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Archived Sex Stories



A New Experience by BP

Tim and I were just starting to get into the animal sex scene when he
got transferred to the Atlanta area. After several years of thinking and
talking about animal /people sex Tim had introduced me to a man who trains
sporting dogs. Tim had to get me pretty drunk the first time I consented
to have sex with a dog but after that, I was the one begging Tim to take me
to the dogs. I liked having sex with the dogs I volunteered to help the
trainer for free doggy fucks.

Tim and I bought a nice house outside of town with several acres of
wooded land and a pool. I loved the house but was bummed about leaving my
doggy lovers. One evening Tim came home with a big grin and told me he had
a surprise for me. My attempts to find out what the surprise was were
fruitless. Not even offers of wild kinky sex would get him to tell. He
just told me that I would find Saturday ( the next day ).

I knew it had something to do with sex as he told me to wear an old house dress without underwear. Venturing from the house without underwear
always made me nervous but I trusted Tim and knew he had something
delicious in-store for me. The only comment I got from Tim was about the
weather and the scenery as we drove further away from the city. Knowing
better then to bug him, I tried to relax.

I saw Tim flash me a glance as we turned onto a narrow paved road but he
didn't say a word. I had no idea of where we were or where we were going.
Just as I was sure we were going to wind up in the next state Tim turned
onto a dirt road identified only by a small number plaque. The road forked
and the trees got thicker then we came to a gate. Tim beeped his horn and
the gate opened. The only thing that kept me from running was the soft
smile on Tim's lips.

Pulling up in front of a modest house, we were greeted by a man in his
fifties dressed like a farmer in bib overalls. In a friendly voice he
asked Tim if he had any trouble finding the place. Tim came to me and hand
in hand we went to accept his welcoming handshake. The farmer introduced
himself as Joe. His manner instantly put me at ease as we talked about the
weather. Joe asked us to wait a minute then turned and disappeared back in
his house. A minute later he returned with his wife followed by a pig. I
started to say something about the pig being loose but Joe's wife turned
and introduced Arnold, the pig as he went to her side. Tim was grinning
from ear to ear as it began to dawn on me that we were not here to see
about fucking dogs, instead it looked like he wanted to introduce me to
being fucked by a pig.

Tim and I had a big collection of animal fuck tapes and I had seen a
couple of shots of a pig fucking a woman. From what I had seen I didn't
think it was a big deal. The pig's cock did have a funny, curly end on it
but the cock its self couldn't compare in thickness to that of a dog and it
didn't have the big knot of a dog. To humor Tim, I decided to let a pig fuck, me.

Joe suggested that Alice, his wife show me around while he and Tim
talked. I said that would be fine. Alice turned out to be charming as she
showed me around the pens full of pigs and extolled their virtues. The
whole time Arnold stayed at her side like a dog. The pigs we saw in the
pens didn't look much like Arnold, they were much bigger and fatter. When
I commented to Alice she smiled and told me, Arnold was a different breed.
She went on to tell me that the pigs in those pens are bred for their meat
then let her explanation suddenly stop. I stopped walking and looked at
Arnold as I asked what he was bred for. Alice paused before saying that
Tim had told them I had an interest in sporting animals and had tried dogs.
Blushing, I mumbled yes. Alice touched my arm as she apologized for
embarrassing me. With a lude twinkle in her eyes Alice whispered that
Arnold was her lover. A million thoughts raced thru my mind as I tried to
think of something to say.

Alice's revelation hadn't shocked me but I was a bit surprised at her
directness. Finally I regained control of my mouth and began asking
questions about what it was like, etc. Alice really became excited as she
told me in glowing detail about having sex with Arnold. Arnold appeared to
notice as he kept sticking his snout under Alice's dress. She told him to
be good but that didn't stop him for long. Now, it was Alice's turn to be
embarrassed. Blushing she told me that Arnold's sense of smell is very
good and talking about sex with him gets her excited and Arnold smells her.
I laughed and told her that she had me interested.

Looking around at the pens we had seen, I only saw regular pigs. The
males, boars looked huge and too wild to get close to. Looking back to
Alice and Arnold I said that I was sure she wasn't offering to sell me
Arnold and all the other boars' I saw, weren't for me. Alice took my hand
and led me into a barn.

The inside of the barn was not what I expected. It was sparkling clean,
with soft lighting and instead of stalls there were rooms. One room, I
looked in was furnished with a bed and two chairs, in another was a sow
with a litter of baby pigs. Several doors down, was a boar that looked
like Arnold's brother. Alice proudly told me that they had four breeding
males and a dozen sows so that they could keep the breed strong. That
prompted me to ask her a bunch of questions, which Alice took great delight
in answering.

Stopping at a room with a full-grown boar Alice told he was sold and
waiting for the new owners to pick him up. Looking at him Alice told me
that she felt it was better for the owner to raise them from piglets but
most people were too impatient. Turning her head to me she covered her
mouth as she said "I'm sorry that slipped out. Please don't tell Joe,
he'll give me the devil." I assured her that I wouldn't tell but I did want
to know if I was really interested in having sex with a pig before I would
think of buying one. Alice apologized then asked if I wanted to watch her
then try one for myself. My "yes" was hardly out of my lips when Alice led
Arnold into an empty room as she shed her dress. It was obvious that
Arnold knew what was coming. He was prancing and sticking his snout in
Alice's butt as she took her underwear off. Alice playfully pushed his
head away as she told me that he is used to her, making him wait and being
teased. Flashing me a big grin she added that Arnold gets more tail then a
roster in a hen house. Arnold was getting impatient and jumping up on
Alice. When she turned her back to him, she let him knock her to her hands
and knees. She was laughing and talking sexily as Arnold mounted her.
Alice reached back and guided Arnold's cock into her pussy to their mutual

Arnold pranced and pumped as Alice babbled obscene comments. Glancing
at me Alice suggested I have a seat as Arnold takes his time. Alice moaned
then said. Oh yes fuck my womb you fucking pig. Fill me until it's coming
out my ears. She quivered with and orgasm as Arnold settled down to a slow
steady motion. She calmed down and looked over at me as she explained that
the curly part of a pig's cock worms its way thru a woman's cervix into her
womb. As he continues to come, the tip rubs around inside of the cervix.
She went on to tell me that not all women liked something going that far
into them and others were too sensitive to enjoy it. I didn't know how it
would feel to me but my pussy was drooling so much, my panties were wet.

A glance at my watch told me they had been coupled for over fifteen
minutes and still they didn't show any signs of being finished. I asked
Alice how long it usually lasted and was surprised when she said that he
took at least twenty minutes but usually it lasted twice that long
especially if someone rubs Arnold's nuts.

Do you want me to rub his nuts? I couldn't believe I asked that but
then nothing about any of this was "normal." Alice didn't bother looking
over at me when she whispered yes. She then told me to watch and see how
much her belly swelled from all the sperm Arnold was pumping in her.

Slowly I moved to the floor beside them, watching every detail. Alice
told me Arnold wouldn't mind, Joe did it a lot. Cautiously I reached out
and touched Arnold's ball sack. He turned his head to look at me then
looked away as he kept up a steady rhythm. The babbling and moans from
Alice got louder then she quivered again. Fondling Arnold's balls was
kinky as hell as well as turning me on even more. Remembering what Alice
had said about her belly swelling I looked and sure enough her belly looked
like she was about four months' pregnant. Not really big but defiantly
noticeable. Like a magnet my hand was drawn to her swollen belly. Feeling
my hand on her, Alice asked me to play with her clit. I was so caught up
in the lust I didn't protest even though I had never touched another female
sexually in my life.

In one hand I had a pig by the nuts in the other I had a strange woman
by the clit. If you had told me earlier that I would be doing that
willingly I would have called for them to take you away. Arnold's huge
balls were still twitching and pumping sperm into Alice as she moaned and
quivered to another climax. Finally the two of them calmed down. Arnold
still made no move to pull out. Alice blinked and shook her head before
telling me that she had to wait for him to get softer before pulling away.
Then slowly Arnold pulled back, his thin reddish cock emerging from her
juicy pussy. With all the come juice I thought he had pumped in her I was
watching for a big gush but all I saw was a trickle of milky juice.

Arnold laid down near her as his cock disappeared back in its sheath.
Alice collapsed on the floor with her eyes closed.

Thanks, that was great. No matter how many time he fucks me I still get
a big thrill from the way he fucks me. Dogs may have bigger cocks but they
don't come any where near as much as a pig. Dogs don't fill your womb so
that you look pregnant, look at mine.

Alice was right about her belly being swollen, even with her laying on
her back I could see the bulge. When I asked Alice how long she would stay
swollen she laughed and told me Arnold could keep her pumped up like that
for days if she let him fuck as often as he was ready. She said that his
sperm gets very thick as he shoots the last bit in her and that tends to
keep most of it inside her for up to several days. Having said that she
sat up. A small puddle formed but her belly remained swollen.

After helping Alice to her feet she asked if I was ready to try it.
Biting my lip I nodded yes then asked if Arnold would be ready so quickly.
Alice laughed and said he was good but not that good. She led me back to
one of the boar's I had seen earlier. Now it was my turn to play with Mr.
Pig and get him excited. I guess he smelled me as it didn't take long
before his corkscrew cock was peeking out at me. As I studied the unusual
cock Alice explained that all creatures have their special way of making
sure the sperm gets delivered into the uterus. Humans like to screw a lot
and the male's penis is shaped to push sperm against the cervix. Dogs have
the knot which holds them in until they have finished, and pigs have a
corkscrew that goes thru the cervix to deliver a huge load of sperm direct
to the uterus.

I was so horny by then that only half of her words registered, I just
wanted to be screwed. Alice suggested I use the pad on the floor so my
knees wouldn't get sore. No sooner had I got to my hands and knees then
Mr. pig was sniffing and licking my pussy. His tongue was not as good as a
dog's but it still felt nice. When Mr. pig stopped licking, I looked
back, just in time to see him mount me. His slender cock knifed into my
wet pussy like a guided missile. Then I felt it, I felt his corkscrew
bumping against my cervix. The way it was moving around I didn't think he
would be able to find the entrance to my uterus. Just I was sure of his
failure I felt a stretching deep inside then I felt something rubbing me,
in a place no man or dog had ever touched. Mr. Pig's thrusts calmed down
and I felt something warm spray inside my uterus. Looking up at Alice, I
said "Oh my god you're right. This is wild!"

For the next half hour Mr. Pig's gentle humping kept his corkscrew cock
rubbing, the inside of my cervix, sending me to multiple climaxes. I was
so busy climaxing I didn't realize how much come juice Mr. pig was pumping
in me, until Alice knelt next to me and rubbed my swelling belly. Looking
between my swaying boobs at Alice's hand, I saw that my belly was indeed
bulging out a couple inches. I also became aware of the warm pressure
inside me. It wasn't uncomfortable at all and the more I thought about
what Mr. pig was doing to me the hotter I got.

I asked Alice if Arnold's come had leaked out of her yet. Alice proudly
showed me her still distended belly. She then told me that when pigs come,
it starts out very thin and gets thicker until at the end of their spend.
At first it is like a jelly and that tends to trap most of the juices
inside, sometimes for a day or two. Another strong climax interrupted any
further questions. Just as I was coming down from that climax Alice began
playing with my clit. Thru the fog of lust I heard Alice telling me she
was rubbing his balls so I would be really filled.

Regaining my senses I noticed Mr. pig had stopped humping and Tim and
Joe were standing there watching me. Tim knelt at my side and watched as
Mr. pig eased his curly cock out of my pig sperm-filled belly. Tim's eyes
were bright with lust as he watched Mr. Pig's cock pull free. To our
surprise most of the pig sperm remained trapped in my womb.

Too weak to get to my feet I rolled onto my back. Concerned about Tim's
reaction my eyes went to his, the fires of lust were clearly burning there.
As if I needed further proof of his approval I noticed that the front of
his pants was tented out and wet with cum.

Tim moved next to me, his hands tenderly stroking my pig sperm swollen
belly. With a big grin he asked if I liked being fucked by a pig. Several
smart ass replies raced thru my brain but what came out of my mouth was a
very ecstatic yes. Tim asked if I still wanted a dog. Grinning, I said I
wanted both but would settle for a pig if I had to choose.

Tim helped me to a bathroom so I could get cleaned up then we talked
with Joe and Alice about selecting a pig. I was a bit disappointed when I
was told that it would be better for me to get a young pig and finish his
training, then to get ready to fuck a pig. Alice reminded me that my pig would be a member of the family so it was better to have a hand in his
raising. Setting my lust aside, I agreed but wanted to know if I could
visit Alice's grown pigs until mine was old enough to take care of me. Joe
and Alice laughed and said that it hadn't taken long to make a believer out
of me. With a lot of light-hearted banter I went to pick my pig.

For the next hour I played with my new pig. As we played, I toyed with
a name for him. I quickly rejected all the silly dog type names and
finally decided on calling him Calvin. After receiving final instructions
on his care we were off with our new family member. Chapter 2

I won't go into a lot of detail of how I trained Calvin but I will tell
you he is smarter then most dogs and really loves me playing with his cock
and huge balls. I learned that Calvin and drown you if you aren't careful
about how you give him a blow job.

The first few times, Calvin tried to mount me were frustrating but once
he found my pussy he didn't have any trouble finding it the next time.
However it did take him several months before he managed to get his
corkscrew tip in my uterus. The first time Calvin got in me he got nervous
and backed out. Now I knew why Alice insisted I get a young pig and get to
know him well.

Calvin reacted to his role as my lover, like a teenage boy in a whore
house with an unlimited charge card. I began worry that Tim would feel
neglected but he assured me he was happy to watch. We finally settled on
me giving Tim blow jobs, as he watched, Calvin pump my belly full of pig sperm.

When Calvin's second birthday came around Tim suggested that tell
everyone that we are going to be out of town, put our cars in the garage,
pull the curtains and have a private orgy. I loved the idea and my pussy was wet all week just thinking about the fun we were going have.

I made sure we had plenty of food and anything else we might need on my
way home that Friday evening. As usual Calvin greeted me at the door by
sticking his nose under my dress and smelling my horny pussy. If I hadn't
pushed him away, he would have torn thru my panties to get at my pussy.
Scratching his head I tried to tell Calvin he would have to wait until
after dinner and then he could fuck me all he wanted.

As I fixed dinner my words to Calvin rang in my ears. Until that day I
hadn't permitted myself to really let give in to my lust, always afraid of
being too much of a slut for cock. I was laughing at myself for being so
silly just as Tim came in. He asked why I had such a silly look on my face
when he came in. With a nervous giggle I told him about being nervous
about being too wanton. Tim assured me that he wanted me to forget about
any inhibitions I had and have fun fucking and whatever. Kissing Tim
hotly, I told him what a great husband he is. Calvin came over and nuzzled
my ass to remind me he was there during our embrace. Tim laughed and knelt
to pet Calvin as he told Calvin he was going to get the chance to see just
how big, he could make my belly.

Tim's words sent a delicious shiver thru me, as visions of my belly
bulging with pig sperm danced before my lust hazed eyes. Somehow I got
dinner on the table but I have no idea what we ate. After dinner Tim and I
shed our clothes and went to Calvin's room.

I guess I should tell you about Calvin's room. We put in a special door
that Calvin can open and close by himself so he can go outside to do his
business. The walls are decorated with pictures of country scenes and
there are nice curtains on the windows. About the only detail that you
might consider unique is the mattress on the floor and a low padded bench,
the floor even has carpet.

Well back to Calvin's birthday party. Calvin's nose had been telling
him I was hot so he was more then ready when we got to his room. Seeing me
nude Calvin knew that he was going to have me. To check and see if I was
ready for him he stuck his snout into my crotch and gave my pussy a lick.
One taste of my dripping pussy honey was all he needed. Backing off a step
he jumped up on my back pushing me down onto his bed. With a
well-practiced movement he mounted me and drove his curly cock into my hot
pussy. I remained still as I felt his cock tip searching for the entrance
to my uterus. As I felt his cock worm its way in me, I let out the breath
I had been holding, in a sigh of relief. The kinky fact that Calvin could
fuck my cervix always blew my mind.

Tim had joined us on the bed as I gave him a detailed description of how
Calvin's cock was rubbing inside of my cervix and how hot Calvin's sperm
felt as he began to fill me. Tim voiced his encouragement as he played
with my clit and Calvin's balls. By now Calvin was used to Tim stroking
his balls and settled into his short humping movements, making his cock
head do its magic, deep inside of me. It wasn't very long before my guys were making me climax like crazy. Calvin grunted as my pussy clamped
around his thrusting cock but didn't change his pace.

Tim's rubbing of my belly called my attention to the growing pressure in
my uterus. Looking between my staying tits I could see Tim stroking
Calvin's balls encouraging Calvin to fill my swelling belly more. Tim saw
me watching and told me he wanted to see if Calvin could pump enough sperm
in me to make me look like I was pregnant. I moaned lustfully at his
perverse comment and told Tim, I was all for it.

Calvin lasted a little longer then ususal that time and left enough
sperm in my belly so you could see a slight swelling when I was able to get
to my feet. After a quick trip to the bathroom to pee I returned to kneel
between Tim's legs and take his still throbbing cock in my mouth. I didn't
really expect Calvin to do anything so soon but after licking my pussy for
a few minutes he mounted me again. Tim began giving Calvin encouragement
to fuck me as he and Calvin were face to face, with their cocks, stuffing
me. My brain went into sexual overload and all I remembered was feeling my
insides getting soaked with gallons of sperm. By the time the guys finished fucking me I was so exhausted I collapsed into a sex induced coma.
Once more during the night I was awakened and double fucked. When the sun
streaming in the widows awakened me I noticed the pressure in my belly and
thought it was because I need to pee. With Calvin laying pressed against
my back and Tim cuddled up to my front, my stirring woke them. After a
kiss to both my lovers I went to the bathroom.

Sitting on the toilet I became aware that my belly was still slightly
distended even after my bladder was empty. Looking down at my pussy I saw
a small trickle of Calvin's sperm but nothing to suggest that there was
going to be a gush. Until that night Calvin had only fucked me once an
evening. Touching my belly, I got a perverse thrill, knowing that it was
filled with Calvin's sperm. Far from being fucked out I couldn't wait to
feel Calvin's cock in me again.

Back in Calvin's room my lovers were fully awake. Tim's eyes got big as
he noticed my belly. In an awed tone he asked if Calvin's sperm was still
in me. Assuring him that almost all of it was, Tim asked if I was up for
Calvin pumping more in. I told Tim I already felt pregnant as I stroked my
swollen belly for emphasis. With a mixture of lust and pleading Tim asked
again if I would let Calvin fill my belly some more. Laying on the bed
with my legs spread, showing off my well-fucked pussy, I asked Tim if he
wanted to fuck me. Tim eyes and hands were now on my belly as he softly
said he would rather see how big my belly would get from Calvin's sperm.
Tim then admitted that he had given Calvin a drug that Alice had given him
to make boars want to mate and that it wouldn't wear off for another day. A
tingle shot thru me as I felt my pussy itch. My answer to Tim was a
passionate kiss as I got into the breeding position. Calvin didn't need an
invitation, in a flash his hairy belly was pressing on my back as his cock
speared into my pussy. For a few breathless moments his cock tip danced
around inside me then it found the opening into my womb. Tim urged Calvin
to fuck me good as he grasped my swaying tits and played with them.

Waiting until Calvin had really gotten me my lust up to a full boil Tim
asked if I would let Calvin continue to mount me for the rest of the
weekend to see how big my belly would get. I was so high on sex I would
have agreed to almost anything and moaned out a yes. Tim kissed me hotly
as his hands teased my nipples and clit. Tim's teasing fingers and
Calvin's hot sperm sent me into another strong climax.

By supper time my belly was so swollen I looked like, I was about six
months pregnant. Tim was grinning from ear to ear and couldn't keep his
hands off me. I was standing in the kitchen fixing dinner when Tim came up
behind me and began teasing my clit as he hugged me. My clit was so
sensitive from all the sex I climaxed almost instantly. As I climaxed my
belly contracted and a gush of Calvin's sperm spued from my pussy. For a
moment Tim and I stood there stunned, looking at the puddle on the floor,
then we burst out laughing. As out laughter quieted, Tim kissed me and
asked if wanted to do it again. The empty feeling in my belly and the itch
in my pussy I couldn't say no.


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