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Archived Sex Stories

Neighbourly Tutor Book 2


FROM THE AUTHOR: Firstly the important… WARNING This novel covers a wide
range of explicit sexual practices, many of which may be illegal in the
reader's country of residence. If this is so OR if you are offended in any
way by stories with strong sexual content that you may consider abhorrent
were it practiced in real life, please cease reading now and delete the
whole file. If you are aged under 18, you have no right to read any
further and MUST delete the file NOW! The author cannot state the case
more clear than that, surely? LEGAL STUFF This story is Copyright by the
author who retains all rights whatsoever over publication in any form. It
must not be published on any pay-site or used in any publication for profit
without the author's written approval. The file may be reposted to
Newsgroups but must not be changed in any way, must be posted in its
entirety and must contain this note "FROM THE AUTHOR" in full. GENERAL All
names are fictitious and do not intentionally relate to any person, either
living or dead. Neither the author nor any acquaintance of the author, has
ever indulged in situations described in this story; they are solely based
on fantasy of the mind. Most stories written by the author are of
book-length size and the first chapter or two are usually taken up "setting
the scene" so to speak. If they are not read or given just cursory glance,
the atmosphere that is intended for the story may well be lost on the
reader. Anticipation of what is to come can give as much joy as "getting
there". There are many more stories in progress but because of the size,
completion and publication is naturally slow. I would appreciate
constructive comments on any aspect of this or any of my other novels -
flamers should NOT have passed beyond this preamble as they have been
warned about content, so their comments are a waste of time and will be
dealt with in a fitting manner. I shall endeavour to respond to all
constructive suggestions and may be contacted at


Sexual Fantasy Fiction by Writer'sCramp (Fm, fm, Mfm, Mg, rom, humil,
coerced, forced, nc, teen, spk, menst, sm, ws, inc, etc.)

The Characters: James (Jimmy) Tailor, aged 15, Jennifer (Jenny) Tailor,
my sister aged 16, Margie Tailor, my sister aged 13, Mrs Tailor, my mother,
Bob Tailor, my Dad, Mrs Esme (Essy) Mercer, (Known as Mistress and mother by Jenny & Jimmy) our neighbour Josie Mercer, her daughter, aged nearly 16,
Father Faustino, (alias the pig). Mrs Mercer's priest who molested Jen and
Jimmy at her house.

Synopsis In Book One: Fifteen-year-old, Jimmy Tailor finds himself left
with the lady next door while rest of his family goes on vacation. Soon
learns she has designs on his innocence and between her and her
sixteen-year-daughter, they initiate him into sexual awareness. Is shocked
to find that his prudish sister, Jenny has already been corrupted by the
neighbour and soon,

In Book Two: Jimmy and his sister, Jennifer cut their ties with the
neighbour after her male friend tries to take Jimmy for his own love-boy
and their newfound friendship together grows into a passionate life long
love affair. Many sexual adventures are encountered during this journey
with family incest in many forms dominating.

JIMMY'S story CONTINUES Preamble Last part of book one:

"I'll never forget you, mother and in some ways I would miss not having
you to make me do the things you do. I can't speak for Jenny or Josie but
I don't want to lose you altogether," I assured her.

"Nor me, Mistress," Jenny added. "I love you."

"Just make him leave altogether, Mom," Josie sighed. "After all, you
always have me when the others aren't around."

"And we'll only be a call away," I suggested.

"You won't post the letter, will you, James?" mother asked.

"No, but I will keep it for the time being. Just in case he tries to
make trouble." I kissed her on the lips and smiled. "We won't leave,
Mother but I think Jen and I should go now. Call if you need us."

Jenny kissed mother and Josie as a lover would and I noticed tears all
around as we left.

"Let's go somewhere, Jimmy. I want you to comfort me."

BOOK TWO Chapter One

There were very few places I could think of except my favourite hideaway
on the creek and I decided to show my lovely sister my secret place. It
was to become 'our' secret place.

There was a well-worn track along the creek bank but in one place a low
hanging tree branch grew alongside the track. Jenny followed as I climbed
onto it and walked the few feet back to the trunk. There a lower branch
gave me a step down onto the ground behind the large trunk where no one
could see my footprints because bushes grew all around. I took Jenny's
hand and whispered, "Follow me."

Soon we could hear the rippling stream and we came out onto an almost
flat rock that gave us a picture theatre view of a small section of the
creek, with trees all around and heavy bush across the stream to dissuade
anyone from getting down to the bank on that side. It was very steep

"Oh, it's beautiful, Jimmy," she said happily. "How did you find it?"

"Absolute sheer fluke. I needed to pee and just wandered in to it.
When I found the low branch that hid all my footsteps I knew there was
little chance anyone else would discover it. You won't tell, will you?"

"You can spank me until my bum turns blue if I do," she giggled and when
she saw the way I looked at her added, "Want to do it now? Spank my
bottom, I mean?"

"Only if I can gag you. You'd scream too loud otherwise."

"Then you'd better bring one next time."

I needed no second chance at that.

"Come here," I said, holding out my arms. She fell into them with all
the fever of a woman in love and we kissed passionately. Tongues fighting
each other for the right to invade the other's lips, lungs gasping for
breath, saliva covering each other yet not caring, my cock rubbing against
her and I could feel her returning the pressure.

"I do love you, Jimmy," she gasped as we finally separated. "Oh, how I
do, my strong brother."

"Can we do it, Jen?"

"Yes, right now."

She began to undress as I watched, becoming more aroused as she neared
her nudity. Oh, those tits and her beautiful cunt glistening in the
sunlight. I was rock hard. She twirled around like a dancer then stood
and said, "Your turn."

"You do it," I said, gulping at the thought.

With an impish smile she stood in front of me and unbuttoned my shirt. I
made no move to help but let her bend my arms however she wanted and it was
soon discarded.

"Now I wonder what we'll find down here, Jennifer," she sang to herself
as she unzipped and unbuttoned my trousers. I had a huge erection and she
knew very well that's what she'd find. My shoes and socks went and she let
the pants fall then stepped me out of them.

"Ooh, aah," she giggled as she knelt facing the bulge in my boxer
shorts. "Now how does a girl get these off?"

She didn't try but simply stroked me over the shorts. Shit, it felt
good so who was I to stop her? Keep going darling, I thought until she
eventually wanted to see for herself. She pulled and they slid down but my
dick popped through the fly and poked up at her.

"My, my, you are big, aren't you?" She said with genuine surprise.
"It's the first time I've really had a chance to introduce myself formally.
Hi, I'm Jenny. Pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Thrills, I feel
I've known you all my life."

"Mr. Thrills?" I gasped. "Where did that come from?"

"It's what he does best. It suits him."

"Mr. Dribbles more likely. That seems to be all he does. Dribbles
whenever I think of you so I've got wet underwear morning noon and night."

"But it's nice dribble, darling," she smiled up at me as she smeared
this very same dribble over the tip of my dick. "I'll clean him whenever
you want, you know. Just ask."

"Then I'll do it at the dinner table."

"Then you'd better ask Momma. She's a lot more experienced than me."

"You're evilly naughty," I said accusingly and pulled her up and kissed
her deeply. "Thank you for being so naughty."

"You haven't seen anything yet, darling," she said with all the meaning
in the world. "Make love to me."

We found a mossy corner under cover of some bushes and she lay down,
reaching up for me to join her. "Love me, Jimmy. From now on I give
myself to you."

How divine she looked, her pearly white body set against the dark mossy
green, her breasts firm with nipples so long they could have been little
pricks. My lips found them and I sucked and licked these tight little
darts for a millennium. She moaned and twisted herself into me as her
feelings rose. I had no idea how I could hold off coming and dreaded the
moment when I would push into her glistening sex folds for I would explode
before I pleasured her at all.

"My Mistress taught you well, Jimmy. Keep doing it," she moaned. One
hand cupped a breast and my thumb and forefinger held the nipple tightly
while my other hand reached her bottom. Oh, how firm those cheeks were.
Certainly spankable but that wasn't what I wanted to do today. My hand
roamed over the twin globes and down the crease. All the time our lips
were together, kissing softly, lovingly, urging each other on towards
arousal. It was something I'd never felt before. More than just loving.
More than commitment. I needed to do more, to give her more pleasure.

I remembered how mother reacted when I sucked her cunt lips so I slid
down my beloved's body and parted her thatch of curly hairs. Her slit
glistened deep pink and I could see her clit aroused and standing up for
attention. So I gave it all the attention it deserved. I sucked and
licked it like an ice cream and now she was fully aroused because it sat
upon her cunt like a little worm. My tongue made it wiggle just like a
worm too, which brought moans of pleasure from her lips.

I slid several fingers as deep as I could inside and lathed her pussy lips and clit with my tongue, pressing the clit hard and grinding it
against my top teeth, which drew a gush of breath from her throat.

"Now, darling. Inside. Quickly."

My real test as a man, I thought as I raised up and slid myself ever so
easily deep into her pussy. She held me tightly to her with her arms and
clung to my buttocks with the heels of her feet. It was difficult even to
move and she did most of the thrusting herself. She held me firm and
ground her clit hard against my pubic hair, moaning and at times squealing
quite loudly. Then her pleasure overflowed and she lost all control, the
mighty shudders of orgasm jerking her all over me, thrashing about, and
juddering as her passions flowed. I couldn't hold out one second more and
felt the rush of sperm along my cock and the wonderful release as I
exploded inside her cunt. I couldn't stop ejaculating, it just went on and
on and it made her more aroused for I could swear she was enjoying her
second climax in as many minutes.

I must have been making noises but I was deaf to it all. The feelings
were everything. My climax, the knowing that she achieved her own heights
at the same time as mine and maybe even more than one. It was all too much
and finally I was overtaken, slumping half along her body and half on the

We laid still in our own thoughts, silent and still, feeling little
ripples run through each other's bodies from time to time, relishing the
sweet waning of our pleasures as they slowly subsided. We were both
replete and I was very, very tired. Sleep finally won and the sun had
started to set when Jenny moved for the first time.

"I love you, my lover," she whispered, holding my face between her
hands. "It was the best ever."

"For me too," I replied happily. "Thank you."

"No, thank you."

"No, it was you. Truly."

"We sound like Chip'n'Dale," she laughed softly. "You'd better let me
up. I think I've got a lot of cleaning up to do."

"Let me," I said magnanimously.

"I'll do it but you can watch if you want."

With that she squatted in front of me and let several clots of sperm
drain from her pussy.

"What a waste," she moaned. "I should have sucked you off then I
wouldn't have to throw it away."

"I don't care. I like it either way, but this was the best."

"I've got to pee," she bemoaned as she straightened.

"Not here, in the creek," I suggested. "We don't want this spot to
start smelling like a lavatory."

She moved to the edge then after looking back at me, with a giggle
spread her legs, turned and began to piss into the water. She never looked
back at me until she'd finished but I had a clear view of her golden flow
between her legs. Then she squatted again and washed herself.

"I've never seen a girl piss before," I said in wonder. "It was sexy "

"I know. There's a lot of things men like about our liquid gold," she
said smiling. "Some day you'll learn." Then we were kissing again.

"It's late. Mum and Dad will be furious," she said finally breaking
apart. We dressed and rushed home but there was little to explain, just a
'You're late, where were you?'. It was too easy.

And so began a life long love affair with my elder sister. Right from
the outset, Jenny looked forward to our little trysts and we found we were
fucking nearly every day somewhere. I made Jenny come most times but I
definitely shot off every time we played about. If only my schoolmates
knew what was going on. Thank goodness they never even suspected.

Chapter Two

'Meet me at the hideaway after school.' the note said which made my cock
rise just at the thought. I raced there as quickly as I could, making sure
no one was following.

She wasn't there and it didn't look as though she had been there. I sat
down and waited, trying to decide whether to strip off or just wait for
her. I dared not call out for although the place was almost intruder-proof,
I didn't want even the slightest chance of anyone knowing about the

So I sat and waited, my head on my knees, half asleep after a while.

The first I knew of someone else was a burning slash across my back,
which made me jump, but when I tried to look around a severe voice growled,
"Don't you dare look around, you snivelling worm." It had to be Jen but she
hurt me and her voice was nothing like I expected.


"Be quiet. When I want slime to talk, I'll tell it to. Understand?" I
could only nod in shock.

"Stand up," the voice demanded. "Don't... You... Look... Around," I
was told with vicious intent and another slash landed on my back. It stung
like hell and I staggered.

"Is it you, Jen?" I gasped and received another slash across my

"Strip and keep your eyes closed."

If it wasn't Jenny, then who? Finally I decided it had to be her and
she was treating me as a slave. Yes, that's it but she was hurting me,
really bad.

"So you've got hard all of a sudden. Think you're going to enjoy this
do you?"

"No, Miss," I struggled to answer then bit my tongue. Did I speak out
of turn again?

Apparently not for I didn't receive another bite of her lash.

"Kneel in front of me. Face up." I felt her body against my forehead
then felt her pouring water over my face. Water? No, it was... She's
peeing on me. Oh, how could she?

"Open your mouth, worm."

The hot liquid poured in.

"Don't spill even a drop."

Not even mother or Josie did this to me. I swallowed several mouthfuls,
gagging at the thought of drinking her piss. Wait, it's my love's piss. I
have her inside me. Yes, my love, I will take it all. I tried to press my
face closer but received another stroke right down my back, which made me
cry out.

The stream finally slowed then stopped.

"Remain still."

I could hear her splashing in the stream then she was standing beside me

"I'm going to leave you shortly. Start counting to two hundred. Then
you can get up and leave, not before. I'll be waiting to see you don't
open your eyes before hand. It would not be worth your while to do so."

It had to be her, I told myself over and over. She's the only one who
knows about our hideaway as we call it. But Jenny's never been cruel like
this before, why now?

The two hundred finally arrived and I called out the final five numbers
but waited for a few moments more before I opened my eyes.

I was naked, wet and quite alone. I never heard her leave at all. Was
I dreaming? Not with all this piss dripping down my body. Still stunned
at the experience I walked to the stream and washed myself, feeling the
bruises over my back. Very painful.

Still wondering, I walked home, frightened that Jen was paying me back
for something but I couldn't think what.

Jenny was in the kitchen talking with Mum when I walked in. She was
still wearing her school clothes and seemed unconcerned when she saw me.

"How long have you been home, Jen?" I asked.

"Home? Oh," she said matter-of-factly, "an hour, I suppose. Why?" Mum
never contradicted her and Jenny's face looked so innocent.

"Did you see me on the way home?"

"No. Where?" She was looking at me strangely.

"What have you been up to Jim?" mother asked suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing. I saw Jen leave school just before me but she beat me
home by a long while."

"Beat you? That's for sure," she said so innocently. "By an hour at

She was lying I tried to tell myself, looking for some telltale gleam in
her eyes but she looked the picture of innocence.

"I'm going up to do my homework," I said distractedly.

"I'll come too," she called after me.

"What was all that about?" She asked me as we got to my room.

"You know very well. You damn well hurt me, Jen," I said with hurt pride.

"Hurt? How? I didn't do anything."

"I know it was you, Jenny. No one else knows about the hideaway. Not
even my school mates." I handed her the note.

"It's not mine," she said after reading it several times. "Look, can't
you see that's not my writing?" She said pushing it back to me with an
offended look.

"It's not? It has to be," I responded staring at the writing again. It
was definitely a girl's hand but Jen was right, it wasn't hers.

"Well?" she said with all the airs of superiority.

"Have you told anyone about our hideaway? Anyone at all?"

"No one," she retorted firmly.

"I haven't either. So how could anyone else know? Do you think we've
been followed?"

"I hope not. So what happened?"

"It's embarrassing," I told her shuffling about.

"So tell."

"I hurried there because I thought you were going to fuck me..."

"To put it crudely," she interrupted.

"Well anyway you weren't there and I waited for a long time until
someone started beating me and made me close my eyes. I'm sure it was a
girl's voice but it was very deep. She made me strip then peed all over me
and made me drink some." I took my shirt off and showed her the marks. I
was sure they were still there because my whole back was burning.

"Oh, Jimmy," she said with compassion. "It's terrible. They're all
black and blue. What did she use?"

"I don't know. It just hurt, real bad."

"I'll get something. Lay on the bed." She raced out and returned with
something that was cold and felt wonderfully soothing. The hurt left me
almost immediately.

When she finished she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "Now say
you're sorry."

"Sorry? What for?"

"For thinking it was me."

I sat up as the reality hit home. It wasn't Jenny at all.

"Oh, Jen, I'm sorry," I humbled myself and tried to hold her but she
pulled away.

"I suppose I accept the apology but you really hurt me, Jimmy. How
could you blame me for doing something like that?"

"Then who could it have been, Jen?" I looked at her anxiously. "Who
knows about our special place? You know what it means. We can't go there
again. Somebody's been spying on us. They could have seen anything."

"They probably did. We might get blackmailed. We'd be perfect

"If Mum and Dad find out they'll put us in a home. Separate homes," I

"I'd go to jail. I'm the oldest," Jenny said making it all the worse.

"What'll we do then?" I asked a little frantically.

"Wait and see what happens," she said. Then as an afterthought, "I
think you'd better make me come, Jimmy. As an apology."

She closed the door, laid on the bed and hiked her skirt above her
waist. "Your finger will do."

My heart wasn't in the job as I masturbated her but she enjoyed it and
came just before Mum called us for dinner.

"Now I forgive you. Come on, stop worrying," she said as she kissed me
then raced down stairs. The predicament we were now in didn't seem
important at all to Jenny but it weighed heavily on me.

"You're very quiet this evening, Jim," Dad said during the meal. I
mumbled something and he asked if anything was the matter.

"Oh, no, I don't suppose so. I'm just trying to work out some of my
homework tonight. It's a real puzzle," I told him.

"Can I help?" He asked.

"No, it's alright. I'll get it sorted out soon."

Not much else was said at dinner that night but as I rose Mum grabbed me
around the shoulders, which made me flinch, even though my back had stopped
hurting. "I'm sure you'll work it out, son. You always do," she said
encouragingly. I kissed her on the cheek, which made her day because she
doesn't get much affection shown to her.

No homework got done that night. Jenny left me on my own and I just
brooded, trying to work out something just in case we did get blackmailed.
Finally I decided to take a shower and go to bed. At least I could think
in comfort in bed.

I was still awake when the door clicked and I saw a shadow slip inside.
The room was almost pitch dark and I waited for my love to join me.

"Don't you dare look around you snivelling worm," the deep voice growled
and I almost jumped from the bed.

"Wha...?" I cried out expecting another beating to land then the light
flicked on.

Jenny wore a huge self-satisfied grin and nothing else. But she held a
nightdress in her hand.

"You... It was you. You lied," I cried out in dismay. "It was you all
along and you bloody well hurt me," I said feeling the anger rising within.

"Good aren't I?"

"Bitch," I spat.

"It was simply wonderful. On the way home I came without even touching
myself. Oh, you should have seen yourself," she half whispered with glee,
killing herself with laughter.

"At least it tells me two things, Jenny Tailor," I said softly.

"And what are those, my darling?" She asked smugly.

"At least our hideaway is still secure."


"And I now have the reason and authority to beat your pert little bottom
to a bloody pulp."

"But you won't," she responded smartly.

"I most definitely will. Tomorrow at the creek and I'll bring the gag,"
I reminded her. "Just make sure you're not late. 4 o'clock sharp."

"It was just a lark, Jimmy darling. When you think back about it all,
you'll laugh yourself."

"Of course I will," I answered sweetly. "I'll be remembering slapping
your little tooshie until it swells up. That'll make me laugh immensely."

"You couldn't be so cruel," she began to whine.

"Just be there, baby doll. Now I think a good blowjob is in order.
Just to make me sleep," I suggested.

At least she made a good job of that, swallowing every drop. I grabbed
her nightie and pushed her through the door, naked. Seconds later I heard
a squeak and then someone talking but didn't open my door to see what it
was about. Jenny was a big girl now. She could look after herself.

Chapter Three

We didn't talk until lunchtime at school.

"You aren't really going to do it are you, Jimmy?" She asked with

"I haven't changed my mind. It's your turn tonight. And make sure
you're not late," I added with satisfaction when her face lost it's colour.

"You're still mad at me aren't you?"

"Only until I finish patting your delightful bottom," I smiled back at

"Hmm," she mused. "Jimmy?"


"Did you like it? Feeling my pee over your face?"

"Not at the time but once I knew it was yours I want to do it again.
Perhaps in the bath at home," I suggested.

"Oh, you naughty boy," she laughed. "Just when do you think we'd get
the house to ourselves for that long?"

"I'm sure we will manage it sometime. Anyway, what was all the
squealing about last night?"

"You heard that? Dad caught me as he was coming up the stairway."

"You were naked," I gasped. "What did he do?"

"He just stared and stared," she giggled. "His eyes were all over me. I
didn't know what to do but finally covered myself as best I could and
muttered something about going to the loo and thought he was already in

"He probably wanted to shag you," I smiled. "I do, right now. Do you
think we'd cause a stir if we did it just here?"

She looked around. "Oh, I don't know. There's only a few kids around.
They'd probably like to watch," she said with a giggle.

But her face was quite serious. Then she added, "Anyway it's not over
with Dad. I've got to go to his study at nine o'clock tonight."

"What for? Was he mad about you running around starkers?"

"From the looks he gave me I don't think so. But you might be right,
maybe he wants to touch me up or something."

"It's only natural, I guess," I conceded smugly.

We in fact walked to the hideaway together, Jenny hardly saying a word
so I left her to her thoughts. As usual we watched for anyone who could
see us then disappeared behind the big tree.

"It's beautiful here, Jimmy. I just love our secret place."

"Remove your clothes, Jennifer Tailor," I demanded sternly giving her no
time to talk me out of it. In fact I was randy as hell at the thought of
smacking her beautiful bottom.

"Please don't hurt me, Jimmy. I can't stand pain you know."

"Should have thought about that last night," I reproached her.

From my bag I took a roll of tape and wound it around her mouth so there
was no chance of her screaming out. Then I taped her hands together in
front of her and walked her to the low limb than we had sat on a few days

"Over my knee young lady," I demanded and she complied immediately. Oh,
the whiteness, the smoothness, the firmness of those two beautiful pubes.
My dick was hard and poking into her stomach but I left it there just to
remind her what was to come next. She wasn't to know though just what that

"Ten of the best, Miss Jennifer, but if you start wriggling about I'll
have to start over again. Remember that."

I had no idea just how much a girl's bottom bounced when she got a
spanking but bounce my Jenny's did. The white was soon pink and the pink
soon turned a bright red. This was no blush; it was the burning sting of
hand falling sharply onto tender white woman's flesh.

At the count of five I rested for a moment and took the opportunity of
exploring the crease that separated the two globes. It was warm and moist
where the flesh pressed together. My finger insinuated itself downwards
until I felt the little pucker of her bottom and my fingertip first tickled
then pressed against the tightness. She moaned through her nose and I knew
then just what was in store for my girl when her punishment was over.

By the tenth smack of my palm she was literally bucking on my knees and
I took satisfaction in knowing it hurt her. Both globes were bright red,
almost shiny and the heat against my hands as I caressed her finally, was
very noticeable. I sat in silence for a few minutes, gently caressing her
hurt and then stood her up. She had been weeping heavily for tears trailed
down her cheeks and her eyes were quite red.

At first I had the inclination of ripping the tape away and holding her
to me but that would have been a sign of weakness I told myself. Instead,
I did remove the tape from her mouth and immediately she began blubbering,
trying to fall into my arms but I brushed her aside and pushed her hands
which were still bound, down to the branch where I had sat. She cried
piteously when she realised I was taping her hands to the branch, trapping
her in a half leaning position.

I roughly spread her feet apart and told her not to move.

Behind her back I stripped my clothes away, wet my dick with saliva and
then knelt and wet her bottom hole with my spit. I'd often thought about
how to fuck a girl in her bottom and from some of the conversations with my
friends, none of whom had done this I was sure, decided lots of spit was

It wasn't the first time Jenny had taken a cock this way for she had
told me of the Father's love for this activity, but was surprised how she
objected when my dick first touched the target.

"No, Jimmy. Not there. Please not that way." She was weeping with deep
sobs but my mind was made up. If she'd already agreed to let the Father,
why should she not let me, I thought.

I held her hips as still as I could for she was swaying from side to
side quite vigorously and pressed my cock to her bottom. Yes the head did
force her hole apart, at first just enough for the tip to intrude but soon
my whole cock churned into her tunnel and I found myself embedded to the
hilt. My cock was deep inside her arsehole.

She was tight, much more than her pussy and my intrusion caused all her
movements to cease. She stood stock still, her legs apart and her crying
silent. I let go her hips and began to stroke her breasts and was pleased
to feel her nipples hard and pointed. She was definitely aroused.

That was good, I thought and with great difficulty decided not to thrust
myself into her but keep my dick embedded while remaining still. One hand
kept stroking her wonderful tits while the other slipped down and began to
masturbate the impaled girl. She remained calm but her breathing became
faster as my fingers began to speed up. Soon her whole body was swaying to
the rhythm of her pleasures and a low moaning began to issue from her lips.
Before long she was thrusting herself, pulling back and then pushing
herself onto my dick, back and forth, in and out as her bottom held my cock

Who was taking the pleasures now, I wondered. She or me? It wasn't
long before I realised I was going to shoot off very soon and speeded up
diddling her pussy and tits. But she beat me to the climaxes, gasping with
a ferocity I hadn't seen in her love making before, as she gulped one deep
breath after the other and shuddered over my cock in a tumultuous orgasm.
Nothing could have stopped me than and I pumped great globs of spunk deep
up her bottom.

She wore me out, for I slumped to the ground as soon as I was finished,
completely worn out from the experience. She remained standing and it was
some minutes before I realised she was still taped to the tree.

I ripped the tape away and carried her to our mossy bed.

"I'm sorry, darling," I whispered, kissing her face time and time again.
"Please forgive me. I didn't want to hurt you but it was something I
couldn't stop," I tried to explain.

She never said a word, just laid still, her eyes closed. No tears now,
just stillness. Was she hurt? Did I kill her? Oh, please not that, I
thought as I scampered down beside her and wrapped my arms around her.

"Thank you, my wonderful lover," she whispered in my ear. "It was the
most exciting love making I have ever known."

I looked into her eyes, which looked up at me glistening with

"Do you mean that?"

"You were wonderful, my love," she sighed and pulled my face down to
hers. "I'll never forget today, ever," she giggled.

"You don't mind what I did?" I asked with surprise.

"Mind? It was beautiful."

"I thought you hated being fuc... I mean the way I did it?"

"Not with you, just the pig. You were wonderful. Did you feel me

"Yes. Just before me."

"I know. I've got all your sperm inside my body. I'm going to hold it
there for ever."

I couldn't help laughing. "That means you'll have it inside you when
you see Dad tonight. I'd love to see his face if he ever found out."

"Well I won't be telling him," Jen giggled like a child.

"Oh, no," I gasped as I realised something. "What if he means to tan
you for walking about in the raw? He'll see where I spanked you."

Jen laid still in thought for a moment. "I'll have to tell him I've
been horse riding and the stallion bucked me. Well that's almost the
truth. You're my stallion, darling," she added whimsically.

"Can I make love again, Jen?"

"Yes please," she smiled back and stretched herself out, her knees
spread in total abandon. "I think I'll come a dozen times in a row, I feel
so wonderful."

She was somewhere near right. At least she climaxed twice before I came
inside her pussy. Unfortunately this lot drained out as she walked down to
the stream to wash herself.

Chapter Four

"I'm going to have a shower," Jenny told us all as she rose from the
dinner table. "I've got lots of homework. And other things," she added,
glancing at Dad. I saw him catch her glance then look away. Did his face
really become a little pinker?

I slipped into her room for a moment after she had begun to study. She
was wearing a soft nightdress that looked as though it floated about her.
Her perfume filled the room and as I nuzzled her neck the bath talc smelled
wonderful. She looked beautiful.

"Do you intend to seduce him?" I whispered. "You look ravishing."

"No," she sniggered. "But anything to make him go easy on me," she
whispered back. "You'd better go. Margie might catch you."

"Good luck. Come and tell me all about it," I said, kissing her ear as
I left.

It was very late when I heard Jenny sneak in and close the door. She
slipped under the covers beside me and remained silent for some time. I
held my arm out and she snuggled into me but I let her take her own time.
For the first time she came to me still in her nightdress.

"You were nearly right, Jim," she whispered finally. "He didn't want to
do sex but he..."

I could tell she was overcome with something unexpected.

"Take your time pet," I urged, holding her tighter.

"I think I made a mistake wearing a nightie to see him."

"Oh yes?"

"He made me..."

"Start from the beginning, baby. There's no hurry. Would you like to
wait until tomorrow?"

"No, I'll be right in a minute." She said then went silent again.

"I walked in right on time and he told me to close the door which was
strange in it," she began finally. "Dad was sitting at his desk and he
told me to stand before him. It made me feel like fronting up to the
headmaster. Then he looked at me for a long time without saying anything.
I was so self-conscious that I'm sure I was blushing and the first thing he
said was that I looked very pretty. Then he added, 'Almost as pretty as
you looked last night'."

"But with a much redder bottom," I prompted.

"No, he couldn't see... Oh, you silly," she said with a titter. It
seemed to ease her nervousness. "Well, I tried to apologise for walking
around undressed but he brushed it aside and said he liked looking at me
that way. It was the first time he had done so for some years and he was
happy to see how his eldest daughter had become so attractive. Gosh,
Jimmy, I really blushed when he said that."

"I think I know what's coming," I interrupted. "But you tell it."

"Then he chided me for trying to cover myself up in front of him. I
couldn't believe it, Jim. He kept on about not being bashful in front of
him and that he had a father's right to look at his children even when they
were undressed. He took offence when I tried to cover my nakedness with my

"He did want to shag you, Jen," I stated firmly.

"Well I didn't know what to say. What could I say? Tell him he is a
dirty old man?"

"He is," I said adamantly. "But I'll bet he got worse."

"He did. He then wanted to know if I was wearing any panties under my

"Naturally," I said, feeling my dick rising.

"When I said I didn't he just said 'good' and had me turn around several
times while he watched. I was trying to work out how I could get away
before anything else happened but he beat me to it and made me come around
to his side of the desk. 'Just remain still, Jennifer. I want to see how
my big girl looks,' he told me then reached out and took hold of my

"I knew he'd strip you," I said with satisfaction and jealousy.
Satisfaction because I was right and jealousy because Jenny was mine.

"No, not quite. But it felt a lot worse. I was almost between his
knees and he began to pull my nightie tight against my body. You know,
pulling it from the back so it would be tight against my front. He looked
at the line of my breasts then my hips and I had to turn while he looked at
my bottom and back."

"Did he touch you?"

"No, just looked. But it was the way he did it, Jimmy. I know what it
means to be undressed by someone's eyes now."

"I do that to you all the time," I said, smiling.

"But I like it when you it's you, my darling," she said and pecked me on
the cheek.

"So what happened then?"

"It didn't get any easier. He held me by the hips for a while looking
straight up at my tits. I think he's a tit man, Jimmy."

"Aren't we all?"

"True. Then he began to rub his hands around and say what a beautiful
daughter I'd grown into. Things like that. It was so... So uhm,

"But you could have run away," I suggested.

"I know that. Why didn't I? I wondered that all along. Anyway he
finally exclaimed, 'You aren't wearing underwear are you?' even though I'd
already told him that and hugged me to him, the top of his head just
touching my breasts, and began to say how nice I smelled."

"I've already told you that. You smell, well... Inviting,"

"I was sure he was going to grab my bottom because his hands were moving
all over my back."

"He was probably getting up the courage to feel you up," I suggested.
"Shit, what would it be like to get touched up by your real father, I

"Probably the same as your brother doing it to you. And you do it very
nicely, thank you my brother," she whispered and we began to kiss, softly,

I thought about that for a long while. "Then you wouldn't mind if he

"You know I would, darling. I'm yours, all yours. But he is my father,

So what? I thought to myself but answered, "Yes, I think I understand
how you feel. So, would you stop him if his hands did wander?"

"I don't know, Jimmy. Really I don't."

"Do you think it's all over now?"

"I don't think so. Anyway I still haven't told you everything. I want
to. He pulled me down onto his knees and then started to talk in a baby
voice, like a father to his baby. It was really weird. 'Will my little
girl give her daddy a big hug? She hasn't hugged her daddy for so long.
Your daddy loves you.' All that sort of stuff. Then I had to kiss him and
I'm sure I felt his tongue."

"He's just another dirty old man," I said with a growl.

"Aren't you all?" She asked snuggling closer and continued her story with her lips right at my ear.

"He became much more personal then. 'When I saw my little girl last
night, she looked beautiful' he began and then asked if I was still pure. I
didn't understand at first..."

"I do," I responded.

"When I asked him what he meant he came right out and asked if I was
still a virgin. All the time he was holding me very tight and rubbing his
hands over my arms and waist. 'Of course I am, Daddy' I said without
hesitation. I mean, what girl would ever tell their father they lost their
cherry when they were thirteen?"

"I can understand that," I said wryly.

"'I knew you were' he said with obvious pride and cuddled me again.
'When I saw you last night I just knew you wouldn't give your most precious
possession away. Good girl' he said and kissed me right on the lips again.
He was nuzzling me not like a father but more like you do, very sexily.
Well, he was aroused, I know because I could feel him underneath poking at
my bottom."

"How could he not have a hardon? He wants to fuck you, Jen."

"I think he does Jim, in his dreams at least. He asked if Mum had told
me about boys and sex so I told him 'no'.

"You should have said yes and you know what he's thinking."

"I couldn't. It would have been like I know what he's thinking or
something. Anyway when I said no, his next reaction was one of surprise,
genuine I think, and he said that it was then his responsibility to talk to
me about growing up."

I laughed out loud. "He what?"

"Sssh. He really did," she sniggered too. "I wonder what he'd say if
he really knew?"

"Have a heart attack."

"For sure. Anyway that's what happened. But it isn't the end. I've
got to go back tomorrow night, to get my sex talk I guess. His final
instructions were to wear the same as tonight but a different nightie. He
said I feel very nice in a nightie."

"He didn't?"

"Exactly that. I think he's not getting any satisfaction from Mum these
days. No sex, I mean. They don't seem to show any real affection, do

"No, I suppose not. Now they sleep in separate beds he mightn't be
getting any."

"Poor Daddy," she sighed and put her arm around my neck, rubbing her
cheek against mine.

"Have you still got it?" I asked.


"Inside your bottom."

"Oh, that. Of course. And all the time I was sitting on his knee I was
thinking about it. Can I please have some more?"

"Anytime, my dear," I said with great aplomb.

"Right now."

"Now? In the same place?"

"No, in bed, not the hideaway."

"Silly. I mean do you want me to take your bottom again?"

"Of course I do, silly man. Right now." Her hand slipped between us and
found my already hard dick. "My, he is a randy little man isn't he?"

"Well he's raring to go. He's only been busy twice today. Plenty
left," I said boastfully. "How will we do it? Want me to tape you up

"You don't have to do that to get your way, my love. But would you mind
if... If I raped him. Can I sit on him this time?"

"Be my guest," I smiled throwing the covers off. "Whenever you're

"You've got to masturbate me, Jimmy. Like last time."

"I'll give you as many comes as you want, sweetheart," I said throwing
myself on top of her. "I'll start first,"

With that, I knelt between her knees and kissed her pussy with all the
passion I knew. How could we be quiet with this going on? "Tell me when
your close, baby," I whispered. "And don't wake the family."

I came inside her bottom after she climaxed twice and she brought on my
ejaculation over half an hour by making the slowest movements possible and
taking all the weight of her body on her knees as she moved.

I have decided Jenny is a wonderful lover. Who else would sing softly
as she allowed my cock to commit sodomy with her? Who else would whisper
sweet things as her bottom rode my dick, as she brought me nearer and
nearer to that exquisite feeling of satisfaction? How many women would
enjoy being raped in their bottom hole and actually feel sexual fulfilment
from the act? Who else would want to retain my discharges within her
bottom and be proud of it? Who else could give me the bliss of sex the way
she does?

Well I've got to admit I've only fucked three women in my entire fifteen
years and a bit but my Jen stands out in the crowd of three. So does her
beautiful tits. Now that thought made me smile.

As my cock pumped more and more spunk into her, she encouraged me to
take the pleasure. Then when I was drained she laid along my body, her
face on my shoulder and whispered, "Thank you, darling. It's wonderful.
Wake me at 5 o'clock. I'll leave then." She closed her eyes and made no
effort to extract my now flagging cock from her bottom. I was happy to
take her weight and couldn't have cared even if Mum and Dad walked in and
caught us in the act. She was my love and my sister and that was all that
mattered. I put my arms around her back and slowly drifted into beautiful

Chapter Five

Noises woke us together.

"Shit, Jimmy, it's eight o'clock. They're all up. What'll we do?" She
cried out in panic.

"Make for the bathroom. Quick. If Margie's awake, say you've already
made your bed. That's all we can do. You're wonderful," I said kissing
her goodbye.

At least there was no commotion when she left so I got up hoping her
absence in her own room had been missed.

She was all smiles when I came down. "You're late, Jim," she said

"No I'm not," I said looking at my watch.

"It's alright dear," Mum said. "Your sister got up an hour early and
now she thinks we're all lazy."

"She's even made her bed," Margie piped up.

"Maybe she can do that every morning," Mum suggested.

Dad said nothing and looked decidedly uneasy. Jen glanced at me and
pointed towards Dad with her eyes. We both knew what he was remembering.

Then I nearly choked when I heard her say, "Jimmy, will you give me some
more cream please. Mine's all gone?"

For a moment I just stared at her then Mum said, "We don't have any,
child. Whatever do you mean?"

"What? Oh, I meant milk. Sorry," Jen said and looked shrewdly at me as
I passed the jug.

I couldn't wait for the lunch break and found Jen waiting right outside
my door.

"Come on, quickly," she said taking my arm and pulling me along.

We have our own little meeting place at school, out of the way but
certainly not as good as the hideaway, but that was too far to go over
lunchtime anyway.

"You're wicked, Jenny Tailor," I said accusingly when we were away from
the hoard. "I nearly had a seizure when you wanted more cream."

"Ha, ha, I know. Should have seen your face. I thought your eyes were
going to pop out. Still, they had no idea, didn't they?"

I had to admit she was right. "So I suppose all my hard work had gone
down the loo?"

"Sad to say, yes. But I'll have some anytime you want to give, my
darling," she smiled.

"There's other things we can do that are just as nice, Jen. Don't you
think so?"

"Sure but I know you like that particular way. You do, don't you? I'm
very tight down there, don't you think?"

"You're a tease and a witch," I accused. And then with a smile added,
"and I love every minute of it."

"So do I. Don't ever forget that, my wonderful lover."

"I couldn't. Anyway how did it go this morning? We weren't caught."

"I was, by Dad, but he didn't know it. I was heading for the bathroom,
at least with my nightie on this time, when he came out of the toilet. It
was very close."

"Did he say anything about last night?"

"No, just an embarrassed Good Morning. I think he might be having an
attack of the guilts."

"Could be. He was very quiet at breakfast."

"Should I go to him tonight, Jimmy? I really need you to tell me."

"You mean will I be mad if he starts touching you up?"

"Yes, I suppose I do," she replied uncertainly.

"The only time I'd be hurt, Jen, is if he did and you didn't tell me.
In fact I liked hearing what went on. Aroused, sort of."

"Randy, more like it. I felt your cock get hard as soon as I started to
tell you about it. You're a voyeur, darling," she stated with a laugh."

"I know. I knew it when I watched you stripping for the father and you
didn't know I was watching. I suppose it's the same in reverse. You
telling me the story and Dad doesn't know. I'm spying on his own mind."

"I can understand that. Maybe you should show yourself off to Mum.
Then when she tries to feel you up you can tell me." She giggled at the
thought and I had to join in.

"We're both evil, Jen. But we aren't hurting anyone are we?"

"That's true. Yes," she conceded. "It's true. We're hurting no one
and yet enjoying every minute of it. At least I am."

"Me too, madam," I told her indignantly.

"So you think I should go tonight?"

"Why not? Your stories will give me another hard on. What are you
going to wear?"

"I haven't thought. Maybe something not as revealing."

"You didn't reveal much. Why not go the other way? Something he can
see through."

"I haven't got a see through nightie. Mum'd have kittens. I've got
that silk one that clings. You know the one, you ogle me every time I wear

"Oh, the one with the plunging neckline?"

"You know very well. I'll bet it would set Dad off too."

"Can he get his hand up it easily?"

"If you can I'm sure he will," she smirked.

"I love you, Jennifer Tailor," I told her as I looked into her eyes.
"And I love your sexiness."

"I'm but an innocent child, kind sir," she said looking indeed innocent.

"Look at Dad like that and he'd believe anything."

"I hope so. If he tries to, you know, to uhm, become friendly, should I
let him?"

"Somehow I think you will, baby. But let him make the moves. Just play
along with your innocence and see what happens. But I want to know
everything. Promise?"

"When he's finished with me I'll come straight to your bed, my darling,"
she agreed with a peck to my cheek.

"Good. I want all the juicy stuff."

"I thought I get that?"

"And you will."

Jen was the first to leave the table again and this time Dad watched her
all the way out the door.

"I think she's studying too hard, Bob. Do you think you should have a
talk with her?" Mum said as Jenny left.

He almost jumped out of his chair. "Oh, ah, yes, I suppose I could. I
will tonight after she's finished." He stammered and I spied guilt written
all over his face. I just had to tell Jen.

I opened the bathroom door and said, "Peek-a-boo."

"Jimmy, get out," she said from the shower stall.

"You'll never guess what? Mum told Dad to have a talk with you tonight.
About you studying too much. Ha, ha. It's Dad that's going to be doing
the studying."

"Get out, Jim," she said more forcefully.

Well if that's all the thanks I'm going to get, I thought and left her
to her task.

She came to my room dressed in pink silk. I just stared I couldn't help

"You're beautiful, Jen. He's going to come in his pants, I'll bet."

She giggled then in all seriousness wanted to know what my intrusion was
all about. I went through it again and she considered it for a moment.
"Gives him the ultimate alibi, doesn't it?

She left without a further word in deep thought.

I heard her close her door when she left to visit Dad's study but it was
after two o'clock when she slithered in beside me.

"I feel very sexy, darling," she whispered, taking my face in her hands
and kissing me deeply. "Make me feel nice. Please"

I made her come with my finger and never asked her once about her visit.
She would tell me when she was ready.

"That's better," she sighed after her climax had eased.

I continued to hold her and felt her body relax.

"I'm going to tell it to you as though I've written a book, darling.
Don't interrupt me or I'll forget something, I'm sure."

"O.K.," was all I said and waited.

Chapter Six

She began, "I guess I had become aroused even before I got to his room.
Silk feels lovely against my skin and the thought of what might happen made
me very excited. I knocked lightly but when he didn't answer, I went
inside. He was sitting at his desk just as before and motioned to close
the door, and then he twisted his fingers meaning I was to lock it. It
made me feel even more nervous.

'Come and show Daddy, dear,' he said and held out his arms for me to
come around his side of the desk. I knew I was blushing. It felt like the
first time my Mistress undressed me in front of my Master.

He made me turn around a few times but his eyes always came back to my
breasts, probably because he could see lots of flesh in my cleavage. I was
silly to wear it so blatantly and by now my nipples were poking through the
silk. I knew he could see their outline very clearly.

'You are even prettier than last night, Jennifer,' he said and began to
stroke my bottom. The silk was so thin and it clung so tightly..."

Jenny hesitated as though reliving the time all over again. I never

"'Did you wear this specially for your Daddy, darling?' He asked and I
could only nod. 'You're not wearing panties again either, good girl,' he
said, smiling up at me as he patted my bottom. "And I can see there's no
bra either. Are you proud of your titties?"

'Yes, Daddy,' I answered in a whisper. 'But it makes me feel
embarrassed. What if Mum comes in," I asked. 'Would she be mad at me,

'She never comes in here, baby,' he said reassuringly. 'She's too busy
watching television. Besides, she asked me to have a talk with you

'She did?' I asked with my eyes wide with surprise. 'Did you tell her
you were going to talk with me, Daddy?'

'And she wanted me to,' he kept on, not answering my question.

'Oh, then it's alright,' I said.

'Of course it is. Why shouldn't it be? Little girls should talk with
their fathers, don't you agree?'

'I suppose so, Daddy.'

He then pulled me down onto his knees just like last night and began to
kiss me with his open mouth. It was very wet.

'Do you let boys kiss you, baby?' he asked.

'Sometimes, Daddy.'

'Do you like it?'

'Not when they use their tongues," I said so innocently that he never
knew I was kidding.

'Why don't you like that, dear?'

'When one boy did it, I liked it, but the others, yuk.'

'You should learn, you know. It makes a man happy to do it like that.'

'It does? Why?'

'I'll show you.' Then he held my face in his hands and French kissed me
deeply. His tongue pushed in and out and he started to breath real hard. I
knew he was worked up because his cock was poking into me again.

'Oh, Daddy, you took my breath away,' I said in a surprised voice.

'That's the way it should be. It joins the boy and girl together as
one,' he explained then went on. 'Now you do it to me.'

'You want me to push my tongue into your mouth?' I asked wide-eyed.

'See what it feels like.'

So I kissed him back and before long we were tongue-fighting, saliva all
over our faces.

When we broke I looked at him and asked innocently, 'Oh, Daddy, isn't
that naughty?'

'Of course not, not if the boy's your husband. Or your Daddy of course.
Then it's right to do it.'

'What about other boys though, when they try to do it, Daddy?"

'You mustn't let other boys do that to you. Things like that must wait
until you marry.'

'I can't kiss boys at all?' I asked with surprise.

'Definitely not with your mouth open. If you let them do that they'll
think they can take other liberties.'

'What do you mean, Daddy?'

'If you're free with your lips they'll think they can start touching.
And then feeling,' he added with concern all over his face. I knew he
wanted me to ask what he meant again.

'But they do that, Daddy.'

'What?' He almost cried out. 'You let boys touch you? And feel you up?
You mustn't, child. Never.'

He was almost crying with frustration, Jimmy. You should have seen it.

'But they have to touch me when they kiss me, Daddy. How else could
they? I don't understand.'

'Oh that's different. You frightened me.'

'What did you mean about touching and feeling then, Daddy?'

'Every boy on this earth wants to do that to girls whenever they can.
Don't you understand, dear?'

'No, Daddy.'

'I can see I've got so much to show you. Look, lay up on my desk and
I'll show you what I mean.'

'On your desk? Now?'

He pushed all his papers and things onto the floor.

'There, now there's room,' he said patting the edge of the desk next to

'Ouch, it's cold,' I complained but he didn't seem to hear.

He laid me out, my arms at my side and stood looking down at me, his
hands hovering and definitely shaking.

'I know you've been to school dances with boys sometimes and I'm sure
you haven't done anything wrong so far, darling. But I want to show you
just some of the things boys will try to do to get into your panties.'

I couldn't help myself. I laughed and he became all flustered. I don't
know how I thought of saying, 'But, Daddy, boys don't wear my panties.'

'But they will want... Well let me explain a bit more.' He leaned over
and French kissed me again. 'It makes you feel nice, doesn't it, baby?'

'Yes, of course it does.'

'And once a boy starts to make you feel nice he'll go onto the next step
and put his hands on you. On other parts of your body.'

He began French kissing again, his tongue right down my throat almost,
and then I felt his hand begin to stroke my tummy. The circles got bigger
and bigger and it really felt nice, Jimmy. He was seducing me.

'Daddy,' I managed to struggle up. 'What are you doing?'

'It's alright, baby. But you have to learn what these boys are up to.
It's very important. You understand, don't you?'

'I suppose so,' I said doubtfully.

'Good girl, lay back now and we'll continue. Perhaps I'll stop the
kissing part and just go on. Would you like that better?'

'I think so, Daddy,' I told him.

He started to stroke my tummy again but used both hands this time.
'This is what they'll do next. They'll stroke you gently and make you feel
so good but all the time their minds are on other things. As soon as they
see you haven't stopped them from touching your tummy or your arms, the
innocent parts, they'll try for more. Then you'll feel their fingers just
brush against one of your titties, just like this, to see if you would stop
them.' and sure enough, Jimmy, he stroked the edge of my tit right here."

She placed my hand on the edge of one breast and held it there.

"I sat up again, this time more concerned and said, 'Daddy, you
shouldn't do that.'

'I have to show you everything, dear. Don't be afraid, it's for your
own good. You need to know what boys will try to get up to with innocent
young girls. It's very important to know these things. You do want to
learn don't you?'

'Yes, but you touched me there,' I complained.

'If it's only your Daddy, you've got nothing to worry about. Really
your mother should have told you all of this but she hasn't so it falls on
my shoulders to do so. Lay down again, dear.'

He was getting agitated and thought his chance of playing around with my
beautiful bod was flying away so I gave up and laid back.

'If you don't object to a little touch, the next time it's more, like
this,' and his hand slid right over my left breast. 'And the next time all
the way like this.'

There I was with my father standing over me, cupping my little tit with
his whole hand. At first he stood stock still, watching me but when I
didn't object he began to massage it, stroking and gently squeezing. 'Do
you see how they do it, dear?' They don't take no for an answer and
eventually you just give in and let them do it. Do you see?'

I could see alright. His trousers were bulging right at my side and his
hand was becoming more demanding.

'Oh, Daddy, is that what they do? It feels so nice,' I sighed and
closed my eyes.

'But they won't stop there, dear. boys have a much more important goal.
Once you don't object to them touching one tittie, pretty soon they have
both in their sights.' Now he was covering both my breasts with his hands
and I could feel his heat through the silk. My nipples were hard and his
palms were making them ever more aroused. I was moaning out loud, not
caring that he knew I liked it. His innocent daughter lapping up

'It does make a girl feel nice, doesn't it?' He half whispered, pulling
at the points with his fingers. 'You're becoming aroused and then you'll
let him move on. Lay still and don't move at all,' he cajoled. One hand
slipped upwards and under the neck of my nightie. It cupped me and with
his other he slipped the strap down my shoulder.

'Be still, dear,' he whispered urgently right next to my ear now. 'You
have to learn. You want to, don't you?' his hand was hot on my skin and he
massaged the nakedness so smoothly. I could feel my pussy oozing with
wetness, Jimmy. It was almost as good as you make me feel."

I was damn glad to hear her say that but the thought ran through my mind
that she might have just been saying that to make me happy. Dad had years
more experience but then I couldn't believe he and Mum had ever done
anything like this. Maybe he read books?

"Oh, Jimmy, it felt so good and I was moaning so blissfully that he
removed the other strap and I didn't care at all.

Then his voice started over again, urging me to comply, telling me it
was for my own good. 'They'll suck your little titties, my dear, suck and
lick your tight little nipples and you won't want them to stop.' Which is
exactly what he did next. His tongue and lips worked away making me writhe
with pleasure and I was calling out his name and telling him not to stop.
It was so sexy, Jimmy. He was licking me all over and his spittle made my
breasts all cool. 'Daddy,' I called out as I writhed around. 'What is
it?' he managed to ask between moving from one tit to the other.

'I won't have a baby will I?'"

I laughed aloud, it was impossible not to.

"Well I'm innocent aren't I? Anyway it was enough to move him on to the
next stage. 'You won't have a baby until he starts playing with this,
sweetheart,' he whispered then took my hand and pressed it against his
cock, his big hard cock, I must tell you.

'Do you know what it is?' he asked still whispering right into my ear.

'Oh, Daddy it's your, uhm, your man's thing. Isn't it being terribly
naughty touching it like this?' I pulled my hand away.

'It is if it were a boy wanting to have his way with you but I'm
teaching you and there's not wrong in that. Put your hand back, dear.'

'Must I, Daddy?' " I looked up at him questioningly.

'You have to know, dear. Put your hand back.' I did as I was told.

'Feel it with your fingers. Can you feel it?'

'Yes, Daddy. It's so big. What does it do?'

'It's what makes babies,' he said and I pulled my hand away in fright.

'I don't want to get a baby, Daddy. Please don't make me.'

'Ha, ha,' he laughed in my ear. 'You can only get babies when a boy uses it on you,' he said looking straight into my eyes. 'But we'll talk
about that another day. Alright?'

'Yes, Daddy,' I agreed like a good little girl.

'Right now, there are other matters we need to talk about. Sit up
straight, dear, with your legs over the edge.' My breasts were uncovered
and my arms were held by my sides by the shoulder straps on my nightie but
he soon righted that by making me take my arms out of the straps
altogether. I sat facing him with the top of my nightie around my waist.

'You are a beauty,' he said and began to stroke both nipples with his
fingers. 'You mightn't know it but never have I seen such fine nipples on
any young girl, even in picture books. Do you realise they're so pretty,
my sweet?'

'No, Daddy. I didn't,' I said shyly and then looked into his face and
asked, 'You won't tell Mum, will you, Daddy?'

'This is just between you and me, little one,' he said ingratiatingly.
'It's our secret, isn't it?'

'Yes, Daddy.'

'Do you like the way it makes you feel, dear?'

"He knew I did because I was still moaning softly as he drew his fingers
in a light pinch right along the length of each nipple. It was very sexy,
Jimmy. You'll have to do it to me soon."

'Do you want me to stop then?'

'You don't have to, Daddy. It does make me feel nice. Sort of funny,
uhm, down there.' I shyly touched the general area of my crotch and found
myself blushing.

'It's how every young girl feels when a boy does this to her, you know.
It's not your fault; it's just the way girls are made. Do you understand?
Nothing to be ashamed of, when a girl feels like this, she should enjoy it,
but never when some boy tries to get her this way. No, this is something
special that she should save for her husband to do. I'm just pleased I can
show you what to look out for when you are with boys. You know they will
try to do naughty things with you, don't you?'

'Yes, Daddy. You told me.'

'Then they move on to the next step and it's very important to
understand because you mustn't give in to them, Jennifer. You must promise
me you'll stop them from doing what I'm going to show you next.'

'Yes, Daddy. I'm sure I will once I know.' All the time he was talking
he kept stroking my tits until I thought they would burst with pleasure."

I had to laugh. "You are a born tease," I told her and she sniggered at
the complement.

"Oh, Jimmy, I can't explain how sexy it made me feel. It wasn't just
because he was touching me sexually. You do that much better. But it's
because he didn't know I knew all along. I was just a little innocent in
the hands of a dirty old man."

"Your father at that," I added.

"Yes, that too. Well Daddy moved on, all the time telling me it was
important to know these things. 'Do you know what every boy wants to do
with the girl he's with, dear?'

'Kiss them, I expect, Daddy.'

'That's only the beginning, just as I showed you. No, there's a far
more sinister purpose in every boy's dirty little mind. They want what's
under here.' With that he placed his hand in my lap, you remember I was
sitting on the edge of his desk still, and quite topless. He pressed his
hand down purposefully, looking straight into my eyes, his face very close
to mine. I found myself blushing.

'What's under here, dear?'

'My... oh, Daddy do I have to say it?'

'I want you to, dear. Don't be shy with your Daddy. What do you call
this special place, Jennifer?'

'Oh. It's my... It's my pussy, Daddy. Why do they want...?' I looked
into his eyes so innocently he had no idea.

'They want your pussy, darling, because that's the nature of boys and
men. Every boy and every man wants to use your pussy for their own

'Even you, Daddy?" I asked with a shocked look.

'Even I have thought of your pussy, dear, especially after I saw you
naked for it looked very pretty. But it's different between you and your
Daddy because I would never do anything to hurt you but most boys would if
you gave them the chance. They would take your purity and throw it away to
gain a few moments of pleasure. And your purity is something you must
cherish above anything else. Your purity, your virgin purity must be
protected for your husband alone. When you marry you have something to
offer him and no one else. Do you understand, my pet?'

'I... I think so, Daddy,' I stammered. 'But it's so complicated. I
don't understand why boys want...'

'I know, darling. It is difficult but let's proceed then you will
understand. You see dear, once you've given in to them and let them caress
your breasts they will think they can have anything they want from you.
Even your virginity,' he explained looking at me closely as though he was
trying to mesmerise me.

'Yes, Daddy?" I said encouraging him to go on.

'So once you let them get to the stage where you have become aroused by
their attention to your little titties, they'll surely try for they
ultimate goal. Their hands will begin to stray, down here,' he said and
his fingers trailed down my thighs and under the hem of my nightie. At
least I had my legs squeezed together.

'Then they'll caress you like this and slowly begin to move upwards,
making you feel nice and hoping you won't stop them. If you are going to
have any chance of stopping their final assault this is the time to slap
their face and say, 'No more.' No, you don't need to slap me, dear,' he
almost yelped as I raised my hand.

'What I'm doing is showing you how easy it is to give in to some of
those very persistent little animals. For their hands will go higher, over
your knees and up your thighs. You know where they are aiming now, don't

'Oh, Daddy, are you sure it's right to do this? Won't I get into
trouble or something? It's very naughty.' I was making a very good
imitation of my discomfort. 'Mum would be very mad if she knew, Daddy.'

'Shhh, little one. Are you going to tell her? It would mean no more
lessons, no more learning about the mystery of it all. Well?' His hands
were stroking my thighs as he whispered the words in my ear. He knew I
wasn't ever going to stop him.

'What am I doing, little one?'

'Teaching me, Daddy. Oh, I feel so strange.'


'Because your hands... The way you are touching me, Daddy. No one has
ever done this to me before. It feels so...'

'Go on, dear. How does it feel?'

'Like I want more. Oh, why do I feel like this?'

'Because you're a normal little girl. It's nothing unusual. It's how
any persistent boy will make you feel and if you let him reach this far he
will go further. You have to experience it, dear, so you will know when to
say, 'No' to them. Stroke your titties while I show you. Make them hard
and sensitive again. That's right; make love to your little titties while
Daddy makes love to your pussy. Feel how beautiful it is, how your husband
will make you feel.'

His hands were stroking back and forth along the tops of my thighs and
my legs were shaking from the sensations he was producing. I know I was
helping as well because my tits were on fire, sending signals direct to my
pussy that I needed a climax. It was as though every nerve in my body was
centring their sensations all at once deep inside my cunt. You've no idea,
Jimmy. It was incredible.

He reached higher and higher, my nightie sliding up my legs as his arms
went forward, so near to my nest. But instead of stroking my pussy hair
his hands slid down either side and reached behind, making my bottom cheeks
flinch with sensations.

'Do you know where his hands will go next, dear?' He whispered in my

'Yes,' I replied almost silently as this time he stroked his fingertips
through the curly hairs.

'Oh, Daddy, it's so naughty but you make me feel so nice. It's
wonderful, Daddy,' I moaned softly, laying my face against his.

'It isn't finished. Spread your legs open, Jennifer. Very slowly.
Offer your everything to Daddy.'

"It wasn't funny, Jimmy so you can wipe that smile away. He was deadly
serious and so was I because all I wanted was my orgasm. There was no
doubt in my mind that I would reach the peak very soon."

'Can you feel my fingers, darling?' His damp breath caressed my ear.

'Yes,' I hissed.


'Touching my pussy, Daddy. Oh, please don't stop.'

"I was perspiring and it was running down my neck. My legs were jerking
open and closed against his hands, which were stroking my slit all the
time. It was so wet I wondered if I had wet myself but I knew I didn't. It
was my own pussy juices that he was stroking into my own flesh."

'Oooh, Daddy, something's happening. What is it? Something's wrong,' I
hissed in supposed panic.

'Nothing's wrong, you're feeling the pleasures of your sex. Let it
happen, darling.' He was pressing against my clit and I knew it had
arrived. My body shuddered and jerked it's way to a wonderful climax, and I
was moaning so loudly I was scared it would bring Mum in.

'Oh, oh, ooooh, Daddy, it's wonderful.' I moaned through my clenched
teeth not wanting to let this moment ever go away. He never stopped
probing my pussy lips and clit the whole time I was coming. He knows how
to please a girl, does Daddy. Just like you, darling, she added with a

I was gasping for breath when it finally subsided and I slumped against
him. His fingers ceased their movement but he never withdrew them, at
least not until my breathing returned to normal and I was able to sit up by

He lifted my face to his and kissed me gently on the lips. 'Do you know
what happened?'

'No but it was wonderful, Daddy,' I told him in a half laugh, still
feeling the after shocks deep inside my body.

'You experienced an orgasm. I take it that was your first?'

'Whatever it was it was the first time I have ever felt like that.' Then
I looked into his eyes again with a troubled expression. 'I won't get a
baby from it will I?'

'You funny little girl. It takes more than my fingers to give you a
baby,' he laughed. 'But you will experience those feelings many times from
your husband when you marry. That's what lovemaking is for. To make
babies and to pleasure each other. I suppose you could put up with your
husband giving these feelings to you whenever you want?'

'It was incredible,' I smiled at him.

'And once it started there was no way you wanted to stop, I suppose?'

'I just wanted it to go on and on.'

'You must remember that, darling,' he told me seriously. 'If you let a
boy have his way with you, there's no stopping him once he gets you worked
up. You know that now, don't you?'

'I see what you've been saying now, Daddy. You're right, there's no way
I would stop him once he got me feeling like that and so it would mean he'd
take my purity away.' He literally beamed when he heard me say that.

'Exactly, dear. You must be very strong.'

'Then why didn't you take my purity away, Daddy?'

'Because I'm not like the insensitive, selfish boys you will meet. I'm
your Daddy and will protect your innocence to my last breath. That's why
I'm showing you how wonderful sex will be once you take a husband.'

'But I'm only sixteen, Daddy. It's so long before anyone marries me.
Does that mean I'll never feel like this again for years?'

'You have your Daddy. I'll always be here to help when you need me, in
any way you want. Never forget that, darling,' he said then stifled any
response by pushing his tongue between my teeth and kissed me like a real
father never should."

"Shit, Jen. It sounds like you don't need me. How are you going to get
him off your back and back onto my cock when your so called lessons are

"Do I detect a little jealousy, my lover?"

"Maybe. You seem so wrapped in your father touching you up, why come
back to me?"

"Oh, my poor baby," she cooed in exaggerated consolation. "Come and let
Mummy kiss it all better." With that, this wonderful girl slid under the
covers and sucked my leaking dick between her lips. She sucked slowly and
deeply and had me calling out with pleasure as my spunk spurted down her
throat. If Dad could only see his Little Miss Purity now, I smiled in

I could taste my spendings on her lips as she came back and kissed me
passionately once my thrusting had ceased.

"Only you, do you hear?" She growled and shook my shoulders. "Now fuck
me and make me come, my true lover." How could I refuse?

"I haven't finished my story yet," she gasped after she had recovered
from her climax. "There's more. Probably enough to get another rise in
Mr. Thrills down there before I tiptoe back to my own bed. Want to hear?"
She shook the floppy gristle between her fingers. I just groaned and laid
back on the pillow.

"Once I'd recovered he had me lay along the desk again and began
stroking my now tender little nipples. Then he leaned closer, and held my
face in his two hands.

'Raise your knees, darling,' he instructed. He never looked to see if I
had but continued on. 'Now pull your nightdress up over your knees and let
if fall around your waist. Have you done that? Good girl. Now spread
your knees apart, as wide as you can. Have you done that, darling?'

'Yes,' I whispered. Now I was topless and bottomless, my pussy spread
wide and vulnerable. He hadn't moved from where he leaned over my face and
didn't attempt to look at my predicament.

'That's the position you will offer your virginity to your husband.
Totally open to his every wish. Does it feel strange, darling?'

'Not strange, Daddy. It's just... Well, anyone can see right into
my... Right into my pussy.'

'Because you belong to him, your husband. You offer him everything you
possess, whenever he wishes. Wives are expected to do so. No matter what
your husband desires, no matter how strange or embarrassing, you will agree
to anything that pleases him, that gives him pleasure. In return he will
pleasure you. Just like tonight.'

'Yes, Daddy. I think I understand.'

"Good girl. Tomorrow we'll talk about making love to your husband. I
think you will find it just as enjoyable as tonight.'

'Oh,' I exclaimed, blushing at the thought.

'I want you here an hour earlier tomorrow. At eight o'clock.


'And in exactly the same pose a you are in now. Exactly, Jennifer. You
can wear a different nightdress if you want, but it must be arranged no
differently to now. I won't be here when you arrive and you will drink
what I leave on the desk, then arrange yourself and close your eyes. Do
not open your eyes under any circumstances. Can you remember all that?
You know what I want?'

'Yes, Daddy, I know. I'll remember,' I said nervously. 'Are you going
to have sex with me, Daddy?'

'You will have to wait and see, won't you? Just remember to do exactly
as I said. Right, you can cover yourself.'

I sat up and looked at him.

'Enjoyed yourself tonight, didn't you?' He asked me with a strange look.

'Yes, you made me feel nice.'

'Good. Tomorrow will be nice too.'

'Daddy, are you going to teach Margie too. About sex just like me.'

He looked at me nervously.

'What? Margie? Oh, I don't know, she's very young,' he said brushing
the question aside.

'She has her periods, Daddy. She should know in case she lets boys do
things. Like you warned me about.'

'But... Well she's... You see, she's...." He was lost for words.

'I wish you'd shown me about these things when I was thirteen. I'd have
known what the bigger girls were always sniggering about. You should show
her too, Daddy.'

'The thing is, Jennifer, what about your mother? Margie's just as
likely to say something to your mother without knowing. I can trust you,
Jennifer, but Margie? No I don't think she'd be as receptive to me putting
my hands under her skirt as you were tonight.'

'Please think about it, Daddy. I could talk to her first. I know she
wants to know things but Mum's never going to help you know that. What if
I was with you while you taught her? I could touch her first then you
could take over. And Jim needs to know too. You know how he's always
trying to look up our skirts. He's just like Margie. They both want to
learn about their sex feelings. Will you think about it, Daddy? Please.
She's very pretty, you know? I've seen her naked and she has the most pert
little breasts, so pretty.' I added and he took the bait.

'Yes, she is, isn't she? And just thirteen too. Hmm, alright, I'll
think about it.'"

"He's hooked, Jimmy. If he starts on Margie I'm sure we can get you a
spy hole somewhere. Are you interested?" She was very excited at her coup.

Interested? Shit, I'd stand on hot coals to watch that. She reached
down and took my dick in her hands.

"He needs some warming," she said sucking him in.

Chapter Seven

I nearly shot off in my pants when I saw Jen the next night.

"Oh, shi, Jen," I gasped as I snuck into her room. "You are ravishing."

"That's because I'm probably about to be," she smiled back sickly.
"Ravished, I mean. Do you like it?"

"Like it? I want you. Let's do it before you go to him, baby," I urged
her, cuddling up as any good lover trying to get a bit.

"Not now, darling, later. Don't want to leave any residues for him to
find," she smiled, patting my cheek as she watched me in the mirror. "I'm
going to be laying open, remember?"

It was beginning to burn me up. Here's Dad who has no right to be
touching my girl up, daughter or not, and I have to have the leftovers.
"It's not fair," I grizzled. "Anyway, what's he going to do when he finds
out you're not as pure as he thinks? He might get mean." I was hoping in a
jealous way, this might put her off.

"I'll worry about that if he ever finds out. I'm going to tell him a
bout a secret accident I had when I was ten with the seat of my bike.
Maybe that will convince him I'm as pure as snow after all."

"What accident?"

"The one where I fell off my bike after slipping my groin into the seat
and made my pussy bleed."

"When did that happen?" I asked incredulously.

"Just now," she said matter of factly, with a wry smile.

She sat at her dressing table, watching me. She had another nightdress
on but I'd never seen this one. Well, after all, she's almost always naked
when I see her.

It was bright candy pink and just floated over her body, held up by
shoestring shoulder straps. If she slipped those off her shoulders the
whole nightie would fall down her body to the floor. It was short, well
above her knees but low enough to cover her pussy and while it was loose
all around, it fell around her breasts to give anyone looking, clear
outline of the contours.

"I just bought it. You like?"

She could see my tongue sticking out and laughed softly. "Yes, of
course you do. No panties either. See." She whisked the front up to prove

"Do all girls smell as good as you, baby," I asked in wonder.

"No. I'm the very best."

"I know it. You will come and talk to me when it's over won't you?"

"You know I will." We kissed gently but oh, so very meaningfully. She
knew how to convince me of her true love.

"Good luck," I whispered as I slipped away.

"Hold me tightly, darling," she sighed as she slipped in beside me. It
was after midnight again. I was pleased she still wore her pink nightie;
it made her look so desirable.

"Your father's not a dirty old man, he's a sexy dirty old man," she
giggled and kissed me passionately. "Oh, the things he did, Jimmy. Things
I'll be able to teach you. Kiss me again."

She cuddled closer, half laying over me and laid her head on my chest.
"I think he got me drunk. Just a little," she added with a giggle.

Then she fell asleep. What was I to do? I needed relief but I was
beginning to realise it's much better to wait for her to pleasure me in her
own time that than use my own hand. So with the feeling of frustration
growing, I too drifted off to sleep.

The next thing I remember is being woken up by a loud voice calling out.

"Jennifer? Jennifer, where are you?"

"Dad," I hissed to myself and tried to sit up but Jen was almost on top
of me.

"Jen. Quick. Wake up." I shook her furiously.

"Wha...? What's the matter?" She was still drowsy.

"Quick, it's Dad. He's calling out for you."

"Oh, shit. He'll know." She panicked as usual. "What'll I do, Jim?"

"Quick on the floor, at the foot of my bed and pretend you're asleep. I
pulled the covers up around my face and pretended sleep as well, none too
soon for Dad pushed the door open just as I settled.

"James? Wake up," he stumbled in the dark. "Where's Jennifer? Have
you seen her?"

It's not so easy to pretend I'd just woken up but I'm sure he didn't

"What? Jenny? I don't know. Why? In her bedroom I suppose."

"No, she's not there. I went in. She's gone."

"Is she having a piss. I mean, she's probably in the bathroom."

He was stumbling around the room beside me, frantically pulling at his
hair and mumbling.

"No, not there either. Are you sure...? Oh thank goodness, there she
is," he said bending over her inert form. I turned the light on.

"Jennifer? Jennifer, are you hurt?"

"Hello, Daddy," she smiled stupidly at him. "My darling Daddy." Then
she slumped back on the carpet. Oh what a beautiful sight she looked, her
nightie up around her waist her bum in the air and Dad trying to cover her

"Jennifer," he almost shrieked. "For goodness sake, you only had one
drink. Get up. Come on, get back to bed."

"Oh, I love my Daddy," she swooned as he lifted her up, one of his hands
right under her nightie but I don't think he noticed.

"Be quiet, Jennifer. You mother will hear."

"Yes, Daddy." I can understand that being a problem, I smiled.

"Is she alright, Dad?"

"Yes. I'll look after her. Go back to sleep, son." He hurried out and
I nearly killed myself with laughter. It was hard to keep it quiet. Then
I realised it was not even half after midnight. We must have just got off
to sleep when he came looking. Probably wanted another feel before he went
to bed.

"Oh, I feel terrible," Jen groaned as she walked in for breakfast. She
was still wearing the nightdress but I saw she wore panties as well this

"What's wrong, dear?" Mum always fussed.

"I just feel terrible."

Dad coughed and looked rather sickly himself. He glanced at me then
straight down into his paper again. I still didn't know what happened to
Jen last night and was itching to talk but she didn't look up to it right

She slumped down next to Dad and wanly smiled at him. "Good morning,
Daddy." Her hand slipped under the table and I was sure it landed in his
lap. He almost jumped and pushed her away not responding to her good

"You really don't look well, dear," Mum said. "What do you think it is?
There's lots of flu around at present."

"I don't know, Mum. I just want to die."

"Maybe you should see a doctor."

"I think I'll just go back to bed," she said with a struggle but glanced
at me meaningfully.

"You should have someone to look after you, dear. I've got to go to
work and so has your father, but I don't like leaving you like this."

"I've got a free day, Mum. I'll stay in," I said gratuitously.

"You, James? Well, if you would that would be a kindness, to your
sister and to me. But you mustn't go out, James, in case she needs

"That's O.K. I've got a lot of study to do anyway."

"Oh, that does relieve me. Off you go then, Jennifer. I'll pop in
before I leave."

"Thanks, Mum," Jennifer said wearily and left.

"What do you think it could be, Bob? She doesn't look well at all."

"I don't know," he said brusquely. "How should I know?"

"Probably got her curse," Margie piped up.

"Margie," Mum exclaimed. "That's not nice."

"Sorry," she said and blushed profusely.

"Oh, well, let's hope she's over it by tonight."

I'll bet Dad was thinking that as well.

"Jen?" I said as I poked my head around her door.

"It's alright, baby brother. Come in. I'm O.K. I thought you might
wise up on my staying home."

"You were brilliant, Jen. I love you."

"Now we can do what we've wanted all along."


"Play Mummy's and Daddy's, silly boy. Want to take that shower with me

"You bet," I grinned with anticipation.

"And afterwards I want you to make love to me, Jimmy darling," she said,
her eyes glistening. "Make beautiful sweet love to me for the rest of the

"Yes, Ma'am," I agreed with a thumping heart. I stood and watched as
she slipped her panties down then dropped the straps of her nightie and let
it fall all the way. I'm sure my eyes were bulging. Not that I haven't
seen my love naked before but she was just so beautiful.

"Now you," she smiled.

I don't think I was cut out for striptease but she watched avidly.

"Aha, My big boy is ready to go," she laughed and clapped her hands. We
held hands as we walked to the bathroom in our birthday suits.

The biggest problems were not to get her hair wet yet to squeeze into
the small shower cubicle together. I don't think too much cleaning got
done but at least we were both wet. We left the touching up for later.
I've never towelled my girl off before and it was a genuine pleasure. Oh,
how beautiful those large tits are. And how sensitive. They were taut and
pointing as soon as my towel began to caress her.

She powdered me then herself but I baulked at letting her perfume me.
"But it would make you smell beautiful," she pouted.

"I've got you to smell beautiful. That's all I need. Let's make love,
darling," I said, finally making her happy again.

"Want to do it on Mum and Dad's bed," she giggled.

"No, I want to do it on your bed. It's where I think about you all the

mother and Josie weren't passionate people. They were sexy and ravenous
for sex but not passionate. Not like my Jen anyway.

"I love you, James," she whispered as she clung to my neck while we
stood at the end of her bed. Rarely did she call me James.

"Let's lay down, darling," I said and we kneeled then stretched out, my
dick poking into her tummy, leaving wet trails wherever it touched.

"You're very wet," she smiled taking the tip between her fingers and
rubbing it around the head. I began exploring her breasts, taste testing
each nipple.

"Baby wants a drink," I cooed, sucking a nipple and part of her breast in as far as I could.

"There's only one drink I can give," she sighed but I didn't catch on.
"Do you want to taste?"

"I think so," I agreed.

"Then kiss my pussy."

"You mean...?"

"Do you want to?"

"Yes. But afterwards. Lets make each other feel good first."

"Yes, Sir," she said laying back and opening her legs.

"I'm going to kiss pussy," I whispered, "To make you happy. Leave the
drink until later." I slid between those beautiful legs and began to lick
my favourite place.

Chapter Eight

"I thought girls never had many orgasms," I said in wonder after we had
made perfect love together. "How many times did you come then? At least

"And nearly a third but you came instead."

"Sorry. Do you want...?"

"I'm not unhappy, baby," she said kissing me on the lips. "You are a
wonderful lover, young as you may be. You're the most sexy thing in the

"What about Daddy, then?" I said more spitefully than I intended.

"Don't be jealous of him, darling. I told you it made me feel so sexy
because he didn't know I was playing with him. He still thinks I'm Little
Miss Innocent, Jimmy."

"Oh, yes? And gets to feel you up more than I do."

"Well you can catch up a bit now if you'd like," she smiled and slid her
legs apart.

"Shit I love it when you do that," I melted.

"Still want your drink?"

"Yes please."

"Follow me to the soda fountain, kind sir," she curtsied and wobbled her
hips suggestively.

She laid me on the bathroom floor with a towel under me to take away the
cold of the tiles. Another was folded up and placed under my head. She
loomed over me, her legs each side of my shoulders so I had a full preview
of her pink slit.

"Does sir wish any particular flavour?"

"Anything but chocolate," I blurted and fell into fits of laughter. She
collapsed on me and we were uncontrollable for a long time, tears streaming
down our faces and bursting into renewed screams of joy every time we
looked at each other.

"Of course I could provide even chocolate if sir really wished it," she
shrilled. "But not many ask for that."

For a long time we remained in a tangled mess trying to gain control.

"You're filthy, Jennifer Tailor," I chided her when all was quiet. "How
anyone could get a thrill out of that I'll never know."

"Me either. But they do it. Not even the pig wanted that, thank
goodness, well not fully," she added in a subdued voice.

We thought about mother and the priest in silence for a time then Jen
stood over me again. "I should get sir his order. Any flavour, you said

"Yes please." She squatted, her pussy coming ever closer to my face. I
reached up and kissed then licked the wide split, tasting the girl musk I
had grown to love so much.

"Would you like it all or a shower and drink, sir," she asked, pointing
her finger into her chin in innocence.

"Oh, a little of both please."

It hit me on the nose first and splattered everywhere, the golden stream
pouring from such a little hole. And it was so hot, I remember thinking.
Then she lowered herself and pressed her pussy hard against my mouth and
the rest flowed straight inside. I had to swallow quickly for she shed so
much so quickly. Impossible to breath. Just swallow. Hot liquid down my
throat. Bitter yet appealing. Elixir from my love. The flow eased just
as I thought I would have to turn sideways to breathe. Not a drop spilled.
Very proud of myself.

"I love you, James Tailor," she said between the ablutions she was
carrying out on my face with her lips. She was licking all the wet away,
cleaning and loving me at the same time. Then she squatted over me again.

"Now lick me clean too."

How sweet her fluids are, I thought to myself as I rendered every
service to her nether regions.

Then we bathed each other, bubbles and all. I lie between her
outstretched legs, back against her and let her masturbate me all the way.
Great globs of spunk rose into the air and splattered down on my chest and
into the water. It fascinated her.

"How strong it shoots out, baby," she said, enthralled as she scooped a
string of spunk onto her hand. "This came from you. From right inside you
and it makes babies. Isn't it wonderful, Jimmy?"

I suppose it was but I didn't want to brag.

"Jimmy, do you suppose Dad's got some girlie magazines stashed away

She amazed me with the things she thought of.

"Want to look?" I asked cheekily.

"Why not?"

We dried ourselves and raced downstairs in the raw. They weren't hard
to find. He had two cupboards in his study, one was open and had a whole
lot of workbooks but the other was locked.

"Here it is," she cried gleefully holding up a key. "Right in the front
of his top drawer."

There were only a few things. Several books with naked women drawn on
the covers and some girlie magazines. I picked the first one up and Jen
stood beside me, wide-eyed as I flicked through the pages. Just girls with
big boobs, no men and no pussy.

"I'm disappointed, they're tame," I bemoaned.

"But big tits, Jimmy. Imagine rubbing your nose into those valleys.
Imagine having to lug those beauties around with you all the time." I
squeezed one of her tits and agreed.

I took out the rest, about a dozen, and quickly flipped through the
covers. The first few were all the same but then they got better.

Jen took one from my hands. "Switch? What's that?" Then she opened it
and saw a girl, none too old getting her bum smacked with a more than
mature gentleman. "Oh, that kind of switch," she gasped and kept looking.
"He likes spanking girls," she said in surprise. "He's never tried to do
that to me."

"I'll bet he does though. It sure looks like his preference," I said as
I flicked through another. I'd already come twice in the last hour or so
but the pictures brought me to full salute again. Jen giggled when she saw
the flagpole.

"Want to try it out?"

"Love the invitation, baby," I said and patted her bottom. "Give me

"Oh, Jim. Look at this one."

Jenny had come to the last two magazines and she held out the first page
to me. A little girl, pre-pubescent for she had no breasts and no pubic
hair was sitting on a man's knee, his cock poking up against her thigh and
her little hand held the tip. She looked about ten years old. Jen was
silent as she turned to the next page. Another very young girl no more
than nine or ten was sitting beside a much older man. An old man. His
hand was pressed between her open legs and she was looking up into his
face, a look of happiness on her face.

Each picture covered the full page and there was no text except a
one-line explanation. 'That feels nice, Grandfather,' it read.

On the opposite page a naked woman was laying on a bed and a young hairless boy seemed to have his whole hand inside her pussy. 'Mother's
Little Helper' read the caption.

"Oh, Jim, this is against the law," Jen whispered.

"So's fucking your sister," I reminded her.

"At least the little kids look happy."

"Yes. But... Oh, Jimmy, I'm so ashamed," she sobbed and laid her face
into my shoulder.

"You can't help what Dad likes, Jen?" I reassured her.

"It's not that. It... Oh, Jimmy, don't hate me but it..."

"What is it baby?" I asked, suddenly concerned.

"It makes me... Makes me feel so, well so sexy."

"Does it? You? Me too, baby. Just looking at them."

"But that's awful. They're so young."

"So are you and you let Dad do the same kind of things."

"Yes but..."

"Come here,' I said and pulled her down onto the settee and hard against

"Now let's look through it then we'll put them away."

Most of the pictures were alike. Naked little girls with naked older men, all rampant or naked little boys with little erections doing things to
naked 'mothers' with widely spread thighs. The centre fold took Jen's
breath away. A man had the tip of his cock embedded into the folds of a
beautiful little girl, while a woman knelt beside her, obviously whispering
to the little one while the little one squeezed the mother's bared tit.

"Would you like to do that, Jen? Be in the picture instead of her?"

"Yes," she whispered, ashamed but still wanting to look.

The second magazine was of children as well but a little different.
Young boys and girls were in sexual positions but there was always a naked
adult looking on, touching them in some way. The girls were a little
older, some with small breast mounds but all had hairless slits.

"Does that arouse you too?" I asked.

"They all do," she agreed.

"Come on, let's put them away and play naughties again."

We both wanted to make love and spent the rest of the day in each
other's arms.

"Want to hear about last night?" She finally asked.

"Of course. I was waiting for you to raise the subject. Did he feel
you up when he took you back to bed?"

"No he scurried straight back to Mum. He was shit scared, Jim," she
said smiling at the memory. "Anyway, will I tell it like the last time?
I'll talk and you keep quiet?"


"Can I stroke Mr. Marvellous here?"

"Until I say stop."

Her hand was cool and gentle as she began.

"He had left a glass of brandy on the desk just as he said. 'To relax
and warm your tummy. Sip it slowly,' the note said. I'd never tasted
liquor before and it made me cough every sip I took. But it sure made my
tummy warm and it made my head spin like I've never felt before.

I got on the desk, tits out and my little nightie bunched around my
waist. There wasn't much covering me at all. I spread my knees, closed my
eyes and waited. I have no idea how long I was there because I think I
went to sleep. Never heard him come in at all.

I woke up feeling someone licking my pussy, his tongue right inside and
in my hazy brain I thought it was you. Then it dawned. It was Daddy with
his tongue right inside my virginal pussy. He'll know for sure. But he
wasn't deterred. His tongue probed and licked, a finger diddled my clit
and I knew he was trying to make me come again. I'd reacted so well the
first time he wanted to be good to me again. So I let him.

No need to fake it because I could feel the thrills charging through me,
knees shivering, and teeth clenched and moans that I couldn't stop. He
drove me over the edge in very quick time. No wasting time about Daddy."

After I'd stopped shuddering I leaned up on my elbows.

'Thank you, Daddy, that's a nice start.' Then I saw him. "Oh," was all
I could saw because he was naked.

'Just one of the ways your husband will please you,' he said,
unconcerned at what I was seeing.

'Tonight I'm going to make love to you, Jennifer. Just as your husband

'Daddy, you can't. Remember my purity.'

"We're going to do everything you'll do on your wedding night except for
penetration,' he smiled. 'Does that ease your mind?'

'But what if some of your, you know, your stuff comes out.'

'Sperm? It won't.'

'But I thought...'

He walked around beside me. "You'll be inviting me into your most
secret place but I will wear these," he said as his bathers came into view.

'Oh, I see,' I said innocently.

'What's the first thing you would do on your honeymoon then?'

'Kiss him, I suppose.'


He wanted to French kiss and it lasted until I was out of breath. His
hands were everywhere. Daddy was having a very good time with his
daughter's pure young body.

'Then what, my dear?'

'Oh, I don't know, Daddy. Is it naughty?'

'Of course it is,' he laughed.

'He touches her?' You know, down there.'

'Before that.'

'I'm sorry, Daddy. I'm embarrassed,' I sobbed.

'Then I'll show you. Stand up and put your top back in place.' He
watched my every move then stood right in front of me.

'You are undressed by your husband. He lowers the shoulder straps,' he
said in a whisper. 'Then removes the dress.' He knew it would fall
straight down and he let it.'

'Oh, Daddy, you're so naughty. Do you do this to Mum?'

'Well your mother doesn't seem to want any help like that these days,'
he replied in a broken voice. 'Not any more.'

'Oh, it must be terrible for you then.'

'A man needs to be comforted sometimes, Jennifer. You must remember
that, when you get married. Never stop giving your self to your husband in
any way he wants.'

'Yes, Daddy.' For a moment I forgot I was naked in front of him and
hugged him with a kiss. 'Oh, I forgot,' I said all flustered.

'Back on the desk, pet,' he told me. 'Offer yourself. Like I showed
you last night.'

He stood looking down then slowly lowered his head and began kissing my
breasts and sucking my hard nipples. Soon he was washing my belly button
then running his face across my hairs. 'Ooh, Daddy,' I sighed and let him
have his way.

'I am your husband, darling. Give yourself to me,' he whispered as he
knelt between my knees. 'Your husband's cock is hard and wants to fuck
you. Do you know what that means?'

'You mean you want to push it inside me, Daddy?'

'Yess,' he hisses. 'In to the hilt. And so would I if I removed
these,' he kept on, pressing his groin against my pussy.

'Open wide, darling. Can you feel your Daddy's big cock against you?'

'Yes, Daddy. Yes, I can. I can,' I told him excitedly. The bulge
fitted perfectly into my slit as he began to move back and forward. He was
heavy, pressing down on me, taking my breath away and yet making me breathe
all the harder as his bulge rubbed against my clitty.

'Can you imagine my cock right inside, darling? Can you feel it?'


'I want to fuck you properly so much, darling,' he hissed between deep
breaths. 'Promise me you'll let me do it one day after you get married.'

'After I'm married, Daddy? You want to really fuck your little girl then? I wouldn't be a virgin then, would I Daddy? Do you think my husband
would let me do it with you?'

'You wouldn't tell him, just like you won't tell your mother about my

'Would it be to teach me more things then, Daddy?'

'Yes, that's right. Just one more time to make sure you are fucking
your husband properly. He won't have to know.'

'Then I suppose it would be all right. Would I come home for you to do

'Yes, one night while he's away on business. You could stay here and
I'd visit you in your room. If you liked what I do, you might want to come
other times as well.'

He was thrusting his crotch furiously against me now; his bathers
stroking my clitty better than fingers ever do, roughly and very
sensitively. I suspected I was going to have another climax when he
suddenly shuddered, groaned deep and long and slumped on top of me. I was
left wanting.

'Are you alright, Daddy?' I asked innocently after a while.

He stirred. 'Yes, baby, I'm all right now. Oh, you were wonderful.
Best fuck I've had in years.'

'You fucked me?' I shrieked. 'You promised you wouldn't, Daddy. Now
I'll get a baby and Mum will know. And you've taken my Purity away,' I

'Sshhh. Be quiet. It's all right. You're still pure. I had my
bathers on, remember. But you made me cum just like your husband would
when he fucks you.'

'Come? Come where? You never moved.'

'Cumming means I had an orgasm just like you did tonight and last night.
That's what the wonderful feeling is called. Men's are just a bit
different to a girl, that's all. I'll show you later but right now I've
got to go to the bathroom.'

He hurriedly put his clothes back on but not before I saw the huge wet
patch on his bathers."

"Do you think you should tell him you're not a virgin? Then he could
fuck you all the time," I suggested rather sarcastically.

"I thought of that but then he'd know his little girl wasn't pure and I
think that would destroy the myth. Besides, your chances would be a lot
slimmer if he has access, don't you think?"

"Yes, you're right. Keep mum, baby," I agreed. "And keep stroking.
It's delicious. On with the orgy."

He was back soon and became all arms and hands again, groping at his
naked daughter unable to get enough.

'Daddy?' I asked. 'Are you teaching me now or just enjoying yourself?'

'Do you mind?' He looked at me in hope.

'Not really but isn't what you're doing, what you've been telling me not
to do with boys all the time?'

It rocked him a bit. 'You're right, it is. I've been trying to teach
you the ways of sex and began to use you for my own satisfaction. I'm
sorry. I won't do it again.'

'If I ask you something very personal, will you promise to tell the
exact truth?'

'What things, darling?' He asked trying to cool his ardour.

'It doesn't matter what it is. Will you be completely honest with me?'

'Yes, I suppose.'

'Daddy, one-way or the other. Either you'll be truthful all the time or
you won't.'

'I will be truthful,' he answered wryly.

'Good. Then tell me if you have sex with Mum still.'

'No, not for a long time, I'm afraid. Since her menopause she doesn't
want me to touch her. Not even to stroke her.'

'Does that leave you frustrated then?'

'Any man would be. I still need to have sex, darling. A man needs

'Is that what a man's sex drive means? Needing to have sex all the

'Not all the time, but often.'

'How long has it been since you did it properly? I don't mean like just
now. I mean when you were inside her?'

'Several years.' He looked up at the ceiling and thought. "At least

'One of the girls read a story about men wanting sex all the time and
stuff. I read it and couldn't understand it then. But I do now. It must
be awful for you, Daddy, having a wife who doesn't satisfy you that way.
She's very mean.'

'It's very difficult.'

'Is that why you want to have sex with me, Daddy?'

'I didn't say that, dear. I know I overstepped the mark just now but
not to have sex with you.'

'But you want me to come home and let you do it to me. I said I would.'

'Yes, you did, that's true. Did you mean it?'

'Yes. I am truthful. But you still haven't answered my question.'

'What?' He asked with surprise.

'Do you want to have sex with me because Mum won't let you?'

He had stopped pawing me altogether now, looking and obviously feeling
very guilty.

'I shouldn't have asked,' he sighed. 'Sorry.'

'You're not being honest again, Daddy. You do want to do it to me,
don't you?'

'I... oh, shit, baby. How can I answer that?'

'How often did you do it to Mum, Daddy?'

'Every day when we first got married, sometimes three or four times.'

'What? In a day?'

'Yes,' He smiled at my shocked face. 'It's different when you're young.
But as we got older, your mother especially, she seemed to lose interest.
I've wondered all along if I wasn't pleasing her but she seemed to have...
Well she seemed pleased. Until after Margie was born. Then she didn't
want it any more and once her periods stopped she started sleeping in her
own bed. Wouldn't let me touch her then.'

'How often do you want to have sex now, Daddy? I mean does something in
your body tell you or what?'

'Ha, good question from someone so young. I can't answer that, little
one. Sometimes it's weeks or a month or so when I don't feel any need for
it. Then all of a sudden I get an erect... well an urge and it just won't
go away until it's satisfied.'

'I don't understand, Daddy. If you don't have sex and your urges don't
go away until you do, what happens?'

'Do you want me to show you?'

'You won't have sex with me will you?' I asked suspiciously.

'No,' he said with a laugh. 'But you can help if you want.' You need to
know this anyway. How to please a man without using your cunt, uhm, your

'What do I do?'

'Undress me if you want. You'll get to see it for the first time.'

'You mean your thing between your legs?' When he nodded with a smirk, I
laughed and said, 'Oh, I saw that years ago. When you peed in the bush
once. It looked very strange.'

'Hmm,' he smiled. 'I never knew. Anyway, it'll look quite different
now. Do you want to undress me or will I do it?'

'Would you like me to?'

'Of course.' He stood up and lifted his arms. I removed his shirt and
after some difficulty, found how his zipper came down. He stepped out of
his trousers and I saw his erection poking against his undies.

'Will I take these down too?'

'Of course.'

'Gosh,' I gasped. 'It's so big. You could never put that thing inside
my... inside me,' I stated with conviction.

'Once you lose your virginity it would slide in so smoothly you'd plead
with me to never take it out.'

'Oh, yes and I suppose pigs fly too?'

'It's true, baby girl. But not tonight, not until you're married,
remember? You've other things to do. Top drawer of my desk. Yes the box,
bring it here.'

'What is it?'

'Protection. Take one out and rip the cover off.'

I found the condom quite slippery.

'What is it for, Daddy?'

'Don't you know?'

'No. I've never seen anything like it before.'

'A condom stops you having babies. It catches my sperm instead of it
shooting all inside your cunt.'

'Shooting inside? How?'

'You'll see. Come with me.' He laid down on the settee and held his
cock up straight. 'Now put it on.'

'What?' I must have looked stupefied.

'You roll the rubber down my cock. Do it. No, the point upward. Yes.
Now pinch the tip. Ouch, not my cock, the rubber tip. Squeeze all the air
out. Now use your other hand to roll it down. Like a stocking.'

'Gosh, Daddy. Do you have to do this every time you have sex? Why?'

'Only if you don't want a baby… and to stop diseases from people you
don't know.'

'You know me, Daddy.'

'But you don't want a baby. Right?'

'Right,' I agreed seriously.

He took his cock and began to rub. 'Can I do that, Daddy? Does it feel

'Not as good as doing inside a girl's pussy. But it's the next best
thing.' He was sighing with pleasure. "Imagine, Jimmy, just last night I
was jerking off your Dad."

"Scary, right?"

"No, I thought it was good. At least it was more pleasure than he's had
for years."

"Except for the previous night of course. I'll bet he shot so much
spunk inside his bathers, he could have fathered a thousand kids."

"Wait till you hear the result then."

She continued. "He was getting pretty excited not long after I started,
moaning and groaning like a mother sow with her piglets and probably would
have come almost straight away. So I slowed him down.

'Should you be getting so excited yet, Daddy? I thought you should do
it gently and get more pleasure.'

'Yesss. Shit your hands feel good, baby,' he groaned. 'Don't stop.'

'Would you like to lay on top of me again, Daddy? I don't mind your
weight. You could pretend you were really doing it to me if you like.'
Then as an afterthought, 'Are you sure Mum doesn't know what we're doing.
She won't come in?'

'She won't come in. Anyway the door's locked. We'd be decent before
she saw anything.' He sat up and looked straight into my eyes. Would you
mind if I did lay on top, baby?'

'Of course not. But you'll have to do all the moving. Pretend you've
taken your baby's virginity at last.' I tittered and then added, 'It's like
real incest isn't it, Daddy?'

He coughed and went white. 'How did you know that?'

'Oh, they talk to all the girls about incest. I don't think it's so bad
though, do you?'

'Oh, shit. I've gone soft.'

'Don't you want to fuck me any more, Daddy?" I asked with a hurt voice.

'No. Yes. Yes, of course. It was just the shock... Oh, rub it,
darling. It'll come back.' It sure did, real quick. I laid on the settee,
my legs invitingly wide open and he laid between them. He had to move up a
bit so I could hold his cock in both hands then he began thrust. Oh, how
sexy it was, Jimmy. He had his eyes closed all the time, his breath was
churning in and out in time with his thrusts, spit splashing between his
teeth over my face and deep gargling sounds coming from his throat. He was
enjoying himself to the hilt. I never slowed him down and he didn't last
all that long. Like you the first time, I guess. Ha, ha.

As his climax hit, his whole body became taut with his head thrown back
almost as though his neck was double jointed. I could feel every pump his
cock gave and it was marvellous. I'll have to get you to do it to me that
way sometime. It's incredible how strong cocks are when you come. His
became slack almost instantly and he moved off me as soon as he got his
breath back. I was still holding the rubber as his cock slipped out. It
was almost half full with lots of froth around the top where my hands held
it onto him.

'What do you think you're going to do with that, young lady?'

'I don't know,' I said. 'What's it good for?'

'Making babies. And other things.'

'What other things,' I asked, smiling at the way he introduced the
little puzzle.

'They say it's the best source of protein in the universe. I think you
should stock up.' He took it from my hand and held it over my face.

'What do you mean?' I asked dubiously.

'Open up.'

'What? You mean drink it?'

'Of course. You'll do it for your husband because he'll surely want you
to. And I'm the next best thing to a husband at present.' I did think of
you then, Jimmy, but I didn't plan to tell him.

'You mean I've got to drink this stuff that came out of your... your
thing? I couldn't,' I said and screwed up my face.

'You've got to learn and you promised you do as you're told. Now open.'

'Oh, yuk. You're going to make me, aren't you?'

'I just expect you to do as you're told.'

I opened my mouth and he poured about half the contents inside.


"You knew I would, didn't you, Jimmy. Sorry, but it tasted no different
to yours. Except for the rubber taste that is."

'Yuk, it's weird. Can I have another brandy?' I said with all the
distaste I could muster. He obliged with a laugh. 'I don't have to drink
the rest do I?'

'No. There's another saying that it's the best skin lotion in the
universe too.' With that he poured the rest over my breasts and tummy. 'If
you don't start rubbing, it'll run down your sides,' he laughed and sat
there watching while I rubbed it in. The damn stuff took forever because
it turned into a creamy froth that just became smooth and took over half an
hour to get rid of it. I let him help after a while which he did with

Then it became so sticky he had to get a washer and wash me down. Had a
real ball, he did.

When he had finished he sat down beside me, we were both still naked,
and I played with his little cock. You've no idea how small it got. He
never even got an erection this time.

'Daddy, you still haven't told me if you really want to have sex with
your daughter. Real incest. Do you dream of doing it to me?'

'Yes, to be honest, I do, baby. All the time lately.'

'Do I do it good for you in your dreams?'

'You make me come every time,' he smiled down at me. 'Sorry.'

'You don't have to apologise. I understand. incest is so... so
illicit. It's what makes it so exciting, don't you think? A father making
a baby in his wife's tummy, and then doing the same thing to his baby when
she grows up. I wonder why it is so wrong?'

'It's because lots of silly old ladies say it is. That's all,' he said
philosophically. 'I suppose lots of kids become traumatised because of
what their fathers or uncles do to them. But it doesn't seem to have
worried you, baby,' he said leaning over and kissing a tit.

'Silly,' I laughed. Then in a very serious tone I asked, 'Do you dream
of sex with Margie too?'

'Yes.' He blushed with embarrassment and almost choked as he said it.

'Two daughters and you can't fuck either one. It's so sad, Daddy.
Maybe one day,' I suggested.

'Do you think so? I wonder.'

'Well I have promised you can. But only once. I'd have to see after
that. You can dream about it anyway.'

'It's a long way off. You'll forget or change your mind. But it was a
nice offer.'

'I think you should give Margie lessons, Daddy. I'm sure she wants to
know and I think I could talk her around. We're pretty close you know.'

'I'd have to be more cautious. I don't know. If she cried rape or
worse, incest, I'd be gone for all time.'

'She's very pretty, isn't she? You should see her little breasts, just
puffy little bits of fat. Doesn't even wear a bra yet.'

Now that made his cock rise. I'll keep going.

'She has her periods though. Uses the same pads as me so Mum just buys
in bulk. She's lucky she has no hair down there. Much easier to clean
herself when she changes her pad.'

'No hair? None at all?'

'Not yet. I suppose it'll start growing soon but she's only had a few
periods so she's still very undeveloped, after all, she is only thirteen.
But she's got the mind of a sixteen year old. Asks all sorts of sex
questions. Especially about boys whatsits. I never knew any of the
answers until you started your lessons.'

'Maybe I could,' he mused.

'You still haven't told me if you want to have sex with her.'

'Yes, damnit. Of course I want to.'

'Which one do you dream about the most?' It was facetious but he wasn't
looking my way.

'I usually picture you both together, doing sex things to each other.
Then I masturbate. Oh, shit, Jennifer. I feel such a low dog telling you
these things. I'm sorry.'

'You were honest. It doesn't embarrass me now. About what you said,
Margie and me. I could do it with her if it pleased you. All we have to
do is convince Margie.'

He looked at me, shocked and excited, then said nothing.

'Will I come tomorrow night?'

'Yes. No. I think we should wait a few days. Calm down a bit. Give
me time to think. A week. Same time next week.'

'O.K. I'll be on time. Oh, I can't my period... I'll have it then.'

'When's it due?'

Despite all the things he had done to me in the last three days it still
made me blush and he noticed it.

'Sorry. None of my business.'

'In four days,' I blurted out.

'Then on the fifth day I want you here. Same nightdress, panties and
pad. Understood? No more questions.'

He had definitely brightened up at the prospect.

'With my period?' I asked in a surprised voice then more understandingly
added, 'More illicit activities, Daddy?'

'Something new.'

'Shall I sooth this hot thing for you?' I was still holding his
re-hardened cock.

'I'd like something else.'

On the floor this time. Both naked. He straddled me and knelt over my
tummy, leaning down to lick all over the inside of my breasts. Then he
pressed his cock between them.

'Push them together, little one.'

He fucked my tits, Jimmy. The father never did that either. It felt
really funny. Just the thrill of seeing it happen, no sex pleasures for me
but I didn't care. When he came it splattered all over my face. You'll
have to do that sometime. So weird. He got dressed and brought a washer
and towel to clean me up."

"You're getting closer and closer to him, aren't you?"

"I feel sorry for him. Don't you?"

"Yes, but not at my expense please."

"Now when have I ever refused you anything. I love what you do to me,
what we do together. Don't you?"

"I'm sorry, baby. Of course I do. And you're right, you've never
forgotten my needs. Lets fuck and make up."

"Yes, please," she said excitedly.

The covers were thrown back and she was displayed in all her glory. The
tip of my cock centred on the wonder of wonders when we heard, "I'm home,
darling. How are you?"

"Oh, shit. She'll be here in a second. Quick. You get dressed and
I'll stay under the covers," Jen whispered urgently. I kicked her
nightdress under the bed and buttoned the last button on my shirt when Mum
put her head around the door.

"She's much better Mum," I blurted out. "Ate a good lunch, didn't you,

"I do feel much better, thanks Mum. I think I'll be able to go to
school tomorrow."

"Well you'd better stay in bed for the rest of the day. I'll bring your
dinner up."

"Thanks, Mum."

"James, you let her rest now. You've done your duty. Good boy."

"I'll say," Jen whispered with a giggle as Mum left.

I blew her a kiss as I left and she responded.

Chapter Nine

We met at the hideaway after school the next day.

"What do we do about Dad's magazines, Jen? I mean they were very young.
Illegal, for sure."

"Yes, I suppose so. But remember your reaction. Hard as a rock after
the first page. You liked it, why shouldn't Dad? And so did I."

"I know all that. It did excite me I must admit. He wouldn't touch one
like that would he? I mean as young as that."

Jen looked at me for a while and then said, "Let me ask you this. If
you could get hold of one so young and there was no possible way you could
get caught, would you let her touch you like in the pictures. No chance of
being found out ever. Well?"

"I... I don't... To be honest, yes I suppose I would use her. It just
feels so rotten."

"But when you're not involved, just a spectator as it were and no chance
of ever stopping the act, how can you say you're responsible? This stuff
goes on whether you buy the magazine or not. Even if no one bought, the
perpetrators would still be getting their kicks doing it on their own.

I had never heard Jen speak so forcefully on any subject before. She's
one strong lady and knows her mind. No wonder she can wind Dad around her
little finger.

I had to agree with her arguments. "So what do we do then? Nothing?"

"Well I'm going to raise the subject. Not about the books, he's not to
know we've found them, but I'll ask him about his preferences. Innocently.
We'll see what he says. He got a massive hardon when I told him about
Margie's tits."

"So did I. Does she really look like that in the raw?"

"Maybe one day you'll see for yourself," she said shrewdly.

"You've got something up your sleeve, haven't you? What is it?" I asked
enthusiastically. "Do you think she'll let me see her?"

"Probably not a hope in hell but you never know. There's a couple of
other things that will come first, I think."

"What?" I demanded, getting frustrated at her smugness.

"Wait for the surprises. They're much more interesting that way. Do
you want me now or wait until after lights out?"

"Can I have both?"

"As long as I get pleasured twice too."

"Then you choose now. I'll surprise you tonight. In your bed."

"Mine? It's very near Margie's room. Do you think you can keep quiet

"You, you mean," I chided. "I'm a mouse compared to your moaning. Now,
how would you like it?"

"Make me come with your lips. Give me good head, baby," she said
brazenly and slipped her panties off. Then you can fuck me. That hole becomes inoperative in a few days so you'd better make use of it while you

Jen can be very crude sometimes but that's what makes her so
interesting. A little girl one minute, a slut the next and a shy
considerate lover the next. I love them all.

Oh, we enjoyed ourselves all right.

I slipped into her bed quite early but not before Mum and Dad had
retired. That would have been tempting fate too much.

"You've got to be quiet," Jen, warned me. "We're not quite ready to let
Margie know we're more than just siblings."

"I'll be as quiet as a mouse," I whispered. "You just look after
yourself. Now roll over, on your side. Know what's coming next?"

"I guess you're expecting a little bit more than just spooning," she
laughed softly as I curled myself around her back. I pulled her nightdress
up until it was mostly around her neck. I wanted her naked but not naked
if that makes any sense.

Then I whispered in her ear, "You want to make my little dick slippery.
And that particular opening in your anatomy that you know I love so well."

"So you want me to be a man again, darling," she whispered over her
shoulder then spun around to suck my dick between her lips. "It's the
favourite of all men of that persuasion," she informed me after she let my
glistening dick slip out. Then with her hand she lubricated her nether
region with as much spit as she could produce. "Enjoy, my dearest," she
whispered, smiled and kissed me before laying back on her side.

One of my hands went under her neck and began to caress those beautiful
pointy breasts while the other slipped into the vee of her pubis and
stroked her pussy slit.

"The difference between a man and you, my dear girl," I whispered back,
"is that they have neither of these ports of call. What they have instead
doesn't particularly attract me at all."

"I'm so glad," she sighed and snuggled closer into me.

"Is this nice?" I asked after a few minutes. We had been silent,
enjoying the closeness.

"As always. Kiss my neck. Aren't you going to find the hole?"

"In good time." I knew if I pushed inside such tightness too soon I
would ejaculate well before Jen was ready herself. Instead, I began to
titillate her clitty, which brought on her first soft moans within seconds.

"How many times would madam expect to come tonight?"

"Twenty five at least, Jeeves. Work away," she giggled, pressing my
hand against her breast with her own hand.

"Would you like to diddle your own clitty while I concentrate on other
things or is madam satisfied?"

"Madam is very satisfied, thank you, Jeeves." She shivered then gave a
little moan. "Oh, yes, very satisfied."

"Then I may need to leave you for just a moment. I have a plug to find
a socket for."

She arched her back and pushed her bottom out more prominently and I
guided my dick straight into the bull's eye.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

"Yes," she whispered and I felt her tight little bottom relax and even
open itself for my visit. I knew from instinct that this couldn't be
rushed, as I didn't want to be responsible for tearing this tender
sphincter muscle. I pushed slowly but my wet dick slipped so smoothly
inside, all the way, right to the very hilt.

A little groan from my beloved but I took it to be satisfaction rather
than pain.

"You are impaled, my love," I whispered, returning to caress her own
sensitive parts.

"I know and I'm happy," she sighed, squeezing my hand over her tit

All it took now was to bring her near to climax and hold her while I
brought myself near to completion. It took neither of us long.

"Ready?" I asked softly.

"Definitely," she moaned.

I attacked her clitty by pressing the whole length of my finger hard
against her little nub and began to vibrate it as fast as I could. At the
same time, I began to thrust back and forth, an activity that brought my
shudderings to a climax almost instantly. Her hand gently cupped the hand
that was frigging her clitty. It was a nice gesture. Before my spurtings
had finished, she stiffened and with a low deep whispered, "Oh, yes," she
erupted into her usual orgasmic delights.

She was sweating for I could feel it all over her body. Maybe it was
just me? I wasn't sure but our loving was as deep as it ever was. Sex was
the great pacifier. How could anyone be mad at a partner when they had
just done something like this?

Jen lay still for a few moments then turned around and began to kiss me
with loving little kisses. She didn't say a word and yet I heard
everything. Then with a knowing look into my eyes she slipped downwards
and I felt her mouth cleaning my dick. My dick that just a few moments ago
had resided deep in a place one could call the body's rubbish dump.

It is a humbling feeling, having your lover give such service.

She lay in my arms until sunrise when I decided my bed would be a better
place to be found in when everyone woke up.

JENNIFER'S story Chapter Ten

I woke as jimmy slipped from my bed although I didn't let him know. He
might have slipped back in and sunk himself inside me again and I needed
some time alone this morning.

I pulled the covers up around my ears, snuggled down into the warmth he
had just left, closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on all the things I
had been putting into place in my mind over the last week or so.

Jimmy had become a great lover and I knew there wasn't another person in
the world I could ever want before him. Sensitive and loving; sexy and
cheeky; smart and involved and virile, very virile. He had it all as far
as I was concerned. I decided to test his staying power to the last one
day soon, bring him off as many times as his big handsome cock could stand
before it flopped down dead for twenty four hours. It made me giggle. I
wanted no one else to satisfy me.

But he could never be a husband. Not within the law. Our love was one
that forever must stay silent. We could never step out as either married partners or even lovers. There would always be someone who would find the
real truth. Imagine the headlines. Sibling Lover's Love Child.

Impossible, I knew and a tear ran down my cheek.

Then there was Daddy. Naughty Daddy. Well, no naughtier than Jim and
me I suppose. A daddy who desired his two daughters in the most intimate
way. The same daddy I loved just as dearly as I did my brother and yet in
such a different way.

Daddy's needs were desperate, I knew that. He hadn't been loved, really
loved, not just sex, for years and Mum was to blame for that. He was just
as sexy as Jimmy in his own way. They both liked sex in every form
imaginable and he was gentle as well. But my feelings for Daddy were
probably out of pity rather than deepest love.

My Jimmy was in my mind always. Little glimpses jumping up at me in
everything I did and sometimes I found myself giggling for no reason other
than because I recalled something he had said or done to me. I thought of
Daddy sometimes but these were in the context of simply giving him what he
so desperately needed. Relief for his pent up urges, sex on call was fine
by me, and he needed my love too. But a daughter's love? When I told him
I loved him, I meant it in this way, love by a daughter for her father. I
think he thinks of me as a second wife, loving and true to him at present.
I have to change that. Definitely.

Mum. Well, desperate to keep our little secrets from her. All hell
would break loose and no doubt Dad would face prison and Jim and me end up
in homes. Not even an option. So our little love triangle has to stay
secret, probably for years. She's a good Mum I suppose but not much fun.

Margie. How I smile when I think of her? I once was her protector now
I'm plotting to turn you into a sexpot like me. Poor Margie. I wonder how
she'll cope with all that? I have to move very slowly with her. One slip
and Mum comes back into the equation, death for everything I've been hoping
for. But I desperately want her to understand our ways and join in. Dad
will cream his pants the first time Margie's charms are unveiled. So will
Jimmy, but he'll probably hold off long enough to cream my pussy instead.

That's one thing about Jimmy's love for my bottom. There's no cleaning
up afterwards and he becomes guilty after every anal poke. Guilty boys are
good boys. They want to keep pleasing you so you don't hate them for their
dirty little ways.

I don't mind bottom sex, really. Once I learned to start pushing my
sphincter against him when he plunges in, the same as going to the toilet,
he pops in so smoothly. And he's so considerate. Makes sure I come every
time. Maybe that's the guilt payback? Well, he loves it and I don't
dislike it. Who doesn't want a climax every time? He got a shock when I
sucked him clean last night. I had to smile. Doesn't take long for the
bitter taste to go, anyway it's all my own. How I love, my darling.

Oh, how he excites me. I need him right now. Why isn't your wonderful
cock filling me, my darling? Oh, I have to play with pussy. So what? No
one's to see. My hand slipped down and ruffled the hairs. That feels
nice. Tickles. On my back, legs well apart. Here I am, pussy love. How
sensitive you are? Slip a finger inside, all the way. I'm still wet from
the secretions of my last come. It's all Jimmy's doing. Stroke my pussy lips, how sharp they are, like little rubber knives. How sensitive, oops,
they made me flinch with sensations.

It must be Jimmy. He's here; I can hear his soft voice. More, Jimmy
darling. My clit, rub my clit, hard the way you do. My finger slips
against that hard little nub and I stroke it just the way Jimmy does. Oh,
it's wonderful. I'm sorry, Jimmy, I can't stop moaning. I know I'm doing
it, must keep it soft. Don't let Margie know. Oh, Oh, soon. Yes make me
come Jimmy.

I hear your voice. Jenny? Jenny? You are saying. It's alright my
darling, I'm pretending it's you, Jimmy.

"Jenny? Jenny, are you alright?"

No, it's not Jimmy. My eyes flash open in horror.

"Jenny, are you alright?"

Margie stood by my bed. Was that my voice squealing? Margie jumped

"Jenny?" She asked unsure what the matter was.

"Oh, Margie," I gulped. "You caught me masturb... I was..."

I knew I was blushing and Margie realised I had been doing something
very private.

"I'm sorry," she murmured and turned to run out.

I had to explain and without thinking, jumped out of bed and caught her
hand. "Margie, don't go. It's alright," I said, trying to draw her back.
"I was, well, I was making love to myself. It's no big deal. Come back, I
want to talk with you."

Her eyes were wide open, perhaps in fright. Shock? Then I realised I
was stark naked. I'd taken my nightie off last night after Jimmy finished
me off.

She pulled against my hand. "Don't be frightened. It's alright. We're
both girls. Come and sit down," I said then let her go and slipped the
nightie over my head.

"You were in bed with nothing on," she said simply. A statement but a
major question in her mind.

"Yes, I suppose I was, little sister. Why? Did it surprise you?"

She blushed. "Jenny I thought you were sick or something. You were
moaning..." Her voice trailed off.

"Was I? Nice sex feelings make you do that too. I guess it was so nice
I didn't realise I was so loud. Sorry, darling," I said and hugged her
against me.

When we separated, her eyes were full of tears.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, darling," I said with a smile.
"It's my fault for being so careless and letting you hear me."

"It's not that," she said blushing. "Well, not really that," she added
softly, looking down to the floor. "It's just..."

"Go on, dear. Don't be afraid to tell me. I'm your sister. I won't
tell anyone."

"Well you seem to know so much and I don't know anything," she finally
said in a broken voice, very emotional, on the edge of crying.

"You mean about sex?" I asked, leaning down and looking up into her
downcast face.

"Yes," she whispered, shuffling with embarrassment.

"Mum hasn't talked to you either, has she? About sex and things?"

"No. I've been too scared to ask anything."

"She should have but then she never said one word to me either. It's
not fair on you, darling," I sympathised.

"Then how did you learn, Jenny?"

"I'll tell you what," I smiled her, putting my arm around her shoulders.
"We're late for school now. Would you like to have a good long talk
tonight? I think I know a way of solving all your problems. Would you
like that?"

She looked straight at me, almost excited. "Oh, would you, Jenny? Yes,
That would be great. I mean, I just don't know anything about, you know
those things."

"You mean sex," I prompted. "There's nothing wrong with the word or
talking about it or even doing it for that matter. But the last bit does
need some understanding," I suggested. She looked at me with a perplexed
face. "I know," I reassured her. "Stop worrying, we'll talk tonight."

"Thanks, sis," she said with a look that said all her problems had been
solved in one instant. I hope they have, I thought to myself. Now I have
a major project on my hands and Dad hasn't even finished with me yet. Now
I hoped I could convince Margie of being trained in the way I had in mind
for her. A bit soon but the perfect opportunity. I must tell Jimmy not to
expect me tonight. That'll frustrate him no end. I might have to give him
a quickie to please him, I smiled to myself.

Then I focused on where it had all started. There goes my thinking time
and my orgasm. Maybe I do have to please Jimmy tonight after all. I need
some relief too.

Instead we did it at lunchtime. "Do you think we could get to the
hideout and back during lunch?" I asked before classes started.

"There's a bus. Maybe. Why? Need my body?" He smirked.

"Yes," I said. "Because I can't have it tonight. Make sure you hurry,"
I said and rushed off before he had a chance to ask anything more."

"What's the rush?" he asked as I walked into our little nook. He had
beaten me here, easily.

"It's just that I can't come to you tonight. I have something to do.
But I need to make love to you right now," I said, undoing my blouse.

We were both naked and his hands were massaging my tits like only he
could do.

"Oh, that feels nice," I cooed, flicking the tip of his cock. "I'm
ready when you are," I purred.

When Jimmy lies on top of me, he is never heavy. Never takes my breath
away, with his weight anyway, and his cock slides inside so wonderfully.
He's so thoughtful, I told myself for the hundredth time.

"Oh, that's good, baby," he sighed, his eyes closed in concentration.
He was thrusting in and out, moving slowly, enjoying himself but at the
same time, making sure I was happy as well.

"The only lover I want, Jimmy," I hummed sweetly.

I came then felt his sperm surge inside me, his growls deeper and louder
than I'd ever heard. He slumped to my side, stroking my back and bottom
for a long while as my arousal slowly eased.

"Thank you, lover," I finally said, kissing his ear.

"So what's the rush, Jen? Why not tonight?"

"I've got to have a talk with Margie. She caught me jacking off this
morning and it shocked her. Me too, I suppose," I said and rolled onto my

"You could come later," he suggested.

"I suspect it will go into the night. She's very upset. Not for
catching me but about not knowing. You know, sex and stuff."

"Hmm, I see." he said. "So she gets your attention, not me."

"Stop being the little spoiled boy," I harangued him, patting his soft
but still glistening cock. "You can have a second taste to make up if you

"You've deflated me."

"I can reinflate," I assured him.

"Yes, please," he said lying on his back.

It didn't take long to feel his strength return and it was at full
stretch when I reminded him, "Remember what you said about Margie's little
titties? It may be closer than you think."

I squatted over him and sank back. His ejaculation spurted just a few
thrusts later. "Shit you're virile," I said with pride. "Twice in five

"It was the bit about Margie."

"Thought so." We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes then dressed and
returned to school separately.

Chapter Eleven

"I'm here, Jenny," her small voice called as she knocked on my door,
obviously straight from school.

"So I see," I said, stepping aside to let her in. "But you're not

"Yes, I am," she replied doubtfully.

"Firstly you've got homework to do."

"I can leave that until tomorrow," she said.

"No, you can't. Anyway I want you with no distractions and relaxed.
So, first, we do our homework. O.K?"

"Yes, Jenny," she agreed, her eyes downcast.

"And then, after dinner you'll have a hot shower and get into your night
clothes. Then we can talk."

"Aw, Jenny. That's hours away."

"Just a couple. Now off you go. And, Margie," I called her back. "You
never have to knock on my door before you come in. We have no secrets
between us. Agreed?"

"But what if you were... You know, like this morning?"

"Well that's no secret now anyway, is it? You already know I do it to

"Hmm, I suppose," she agreed dubiously. "But I really don't know what
IT is." Then she left, blushing. I had to smile to myself. Oh, how
innocent. How wonderfully innocent she is.

She peeked around the door then came in when she saw me sitting at my
dressing table.

"See. I don't do it all the time," I smiled and we both gave a little
laugh. "Lets sit on the bed. You look pretty," I said, looking at her.
She wore a simple cotton nightie, with a floral pattern. She smiled at the

"Margie, I want to say some things first, because there's a lot that you
will have to think about after tonight. Then, we'll have to decide where
our little talks go from there. No, don't say anything, dear. There'll be
plenty of time for that later."

She looked at me full of enthusiasm, and nodded, but I could see the
doubt in her eyes. What was I thinking of, she was wondering.

"Darling the first thing I want us to agree on is that we will be
totally honest with each other. No secrets, O.K. There's lots of
questions I need to ask you and if you aren't entirely honest with me,
there's little point of going on is there?"

"No. I'll try, Jenny," she said softly.

"Good, then let me ask you something. Are you wearing undies under your

"Yes, my panties." She didn't seem to mind telling me.

"Then slip them off dear. If we're going to talk about sex you've got
to feel a little bit vulnerable. After all, if I were your husband on the
bed with you, you'd probably not be wearing anything by now, would you?"
She blushed at the thought.

"Like you this morning," she giggled.

"Alright," I smiled back. "That's one to you. So off with them."

"I'll go to the bathroom," she said, beginning to leave.

"No. Right here. Can you imagine your husband letting you slip away to

"He watches?" she blanched. "Gosh, Mum doesn't let Dad. She always
changes in the bathroom. I've seen her."

"We'll talk about that later. Now lets do it."

She did it very modestly and put the little garment behind her back. I
held my hand out for it and sniffed in her wonderful smells directly in
front of her.

"Men go wild about pussy smells," I whispered, making her blush again. I
dropped her panties on the pillow and continued.

"Never be ashamed of sex, Margie. boys snigger about it in their little
groups and try to make out everything about it is dirty and degrading. It
isn't, Margie. It's the most wonderful thing that can happen between a
girl and a boy, or rather, men and women. As you get older, you'll feel
your body sending signals to your brain making you crave for something that
you just can't pinpoint. You see a nice looking boy or a boy shows he
likes you and strange sensations rocket all around inside, usually making
you feel strange just here." I pressed my hand lightly against her crotch
to see her reaction. She made no attempt to stop me.

"You've probably already felt some of these strange feelings?"

"I... I think so, Jenny. Sometimes."

"If you're not married it becomes more of a problem because your brain
is screaming for sexual relief but your heart and probably your parents are
saying, don't let that dirty little boy touch you. No matter how much you
want him to."

"Gosh, you know so much," she said as though star struck. "I think I
feel those things all the time, Jenny."

"Ah, ha, so you have a boyfriend then? Or two or three?"

"No, just one boy. I like him. I haven't let him do anything though,
Jenny," she said aghast at the possibility of me thinking that.

"I should hope not, not yet anyway. I was sure you're still a virgin.
You are aren't you?"

"A virg... Yes," she gulped and turned red again.

"Good girl. That's a virtue many of your own girlfriends don't have

"You mean they've already done... Done uhm, things with boys."

"Probably many more have than haven't at your age."

She thought for a while. "That's why they seem to know so much more
than me," she decided. "Some of my friends talk about it, you, doing
things with boys, all the time and I don't understand half of what they
giggle about."

"That's what we're going to start teaching you," I said simply.
"Ignorance is definitely not a virtue."

"What do I have to do, Jenny?"

"Mostly listen, and I'm afraid by the time tonight's finished, you won't
know much more than right now. But tonight's only the start." I could see
the look of disappointment.

"I told you never to be ashamed of sex. And never be ashamed of your
own sex either. Being a woman is wonderful believe me. But on the other
hand, you will feel embarrassed and even humiliated about some aspects of
sex. Never worry about being embarrassed, Baby. It's all part of growing
up and if your husband wants to do things that embarrass, by the time it's
over you will feel so excited about having done that particular thing that
you'll beg for it again and again."

"What kind of things, Jenny?" She looked at me with eyes wide open.

"A million different things, believe me. We'll show you some but every
man, I'm sure has his own ways to embarrass his partner and most of them
are wonderful."

"Who are we, Jenny? Who else is going to show me?"

"You ask too many questions," I shushed her for I didn't want to answer
that question just yet. "Now before we go any further you've got to
promise me just one thing."

"Yes, Jenny?"

"Whatever we talk about and do, including what happened this morning,
and any other time is strictly between us. You won't talk to anyone else
about it, ever. Will you give me that promise on your word of honour?"

"Oh, I do, Jenny. I promise on my word of honour," she assured me and
wrote a cross with her finger right over her left breast.

"I would feel awful if you let me down on this, Margie. Not even a hint
to anyone or even a slip of the tongue. It's so important."

"I'll never let you down, Jenny," she promised solemnly.

"Good girl, I know you won't. Now before we go on, is there anything
you want to ask me about? About this morning, perhaps?"

She blushed again. "You'd tell me about this morning? What you were
doing?" She asked in a surprised voice.

"If you want."

"It must have been a secret," she began.

"All you've got to do is ask. I won't talk about it otherwise."

"I thought about it all day and still can't think what it was. Will you
show me, Jenny? Please," she asked almost childishly.

"I was masturbating," I said simply not sure whether she knew the word
or not. "Do you know what that means?"


"Its something that all boys do and I suspect most girls do at least
sometimes. We do it differently to the boys but it gives us the same
pleasure. Have you ever played with yourself, Margie? Touched yourself
between your legs?"

"Oh," she mouthed the exclamation silently and turned deep red. "I...
Uhm, I have... Yes, sometimes," she stammered.


"It feels nice and sends me to sleep."

"I was doing it to myself because I was thinking about the boy I love,"
I told her plainly.

"Who is he, Jenny?" She was more interested in whom than how.

"He's got to remain my secret just yet because he doesn't even know
himself. But I was pretending he was in bed making love with me. Having
sex together. That's why I took my nightie off. I was naked and he was
touching me everywhere and especially between my legs. My pussy." I looked
into her eyes and found the innocence incredible.

"But he wasn't there was he?" She asked unable to picture what I was

"No, just my finger. I was making love to myself and pretending it was

"How do you do it?" She asked simply.

"How do YOU do it?" I returned her question with emphasis on the 'you'.

"Me?" She blushed deeply again. "I... I push my hand, my fingers
against my... you know. And it feels nice."


"Then I go to sleep," she told me.

"Oh, there's so much to teach you, Margie," I said taking her into my
arms and cuddling her.

"Is there?" She seemed bewildered.

"Remember your promise? Never to talk to anyone about teaching you how
to become a woman?"

"Of course. I promised I wouldn't, Jenny."

"Then I'm going to tell you what I plan. It might shock you, Margie.
And scare you too. But I can only go into details if that promise holds
good for the rest of your life. You will understand why I'm being so
cautious after you hear what I propose. Promise me again, darling."

"I won't tell anyone, Jenny. I promise I won't," she said looking
straight into my eyes. "Never, never, never," she added trying to

"Alright, kiss on it." I pulled her face to mine and kissed her with my
open mouth. It took her breath away and as we broke she shivered.

I then took her hands in mine and looking into her eyes said quietly, "I
have had someone teaching me everything they know about sex for several
weeks. Before that, I knew almost nothing either. Mum really should have
done better but that's the way she is. So this person offered to teach me
how to become a woman and what to expect when I get a husband. It has been
simply wonderful."

"You didn't know anything either? But you're so much older than me,"
She said with surprise. "I thought..."

"I know. I suppose all young girls think the same way. I'm older so I
know about fucking," I said purposely and saw the word register. "Well I
didn't know anything except what a lot of giggling girls talked about at
school and most of them knew less than I did."

"Can she teach me too, Jenny?"

"It isn't a she," I said which stopped her in her tracks.

"A boy? Who is he?"

"Not a boy either?"


"A man is teaching me and he's been wonderful. Understanding, gentle
and he knows so much. But I haven't asked him if he would teach you yet.
Not until you have thought it through yourself. It's a big decision for a
young girl. I took a long time to decide I would become his pupil but I've
never regretted it, ever."

"Would you ask him," she asked hesitantly.

"If you want me to but you should understand what you are committing
yourself to first. And you can't make that decision on the spur of the
moment. You've got to think it right through first."

"But... You know how desperate I am to learn about sex, Jenny. I have
to know why I have these strange feelings. And you've done it so why can't
I too?"

"He won't just be talking to you, baby. He does everything in the
greatest detail, practical experience, hands on, touching. Everything
you'll encounter once you start having sex with a man, well most things
anyway I suppose, and you'll do with him. You'll feel so embarrassed at
some because the things you do in front of him, and so humiliated when he
does some things to you. You'll be practicing the most intimate things
with him, absolutely everything but that one particular thing that a man and woman do together. Everything your husband will want you to do with
him, things that you haven't even thought of yet. It's all in his teaching
plan. And most of the time you'll be naked in front of him."

"Oh," she gasped, turning pale. "Oh, Jenny, all that," she asked. "And
you let him?"

"I was just as desperate as I think you are. It opened my eyes, Margie,
and made me see just how wonderful sex really is. But there is one thing
he hasn't insisted upon. Can you guess?"

"Uhm," she gulped. "You mean doing it with him? You know...?"

"If you mean real sexual intercourse when your husband puts his penis
inside and takes your virginity? Yes that. He hasn't made me experience
that but absolutely everything else. That's what you have to consider.
Are you really prepared to learn what you need to know?"

"I... I..." she mumbled. "It's so scary. But..."

"I know it sounds scary but you've already asked yourself the important
question. Do you really want to learn? From someone who will teach you
with compassion and understanding?"

"Will he really make me take my... clothes off? Everything?"

"Now what do you think? Everything and often, it's all part of your
training. It is very embarrassing even now after I've done it so often it
still makes me blush. But mostly they're nice times, when he does things
that make you bubble up inside. It's what husbands do to wives and what
wives do to please their husbands. You learn all about it in detail. When
you get married, or even if you're naughty and let boys have their way with
you before you get married," I suggested cheekily, "you'll be a practiced
lover and arouse them like they've never experienced before. And you won't
be frightened because you know what to expect."

She sat and stared into space, silence reigning.

"He won't rape me, will he, Jenny?"

"Never tried to rape me. But then I've always agreed to do everything
he's wanted. No, he won't rape you and he won't take your virginity away.
Unless you want him to, of course," I said with a smile.

She returned the smile but with nervousness written all over her face.

"Got any questions?" I asked.

"I'm not sure, Jenny. I can't think of anything at all. My brains in a
twist," she said honestly. I could well understand that.

"There's one thing," I suggested mysteriously.


"Who is the teacher?"

"Oh. I never thought," she said and looked for my reply.

"It will shock you. Probably make you change your mind," I warned her.
"Sure you want to know?"

"It's not a teacher at school?" she asked with an anguished look.

"Someone you know well," I said stretching out her doubts.

"Is it a teacher, Jenny? One of mine?"

"No." I said. "Although there's a few teachers who'd like to get their
hands on your pure little body, I'll bet."

She breathed a sigh of relief and smiled wryly.

"Then who," she cried out in frustration.

"Before I tell you, let me remind you of the things you have got to
think about. You're desperate to learn, aren't you? How else could you
learn and have practical lessons like I've described? And be trained by
someone who's been married and experienced all he will teach you. Who else
in your class could ever say they've been taught how to behave as a wife for their future husband? Or do you want to go into marriage knowing not
much more than you do now? They're the reasons I decided to take up his
offer. And I survived too, didn't I?"

"I know you're right, Jenny. It's just so scary. I mean, he'll touch
my... you know," she said shyly.

"And your husband or lover won't?"

"Oh, I'm such a coward," she cried out in frustration.

"You're not. You're very brave. Most girls would have run a mile by
now. Ask yourself why you haven't."

"Because I want to learn," she answered her thoughts.

"Exactly. Now take one more guess, but you've got to hold my hands. I
think you might just run that mile when you hear. And one more thing,
after I tell you, there's one more thing I'll say that might just ease your
mind. O.K? O.K?" I asked again as she stayed silent. She nodded, still
in thought.

"Alright, now think. Someone much closer to home than your teachers.

She looked at me for several seconds and then I saw a change come over
her face. "You don't mean James?" then almost immediately, squeaked, "No,
not James, he's a boy. You don't mean... You mean Dad, don't you?"

If I hadn't held her hands she would have been gone, I'm sure. I didn't
reply but held her as the thoughts ran riot through her mind.

"Dad? Dad is teaching you? You let him see you... Naked? He touches
you? Oh, I couldn't. Not Dad."

"Listen to me, Margie. Just stop and listen for a moment. Yes, it is
Dad. If it wasn't Mum, who else should be teaching their children about
the most important things in their life? That's why he offered to teach
me. Because he saw me frustrated at not knowing anything about boys or sex.
I asked him, first, Margie. He didn't offer and didn't want to at first
but I pleaded for his help. Why shouldn't he be the one? Ask yourself
that. He helped make you and he probably looked at your pussy as much as
any husband will, when you were a baby. He's seen you in the raw so often
it doesn't matter. Can't you see that? And he doesn't want his girl to
get herself pregnant because no one told her about the selfishness of boys when they set out to score another female pussy. Dad is teaching me
because he is protecting me and I'm sure he will do the same for you."

She had stopped pulling away and sat beside me, half sobbing, frightened
at the thoughts I had just put into her mind. I wasn't sorry for telling a
few little lies about how Daddy came to be playing about with his eldest
daughter's body, but what he's taught me so far is exactly what Margie
needs as well.

"Well?" I asked after her silence continued.

"The thought of him... How did you feel the first time, Jenny? When

"When he undressed me? And when he put his hands on my breasts the
first time? Timid. And embarrassed. I think I blushed so much I nearly
had a nosebleed. But he was so kind, truly, and understanding. He knew
just how intimidated I felt and everything he's done since has been the

"Did you shut your eyes?"

"Ha, ha, I suppose I did but I soon opened them because his touch was
very soft."

"Does Mum know?"

"Definitely not. She'd have kittens and probably turn him in to the
police. That's why you can't say anything to anyone. Now listen to me one
last time. I haven't asked him yet so he might say no to teaching you
because you're so young. But I think he'll agree," I said then added, "but
I won't ask him until you've decided you want to become his pupil."

"Would he go to jail if someone knew?"

"Most likely. Especially if they knew he was touching you. But I trust
you, darling and I'm sure he will to. I think they'll be something
different in the way he teaches you as well because I'll ask him to let me
be there with you most of the time. I suspect he'll want me to do some of
the touching instead of him doing everything. That should give you some
comfort, don't you think?"

"Would you, Jenny? Be there, I mean?"

"Most of the time anyway. I'm sure there'll be times when he wants to
keep some things secret between just him and you. But I'll definitely be
with you the first time."

"Where does he do it?"

"In his study. With the door locked," I added.

"Mum never goes in there anyway," she said with obvious relief.
Sometimes he gets me to vacuum his carpet because she doesn't. They don't
talk much, Mum and Dad, do they?"

"Not much at all. Sad, isn't it?"

"Yes but at least they haven't got divorced. I'd hate that. When does
he give his lessons, Jenny?"

"Usually after homework's done. But you'll probably not have your mind
on homework on the evenings you have to visit him, believe me."

"I suppose not," she smiled at the thought.

"Well, little sister, it's a big decision, isn't it? Lots of thinking
to do. I've got a lesson with him tomorrow night but you don't have to
decide before then. I can ask him after you've finally chosen what you

"Tomorrow? Oh, that's not long but if I did decide by then, you could
ask him tomorrow, couldn't you?" She asked with so much enthusiasm that I
suspected she had already made up her mind.

"Sure. Remember this too. You can always say you don't want to take
any more lessons whenever you like. But he told me that he wouldn't take
me back again if I did decide to pull out. So you do have a way out as a
last resort if it does get too much for you."

"Thank you for everything, Jenny. You know we'd never started talking
like this if I hadn't caught you doing... You know," she blushed.

"I know. Lucky weren't you?"

She just smiled to herself. "Should I go now? To start thinking about

"In a minute. Go and lock the door, I want to do something."

"What?" She asked hesitating.

"Lock the door and you'll see."

When she came back I caught her hands and stood her in front of me.

"We're going to have a practice. Alright?"

"Without Dad? I suppose so," she replied with doubt.

"Show yourself to me, Margie. Lift your nightie."

"Right up?" She was blushing at the thought. "Why?"

"Because I want to look at you."

"You won't touch me, will you?"

"I might. Daddy wouldn't even answer that question. He'd expect
instant obedience."

"You call him Daddy?"

"When you become his little girl you will too. But just during your
lessons. Now lift."

With hesitation and confusion she finally reached for the hem, just
below her knees and began to slowly lift her hands. Oh, how she blushed.
Above her knees then past her thighs until the most beautiful little vee
came into view.

"There's hardly a hair down there," I said in wonderment.

"Oh," she gasped at the thought of me seeing. The hem rose higher and
finally I said, "Take if right off, darling."

If her hairless little slit was erotic, her pulpy little breasts were
positive cock teasers. Defined twin hillocks each with a deep pink nipple
that had begun to harden, each mound less than a handful. Mouth watering.
Daddy will cream himself, I thought with a smile.

She nervously flinched when I clasped her bottom cheeks and pulled her
between my legs.

"You are simply stunning, darling," I said with reverence. "How you
will send the boys mad with lust as you get older. I imagine you'll put
Daddy's mind into a spin too."

"But my bosoms are so small," she whimpered with emotion.

"They are devastatingly beautiful. Please believe me, darling. Just
superb." I then kissed each nipple, just a peck, then kissed my palm and
cupped it against her pussy.

"Oh," she jumped at my touch.

"One day I will take you to my bed and kiss you passionately," I
promised. Then while she was still in utter confusion, I patted her bottom
and told her to dress. "But no panties under nightclothes any more. Off
you go and think about everything we've talked about. Now I won't bring
the subject up until you come to me with your answer. It's all up to you

As she unlocked the door she looked back and said softly, "I love you,
Jenny." Then she was gone.

I had no doubt the answer would be yes.

The next morning I found my period had come and I'd stained my sheets.
Nothing unusual about that, I thought. Why can't the damned thing come in
the middle of the day? At least it showed I wasn't pregnant. Thank
goodness for The Pill. Anyway, Daddy's going to get an overflowing
surprise tonight. I raced to the bathroom and showered. Funny how a
little blood stains the water so. I slipped the heavy-duty pad into my
panties and pulled them into place then returned to my bedroom to dress for

Margie was already at the breakfast table when I got there and her eyes
were everywhere but on me. She was very quiet so I made no move to draw
her out. Then as I stood to leave for school, she asked, "Can I come to
school with you, Jenny?"

"Sure," I replied. "Why not?"

We hadn't far to walk to the bus stop and it wasn't until after we
arrived at the school gates before she spoke.

"Jenny, can we talk? In private?" She asked hesitantly.

"You know you can," I smiled back.

"About last night... Uhm, you know...?"

"How could I forget? You're nervous aren't you?"

"I feel terrible. Sort of sick, I guess. I didn't sleep much last
night, you see."

"I can understand that," I replied giving her no help.

"I think I would... I think I'd like you to... Oh, It's so hard. Can
you ask Dad, please Jenny?" She'd finally blurted it out.

"Ask him what, darling?" I'm a mean bitch sometimes.

"About teaching... Me."

"So your answer is 'yes', then?"

"Yes." She was so nervous she was almost hopping on the spot. I
wondered if she should go to the toilet to relieve herself.

"I knew it would be," I told her. "Yes, I'll ask him tonight. He might
take a few days to consider it though."

"Oh, would he?" She asked disappointed at the possible delay.

"Maybe. I'm glad of your decision, darling," I said kissing her
innocently on the forehead. "Now nothing happens until I give you some
instructions. Don't even ask me anything about it. Understand?"

"Yes, Jenny, I promise. Thanks for helping me, Jenny." Her face was
beaming. So was my heart.

Chapter Twelve

My instructions were to wear panties, pad and if I had to, a robe which
I was to drop as soon as I was inside the door. At one stage I'd thought
of not even a robe but what if Mum just happened to catch me? Oh, boy.
Too bad to even contemplate.

So I dropped it as I was locking the door and with a flourish sang, "Da,

"Come to Daddy," he said with a glint in his eye.

"It's come, Daddy. But you'll find it's not pretty," I said as an

I was on his knee and having my tits massaged by his big hands before I
knew it. His cock was hard because I could feel it throbbing under me. It
makes me tingle all over but especially deep inside my pussy. An itch that
I just can't be reached on my own.

"Your Daddy has never seen a little girl with her period before," he
whispered in my ear as he cupped my pussy through my panties.

"Haven't you, Daddy? But Mum...?"

"Your mother never wanted me to see her like that. But you will, won't
you? You'll pull your panties down and show Daddy?"

"If you want me to, Daddy. But it'll be a mess. It always is."

"Then show me, darling."

"Now?" I asked so innocently. I'm surprised Daddy hasn't realised how
much I'm tricking him. Still, if it makes him happy..."

I stood up and slowly slipped my panties down my legs, the red stained
pad soon coming into view. "Oh, it's soaked, Daddy," I told him. "Look."

"Take them right off then show me darling," he said in awe of what was
happening, I thought.

I handed the panties with the pad still inside, the large stain
uppermost. "See, I told you it was messy."

"Lay on the desk, sweetheart. Keep your legs open."

"But I'll bleed, Daddy."

"We can clean it up later. Go, on, lay down."

As I did, he stood over me, laying the pad down near my face, and began
to rub his hand all over my pussy. I thought the pad would have soaked up
everything but he lifted his hand and it was well stained.

"My little girl's menses. I'm very privileged," he said then cupped his
hand over one of my breasts, wiping as much as he could over it.

"Daddy? What are you doing?" I asked shrilly, trying to wriggle away.

"Sshhh, be still, little one. It is one of my fantasies." Then he
slipped his trousers right off, leaving his huge erection bumping against
his side. It all felt so weird. "Wrap your pad around him," he whispered

"My pad? The wet one?" I asked knowing that was exactly what he meant.

"Yes. Rub me, darling. Make Daddy feel excited. You know how."

Sure I did. Did it lots of times for my own love but never like this.

"You really want me to, Daddy? With this?" I was holding the sodden
thing and he just nodded, still rubbing the discharge over my other tittie.

It wrapped around but was very squelchy and I had to use both hands
because it was so thick with his cock in the middle.

"Like a hot dog," I giggled. "Sauce and all."

"Just do it," he hissed, not even hearing my little joke.

It wasn't easy for the pad stuck to his cock and I could only use it to
wiggle his skin about. Traces were oozing through my fingers but not
enough to drip. Not long after I began I could see his arousal was nearing
it's climax. The head of his prick was stained deep red and pointing
straight at my face. The obvious was about to happen.

"Yes, baby girl. Like that. Don't stop. Arrrgh," he growled and began
to shudder. Oh, oh, I thought. Here it comes. And come he did. Huge
globs flew through the air landing all over my face, neck and even my red stained tits as he jerked from side to side with his pleasure. After a few
moments that seemed like hours, the spurting slowed then dribbled over the
pad and my hands as his desires were fulfilled.

"I'm sorry, baby. It was a terrible thing to do to you," he cried out
full of guilt. "I got carried away. Oh, look at the mess I've made."

"It's nothing, Daddy. Really. You didn't hurt me and it certainly made
you feel good. I know it did." I took his hand and began wiping it over
the sperm splattered on my tits. "Pink sperm," I said. "Do you think
that's how they make red Indians?"

"Very funny," he said through wet eyes. He was genuinely sorry for
something I let happen. "How can I clean you up?" He asked contritely.

"You could go and get a warm washer and towel, I suppose. Oh, and flush
this down the toilet. It's very soggy now." He took the pad in his hand,
not concerned that it was covered in my period bleeding. I expected him to
take it by the very edge between fingertips. I don't think he realised he
was naked from his waist down or that his floppy cock was smeared with the
blood as well. Please don't come out just now, Mum, I hoped.

A warm washer feels wonderful after sex. Well I hadn't been given an
orgasm but it was nice just to lay there and be cleaned up. I felt like a
new girl. "Would you like to put a new pad on me, Daddy?"

"Could I? Yes please." His enthusiasm returned.

"You'll have to go to my room to get one. In the top drawer by the
bed." As he began to leave I called him back. "Daddy, you're on show," I
called out and he seemed to only realise it for the first time. He wiped
himself, dressed then left.

I glanced over at his cupboards and saw the locked one was ajar. This
is my chance, I thought and opened it fully. He had obviously been in
there just before I had arrived for the two magazines that Jimmy and I saw
were on top of the heap. I took them out and sat down at his desk to read,
wanting Daddy to see.

"I've found them, dear," he said excitedly as he locked the door behind
him and walked closer. Then he stopped in his tracks. "What... What have
you got there? His face was ashen.

"I found these in your cupboard, Daddy. The door was open. They're
little girls... Doing things with men." I held up a page where a cute
little thing was standing between a man's knees, holding his cock with
sperm dribbling down all over her hands. "She doesn't look very old. Do
you think it's her father?" I asked innocently.

"You shouldn't have those, dear. Let me take them please."

"No, I want to look right through them. They're very pretty."

"Please, Jennifer, let me have them back," he asked in a choked voice,
holding out his hand.

"Only if you let me sit on your knee and look through them with me. I
want to see all the pages."

"You shouldn't... Oh, all right. But it's our secret, right?"

"Why? What's so secret about them? Some are nearly as old as Margie.
She'd probably like to see them too. Oh, look, here's one with a naked
lady. She's... She's kissing his little cock. See?"

"You can't show Margie, Jennifer. You can't tell anyone about them. Do
you understand?" He said in a cracking voice.

"Are they very naughty, Daddy? I mean to own ones like this? You seen
very upset."

"I am and yes, I shouldn't have them but I do. Let me put them away."

I finally gave in and handed them to him. They were locked away before
I had chance to take a breath even.

"You can take pictures of me like that if you like. Only I've got big
titties and they haven't got any. Did you notice?"

"Show me how to get this on," he said changing the subject.

"Well, pull my panties up almost to the top. Now hold the pad against
my pussy, that's right. Oops, I've started to leak already," I giggled.
"Now pull the panties right up and press them against the pad. That's the
way. See, it's easy. I usually change them every few hours but I left it
on all day this time. That's why it was so messy. Thank you for cleaning
me up."

"You're a good girl, Jennifer. Indulging your Daddy, like you did. I'm
sorry if you didn't like it."

"Oh, it wasn't so bad. I don't mind as long as you thought it was sexy.
I know you did," I giggled then kissed his cheek. "Is that all you're
going to do with me tonight?"

"It was going to be lessons on how to make your husband more aroused but
that can wait. I think it would be a good idea if you left early tonight."

"I really would like to talk over some things, Daddy."

"Oh, yes? All right. Let's talk."

"Oh, goody. I've been thinking about lots of things over the last week
or so. Since you started to show me things, I suppose. And I've come to
some decisions."

"You've decided not to let your Daddy touch you any more, that's it
isn't it?" He looked very sorry for himself.

"Oh, not that, well not yet anyway. I said you could have sex with me
when you needed to after I lost my purity. Remember?" He nodded, doubts
still showing on his face. "I know I did say that, Daddy, but it wouldn't
be right once I was married or even once I began living with my soul mate.
I think you would agree with that, wouldn't you?"

"I knew this would come," he said in a resigned voice.

"I knew you wouldn't like that, Daddy, but after a lot of thought I just
had to tell you. But there are some other things I've decided to begin. A
sort of five-year plan like they do in business only this will relate to my
sex life." I now had his full attention. "Well, I've thought this through
for a while now and want to tell you about it first. I want to get
married, Daddy..."

"Married. But you're just sixteen. You can't. Who to?" He was in a
real tizz.

"Not yet," I said with surprise. "But sometime within the five year
plan. I want babies, don't you see. One at least and you couldn't be the
one who made it, could you?"

"No, that's true," he agreed seriously.

" And I want my husband to be my lover as well, to make passionate love
to me whenever he or I need sex and I hope that will be quite often," I
said with a giggle."

"So who's this lucky bastard," he said with a hint of jealousy, he asked
wryly. "Does he know about this yet?"

"No, but I do know who he is. He's the one who'll take my virginity as
soon as I can arrange it. Of course he doesn't know about that yet,

"You'll let...? Who is he, baby?" He looked absolutely devastated.

"Before I tell you, remember this; as soon as I'm not your pure little
girl, you can have me when you need some soothing, at least for a while." I
looked straight into his eyes and was pleased with his reaction. "Of
course, once I've told the man of my choice I won't be available at call
for you then. My darling will always have first call on my body

"So why take a husband then? Let your lover get you pregnant."

"That's exactly what he will do but there are hurdles to be overcome, in

"I don't understand all this double talk," Daddy said with frustration.
"Tell me straight, what's on your mind, Jennifer?"

"My darling Jimmy will become my lover, Daddy," I said, expecting an
explosion of protests.

"Oh. Jimmy? Jimmy?"


"Until a few weeks ago, Jimmy was your arch enemy. How come the big

"It just happened, Daddy. Don't ask me how but it did and I'm sure
Jimmy feels the same way about me. I can't stop thinking about him, Daddy.
He's always on my mind. I imagine him doing all the things you've shown me
and even things you haven't and I get so excited, sometimes I have a climax
in my panties without even touching myself. Since we've become friends, I
see him looking at me differently. He still tries to sneak a peek up my
skirt or down my front but it's different, as though he cherishes me or

"I hope you don't come a cropper, dear. Sometimes people act
differently to what you expect of them. He might not want to love his
sister sexually."

"But you wouldn't stop us, would you, Daddy?"

"No, it's your affair. Sorry, I didn't mean it that way. You've got to
do what you think is right for you. If it doesn't work out, don't be too
disappointed. When are you going to talk to him?"

"That's one of the things I want to ask you about. Would you give him
sex lessons too? Then at the end you could make him take my virginity. I
could take it from there, I'm sure."

"He's a young man now, fifteen going on sixteen. There's no way he'd
want his father showing him about sex."

"I let you and it was very exciting. Anyway I've thought about that.
What if on your first lesson you brought me in to be his guinea pig. You
could make it look as though you were forcing me to do things with him.
You know make me let him feel me up and strip for him and masturbate him.
Things like that. I'll bet he wouldn't miss a lesson."

"You're a devious little witch," my Daddy accused me. "I wonder
sometimes whether you were as innocent as you made out to be, you seem to
know so much about the ways of men."

"Oh, go on, Daddy. I didn't know anything until you got me into this
room of sin." I smiled sweetly as I said it.

"So I lure him into your den of sin," he stated with accent on the
'your', and then force your body on him? Is that it?"

"More or less. Yes. Well, will you?"

"What about your mother. The more that goes on in here the harder it'll
be to keep it a secret."

"You know very well, Mum doesn't take a scrap of notice of what you do
and we never see her in our rooms from one year to the next. She's a tv junkie and that's that."

"I suppose it's true. Hmm," he mumbled in thought. "Alright, if you
get him in here I'll try and guide you through. You'd better not let on I
have some rights as well, though."

"Course not. Thanks, Daddy," I said as I hugged him tightly. "There
are two more things though."

"Oh, someone save me," he cried flinging his hands into the air.

"You'll like them, I guarantee," I smiled slyly. "Yesterday morning
Margie caught me diddling myself in bed. I must have been moaning or
something so she came in to check and I was lying out naked. It gave her
quite a shock but after she calmed down she admitted that she desperately
wants to learn about sex. Does that ring any bells?" I asked.

"Oh shit, Jimmy and Margie at the same time. You're serious aren't

"Well last night I spent over two hours talking things through with her.
I gave her all the possibilities and all the problems to think through and
I told her about the teacher I had."

This did cause a verbal explosion. "You what? How could you think of
doing that? You know how close she is to her mother. You've shopped me,
Jennifer," he cried in anguish. "I'm done for."

"Don't be so melodramatic, Daddy. I drew out such a promise of secrecy
that I'm sure she wouldn't tell even a grain of sand. And she's desperate
to learn. I think she thinks pretty badly of Mum for not taking her aside
anyway. This morning she came and said she wanted me to ask you to tutor
her and I said I would but you would need time to think about it. I
stripped her naked last night, Daddy. You'll cream your pants when you see
what she's got to offer. And I told her I'd be with her for most of her
lessons but I'm sure you'd like some time alone. Besides now I've seen
those books you've got, I'm sure a figure like Margie's is just what you've
been fantasising about all along."

He sat still, looking into space as if mesmerised.


"Well, I've got to think about it. Shit girl, you've thrown me into
total confusion with this five year plan of yours. I suppose Margie fits
in there somewhere as well?"

"Maybe. I haven't really thought about that. But she's delicious," I
added." There's no way on this earth he won't take on the task, I told

"Just let me know when you've decided. Now for the last little item
just for you, Daddy." I walked up and put my arms around his neck, kissing
him passionately. "One of my school friends told me about this. I think
you'll like it."

I began undressing him, slowly, looking into his eyes all the time,
smiling suggestively, I hoped. Then I led him to the settee and laid him
down. His cock was rock hard in no time and it looked so big I began to
doubt whether I could do it or not.

"Close your eyes and enjoy." Then I knelt beside him and began to blow
softly along the length of his cock. My lips began to brush along its
length, then my tongue made little wet trails up and down it. It was
dribbling clear liquid which I rubbed over the head then opened my mouth
and began to swallow him in. He was moaning softly now, past the surprise
of knowing I could do this little trick and had given himself completely
over to my touch.

It became a bit awkward from where I was kneeling so I moved to the end
of the settee and laid between his open legs, my fingers lightly tickling
his balls while my lips enclosed over him again. There was no doubt he
liked it for the moans rose in crescendo but when I thought he might come,
I slowed down or actually released him for a few moments. Four times over
the period of at least half an hour he came near to climaxing but I stopped
just in time. The last time was a cry of frustration and now he was
whispering, pleading for me to let him come.

"This time it's all yours, Daddy," I whispered then slipped his big cock between my lips one last time. That's all it took. He shuddered just as
he always did when he came then began fucking my mouth as each spurt of
semen filled my mouth. I had to swallow fast without choking and without
letting my teeth bite into his tenderness. It wasn't easy but at last his
relief was complete.

I decided I wouldn't move or speak, well how could I speak with this
monstrosity in me anyway? Surely he wouldn't go to sleep with me like
this, I hoped. But he hadn't although he waited until his cock had fully
deflated before he moved at all.

"I don't think I've enjoyed a climax as much as that one ever," he told
me, sliding himself free from me. "It was fantastic. Thank you baby."

He sat up and we stretched to reach each other's lips, but kiss fondly,
we did. I was pretty proud of myself; just sixteen and an expert at
sucking my father all the way. Well, I had plenty of practice on my
darling Jimmy but I wasn't telling Daddy that.

Chapter Thirteen

It took Daddy three days to decide about Margie. Every time we met she
looked hopefully at me but I simply returned her smile. Disappointment
must be terrible, I thought seeing her reactions.

At tea three days later, I saw Dad signal me to meet him in his room
tonight. It was a simple little squeeze of his ear, then a cough.

"I think I'm mad but I've decided she does need her father," he said

"Should we do her before Jimmy, then?" I asked.

"Yes, if you can wait the extra time," he said with a smirk.

"Anticipation is wonderful, Daddy. I can wait. When will you start on
the baby?"

"Anytime. Perhaps a couple of days to get ready. You'll have to get
her ready and she has to act shyly and embarrassed. Make sure she
understands that. Like you did. Even if you weren't," he added waiting
for me to bite.

"I wasn't acting, Daddy. It's just that you've given me the confidence
I need. All right, I'll tell her tonight and work out her entrance.
You're going to be heart attack material, believe me," I sniggered.

"You really mean it, Jenny? He will teach me? Everything?"

"And more. Now let's get down to business. We've got to make you the
most beautiful thirteen year old in the world." We worked until bedtime and
agreed to spend all of tomorrow night on her grand entrance.

"Jimmy, darling," I whispered as I slid under the covers beside him.
"You've no idea what surprises I have in store for you. You've got more
than you've ever dreamed in store over the next few weeks."

"Oh, yes?" He asked as he cuddled and kissed my titties. "And what
might they be?"

"They're secrets until they happen. Nothing will make me divulge a

He had a nipple between his lips and clamped his teeth down so I
couldn't pull away. "Nothing?" He asked between clenched teeth.

"Ouch, that hurts," I hissed. "Not even that." He bit harder and made
me squeal. "Oh, shit that hurt, baby," I said slapping his cheek. "Stop."

"Make me."

I slipped my hand down and grabbed his erection. Then jerked.

"O.K. O.K. You win," he laughed sickly. He licked and kissed my sore
tit until it felt happy again.

"I'm going to bite your tit one day. Just to show you," I warned him.
"Now make love to me. You can't have a cum tonight. Just me. It's

"Couldn't you spank me instead?" He pleaded.

"That's not punishment. You love it," I countered.

"Where do you want to come then?"

"In my pussy, of course."

"You've got your curse."

"I don't care. I feel very hot down there. Cool me down darling." My
period had nearly finished and I hadn't worn a pad. "Better put a towel
under me, darling," I suggested. "Then you won't have a pink wet spot."

I came after a mind-blowing hour of sex and Jimmy true to his charter,
never climaxed himself. Just me, several times. The towel was pinker than
I'd expected but it didn't seem to worry him at all. But I noticed he
raced to the bathroom to take a shower as soon as I'd finished. I returned
to my bed before he returned.

Chapter Fourteen

I knocked then walked straight in, standing back for Margie to walk
ahead of me.

"She's here, Daddy," I said, not needing to because Daddy was already
frothing at the mouth as soon as he saw her. She looked absolutely

"Hi, Margie," he said with a welcoming smile.

"Hi, Daddy," she responded shyly. I had to nudge her to move closer.

"Just stand there, darling," he said. "Let me look at you."

I came and stood by him, proud of my handiwork. Margie was just a few
feet from us, obviously unsure of herself, embarrassed and at loss to know
what to do or say. She did the right thing, stood still, arms to her side
and eyes downcast. She wore a white nightdress that seemed to float around
her body, showing little of her young curves and looking almost transparent
yet letting him see nothing beneath.

I had put her long blond hair into two ponytails and used a minimum of
make-up although her lips were accentuated in a light pink lipstick.

"Look at your Daddy, Margie," I told her. "Give him a big smile, dear.
Show him you understand you are very privileged to be here."

I think that melted him away. He was hooked and nothing would turn him
away from his goals now.

"You look beautiful, darling," he said sincerely. "Come closer. Kiss
your Daddy."

She hesitated, looking towards me but I gave no indication of what to
do. She stepped lightly, put her arms on his shoulders and leaned forward
to kiss him on the cheek. She lifted a foot off the floor as she did so.
It seemed very telling to me, that lifted foot. Was she really enjoying
herself already? Her mind must have been in turmoil right now.

Daddy pulled her closer, his hand around the back of her waist.

"Your sister has spoken to me, Marjorie. Is it true you asked me to
help you understand your sexual desires, my dear?"

She blushed beautifully. I felt very proud of my grooming and was sure
Daddy was ecstatic.

"She has talked to you? You understand what is required?"

"I think so, Daddy."

"If I am to teach you how to become a woman, I require several things.
You will obey me in every way, Marjorie?"

"Yes, Daddy," she said softly, unable to look straight at him. Her eyes
had turned downwards again, highly embarrassed.

"And everything that happens between us will be an absolute secret
between us, for the rest of your life? There must be no misunderstanding
about this, Marjorie. No matter what we do, you will speak of it to
no-one, ever?"

"I understand, Daddy. I promise it will be my secret forever." She
glanced up at him as she stated her promise then looked shyly down again.

"Then I agree to be your tutor. We will continue your lessons for as
long as you need my help. At least weekly, until you decide you need no
more. Then this association will cease once and for all. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"What made you ask for my help, little one?" He asked.

"Something happened that made me realise I knew nothing about what
people did. I just need to learn these things, Daddy."

"And of course, your mother never helped, as she should have?"

"No, never, Daddy."

"Then it befalls me to take her place. She is never to know either.
You understand why, don't you?"

"Yes, I think so. She wouldn't understand and might tell someone. The

"That's exactly right. And if that happened, not only would I and
Jennifer go to prison, you would be put in a home as well. Supposedly to
keep you away from ghouls like me."

"But you're not, Daddy. I love you," she said, her eyes misting over.

"I know, dear. So, we all know where we stand. It's time to start."

"Oh," she blanched. "What do I do, Daddy."

"Just obey me, dear. Turn around, slowly. Let me look at you closely."

What he was doing was so much like my initiation into his little harem
that I was quite disappointed. But it didn't last long.

"Yes, truly beautiful, just as your sister is. Your periods have
started, I presume?"

The first question Margie faced sent a shock wave through her body. She
blushed and sagged at the same time. "My periods? Oh. Oh," she
stammered. "Yes, Daddy."

"And your next is due...?"

She looked at me for guidance but again got none.

She began to answer but just a nervous squeak came out. She coughed,
blushed then answered. "Uhm, about two weeks away, Daddy."

"So we have two whole weeks before some of your activities need to be
curtailed. That's good. Maybe we'll schedule some extra classes over that
time. I think you've got a lot to catch up on."

"Yes, Daddy."

"Do you know what men and women do when they have sex, child?"

Tears rimmed her eyes again. "Not really. Some of the girls at school
tell stories sometimes but I never seem to understand what they're talking

"Neither do they, probably. So we have to start from scratch then. My
lessons will all work towards teaching what will be required of you when
you take a husband. men are strange creatures and they want their wives to
do strange things to arouse them. You've probably never dreamed of many of
these things but we will teach you what you need to know. I'm sure there
are men out there who will have their own little specialties but by then
you will be so experienced that you will cope with anything new they
desire. Am I frightening you, Marjorie?"

Her eyes were wide as saucers.

"It... Well, I just don't understand much yet, Daddy."

"That's natural. Ask your sister. She knew nothing either until we
began her instructions. True, Jennifer?"

"Of course, Daddy. You taught me everything."

"You're a virgin, I take it, little one?"

Another deep blush.

"I could have you lift your gown while I feel for myself if you wish,"
he said rather callously.

"Oh. No. Yes, I am, Daddy." She was distraught at the thought of his

"I was sure you were. Haven't let any boys get their hands under your
knickers, ever? Never let any touch you just for fun?"

"Oh, never, Daddy."

"Good girl. That's the way I want you to remain. At least until you
are sure the man you allow to do so, is the right one. boys just want to
touch, fuck then run. Remember that."

"Yes, Daddy," the confused girl replied.

"And Jennifer has given you a supply of pills?"

"Yes," she blushed.

"Never miss one, baby. Even though you won't let anyone have their way
with you, you'll encounter men's sperm from time to time throughout your
lessons so you must be prepared so you can't become pregnant. Just as you
must in marriage."

"Sperm? But that makes babies. I won't have a baby will I, Daddy?"

Just like me, I thought with a smile. Daddy reassured her.

"But you will have boys desperately wanting to do this to you," he said
seriously and pulled me closer to him watching her face intently. While
one hand was around my waist, his other slid under my nightie and very
slowly moved upwards. I felt the thrill and Margie felt the embarrassment.

"What am I doing, Marjorie?"

red faced and breathing distinctly faster, she finally spoke. "You're
hand is under her dress, Daddy. Touching her."

"Touching her what?"

"Her... Her uhm, her secrets," she replied, still shocked at the

"Exactly where am I touching, Marjorie?" He asked pointedly. "Her...
Oh, it's so hard," she whimpered. " Her... Pussy, I think, Daddy."

"Do you think she likes it?"

"I... I don't know, Daddy," she whispered.

"Is she trying to stop me?"


"Then she might like it, don't you think?"


"Ask her."


"Hmmm, it feels wonderful," I sighed with obvious delight. For some
reason this didn't embarrass me at all. I felt superior, having Margie
watch while I allowed Daddy to feel me up.

"You see, baby. She does like it. Tell her where my finger is,

"He's stroking my slit, Margie."

Daddy's finger was massaging my clitty with purposeful strokes, never
letting up and soon the telltale signs of arousal were showing. I began to
moan and my legs started to tremble, as if turning to jelly. Margie
watched wide-eyed.

"This is what she was doing to herself when you saw her a few days ago.

"Oh," she gasped, not from learning that Daddy knew about her
interruption, but for finally knowing what I had been doing to myself.

"Is this the way she sounded?"

"Yes," she whispered in awe of my antics.

Then he withdrew his finger and my nightie fell back into place. I felt
let down. I was nearing my climax and he left me in limbo. It's so unfair
and I groaned with torment. "No, don't stop yet, Daddy. Please," I

But he never acknowledged my need. Instead he drew Margie closer to
him, so she was standing just in front of his knees.

"Two things we'll do tonight, Marjorie. Firstly I will touch you just
like that and so will Jennifer. And you will touch her the same way until
she has her climax."

"Me? I'll do that to Jenny?" Her eyes shot up into my face, horror
written all over her expression.

"Yes, you will. As well as learning how to please a man, you will also
become an expert at making love to other women. You will learn how to
become a lesbian."

"But... But, a les... Daddy, a lesbian loves other girls," she gasped,
still in shock.

"Yes, that's right. Every girl needs to know how to love women. It
helps them to understand more about sex with men. You'll understand it
more as we go along."

"Oh, I didn't know," she said, looking away. "Do I have to, Daddy?"

"Most definitely. You seem shocked, little one."

"It's just that a girl tried once. I felt awful and ran away. It
scared me."

"Many things will scare you during our lessons, my dear. But it's all
part of learning. It's all essential, you must believe that," he insisted.

"Yes, Daddy."

"Are you wearing panties, dear?"

"No, Daddy. Jenny said I wasn't to."

"Why do you think that was?"

"So you could... Touch me, I suppose."

"Yes that's true. You must give your husband easy access. When you're
ready for bed you must make yourself ready for sex with him too. You must
be prepared for he can demand his rights at any time, whenever he wishes.
And you can't refuse him, remember that always, for as long as you're
married to him."

"Yes," she gulped.

He put his arms around her and drew her between his legs, his hands
cupping her bottom. She jumped and gave a little shriek.

"Are you nervous, Marjorie? That's good. It makes your daddy very
happy. And aroused. Can you feel my arousal, little one?"

He pulled her bottom hard against his rampant cock. "Well?"

"I... I think so, Daddy," she whimpered.

"What do you feel?"

"Oh," she blushed again if one could blush on top of a blush. "I think
it's your... Your penis, Daddy. I'm not sure."

"Every man alive would feel like this if he had your pussy pressed
against him. It makes me want to lay you down and push my penis inside

"Oh, no. You wouldn't, would you?" She yelped.

"What if I told you I intended to?"

"Oh," she squeaked again. "Then I'd have to let you, Daddy," she said
so shyly it nearly made me come. My talk with her last night had worked
wonders about her being shy and demure. She's either very naive or a great
little actress.

"One day I will ask that of you. But not until you've given your
virginity away to the man of your choice."

He looked at her for a response. None came, just a moan of doubt.

"Do you like me touching you like this, Marjorie?"

"It's nice, I guess."

His hand slipped beneath her short nightie and again cupped the globes,
this time naked globes. "And this? Does this feel better?" His hands were
wandering all over her behind.

"It makes me feel funny, Daddy. I've got a strange feeling in my

"You're feeling aroused. As you would when your husband begins to make
love to you, little one. Something you've learned tonight. You've never
felt like this before, have you?"

"Never, Daddy," she admitted, her face now serious and rather pale.

"Is it beginning to feel nicer now?" His hands were still stroking.

"It's nice. Yes."

"Lay against your daddy, dear," he said in a slow voice as he pulled her
to him so she had to rest her hands on his chest to balance herself. With
one hand he lifted her nightie and stroked her so slowly. "Jennifer can
see everything I'm doing. Does that excite you, Marjorie?"

"It's so... so embarrassing, my sister watching, Daddy."

"She'll be touching you herself very soon. Won't that feel worse?"

"I think... Yes, it might," she said changing her mind. She was
obviously in turmoil.

"Turn around and lift your nightdress up, Marjorie. Show Daddy your
beautiful bottom."

"You mean now? With Jenny watching?"

"Exactly. With Jenny watching," he mimicked her shocked voice.

She looked at me, blushing furiously then did as she was told. "Higher,
I want to see it all," Daddy growled with a smile at me.

"Oh, they're beautiful," he crooned as his fingertips wandered over the
twin peach faces. A finger slipped deep into her crevice and slowly moved
downwards until it almost reached the holy of holies. Margie definitely
liked it because her bottom was swaying from side to side and I could swear
she was pushing herself against his hands.

"Your husband will do many things with your body, my dear, but I'm sure
he will see no better scenery than this. It's so very spankable."

"Spankable?" Her voice shrilled with fright. "You're not going to spank
me, Daddy?"

"Not tonight. But soon." Then his hands began to trace her backbone
upwards, lightly stroking her back under the nightie, lifting it higher and

"Turn around, Marjorie."

Her whole body went rigid and she seemed to stop breathing. She knew
the implications of his demand. Turn and his hands would be covering her
breasts instead of just her back.



"Do you mean it? I mean if I turn around, you'll...?"

"I'll what?"

"You'll touch my bosoms. You don't want to do that, do you?"

"Do you think your husband will leave your little titties alone? Of
course he'll want to touch them. All the time, I'd guess."

"But you...?"

"And so do I. Just to show you how it feels to have someone who loves
you, playing with them." He's a dirty old man, I told myself for the
millionth time.

"Oh." She sighed. "Do I have to do it now?"

"Yes, please."

There were no blushes this time; instead her face had turned a shade of
pale. Slowly she turned, a stunned look on her face as she watched her
father. Then the realism dawned. Daddy, with his usual flair for sucking the innocent in, lifted his hands so her body was never touched as she
turned. His hands were still far up her nightie but well away from her
unmolested titties.

"You haven't... You didn't do it, Daddy. Oh, thank you," Margie said
with a sigh of relief then squeaked in her special way when his hands took
hold below her armpits. His thumbs were probably very near to those
delightful tits but he obviously hadn't taken advantage just yet. Wait for
it though, Margie, I smiled to myself. He'll be touching them before long.

"You have to learn to trust, Marjorie. There's plenty of time for you
to present your titties to Daddy. Have you seen Jennifer's beautiful

"Jenny's? Oh," she was back to blushing. "Yes, Daddy. Once."

"When was that?"

She looked at me for permission to tell but I wasn't going to make it
easy for her at all. You work it out for yourself, I thought.

"Uhm," she stumbled. "Well... Uhm, it was when she got out of bed a
few days ago. She didn't have any nightdress on and..."

"She was sleeping in the nude?"

"Uhm, I suppose so, Daddy."

"It's a good thing a rapist never broke in then, isn't it?" Daddy asked.

"Uhm," she coughed. "Yes."

"Did she look pretty?"

"Oh, she's beautiful, Daddy," she said smiling up at me.

"Show me how beautiful your sister is, Marjorie."

"I beg your pardon, Daddy? I don't understand."

"Undress your sister. I'd like to see just how pretty she is too."

Well, after all, Daddy had seen me nude so often I'm sure he knew every
mole and dimple I possessed. But it still excited me.

"You mean take her nightdress off?" She asked with yet another blush
spreading across her face.

"Yes. What else?"

So my sister stripped the only garment I wore and let it waft to the

"Take her to the settee, Marjorie. We need to get comfortable if you
are to learn properly." He had Margie and me sitting together on the settee
while he sat just a couple of feet in front of us, in his favourite

"Do you still think she's pretty, Marjorie?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy."

"Then touch her. Take her in your arms and kiss her, kiss her breasts and suck her nipples. I want to watch you do that."

"Do that to Jenny? Daddy, I can't..."

"She won't stop you. Now do it or I will spank you."

She was unsure but when I didn't object, she kissed me on the lips then
tentatively stroked one of my breasts. How wonderful innocence is, I
thought as I smiled at her. She became more courageous and cupped both
breasts with her hands, stroking and even squeezing them gently. Her small
hands sent shivers through my spine and then as she lay across my body, her
lips began to kiss the tips lightly. Each in turn, sucking and leaving
little trails of spittle. Oh, thank you, Daddy, I sighed to myself.

'Jennifer, show Marjorie what you were doing in your bed the other
morning." Oh, thank you again, Daddy, I thought and gave him a wide smile.

While my sister continued her loving of my breasts I began loving my
pussy, my clitty to be precise for I knew Daddy wanted me to arouse myself

How wonderful when a finger and clitty find each other. I don't know
why but I remembered my resolve about testing Jimmy's virility to the limit
one day. I wonder how I would go if he did the same to me. I suspect I
would last longer because I could keep coming until the skin was chaffed
off my clitty. At least I wouldn't run out of sperm.

A moan soon brought me back to earth. My moan. Margie was flicking a
nipple with her tongue while my finger had brought me to an advanced stage
of arousal. He was obviously interested because he gave his pants a rub
from time to time, right over the bulge. I smiled at him then moaned for
my climax had arrived.

It's strange just how much a girl jerks and shudders away during the
onset of orgasm. Loud moans and gasps as the most incredible feelings
overtake us. It's got to feel much better than a man's, I thought but at
least they had something to show for it. They make the mess as proof they
had enjoyed the act.

"Do you see why girls love to do such things, Marjorie?" I heard Daddy
saying through the maze of bliss.

"But it's hurting her, Daddy. See how she's crying out in pain?"

Oh, my beautiful, wonderful sister, I thought and gave a couple of
strangled laughs. If only you knew.

"Is that what you think? Then it's definitely time for your next
lesson," Daddy stated. "Stand up, Marjorie."

"Yes, Daddy?"

"Jennifer, divest her."

"What?" The youngster asked with surprise.

I never gave her the chance to have second thoughts. The nightdress
slipped over her head and was gone before Margie knew it.

"Jenny," Margie squealed, desperately trying to cover titties and pussy with her two small hands. "You mustn't," she cried out. "Give it back.
Please," she pleaded.

"Be quiet," Daddy snapped angrily. "Stand still."

Margie was facing me but turned to look at him as his words rang out.


"Stand still and show yourself. Hands at your sides."

"Oh," she winced. "I'm... Jenny took my clothes off," she whimpered,
standing rigidly.

"Relax and enjoy the pleasure of your husband looking at you," Daddy
said softly, holding one of her hands. His other hand began to stroke her
hip, sending visible shivers through her body. "Spread your legs, little
girl. Don't be frightened. You mustn't ever refuse your husband," he
murmured softly as though trying to mesmerise her. He pulled her towards
him until her knees were touching his and her charms, so they were totally
accessible to him. I didn't want to miss a moment of her experience and
moved around so I could see everything Daddy was doing to her.

In fact he was staring up at her breasts if that's what you could call
them. They were small, just two little pimples topped with pink cherries,
probably no bigger or smaller than could be expected in a thirteen year
old. Daddy certainly had never seen mine at that age so this was almost
certainly the first time he had seen one so young and his cock was showing
his pleasure.

"You are truly beautiful, Marjorie," he whispered more to himself than
his daughter. "Such beautiful little titties, they make me cry with
emotion. And your little pussy, so little hair," he mused as his fingers
brushed across her pubis. Her slit was almost on full show, so sparse and
light was her pubic cover.

"Daddy, I feel... Oh, it's so humiliating. Can't I get dressed again,

"You want to take your husband's pleasure away? Surely not."

"I didn't know how terrible it makes me feel, letting you touch me like
this," she whimpered.

"You don't like the way I touch you? But we have only just begun,
little one. Don't give up yet," he whispered intensely. Then he held out
his free hand.

"Press my hands against your titties, darling."

She stood for a moment in shock. "You mean...?"

"Yes, I do."

As if in a trance she cupped them to her breasts.

"Oh, they're beautiful, Marjorie. So small, yet so perfect. Do my
hands feel nice, baby girl? Do you like what Daddy is doing?"

From her sighs and the sway of her head, I was sure she liked it indeed.
Daddy pulled her closer and was now licking and sucking each tit into his
mouth, relishing this illicit task, as his hands began to roam over her
bottom and back.

I knelt behind her and patted her legs further apart then slipped a hand
between them, cupping her juvenile sex. She gave a little gasp and her
head flew back on her shoulders but she made no move to stop me. I felt
for her slit and stroked a finger along the lips then intruded further
until I could feel the moist warmth of her labia. She moaned softly now
and was obviously enjoying the attention being given to her most private of
places despite the humiliation that came with her molestation.

I didn't know whether Daddy knew what I was doing but my aim was to
bring my little sister to her first orgasm and it was making me have needs
of my own. Hopefully, Daddy would attend to that in short time. I had no
concern about climaxing in front of Margie any more.

Her clitty was already swollen when my fingers reached it but my first
touch made her jump. How sensitive you are, little one, I thought as I
began to manipulate the hard little nub. She soon began to rotate her hips
as the sensations spread through her body. I know just how it feels, I
thought to myself, loving the ability to bring these thrills to her at
last. How she moans and bucks as the spears of pleasure stab into her soul.

"Oh, oh, oh, that's wonderful, Daddy," she began to moan.

Daddy? I thought. It's not Daddy making you feel like this, it's me,
darling, your sister. She kept calling his name and he was thrilled that
his tongue could produce such arousal in one so young.

She was beyond control now, wanting that something that she wasn't aware
of yet, but so desperately sought. I pressed my finger tips harder against
her clitty and with a mighty jolt, Margie encountered her very first orgasm
at the tender age of thirteen.

Her legs began to give way as she slid down against Daddy's knees, her
head held high, eyes closed as the convulsions wracked her body. She made
more noise that I ever did, I was sure but maintained the attack on her
clit even as she squatted between Daddy's knees.

"Oooh, oooh, oooh," she moaned, hissing between her teeth as she finally
fell down onto her bottom, her knees wide apart, unconcerned that her
father was just a few inches from her wide open sex. "What's happening to
me," she finally cried out in fright, her face jerking between Daddy and

"You've had an orgasm," he said with a wide smile on his face. "Haven't
you experienced that before?"

"Oh, Daddy, it was wonderful. I never knew. Is that how you felt,
Jenny?" She asked, looking up into my face.

"And it's even better when you have sex with a man, so I'm told," I had
to add quickly when Daddy looked at me strangely. As far as he knew I was
still a virgin.

"I never realised," she said as though talking to herself. "I can have
it like that again, can't I?"

"Silly girl, you can have it as often as you want but you've got a lot
to learn yet. Hasn't she, Daddy?"

"True but I think she's had enough for today. Just one more little
task," he said holding his hand out to me. "Get a condom, Jennifer."

"You're not going to...?"

"Not what you're thinking. But a man has to have relief after such an
evening. Will you do the honours, darling?" He asked me as he moved to the
settee and laid down. "There's no need to hurry. Just show her how a man has his orgasm."

With that he laid back and closed his eyes. He obviously wanted me to
do everything and Margie was going to see her first cock.

"Well, Margie dear, you've got another surprise in store," I told her as
I began to undo his trousers. "One day soon, I'm sure you will touch him
just as I am about to, but not tonight."

With my little sister looking on I rolled the condom along Daddy's
swollen cock and straight away began to stroke him lightly. He was bucking
and jumping around almost immediately and Margie looked on in rapt
attention. "This is what they think with," I whispered and saw her smile
doubtfully. Now with my whole hand clasping the giant stick I began to
masturbate him, to bring him to his climax as soon as I could. I knew what
Daddy needed so desperately and didn't want to waste another second before
giving it to him.

Before long he was moaning as though someone was killing him and I
winked at Margie who was still enthralled. "Watch the tip of his cock,
Margie," He's going to explode any minute." And explode he did with a groan
of pleasure his cock began to spew forth it's white cream, very visible to
Margie who looked on with eyes wide open.

"That's what they do. Shoot all this stuff right inside our pussies and
make babies. If you took some of this and poured it into your little slit,
you'd probably get a baby too. Want to?"

"No," she shrieked and moved back.

"It's alright. These things stop us from any getting inside. Anyway,
you're taking the pill too so you haven't anything to worry about.
Sometimes they like to squirt this stuff all over our bodies but he wanted
a condom so there wouldn't be a mess this time."

She never responded, just watched. Finally after Daddy had calmed down
and his cock began to deflate, I slipped the rubber off and handed it to
Margie. "Go and flush it down the toilet."

"But I'd have to go outside, Jenny," she stammered.

"Yes?" I queried as though there should be any problem.

"What if Mum..."

"Make sure she doesn't." I pushed the naked child towards the door and
smiled at Daddy as she left. "Want me to clean you up?"

"Yes, darling," he smiled then gasped as I bent down and took his soft
cock between my lips. By the time the last of his sperm was washed away he
was hard again. I patted him gently and smiled, "Sorry, no more tonight,
Daddy. It's late. Don't forget to give Margie her instructions."

He didn't. When she returned, breathing a deep sigh as she closed the
door, Daddy called her to him. He was still lying on the settee and he
held his hand around her bare bottom.

"You have one more task tonight, little one. Then to sleep. You may
dress and return to your room, but five minutes later, you are to undress
again and go to Jennifer's room where you will join her in bed. Your task
is to make love to your sister just as she did to you, this evening.

She was speechless for a moment then nodded, looking around at me for
reassurance. I nodded too. Oh, how I looked forward to this. I must
visit Jimmy for a second to tell him I won't be visiting but I'll certainly
be in bed when she comes in. I wouldn't miss the look of innocence as she
walks in for the entire world.

We both gave Daddy a wet kiss goodnight and she thanked him very
seriously, then we went to our own rooms.

Chapter Fifteen

A quick trip to Jimmy's room to tell him why I couldn't visit and then
it was back to my room. He wasn't pleased but didn't object too much, but
then, I didn't give him the chance to. I was back in my room in less than
a minute and stripped naked, waiting for my treat.

"Jenny?" She asked in a whisper as she entered. Then on second thought,
she closed and locked the door and I breathed silently as her nakedness
slipped into my arms.

"Jenny, what do you want me to do?"

"Whatever you think will be nice, sweetie. Remember how I touched your
pussy tonight?"


"Then do that." Oh, how I wanted that.

She was so tentative I rolled onto my back, pulled her face close to
mine and kissed her passionately. "Here, let me show you," I said, taking
her hand and leading it to my clit.

I don't know when we went to sleep but it wasn't until after Margie made
me come and I reciprocated. How wonderful it is to see someone so
innocent, jerking around on my bed in the throes of a mighty climax. The
look on her face, one of wonderment and thankfulness all rolled into one,
was very moving.

Someone at my door with a gentle knock woke me up finally and I gasped
to see it was after eight in the morning. Margie was still beside me and
we had obviously slept in each other's arms.

"Margie, wake up," I whispered frantically. "Quick, It's morning and
we're late."

"What?" She asked groggily. Then she too, realised the predicament.

"What will I do? I'm naked. My nightie's in my room. What if Mum
catches me?" She was in a dead panic.

"Here, wear mine and go straight to your room, change into your nightie
then go and shower. See, it's simple," I said, calming the distraught girl down. As she left I called to her, "Oh, Margie?"

"What?" She looked as though another disaster might befall her any

"I enjoyed sleeping with you."

She blushed beautifully. "Me too," she said quietly as she skipped out
of the door.

When I came down for breakfast, Jimmy looked at me seriously. "You're
very late, Jen, I tapped on your door just in case you slept in," he said
giving me a knowing look.

"I guess Jen is very tired, these days," Mum said as she placed my
cereal in front of me. "Isn't that so, dear?"

I froze. What does she know, I thought to my self. Does she know
everything? What could I say?

"I mean, all that study. Why your light was still on after midnight
last night. You're such a good girl, you'll do very well in the
examinations, and I just know it."

"Thanks, Mum. Yes, there is a lot of study, things a girl has to
learn," I replied, stifling the laughter that was bubbling inside me.
Jimmy was doing the same, not daring to look at me because if he did he'd
probably burst into uncontrolled hilarity.

"You're a good girl, Jenny," Mum added.

"Thanks, Mum."

"But only at some things," Jimmy chimed in. "Girls need to practice a
lot to get things right."

"Ha," I replied and had to run out of the room to stop shrieking. "Got
to go to the toilet," I gasped as I left.

Jimmy had such a smug look on his face when I came back.

"We've got to talk," I told him as we walked to the bus. "I need your
body and your mind. There's so much to talk over, Jim. Meet me at
lunchtime?" He jumped at the opportunity because my poor darling had gone a
whole day without shedding any sperm.

"When I become a millionaire I'll buy a condo right beside the school
then we can meet every lunchtime in luxury and not waste precious fuck time
having to come way out here," he told me seriously as we made ourselves
comfortable on the rug we now kept hidden in our secret place. Making
ourselves comfortable simply meant getting naked.

We began to make frantic love, Jimmy thrusting into my pussy doggie-style as he rubbed my clit fiercely. He was desperate for a come.

"Don't mind me, darling. Just take your pleasure. I know you need it
urgently, baby." With that, he took hold of my hips and fucked, as he has
never done before, screaming at the top of his lungs as his cock spewed his
seed into me. I continued to hold myself up on hands and knees as he
slumped against me until he finally let his soft penis slip from my sex.

"Shit, Jen, I needed that. I was sulking all day and night yesterday,
missed your caresses so much."

"You should have jerked off," I told him compassionately.

"It's not the same as having you with me, Jen. I missed you last

"I know and I missed you too, but you know we can't sleep together every

"I know," he said, shaking his head in sorrow. "Anyway, what did you
want to talk about?"

"I want to get married, Jim."

"What? Who to? When did this happen?"

"Now don't go getting yourself in a twist. You're not left out. It's
just that I told Dad something of what I'd been planning in my mind, last
night. And I didn't want just him to know. You are the one who will
eventually make up my mind for me, not Dad, O.K., big boy?"

"Shit, Jen, I thought I was going to lose you."

"Oh, Jimmy," I screamed to the sky. "When will you ever believe that
you are the only man I want and I have already given my marriage vows to
you in my mind. I will never need another man but you for as long as I
live. What else can I say or do to make you believe that? I let Dad play
with my body because he needs sexual companionship, but when he's feeling
me up and all that, it's you who's in my heart and my thoughts. Jimmy, I
love you with all my heart. Got it?" I was so mad at him.

He sat there staring at me with such a stunned look in his face. "Oh,
Jen, I'm sorry. I knew you loved me but I never thought you loved me as
much as I love you. That's the way I feel about you, baby. I love you so
deeply I can't even describe it. Oh, baby, I love you. I want you to be
my one and only love too, I promise that is how I feel about you, my love."

I had tears in my eyes as I pulled my baby brother against me and we
kissed passionately, not sexually. We were two lovers merging into one.
Now does that sound mushy or does that sound mushy? Maybe but then simply
we are in love with each other.

"Now, about this husband thing," he said warily. "Just tell me what is
in that dark little mind of yours."

"Margie had her first lesson last night and then Dad made her spend the
night with me and I had to give her an orgasm," I told him, changing the

"And did she?"

"You bet. She's going to be a bigger little sexpot than I ever will,
believe me. Oh, just wait until you see her little pussy, Jim. There's
almost no hair at all and you can see every bit without having to search
through the hairy jungle that I have."

"But I like trekking through jungles," he said with a wry smile.

"And Dad has agreed to teach you all about sex too."

"Teach me about sex? For goodness sake, Jen, you don't think I need…"

"You don't need any coaching whatever, my love. I'm very satisfied,
thank you very much. But imagine this. You come into Dad's den, an
innocent boy who knows nothing at all about 'what every young man should
know on his wedding night'. So Dad, in his great wisdom is going to teach
you all as any father should mind you, by making little me do sex things
with you. I, of course intend to object most strongly but Dad has his way
by threatening to take the belt to my poor derriere so I have to
begrudgingly do with you what he wishes. Now does that sound like
cock-raising material or not?"

"Oh, shit, Jen. You've given me a hard-on already."

"So you will be little mister innocent then, and practice on your poor
unfortunate sister's pristine body?"

"You can count on it, baby. When do I get to play with you?"

"Right now, if you want, but if it's to be in front of Dad, he hasn't
said when yet. Still too rapt up in Margie's pre-pubescent little titties.
Oh, Jim, I know you'll cream your pants when you finally get to see her in
the raw, so to speak."

"And when may I have that pleasure?"

"Not sure yet. Just be patient. Now, there just one more thing: my
future husband."

"Shit," he swore to make his feelings known. "Jen, I know we can never
get married and I know we can't have our own kids but I'd go mad knowing
someone else is making love to you and I couldn't do a thing about it."

"A real dilemma, isn't it?" I said, as though I were a parent
sympathising with a child.

He looked up into my eyes, obviously hurt by my reaction.

"I…," he began but I put my hand over his mouth and shushed him.

"Now firstly, you know we've missed first class after lunch. Let's stay
here and talk. Our excuse will be I fell sick down the street and you had
to take me home. You can rush back after school and get our books. Sound

"You have an answer for everything, don't you? O.K. What now?"

"Now I'll tell you about my forthcoming marriage. No, stay calm, it's
not what you think," I told him. "I think it might go something like this,
baby," I continued and had his complete attention. "If a certain gentleman
of my acquaintance, happened someday to ask me to marry him, I might just
be convinced to say yes," I explained, watching him intensely.

"What gentleman? You don't mean the pig? Surely not him, Jen." "You're
not thinking too clearly, are you, baby?" "Damn it all, Jen, just tell me
what you're saying but make it simple, please. You're confusing the hell
out of me." "Oh, the poor boy, he's all upset," I sympathised with great
exaggeration. "What I mean, Jimmy baby, is that if in the next year or two
or three, you were to ask me to marry you I would say yes in an instant."
"That sounds like a proposal to me," he smirked. "Well it's not. All I'm
trying to say is that when you are ready and old enough, I would marry you
in an instant. And I want your babies too." "My babies? But we're brother and sister, we can't do that, Jen. It's illegal. So is getting married."
"Yes, it is indeed, but I'm sure if we are smart enough we can find a way
around that. Anyway we have a few years to think it all out. Don't get
your Mr. Precious in a knot just yet, baby. I have much need of him
between now and then." "Damit all, Jen. Why do you have to set me off like
this? You'll give me a heart attack. Then again, maybe I could live with
the fears you send through my brain if it means having you all to myself
and legitimately at that, as we grow up. We really are married already,
don't you think? "Indeed we are, brother. That's how I see you. I told
Dad, you know. "What? You told Dad what?" "That you are going to become
my lover and give me babies." "You didn't? Shit how could you?" "Ha, ha,
thought that would send you off again. I did and he took it rather well, I
thought. I also told him that I would stop giving him sex once you did
become my lover. He still thinks I'm a virgin and that you are an innocent
fifteen-year-old. But when I named you as the future father, he seemed to
accept it without any fuss at all. He was just a bit upset about having to
give my beautiful body over to you exclusively." "So Dad and me become
rivals for the privilege of fucking our daughter and sister?"

"Not rivals, baby. He just gets the pleasure as long as he thinks I'm
Miss Purity. Once he knows you've dipped your wick, so to speak, he knows
his time is up. But as I reminded him, he still has Margie and the way
she's coming on, he'll have enough to keep him happy for years to come.
All we have to do is wait until he begins your sex lessons. When he makes
me let you burst my bubble, I become all yours." "There are just a couple
of things we have to worry about then." "Which are?" "Firstly, the small
matter of breaking your maidenhead to produce lots of the pink stuff. And
then there's the small question of just how long he takes to get around to
letting me fuck his eldest daughter. If it means he won't get the
opportunity to feel you up after that, he might decide to prolong the
lessons, don't you think?" "I've already got a plug of theatrical blood
that you are going to break. Not quite sure how it'll look but I intend to
make a rush for the bathroom as soon as I can so he doesn't get too good a
look. As for the second, I'm not sure when you begin to learn how to fuck
but I don't think it will be too long. You'll just have to leave that up
to my persuasive skills, my dear lover." "I just hope it doesn't all blow
up in our faces," he grumbled. "I agree. Let's make sure it's just my
face that does the blowing, O.K.?" "Ha, any time you want, babe. I'll lay
on my back for you whenever you want, but you have to ask nicely," he
replied, with sly grin. "Be careful, Jimmy. It has been known that
certain women can hold back sex for long periods of time if they aren't
loved properly," I warned him and we both laughed as we fell into each
other's arms.

Chapter Sixteen It wasn't long before Daddy suggested Jim should begin
his lessons. I gave my darling instructions about how to act the innocent
when he arrived and pleaded with Daddy not to make me do things in front of
Jimmy because it would be so embarrassing. That of course turned Daddy's
cock rock hard almost instantly and there was little doubt that I would be
paraded in front of my young brother mercilessly. That would also produce
plenty or hard-ons for Jimmy too, no doubt. He looked the picture of
innocence as he came through the door, like a little boy visiting the
dentist, wide-eyed, unsure, and definitely nervous. Thank goodness he
wasn't like that when we are together but I had to give him credit for his
performance. It was so genuine I wondered if it was the same boy that had
fucked me silly just a short time ago on our way home from school. "Come
on in, James. Don't be shy," Daddy told him as he stood beside the now
closed door. "Well, now, Jennifer tells me you need some advice on growing
up to manhood. Is that correct?" "I… I don't know, Dad. All she said was
for me to come here in my pj's," he replied tentatively, glancing from
Daddy to me several times as though he thought he was in big trouble for
something. "Yes, I suppose she didn't say much at all. You see, James, I
feel I have let you down by not speaking to you about growing up with all
the things that entails and I want to make that up to you now. I'm not
sure how much you know about girls and sex and all of that…," he began but
Jimmy interrupted him with a shocked gasp. "Are you going to tell me about
sex and stuff, Dad? But Jenny's here. You can't do that, it's
embarrassing." I do believe my love was blushing. "It would be much more
embarrassing if you found a girl who wanted to have sex with you and you
didn't know what to do, don't you think?" "I… Maybe but… Oh, shit, it's
just not fair," he almost whined. "I don't want her here, Dad." "You'll
get used to it, boy, believe me. I've seen you trying to peek up her
skirt; now you'll get the chance to do more than that. Haven't seen a
naked female, have you?" Now it was my turn to object. "Daddy, you can't
mean it. There's no way he's ever going to see up my skirt or anywhere
else." "Just be quiet, Jennifer. I never asked you to speak," he reminded
me harshly. I noticed Jimmy wasn't happy about Daddy's tone but he never
said anything. "Well, son? Have you seen a naked female before or not?"
"N… No, I guess not, Dad." "Would I be right in thinking the only sexual
thing you've ever done in your life was to jerk off?" I had to laugh
because Jimmy actually blushed at the accusation. "I guess so, Dad but why
does she have to stay here listening to this? It's embarrassing." He
laughed at Jimmy's embarrassment then told him, "I wouldn't be too worried
about Jennifer, boy. You are here to learn and there's no way to learn
about females unless we have one so you can learn what makes them tick.
The lessons I've taught Jennifer make her the ideal model for you to learn
from as your lessons proceed. You do want to know all about girls, I take
it?" "You mean…? Dad, do you mean Jennifer will… I mean, she'll take her
clothes off? In front of me?" He asked incredulously. Oh, his act of
innocence is so excellent. There's no way Daddy could ever know we've been
fucking for months. But I had to continue my objections. "I most
certainly will not be taking my clothes off for you James Tailor. How
could you even think that, you filthy animal?" "You know very well that you
will, Jennifer," Dad reminded me, more for Jimmy's sake than mine. "You
will undress and you will endure your brother's touch whenever I say so.
How would someone so young learn any other way?" "Oh, shit," Jimmy swore
softly as he realised what was in store. I could see his cock pushing hard
against his pyjama pants. "So, James, here's where your lessons start.
The first thing a boy needs to know once he has asked a girl out and taken
hold of her hand somewhere during the evening, is how to kiss her when he
walks her back home. Have you kissed any girls yet, son?" "N…No, not like
in the movies anyway, Dad. Just on the cheek, that's all." "Well from now
on until your lessons are over, you are to treat Jennifer as your
girlfriend and for her, you will act as her boyfriend. Now I want you to
kiss her as you would your girlfriend, James." "Kiss her? She's my
sister," he complained. "No she's not. From now on she's your girlfriend,
nothing else. Now go and kiss her, on the lips." My darling was blushing
all over again. I just don't know how he does it but I was quite happy to
play along. As soon as Daddy lets him get a feel of me though, I'm going
to protest again. Well, what else would an innocent young virgin do? So,
Jimmy hesitantly stood in front of me and reached up with his lips pursed
but quite closed, to give me his first grown-up kiss. "No, not like that,
boy. Put your arms around her and pull her close. Feel the softness of
her body and imagine what it would be like if you were doing it when she
was naked. Yes, that's it now open your mouth and kiss her properly. Poke
your tongue inside if you want." I didn't mind that at all and responded in
kind, one arm around his neck, the other holding the side of his face as he
slurped into me. I poked my tongue into him too and for a few moments we
fought as we usually did, before he finally broke apart and he half
stumbled as he gasped for breath. "That's it, boy. Wasn't that nice,
now?" "Shit, I never knew…," he said in wonder, still breathing heavily.
"Did you feel her tits poking into you, boy? Was that nice?" He sure did
and I could feel his cock; it was rampant as it always is once we start a
session. "I… I guess so," he conceded. "Do it again, boy. Kiss her deep
and long. That's what girls like. They like this kissing and petting. If
you cock's hard, and I'll bet it is, poke it against her cunt. Let her
feel how much her kissing arouses you." Jimmy looked sheepishly at me as
thought it was all so new to him. There was no doubt that Daddy thought he
was teaching him everything. "Yes, boy, that's it. Feel her tits poking
into you. Pull her tighter against you. Squash them tits so hard she'll
think they're gonna burst. Yes, push your cock at her too. Good boy.
Good boy." Daddy was beside himself with excitement. His eyes were almost
popping out of his head as he urged Jimmy on but of course my Jimmy never
needed any urging at all. God, I love this boy I told myself as I pulled
my face away and pressed my mouth against his ear, not letting him break
away from me. "I want a fuck," I whispered. I swear his cock swelled even
further and I felt him shudder as he tried desperately to stop the giggle
that almost rose to the surface. That might have been disaster. "That's
what kissing girls is all about, son. Well done. You did it well. Look
at your girlfriend. See how she's gasping for breath too. You had her
going just the way you should. A few more of those and she couldn't say no
even if she wanted to. Now you two young lovers, come and sit down here
together," he said, shifting along so we could all sit. "What'd you think
of that, son?" "I never knew, Dad. I never knew how exciting it could be,"
he admitted seriously. "That's only the start, son. Take a look at her
now. What do you see?" "See? Oh, I guess it's Jenny. I just kissed
Jenny." "No, what do you see when you look at her? Describe what you see."
"Oh, that. Well, I guess she's pretty. Nice hair and a happy face. I
don't know why though because she must hate me for doing that to her.
Anyway, I liked it, Jenny," he said, trying to make me feel better, or at
least trying to make Daddy think that. "And she has, uhm,… she has boobs too," he added, his voice trembling. Other than that, I guess she's just
my sister." "Just remember that's exactly what I am, your sister," I
interjected, keeping up the pretence of outrage. "Never felt a boob, I
guess, son?" Jimmy sat up straight and looked at Dad. "I… I… No, I… I
haven't of course, Dad." "You can do it now, son. It's important to know
what they feel like." Before he could say anything else, I stood up and
objected with all the force I could muster. "You can't do that, Daddy.
It's illegal. It's incest." "Oh, do be quiet, Jennifer. You're becoming
very boring, cutting in all the time like this. How do you expect your
brother to learn about girls otherwise. As long as I'm here to teach him,
you will be here as his model girlfriend and that's that. Object once more
and I'll take my belt to you, young lady and it'll be in the raw in front
of him as well." I shut up. "Now son, reach out and take her tits in your
hands. Go on, she won't stop you. Tell me what you feel." I was wearing a
thin cotton nightie so there was very little between his fingers and my
tits. Of course he had been closer many times and we both liked it but for
Daddy's sake this was the first time Jimmy had got to feel me. It sent
shivers down my spine and a lot of wetness up his cock because a large wet
spot was now clearly evident. He pawed me with all the wonder of a young boy's first experience, but his fingers were doing things no young boy would have known about. He was concentrating his efforts around my hard
nipples that were poking straight out against the thin fabric and sending
wonderful sensations deep inside my pussy. Then without Daddy encouraging
him, he leaned forward and kissed a nipple gently and lovingly. I nearly
swooned from the sensations he sent through me and couldn't stop the moan
of pleasure that left my lips. "Hot damn, boy your doing great. Can you
hear her? She's moaning with pleasure from what you're doing. Keep going,
don't stop." This led Jimmy to nudge his face between both my breasts and
just lay there, each hand caressing it's own breast, gently and lovingly.
His hot breath was coming through my nightie and warming me more than Daddy
could imagine. He placed a loud kiss in the valley and leaned back, his
eyes remaining on my mounds as his hands kept caressing. "I think you've
had enough learning for tonight, young'un. It's time to finish…," Daddy
began but Jimmy's loud moan of, "No," stopped him for a moment. He gave a
small laugh then continued. "So it's time to receive the joys only a girl can give their boyfriend. Just lay back and relax, young'un. Jennifer is
going to do something special to say goodnight to you." I looked at Daddy
and it was soon clear that I was to kneel between my darling's legs and
kiss him to sleep, as it were. Yep, in front of my own father I was to
perform fellatio on my own brother, my own true love. How could I ever
refuse? As I knelt and tried to open his fly, Jimmy sat up
self-consciously and covered his groin from my intrusion. "No, let me,
James," I said, gently removing his hand. He sighed and slumped backwards,
his eyes watching all I did. In silence, I took his cock in my hand, gave
him a little smile then sucked it inside my mouth. His groans arose
instantly and within a few short sucks, he ejaculated into me, the
shuddering not faked at all. He must have been on the verge of coming for
quite a while. I maintained my movements and lightly stroked his balls
until his body became still and his cock shrivelled. Then I swallowed his
essence and released him. I thought he had gone to sleep he was so still
but eventually his eyes opened dreamily, he tucked his penis into his
pyjamas, stood shakily, not saying a word and left the room. Daddy
remained silent as if in deep contemplation so I too, took my leave.

Chapter Seventeen Once the household had settled down for the night I
sneaked naked into my love's bed and snuggled against him with a little
giggle, expecting him to start feeling me up instantly. But all was silent
and in the glow of his clock radio I saw he was sound asleep, a look of
such innocence on his face that brought tears to my eyes and I kissed him
softly on his cheek. Even Mr. Thrills was all soft and spongy, a mere
shadow of its former self that I sucked just a couple of hours ago. So I
kissed the tip of his cock and slipped back into my own room, feeling a
little down yet happy to know my ministrations had worn the dear boy out

Next morning at the breakfast table everyone ate in silence except Mum
who babbled on about nothing in particular. After a while she looked
across at Jimmy and asked, "Are you alright, Jim? You've hardly said a
word all morning." "I'm O.K. Mum, still a bit tired, that's all." "You
haven't been staying up all hours studying, have you? It's not good for a
young boy to do that too often." "No it wasn't that. I just took a while
to go to sleep, that's all." "Thinking about your girlfriend, were you?"
Margie piped up sarcastically as she made a pumping gesture that only Jimmy
could see. "I don't have a girlfriend, sis. You should know that." "Oh,
yeah, well I've seen you holding some girl's hand, not just once either."
Jimmy looked across at me then with a hurt expression responded, "That's
news to me, sis. Who was this girl anyway?" "I don't know. Couldn't see
who it was." I think my sigh of relief was louder than I meant because Dad
turned red in the face and left the table. Jimmy began to shake as he
tried to stop the giggles that were threatening to burst forth. Margie
looked at him strangely.

The first chance we had to talk was during lunch. We'd walked
separately to the park and found a spot that was hidden from most seeing
eyes. We hugged for a moment and kissed softly. "Margie almost caught
us," he began, quite concerned. "Mum would have too if you'd started the
laugh that was developing," I smirked. He gave a sick smile. "Yes, it was
close, especially when Dad rushed off. But we're still safe, baby. Lucky
Margie never realised it was you holding my hand." "I think I'd better have
a talk with Margie tonight. She knows something's up, I'm sure of that.
If she knows too much I'll tell her the truth. I'm sure she'll keep our
secret but it might mean you'll have to miss out seeing her in the raw." "I
can live with that as long as I get to see you that way a few dozen times a
day." "I'll have to prance around the house naked all day." "One day, baby,
one day." "Did you have any sexy dreams last night," I asked slyly,
changing the subject. "You mean after you sucked me off? No, none I can
remember. But I'll never forget the act itself, it felt incredible. It
must have been because we knew something Dad didn't, I guess. Or maybe
it's because you're getting better at it as the days go by," he added
sarcastically. "Remember your visitor last night?" "Visitor? There was no
one last night," he said seriously. "I snuggled against you under your
blankets but got no response at all. I wondered if you'd lost interest or
something." He pulled me against him and kissed me passionately, not caring
if anyone was in sight. "You know I'll never do that, lovely lady. But I
am sorry I missed you. You should have woken me up." "You looked so cosy
and your cock wasn't even interested so I left you in peace." "Come visit
tonight. I'll be a new man by then." "Sorry babe, maybe not. It depends
how long Margie and I talk. But I do want to feel your wonderful cock deep
inside me. Would you be annoyed if I woke you up real late and made that
kind of demand?" "I'd spank your bum if you didn't," he smiled back at me.
"Then maybe I will call unannounced. Just wondered if you could get it up
when you're sleepy, that's all." "When you're near me I'd get it up even
from the grave, babe. Don't you worry about that." "Let's not be morbid
but I do appreciate the sentiment. Love you, my darling," I told him,
touching his cheek as I kissed him. "How long do you think it will be
before Dad gives your virginity to me?" He asked seriously. "He's never
said but I think at least two more lessons. I think next time it will be
me stripping off everything and crying as you feel me all over. That'll be
when you get to masturbate your big sister and probably lick me off as
well. He likes to do that himself." "No more than I do," my gallant knight
sighed. "Then it's either virginity night, when two young innocents lose
their cherries together, well so Daddy thinks anyway. But maybe he'll make
me bend over and offer my tight little tooshie to his incredulous son and
save the deflowering for another day." "Shit, that long. I want to get
these so called lessons over with. It's not as much fun as holding your
naked body when we make love together. The sooner Dad gives his claim on
you up, the happier I'll be." "Is that little jealousy I hear?" I asked
with an understanding smile. "Not jealousy, baby, it's just that I want
the monopoly on your gorgeous curves." "You'll get it soon enough, my
sweet. But doesn't it go that if I cancel Dad's privileges you have to
cancel Margie's before they even start?" He was silent for a while then
smiled knowingly. "You know, it could be that Margie has dibs on me and I
might throw the older woman over for a bit of young stuff. What do you
think of that, Ms. Jennifer Tailor?" Now it was my turn to take time out
before I answered. "Who was it that you told me had the most magnificent
tits and pussy in the world? Wasn't that the comment just a few nights ago
when I was raping your cock from above?" "Touché," he conceded then added,
"but you wouldn't deny me the excitement of at least appreciating my little
sister's nudity from time to time, would you? I mean it would be rather
selfish if I had to turn her pleadings down, don't you think?" "Maybe all
she wants is me," I suggested. "Maybe all she wants is Dad." Now that was
a thought. I'll have to chase that one through with Margie tonight. "Time
to get back, baby," I said looking at my watch. "We don't want to be late
again. People will start thinking." We kissed so wonderfully it sent
shivers up my spine then we took separate routes back to college.

Chapter Eighteen I didn't knock as I entered Margie's room and found her
sprawled out on her bed stark naked, reading a book. "Oh, it's you, Jenny.
I thought it might have been Dad." She didn't seem at all phased being
caught nude but then we'd both seen each other naked so often. "Does he
visit you here?" I asked nonchalantly. "Sometimes," she admitted shyly.
"You're not expecting him tonight, are you?" "No, it's usually later than
this too but he always tells me when he wants to visit." I let that sink in
for a moment then said, "I thought we could have a sister-to-sister talk if
you'd like." "What about?" She asked suspiciously. "Oh, this and that.
Anything you'd like." "O.K., but you go first." "Alright if you want. I
was just curious about this morning, Margie. You said some things and I
may be wrong but I thought you were looking at us strangely. Maybe you
were thinking about things but weren't quite sure." "You mean about Jim
holding hands with his girlfriend?" "That's part of it. What did you
mean?" "I know it was you, Jenny. I've seen you both together lots of
times and sometimes you give him little kisses when you think no one's
about. It just seems strange, that's all." "Why didn't you say something
this morning then?" For some reason I wasn't fazed at her revelation. "I
didn't want you to get into trouble," she said simply. "Do you want me to
tell you about it?" "Only of you want. I mean it's none of my business, I
guess." "It is because you're our sister and we both love you dearly.
Jimmy and I are lovers, Margie." She looked up into my face, a mixture of
surprise and doubt slowly changing to acceptance as a brief smile surfaced.
"Lovers? You mean you and Jim are…? You're having sex together?" "Have
been for several months. You mightn't understand this, baby but we are
very much in love and when that happens sex becomes so beautiful." She
remained thoughtfully quiet for what seemed minutes then in a soft voice
said, "I don't think I love Daddy that way but I do like the sex things we
do together, Daddy and me, I mean." She then returned her gaze towards my
face. "He makes me moan with pleasure it's so good, and I'm happy to give
him good feelings too. I know it's wrong but I can't stop. I just want
him to keep doing them." "Do you let him fuck you, Margie?" It was a gamble
but she never took offence. "I… I'm still a virgin, down here," she
explained cupping her vulva. "We kiss and touch each other and I suck
his…, you know. Sometimes he sucks me like that too and he gives me
orgasms. You won't tell Mum will you?" "You know I won't. Anyway, she'd
have heart failure if she knew." "I know," she said with a giggle. "But
before that she'd probably report him to the police and that wouldn't be
good, would it?" "She only has herself to blame, I think," I said. "She
never gives Daddy any sex so what is a middle aged man to do? If Daddy was
getting his husband's rights, he would never have strayed to his kids. I
feel sorry for him, not her." "That's why I let Dad do it in the first
place. I felt sorry for him too." "He got the best of both worlds, didn't
he, two beautiful nubile daughters on which to act out his fantasies." "You
too?" She gasped. Ï never knew…" "Don't worry, the only time he touches me
now is during lessons he's giving Jimmy. And he's never fucked me either.
Thinks I'm still a virgin." "But you're not are you?" "Lost that ages ago
but not to Jimmy unfortunately. But that's another story." "It wasn't Mrs.
Mercer, was it?" "Mrs. Mercer?" I almost shrieked. "Why did you think it
could have been her?" "It was something Josie said once. Can't remember
exactly but I got the impression that she had done something to you. I
didn't understand what, though." "You haven't been visiting there, have
you?" "Not recently. I did have a sleepover at Josie's once but left
halfway through the night because she wanted to do things to me." "She
likes to make love to girls, Margie." "Yes, I know that now. It was quite
a shock so I didn't go back." "I'm glad you didn't because you wouldn't be
a virgin now if you had. I don't visit her now either but you're right, it
was her. Doesn't worry me now I have Jimmy though. He understands
everything." "Isn't it strange, doing it all the way? And with your own
brother?" "We don't think of ourselves as siblings, just lovers and it's
not strange, it's fantastic, this fucking, believe me." "I hope Dad doesn't
try to do it to me. I don't think I want to just yet." "If he tries just
tell him to stop. He's not the kind who'll rape you, I'm sure of that," I
told her hoping I was right. "You know, Margie, you can stop him touching
you altogether whenever you want. I've already told him that and he
accepted it. I mean I do help him to come when he needs to, but he's never
fucked me. He doesn't know about Jimmy and I but I keep that special act
just for Jimmy anyway. Once we stop playing the little game we've been
playing with him, telling him we are both virgins, I won't have any form of
sex with him at all, just with Jimmy. We'll be like husband and wife then." "Gosh, are you going to marry him, Jenny?" "We'd both like to when
we are a bit older but it will be difficult. There's laws against it, you
know." "Yes, that's why I asked." "You can't tell anyone about Jimmy and I,
baby. You know why, don't you?" "So you don't go to prison." "That's
right, it's that important. Anyway, let's change the subject, you look
absolutely scrumptious," I told her sitting there beside me, quite naked
and not a bit embarrassed. "Daddy says that too. Am I really that
pretty?" "I could take you to bed and love you myself, sweetie. And I know
that Jimmy is desperate to see you just like this." "Jimmy? Oh, is he? He
wants to see me all naked like this?" She asked blushing furiously. "You
bet. I'm not jealous or anything, but he has mentioned that wish a few
dozen times. He's no different to any other man. They all want to see us
in the raw and have fantasies about making out with every girl they meet."
She though about that for a few moments. "I never knew," she whispered.
"Jimmy? He wants to…?" "If you gave him the chance he would make you very
happy, promise me. He's a wonderful lover." "But you…? You wouldn't let
him, would you?" "I told him I wouldn't object as long as it was only a few
times. Then he had to keep himself for me. But of course that was mainly
to get his cock hard so he could… well, you can guess, can't you?" "Dad's
like that. I have to say dirty things sometimes so he can get his thing
hard. I thought it was because he's old," she mused. "But Jimmy? Why
can't he get hard himself?" "Oh, he manages quite well but if he's come
inside me a couple of times, sometimes he needs a little extra help. The
most he's done it to me is seven times in one day. He even made me sore by
the end of that day." "Seven times? You're joking?" "I just tried to test
him out, that's all. He swore he wanted more but it was just bravado and I
certainly wasn't ready for number eight. But when he uses his fingers and
tongue, he can make me come as many times as he likes. I don't think I'd
ever tire of having orgasms like that but my pussy does get a bit chaffed
after several fucks in a row." "All this makes me blush," she giggled then
looked into my eyes quite seriously. "Jenny, do you think Jimmy would…
well do you think he'd agree to do it to me the first time? You know,
break my… my hymen? Would you mind if he did?" Oh, how I wanted to hear
her ask that. I took her in my arms and laid back on the bed with her on
top of me. After a long non-sisterly kiss I whispered, "He would jump at
the chance, baby. You know he never had the privilege of doing that to me
so I couldn't think of anyone better to offer him such a gift. That's what
you have to do though; offer it to him yourself. You have to take the step
of asking him to do it, baby, not me, understand?" "I'd be embarrassed."
"No doubt but you can be sure he wouldn't say no, I promise you that." "And
you? You wouldn't stop him? You wouldn't hate me if I did ask him?" "Not
in a million years but I would like to… you know, I'd like to be your
witness if you wouldn't mind having a spectator," I giggled as I kissed her
nose. Her skin was so smooth, and as she sat back up, I couldn't stop
myself from kissing the tip of her closest nipple. She returned my giggle
shyly but never objected to the intimacy. "Are you taking the Pill,
Margie?" "No, I haven't been game to ask Mum about that." "There's no need.
I'll take you to the doctors myself. You must start as soon as possible
because you'll need to wait at least three months before you have proper
sex. It's just a precaution but you wouldn't want to end up with a baby
here, would you?" I asked, patting her tummy.

Chapter Nineteen As it turned out, Jimmy got to take my pseudo-virginity
earlier than any of us expected. It happened like this. As soon as
Jimmy's next lesson began, Daddy seemed in quite a hurry progress further.
"Off with the PJs," he said as soon as the door had been locked. "Hurry
along, there's no need to be coy in front of your sister. I mean she's
already sucked your cock, what else is there to hide?" So there was my dear
Jimmy standing in front of me, his cock large and hard, a smirk on his face
that Daddy couldn't see. "Today is your lucky day, son. Today you get
your first look at all a female has to offer her man." Of course I objected
profusely but got shouted down by both of them, Jimmy of course with a big
smile. On Daddy's instruction Jimmy first got to maul my poor body over my
nightie and he took great delight in the humiliation. Well, it did make me
feel that way despite the fact that he already knew every inch of me
already. But I had to stand and let him have his feels and it was the
strangest feeling to me. But before long, I was made to remove the nightie
altogether and Jimmy stood before me, the look of absolute surprise as his
eyes wandered from top to toe. He gingerly reached out a fingertip and
touched my nipple then when Daddy made no objection he stood closer and
took hold of both globes, massaging and squeezing and even pinching me
uncomfortably. I objected to the intrusions but was shushed immediately. I
knew I was blushing fiercely and Jimmy saw that and almost killed himself,
trying to hold back the laughter that was boiling within him. Before long,
I was on my back on Daddy's desk, my legs wide apart and both Daddy and my
naughty Jimmy were feeling my most secret places as Dad explained in minute
detail, my personal anatomy and it's uses. I even had the shame of having
to hold my labia wide apart 'so your brother can learn all about girls' as
Daddy put it. "Be very careful here James," Daddy's voice wafted to me as
I lay back accepting the indignities, "Push your finger slowly inside her
cunt and you'll feel her maidenhead. That proves she is pure, you see,
son. Once she has her first fuck it gets broken and she becomes a real
woman." A finger intruded and a moment later Jimmy gave a gasp and said,
"Shit, she is, Dad. She's still a virgin. Hot damn, I thought Sam Lindsay
took that ages ago." He gave my clit a little tweak as he withdrew. "Yep,
she's cherry alright. Never felt a cock up there in all of her sixteen
years. Not many sixteen-year-old virgins left in this country today.
She's quite a rarity, but unfortunately for her, you're going to put a stop
to that this very night." "What?" Jimmy almost squeaked and at the same
moment I cried out, "No." "It has to happen sometime, Jennifer," he
explained matter-of-factly. "Anyway, you couldn't have a better deflowerer
that James here, could you?" he added, his meaning supposed to be a message
to me that if I was going to take Jimmy for my lover as I had told Daddy I
wanted to, Jimmy ought to be the one to do it. "But I don't want to lose
it. Not yet at least," I pleaded. It was a good thing that for the last
two lessons I'd placed the small plug of theatrical blood inside my pussy before I arrived. It was just that I had no idea when Daddy would give
Jimmy the privilege so I had to be sure. "Oh, please stop babbling on
about it, Jennifer. You have to lose it sometime and it'll be good
practice for James. He'll be gentle as he can because I'll be advising
him. "He has to use a condom," I demanded. "Not for the first time. That
would be sacrilege. Now push yourself along the desk so James can get some
leverage. James, up between her legs; no, not so quick, young fella, you
have to pleasure her first. Get her aroused and all. Kiss her face and
ears and her neck. They love their neck getting smooched. Now her tits,
kiss and lick them all over. Yes, suck the nipples in. See how she
shivers when you do that?" I've got to say, for a girl who started out by
objecting to everything I was quite happy for him to continue the way he
was going. I could feel the arousal building. "Now boy, scuttle down and
give her cunt a good licking. Yes use your tongue and your fingers. Poke
her ass if you like. They like the dirty stuff sometimes. Ha, I can see
your cock's dribbling so I think you're ready. She's pretty wet between
the legs too. You can stick it in whenever you're ready." I just knew he
wouldn't do it quickly. As always, he savours every moment of every fuck
we have and that makes it all the better for me. He pushed himself upwards
so his cock was near my pussy but instead of delving in as I'm sure Daddy
would have he laid right along my body and put his lips to my ear. "I hope
that blood is tucked inside," he whispered almost silently. I returned the
whisper with a nod. He smiled into my eyes and lowered himself. I think
this was the slowest insertion he had ever made, a few short pokes then he
withdrew and asked, "Am I hurting you, Sis?" in the most innocent of
voices. "N… No." "You can push in now son. When you feel her hymen, just
push a little harder but slowly. Don't want to rip her apart too much,"
good caring Daddy instructed. "Ugh," I gasped when his cock was about half
way in. He stopped and withdrew but pushed back almost immediately. "I'm
going to push harder this time, Sis. I hope it doesn't hurt too much."
Well, he gave a manly display of deflowering his virgin sister. As he
thrust I cried out with an agonised moan, calling for him to stop because
it hurt too much. Then he was all the way inside. I was filled. And I
just hope the plug got crushed in the mechanics of the defloration. As
Jimmy withdrew, he looked down and gasped, "Oh, shit look, Dad, she's
bleeding real bad. I've hurt her," he whined in a panic-stricken voice.
"It's nothing boy. They all scream out like that, it's just the way it is.
All it is as a bit of flimsy skin got broke and it'll bleed for a bit. You
go back inside and fuck her now. It's a man's privilege of shooting his
load the first time. After that you have to look to her pleasures too but
the first time is yours." Well! That's nice Daddy! Really makes a girl feel appreciated that did, I thought but I know Jimmy was thinking
differently because instead of rushing on to his climax he was stroking
gently in and out, making sure he tickled my clit with his hairs every
time. My arousal was building back up and I couldn't help but clasp my
heels around his hips and before long, started to moan as the thrill of
orgasm came very near. This was no playacting for Daddy's sake; this was
genuine love making by two people who loved each other dearly. Just as my
gasps of pleasure reached a peak he thrust deeper into me and stayed there
as his cock pulsed with jets of semen and I reached the knife-edge and fell
over too. We remained attached as we caught our breath, Jimmy laying his
face against my breast, deliriously happy with each other. "Shit, I've
never seen anything like that, James." "Neither have I, Dad. It was
fantastic. I never knew how fantastic fucking was. Oh, God it was
unbelievable," he gasped as he now leaned over me, his face directly above
mine, love in his eyes. He gently lowered himself and kissed me
passionately on the lips. "Thanks, Jen, oh, God, thanks for showing me,"
he whispered happily and gave a little sigh of success. What a great actor
this boy was, I thought as I smiled back at him. Before he tried to
disengage our connection, for I could feel his cock had grown quite soft, I
pulled him down on top of me, taking his full weight and kissed him with
all the passion I had. "I love you, Jimmy," I said loud enough for Daddy
to hear. "You better go to the bathroom and clean up, son," Dad told him.
Reluctantly Jimmy pulled himself off me and nuzzled my tit as he left.
"Thanks, Daddy, for giving me this chance. I knew he would be good but I
never knew how good. Yes, he will be my lover from now on. I'm sorry I
can't help you out any more." "I'm happy to have helped baby and I am sorry
to lose you, we had fun together, didn't we?" "Yes, I'll never forget."
Once I'd wiped the blood and sperm from myself and off the desk and turned
to leave, "Oh, Jennifer, that was a great trick with the blood." "What?" I
felt a chill run right through my body. "I know you and James have been
lovers for quite some time and I've enjoyed this little game just as much
as you and James obviously have." He looked at me with a 'gotcha' smile as
he waved me goodbye. Jimmy and I laughed about that often, afterwards.

Chapter Twenty It was Sunday morning and we were having a leisurely good
morning fuck. I often stayed in his bed overnight these days, Mum the only
one who wasn't aware of our relationship. He was laying on his back, his
hands under his head and a smile on his face as I slowly moved up and down
on his hardness. We both loved this position because it was so relaxing
for him and allowed me to choose the speed and rub my clit at the same
time. Neither of us heard the door open. "Jim, do you think… oh, my God
what are you two doing?" Mum shrieked loud enough to wake the dead. Jimmy
jumped so much I almost fell off but managed not to. I did however stop
the fucking motion and sat still, his cock still embedded although I
suspected it was getting small very quickly. "Mum…" he gasped, trying to
struggle from beneath me. "You… You're having sex," she screamed
incredulously. "How could you do this filth? Oh, my God, you're both
going to hell." I had rehearsed this little scene for many weeks because it
was inevitable it would happen someday. "Get used to it, Mum. Jimmy and I
are in love. We've been making love to each other for months and one day
he is going to give me our baby. I love him and he loves me and as far as
we're concerned we are husband and wife." She stood still and silent like a
statue in the museum, her face white, her mouth gaping open in shock. "You
can't do this, it's unnatural, it's a sin. It's incest." "Yes it may be
all of that but we don't see it that way and we are definitely not going to
stop because of what you think. You can kick us out and we'll leave
forever or you can accept the fact that two young adults with minds of our
own are in love and come to terms with our love. It's up to you." With
that I began to ride my husband's cock once again, for my lover had regrown
his strength where it counts once the initial shock of being caught had
been overcome. Mum dragged her hands through her hair and clasped them to
her face. As she left she cried, "What am I going to tell father Faustino?" "Father Faustino?" We both gasped together.

After our climaxes waned away, while I was laying in Jimmy's arms, I
sighed and said, "I think we'll have to introduce Daddy to Mrs. Mercer and
Josie." And we did.


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