suppose, uhm, on Wednesday, Master."

"Or sooner if you have the chance."

"Yes, Master," she said in a half whisper.

"Good. Now stand in front of the mirror and undress. I have need of
your tongue."

For the second time I watched my sister strip but this time I was
directly in front of her and she didn't even know it. She unbuttoned her
blouse and discarded it, then her bra. Her skirt was held in place by some
hooks that she quickly undid. I was surprised that she wore suspenders and
stockings because the school demanded tights. Maybe this was for the
Father's benefit but she soon removed all of these to be left with a tiny
pair of panties that showed her black hair along the edges. She turned to
the father and asked, "Will I take these off too, Master?"

"Everything." So everything in the form on these small knickers slipped
down her legs and she was as I'd seen her only a few days ago. What made
it all the more exciting was that she didn't know I was watching at all.
It was obvious she thought she was undressing in front of the mirror for
their benefit alone. I wondered how long Jenny had been doing this and how
they got her to do it in the first place.

"Give yourself a climax slave. In the mirror and make it snappy."

Jenny half squatted so her slit was quite open and she began to frig
herself. It wasn't long before certain reactions began to grow. She
moaned softly and perspiration formed on her forehead and top lip. The
uncomfortable position didn't seem to trouble her and I could see she was
becoming very worked up. She looked at her image from time to time but
mostly her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her task. I could see
little ripples flow through her from time to time and soon the sounds grew
in strength until she was almost screeching. Her climax blew through her
body with great shudders of passion and she gasped for breath, finally
sinking to her knees as the tremors subsided. If only she knew I was so
close. Oh how she would have hated it.

"Now you can pleasure me," the father said without releasing the other
two naked women. He had a regular harem to do with as he wished. I
wondered how many more he had at his disposal.

Jenny knelt beside the half laying man and worked his robes up until his
cock was fully exposed. She didn't object when he removed his fingers from
Josie's cunt and made her lick them clean.

"You like female's taste, don't you, little slave?"

"Yes," she agreed and licked the fingers he had just withdrawn from
Mother's slit as well.

"Well? Are they any different?"

"Yes, Master. Quite different."

"Hmm. One day we'll have a taste testing. I'd like to see you tell the
difference. Now, how are you going to make me happy?"

"Any way you wish, Master."

"You on top. You can do all the work this time."

I was stunned how easily Jenny began. She lifted one leg over him and
gently sat back, his cock slipping inside her cunt smoothly. She moved up
and down a few times then laid herself right along his body and began to
kiss his lips as her bottom rose and fell. He was enjoying it because I
could hear his voice getting louder, grunting just like a pig. Well it was
appropriate, I thought. He was a pig.

mother moved to Jenny's side and I saw she held a stick in her hand.
No, it was a cane just like you saw in pictures of English schoolmasters,
with a curved handle. Just as Jenny's bottom reached it's upwards peak,
Mother slashed down and made Jenny push downwards all the faster. It must
have hurt because Jenny raised her head in agony but she never stopped.
Every time her bottom rose, mother slashed and Jenny jerked downwards,
encasing the Father's prick deeply inside her.

I was very near to coming; the sight of my sister being treated like
this was just unbelievable and my dick was rock hard, as usual.

The father was near to shooting too because he was shouting loudly and
mauling Jenny's tits and face with his large hands.

"Stop," he roared finally, sweat pouring from his forehead. "Now suck,
little slut. Suck and swallow."

Jenny never hesitated, just raised herself off his cock and slid down
his body. She slid his prick straight into her mouth and masturbated him.
He came immediately and began thrusting himself deeply into her. Jenny
seemed to take it all without any fuss as though she'd been doing this same
thing all her life. I suspected that she had been satisfying the Father's
demands for much longer than she told me.

When he had finished he pushed her roughly off him and lay back, closing
his eyes.

"Go to the mirror and look at yourself, girl," mother said. "Frig
yourself until you come again."

Again Jenny obeyed and she stood just inches from where my hard cock was
pointing at her but of course, she didn't suspect a thing. I felt very
powerful having this knowledge and wondered how I could use it against her.
She was soon in the throes of her climax and just as she jerked forward for
the first time, the light in my room bathed me in light.

The look of horror on her face was absolutely genuine and she screamed
shrilly between spasms of her orgasm, falling to the floor while still
looking directly at me. It was all too much and my dick jerked and spewed
great gushes of spunk all over the glass mirror. There was little doubt
that Jenny could see it dribbling down the glass from her side.

There was nothing I could do but let it keep spurting. She knew I was
there watching her and I knew she knew.

"Come here, James," mother called as the light went out again. I
squeezed the last drops of spunk from my dick and quickly joined her.

Jenny was still slumped in a heap on the floor but quite lucid and
crying out accusations towards the father and Mother.

"How could you do this. You promised. You said Jim wasn't one of us.
You promised. Now he's seen me doing everything. It's too cruel."

"Oh, do be quiet, Jennifer," mother said with little concern. "You know
you will comply and we wanted this to happen. Isn't that so?"

"I... I suppose so," she admitted, her face almost on the floor now.
"But he..."

"Come, Jennifer. Come closer. Stand beside your brother."

Another shocked look but she stood up and moved beside me. I saw Josie
had a wide knowing grin on her face.

"James wanted to touch you, I understand, Jennifer?" mother asked almost
as a statement.

"He... He wanted to the next time I... I undress... Uhm, next time I
took my clothes off. But you said I wasn't to let him," she added with

"That time is past. James, kiss your sister. Taste Father's sperm,
there should still be some present. Kiss your brother properly, Jennifer."

"Oh," Jenny objected but allowed my contact. Soon I was kissing her
deeply as though she were a girlfriend. I pressed my tongue inside just as
Mother had taught me and thought I could taste the Father's spunk. I
wasn't sure. My hand automatically cupped Jenny's tit, first one and then
the other and I loved their feel. Soft, smooth, warm, firm, and most
decidedly erotic. This was incest, I through but who cared. Not me.

"You may fuck her, James."

"Wha...? No, Mistress, please don't make me," pleaded Jenny.

"Nonsense. Of course you want to fuck him. You said so yourself."

"But that was just in fantasy, Mistress," she wailed.

"And this if reality. Lay still and make love to your brother,

I may have shot off just a few minutes ago but I was ready again and my
dick was throbbing. Oh, yes please, I thought as I knelt between Jenny's
spread thighs.

She was weeping but that didn't deter me one little bit. Her cunt was
still slippery from the Father's fucking and I slid easily inside. I
wondered if mother would be switching my bottom with her cane but all she
did was sit and watch while she stroked Josie's tits. The father watched
us impassively.

It was all over in a few minutes and I growled deeply as my spunk shot
inside Jenny's cunt. How great sex makes you feel. I couldn't live
without it now. I think I made Jenny feel good because she was gasping for
breath but she never climaxed. I hoped I could make her come the next time
we fucked for this was just the beginning, I told myself.

Josie was made to suck Jenny's cunt to remove all my spunk and I looked
on in a daze, the scene hardly registering in my mind. Finally the two
girls were sent to bathe each other and mother wiped my dick with a

"Think you're smart, don't you?" She smiled as she looked at me.

"I didn't believe she would ever let me touch her, Mother. How can you
make her do these things?"

"She likes sex as much as any one. If she wants to be satisfied she has
to obey. It's very simple."

"Did you tell her to strip in front of me last Wednesday?"

"Of course. You don't think it was all her idea, do you? She received
a severe beating before she agreed to that. But she's yours whenever you
need her from now on. Just don't get too cheeky and let your parents catch
you. Be discrete, understand?"

"Yes, Mother," I said with an incredible exhilaration deep inside. "You
mean all I have to do is ask?"

"Or demand. She won't refuse. Anything you like."

"Gosh," I said in wonderment. "And she knows?"

"She will before she leaves here tonight. Go home now. You'll find
she's much more friendly and will want to take long walks into the woods
whenever you like. Just be careful not to get caught," mother warned

I kissed her and gave her a tight hug. "Thanks Mom," I said as I ran
out to get dressed. I noticed my spunk had mostly dribbled down the mirror
by now and expected Josie would get the job of cleaning it up, I thought
with a smile.

Chapter Thirteen

The night, after I fucked Jenny for the first time, Mum was surprised to
find us sitting side by side on the sofa when she arrived home.

"My goodness, what's happened to the pair of you? Did someone super
glue you together or something?" She said sarcastically.

"No, we've just called a truce," Jen replied with a smile.

"And what's caused this turn about? I must say it's a pleasant change,"
Mum added happily. "Your father won't believe it. I hope it lasts."

"We've grown up, Mum," I told her seriously.

"Hmm. Well, keep it up," she said dubiously watching us closely.
"You're not having me on, are you? Is it a joke? It is, isn't it?" She
asked suspiciously.

"We'll hold hands if you want," Jen added which made us both laugh but
didn't ease Mum's doubts.

All that evening, Mum kept glancing at each of us, even when we sat
apart at the dinner table. She just couldn't believe it. Neither could I
for that matter.

After we went upstairs to do our homework, Mum poked her head around my
door and asked softly, "What's come over you two, Jim? One minute you're
at each other throats, the next you're the best of friends."

"We've been trying to work out our differences for the last few days,
Mum," I said seriously. "We've finally decided it's easier to get along
than try and upset each other all the time."

"Oh, I'm so glad, dear," she said with a satisfied smile. "Your father and I thought we'd never see the end to your squabbling. Please don't go
back to your old ways."

"I don't think we will, Mum," I said with a smile.

In fact I'm sure we wouldn't ever again. When Jen arrived home after
bathing with Josie, we had some time to ourselves, which eased the doubts
each of us had. I expected her to come roaring at me like a steamroller
after I fucked her but she wasn't like that at all. In fact she was almost
timid as she came in the door.

"Jim," she said making herself known as she half hid behind the
doorframe. "Can we talk?"

"Sure. Come in." I was waiting for the blast of derision.

She came and sat beside me, taking one of my hands in hers.

"I'm glad mother brought us out into the open, Jim. I've always

"What, Jen?"

"Well I've never wanted to be mean. It's just that with Margie around
it seemed to be the thing to do. But I've often wondered if we would
ever... You know...?"

"You mean, fuck?"

"Yes. I told the Mistress several times that I wondered what it would
be like to do it with you."

"I'd never thought of you letting me, Jen. But you knew I tried to get
a peek at you whenever I could. I mean, you squealed enough to Mum about

"I know and I'm sorry. It... Well, I just wasn't being honest, that's
all. I liked the way you fucked me tonight, Jim. Truly."

"But you got such a shock when you saw me standing so close to you and
naked as a jack rabbit. You should have seen the look on your face." I
laughed at the thought.

"Well what about spraying the glass with your sperm? I'll bet you
didn't mean to do that, either," she accused me smugly but with a wide

"It was the look on your face that sent me over the edge."

"Well, it did shock me. I never suspected for a moment you were
watching. Was it the first time they'd done that? Let you watch me at
work, I mean."

"At work? Is that what you call it? I couldn't imagine anything worse
that sucking off that big fat arsehole. How did they get you in the first

"Hmm. It was so long ago."

"How long?"

"About three years, I guess. Josie and I were friends at school but we
never seemed to hang out together. Then one day she invited me to sleep

"I didn't realise you even knew her or any of them for that matter.
That's why I got such a shock when you walked into the room this

"Then why didn't you come to my rescue?" She asked with pretended

"Because I was naked, silly. You think I'd let you see me all hanging

"Well you didn't mind when she called you in."

"I didn't have any choice."

"I know just how it is. You see when Josie invited me over, Mistress,
that's what I have to call her,..."

"I call her Mother. So when she makes me fuck her I'm doing it to my
mother," I commiserated with her.

"Yes, they do demand, don't they?"

"But I like it like that," I said truthfully.

"I do too," Jenny agreed.

"Well? What happened then?"

"Oh, yes, I'm sure you want to hear all the juicy details."

"You bet," I smiled.

"Well nothing happened at all for the first part of the evening. Josie
showed me her room,..." she hesitated. "I suppose you know her room
intimately too?"

"Yes, well she has taken me up a few times," I said, blushing because
Jen knew what that meant.

"Yes, me too. But nothing happened this time. We had dinner then
almost immediately my Mistress suggested we should take a bath and get
ready for bed. It surprised me because it wasn't even seven o'clock yet.
Josie bounded up the stairs but when I hesitated, my Mistress told me to go
to and share the bath, to save water she explained. I was really shocked.
I hadn't shared a bath even with Margie for years and my tits had started
to grow so I was very self-conscious about anyone seeing me. But my
Mistress wouldn't take no and almost forced me upstairs saying I was being

"She was setting you up," I said understandingly.

"And how. Anyway I joined Josie, trying to cover my pussy and tits at
the same time. At least my Mistress hadn't followed so it was only Josie
who saw me and I became used to my nakedness pretty soon and began to
relax. Josie did all the talking and splashing. She made a big thing of
her little titties, covering them in foam them making me wash it off.
After a while she sat still for a moment and then asked quietly if I ever
touched myself."

"And?" I was getting excited now and felt my cock growing. I hoped it
wouldn't scare Jenny off.

"Well I didn't understand what she meant so she showed me quite
explicitly. Right in front of me she stood up and began to stoke her
fingers over her pussy."

"Had you ever done that before?"

"No, never. I'd felt strange down there sometimes but never enough to
masturbate or anything. I was blushing and didn't want to look at her but
she kept laughing at me and saying how good it felt. She kept at me over
and over to do it too and that I would like it and then she grabbed my hand
and pressed it against her pussy while she still stroked herself. I got
really scared and tried to get out but she wouldn't let me and in our
tussling, she kissed me on the lips."

"So you kissed her back?"

"No... Well, yes, I did. At first I was so surprised because I'd never
kissed any of my girlfriends before. I just knelt there while she kept
kissing and I felt very nice about it all. Then she whispered in my ear
that she wanted to watch me touching myself."

"Now it's getting interesting."

"I can see from the bulge in your pants that you think so," she half
laughed. "Anyway, all inhibitions seemed to leave me and I let her watch
as I slipped my fingers over my pussy lips."

"I take it you were still a virgin then? Was she too?"

"I was but Josie definitely wasn't because I put..." She stopped in
mid-sentence, almost embarrassed. "Anyway, I never found out how she lost

"You were saying?"

"Never mind. You'll hear about that in a minute. Well, getting back to
my story, I soon began to feel the changes inside me as my fingers worked.
It almost seemed to come naturally, this stroking and I began to arouse
myself. I had no idea what the end result would be but the feeling started
to intensify and just as I began hissing between my teeth, not caring that
Josie was watching, my Mistress walked in the door. I was so shocked at
being caught out that I squealed and sat back in the bath with a big

"Embarrassed, I suppose," I commiserated.

"And how. My face was burning with shame but my Mistress didn't seem to
notice. All she said was that we seemed to be enjoying ourselves and Josie
agreed with a strange inflection. I suspected she was telling her mother something but I wasn't sure. Then she told us that it was such a warm
night that we should go to bed without any pajamas. Josie agreed willingly
while I objected but my Mistress didn't take any notice. All she said as
she left was that it feels so cool sleeping in the raw and she would come
in and kiss us goodnight soon."

"Oh, this is where she gets to touch, I suppose," I said gleefully.

"Sort of. It's where she really gets her hold over me actually. I
never realised it then but after that night, I accepted anything she
required, almost without a whimper."

"I hope I can work that miracle too," I told her.

"I think you already have, my love," she said with a smile and leaned
over to kiss my cheek. "When we got back to Josie's room, I immediately
looked for my night clothes but Josie reminded me with a giggle that her
mother had probably already taken them so I just had to do as I was told.
She pulled the covers right back and flopped herself in the middle of her
bed, urging me to join her. It felt so strange lying side-by-side and
naked. Josie said she liked sleeping in the nude and asked all sorts of
intimate questions."

"Like what?"

"Well, about how I felt and did I like how she looked. She leaned up
and asked me quite seriously if I liked having sex with boys."

"How did you answer that, my little virginal sister?"

"I simple said I never had done sex. She didn't believe me and wanted
to feel uhm, you know, inside." This revelation made Jenny blush deeply and
she couldn't look me in the eyes.

"I hope you let her," I said. "I mean to show you were truly intact."

"Oh, I couldn't. I really felt scared because she was becoming quite
insistent. Just as I was about to scamper out, my Mistress walked in and
stood looking at us both. I couldn't move, even though I desperately
wanted to cover my boobies and my little hairless pussy. Then Josie began
to ridicule me in front of her mother accusing me of lying and things.
Mistress walked to the side of the bed and had what looked like a warm
smile on her face as she sat down beside me. "I'm sure Jennifer wouldn't
lie, Josie. You wouldn't, would you, Jennifer?" She asked looking straight
at me. I could only mumble as I shook my head. Then she asked Josie what
I had lied about. Of course, Josie took great delight in telling about my
saying I was a virgin, a gleam of superiority all over her face."

"She is a demon like that," I agreed and let Jenny continue.

Then Mistress asked if it was the truth. I was horrified. How could
she ask such personal things of me? I refused to answer and Mistress,
still with that warm smile, told me that If I wouldn't' answer, she would
have to spank me. I couldn't believe it was happening but saw nothing but
firmness in her face as she waited. I finally gave in and nodding my head
confirming I was."

"But not for long, I guess."

"No, that's true but I didn't know it at the time. mother accepted what
I said and went on to tell me how Josie had lost her virginity when she was
eleven. She said something about a dirty old man that used his finger but
I was so embarrassed I didn't take much notice. But when I looked at Josie
I could see she was proud of the story. Then Mistress astounded me by
announcing that at thirteen, it was time that I too, gave up this silly
notion that virginity was important to young girls and that when I came
over next time she would discuss my move to womanhood as she called it."

"I'll bet that scared you. Why did you go back again?"

"I don't know, she just seemed to have a hold over me. Even though I
could have stayed away, I found myself back there for the next weekend. As
soon as I walked in the door she ordered me to take a long hot bath and go
and lay on the bed."

"You should have run."

"I know but for some reason I couldn't. It was almost as though I was
hypnotised or something. So I soon found myself laying naked on Josie's
bed waiting for my Mistress to come."

"Did she tell you to call her that?

"No, not for a while after that weekend. But it's just as easy to call
her that while I tell you the story. I waited for her for what seemed to
be forever. It was dark and I was getting hungry. Neither Josie or my
Mistress showed up and I wondered if they had forgotten me."

"They were just trying to scare you," I said.

"Yes, I understand that now, but then... Well I had begun to think
about trying to make a run for it when she walked into the room. She was
wearing a gown, probably a nightdress but she snapped at me to close my
eyes and I never saw exactly what she wore. I felt her move my arms so
they rested on each side of the bed and then she opened my legs as far as
she could. I jumped but she was very forceful and simply demanded that I
do what she required. I know I was blushing because my face was burning
with embarrassment. 'Have your periods begun?' She asked me and when I
nodded she asked when the next was due. She seemed pleased that it was
still a week or so away. Then I felt her hand brush over my pussy mound
and she remarked about how little hair grew there. She told me that
Josie's had grown from the time she turned nine. It made me very self
conscious and I tried to cover myself but she slapped my hand, telling me I
was not to move."

"She likes to have control over you, doesn't she?"

"Yes, that's what she likes best, I think," Jenny agreed. "She sat in
silence for a time and I thought of opening my eyes to look but thought the
better of it. Finally, she told me she was going to touch me and I was to
tell her when it felt nice."

"She began to seduce you," I stated with some excitement.

"I suppose so. She used both hands to stroke my face and neck then she
soon moved to cup each of my tits. They were pretty small still, just
puffy mounds,..."

"Not now, though," I said and cupped the nearest one over her blouse.

"Stop being naughty, Jimmy," she said with a smirk but sat still while I
squeezed it for a moment, then she continued. "She asked me if it felt
nice and I had to agree that it did. Then I felt her kissing them.
Brushing them with her lips then sucking each one inside and wetting it
with her tongue. 'Which is nicer, Jennifer? Stroking or sucking?' She
asked and again I had to agree that sucking felt nicer, softer and
exciting. I could sense she was pleased with that reply but I didn't expect
what was to come next. Her hand moved down and began stroking my mound,
combing through what little hair I had there, then she cupped my pussy and
I could feel one of her fingers pushing along my slit. 'Is this nice,
Jennifer?' She asked in a strange voice. Again I had to agree I liked it
and then she began to stroke right along the slit with her fingertip. It
made me shiver with excitement and took my breath away. I seemed to be
gasping for breath."

"I can make you do that," I said smugly.

"I'm sure you can and I won't stop you, Jimmy," she smiled at me. "But
let me finish. I was shivering so much I couldn't keep my teeth together
and when she asked if I ever touched myself down there, I could only shake
my head from side to side. I think I was moaning because it felt so good.
Then the hand that was making me feel so good spread my pussy lips apart
and the other hand began to stroke me, more intensely now and for the first
time, I felt the wonderful feeling of having my clit jiggled."

"I can do that too," I said proudly.

"I suppose my Mistress showed you how," she said without any sense of

"Yes, it was. Did she make you come?"

"Yes, for the first time ever and I knew I was crying out loudly but I
couldn't help it. When I'd finished, she made me tell her which of all the
things she'd done, felt the best. All I could do was grasp her hand and
kiss it passionately. She had me hooked and I began calling on her

"I suppose Josie was watching from around the door or something?"

"I don't think so but it wasn't long before she had us pleasuring each
other in front of her and then both making her happy with out fingers and

"Did she make you suck her cunt?"

"All the time. It is her favourite pleasuring."

"I know. She wears me our sometimes, making her come time after time."

"You suck her pussy too?" She asked in surprise.

"Yes, and fuck her and anything else she wants."

"I know. It's embarrassing sometimes."

"When did the father start calling?" I asked.

"Oh, only in the last few months."

"Does he fuck you?"

"Yes," she said with hesitation, then as though she were getting
something off her chest, added. "But it's some of the other things he
makes me do that are the worst."

"Gosh, does he?" I asked surprised. "What sort of things?"

"Sometimes he's filthy,..." she said and then stopped.

"What, Jenny?"

"I... Please don't make me tell you, Jimmy. Maybe some other time.
You'll hate me, I just know."

"Gosh, they must have been terrible," I said soothingly. "Well, I'll
let you tell me when you're ready," I agreed, then added, "but please tell
me soon, dearest. He's tried to do some things with me but mother stopped
him. She said it was too soon or something so he'll probably try again.
Shit, he's a big fat bastard."

"That's being polite. One day I'd like to cut his dick off," she said
and then started to giggle at the thought. "That'd take a few pounds off

"Yes it is big, isn't it. He wanted to push it up my... Well anyway,
it scared me," I told her, sharing something I thought I would tell no one.

"I understand, Jimmy, really I do," she consoled, putting an arm around
my shoulders and kissing my cheek. "You've probably guessed he uses my
bottom hole, haven't you?"

"He wha...? Yes, I suppose so," I agreed on the verge of tears. "You
know, we could tell him to piss off, Jen."

"One day we will. But not yet, dear."

I looked into her eyes, trying to find out why she wouldn't want to stop
him right away. "You mean you'd still let him do things to you?" I asked
in surprise.

"Not him, darling," she smiled back understandingly. "It's my Mistress.
I don't know how, but there's something still drawing me to her. Don't you
feel it too?"

"Yes, of course with her. But she's different. We could both refuse to
touch the father though."

"But my Mistress gives me to him, dear," she reminded me.

"Yes,..." I began, understanding what she said then remained silent for
a long time in thought. Finally Jenny broke the silence.

"You haven't asked me how I lost my virginity."

"No. I didn't want to know but if it was that fat..."

"My Mistress did it," she responded immediately. "On the day she
commanded that I call her Mistress she made me strip naked and then held
out her finger for me to sit on it. She made me push myself over it and
take my own virginity."

"That must have been awful, Jen," I cried out in anguish for what she
must have gone through.

"I knew what I was doing, Jimmy. Besides she was masturbating me all
the time and she was so gentle with me afterwards. I never thought being a
virgin was anything special anyway. Now when she makes love to me she can
do so many more things with her fingers and tongue."

"Can we make love sometimes, Jenny?" I asked in hope.

"I want to, Jim. But we've got to be careful. You understand that,
don't you?"

"You mean about Mum and Dad not knowing? Of course. That would be

"I couldn't imagine what they'd do," she added and we both laughed.
Just then, Mum walked in the door with Margie on her heels and our talk
ended. Jenny gave me such a look of complicity that I knew we would be
talking again soon.

Chapter Fourteen

But it came sooner than I had expected.

Nothing happened that evening and we all went to bed as usual. Jenny
gave me a knowing glance as she said goodnight and all I could think of as
I laid in bed was having her to myself again which was the last thing I
remembered before drifting off to sleep.

I woke sometime later as the blankets were lifted off me and sat up in

"Be quiet," a voice whispered and I realised it was Jenny. She slipped
under the covers and snuggled into me. "Make love to me, Jimmy dear," she
whispered simply as it dawned on me that she was quite naked.

"Oh shit, Jen," I moaned softly. "You're..." My hands were wandering
over every inch of her wonderful nakedness.

"Starkers. Of course I am. Make me come with your fingers, Jimmy.
Then you can fuck me and shoot off as quick as you want."

"Yes, Ma'am," I whispered with pleasure and slipped one finger inside
her pussy, the other hand stroking her firm breasts. I desperately wanted
to feel her hands around my cock but all she did was hold my face firmly
between her hands and kiss me passionately, all the time humming softly
with pleasure.

"Not yet, darling," she whispered as I began to thrust my prick against
her thigh. "Make me feel nice first then you can have your way with me.
Anything you want is yours once I've come, Jimmy," she cajoled.
"Absolutely anything. I promise."

And so I concentrated on her pleasure, trying not to think of how strong
my need was becoming right now. I relaxed as much as I could to ease the
tensions and concentrated on frigging her clit to orgasm. She soon began
to moan and writhe and I had to caution her to be quiet for she sounded
like a locomotive going through a tunnel. Her arms and legs began to
quiver and she held me tighter and tighter, her breath hissing between her
teeth. "Oh baby, that's nice," she gasped, between kisses.

Her cunt was soaking my fingers as they slipped over her little love nub
making her movements all the more erratic as her climax drew near.

"Hide your face against my neck when you come, Jen," I whispered. "We
don't want to wake Mum and Dad."

It was enough to send her over the edge and a loud gasp was stifled as
she pressed herself into my neck, her whole body jerking from the pleasures
within. I held her tight, still rubbing her clit and she held me just as
tightly to her. I could feel the tremors of her breath as she sucked in
air and expelled it between her lips over my skin.

Finally, she was fulfilled and slowly relaxed, breathing deeply as she
regained control of herself, until her hand came up and stroked my face.

"It was wonderful, James," she sighed quietly. "They have taught you
well, haven't they? Was it Josie?"

"And Mother. The pig only watched, he hardly touched me at all."

"It's the other way with me. He wanted me all the time. The Mistress
and Josie had little to do with my sexual knowledge."


"Do you want to come, little brother?" Her voice was smooth as silk.

"Would you?"

"I promised. What do you want to do?"

"Oh... Anything you'd like," I replied, self-consciously.

"I can suck you. It'll save having to clean up a mess," she suggested,
her cheek against mine all the time.


She wriggled downwards and I felt her lips kiss the wetness from the tip
of my prick and then encase it with warmth. "I'll bet it won't take long,"
she giggled. She was right. No sooner did her lips begin to move along my
rampant tool than I felt the beginnings of what I wanted most. I laid back
and let it happen. Jenny never flinched as the first shot of spunk splashed from my prick and she held me between her lips until the last
shuddering spurts left me. Oh, shit, how nice it felt. The tranquillity
of post-climax combined with this soft female laying herself along my body
and humming happily in my ear.

"I like your cock, Jimmy," she said lazily. "It's so manly."

"Do you think so?" I asked proudly.

"Of course. He gets so hard and fat when he's excited. Do you have a
name for him?"

"A name? No," I said almost without thinking.

"Then I'll have to think of one," she giggled and rolled over onto her

I ran my hand over her stomach and tits. How soft and firm she was and
how she gave those little moans as my hands cupped the pink tipped
hillocks. "I love you, Jenny," I told her.

"Love? But I'm your sister."

"I don't care. I just love you. The way you touch me and make me feel
so good. Do you mind me doing it?"

"You know I don't," she whispered back with a shrewd smile. "What you
do to me makes me feel good too. And I don't care if what we do is
illegal. I want to do things with you. You can feel me up whenever you
want to, Jim," she said looking seriously into my eyes.


"And fucking me. Whenever you want."


"Whatever you want to do. I told you that."

I held her tightly for a while and then said, "We'll get rid of the
neighbours first."

"You mean not see them again? We've got to go there tomorrow," she
said. "I think they are going to make you watch while father Faustino does
things to me."

"What things?" I asked with a sense of dread.

"I don't know. He seems to think up something different every time."

"He hurts you?"

"Sometimes. Not always."

"Do you want to?"

"I... I don't know, Jimmy. Sometimes I look forward to it but after
tonight, well, I'm not so sure anymore."

"I want you for myself, Jen. Just the two of us, no-one else," I said
with conviction. "Can't you refuse?"

"Not this time, Jim. We'll have to think this right through. Just play
along for the time being. O.K?"

"I suppose," I said begrudgingly. "But if he hurts you I'll kick him in
the balls."

"Ha, ha, my hero. Now I'd better get back to my room, we both need some
sleep," she whispered as she pecked my lips and began to slip away.

"Jen," I said softly, catching her hand. "I do love you."

She sat back on the bed. "I know," she smiled. "And I think I do too.
Love you, I mean."

"You do?" I asked in wonderment.

"I do. Now go to sleep and dream of me," she said with a giggle and
tiptoed away.

They were all there waiting for us when we entered the room. As usual,
Josie was stark naked and I saw the father has his hand pressed between her
legs, the middle finger hidden in the folds of her sex.

"Well, young fellow, what have you got to say for yourself?" The father asked.

"What?" I replied not knowing what he meant.

"You fucked your own sister. That's incest. It's illegal."

"But you made..." I began blushing deeply.

"And you liked every moment of it, didn't you? Admit it."

"Yes, Sir," I agreed.

"And she liked it too, didn't you, little slave?"

"Yes, Master," Jenny agreed, looking at the floor.

"Well it's the last time. You won't touch each other ever again, is
that understood?"

My eyes darted towards Jenny in shock and I saw she was just as
surprised. "No... You can't... You can't stop us now," I said in panic.

"Oh, but I can and I have already decided."

"Father," mother interrupted. "Don't you think...?"

"Quiet, woman," he bellowed. "From now on he doesn't get to touch any
of you. From now on he's going to be a eunuch and service my needs alone"

"Me? No," I objected in absolute panic.

"Take your clothes off, my little eunuch. I'm going to fuck you. Where
every eunuch gets fucked, right up your arse."

Nausea rose deep down and I felt trapped into something I may not get
out of. Kicking him in the balls was furthest from my mind just now as my
eyes darted from Jenny to mother and back to him. If I ran out now I would
be deserting my true love, I would be leaving Jenny to them and I couldn't
do that. And yet the alternative was to let this filth ravish me as he
probably had done to a hundred others.

"You can't make me do it," I spat out. "I'm going to tell on you, you
pig," was all I could think to say.

"Ha, ha, ha," he bellowed not being the least afraid of my threats.
"You couldn't tell anyone, my little arsehole. Your parents would soon
learn you've been fucking everyone here including your sister. How would
you like your parents to know that?"

"You're a pig," I screamed more from fright than anger. "You don't
scare me, you're just a dirty old man."

"Ha, ha, of course I am. I like to dally with little girls and boys.
So what."

"So I've already written everything you've done to me and Jenny, that's
what. You'll never find it either but it will be found if anything happens
to either of us," I said defiantly, hoping to frighten him.

"James, what have you done?" mother asked quietly but with great

"He's done nothing. It's all bluff," the father said smugly.

"Be quiet, Eustice," mother said fiercely. It was the first time I'd
heard her call him by his first name. "He means it," she stated. "What do
you intend to do, James?"

"I don't want to hurt you or Josie, Mother. But I hate what this so
called priest is doing to us all. I don't want him to touch Jenny or me
ever again. If he does, I swear everything I've written will be sent to
the police."

"Just what did you say, boy ?" The father asked threateningly.

"That you've raped Jenny and Josie and have sodomised me with all the

"It's not such a sin, your all over age."

"Jenny was just fourteen when you did it to her and Josie was even
younger. Anyway I'm still not sixteen and neither is Josie."

"So who's going to believe you?" He sneered.

"Jenny will confirm it, won't you, Jen? And I think Josie will too."

"You wouldn't, would you, James?" mother asked, her face drained of all

"I have to, Mother. If he touches Jenny or me even once, I'll make sure
my letter gets sent."

"You don't want to love us, James?" mother asked quietly, looking
straight into my eyes.

"Yes I do, Mother. You and Josie, but not this pig."

"Why you little..."

"Shut up, Eustice," mother cut him off. "I told you your heavy
handedness would cause trouble but you wouldn't listen. You'd better go
and we'll talk tomorrow. Something has to be done. James seems rather
firm on the subject," she said looking at me rather than the Father.

"Oh shit. Alright. Until tomorrow." He walked out with a sneer towards
me. "Well, you've really caused a stir, James," mother said after we all
heard the front door slam shut. "Have you really such a letter?"

"Yes, it's six pages long with all the dates. The only thing I didn't
do was include you. I said it always happened when you were out."

mother smiled at that.

"We have thought it all out, haven't we," she mused. "So what are we
going to do now? I've got to tell you I need to have father with me, I
don't want him to be sent away permanently. Besides, Josie likes her
sessions with him, don't you dear?"

"I hate him, Mother," she spat. "I only let him because you want to
make him happy. I think he's a pig too. He likes to hurt me."

"Josie, dear," mother gasped. "I didn't know. Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because if I did you'd have to decide on one or the other of us and I
love you too much to risk losing you," Josie said, clasping her arms around
Mother's neck

"There, there. It's going to be alright, believe me," mother said in
encouragement. Then she looked at Jenny. "What do you think, Jennifer?"

"Jim and I have talked about it and we both agree that we don't want him
doing it to us. Sometimes I liked what he made me do but most of the time
it made me feels sick in the stomach. I liked it when he ordered me about
and even when he humiliated me, like last week in front of the mirror when
Jim saw me. It was so humiliating but for some reason I always wanted him
to make me do more and more like that. But when he wanted to... Well you
know some of the things he made me do? I hated them and when he hurt me,
it was awful."

"So is this the end of our friendship then?" mother asked.

"Not with you and Josie, I hope, Mother," I replied. "Not for ever

"What do you mean?"

"Well, with Mum and Dad home, it's hard to be here as often or they'll
surely discover what we've been up to. Would it be all right if we just
dropped in occasionally? Without warning like a surprise or something?
But without the father being here?"

"It would all be so nice but you see, James dear, I need to have the
Father here sometimes. I guess it's like needing someone from my own
generation or something. But he won't come just for me. He wants the
young ones. Josie and Jennifer and now you." She was almost pleading with
us and I could see she was near to tears.

"Could you change his ways, Mother?" Jenny asked. "I mean so that he
just watched or something?"

"You don't know men, young lady," mother smiled wearily. "Once they've
done one thing they want more, more often in more ways and so it goes on.
No, I think you're right to call a halt, James. Even if it does mean that
I lose out, it's not fair on you three to be feeling so bad, you had to
speak up. I'll talk to him and see what I can work out. But don't run
from me, James and Jennifer. Please don't do that."

"I'll never forget you, mother and in some ways I would miss not having
you to make me do the things you do. I can't speak for Jenny or Josie but
I don't want to lose you altogether," I assured her.

"Nor me, Mistress," Jenny added. "I love you."

"Just make him leave altogether, Mom," Josie sighed. "After all, you
always have me when the others aren't around."

"And we'll only be a call away," I suggested.

"You won't post the letter, will you, James?" mother asked.

"No, but I will keep it for the time being. Just in case he tries to
make trouble." I kissed her on the lips and smiled. "We won't leave,
Mother but I think Jen and I should go now. Call if you need us."

Jenny kissed mother and Josie as a lover would and I noticed tears all
around as we left.

"Let's go somewhere, Jimmy. I want you to comfort me."

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