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New Beginnings


This story contains sexual words, themes, and actions.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like these
things, go away. If you DO like these things, by all
means, continue. :)

Please do not repost this anywhere without my
permission. Oh, and please don't meet anyone off the
internet without taking safety precautions. :)

Any and all emails would be appreciated. :)
New Beginnings by Pami ( M/F fdom
He rang the doorbell, feeling slightly nervous as he
waited for her to answer. They had met a few weeks
ago, after months of exchanging emails. Yeah, meeting
people off of the computer was kind of corny, and even
dangerous, but she had made it feel safe, and still
kept the thrill alive.

Via the computer screen, they had talked about
everything from their jobs to families, and of course,
more intimate details, like sexual proclivities:
things they enjoyed, things they wanted to try, and
things that they would never consent to. They had
swapped photos, and he thought she was cute. Then
they had set up the first meeting.

Brunch. Always non-threatening. In a very public
location, convenient to both of them. So they could
meet and then go their separate ways.

It had gone swimmingly well, from both of their
perspectives. She was delighted to find that he was
interesting and had a sense of humor. He was amazed
to discover that they had even more interests in
common than he had thought. They had parted after
about two hours of light conversation, and each had
much to think about.

He had been caught slightly off guard by her
appearance. She looked so innocent, and had a
mischievous glint in her warm brown eyes from time to
time like a little kid who was doing something they
thought just a tad bit dangerous, but did it anyway,
just for the excitement. If he hadn't read some of
what she had written to him, he would NEVER have
guessed that her sensuality ran so deep.

She was similarly off balance at the first meeting.
He was so...cute! He smiled frequently, and she loved
the way he talked...sort of slowly and deliberately,
never really rushing his sentences. He would often
tent his fingers together in front of him as he
talked, and she noticed that they were long and well-
formed. She almost blushed when she thought about
what the saying was about a man with large hands! And
on more than one occasion, she wondered what it would
feel like if those fingers were caressing her body.

However, neither of them really wanted to rush things.
So they went their separate ways after a hug and a
kiss on the cheek.

Their emails continued, and she found herself
describing to him various fantasies that she had, from
the romantic to the wickedly kinky. He wondered why
she was still unattached. What was wrong with her, he
asked himself. She was smart, educated, funny,
practical, exuberant, companionable, and sexy as hell.
What he didn't know was that she was not willing to
settle for less than a soulmate. THAT was why she was
still single.

They met a couple more times, out in public, and then
she suggested that he just come over to her apartment.
She said it so casually, that he wondered if she knew
how his stomach, and other parts, jumped when she
suggested it. They had rented a movie and ordered
pizza, snuggling on the large sofa in her living room.
He had finally gotten the chance to kiss her, and it
was everything he had hoped it would be. Her lips
were soft, and her tongue flickered against his as
they tasted and licked each other. One thing had
naturally led to another, and they ended up making
love right there on the living room floor. He had
suggested moving to the bedroom, but she had simply
smiled up at him, and pulled him to the carpet.

They had licked, nibbled, and sucked each other until
they couldn't take anymore, and while she was on her
back, he had entered her slowly. They had both sighed
as he slid fully inside her wetness, and once he had
completely impaled her, they shared a long wet kiss.
The actual act took about 15 minutes, but they had
both been so worked up by the extended foreplay, that
they were exhausted by the time he finally climaxed
inside her and collapsed on top of her, kissing

And now was the second time he was coming over to her
place. She had suggested it, and when she had, she
had a tone in her voice that make him twitch just
listening to her voice on the phone.

He heard her coming down the steps, and cleared his
throat, but nothing had really prepared him for the
sight that greeted him.

Her long brown hair cascaded down her back, being
pulled from her face with a dark headband. She was
clad in a black semi-sheer robe that came to just
above her knees, and was belted around her waist.
They stood eye to eye, and he maybe even looked up an
inch or so, as she had on two or three inch black
heeled shoes, with her legs encased in dark stockings.
If he had any doubt as to what she had in mind for
this evening, it was GONE!

She smiled at him, and he leaned closer to kiss her.
As he did, he smelled her scent. Vanilla. His
favorite. He wrapped his arms around her and could
feel that she definitely had no bra on, and he
wondered if she was wearing any panties.

As their tongues caressed each other's, her hands
wandered down his back and over his jeans, feeling his
tight bottom. He was making her wet already, and she
wondered if he realized that.

Finally, she broke the kiss and said only two words,
"Upstairs. Now." And she stepped aside and let him
precede her up the carpeted steps to her apartment.

He walked in, going directly through the kitchen, and
pulling aside the curtain to enter the dining room.
He was assailed by various aromas, and saw the
flickering candles everywhere. He heard her close the
door behind him, and she quickly was in the room with

"Do you like?" she asked, smiling at him.

He smiled back at her. She had once confessed to him
that she had a fondness for candles and candlelight,
but this was his first chance to see it in action.
"You look beautiful," he told her, "and the candles
aren't bad either!"

She laughed throatily and took his hand, leading him
into the living room, where more candles glowed,
lighting the room with an aura of glamour. She took
him over by the sofa, and then stopped suddenly,
turning so that she was in his arms.

He knew what she expected, and he kissed her. Long
and deeply. He worked his way down her neck, licking
and biting lightly. He zeroed in on the pulse on the
side of her neck and flicked his tongue back and forth
over it quickly, feeling her squirm and enjoying her

She let him have his way for a few minutes, mostly
because he felt damn good, but then she recalled what
she had planned for this evening. She pulled away
from him, and he looked at her quizzically.

She smiled, and told him, "Tonight is the first of
what I hope will be many new experiences for you. You
know what we have talked about you
yearned to try something slightly kinky? Well,
tonight we begin. Now, I want you to understand
something. I have no intention of hurting you or
doing anything that you won't enjoy. However, when
you indulge in something....exotic, you should always
have a 'safeword'. If you utter the safeword, all
play will stop, and we will talk about what happened.

He nodded, feeling nervous but already aroused at the
thought of what might happen.

"Your safeword is 'mustard'. No one says mustard in
the middle of sex, so that will work. Are you ok with

He nodded again. And he replied, "Yes, Miss." He
knew what she wanted to be called for tonight. She
had told him in a million different ways that she
wanted to be referred to that way when she was domme.
And he was smart enough to know that tonight would be
played exactly as she wanted. He was just along for
the ride. Which was perfect for him.

Again, she smiled at him. "Good, my sweet. I see
that we understand each other. I knew we would. And
now, your first task of the evening is to strip for
me. I want to look at you." She stepped a few feet
away and just stared at him.

He inhaled deeply, feeling like a piece of meat, which
was strangely exciting. He unbuttoned his shirt and
pulled it off, placing it on the chair that was next
to him. He kicked off his shoes, and unsnapped his

"Ah, ah, ahhh...." she admonished him. He stopped and
looked at her. Oh, she was going to have such fun
tonight, she exulted inside. "Your socks?"

He smiled and sat on the chair and pulled off his
socks. Then, returning to his feet, he unzipped his
fly and in one motion, pushed his underwear and pants
to his ankles. He was semi-hard already, and he swore
that he could feel her eyes examine his cock. He
pulled off his pants and placed them on the chair with
his other garments. He finally took a deep breath,
and stood up straight, meeting her eyes.

She was delighted, although she tried not to show it
to him. He was made perfectly, and his manhood was
already starting to get aroused. His little nipples
were circled with dark hair, and her mouth watered at
the idea of biting them into hardness. Still, she
maintained her composure and commanded,
"Turn. Slowly."

She watched as he did, and she stopped him when he was
facing the opposite way.

He looked at the curtains as she told him to stop, and
he thought he could feel her gaze burning into his
ass. Then she was there, behind him. Running her
hand down his back, lightly grazing him with her
trimmed fingernails. All the way down to his bottom,
and cupping it in her hand. She leaned forward and
licked his earlobe, and he shuddered. As she flicked
her tongue in and out of his ear she whispered to him
about how delicious he looked, and how much she was
going to enjoy him this evening. She punctuated the
statement by lightly but firmly biting the muscle
where his neck and shoulder met. And then she was
gone. He knew better than to turn around or even
glance over his shoulder.

After what seemed like five minutes to him, but was
probably only thirty seconds, her voice came from back
across the room. "Turn. Again. Slowly."

So he did. Feeling slightly humiliated, but knowing
that the sensation was something that he was enjoying.
As he turned and saw her standing there, his jaw

She had lost the robe, and was wearing a black semi-
sheer negligee. He could just barely glimpse her pale
skin through the fabric, and it dropped to about mid-
thigh. It was some sort of light material, which
flowed down her body, skimming her ample curves, but
the bodice was tight to her breasts, accentuating
their fullness.

She smiled as she saw the slightly stunned look in his
eyes as he beheld her in her glory. She had worn this
specifically because she knew his weakness for
lingerie. Her eyes widened as she watched his cock
twitch and grow harder before her. Still, he didn't
touch it, or try to move. She was pleased with his

She addressed him again. "Now, my sweet, I want you
to go into the bedroom and get my toy basket. I don't
want you to look inside it, though. Just bring it
back to me."

He did as she asked, walking quickly into the next
room. There were MORE candles in the bedroom, but
only two. They flickered, sending shadows across the
alabaster walls, and he looked at the bed briefly. It
was made up with a cheery yellow bedspread, and about
ten pillows mounded on top of it. He smiled, thinking
that he could picture her all curled up, asleep with a
flush on her cheeks. He heard a sound from the living
room and snapped back to the present. He saw the
basket over in the corner and picked it up.

As he walked back into the living room, he saw that
she had seated herself on the large sofa. Right smack
in the center of it, in fact. And she smiled at him,
extending her hand.

"Thank you, sweet. Now, please, just kneel right here
before me," as she pointed at a spot on the carpet.

He did so quickly, leaning back on his heels as he
looked at her gloriousness directly in front of him.
He watched as she reached into the basket and withdrew
something orange and black, but he didn't really
notice what it was.

She smiled. "Are you having fun, pet?" As he nodded
at her, she continued, "I am too. Tonight I want you
to enjoy yourself. BUT... I want you to enjoy ME
too." He watched her gaze travel south to his semi-
hard cock. He saw her hand reach out and delicately
touch the head. And they both saw it twitch and grow
a little bit at her touch. "And I certainly want to
enjoy you!" she added with emphasis.

She moved to the edge of the sofa, spreading her legs
around him. He could see the garters from her
stockings, and he wondered how they felt to the touch.
He gazed at her legs, trying to see through the
interfering layers of cloth to her pussy. Wanting to
know if she was wearing matching panties.

She reached a hand out and cupped his chin, so that he
was looking into her eyes. She smiled as she saw that
his pupils were dilated. That meant he was excited.
Good. She took his right hand and pulled it to her
breast, cupping it around the pillowy flesh, feeling
his fingers kneading into her and his palm against her
quickly hardening nipple. And she reached for his
other hand, bringing it to the other tit, where he
quickly set about massaging that one as well. She
could feel the moisture between her legs. Damn, she
was aroused!

As he touched her and traced the outline of her
bodice, he licked his lips. He wanted to lick her.
He wanted to run his tongue over her generous curves,
and pull her erect nipples into his mouth and suck
them. But he knew better than to ask. She was in
control here, and he knew it. They both wanted it
that way. This time.

She reached out and began to trace the outline of his
nipples as well. He felt an electric zing run through
him as she lightly pinched then simultaneously, and he
glanced down and saw that his cock was fully erect and
standing straight out, pointing at her. He sighed,
and he wished with all of his might that she would
reach down and touch it again. But she didn't.
Instead, she withdrew her hands from his body
altogether and placed them over his as he caressed
her. He smiled at her, and then looked as she pulled
the bodice of her negligee down, exposing the pale
globes to his hungry gaze. He leaned his head
forward, only to stop as she quickly pulled his hair
to stop him.

"No, sweet. You may not. You didn't ask permission."
She looked at him with a serious expression on her
face. This was important. He needed to understand
that he only touched her, or himself, when SHE wanted
him to. He needed to know that her will was in

"Please Miss, may I lick your beautiful breasts?
Please...let me suck your nipples. Allow me to
worship them as you deserve," he begged eloquently and
earnestly, looking deep into her molten brown eyes.

She smiled, and said one word. "No."

He stopped suddenly. This wasn't what was supposed to
happen. He begged and she let him. That was how it
was supposed to work.

She could see the confusion on his face. Ahhh, she
thought to herself, now he is feeling truly out of
control. THAT was the feeling she wanted him to
experience. This wasn't just a script. These power
games weren't fun if you knew what was coming next.
She was glad that he didn't know just how badly she
wanted to feel his mouth on her tits.

Instead, she pulled the skirt of her negligee to her
waist, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to his eyes.
She had forgone the panties, knowing that she wouldn't
want to waste the time dealing with them. The black
garters ran up her thighs, and framed the red lips
that were glistening with moistness.

Her hands touched the back of his neck, and she pulled
her legs up on the sofa at the same time, showing him
the inner lips that were already swollen with desire.
She pulled him forward, and gave one command. "Lick,

And he did, bending down and running his tongue up the
fragrant and tasty slit before him. He rested his
hands on her soft thighs and enthusiastically licked
the wetness from her inflamed cunt. She moaned
loudly, and he found her clit and ran his agile tongue
over it, coaxing a louder groan from her mouth. He
licked and sucked and ate her mindlessly, loving the
taste and scent that was emanating from deep inside
her. He reached down and started to stroke his aching
cock, but the moment he touched himself, he felt her
hand pull his head away from her.

She sternly looked down at his face, seeing the lower
half shining with her juices, and reprimanded him,
although what she really wanted to do was let him lick
her to three or four orgasms. "I didn't tell you to
jerk off, did I, pet?" She paused. When he didn't
answer her, she repeated the question a little more

"Nnoo, Miss, you didn't. I'm sorry. Please...let me
make it up to you," he told her earnestly.

She laughed, a slightly evil laugh, and said,
" will, pet. You will. But for now....give
me your hands, please."

As he extended his hands towards her, she smiled, and
changed her mind. "No. I think you need to stand

He did so, wondering what she had in mind.

"Now, sweet...hands behind your back, and turn
around," she told him.

He did so, understanding exactly where she was going
with this now. He felt a soft material twine itself
over and around each wrist, binding them together
firmly, but not causing him any pain. Her hands left
him, and he jumped as she slapped him sharply, but not
very hard, across his buttocks. He heard her laugh.
"Now, turn back around, please," she commanded him.

He did so, and as he did, he looked down at her face
and watched her extend her tongue and lave it across
the head of his aching cock. It was like he was
struck by a bolt of lightning, and he moaned. She
smiled up at him as she licked him, and he wondered
what she had in mind next.

She sat back, and spread her legs again, tapping her
inner thigh. "I think we were right about here,
weren't we, my sweet?" she asked him with a devilishly
teasing tone in her voice.

He lowered himself to his knees carefully, and leaned
back in to lick her pussy. She tilted her pelvis up a
little more, and he thrust his tongue inside her,
reveling in the moan he heard from her mouth. He ate
her with abandon, running his tongue from the top of
her clit past her pussy, and touching her tiny
rosebud. He concentrated on giving her a climax that
she would remember forever.

Her moans grew in volume as he licked her. He would
thrust his tongue in and out of her quickly, and then
start sucking her clit. Then he would swirl his
tongue over her nether portal, making her squeal.
Damn, he was GOOD! And she loved it. She knew that
if she took his hands away he would make it even

Finally, every muscle in her body tensed, and she
almost screamed as she orgasmed on his tongue. His
licked gently over her clit to extend her climax, and
was rewarded as her hips bucked toward him time and
time again. He continued licking her, feeling small
aftershocks ripple through her.

She relaxed, feeling his mouth continue to caress her,
revelling in the afterglow of that incredible orgasm.
As he thrust his tongue inside her wetness, she felt
her passion begin to grow again. She squirmed and
moaned, and eventually pulled him away from her. She
exulted at the dazed look on his face. He must have
enjoyed it as much as she did, she thought to herself,
as she swooped down and kissed him deeply, tasting
herself on him.

They both moaned at the kiss, and he jumped as her
hand suddenly grasped his throbbing cock. He pulled
away from her. "No, Miss. Please..." he looked at
her, and as he saw her face freeze, he rushed to
explain himself. "If you touch me... I think I might
explode." And he relaxed as he saw her smile.

He was just SO precious to her. That licking her to
that incredible climax would make him so hard that he
was afraid he would come was amazing to her. She
decided to reward him.

'Move back, sweet," she told him, as she slid off the
couch to kneel in front of him. She touched his cock
again. She squeezed it gently, and then turned and
leaned over the sofa, presenting her voluptuous bottom
to him. She spread her legs and then reached back and
pulled his cock toward her. "Here, pet. I want you
inside me. Now." And she guided him inside her
incredibly hot and wet pussy.

He groaned and thrust himself into her in one stroke.
Jesus she felt incredible around him. He wanted to
keep himself in there forever. He wanted to make her
scream with pleasure. He wanted to feel her contract
around him in orgasm.

And so, he began thrusting in and out of her
moistness. Slowly withdrawing, and then, when just
the tip was inside her, slamming it back in. Over and
over. He could see his prick glistening with her
juices, and every time he stroked into her, he groaned
at the clasping heat of her. He wished he could grab
her hips and really hold on to her, but his hands were
still helplessly bound behind his back.

She was delirious with the feeling of him inside her.
She thought she could feel the throbbing of him as he
reached deep inside her pussy. And every stroke of
his made his cock rub against that special spot inside
her, driving her closer to a complete meltdown. She
wanted more. "Faster, sweet. Faster," she told him
between pants.

He knew he wasn't going to last very long this way.
He hoped that she would at least come once more before
he exploded inside her. He built up the pace, driving
into her quickly over and over again. He felt her
fingernails against his balls, and he realized she was
touching her clit. He moaned at the thought.
"Please.... Miss.... I am about to come....
Please.....Let me come..." he begged her as he drew
ever closer to a complete meltdown.

She smiled, and she looked over her shoulder at his
flushed face. "Yes, sweet. Come. Come inside me.
Let me feel you...." And she pressed hard on her joy
button and felt her own orgasm start.

He heard her words, and then felt the walls of her
pussy constrict around him. Her scream of joy was
echoed by his as he felt his balls explode and the
come race through his pulsing cock. Her contractions
milked him as he shot spurt after spurt of molten lust
deep inside her throbbing walls.

Finally, they both started to regain their normal
breathing, and he pulled his softening prick out of
her. She turned and pulled his face to hers, so they
could share a deep kiss.

They smiled at each other as she reached around and
untied his wrists. He shook them out to regain the
feeling in his arms, and then took one hand and
pulled her hair gently so her head tilted up.

He growled against her throat as he bit her gently.
"Wait until next time, love. You just wait..." And
he felt the shiver that ran through her body.


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