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Nicki's First Visit to the Nude Beach


Nicki's First Visit to a Nude Beach

By The Cape Cod Beach Bum


WARNING: This story will contain situations, and explicit language of an
adult nature, and should be read only by those of a legal age to do so. If
you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to real people are purely coincidental and
unintentional. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in these
pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable. Thank you
for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As
always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my work.

This story is copyrighted by the author and as such may not be
published, posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server, other
than ASSM and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the author. I
intend it for the personal enjoyment of you, the reader, and I dedicate it


It's a bright, sunny Monday morning in late June. A coupla weeks have
gone by since our class' Whale Watching trip. mom lifted my grounding last
night and I can finally start to enjoy my summer vacation. I'm gonna bike
over to Ballston Beach this morning to get an early start on my tan. Hope
I can get mom or Uncle George to gimme a ride to The Mall this week, so I
can get a new suit. Maybe I'll even get a bikini this year, now that my
boobs have started to grow. Finally! Thank God!!! I'm thirteen!!! They
waited long enough!!! Uncle George says I'm just a late bloomer like my
Mom was, but lemme tell ya, I was gettin' real worried just the same. All
last year the boys kept calling me a 'carpenter's dream'. Ya know, 'flat
as a board, and just as straight'. I know my tits aren't huge, but now I
finally got somethin' to show. Pro'bly why I did some of the things I did
on the boat trip. Until then, I gotta wear last year's tank suit. Bummer.
Ballston Beach is what the National Seashore calls 'unimproved'. Ya
know, no Snack Bar or other facilities, just a coupla Porta Potties in the
parking lot, so I gotta bring everything from home. And 'cause it's a
pretty long bike ride from where we live, I gotta keep it real light.
Usually I just use a small backpack with the bare essentials, ya know:
beach towel, sun block, paperback, Frisbee, lunch, snacks, cold drinks.
Amazing the little bit you can get away with for the day, when you're using
pedal-power. Turns out Amber and Katie are also gonna be going to the
beach today. We met at 'The Truro Market' when I stopped to pick up some
soda and chips.

"Hey, Nicki! How's it feel to finally get out?" Katie asked.

"Great, it's been a bitch. How long were you guys grounded for?"

"Same as you. It's our first time out too. Never been so bored in my
life. Couldn't watch TV, use the phone, listen to the stereo, get on my
computer or nuthin'. My old Lady bitched at me the whole time, wouldn't
let me forget why I was grounded. Gees you'd think they were never young themselves or nuthin'."

"Guess I got away easy," I said, "After mom and Uncle George talked to
me 'bout it, they never brought it up again. I just couldn't DO nuthin'
for two weeks."

"I got real lucky too," Amber added, "I scrubbed off my tat 'fore
anybody saw it, and they think the belly button ring is kinda kewl! Ya
know, they're only pissed I didn't talk to 'em 'bout gettin' it first."

"We're gonna leave our bikes at the youth hostel, and walk down to the
beach from there," said Katie, "They gotta bike rack we can use, and that
way we'll be away from all the little brats near the parking lot. Why
don't ya come with us?"

"Don't they mind?" I asked.

"Nah. My older sister, Lisa, works there. Long as we're gone before
they open up at Dinnertime, it's okay with them."

"Kewl! Let's go."


It's a beautiful day, the waves are starting to roll in nicely, and this
portion of the beach is almost deserted.

As the path broke through the dunes, Katie said to us, "Let's go to the
left a little ways. There's a good spot over on the point. From there we
can see if anyone's coming from either way, in loads of time."

I asked, "Why's it so important to see if anyone's coming?"

After spreading her blanket on the sand, she replied, "So we don't get
caught by a Ranger, Silly." She pulled her tee shirt over her head,
unzipped her shorts, and pushed them down her legs until they puddled at
her feet.

"Hey, you're not wearing a swimsuit!"

"Course not, Nicki, it's a nude beach. C'mon, get naked already."

I looked around. The few people on the beach weren't close and didn't
seem to be paying much attention to us. Katie and Amber were already
naked, and sitting on the blanket, rubbing on sunscreen. Here goes
nuthin'! I slipped the straps off my shoulders, quickly rolled the tank
suit down my body, and plopped down onto the blanket. And to think, this
morning I was worried about gettin' tan lines 'til I could get a bikini!
Guess that's not gonna be a problem after all.

Lemme tell ya, it IS exciting, but it's real scary too. Sure, I flashed
some of our friends, and a coupla other people, on the Whale Watching trip.
But it ain't the same. For the first time in my life I'm completely naked
in public. Not only can anyone see me that wants to look, but it's also
against the law. Nervously I kept glancing in both directions.

"Will ya chill out already!"

"Lay off, Amber!" Katie demanded, before continuing in a softer tone,
"Don't worry, Nicki. It's okay. If we get caught they'll only make us put
our suits on. It's no big deal."

I guess it's time I try to relax and enjoy myself. I lay on my stomach,
closed my eyes, and asked, "Would you spread some lotion on my back for me,

"No prob'."

It felt glorious as she massaged the sunblock on my back with her
fingertips. Soon I forgot where we were. My butt cheeks clenched
automatically, when I felt her fingers lightly stroking the crack of my
ass, then tickling my butt hole.

"Hey! Watch it!"

"Take it easy, Honey. This is the first place you'll burn if you're not
careful. Happens all the time to first timers."

"Whatcha mean 'first timers'? You guys been out here before?"

"Sure, Amber and I come here all the time, have ever since we were
little," Katie replied, "Both our families are 'regulars' out here. We
even brought Marisa out here with us for her first time last year. If her
parents ever find out though, they'll pro'bly kill her."

'Course I'd heard 'bout nudists, ya know, but I'd never met one before.
At least I didn't know I had.

"So that's why you guys were so relaxed 'bout flashing guys up in

"Yup," she giggled, "Wanted to see if you and Chrissy had the guts to
join us out here too. Ya both passed the test. Maybe she can come with us
next time, if she isn't still grounded."

"I'm sure she'll wanna . . . long as her mom and Dad don't ever find

It didn't take me long before I forgot all about being nude again. Soon
I was as relaxed as I am on a 'regular' beach. Amazing, how good it feels
to be naked. The sun felt fantastic as it warmed my skin, and yet, 'cause
the air is free to circulate all around my body, I was still reasonably
cool. Definitely the way to be out on the beach, no question 'bout it.

A bit later, Katie slapped me on the ass, "Better roll over before ya
burn. Here, lemme put some more sunscreen on ya."

Her soft caresses feel wonderful as she spread the lotion on my skin.
Gently cupping my apple-sized breasts, she started to stroke her thumbs
across my nipples, coaxing them to attention. I can't believe I'm letting
her do this!

"Glad to see ya still got your nipple rings, Nick. Your Mom's letttn'
ya keep 'em?"

"Yeah, took a little convincing, but I finally talked her into it. I'm
real surprised Chrissy's are letting her keep hers though! Didn't think
they would."

All the while she is still cupping my small tits and stroking my nips,
and I'm not stopping her!!! What's with me today?

Amber turned to us, "C'mon guys, let's go for a swim. Last one in is a
rotten egg!"

It's a real warm day and a cooling dip in the ocean is real tempting. I
reach for my suit, suddenly remembering I'm completely naked. . . In
public no less.

"Whatcha gonna do with that?" Katie asked me, "Ya won't be needing it."

I glance around nervously. There aren't a whole lotta people around us,
and the ones that are here, don't seem to be aware or care 'bout our
nudity. Somehow I know once we stand up though, we're gonna be the center
of attention, all the way down to the water. And I don't think taking
things slow is gonna help a whole lot either.

Amber asked, "Sooooo, whatcha waiting for, Guys?"

Jumping to our feet, we sprinted as fast as we could down to the water's
edge, splashing in until the water was over our knees. Diving in, I caught
the next wave. Swimming naked for the very first time is a real blast! Ya
know, I never thought it would feel this good. So free and natural without
my suit. I'm having a great time. We're swimming around splashing each
other, and it isn't too long before my mind is again off my nudity. Even
though it's a warm day, it IS still early in the season. The ocean water
is real cold still, so I can't stay in for very long, no matter how much
fun I'm havin'. As I climbed out of the water, I'm concentrating more on
wringing the salt water out of my ponytail than where I'm going. Crash. I
collided with Paul and Brad, almost knocking 'em both down.

Recovering his balance first, Paul called out, "Hey, Nicki. Glad to see

Oh shit!!! My fear returns immediately. Sure, both guys seen me mostly
undressed during our 'Dare' game. But still, it ain't the same, ya know.
Now I'm standing completely naked on a public beach, and with no way to
cover up. I'm scared shitless. What am I gonna do now? What if they blab
'bout it to the whole school? How am I gonna face everybody in September?

Then the two idiots started laughing at me!!!

"Hey, it's not funny, Guys!" I still can't make up my mind where to put
my hands first. Nuthin' I try seems to work.

Still choking Paul replied a little sheepishly, "Sorry, Nicki, but it IS
kinda funny. We knew Katie and Amber were gonna be here, 'cause we were
meeting 'em here. But we're both real glad to see you too."

Brad added, as if he was reading my mind, "Don't worry 'bout it, we're
out here all the time. We won't tell nobody or nuthin'."

"Yeah, we know what it's like when the whole school finds out you're a
nudist. Nobody would come over my house to play or nuthin' no more. Guess
they thought we were gonna attack 'em or somethin'. Anyway, that's why the
four of us always hang together," Paul finished.

That surprised me. I guess it's 'cause I hadn't met 'em 'til we all got
to Middle School. By that time it was old news, nobody gave a shit 'bout
it any more. Ya know, I guess they had other things to talk 'bout by then.
Katie and Amber had had enough of the water for awhile too, and they
joined us on the beach.

Grinning Amber asked them, "Wouldn't you two Bozos be more comfortable
without all those clothes on? Ya know, I bet Nicki'd feel a lot better if
you were nude too."

"Where's you stuff, Kiddo?"

"Get real will ya! Up on the point where we usually go. Where else
would we be?"

As we climb up the bank to the blankets, the warm sun dried us off
almost completely. Sitting on my towel I began putting lotion on. I
glanced over just in time to watch Paul pull his shirt over his head.
Ummmm! What a hunk! Then, without even the slightest hesitation, he
shoved his shorts down his legs to his feet. Yahoo! I'm finally gettin'
to see my first naked guy. So that's what a man's cock looks like! I look
up, and Paul is looking right back at me. Shit! Busted! I'm sooooo
embarrassed! He caught me staring at him! I turn beet red.

"So that's what you look like with a sunburn," he teased.

"Sorry," I stammer looking down at the blanket.

Softly, so no one else could hear him, Paul said, "Don't be sorry,
Nicki. I kinda like looking at you too!" I glanced up. His cock even grew
just a little bit, as if it agreed with him, making me blush even more.
Laying down on my stomach, the devil in me asked him, "Spread some
sunscreen on my back. Please, Paul?"

"Your wish is my command, Princess."

Kneeling by my side and squirting some into his palm, he slowly began to
rub his hands together warming the lotion. Starting with the back of my
left hand he sensuously massaged his way up my arm to my shoulder. Then
adding more lotion to his palms, repeated the process with my right arm.
Shifting his position slightly he continued, slowly working his way up each
leg beginning with the soles of my feet.

I'm so hot! My pussy was already running in a river, and the closest
he's gotten to it so far, is the crease of my butt where it meets my

Shifting his position again, he began with my neck and shoulders, gently
massaging the lotion into them, gradually working his way down to the small
of my back. My heart's racing, the tension's building higher. He has me
on the brink, without even coming close to my tits or my pussy! When I
felt his hands caressing the cheeks of my butt, I spread my legs a little
bit to give him easier access.

He had to smell my arousal now. Even I can smell me! Even over the
coconut oil! And my face is a lot further away from the source.

His fingertips lightly brushed my asshole, and then one hand quickly
dipped between my legs to spread the lotion over my pussy lips.

I exploded! boy did I cum! Screaming! I think everybody heard me from
there to P'town!

When I finally came back to the land of the living, I looked around.
The others were all sitting there staring at me, wearing the stupidest
grins. I am so embarrassed! I wanna die!

Amber recovered first, whistling loudly, and yelling, "Way to go,

It can't get any worse. Uh huh. Wishful thinking. My so-called
friends all started to clap and cheer, and then everybody near us on the
beach joined in the applause too! I wanted to dig a hole in the sand and
crawl in! All the while, Paul is still sitting there on his heels with
that shit eating grin on his face!

"Wow! I'm impressed, Paul." Brad commented, shaking his head in
amazement, "All the years we been spreading lotion on these two bimbos, I
never got a reaction like THAT before!"

"Hey! Who ya calling 'bimbos', Kimosabe?" objected Katie.

"Okay. . .'beautiful broads'. Feel better?"

"Thanks a lot. . .You're all heart," she replied dryly.

A bit later my dark side surfaced yet again, shocking even me with its
boldness. Rolling over and holding out the lotion, I asked Paul, "You did
such a good job on my back before. How 'bout doing my front too?"

I don't believe it! Did I just say that? I must've. I glance around.
My friends are all staring at me in disbelief. Katie is grinning
ear-to-ear and giving me the thumbs up.

Paul doesn't say a word, lest I change my mind. He just took the lotion
from me, poured some into his palm, and slowly began applying it again.
Same as before, he started with my fingers, working his way gradually up
each of my arms. Then my toes and feet, and up each leg, teasing me with
his gentle caresses. I shivered. He was purposely avoiding any of my
'private parts' with his touches. I could tell. Until the last possible
moment that is.

Again I can feel and smell the fragrant juices pouring out of my pussy,
and soaking the blanket under me. I don't dare open my eyes. I might find
out this is all a dream. It's a dream all right, but I'm not sleeping!
The anticipation is killing me!

Paul skipped from my legs to my face and neck, then along my sides to my
belly and hips, still carefully avoiding my tits and pussy, but spending
some time teasing my belly button. When I sense his hands finally closing
in on my breasts, I arched my back off the blanket to force my tits firmly
into his hands.

"Mmmmm," I moan.

Too soon, I felt him about to move his hands away from my boobs. I
grabbed his wrists to keep them there panting, "Don't you dare stop. . .it
feels sooooo good!"

My dark side is now firmly in control! I don't care who's watching.
I'm finally experiencing what I've heard all the other girls talking about!
I'm in heaven! I can feel the tension building in my loins once more.
Paul removed his hands, but only just long enough to add more lotion.
Quickly returning his hands to my tits, he squeezed them gently one more
time, before flicking my nipples with his thumbs, then sliding his hands
slowly over my belly towards my pussy.

My juices are now pouring outa me, flowing in a fragrant river down the
crack of my ass, and puddling between my thighs, before soaking the beach
towel under me. My hands are clenching the towel tightly at my sides in
anticipation, as his fingers near my pussy. Just as the tips finally
caress my clit for the first time, I exploded in a massive orgasm. My hips
slammed upward, driving my spasming pussy hard into his hand. With each
gentle caress, I exploded again, and again, and again, each time driving my
cunt and clit hard onto Paul's fingers, only to begin the process all over

All the while I'm yelling, "I'm cumming!!!!" at he top of my lungs.

Finally, Paul took pity on me, firmly pinching my engorged clit. One
last scream and I passed out, collapsing into a heap onto the blanket.

I don't know how long I was out this time, but again I awoke to cheering
and applause from everyone on the beach. Paul was still in the same
position, kneeling beside me, sitting back on his haunches with a 'cat that
ate the canary' grin on his face. Brad's jaw is hanging open, while Katie
and Amber are just sitting there smiling and shaking their heads.

The reality of the situation soon overshadowed even the massive orgasm I
just experienced. I wanna die! Curling up into a fetal ball I wrapped my
arms tightly around my legs, and buried my head in shame. The tears poured
from my eyes and my body shook violently with my sobs.

Katie recovered first, and quickly told the other three, "Go take a
walk, go swimming or do somethin'. Leave us alone for awhile, Guys."


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