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Night Swimming


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the
fact I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

Any comments, including constructive criticisms, would be
most appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep
one copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or
reposting on a website, other than the archive or Dejanews, or
to a newsgroup requires my permission first (but I'll probably say
yes). This story should not, under any circumstances be used to make a
profit by anyone other than the author
REPOST NOTE: I was quite happy with this when I wrote it but my husband
totally hated it, so much so that I nearly didn't post it. Celeste gave
me 10s for it so it can't be that bad.


Night Swimming
Vickie Morgan

Philippa had been restless all day. She knew it had been a good thing
to do, offering to take her mother and friend to the coast for the
weekend, but it had also been a very boring thing to do. She was not
of an age to enjoy endless trawling through antique and charity shops.
Nor did she find deciding which teashop to patronise a particularly
fascinating task. Still the two elderly ladies were having a great
time and it was rewarding to see their enjoyment. However they had
both retired to bed at an early hour and that was when Philippa's
restlessness became most evident.

She had tried going to bed early herself with a book yet somehow the
trashy romance wasn't having the desired soporific effect.
Eventually, after hours of fidgeting and counting sheep, she decided
to go for a walk. Her clock told her it was nearly two in the morning
but the brilliant moonlight was illuminating her surroundings almost
as well sunlight. The door of the B&B was unlocked, which reassured
Philippa about the crime rate in this village. In the city Philippa
would never have dared to walk alone at this time of night, but here
she felt perfectly safe.

At first she kept to the cliff tops but the sound of the waves lured
her down to the sand. As much as she had hated to admit it she was
missing Justin. They had split up nearly a month ago but after four
years together it was difficult to become accustomed to being apart.
It had been inevitable in the end and when he proposed she knew what
would happen. She just wasn't ready to settle down yet. Maybe the
break up would have been easier if it had ended in screaming and
shouting instead of amiability.

But while her mind and her heart resignedly accepted the break up, her
body was finding it more difficult. Over the years she had become
accustomed to regular sex and she knew that was the main problem now.
Like most other women she had pleasured herself with vibrators and
fingers but somehow it wasn't the same.

Determining the cause of her restlessness however, was doing nothing
to ease it. Nor was her stroll making her feel any more relaxed or
sleepy. The cool waves lapping around her ankles felt so soothing
Philippa decided to see if a swim might help.

She stripped off her clothes and piled them well above the high water
mark. During the day this bay was very popular due to its narrow
mouth, smooth sands and lack of strong currents. Even though the
moonlight made the familiar contours strange Philippa was sure she
would be safe. She waded in until the water was swirling around her

With each wave delicious chills shivered up her spine. Taking a deep
breath she dived into the next wave. She came up gasping for air from
Her hair spread out behind her as she floated on her back, revelling
in the buoyancy of the sea. She could feel the water caressing every
inch of her skin, every intimate crevice. She had never swum naked in
the sea before and it made her feel adventurous and abandoned. She
lifted her head and looked down her body. Her toes and breasts broke
the surface of the water like small islands of flesh. The night air
seemed warm in contrast to the sea but even so her nipples were hard
pebbles studded with drops of seawater.

The night was still, the constant murmur of the sea the only sound.
So the splashing sound of someone else swimming nearby drew Philippa's
attention immediately. She trod water as she stared at the stranger
who had intruded on her privacy.

He seemed just as startled to see her, as she was to see him.
Cautiously he swam closer, smiling tentatively at her. Despite
herself, she smiled back and his smile widened to a grin.
Unexpectedly he dived under the surface, swam between her legs and
emerged behind her. She turned to see him laughing at her so she
splashed him. He laughed harder and splashed her back. Within
moments they were frolicking through the waves, chasing each other,
swimming up, over and around each other. She could not swim as well
as he could but she managed to hold her own.

When at last exhaustion began to creep into her muscles and she was
gasping for breath, he led her to a flat-topped rock and helped her
onto it.

She lay for a moment while the thudding of her heart slowed. The moon
was still bright but shadows came and went as small clouds were being
blown across it. It seemed to add to the excitement and mystery of
the night.

She felt as if she were dreaming: none of this was real. She sat up
and looked across at her swimming companion. He was propped up on an
elbow watching her. He wasn't conventionally handsome but his face
had a rugged charm. She focused on his mouth. His lips were firm and
well shaped and she wondered what they would feel like. She slowly
leaned towards him until their lips touched. Gradually she deepened
the kiss,feeling his lips move as he responded.

His mouth opened and her tongue slid against his. She was floating in
a myriad of sensations. He tasted of the sea, salty and tart, and the
feel of his kiss was turning her insides to liquid. She splayed her
hand across his chest, feeling his muscles ripple under his skin. She
reluctantly ended the kiss and leaned back a little. Her gaze was
captured by his eyes, which were like bottomless pools, gleaming
silver and black in the moonlight. She hoped that his quickened
breathing indicated he was as aroused as she was.

He reached out a hand and touched her shoulder, his eyes on her face
to test her reaction. She smiled invitingly and lay back, allowing
him full access, curious to see what he would do. His hand glided
across her breasts and down over her stomach, leaving a river of
sensitised skin. He used both hands to encircle her leg, running his
hands down its length.

She knew she had long attractive legs and he seemed very appreciative.
He was using his fingertips to investigate every inch and she was
finding it hard to lay there and let him. He was finding areas of her
body she had never thought of as erogenous and making them so
sensitive that arousal was flooding her body. He explored between her
toes and along the tendons of her foot in great detail. His touch was
the source of streams of erotic sensations that made her moan and
writhe. He worked his way back up the insides of her legs and she
spread them wider to make it easier for him. He was using his tongue
now as well as he explored every nook and cranny. She was murmuring
her pleasure and her body was twisting on the rock as he found just
which parts to touch to send the waves of delight through her.
She could take it no longer and prodded at his chest. He acquiesced
as she pushed him onto his back and began her own exploration of his
body. She didn't take too long as the wet heat between her legs was
urging her on. She ran her hands over his hairless chest with the
powerful muscles built up from swimming but she didn't linger.
Her interest was further down. She closed her hand around his cock,
pleased to see he was hard and throbbing. It was thinner and longer
than she had expected but then her experience was fairly limited. She
ran her tongue along the shaft and he gave a gasp. Too impatient to
wait any longer she straddled him and eased herself down. She was
more than ready for him and he easily slid inside her. She began to
ride him, oblivious of anything but the feelings surging through her
like a tidal wave. She arched her back and threw back her head,
shouting aloud as her orgasm rippled through her. Gradually she
slowed her movements and looked down at him. He was watching her in
fascination and for a moment she felt self-conscious.

He sat up in one fluid movement, wrapped his arms around her waist and
rolled them both off the rock into the sea. Philippa surfaced
spluttering and found him close to her. So close that his arms were
around her waist and his cock was still inside her. Gripping her hips
he began to move, supporting her weight. Gradually she relaxed,
enjoying the sensations he was creating. She leaned back into the
sea, letting it float her. She felt weightless, almost as if she was
flying. The only firm points of contact were his hands on her hips
and his cock twisting inside her. She wrapped her legs around his
waist and he released her hips, his hands instead flowing over her
breasts creating currents of pleasure. They moved together in one
fluid undulating motion, the swell of the waves assisting them. They
climaxed as one, their cries intermingling with the crash of the waves.

She collapsed against him, feeling the passion ebb from her body.
He cradled her in his arms as he paddled towards the shore. The
moonlight was waning and Philippa knew her adventure was over. She
felt relaxed and satisfied through every part of her body.

When the water was shallow enough she gave him one last lingering
kiss, then waded to the shore. She stood and watched him swim away,
the seawater drying tight on her skin, knowing this was a unique
encounter she would never forget. He turned and waved, then the last
she saw of him was his fish tail outlined by the silver moonlight as
he dived back down below the waves.
Copyright Vicky Morgan, 1998

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It does take quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a story. All I ask is that you take a couple of minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and perhaps give some reaction. Thank you.


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