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New Step Brother 2 of 3


"New Stepbrother"
2 of 3

Mike and I looked at each other, smiled, and
the ran to hug each other. Ron and my mom were
stunned. They had no idea what was going on.

ME: What are you doing here? I thought you had
to meet with your dad. How did you know I
was here?
MIKE: Ron is my dad. What are you doing here?
ME: Well, I guess I'm your new stepsister.

We both stopped and started laughing.

RON: Where did you two meet?
ME: Mom, this is the guy I was telling you about
at the beach party last night.
MOM: This is your new boyfriend? You guys can't
date. He's your BROTHER!!
MIKE: STEP brother!! We won't be living with
you guys. So there shouldn't be a problem.

We all got to arguing cause our parents hated
the fact that me and Mike really liked each

Eventually, me and Mike just snuck out without
them even noticing. We took his car and
headed for his apartment to soak in the hot tub
the apartment building had.

We couldn't keep our hands off each other the
whole way there. At every stop light we'd start
kissing. I couldn't wait to get him alone.

On the way there, I remembered I didn't have
my bathing suit or extra clothes. So, I asked
him to stop by my apartment. I ran in, got it
and ran back out. Then we were on our way again.

We got to his apartment bulilding, and got
into the elevator. His apartment was on the
eighth floor.

Then as we were approaching the fifth floor,
Mike reached over and hit the stop button.

Then he laid me down on the floor and took
off his shirt. We started kissing again as he
unbuttoned my blouse.

Then I rolled him over and took off my blouse
and bra. Then I started kissing all over his
chest and stomach. As I did that, I undid his
jeans and he helped slip them down to his ankles.

I kissed my way down and slid his underwear
down to his knees with my teeth. Once they were
down, I kissed my way up his leg until I was at
his dick.

I took his penis into my mouth and moved up
and down. He started moaning softly and pulling
at my hair a little. Then I moved my mouth all
the way to the tip and swirled my tongue right
around there.

I could hear him whispering how good it felt;
I continued to lick and suck on his dick fast
and hard. I was really getting into it.

While I worked my mouth on his cock, I took
his testicles in my hand and massaged them. He
moaned a little louder.

His moans were getter louder and louder. I
could feel him pulling at my hair a little harder,
and knew he was going to cum soon. So, I sucked on his dick as hard as I could.

Then he let out a scream, and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. I sucked so hard, my throat
was getting ore. I wanted every drop of his

When his orgasm was over, I kissed my way
back up to his mouth again. As we were kissing,
he rolled me over and took off my jeans and

Then he started kissing my neck and moved
down to my breasts. I started moaning softly.
Then, I whispered that I wanted to feel him
inside me desperately.

He stopped and smiled and told me I'd have to
wait. Then, he got up and put his clothes on.
He told me to do the same.

I was a little confused, but obeyed. As I was
still getting dressed, he started the elevator

ME: Why did you stop?
MIKE: I told you, I enjoy torturing you.
ME: You don't let me have you soon, I may
have to rape you.
MIKE: Promises, promises.....


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