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Night and Day 3


Night & Day 3 (incest, m/b, forced)

I woke up to the sweetest kiss. It was Mattie. She had done her makeup
and was wearing a shorty nightgown and no panties. Her boycock was as hard
as I had ever seen it. She was so sexy looking that I got hard

“Daddy, I need to fuck”

Starting to rise to take her in my arms, she pushed me back on the bed
“No, daddy, I need to fuck you. “

Throwing the covers off, I lifted my legs, bent and my knees, giving her
access to my hole. Lifting her nightgown, she entered me without any
warning, I almost laughed. My asshole was stretched from “Markie” and
compared to it, she was tiny. My baby needed me and I would oblige.

Lazily, she fucked in and out of me. I felt a warm glow but no lust.
Just the same, it felt good to have my ass filled again. I didn’t mind
that I was a being used as a cum catcher.

She had bent over putting her hands on the bed next to my shoulder and
her eyes were closed. There was no hurry in her fucking. When her pelvis
hit mine, she would pull back and slide forward again. I lifted my hips to
meet her. This went on for some time. Slow easy strokes in and out of me.
The warm glow intensified but not by much. This was for her pleasure not
mine. She was thrusting faster into me and I knew she would come soon. To
help her, I pinched her nipples thru the silky fabric. Her hips tensed and
she shot her cream into my hole. A few more thrusts and she collapsed on
my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and held her, my legs still up in
the air. We stayed like that for a few minutes and then she kissed me and
untangled herself from me and left.

I lay there feeling good, a smile on my face. It didn’t matter that I
didn’t cum. Mt baby needed me specifically my hole and that was ok. It
was too early for work so lay there.

Work, what a strange place. It was where I went to pay the mortgage and
keep the family together but I always felt like an outsider. It doesn’t
matter what the company does or what I do there except that I am in the
inner circle of management but yet on the outside. The owner of the
company is this fiery redhead named Brenda, who reminds me of Angie
Everheart only bigger and better looking. Brenda is an Amazon, over six
feet tall and has all the right curves and then some. The way she runs the
business, you would swear that she had a cock and balls underneath her
designer clothing. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and can be quite
intimidating. I learned quickly that the truth is always better that
bullshit with her. We have a cordial relationship. Not like the others in
the inner circle, where there seems to be a private joke. There are four
other guys in the circle. Before today, I never realize noticed how alike
they were. All were well built, not muscle bound. You could tell they all
worked out and handsome too. Everyday, they wore polo shirts and now that
I think about it, tight pants so that the outlines of their manhood showed.
It was like a uniform and since Brenda didn’t say anything nobody else did.

It was time to get up and go to work, the boys had already left so I
grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out the door. Today was like any other
day except Mark showed up late in the day. He entered my office, closed
the door behind him and fell into a chair.

“What brings you here? Are you in trouble?” I inquired

“No, I came to fuck you, DaddySlut. Why else would I be here.”

In my best business manner, I told him that those activities are to be
done at home only. He responded by picking up the phone. I knew who he
was calling and why.

“Not here, in the bathroom” resigned to the fact that I was going to get
fucked whether I liked it or not. My asshole spasmed as anxiety and
apprehension shot thru me. The thought of getting fucked in a public place
excited me. At least, the worst that could happen was that I would lose my

As we left my office, I made a big show of pointing out the bathroom so
that everyone knew what was going on. Luckily it was empty. Pushing me
into a stall, Mark ordered me to drop my pants and put my hands against the
wall. Mark spread my cheeks and rammed his boycock as far up my ass as
possible and fucked me fast and hard. I loved the feeling of cock in my
ass and this was no different except I wanted something bigger. Just the
same, I was moaning and enjoying the illicit fuck. The warm glowed filled
my body as Mark took his pleasure. He was moaning too as he plowed in and
out of me. Sometime during my fucking, I heard the door open, someone come
in, and quickly left. I probably had just lost my job but I didn’t care.
The fucking was getting to me. I was pushing my ass against Mark to get
all of him in me. I was horny and wanted to be fucked. It was not the
fucklust but it was enough for me to shoot my wad. Mark came quickly after
I did. We didn’t wait to enjoy the afterglow. In fact, Mark pulled up his
pants and as he left he said, See you at home, DaddySlut.

Pulling up my pants, I returned to my office, leaving Mark’s cum to drip
out of me. I was more turned on by the fact that his cum was seeping out
of me as I worked than the act itself. Not long after I returned to my
desk, I got an email From Brenda saying that there was a meeting at the end
of the day. My immediate response was I’m fired and that whoever came into
the bathroom had squealed. Somehow I get through the rest of the day.

I was the first to get to the meeting which was being held in a small
conference room off Brenda’s office. Before coming to the meeting I had
packed all my personal belongs in a box ready to make a quick getaway after
I was sacked. I took a seat farthest from the door and waited.

Brenda came in followed by the others of the inner circle. Brenda sat
and the others stood shoulder to shoulder behind her. It was her meeting
so I waited for her. I was not going to grovel for my job.

“It has been reported,” she began “that you and your son were fucking in
the bathroom. Is that correct?”

Here it comes, I thought; time to look for a new job


“This kind of behavior will not be tolerated. How you came to be fucked
by your son is none of our concern, but fucking in our bathroom is. You
have two choices you can resign or join us in the real inner circle.”

I was dumbfounded; I was being given a choice.

“Before you decide, I will tell you how you will able to join our
circle. Afterwards, should you wish to resign, tell anyone of what has been
mentioned I will figuratively and literally cut your balls off, otherwise
nothing will happen to you.

She meant it too!

“Since you will be the newest member, you will be the low man on the
totem pole. If asked by any of us for something, you will give no argument
just obey. This will last until an old member leaves and new member joins,
which I foresee as happening a long way down the road. In essences, you
will be ours to command”

“I accept” No thought required.

“I thought you would” she said smiling for the first time. “You just
got a 20% raise. Now strip and kneel on the table.”

I had just become their fucktoy as well as my kids. All because a
bathroom fuck. Once again I thought of prison. This was much better. At
least I got to walk away if I wanted to.

Once I was naked and kneeling, I waited. My hands instinctively cover
my crotch. From somewhere wide elastic bands appeared and Brenda threw
them to me.

“One goes around your balls and the other behind the head of your cock.”

And so it begins, I thought. I knew what she wanted with the bands.
One band was to be used as a cock ring and the other was to not let me cum.
They were going use my hole for their pleasure. Cupping my balls with one
hand, I slipped the elastic over them and wound it 4 times until it was
taunt. As soon as I wound it the second time, pain radiated from my sack.
By the 4th time, the pain was immense but it was a good pain. It made me
hot. My cock was at full staff and I had no trouble putting the other
elastic on. My cock head expanded and turned purple adding to my lust.

When I was done, I looked at them. “The boys” as I decided to call them
hadn’t changed their expression but I could tell that Brenda was turned on.
She was breathing hard, her tits rising and falling under her clothes. My
suspicions were confirmed when she spoke to me.

“How did you come to be fucked in OUR bathroom,” she said, her words
betraying her lusty emotions.

The fucklust from the bonds flowed thru me. I wanted to grab my cock
and shoot my seed but I couldn’t. Somehow, I stammered out the story of
one son dressed as a girl who sucked me off and the other son who
blackmailed me into becoming his slut for a year. I finished with the
candle fuck.

All the boys were breathing hard and I could see tents in their pants
The lust in Brenda’s eyes had intensified. They were raring to go and I
was just as impatient. The fucklust in me, needed to be quenched.

“Turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks,” she said huskily. I
was definitely getting to her. Doing as she commanded, I faced them,
exposing my hole. I never felt so naked in my life.

After what seemed an eternity, I felt hands turn me over onto my back.
All the boys had their cocks as they readied me. I was laid so that my
head and legs hung over the edges of the table. As if by silent command,
each of my legs was raised and a cock was forced down my throat as another
cock filled my ass. I came! I felt the jism race up my cock only to be
stopped by the elastic. I needed release, my hips thrust up trying to
force my seed from me which only embedded the cock in my ass deeper. The
cock in my mouth had found my throat. I was delirious with fucklust. I
sucked the cock in my mouth like thirsty man gulps water and my asshole
tightened around the invader trying to imprison it. I was getting fucked
at both end and still it wasn’t enough. I had never felt the fucklust this
strong and it was building. My body was moving like it had been
electrically shocked; trying to get more and more cock into my body. Every
so often the two that were holding my legs would pinch a nipple. Each time
they did the fucklust increased.

The cock in my ass was pounding away. It was bigger than my boys but
not as big as the candle. It did the job though. Each time it fucked into
me I felt it in my belly. The boys picked up speed and each time they
fucked into me, it felt like they were getting closer to each other inside
me. My cock had turned a deep purple, my jism slipping back into my body
and then shooting forward seeking release. My hand went to it but each
time it was slapped away.

Then when I thought I couldn’t take it any more, they shot their loads.
The cock in my mouth sent its stream straight to my belly and the cock in
my ass coated my guts. My anus tightened around it and milked every last
drop. They were done but I wasn’t. I needed more! Since I wasn’t allowed
release, the fucklust built and built. I was empty. The cock in my ass
and mouth were gone. I needed to be filled.


I was flipped over on my stomach and another cock was rammed into my
mouth and ass. It was the other two boys. As they fucked me, my cock
rubbed against the hard surface. Thinking only of release, I fucked the
table, trying to get off. This made the cocks in me go as far into me as
possible. I was literally a fuck machine. I was fucking the table and the
boys fucked my holes. All I could think about was release but the band
held me tight. Harder and harder I fucked the table, trying to work off
the band but it held. My movements made the cocks in me slide deeper than
I thought possible. I kept fucking the table, hoping that the band would
come off and I would get some relief from this exquisite torture. Just
when it felt like the band would come off, I felt a hand pull it off. I
humped the table with all my being. My seed shot out of my cock as the
cocks in me shot their loads. I felt like their jism entered my body and
came out my cock. I kept fucking the table, using my juices as lubricant.
It was the most powerful and best orgasm I ever had. I collapsed where I
lay. The empty feeling had intensified and I felt unfulfilled and sated at
the same time.

Returning to reality, I looked around. The boys had gone and Brenda was
still sitting. Her eyes were closed and she was panting. Her hands were
moving underneath the table. She opened her eyes and caught me staring. I
was bound by her stare. I couldn’t look away. I surrendered, I knew I
would do anything she wanted of me.

Standing up and moving behind me, she pulled on my legs until they hit
the floor.

“Clean the table” she commanded. I quickly lapped at my cream, gulping
it down as fast as possible. I felt her hands spread my cheeks and her
lips touch my anus. Expertly, she sucked the cream from my body. It felt
like she was going to suck my guts out too. I got hard again. As she
sucked the goo, all the nerves in my body came alive. I got hot all over
again. I needed cock.

Flipping me over on my back, she stood between my legs and lifted her
skirt. Somewhere along the way she had taken off her panties. When the
skirt reached her waist, I fell in love. She had the biggest cock I had
ever seen and it wasn’t fully hard. It was longer and wider that the

I raised my knees to my chest, exposing my asshole, inviting her to fuck
me. And fuck me she did. Stroking her self to full length, she shoved her
man cock into me so hard I swear I tasted it. This was the cock that would
satisfy me, I thought. Wrapping my legs around her hips, I kicked her to
fuck me harder, to make me her bitch. I gave myself completely to this
woman and her cock. I never felt so full and complete as she rammed in and
out of me. The fucklust had returned at a level I never felt before. All
my being wanted to give pleasure to this gorgeous cock and its owner.

She was pounding in and out and I was rising up to meet her. She had
leaned over the table so that her clothes cover tits were in my face. I
grabbed her nipples and squeezed. Rearing up, she mightily fucked into me
as deep as she could and let loose her cream. I felt like I was being
ripped apart. but her seed hitting my gut was worth it. My cock was hard
as concrete but I didn’t need relief. Giving this woman with the most
beautiful cock pleasure was enough for me. When she pulled out of me, I
jumped off the table and took her in my mouth. I wanted to show her that I
was her to command. I lovingly cleaned as she smiled at me and stroked my
head. I was never happier in my life, making love with my mouth to this
man meat. As I caressed my captive with my tongue, I vowed to do whatever
it took to never let her and it get away. I was addicted to her cock like
a junkie. All my actions would be predicated on getting fucked by this
magnificent beast. I never wanted to let go but she pushed me away.

“Now let go meet your children.” She sternly said looking into my eyes.
I just nodded wondering how the boys would respond.

(Soon to Cum, hehehe, Part 4 Brenda meets the boys)

Tyler Thane


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