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This sexual story is copyrighted by me, Shon Richards so please don't
make any money from it. I happily and some say deliriously read and enjoy

"More Than a Tree"
By Shon Richards

"Nice tree, Donald," Brett from accounting told him. "You're
only man I know who actually wants to decorate his Christmas tree."

Donald grinned. "You just have to pick the right tree," he said.
He looked over at Cori and wondered if the company decorating committee
would 'volunteer' again him next year. Most likely it will depend on
the ratio of men on the committee.

He admired his handiwork. Cori, his girlfriend and, incidentally, his
submissive, was standing in the center of a pile of brightly wrapped Christmas
gifts. She was dressed in a green velvet dress adorned with a Christmas theme;
a reindeer-pulled sleigh on the skirt and happy Elves dancing on her sleeves.
She was holding her arms out, supported by the two artificial branches emerging
from her sleeves. A tiara sparkled on her brown hair, a campy, electric thing
that flashed and changed colors. Garlands and electric lights wrapped around
her entire body, and red ornaments hanged from every available space.

A sign resting on the floor in front of her explained. It read
"Environmentally Safe Christmas Tree".

On the surface it was a lame joke about being political correct,
and, being a lame joke, it was a huge hit with the office. Beneath the
surface, however, it was a clever torture designed as a special gift from a Dom
to his submissive.

The branches that emerged from her sleeves were attached to a solid metal
bar that ran along the lengths of her arms, joining at a posture bar that ran
down her back. The branches were bound to her arms at her elbows and forearms,
but the sleeves of the Christmas dress hid the tight leather cuffs. It ensured
that her arms would stay straight, and at the same time leaving her completely

The coils of garland and lights around her body were good for
decoration, but they also served the double purpose of concealing some
of the more erotic decorations. They hid the fact that two of the red
bulb ornaments that hung from around her chest were connected directly
onto her nipples. Biting alligator clips pinched hard against the
thick material of her dress to pinch her nipples into twin points of
hot sensation.

"The train was a great touch," Haley from Human Resources told
her. "It gives it a wholesome feel."

Donald smiled and thanked her, wondering what the straight-laced
woman would say if she knew the real purpose of the train. The model
train circled around Cori at a slow speed, passing through a mock
village and into a short tunnel. The tunnel had a light sensor that
was activated every time the train passed. The trigger signaled the quiet,
but powerful vibrator strapped into Cori's sex. For the duration of the
train's journey through the tunnel, a teasing ten seconds, the vibrator
pulsed inside Cori. Tiny bells hung from the some of the garlands around her
legs, forcing the shy Cori to stay stock-still when her body was rocked with
sinful sensations.

The train passed into the tunnel, and Donald watched Cori closely.
There was a faint jingle of bells, and Cori blushed furiously. Their
eyes met as Cori laughed nervously.

"Just another hour more," Donald said.


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