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Title: News Business
Keywords: mf
Author: Caesar
"Boast not that you have won a rich wife,
Length of tool, not of purse, makes the
comfort of life."
-The Pearl No. 17

When an amazon news reporter discovers that she is about to be
replaced with a newer version, she decides to convince her boss

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.

The News Business

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1991-2002

$Revision: 1.6 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

Everyone knew!

Mary Norman just finished anchoring the six o'clock news hour with her
co-host, John McMillian, and sat alone in her change room. And cried!
What could she do? Everyone politely ignored her, people whispered
behind her back, and her make-up girl asked if the rumours were true.
After a little checking around, she discovered they were - the local
network decided to replace her with another girl, a twenty year old girl! In a fit of rage, she had thrown her make-up girl out of her
room, accomplished the news hour, then returned here to feel sorry for

If there was one thing she didn't have the right to do, it was feel
sorry for herself. At sixteen she won her first local beauty contest.
At nineteen she graduated from community college, started to work in
TV from the very beginning, landed an anchor spot when she was twenty
four, married a wonderful man at twenty-two, with two kids within the
next four years, plus ten wonderful years working at her job. It
didn't matter if she couldn't pick news stories from crap, only that
she could deliver the news the way the viewers wanted. She was the
local favourite.

Mary studied herself in the wall-sized mirror. The wrinkles had begun
at twenty-seven, the small bags under the eyes three years later.
With make-up, her aging had practically ceased. But the past year, it
took more and more work to keep her youthful appearance. Not to say
she wasn't beautiful any longer - she was!

She was tall, five-eleven, with long legs and a thin waist that she
still enjoyed showing off. She had begun to style her hair about five
years ago, until it was a now large blond mane. Her breasts were even
better than when she was sixteen; they were bigger and firmer (after
her last child she had implants). She pretended to hate the jokes or
names that the crew called her, like "tall Amazon", "leggy blond",
"hot model", "sexy", "beautiful", "hot", and even "dream goddess".
She loved them all.

Mary was very vain, that much should be clear by now. Her whole life
was build around the way she looked, her legs and "cute" face being
her best assets. Of course she never thought she would always work as
an anchor woman, but she never planed or anticipated the inevitable.

The more she looked within the madder she became, at her boss, the
shows producer, and definitely at the station manager.

"How can they do this?" She turned her head side-to-side studying
herself, drying her tears away. "The city loves me!" She noticed a
wrinkle in her make-up near her eyes. "It's that prick Chuck - likes
his reporters young and stupid. With me he had beautiful and smart.
He probably was scared shitless!"

During this time of self-pity the thought of her wonderful husband or
their two darling daughters never even crossed her mind; so
self-centred was she that all she thought of was herself.

Mary finished cleaning the make-up from her face, working fast and
without looking into the mirror. Then she applied the normal,
everyday make-up she used. Satisfied, she studied the reflection in
the mirror.

"There has to be a way to make Chuck realize I'm still a young,
valuable member to the news team!" she asked herself in the mirror.
"I'll just go and see the little prick right now!" She surprised
herself when she said it. She intended to have a battle with the
station manager.

She slammed the door to his office behind her, his secretary unable to
stop her. Mary came over and placed both fists onto the top of his
desk, bending over, ready for anything.

"Yes, Mary?" He sounded bored.

"Is it true Chuck? You're hiring some young bimbo to replace me?"
she practically yelled.

Behind her the secretary opened the door to check with her boss; he
waved her away.

"You're being replaced, Mary. But I wouldn't call her a bimbo." He
opened a file on his desk and spun an eight-by-twelve photo around.
"She's more experienced than you."

Mary looked down into the blue eyes of the blond beauty. She was very
beautiful with a intelligent, yet innocent, face. Mary exploded and
grabbed the picture, tore it down the centre and threw it back at her
boss. Then she collapsed into the chair, convincing herself not to
cry - it would only prove that she was a weak woman.

Chuck sat motionless while his anchor woman had her little tantrum.
He was an experienced people-person and didn't want to give her any
fuel to keep her fires burning. While she caught her breath he
noticed her shapely thighs, for her mini-skirt had ridden up slightly,
giving him a peek at her panties. He tore his eyes away, feeling very
unprofessional, yet his eyes came in contact with her round firm
breasts. He turned his chair around to look out the window and not
stare at the woman's body.

Mary was trying to figure out her next argument. There were too many
to list, but she caught his eyes glaring at her crotch then rising up
to her chest. She noticed the familiar admiration and desire in his
eyes, and realized her boss was just a man. And since puberty she had
always known how to manipulate men.

With a more civil voice, "Chuck, perhaps we could make a spot for her
on the weekend news, or the twelve o'clock spot?" He spun back
around, staring right into her eyes. Mary slowly crossed her legs,
seeing him glimpse quickly down at the sound of silk rubbing. She
knew that she could control him, but wondered how much it would cost.
"I'm not arguing her credentials, but just asking why the decision to
replace me?" She ran her tongue over her lips slowly, and struck a
pose - shoulders back, legs crossed, her skirt almost at the junction
where her legs and waist met, one hand on her thigh, the other against
her stomach pressing her blouse inward, her head back and her eyes and
mouth gentle but attentive.

"The decision wasn't mine, Mary, but my father's. But" - he openly
stared down at her breasts - "I'll talk to him."

At that moment, she knew she couldn't just flash him some thigh and
then get whatever she wanted. She looked at her boss, seeing the
small overweight man she always ignored. She couldn't stand
unattractive people. She wondered if she had to sleep with him to get
her own way, and wondered if she could.

She uncrossed her legs, and opened the knees ever so slightly, knowing
her pantied crotch could be seen, testing him. Chuck glanced quickly
down at her white-pantied pussy, then guiltily returned to her eyes.

"Were you planning on firing me, or just letting me host a kids' show
Saturday mornings?" She cursed herself, she had to control her anger.
"I'm sorry, Chuck. Perhaps we can work something out?" She pretended
shyness, looking down at the floor, knowing he would be able to look
upon her uncovered upper thigh unhindered.

"That's always a possibility, Mary. What do you have in mind?" She
could almost feel his eyes on her covered sex mound.

Chuck stared directly at Mary's upper thighs and at her crotch. He
was excited, his penis hard in his pants. It was not the first time a
woman tried to seduce him to get a job, but it was the first time a
woman did it to keep a job. He felt sorry for Mary's husband.

"Oh, I don't know. Perhaps a personal service contract?" She tried
to sound sad, but he could hear the anger and bare control in her
voice. He was perfectly aware that she was trying to manipulate him.

"You mean, the station would control you for whatever they wanted?"
He asked playing dumb, wanting her to say it.

Timidly she replied, "No, *you*!" She looked back up into his eyes.

After a long pause, Chuck said, "Are you trying to seduce me, Mary?"

She wondered how anyone could be so stupid. But controlled herself.
"Yes! If that's what you want?" Shyly she smiled at him, wondering
what having sex with this blob would be like.

A smile of triumph came to his lips as he ordered, "Spread your legs
wider." Slightly surprised, she did, letting him have a perfect view
of her silk-covered mound. A shiver ran through her as she watched
his vision hungrily taking the sights she gave him.

Openly Chuck studied her long legs, her strong shapely thighs, and of
course her crotch. "Stand up and take your clothes off." was his
second order.

Surprised that he was being assertive, she complied. Mary stood up,
and began to disrobe. The honey of the network was determined to keep
her job, whatever it took! She reached under her skirt and pushed
down her silk nylons. After kicking them over into the corner she
began to undo the buttons of her white blouse. He studied every
movement, every inch that became revealed, his hungry eyes taking it
all in. She pushed the expensive fabric off her shoulders, allowing
it to fall to her feet. Then, with only one zip, her skirt also fell
to her feet.

Before she could continue with only her undergarments on, Chuck
ordered, "Come here!" He waved towards him, around the big desk. She
walked seductively around the mahogany desk and saw that he wanted her
to sit on his lap facing him, her thighs straddling his. "So, let me
get this right," he said after she sat down on him, his face barely an
inch away from her bra- covered breasts, his hands already cupping a
naked buttock in each hand. "If you stay as the anchor woman, you'll
be my little sex toy?" Using her work smile, the one that made her
the darling of the city, she nodded then bent forward to kiss his
chubby face and lips.

Another shiver ran through her as his tongue forced itself into her
mouth, exploring hers. His hands were playing with the g-string of
her panties, pulling them painfully up her crack.

"Say it!" He ordered, his eyes piercing into hers, waiting.

Seductively she said, "I'll be your little sex toy, Chuck." She
kissed him gently, "Only yours!"

He smiled. "Take your bra off!"

Her hands reached around and quickly undid the hook. She allowed the
lace bra to fall off her shoulders. He studied her perfect breasts,
his hands coming off her ass to play with a breast in each. He felt
the firmness, pressed them together, pinched the nipples, shook them
before bending over, sucking on one, then the other nipple, her hands
maternally holding his head, letting out a pleasing moan to let him
know she felt good.

He spoke into her chest, between nipples, "What exactly are you
willing to do?"

She whispered, "Anything you want!"


"Well...anytime you want to have a private meeting..."

He interrupted her. "No, I mean would you suck my cock?" His eyes
looked up from between her breasts.

She would do it, only actually saying it bothered her. "Of course,
Chuck! Anytime..."

He seemed to be getting anxious. "And swallow every drop?"

The thought revolted her. "I'll even lick every inch of you clean!"
She would too, just to keep her job. Though she would never let her
own husband come in her mouth, she would let this short fat dump of a
man. Her values were showing through.

Chuck's face came back up to hers, their lips smacking together as
they kissed passionately and hard. He stuck his tongue into her
mouth, and she began to suck on it, as if it was the cock they had
been talking about. Up and down, her head bobbed on his tongue. Mary
could feel the hard bulge on the underside of her thigh and against
her groin. She humped up against it, trying to stimulate him. She
wanted to make this "session" go quickly, so she would do anything to
finish him. Chuck's fingers returned to her ass cheeks, one finger
even playing with the hard little muscle of her anus. Mary tried to
cover up the enviable shiver.

He pulled his tongue back into his mouth. "Well, my little slut..."
Mary hid her hate of this man and that word he used about her.
"...time to show me how much you want to keep your job. On your
knees, my little toy!" He gave her a push.

Chuck had to hide a laugh as he watched the very pretty face when her
hands pulled his hardened cock out of his pants. She covered very
quickly, then smiled up at him, but he wasn't fooled. The bitch had
always despised him, for what he had no idea, but she never gave him a
side-glance. Now she was going to pay for that mistake, in spades.

Both his hands encircled her head and pulled it towards his throbbing
member. Mary's mouth opened and the cock slipped past her red-tinted
lips. A very erotic sight. He kept pulling until he felt her nose
against his large stomach. A gag escaped her lips, though there
wasn't much room. She controlled the natural gagging motion and began
to suck on him, her tongue running on the underside of his cock.
Chuck loosened his hold and let her pull up, and after a quick second,
she descended down onto his lap again.

"God, that feels good, Mary!" He meant it - she was quite an
experienced cock sucker.

And of course this boosted Mary's esteem, causing her to work harder
on pleasing him. The better she did the shorter this "torture" would
end, she thought. She had measured the hard penis while it was in her
hand. It was larger than her husband's, half-an-inch longer and
almost twice as thick. She cursed God for allowing this little troll
to have such a magnificent cock when her handsome husband wasn't as
well endowed.

During the blow job, she kept her eyes closed and concentrated on only
the penis, not who it belonged to. She was not sure how long she
worked on it, but it seemed like a very long time. Mary hoped the
dwarf wouldn't want to come in her mouth. It caused her horror just
to think of it. Up until the time her hand measured the cock, Mary
had been unexcited; now the gorgeous cock was getting her vagina a
little wet. It would cause her to be very excited, if only she didn't
have to fight the idea of who it belonged to.

The first indication that his cock was about to explode was his hands
descending again around her head, messing her hair. The next was the
fact it gotten harder, if possible, and then a little larger just
before it exploded.

The come shot against the back of her throat, and she could feel it
trickle down into her stomach. As she expected he forced her mouth
down until it encircled the whole cock, but after his first shot, he
quickly yanked her hair and head off his cock. The next shot hit her
half-open mouth, the next her cheek. He pulled her head back against
him, rubbing his slowly softening cock along her wet cheek and closed

Slowly the jerking subsided, and the flow of sperm stopped. Mary was
extremely revolted. Just the thought and feel of that sperm rubbing
along her soft white skin of her beautiful face caused her to almost
throw up.

"Hum, God, that was good! I'm starting to think you may be a valuable
asset to this station." His hands had let go of her head, and she
looked up into his face, smiling her award-winning smile while the
sperm coated at least half her face.

Chuck's finger rubbed along her cheek, then pushed into her mouth.
Amused he watched as she hid a gag then tried to seductively suck it
clean before he repeated the sequence.

Almost tenderly, he said, "Lick me clean, Mary. Then I'm going to
fuck you good and hard."

Slowly her head descended and her tongue stuck out of her mouth. She
lapped along his semi-hard cock, cleaning the sperm and spittle from
its uneven surface. She swallowed hard, after sucking her tongue
clean between licks.

Chuck lifted the gorgeous thirty-four year old up by her arms and held
her. She stood still, waiting for his command. His eyes descended
down her attractive body, then zeroed in on her white silk panties.
He could see the dark mark where her juices had stained the virgin
white surface.

He ran a finger along the length of the soft material, feeling the
coarse hair beneath the fabric's surface, and under that a slimy
softness. He pushed the fabric past the hair and into the gully of
her pussy lips. A shiver ran through her when he poked at a hard
little bud of her clitoris.

His hands guided her body to his desk; she bent over the big wooden
table, her ass not two feet from where he had been sitting. He
commanded, "Arch your back, slut!" She did as commanded, while
realizing she could feel his warm breath on her left cheek. His
fingers tugged at the gee-string, pulling it past her hips, then down
past her ass and to her mid- thighs, where he left it. His hands
again played with her generous but shapely ass cheeks.

Chuck could see her dark crack descending between her thighs, and when
he pulled her cheeks apart, he could see her puckered little anus, and
lower, her hairy brown bush with only a little pink visible.

"Spread your legs wider, fuck toy!" She complied, knowing the end was
in sight. After he fucked her, he would give her job back to her, and
let her go home. She knew after a new contract she wouldn't have to
let this little troll fuck her ever again. A picture of her husband
flashed into her head, and she knew she was doing this for him.

She was wrong.

She spread her legs until the mid-thigh panties hindered her; she
arched her back out knowing he was getting an eyeful, thinking, 'You'd
better enjoy it - it'll be the last time you have such a gorgeous
woman to fuck.'

A thick, chubby finger pressed against her anus. Mary almost screamed
out, but bit her lip. Would the dwarf sodomize her? Of course she
would let him, but the "forbidden" act scared her. His finger ran
down to her flowered-open cunt lips. He pushed inwards, his finger
slowly disappearing into her warm wet grotto of love. This time she
bit her lip from the pleasure of his digit inside her aching cunt,
wondering how could she get excited from this hideous monster.

"Hold your ass cheeks apart, slave!" Slowly she did, hating the
vulnerable position she was in.

The chair behind her squeaked, and she could sense him standing behind
her. Chuck's finger pulled out of her loose wet cunt and his cock
entered her. Fast and hard. She couldn't hold back the scream this

The office door opened and the plain secretary was standing there,
mouth open and eyes glued to the scene behind her boss' desk. Chuck
smiled at her, then waved her away, amused at her startled and
questioning look.

Mary was horrified - someone knew! She didn't have time to
contemplate the fact that someone had seen her half laying on her
boss' desk, naked, with her own hands holding her ass cheeks apart,
and her boss' stomach pressed against those same ass cheeks.

The reason was that Chuck began to fuck Mary, hard and fast. Her cunt was making squishing, popping noises while the sound of his front
hitting her cunt and ass reverberated around the room. His long, wide
cock filled her up like none other. She hated it, and loved it at the
same time.

Chuck felt great. Here he was, fucking the anchor woman over his
desk, the same one that always looked upon him with disdain. She was
making noises like she was indeed enjoying herself, not just
pretending. But Chuck wanted to make her pay, he wanted to let her
know she was being degraded.

Mary felt the first smack on her bottom as the sharp pain ran up her
spine. Chuck began to spank her shapely behind, alternating between
cheeks. She wiggled her ass, screamed for him to stop, promised him
an eternity of sex. But he didn't stop, only laughed - an insane,
enjoyable laugh. Again and again, he spanked her round bottom,
getting great enjoyment from the act. His lunges got faster, harder,
more determined.

Mary realized her voice could be heard outside the door, and the
secretary would be listening to the animal sex sounds inside the
office. Would the woman tell anyone? As long as Mary kept her job,
nothing else mattered.

Chuck stopped spanking her, and ceased his lunging. The both of them
caught their breath. When he was about to renew his fucking of her
wet gash, a finger slid down her sweaty ass crack to her anus. There
it entered her quickly and sharply, not caring for her discomfort.
Again, Mary was made to yell out in pain. The finger pulled out and
entered her again and again, in time to his thick cock in her pussy.

It was perverse and degrading, but the not-so-young anchor woman was
enjoying herself. She hadn't realized it until she felt the familiar
itching of her crotch, but an orgasm was building. Of course,e she
didn't stop screaming or trying to crawl across the desk - she had to
convince her boss that he was harming her, it wasn't seemly for a lady
to be in such a position and to enjoy it. But she soon lost control
of herself. The screams of pain and pleading turned to passion. She
ground herself against his ample stomach on every down thrust,
enjoying the feel of his hairy stomach against her now-tender ass
cheeks. She could feel his balls slamming the underside of her crotch
in time to his thrusts. Even his violating finger was enjoyable, and
brought a new sensation upon a never-before-experienced nerve.

Chuck loved it! With his free hand he reached up, grabbed at her
messy mane of fake blond hair, and pulled. This caused her back to
arch even more, her ass to get rounder and the channel of her cunt to
be smoother, and Mary moaned out her pleasure at the new position.

Words escaped his mouth, "Ride me, bitch!...Wet me how
much this job means to you!", among other things.

While Mary moaned and screamed out, "Yes!...Thick cock...finish
me...God, please...fuck me...yes!" Of course, many of the words
couldn't be used on the air.

Surprising to both, Mary was the first to come, her orgasm shaking the
heavy wooden desk and almost dislodging her partner. Outside the
accompanying scream of pleasure could be heard clearly by the
embarrassed secretary.

Before Mary even stopped shaking, Chuck began to shoot his sperm into
the anchor woman, violating her with his life-giving juices a second
time. He pushed his finger into her mouth, reaching around her body.
She sucked on it hungrily, not knowing it was the same that had been
in her ass hole.

When finally Chuck pulled out his considerably smaller cock from the
slimy wet hole and fell back to his chair, Mary fell to her knees in
front of him. Quickly taking his cock into her mouth, she cleaned him
expertly with tongue and lips, almost with a love that had not been
present several moments before. She worshipped the swiftly softening
penis, the object that had caused her a surprising amount of pleasure,
surprising since she had never liked the taste of her own juices or
even sperm before.

Only when Chuck's cock was clean did Mary take her head off his lap
and leaned in on a beefy trouser-covered leg, eyes looking up into
his. "Well, darling?" He didn't say anything, just sat with his head
back, resting. "Is it a deal?"

He finally moved, slowly and resistant, as if not wanting to be
interrupted. "I will talk to my father, and I'm sure he'll see things
my way!" He pushed her head off his lap and zipped up his pants.

Mary was very happy. She had won! Chuck would let her keep her job,
doing what she knew only she could do, and if she had to sleep with
him again, that wouldn't be so bad. He wasn't as bad as she had
originally thought! Her orgasm was certainly proof of that, rare as
they were.

As she dressed, using her still-moist panties to wipe her face and
inner thighs clean, she tried to still be seductive, hoping to again
catch his eye, letting him now she was now available. She would of
course need a quick trip to her dressing room to clean up. When
finally she was dressed and fairly presently she turned to the
relaxing man, happy she pleased him, and was about to speak.

He interrupted. "If only the audience could see you now, hum?"

She laughed, knowing that she still needed much work to look as she
always did to the viewers every night, but took it as a compliment.

"As we agreed, you would continue to work at this studio, and as my
personal assistant. Here, sign this..." He pushed a prepared sheet
towards her.

Her old temper began to flare. He had already made the decision to
keep her on, but let her lower herself to desperate acts while he
already had a contract written out. Then she realized that most men couldn't possibly control themselves with an attractive seductive
woman like herself, offering them a chance at her. Without really
looking at the writing she signed the paper, then bent over the desk
to deeply kiss her boss, now lover.

Mary was almost out the door when Chuck again spoke up. "See you
tomorrow, in studio six."

She spun around. That was the daytime talk show studio! Was he just
playing games with her? She saw his malicious smile of triumph.

"You'll be the new host of our home show, and of course you'll have to
move your stuff out of the news room by tomorrow." A tear began in
her eye. "Now get the fuck out of my office!" he shouted, standing

Her whole body was frozen. She hadn't won after all. He only used
her to get whatever he wanted. She would be the host of some mindless
housewife show after ten years as the host of this city's best news
hour. A glob of sperm and vaginal juice slid out of her uncovered
cunt and down the insides of her thighs, reminding her of what had
happened earlier. Mary felt very sorry for herself. She didn't think
about her kids or her husband, only about her own selfish needs.

She spoke up, afraid for the first time of the short fat man on the
other side of the room. "What about our deal of a personal contract?"
She had earlier hoped that it would have been enough to convince her
boss, but she doubted it now.

He laughed, "You're still a good-looking woman, Mary, but you're
getting old. And besides the new girl replacing you is much more

Mary left his office, his laughter still echoing in her ears. The
secretary watched nervously out the corner of her eye, slight
amusement hidden on her face. The ex-anchor woman ran to her car and
drove quickly home.




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