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New Step Brother 3 of 3


"New Stepbrother"
3 of 3

The elevator stopped at the eighth floor and
we got out. When we got to his apartment, I went
to use the restroom and change into my swimsuit.

When I came out, I couldn't find Mike at
first. I looked in the kitchen, living room, and
even on the balcony. Then I finally found him in
the bedroom.

When I walked in, Mike was standing there
completely naked. I just stared at him. He had
the most wonderful body.

MIKE: Exactly, how horny are you?
ME: Extremely.
MIKE: Ever been handcuffed?
ME: No, why?
MIKE: You trust me?
ME: Yeah, I guess.
MIKE: Okay, good. Lay down.

I lay down on the bed, and he laid down with
me. He told me to undress, and I did.

Once I was undressed, he started kissing me.
As he was kissing me, he handcuffed my hands to
his bed post. I was a little nervous, but let him
do it. He continued to kiss me. Then he got up
and moved to the end of the bed. Then he put
handcuffs on my ankles and handcuffed me to the
end of his bed.

ME: Okay Mike, what are we doing? This is
a little scarey.
MIKE: Just trust me. I guarantee you'll love it.
Just relax.

Then he moved on top of me and kissed me all
over my face. It felt strange not being able to
move, but arousing at the same time.

Then he moved down to my neck. He kissed all
around my neck and chin.

He started moving his mouth down to my
breasts. He sucked on one while he carressed the
other. I started moaning. I really wanted to be
able to touch him and run my fingers through his
hair. But, on the other hand, it was rather
arousing to be completely helpless.

He continued to kiss and caress my breasts.
I started moaning his name. It felt wonderful.

Then he started moving down again. He kissed
me softly all around my stomach. As he was
kissing me, he lightly caressed my clit with two
fingers. My moaning got louder.

Right when I could feel an orgasm coming, he
stopped and smiled.

ME: Why did you stop? Don't stop!! Please!!
He smiles.
MIKE: What do you want? Oral or intercourse? Or
Maybe both?
ME: Both. (whining)
MIKE: How bad do you want it?
ME: Desperately.
MIKE: Beg for it.
ME: Please, Mike. Please FUCK me. I'm begging
MIKE: Very good Becca!!

I was getting more and more aroused by him
dominating me. He smiled and listened to me beg
for it for about three minutes.

Then he slowly started kissing my legs and
feet, and moved on to the inside of my thigh.
He stopped and looked at me smiling. I whined

He kissed my clit and smiled.

MIKE: Damn, baby. I can feel how hot you are.
You want this bad, don't you?
ME: Yes, Michael, please don't stop.

He started licking my clit slowly at first and
then sped up the pace. I let out a loud moan.
After all the waiting and teasing, this was the
best feeling in the world.

I came fast. My cum spilled out of my pussy all over his face. I screamed in pleasure.

He moved up to my mouth and started kissing
me again. I could feel his dick sliding into me.
He was as hard as a rock.

He thrust himself into me hard. It was
almost like being raped. I screamed out in
pleasure and pain. It hurt but felt really good.
The more noise I made, the harder he pushed into

Then I could feel myself cumming again. I
wanted to put my arms around him. I kept pulling
at the handcuffs, and it hurt my wrists.

Mike noticed this and smiled slightly. he
really liked having complete comtrol over me.

Shortly after I came, he let out a scream and
I could feel him tensing. Then he just collasped
on me. He was breathing hard.

Then he lifted himself up and kissed me.

MIKE: See? that wasn't so bad, was it?
ME: No, I liked it in a way. Can you uncuff me now?

He uncuffed me and we just laid there naked,
holding each other. We fell asleep that way.


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