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Nicki's Whale Watch Adventure Edited


Nicki's Whale Watch Adventure (Edited)

By: The Cape Cod Beach Bum

WARNING: This story will contain SITUATIONS and EXPLICIT LANGUAGE of an
ADULT NATURE and should be read ONLY by those of a LEGAL AGE to do so.
If you are a minor or object to stories of an adult nature, LEAVE HERE
IMMEDIATELY. Consider yourself forewarned!

The characters portrayed in this story are just that, characters in my
story. Any similarities to REAL PEOPLE are purely COINCIDENTAL and
UNINTENTIONAL. If you think you see yourself or someone you know in
these pages, it means I succeeded in making my characters believable.
Thank you for the compliment.

I hope you enjoy reading this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.
As always, feedback is appreciated, since it is my only payment for my
This story is COPYWRITED by the author and as such may NOT be
published, posted or archived on any newsgroup, website, or server,
other than ASSM and ASSTR, without the EXPRESS PERMISSION of the
author. I intend it for the PERSONAL enjoyment of you, the reader, and
I dedicate it accordingly.



My name is George DeMartino. I'm a young widower who, financially
speaking, was lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time.
I chose to semi-retire, and relocate to Cape Cod to raise my family.

When one of my girls' teen friends became pregnant, I became godfather
to her baby, Nicole. Nicki celebrated her 13th birthday six months ago
and was about to reach the next milestone in her life, graduation from
Middle School. Her 8th Grade class trip, the Friday before Father's
Day, was on a whale watch boat out of Provincetown.

I picked Nicki up at her bus stop that afternoon, for our usual weekend
together. She seemed a bit quieter than usual, but I attributed that to
a day in the salt air. I figured she would come around, after she had a
chance to rest up a bit from the excitement. We had been at our house
for all of 15 minutes, when she came into my study.

"Uncle George, do we have any alcohol around here?"

"You're a little young to start drinking, aren't you, Tiger?"

She giggled.

"Not thaaaat kind, you silly goose. The kind you use to clean with."

"What happened? Did one of the cats bite you, or did you get scratched?"

"No. No. Nothing like that. I just have some things I need to clean."

Seemed like I was pulling teeth to get answers. This was NOT normal.
Something's going on here, and I was determined to find out what it was.

"Enough bullshit, Buster. Spill it, and NOW."

"Okay. But you gotta promise not to tell MOM."

"No guarantees, Nicki. Out with it."

"Alright. And PLEASE don't YELL."

"Darling, I've NEVER raised my voice to you, EVER. Why would you think
I'd start NOW?"

"You just MIGHT, that's all. . .I got a few piercings up in P'Town this
afternoon. I just wanted to make sure they were clean, and wouldn't get
infected or nuthin'."

Made sense, but something still didn't ring completely true. Nicki had
her ears pierced when she was a baby, and had a few additional holes
added over the years. Why would Kim get upset over a few piercings?
SOMETHING wasn't being told here.

"C'mon over here, Tiger. Let's take a look at them," as I reached over,
pulling her head nearer, to inspect her ears.

"Um. They're not there, Uncle George."

She began blushing deeply, and looked down at the floor.

Now we're getting somewhere.

"Okay, what did you have pierced? Your belly button?"

"Nooooo, NOT my belly button."

"What then? I don't see any rings in your nose? Nope. Not your lips?
None there. Stick out your tongue. No, not there. Okay, that's it.
I give up. Spill it. What DID you get pierced, Nicki?"

"Um. . . my nipples, Uncle George. Please don't YELL. You PROMISED."

"Darling, I'm NOT going to YELL. But, I think it's time YOU come clean
and tell me the WHOLE story."

"Well, okay. It started this morning when we were waiting for the bus
to take us to P'Town. Marisa and Katie, two of the girls from the team,
and a friend of theirs, Amber, came over to Chrissy and me where we were
waiting. They wanted US to join up with THEM, and a few of the boys on
the trip."

Nicki takes after her mother in a lot of ways. Both are attractive in a
wholesome, farm girl sorta way. Both were late bloomers physically, and
excelled in sports. Both prefer jeans to dresses. Both are highly
motivated scholastically and achieved high honors. Both are quiet, shy,
and slow to make friends, but the friendships they do form, are for life.
If it wasn't for the fact that she was on the softball team, Nicki would
probably be classified as a nerd, by the other students.

Chrissy is a tiny, pixy-like waif, who always wears oxford, button-down,
shirts, knee length wool plaid skirts, knee socks and weejums. Oval
wire-rimmed glasses and a pony tail complete the picture of a total nerd,
female variety. If that isn't enough, her outside activities include the
Chess Club and the Debating Team. She was always over the house.

I guess I would have been suspicious, but I knew them from the team
and all. Crissy wasn't so sure.

"I don't know about this, Nicki. Why do they want US to join THEM?
They've NEVER even bothered to TALK to me before," she argued.

"C'mon, Chrissy. It'll be fun. You'll see."

"Alright, Nicki, if you say so, I'll do it."

It was obvious she really needed to reveal what had occurred earlier.
But she needed me to 'force' her to begin. Once she began talking
however, there was no stopping the flood.

NICKI'S story

When we got on the bus, we started playing a game of 'Truth or Dare'
with the boys.

It started off easy enough, with some goofy dares that got us all
relaxed and laughing. By the time we got close to P'Town, the dares
had gotten a little bit crazier.

Amber said, "Nicki, I dare you to French with Ryan for three minutes"

I had only done it ONCE before, and DIDN'T have anyone watching THAT
time, but I did it. I turned to Chrissy.

I asked her, "Truth or Dare?"


"Since you thought it was so funny, I dare you to French BRAD."

I knew she'd enjoy it, she had a secret crush on him.

Chrissy's turn. "Marisa, Truth or Dare?"


"I dare you to make out with Bobby for three minutes, letting him feel
up your tits, outside your shirt."

Marisa grinned, "Anytime, honey."

She really enjoyed it too.

Marisa said, "Amber, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth," she replied.

She thought she was safe. Not even close.

"Tell us all about the FIRST time you gave a blow job, with ALL the
details. Don't leave nuthin' out."

Frankie jumped in, " Remember, Joe's my best friend, so no CHEATING!
He already told ME what happened."

After that, no one chose 'truth' again. We got to P'Town. We had to
quit until we got on the boat. The guide told us we'd have a coupla
hours until we got to where the whales usually were.

We found a quiet spot to hang out in the stern, picking up our game of
'Dares' where we left off. Soon it was my turn again.

Katie said, "Nicki, I dare you to take off your bra."

No big deal. Since I was wearing this sweatshirt, I could do it without
showin' nuthin'.

I retaliated, "I dare you ALL to remove YOURS."

Marisa replied, "No prob, but since you've dared MORE than ONE person,
it's only fair you get an EXTRA one. So, I dare you to sign and date
your bra, and give it to Bobby."

I shrugged and did it.

Amber said, "Chrissy, I dare YOU to sign and date YOUR bra. Give yours
to Brad."

When it was Katie's turn, she dared the others to toss their bras

Marisa told her, "You know the rules, Katie, multiple dares, you get an
extra one. So, you toss yours too."

She did.

The guide announced that we were finally there. We had to put the game
on hold again, until we were on the way back.

After the show, most of the class went back inside, but we returned to
our spot in the stern.

Marisa said, "Nicki, I dare you to go into the head with Frankie, let
HIM take off, and KEEP your panties. After you SIGN them, of course."

I hesitated. Since I was wearing low rider jeans, it meant that I would
have to let him take off everything except my sweat shirt.

"What's a matter? You CHICKEN?"

NOBODY calls ME chicken. I got mad, grabbed him by the hand, and pulled
him into the head after me. We came back, with that asshole twirling my
panties around his finger, so everyone could see them.

"Let me see," said Marisa, "Sexxxy, Nick, but you forgot the DATE."

I dated them and gave them back to Frankie.

After a few more rounds, we all had spent time in the head with the guys.
No one had on any underwear on. Even some of the other kids began to
notice how many trips we made to the head. It was hard for them to NOT
KNOW what was going on. Those assholes were always displaying our
panties when we came out.

But I WAS SO EXCITED, knowing we were doing all these sexy, forbidden
things, in front of everyone.

Sure, no one had SEEN anything, but still they KNEW we did 'em.

It was Katie's turn next.

Amber said, "Katie, I dare you to lift your skirt above your waist in the
back, and let Brad write his name and the date in the middle of your left
ass cheek."

Marisa added, "You should make her move out a little ways afterwards,
and turn around slowly, so everyone can see."

"Good idea. Do it, I DARE you!"

I couldn't believe it but she DID it!

She got even though. Since they ganged up on HER, Katie dared THEM to
let us put different flavors of clear lip gloss on each of their nipples.
Then they had to go into the head with Ryan and Bobby. When they came
back, after five minutes, the guys had to tell us the correct flavors.

My turn, Amber said, "Nicki, I dare you to allow Paul, using a red
marker, to draw a heart with an arrow through it, just above your bush."

I hesitated.

"You're not CHICKEN, are you?"

I unbuttoned and unzipped my low-riders, and let Paul do it, his
left thumb teasing my cunt hairs while he worked.

"Let's see," said Marisa.

I turned around and showed everyone his artwork.

"Cute. But you forgot your name and the date, honey."

He added those with a flourish.

I wasn't going to let HER, get the best of ME.

"Marisa, I dare YOU to take Frankie inside and give him a BLOW JOB, but
DON'T swallow it. I dare you to HOLD it in your MOUTH, come back, show
US the load, and THEN swallow it, in front of everyone."

She looked stunned.

"What's a matter, YOU CHICKEN, HONEY?"

She glared at me and then did it.

The ship was approaching MacMillan Wharfe, so we had to stop again,
until we all got off.

The Teachers decided to give us a little space, for a coupla hours.
We could walk around P'Town, get lunch, pick up a few souvenirs, and
chill out, before the bus ride home.

(After all, this was Cape Cod, not New York City. It was the middle of
the day, during the week, in the off-season. What mischief could they
possibly get into? Right.)

We wandered around a bit, got some hot dogs and fries for lunch, and
continued our game. We were having a blast. The dares had now gotten
REALLY WILD. We had split from the boys, so it was just us five girls.

We went into one of the tee-shirt shops to look around. Marisa held up
a pink crop-top.

Amber said, "Marisa, I think it'd look GREAT on you. Why don't you try
it on. I DARE you to do it, RIGHT HERE."

Marisa shrugged, unbuttoned and removed her shirt, stood there a few
seconds in just her skirt, and put the tee on.

"Whaddah ya think, guys? Is it me?"

The shirt DID look fantastic on her and we told her so.

She called to the guy behind the counter, "Excuse, me. I'll take THIS
one. Do I have to take it OFF, or can I wear it?"

He replied, "Sweetheart, you can wear it if you want to. But I'm NOT
gonna STOP you if you want to take it OFF, either."

We paid for our purchases and left the shop giggling.

Within the next 15 minutes, we ALL flashed our tits at guys at least
three or four times apiece. When Katie spotted a pair of sandals in the
shoe store window, we went inside so she could try 'em on. There were
two good looking guys working there. Marisa went over to one of them.

"Excuse me. My friend likes the sandals in the window, but she doesn't
know what SIZE she wears."

"No problem. Have a seat over there. Let me get the measuring gauge,
and we'll find out."

Katie sat down in one of the chairs, as he drug his stool over. She
picked up her leg and put her foot into the gauge, forgetting she wasn't
wearing any panties under her mini skirt. When the guy looked up to tell
Katie her size, he was staring right at her bare pussy.

Marisa said, "Make sure he measures both feet, Katie. Maybe you take a
different size on the other foot."

Katie removed her foot and put her other one up on the stool, her pussy
spreading WIDE OPEN in front of his eyes! It wasn't until Chrissy began
giggling, that she realized what was going on.

The salesman held onto her foot for a short time, his eyes never leaving
her cunt. He had the biggest grin when he answered.

"Nope. Same size. Both are size 6."

When he got up to get a pair, his buddy sat on the stool.

"I got 'em, Roger,"

He picked up her left foot and put it on his lap, to put the sandal on.
Softly stroking her foot and ankle while buckling the straps, his eyes
were locked on her pussy the whole time. He bent over, moving her foot
down, and putting the other one in his lap. His eyes inches from her
drooling cunt. We could all see and smell her juices as they dripped
onto the seat. It really turned her on showing her cunt to these guys!
When she got up, we all saw the puddle she left on the chair. They
didn't even charge her for the sandals.

Roger said, "Honey, it's been OUR pleasure. Come again soon."

As we walked down the street, I grabbed her arm and whispered to her,
"I can't believe you did that, Katie."

She replied, "Neither can I. But what a BLAST!"

"Did you see the look on their faces?"

She just nodded, grinning.

Then we got to 'Shoppe Aholic'.

(I knew exactly which store Nicki was referring to. 'Shoppe Aholic' is
a favorite among the younger crowd. The front of the shop focuses on
items to attract the teenage clientele. Inexpensive jewelry, rings,
bracelets, earrings, temporary tattoos, incense, tee shirts, joke
and gag items fill the walls and showcases. Loud rock music draws the
kids in like the Pied Piper of Hamlin.

In the middle of the store, the store takes on the look and feel, of a
head shop straight out of the 60's. The jewelry is adult in nature,
and joined by an assortment of pipes, bongs, roach clips, and leather.

There is even a large area in the rear, devoted to adult magazines,
tapes, and sex toys. The employees are SUPPOSED to enforce the age
rules there, but in reality they SELDOM do.

It was into this teen Mecca, our gang of five headed next.)

We roamed around the stuff in front until we saw the tats. Leafing
through the book, Amber spotted one with three red cherries she liked.

Chrissy said, " I dare you to get it put just above your pussy lips?"

"What's a matter, Amber? You CHICKEN?"

Amber hesitated a bit more.

Chrissy began to chant, "Amber's a chicken. . . Amber's a chicken. . ."

That's all it took. Amber walked over to the guy at the register and
said, "I'll take this one." She pointed to the cherries.

"That'll be three dollars. Do you want an instruction sheet, or do you
want me to put it on for you?"

Amber stared at Chrissy as she told him, "I'd like you to do it."

"Okay. C'mon over here then."

He walked over to where they had a table and chairs set up.

"Where do you want it put?"

Amber continued to stare at Chrissy as she laid back on the table, lifted
her skirt above her waist, and pointed to a spot just above her pussy.

"Right here will be fine."

"Okay, Honey. You say so."

He tore open 1 of those alcohol pads, and cleaned the area with it. He
bent over and blew on it to evaporate the alcohol, while staring inches
from her pussy. He put the tattoo in the dish of solvent and waited for
it to soften.

"It isn't often I get a nice view like this, Sweetie. Usually I'm
putting 'em on some grubby kids arm."

He placed the tattoo where she wanted it, and began to rub it on with
his fingertips. His thumb rested right on her cunt lips, and when she
didn't say anything, he began to stroke them with it. When she STILL
didn't complain, he let his thumb slide between her pussy lips and began
to gently rub her clit. Amber began to moan softly, lifting her hips to
increase the contact with his hand. He moved his other hand over to
spread her thighs, and placed his finger at the entrance to her cunt.
Slowly he inserted his finger into her pussy, probing deeper until he
encountered an obstruction.

"It's not false advertisement, is it, Sweetie? You really ARE cherry!"

While we all watched, he continued to stroke in her cunt with his finger
while rubbing her clit. After a minute he could feel her cunt muscles
squeezing his finger tightly as she raised her hips and began spasming.

She yelled out, "I'm cumming!!!" And flooded his hand with her juices.

She laid back on the table to catch her breath, not bothering to cover
her exposed pussy.

"I'm gonna have ta get one of these more OFTEN!"

"Anytime, Sweetie. Just come in and ol' Jack'll take care of ya."

We wandered over to the display of body jewelry. Chrissy's eyes seemed
to glow when she saw the nipple rings.

Amber saw the look and said, "I dare you to get your NIPPLES pierced."

Chrissy replied, "My father'd kill me!"

Amber began chanting, "Chrissy's a chicken. . .Chrissy's a chicken. . ."

She turned to me, a pleading look in her eye.

"Don't look at me, Chrissy. You got yourself into it by goading Amber."

"What'll I do? You KNOW my dad, Nicki. He'll KILL me."

Amber kept chanting, "Chrissy's a chicken. . .Chrissy's a chicken. . ."

She spun toward her, "I am NOT a CHICKEN."

Amber replied, "Prove it!"

"I will. I'm gonna get 'em."

Chrissy called out, "Sir. I'd like to get these please."

She pointed to a pair of small gold rings in the case.

"Okay, Sweetie. Come over here and sit on the table."

Chrissy sat down, pulling her t-shirt over her head, proudly sticking
her breasts out.

The salesman loaded the piercing tool and turned to Chrissy.

"Sweetie, my name's Jack. We're going to have to PREPARE your nipples
if you want 'em pierced. I'm not gonna lie to you, Baby. It's gonna
sting when I do this. I see you've had your ears pierced. Do you
remember what it felt like? This is gonna hurt a bit more."

"Are you sure you want me to do it?"

She looked him in the eye, "YES!"

Jack reached up and grasped her right nipple between his thumb and index
finger, rolling it, and pulling it out from her chest. Chrissy closed
her eyes and moaned from the stimulation her nipple was receiving.

When Jack saw she was distracted, he grasped the very tip of her nipple
with tips of his fingers, stretching it out firmly. He wiped it with an
alcohol swab, set the tool in place, and squeezed the trigger.

Chrissy jumped, and yelled, "Ouch."

"Now, that wasn't so bad. Was it, Little One?"

"No, not really."

"Don't worry, the worst part is over."

He slid the ring into the tube, then grasped the end of the tube with a
pair of small pliers. He pulled the tube out, leaving just the gold
ring in her nipple. He finished by wiping it again with the swab.

"Ready for the other one?"

She nodded. He repeated the process.

"Why don't ya go check 'em out in the mirror?"

Chrissy hopped off the table and strode across the room, wearing only
her skirt, to admire her new rings.

When she came back, her face was GLOWING. She had actually DONE IT!

NOW, who was a CHICKEN?

She turned to Katie and said, "You like showing your pussy off. I dare
YOU to get IT pierced."

"I don't know. What would I put in it?"

"You've got lots a choices, Sweetie," replied Jack, "You could have a
small ring like your friend here, or a small bar is kinda nice too."

"How 'bout a small bar, up near the top?"

"No problem, Sweetie. Hop up on the table while I get ready."

After choosing a different tool, he swabbed her lips inside and out with
the alcohol.


"Does it STING, Katie?" taunted Marisa.

"I'll survive."

Jack said, "It's a good thing you've shaved 'em recently, or I'd have
had to do it. Not that I'd mind, ya hear?"

Jack grasped her lips firmly, set the tool in place, and squeezed the
trigger without warning.

"HEY! That DID hurt."

"Almost finished. Just need to put the bar in, remove the tube, screw
the end on, and we're done."

"Okay, hop down and go check it out in the mirror."

"Anybody else, while I'm set up?"

Katie turned, "What about it, Marisa. YOU thought it was pretty funny
a minute ago. I dare YOU to get YOUR pussy pierced."

"Got the guts, don't got the cash," she replied.

Amber piped up, "I'll front ya, Marisa."

She continued, "While you're at it, Jack, put one of those little rings
in MY belly button too."

As we got ready to leave, it suddenly dawned on Marisa.

"Wait a minute, Guys. Nicki's the only one DIDN'T get pierced."

Before she could continue, Chrissy piped up.

"Nicki, I dare YOU to get YOUR nipples pierced. YOU aren't CHICKEN,
are YOU?"

"Chrissy, Mom'll KILL me."

"Looks like we die together then. Wait'll my dad sees these."

"Are you planning to show him?"

"HELL NO! But it'll only be a matter of time, before one of my IDIOT
SISTERS see 'em. YOU know how they LOVE to TATTLE."

The other girls began chanting , "Nicki's a chicken. . .Nicki's a
chicken. . .Nicki's a chicken."

As I pulled my sweatshirt over my head, I glared at them.

And yelled, "I AM NOT A CHICKEN!!!"

"Hop up on the table, Sweetie. What would YOU like? I think the small
gold rings, like your friend over there has, would look GREAT on you."

I glanced over, Chrissy STILL hadn't put her shirt back on! The little
shit was standing there, her tits pushed out proudly, grinning like an

A lil scared I said, "Um. . .Sure."

"Don't worry, Sweetie. It only hurts for a coupla minutes. Sorta like
a bee sting. You'll see. Nothin' like these tats."

I looked at him more closely. He was over 6 ft tall, his bald head
gleaming with sweat. He unbuttoned his shirt to show me a huge Harley
Davidson tattoo with 'Born to be Wild' below it. And BOTH of HIS nipples
had small gold rings dangling from 'em, matching the one in his left ear.

HE reached over and grasped my right boob in his hand, gently squeezing
it. Caressing my nipple with his finger tips, softly stroking until it
began to swell with my growing excitement. Before today, I had only let
two guys feel my tits under my shirt. Now I was sittin' TOPLESS in the
MIDDLE OF A STORE, with an old GUY I JUST MET feeling me up. And four
of my friends were WATCHING him do it!

I was ENJOYING it! As my nipple grew to the size of a pencil eraser, he
began to pinch it and pull it out from my chest. When I began to moan
in excitement, he reached over with his other hand. While holding just
the tip of it in his finger tips, he wiped my nipple off with the swab.
He pinched my engorged nipple once more. Still grasping it firmly with
his finger tips, he set the tool in place and squeezed the trigger.

Blushing, she continued. I CAME VIOLENTLY as the tool closed and the
plastic tube pierced my nipple.

When I settled back down, they were all GRINNING at me and APPLAUDING.

Jack said, "I don't think that was TOO bad. Was it, Sweetie?"

"Ready for the other one?"

I nodded my head, still unable to speak.

He did the same thing with my left boob.


As we started to pull our shirts back on, Jack stopped us.

"Wait a minute, Girls, you'll cover 'em all up. I got somethin' for ya.
A lil present from Ol' Jack."

He handed each of us a spaghetti strapped camisole. Chrissy's has a lil
devil on it, and says 'The devil made me do it'. Mine says 'Hot Stuff'
in flames.

We pulled 'em on and smoothed 'em over our bodies. When we looked in
the mirror, we could SEE our NIPS poking at the thin material, and the
outline of the rings CLEARLY through our shirts.

We walked back to where the bus was parked, flashing some more guys
along the way. It was nearly time to leave. About a block from the
bus we ran into the guys again, and dared each other to show 'em what
we'd got.

After they'd all had a good look (and FEEL), we put our other shirts
back on over the camisoles. We DIDN'T want the TEACHERS to see 'em!

As we were getting on the bus, word was spreading among the other kids
about what we'd done.

We went and took our seats at the back of the bus. Katie dared us ALL
to show ANYONE who ASKED our piercings and Amber's tat. We agreed, but
only SHE had to do it too.

On the way back, ALL the guys and MOST of the girls stopped by to see
'em, going to the can so that the Teachers wouldn't wig it.

They're NEVER gonna call US, 'Miss Goody Two Shoes', after this!!!!!

"Is there somethin' wrong with me, Uncle George? I LIKED showing off my
tits to the guys. EVEN when the old GUY was feeling me up. And I CAME
when my nipples were PIERCED! Does that make me a PERVERT or sumthin'?"

"No, Tiger, I don't think you're a pervert. It's only natural. Your
body's beginning to grow and change. You're PROUD of it, and it IS
exciting to SHOW OFF a bit. You wouldn't really be considered an
Exhibitionist, unless you felt the urge to do it ALL THE TIME."

"But how 'bout when I CAME? It seems kinda strange to've done it then."

"Nah. . .I don't think you're a Masochist, either. I just think it was
timing, that's all. He knew just when to pull the trigger, when you were
the most distracted."

"What's a Masochist?"

"A Masochist is someone who gets off on PAIN, Tiger, and a Sadist is
someone who gets off by INFLICTING it."

"Oh. . .So you DON'T think there's anythin' WRONG with me or nuthin'?"

"No, Darling, there's nothing wrong with you.

"But, you ARE mad at me, aren't you?"

"No, I'm not angry with you because of what you DID, Nicki. I am
DISAPPOINTED because you weren't THINKING about WHAT you were doing,
WHY you were doing it, or the possible CONSEQUENCES of your actions."

"What consequences?"

"About the 'Truth or Dare' game, I think YOU know. Maybe you didn't
THINK about them at the time, but you KNEW what COULD'VE happened.
Things could've very easily gotten out of hand, gone FURTHER than YOU
wanted or were ABLE to prevent, once begun. But, with the other kids
and teachers nearby, THIS time you were SAFE and very, very LUCKY."

I continued, "I'm more worried about the piercings."

"Why THEM? It isn't such a big deal and all, I mean EVERYBODY gets 'em
pierced today."

"If EVERYBODY jumped off the roof, would YOU?"

"Course not."

"Thank God for that at least. If you would make THAT exception, maybe
you MIGHT want to CONSIDER OTHERS in the future."

"My FIRST worry is obvious, we need to prevent infection. From what
you've told me, Jack seems to have taken all the right precautions.
So, you SHOULD be okay, IF you keep them clean."

"What ELSE is there to worry about?"

"Haven't you had sex education in school?"

"Yeah, But. . ."

"Okay. C'mon, Tiger, let's go into the kitchen. I think we need some
props for this next part."

I poured us each a glass of milk, removed a few things from a drawer,
and set everything on the counter, along with a box of donuts.

"Have a seat at the counter."

"Okay. DO you know what a nipple looks like, and what it's used for?"

"Uh. . .Duh. . .COURSE I do, Uncle George. I've GOT TWO of 'em!"

"I DON'T mean from the OUTSIDE, Tiger. I KNOW you know how they look
THAT WAY. I mean on the inside."

I could tell from her expression, she didn't have a clue what I was
getting at. "Let's take this one step at a time."

"You've baby sat for young babies, right?"


"And you've fed them with a bottle, right? You know how they work?"

"Course. . .But what's that. . ."

I interrupted, "Bear with me, we're coming to that. Okay?"


"If you took a NEEDLE, pushing it through the nipple on the bottle,
from one side to the other, and THEN tried to feed the baby, what would

She giggled, "It'd squirt all over the place!"
Ah. . .The light was coming on. Someone was finally coming home.

"You mean. . .But how 'bout all the people who've had 'em pierced?"

"A human nipple is a little bit different, Nicki. It's cross section
is a little more like this."

I reached into the box and held up one of the donuts.

"The flesh surrounding your milk duct is considerably thicker, than
the rubber is on a baby bottle nipple."

"One of things we need to check is, this didn't happen."

I took a skewer that I had removed from the drawer earlier, and put it
through the center of the donut.

She giggled, "Oops. . .That'd cause a mess."

"Yep, and baby'd go hungry."

"You said 'ONE of the things'?"

"I did. This is ANOTHER possible problem."

I put the skewer through the donut again, this time nearer the edge.
A chunk of the donut tore off and fell to the countertop.


"Ouch, is right, Darling. We need to make sure that WON'T happen to

Visibly worried now, she asked, "How do we do that, Uncle George?"

"This NEXT part I would RATHER you did with your MOM. We need to make
SURE the piercings have been done PROPERLY. If they weren't, and we
remove the rings QUICKLY, we increase the odds the holes will heal
properly. I don't want to WAIT until Kim picks you up on Sunday, that
MIGHT be too long."

"I WANT you to do it," she giggled, "Besides, a whole lotta OTHER guys
have seen 'em ALREADY today! Why shouldn't YOU get to see 'em too?"

Maybe I was WRONG. Maybe she WAS a little Exhibitionist!

She removed her sweatshirt and camisole, revealing a pair of perfect
breasts. The size of small apples, they stood firm and proud, with
small coral pink aureoles and pencil eraser nipples. The gold rings
glinting in the sunlight.

I whistled, "You're BEAUTIFUL!"

"Do you THINK so, Uncle George?"

"I KNOW so, Nicki. You ARE beautiful."

She giggled, "Then I guess you won't MIND checking 'em out, TOO MUCH?"

The little minx is TEASING me, and ENJOYING every minute too! She is
DEFINITELY growing up quickly.

"Nah, I'll SURVIVE," I joked back.

She giggled again, "What do you want me to do?"

"We need to check the positioning of the rings, to be sure neither
problem occurs."
TO BE CONTINUED? Let me know if YOU think I should.


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