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Night To Remember version2 allietl


Night To Remember - Allie and Jack
Her Story:

..Allie smiled, nervous suddenly.

"Um," she said, realizing Jack was waiting, "let's go inside," she
added, pointing to the door. He opened it and they slipped inside. She
stopped him from turning on the light and slid her arms around his
waist. The two of them stood there, holding each other, in the dark.

But it was not really dark. The drapes were pulled back from the windows
and the light of the full moon allowed them see quite well.

He kissed her. And then took her hand and brought it down to touch him.
It was like a bolt through her, the rush of desire that came, and for a
moment she could scarcely touch him for the reaction inside her.

"Here," she said, breaking away from his mouth.

"What?" Jack whispered, sounding hoarse.

"Here," she whispered. "Right here."

Jack smiled. "You can bounce to the ceiling on the bed..." His voice
broke off and his eyes closed against the touch of her hand.

"Here," Allie said, wanting only to act and not to think anymore.

"Oh, here," Jack managed to get out, pressing against her hand. Then he
jerked back from her, whipping off his jacket with such ferocity that
she had to laugh.

"Funny, eh?" he said, throwing the jacket and fumbling
at his tie. He pulled the knot apart and yanked it out of his collar,
tossing that too. "You think this is funny," he said as she chuckled,
eyes on her, tearing now at his cuff links and throwing them and then
saying, "Oh, hell!" taking hold of his shirt and simply tearing it
apart, buttons flying. Then he lunged at her, taking hold of her dress--

"Not my dress!" she cried, laughing, and he laughed too, but then they
were quiet, their breath picking up as he unzipped her dress and helped
her out of it. She tossed it over a chair and turned to him in her slip
and, as he kissed her, she undid his belt, unhooked his pants, unzipped
them and eased them down over his hips. And then, gently, she brought
her hands back up to ease his shorts down as well. And
then, with her lower body in a lock of anticipation, she allowed herself
the pleasure of sliding her hands down to feel him.


She groaned a little, he felt so wonderful.


This was for her, all for her; and she was gentle with her hands,
reverent, and grateful. He was already hard for her. Allie
couldn't stop touching him because he was so different and she wanted to
know him. This was Jack in her hands, so plentiful, and so hard here,
and so sleek there, and so soft here- and there, how soft he felt yet so
long and hard. She wanted him to feel how much she loved him, how
wonderful he made her feel, she could hold him like this forever.

Holding her shoulders, his breath had turned ragged. And now, holding is
breath, he pulled down the straps of her slip and pulled the whole thing
down over her breasts.

"Oh sweetheart," Jack sighed, taking her breasts in his hands. And then
his body seized up for a moment- his hands going rigid on her breasts-and
she stopped her hands and simply held him.

"Oh yes," Jack said, voice scarcely audible, his body relaxing just a
bit and hands moving over her breasts again. With each breath he made a
small sound of exertion in his throat, and his hands grew stronger,
massaging her breasts, pulling the rhythm of her breath to his, to that
of his hands, of his sounds and sighs, and then, a moment later, to the
rhythm of his gyrations in her hands.

One hand left her breast and slid down over her waist, over her hip and
under her slip, feeling for her panties, finding them, tugging at them,
an inch on this side, an inch on that, and then his hand slipped down
inside and in between her legs.

"Oh darling," Jack sighed, touching her, feeling her, "Oh Allie."

She was very wet and at first she couldn't believe the sound his hand was
making with her.

"Jack," she gasped, on the verge of coming.

"Oh, wait, please-let's-can we...?" and he understood exactly what she
because he dropped to his knees, pulling her slip all the way down to
the floor and then her panties too, and then pulling her down to the
floor. Jack kicked his shoes off, rolling to his side to kick his pants
off too, and Allie lay there, on the floor, watching him. Wanting him.

Pants off, he scooted up beside her and touched the side of her face.
Then he slowly moved over and gently lowered himself down on her. Allie
felt him pressing heavily on the inside of her thigh, and she reached
down between them as he lifted himself slightly, found him, and held him
for a moment.

"Oh-could there be anything, anything as good as this?" Allie thought.

She brought her knees up slightly, shifting, guiding him to her. She
brought her hand away. For a moment they hung there, on this threshold,
looking into each other's eyes. Jack let out a breath, then, took
another, held it, and looking her straight in her wonderful brown eyes,
grasped her shoulders more firmly, he surprised her by one long, slow
stroke, continuous push inside her, spreading her to what felt like the
limit-the divine limit, "oh, god!"- and she closed her eyes, gasping in
both pleasure and surprise, and when she opened them again and saw his
face, his expression, she nearly came on the spot.

Oh, it was just such a good, good fit, the two of them-it was just so
teeth-clenching, lower-ache-agony good! And Jack lurched into his first
move and it was never steady after that, and she realized that he was as
close to orgasm as she was, already; because he was trying to be smooth
in his
withdrawal, smooth in his re-entry, trying to give the very best of him,
all of him, by drawing out very far and then pushing back into her as
far as she would take him, which was just about exactly how much he had -
striving to get into her body. They were lurching, muscles straining to
perform gracefully but bodies demanding--

"Oh Jack," Allie moaned, feeling it way down there, deeply down
there, right there where he was up against her. It all came tearing
out of her there in a second, rolling outward and then barreling up
through her spine, pulling everything up with it, spreading, rising,

" Oh, Oh, Jack, Jack," Allie gasped, arching up against him,
feeling it, feeling him furiously resume with her, making her come,

"oh god!" How good, good, good, this was, how good it was to come under
how good it as to feel her muscles convulse around him, knowing that it
was him, her Jack; this was heaven. Sliding her hands down over his
buttocks, easing, feeling him slow, feeling his muscles, easing, feeling
the warmth seeping between them, sharing it, the warmth, the wetness,
easing, stopping, sighing.

Allie lay there, reveling in the feel of him, in his warmth, in the
certainty that someone had to have spent aeons perfecting this fit.

Oh, what a wonderful man. So loveable, so kind, so bright, and so very,
very wonderful.

He raised his head from her shoulder to look at her. He kissed her. And
then he kissed her again. And then he rubbed his cheek against her
mouth. And then they kissed once more.

" Darling I love you but next time let's use the bed. I think
we may have given each other some rug burns!"

Allie burst into laughter as she hugged Jack to her, "Whatever you say


Early Morning Review

The early morning light streamed into her bedroom and Jack lay awake,
staring past the curve of Allie's hip to the trees outside, now cast in
their fall yellows and the beginning of browning. He put his hand gently
on the lovely curve, loving it, worshipping its beauty and thought quiet
thoughts about the previous night. They had been late, the concert, then
a late night dinner, holding hands, quick kisses between bites, holding
hands across the corner of the table, their knees touching, then legs
and toes intertwined, wanting to get closer, smiling into each others
eyes as they talked. And they talked about no inconsequential thoughts,
but interesting things their minds could play with as part of the
fondling their bodies were doing. Funny, he thought how the thrills
coursing through him punctuated the thoughts and their conversation
making it all the more dear and pleasureful.

They made love as soon as they came though the door, neither could stand
any further delay.

"Here," she whispered. "Right here." Her words, so urgently whispered,
thrilled him to the core, making his body tremble as he pulled her close.

Now lying there in her bed, he turned it over in his mind again, nearly
feeling her breath again as she had uttered it, he shivered with pleasure
again. Allie's breathing beside him was steady and quiet, sounding as
if she were still feeling the completeness of their orgasms deep in each
other's bodies. It was as if he could feel hers and she had felt the
intensity of his, there locked together, his cock exulting in the embrace
of her tightness.

He reached to caress her hip through the light sheet covering her,
concealing her from his view, but promising, ...... promising.

Holding her shoulders, his breath had turned ragged. And now, holding is
breath, he pulled down the straps of her slip and pulled the whole thing
down over her breasts.

"Oh sweetheart," he remembered uttering as the familiar thrill -- it
was always the same when her breasts were exposed to his eyes, the thrill
of it - and she had smiled up at him as his eyes devoured her, then
closed her eyes as he had begun the loving of them with his hands,
lifting them, surrounding them, bringing her nipples, so erect, into the
crotch between his thumb and forefinger. Holding her in his hands,
lingering, loving, lusting, shuddering at their softness. Jack loved the
soft satiny feeling of them, loved to caress them, then squeeze them,
because of his urgency and there being no way to hold back. He had felt
the frustration of not being able to get even closer, to share their
loveliness somehow even more than just fondling. So he placated himself
by concentrating on making his caresses express his love, trying to make
Allie feel so wonderful that she would know his love more deeply.

Jack moved closer, lifting the sheet so that he could gaze at her pretty
bottom and then brought his body against her, "spooning" she called it,
he recalled.

Allie stirred slightly pressing back into the cove made by his body,
touching his hardness. He realized that the thought of her breasts and
thinking about the night before had brought him to erection. He thrilled
to the touch of the end of his cock finding the softness where the lush
curve of her bottom creased into her thighs and formed a compound curve
separating thighs, and bottom; It was a delicious promise of the warmth
of her pussy now protected by this loveliness. It reminded him of the
point where everything came together in the soaring arches of the gothic
cathedrals they had admired in awe while touring England. It reminded
him of how they came together, too. Again he shuddered with pleasure at
the thought.

(.......he dropped to his knees, pulling her slip all the way down to
the floor and then her panties too, and then pulling her down to the

(she reached down between them as he lifted himself slightly, found him,
and held him for a moment.)
(..........looking her straight in her wonderful brown eyes, grasped her
shoulders more firmly, he surprised her by one long, slow stroke,
continuous push inside her, spreading her.....)

Jack shuddered, again as the memories came faster now. He smiled to
himself and stretched a yawning, early morning stretch compounded with
the shiver coursing through his body.


He laughed quietly at his erotic memories and allowed himself a long
lingering, exciting memory of how it had felt as he pressed himself into
her wetness in that one long uninterrupted, tender but powerful thrust.
Her body had separated before the insistent head of his cock, then
tightened around it -- gripping first the thickness just past its swollen
head, then embracing all of him in her wetness, in the searing heat of
her sweet pussy. He recalled how Allie had risen to meet his thrust,
welcoming him into her body.

Again Jack's body tensed around the thoughts and he pressed closer. His
hands had found her breasts, slipping one hand under her body, not really
trying to avoid waking her now.

He wanted her so much it was like an ache. And she was here, her
softness so warm against him, the scent of her in his nostrils. He felt
lucky, luxurious, languorous, even, at having the pleasure of her in his
arms, as she stirred now under his caresses.

"mmmmmmmnnnnnn, mmmnh, darling." She leaned back into his embrace, her
hand idly touching his thigh, toying with the hair of his leg. She took
her time coming out of her sleep. Letting the pleasure seep into her
limbs, the pleasure of waking from a delightfully satisfied sleep to
find your lover's body fresh there against you, warming you, holding you,
cradling you, and ............... wanting you.

Allie rolled this moment around in her mind, knowing that he was there,
waiting, thinking about her, wanting her, knowing that they would lie
here in this warm comfort zone and then, in there own time, would make
love, giving each other again the pleasure of their bodies ...... slowly
this time...... lovingly .....she knew she would take him soon, soon,
into the secrecy of her body, that she would feel his throbbing
excitement at the touch of her pussy surrounding his hardness,
........... and she pressed herself against him, feeling his cock slip
between her thighs ............. Wondered at the thrill it gave there
just touching the entrance to her, touching and just beginning to open
the lips of her pussy.

She wondered how long they would be able to lie together like this, the
wetness just beginning, Jack's cock feeling like his tongue, ....tasting
her. She wondered if he would soon open her legs and kiss her there, if
his real tongue would soon be licking her, toying with her clitoris,
tasting her juices.

"mmmmmmmnnnnnn .........goooood morning, Jack" she stretched and it felt
wonderful. "...... do you ............... still love me, Jack??"

"Yes," simply, warmly, it was enough.

Allie turned to him, ------- an early morning smile, -------- rubbing the
sleep from her brown eyes, -------- extending her languorous, pleasure
filled stretch to include him by extending her arm past his neck, just
touching below his ear, ---------- the smile became the wide grin he
loved so much,

"That's nice", she giggled, and pulled herself close against him. The
hair of his chest felt fresh and crisp against her nipples, her flat
tummy tingled against the smooth skin of his stomach.

"What were you thinking? Or, should I say 'penny for your thoughts?'"

She smiled and giggled again. "Can't tell you" she burbled, laughing out

"Of course you can, ........ what?"

No, can't, I'm too shy! It's embarrassing." She laughed again, that
infectious full-throated laugh that Jack loved from her. He pulled the
sheet up over both their heads, trapping their breath to enjoy in mingled
pleasure. The morning light became diffused, engulfing them in the pale
yellow light of the sheet.

"There, now we're alone, you can tell me now?" Jack 's lips nibbled at
hers, tasting the hint of the flavor of her lipstick lingering from last
night. His lips moved to her ear lobes as she craned her neck,
stretching again and inviting his kiss to touch the tender sensitivity
just below her ear.

Allie looked into his eyes, pausing to think if she should be honest or
make up something equally inviting, but not admitting what she had been
thinking. She wondered why she should feel slightly self-conscious about
asking him for the pleasure his lips gave when they found the softness
between her legs and explored the valley there between her lips.

"Isn't it funny, after all the wonders we've had exploring each others'
bodies, that I should still be self-conscious to talk about my thoughts?"

"Ah, the child lives in us forever, doesn't it? Come now, what is it?"
Jack was excited by the thought of her yielding her private thought, her
private desire, her special lust for him.

Their breath created a warmth beneath the sheet which was a private
ambiance only for the two of them. A secret place. A place for their
secrets. A warm spot away from the world. Jack kissed her forehead and
then pressed his forehead against hers, looking into her eyes

Allie bit her lip through her smile and looked into his eyes. She became
slightly coquettish, and Jack's hands found her nipples, caressing,
fondling, comforting, enjoying. Allie felt his hardness lightly against
the thatch of curls at her mound. She felt so completely sensuous and so
completely loved, a shudder of pleasure affected her whole body, lighting
her smile.

"Well, ...... when we were lying here before, ......... that is, when I
woke up, ...... you woke me ........ I didn't let you know I was awake.
It was so nice to awake to the feel of you there , ....... there between
my legs, and feel your breath on my back, it was so delicious I didn't
want it to end. Nice, you know? And soft ---- uh, not you, ..." she
giggled, ' I mean the feeling of me feeling all soft and moist. You
feeling big and hard,"

She paused to kiss him, a nice long one with her tongue exploring first
his lips, then slipping between them to just touch his tongue with hers.
"and just touching my wetness, ........ I was thinking how it reminded me
of your tongue, ............... how lovely your tongue is teasing me
there, ...... how it makes me feel so happy, and so ......... actually
how it makes me feel more attractive, pretty even, like a queen. It
lifts me on top of the world.!!!! Now, is that silly, or what?" Her
lips joined them again to smother any comment and she pressed tight
against him, finding the warmth of his body comforting. Jack felt the
length of her loveliness against him and then felt her legs part and
invite him as she latched her leg behind his.

"Oh, ------- that is so nice!" Jack responded spontaneously. "Wow,
that's great! I love it!" His hands cupped the delightful fullness of
her ass, pulling her urgently against him.

Holding a long kiss, Jack slipped the covering sheet slowly down their
eagerly clasped bodies and began slipping down her body, maintaining the
warm contact and loving the softness of her skin against his. He guided
her onto her back as he slipped lower. She watched him as their eyes
held fast to each other. She pulled a pillow under her head so she could
watch him, watch his eyes holding her, pulling her, fondling her.

Allie felt his arms along the length of her body, felt his hands as they
stroked the upper slopes of her breasts with the light stroke now so
familiar to her in his loving. She squirmed as his lips kissed her curls
and his breath teased the lips of her pussy. She watched as he pursed
his lips and blew on her waiting mound, turning his head back and forth
slowly until the cool tickling sensation made her shiver and then smile
again at him, blinking her eyes slightly as her anticipation peaked.

Slowly, Jack extended his tongue, still holding her with his eyes, though
she saw his eyes stray to her perky nipples jutting so strongly as his
caress pleased them so. Now his tongue found the beginning of the cleft
of her pussy, he paused, turning his head from side to side again, using
his tongue like a rapier, teasing her. She felt her moistness increasing
her readiness for him. She stretched her arms wide as if making a snow
angel, thrashing them a couple of time in shear pleasure, then felt his
tongue part her, ..... felt him move to find her clitoris, ....... felt
the excited state of the pink, extended, flushed tip of her sensuality
jump as she reacted to his loving tongue.

Allie reached to touch his face with both hands. Her fingers explored
the contours of his cheekbones, traced around his eyes, feeling how the
skin of his face move as his tongue licked her so intimately. She
resisted the urge to grab him tightly and pull him even tighter into her
wetness, just softly caressed his face.

She opened even wider to him, bringing her hands to her own lips,
spreading herself for him, enjoying the feeling of being so completely
open to him. She loved the shared intimacy of the gesture and opened her
legs even wider, drawing her knees up. She closed her eyes and seemed to
be floating, totally open, totally his for this moment, totally consumed
by the pull of his lips on her clitoris. He held it there, sensing her
enjoyment, pulling it between his lips, moving slowly, so slowly, so very
slowly and lovingly. She felt his finger tips press her nipples, then
push them in circles against the swelling of her breasts.

Allie couldn't avoid a gasp of pleasure. "Oh, Jack ........ darling!"


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