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New Step Brother 1 of 3


"New Stepbrother"
1 of 3

It was a Saturday night and we were all
barbequing at the beach. I was a little bummed
out, because my mother had just remarried. She
and her new husband were on their honeymoon.
They were supposed to come back on Sunday night.
On Monday, I was supposed to meet my new

I didn't like Ronald, my mom's new husband.
He was mean and creepy. On the other hand, I
wouldn't have to deal with him too often; I was
22 years old and didn't live at home.

I was sitting on the beach seperated from the
party. I was very lost in my thoughts watching
the ocean. I was so involved with my thoughts
that I didn't even notice that a guy had spread
out a towel and sat down next to me until he
actually said something.

THE GUY: Hey there, how are you?

I jumped up at the sound of his voice. I had
thought I was alone.

ME: Holy Shit!! You scared the hell out of me.
You shouldn't sneak up on people like that.
GUY: I'm really sorry. Your friends sent me over
here to talk to you. They said you needed a
friend. I didn't mean to scare you. What's
your name?
ME: My name is Rebecca. What's yours? And who
sent you?
GUY: My name is Mike. Shelly and Drea sent me.
ME: Well nice to meet you Mike. Just remind me
to kill those two later, ok?
MIKE: Sure, no problem. You feel like taking a
ME: That sounds nice. Let me go get a pepsi
first though, ok?
MIKE: I'll get it for you.

Mike ran over and grabbed a pepsi, and ran
back and gave it to me. He had already opened it
for me. I thanked him and we started our walk.

We didn't talk much during our walk. After
about ten minutes, I got tired and wanted to sit
down. We both took out towels and spread them
out, and sat down.

Once we were settled, I took my hair down and
leaned back.

MIKE: You have beautiful hair.
ME: Thanks.
MIKE: Actually, everything about you is beautiful.
ME: Thanks. You are rather good looking yourself.

I smiled, and then leaned over and kissed
him. He was a little shocked at first, but then
his tongue met mine. Eventually, he eased
himself on top of me, and we continued to kiss.
He wasn't wearing a shirt so I let my hands
wander over his back and through his hair.

He started to move his mouth around my face
and neck. I had my hands all over his body.
Then I slipped my hands in his shorts and
squeezed and rubbed his ass.

He took off my bikini top and moved his hands
over my breasts as his mouth found mine again. I
moved my hands back up to his head again to run
my fingers through his hair.

Then he brought his mouth down to my breasts.
He started sucking and licking my nipples. I
moaned quietly. He played with one breast and
then the other. His tongue felt so good on my

Then he stopped and smiled as he took off my
shorts. I wasn't wearing anything under my

After he had them off he kissed me and put
his hand between my legs. He moved two fingers
over my clit. I started moaning a little louder
and started pulling his shorts off.

I took his dick into my hand and massaged it
up and down. It was a good sized cock. It was
long and thick.

I heard him moan a little and then he moved
his mouth down until he found my pussy. He
licked my clit really slow. As he did that, he
slipped two fingers in and out of me. I started
moaning really loud and rubbing his head. Right
when I felt my orgasm coming, he stopped and

He came back up to my mouth and kissed me. I
rolled him over and started to move down to his
dick, but he stopped me.

MIKE: (whispering) I want to be inside you.

I straddled him as he guided his dick inside
of me. He felt so good. I started moving fast
on top of him.

MIKE: Slow down baby. Relax and enjoy it. Let me
do the work.

Then he rolled me back over and pumped
himself into me slow but hard. I scratched his
back a little and moaned loudly. He didn't moan
much, but I knew he was enjoying it by the smile
on his face.

AS I felt my orgasm coming, he stopped again.

ME: Why did you stop?
MIKE: I enjoy torturing you.
ME: That's it.

I rolled him over and rode him fast again.
When I felt myself ready to cum, I sped up. When
my orgasm hit, I screamed and slowed down
a little. When I looked at Mike, he was cumming
too. He let out a loud moan and squeezed my
breasts hard.

When we were both done, we just laid there
for awhile naked. Then we got dressed and headed
back to the party hand in hand.

We danced and ate. We had a great time.
When the party was over, he drove me home. I
asked him if he wanted to have lunch with me and
my mom on Monday; he said he had plans, but
that he'd call me.

On Monday, I went to my mom's house and told
her about Mike. She said she couldn't wait to
meet him.

Then Ron came in and said that his son had
arrived. All I knew about him was that he just
moved here to help out his dad and that he was

ME: okay, bring in my new big brother.
Hopefully he's got a better personality
than his father.
MOM: Be nice.
ME: I'll try. No promises.
RON: Rebecca, this is my son, Mike. Mike, this is
your stepsister, Rebecca.

When I looked up and saw him, I almost
fainted. It was the same Mike from the party.


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