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Night and Day 2


Day and Night 2 (incest, m/t, t/t, forced)

Chapter 4

What have I gotten myself into? I asked myself again. Just the day
before, I fucked one son who wanted to be a girl and made a contract with
the other to be his mouth and ass slave. What was I thinking? Maybe jail
might have been better. All these thoughts ran thru my head as I showered,
getting ready for the day. Then I thought about Mattie and got instantly
hard. I stroked myself as I remembered how my cock felt sliding in and out
of his boy pussy. The fucklust overwhelmed me and I pulled on my cock as
fast as I could, wanting release.

“Ready for your first fuck, DaddySlut” came Mark’s voice as he pulled
the shower curtain back. My cock wilted. In his hand was a nasty looking
candle. It was about 6 inches long, at the short end, the width was an
inch and a half and at the fat end it must have been 2 inches. A small
dowel had been attached so that he could fuck me with the full length.
What made it look nasty was that it had ribs swirling across its length. I
was definitely in trouble.

“Meet your new best friend, Big Markie. You are going to get to know
him intimately”. An evil smirk appeared on his face. “Since this is your
first fuck, I’m going go easy on you; first my fingers then a lubed up
Markie. "Bend over daddy slut and prepared to be fucked!" his smirk
turning into a wide grin.

My last thought before placing my hands against the wall and spreading
my legs, was, I could still go to jail. Before I knew it, I felt Mark’s
finger against my anus. Instinctively, I tighten my hole against this

“Daddy Slut, you got to relax or it will hurt more” he said as he thrust
his finger up my ass. Pain shoot thru me and my body jerked upright.

Mark laughed and commented “If that’s your reaction to my finger, you’re
in big trouble when we get to “Big Markie.” I resumed my position.
Silently, he fingerfucked me letting me get used to something up my ass.
The pain wasn’t bad and I was reminded of my yearly checkup with my doctor
as he checked me for prostrate cancer only this time, the finger was never
removed. What surprised me was that my anus tightened around his finger
and my breathing got a little shorter. I was beginning to feel a little
excited. I moaned, not because the finger was turning me on but because I
knew I could come to like it. Taking my moan as a sign, Mark pulled out of
me and grabbed the candle. Looking over my shoulder, I saw him put a
condom on the thing up for the lube. I couldn’t look and squeezed my eyes
shut, waiting.

“Big Markie meet Daddy Slut” he said as he shoved it all the way into
me. Howling, I screamed “Take it out, Take it out”

“No Daddy slut, I can’t. But I will help make it easier on you” he said
softly, taking my limp dick in his hand. The pain was excruciating. I
felt like I was impaled on a pipe. Letting me get used to the invader, he
stroked my cock. There was no way I was going to get excited with this
phony dildo up my ass.

“It might help if you thought of Mattie” he said, still stroking me. I
tried to thing of my little girl but the pain too intense. I wanted to
die. I was being raped by a candle and there was nothing I could do about
it. Mark stopped playing with my cock and had moved his hand to my lower
abdomen to support his candle rape. I had to do something! I couldn’t
bear the pain! I forced myself to think about Mattie. Harder and harder,
I tried to get images of her but the pain wouldn’t let me. Finally, I
broke through.

In my mind, she was bent over a table. She was naked except for a pair
of panties. She looked over her shoulder so coyly and sexily. “Fuck me
daddy” Fuck me” she seemed to say. I no longer could feel the pain in my
ass. The fucklust had pushed it out of my mind. I still could feel Mark
fucking me with the candle. I could only feel it going in and out of me.
My asshole finally loosened up and accepted the invader. Ripping her
panties off I rammed into her. It felt so good.

Then the most incredible think happened. The imaged changed and I found
myself bent over the table and some unknown cock was fucking my ass. I was
panting and pushing my ass back to get more of the mystery cock into me.
The fucklust I had for Mattie had turned into a fucklust for this cock. It
filled me with desire. With every thrust I wanted more. I never felt
anything like it. All I could think about was this mystery cock ramming in
and out of me. My fucklust for this cock consumed me. “Fuck me” I cried

“It’s about time”, Mark said, I hadn’t realized I said it out loud. The
image in my head vanished and I was back in the shower. Mark was still
fucking me with the candle, only now, there was no pain. The fucklust was
real. I was panting and my ass was moving to get more of the waxed pole.
The feeling of fullness in my belly added to my fucklust. I wanted more,
needed more. “More” I moaned. Mark responded by fucking me faster and

“Ready for the big finish” Mark said sarcastically. Somewhere along the
way I got hard and he started to jerk me off to his fucking motions. The
fucklust doubled and I couldn’t think straight. The fucking of my ass and
the jerking of my cock was too much and I shot my load all over the wall. I
had to grab for the shower handles as my knees weakened and I thought I was
going to collapse. Mark slowed his fucking and finally stopped leaving my
“lover” in me.

“Not bad for a rookie, daddy slut. Leave Big Markie where it is while
you finish the shower then put it in my room.”

He left me still leaning against the shower wall, panting with a wax
dildo up my ass. I was smiling. All thru the shower, I wanted to grab the
candle and fuck myself with it. My cock hardened again and the fucklust
returned. Turning off the shower, I knelt. Grabbing the dildo with one
hand and my cock with the other, I fucked my ass and jerked myself to
another powerful orgasm. I collapsed and lay there accepting that fact
that I liked it.

I got out of the shower, the candle still stuck up my ass. Looking in
the mirror, there was nothing different, yet everything was different.
Pulling the candle out of me, I washed it clean. Feeling the need to shit,
I sat on the toilet but nothing happened. What I did next surprised me
even more. I kissed the tip of the instrument that too my ass cherry. I
bathed it with my tongue before sucking as much of it down my throat as I
could. My fucklust returned and I mouthfucked myself. I wanted to consume
this thing that had given me so much pleasure. I got beyond the waxy taste
and mouth fucked me as I beat off to another powerful orgasm. “Awesome” I
thought and I hadn’t been fucked by a real cock yet. I decided to keep
“Big Markie” for myself and not return it to Mark. I would tell him that
it broke and I threw it away. You never know when it will be needed.

Chapter 5

Somehow I made it to work. I felt like I was walking around bow-legged.
All day my anus involuntarily spasmed and Mattie come to mind and if that
wasn’t bad enough when I thought of Mattie, my anus again spasmed. My cock
stayed dormant. Then it dawned on me. I must have been in so much pain
from the dildo assfucking that my brain disconnected and reconnected to the
lustful images of Mattie. It’s was as if my pleasure center moved from my
cock to my ass. This reminded me of the movie “DeepThroat” and I chuckled
because if I was correct then I was “DeepAss”.

Somehow I made it through the day and all the way home I could only
think of Mattie. My asshole was a constant spasm and my cock was erect. I
needed to get home and fuck my little girl. Running up the stairs,
couldn’t get to Mattie room fast enough. She was sitting at the desk, her
back to me. Her hair was down, rather than the ponytail Matt wore it in.
She wore a button down shirt that was tied just below her tits and a pair
of panties. I was leaking and my anus was driving me insane.

Cupping her boy breasts and kneading them, I nibbled on her ear.

“Hi, daddy”

“Oh, baby, I need to feel my cock in your pussy” Stand up and bend over
the chair”

As she obeyed, I dropped my pants, stroking myself. The fucklust in my
ass was intense. Ripping her panties off, I rammed into her. It felt so
good as I fucked in and out of her but it wasn’t as great as before. My
asshole was in forefront of my consciousness and it aching to be filled but
that didn’t stop me from pounding away in Mattie’s pussy. I grabbed her by
her tits and pulled her against my chest. Groping for her clit, I found
it. As I fucked her, stroked her boyclit. Pushing back over the chair, I
fucked her hard and fast but the fucklust was fading.

“Isn’t that cute. DaddySlut can still fuck.”

It was Mark. I hadn’t heard him come in. I felt his cock against my
hole and the fucklust returned with a vengeance. I needed his cock so bad
that I pushed my hips back trying to get him inside me. My own cock was
still inside Mattie but just barely. I had forgotten all about her. My
awareness was in my asshole and not my cock.

“So, DaddySlut wants my cock now?”

“Yes, I need your cock” I moaned still trying to capture my prize.

“All you had to do was ask” and with that Mark thrust into me. I moaned
and moved my hips to get more of him into me

“Fuck yourself on my cock, DaddySlut” Mark commanded.

I was only too happy to. He stood still and I fucked myself on his
pole. As I moved off him, my cock slid deeper into Mattie and she moaned. I
didn’t care about her. The fucklust was building and I was seesawing back
and forth on Mark’s rod. I was barely aware when I shoot my load into
Mattie, but Mark somehow knew. He moved away from me and I was fucking

”Over to the bed, both of you. Matt, get on your back. DaddySlut, suck
your cum out of my dear bother”

Matt lay back on the bed, his ass hanging over the end. I was on him in
a minute, I wanted the cock back in my ass and the sooner I was in position
the better. Lifting his legs, I put my lips to his hole and sucked. My
mouth was flooded with my own cream which I gulped down as fast as I could.
When there was no more, I lapped the area clean and moved on to his cock.
The fucklust had me enthralled. I needed cock and since Mark had not begun
fucking me again, then a cock in the mouth would have to do. I sucked Matt’s cock down my throat in one gulp and sucked him like I wanted to be
fucked; hard and fast. I pretended my mouth was my hole and it momentarily
satisfied my lust.

It seemed that Mark had left the room and returned because I felt him
shove “Big Markie” up my ass and I screamed out in pleasure. My cock
roared to life.

“Fuck me, Markie fuck me” I cried over and over again. I was delirious.
My need was being satisfied. My hole opened accepting my cherry taker. I
had forgotten all about Matt and his cock. I was “Big Markie’s” bitch and
I loved it.

“Switch, brother” Mark declared and the Matt moved behind me, not
missing a beat with the wax dildo. Mark move to the space Matt had
vacated. He grabbed my head forced it down on his cock. I gagged but that
didn’t stop him from mouth fucking me. He sat there, not moving, pulling
my mouth on and off his cock. I was literally facefucking myself.

Matt wasn’t as forceful as Mark but it was enough to keep the fucklust
going. Through the lust I heard him talking. The dildo was hitting my
belly every time causing my fucklust to grow.

“Mattie wants to thank you for the gorgeous fuck the other day but from
now on she says she’s the one who decides when you can fuck her not you”
ramming the dildo into me for emphasis. “And you are Matt’s DaddySlut too.
You’ll spread your legs for him anytime anywhere from now on.”

My mouth was crammed with boy cock or I would have said, “Yes, Matt,
anytime anywhere”

By now Mark was moaning and I could tell he was going to cum. With on
mighty pull, his cock rode deeper down my throat and shot its goo. It went
directly into my belly. He held my head tight against his belly and
thrust, trying to get deeper. This triggered my fucklust and I spewed my
second load within an hour. I was drained. Matt fucked in and out of me a
few more times and pulled “Markie” out of me. I moaned and felt so empty.
Moving to my head and pulling me off Mark’s cock, he shoved my lover down
my throat.

“Clean it” was all he said. I tasted wax and my own shit but that
didn’t matter. It had given me so much pleasure I didn’t care. When Matt
thought I had done enough he pulled out of my mouth and told me to get the
fuck out of his room.

I stumbled to my bed and was instantly asleep and slept till morning.

(Part 3 - where mark shows up at dad’s work and introduces some of his
co-workers to DaddySlut.-------------------------Are we having fun yet? I

Tyler Thane


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