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Night and Day 4


Night and Day 4 (incest, m/b, forced)

I called the boys and told them I was bringing my boss home to meet. I
had talked about Brenda a lot, so they had some idea who she was but had no
idea that she had a gorgeous cock between her legs. We took separate cars.
Brenda drove her Mercedes; me, my shitbox.

Matt greeted us at the door and I could tell that he was partly
impressed and intimated by Brenda. Holding out her hand she introduced
herself “Hi, I’m Brenda and you must be Matt.” Matt blushed and took her

“What a pretty boy you are. Why don’t you put on your prettiest outfit
and we’ll talk” she continued a bright smile lighting up her face. Matt’s
jaw hit the floor. I smiled and winked at him as if to say everything’s
ok. Grinning, he ran to his room to get changed.

Mark was in the living room watching tv when we entered. I introduced
him to Brenda but he wasn’t impressed. He made a big show of ordering me
around, showing he was in control. Brenda tried to ignore it but finally
had enough. I had told her about the blackmail and my acceptance of being
the boys’ slut.

She challenged Mark immediately for control over me. The challenge was
that each of them would have 5 minutes to try and make me cum. If Mark
won, she would become his slut. If she won, Mark would be hers. In each
case, I belonged to the winner. I was honored and humiliated at the same
time. How did I sink so low that I “belonged” to any one? I loved a cock
in my ass or my mouth. I was indeed a slut.

I knew I was going to be Brenda’s as soon as the challenge was accepted.
Brenda didn’t get to be the president of the company without hard fought
battles. Mark was just a cocky kid who turned his dad into a cockhound.
He must have assumed that Brenda had a pussy and I wouldn’t be turned on by
it. Little did he know! I was looking forward to him feeling the Brenda’s
cock rip into his belly. That would take him down a peg and I would get my
revenge for his blackmail They were still discussing terms as l slipped
away to the bathroom. I had to give Mark credit as he was holding his own
in the negotiations.

Sitting on the toilet, I stroked myself to images of Mark taking
Brenda’s cock up his ass. In my mind he was screaming as her huge cock
punishing his asshole. I came quickly, licking the goo off my hands. It
dawned on me that I had become a cock lover and the fucklust was never far

Returning to the living room, I heard banging in the basement. Brenda
told me that Mark was making preparations for the contest. Meanwhile
Mattie had entered the room and I was glad that I just came or I would have
soiled my pants. She had gone all out. Her hair was tied in two pigtails.
A white button down shirt tied under her boyish breasts. Her hard nipples
were visible through the material. Her stomach was exposed and a jewel
hung from her pierced navel. Her tight hot pants didn’t reveal her sex and
her legs were encased in white stockings.

Brenda gasped and I could tell she was impressed and turned on at the
same time. Mark called from the basement that everything was ready. As we
moved to the basement, Brenda put her arm around Mattie and whispered
something. Mattie beamed as Brenda caressed her asscheeks.

Mark had attached eye hooks to the ceiling and floor; I was to be bound
spread eagle. Removing my clothes, I was a little embarrassed being the
only one naked. Mark attached my arms and legs to the ropes and pulled
them just tight enough so that I stretched but not rigid. My dick was limp
not because I wasn’t turned on but because I was embarrassed. I slowly got
hard as I thought more and more about my situation. I was at their mercy
and they were going to make me cum without touching my cock. I felt so
submissive. I enjoyed the feeling.

“Ok,” Brenda said, “we are ready to start. To review the rules: Mark
has 5 minutes in which to make his dad cum. Then I will have 5 minutes.
If there is no orgasm, we will repeat the 5 minute intervals until it
happens. Should Mark succeed then I will become his to use and abuse like
his father. If I succeed, Mark becomes mine and his dad is released from
his commitment.

“Now the rules; touching or fondling his cock and balls is prohibited.
Precum is not considered an orgasm. Mattie will call out as each minute
passes. If either of us doesn’t stop at 5 minutes exactly, that person
automatically loses.”

Then looking Mark in the eye she said “Finally, as I am a person of my
word, I will honor the results of this competition. Do you accept these
rules, Mark”

“I do” he responded, a shit eating grin on his face, thoughts of Brenda
submitting to him, running through his head.

“Ok, Mark, take your place and let us know when you are ready”

I hadn’t notice that Mark had brought “Big Markie” as his accomplice.
This time he didn’t put a condom on it but greased it up really well.
Moving to my side he said he was ready.

Mattie looking at his watch yelled go. I expected Mark to ram the dildo
up my ass and fuck me hard and fast to try to get it over with quickly.
Instead, he teased my asshole with his finger as he spoke softly in my ear.
My asshole grabbed at his finger which caused my dick to get hard. He
relayed the incident in the bathroom with “Big Markie” and how I loved it
then and how I would love it now.

“One minute” announced Matt.

Still cooing in my ear, Mark eased the dildo into me. The fucklust
raged thru my body and I started to pant slightly. He fucked me slowly;
teasing me, pulling the candle almost out of me and then sliding it back
in. His free hand found my nipple and tweaked it. I almost came then and
there. Shutting my eyes, I thought of my ex-wife and what a bitch she was.
That helped but the fucklust was breaking through. I could feel sweat
dripping down my face. There was no way I was going to cum for this kid.
There was a new kid in town and his name was Brenda.

“Two minutes”

He was getting impatient. His dildo fucking of me became harder and
faster. He had stopped talking and I was glad as remembering the bathroom
fuck was getting to me. My asshole was responding to his fucking. The
fucklust was building and I was having trouble controlling myself. I could
feel my jism building in my nuts. Again, I thought of my ex-wife and all
the times she was a bitch to me; how I had to struggle after she left, to
keep a job and raise the boys. Anger had replaced the fucklust. My
asshole had clenched around the candle to the point of being painful.

“Three minutes”

My asshole relaxed when I let go of the images of the bitch, and the
fucklust returned only this time in full force. I was panting and pushing
my ass back against the anal fucking. Mark sensing victory and fucked me
has hard as he could. Pulling the phony cock almost out of me, he shoved
it back in as hard as I could and repeated the process I almost came but
forced myself to hold back. I wanted to cum so badly but I wasn’t going to
let him win. I wanted more than anything to fulfill all of Brenda’s needs.
Thinking of Brenda almost made me cum. I cleared my mind and focused on
not cumming. It was getting harder and harder.

“Four minutes, one to go” Mattie decreed, excitement in his voice.

Taking a quick look at Brenda and Mattie, I saw that Brenda wasn’t even
looking at me. She was stroking him thru his shorts while whispering in
his ear. I had to look away as it just looking at them increased the lust
factor and was making it more difficult to control myself. Mark was
becoming more and more frantic. He was ramming the dildo in and out of me
as fast and hard as he could. My will was breaking; I was going to lose
it. I could feel my seed rise in my scrotum getting ready to shoot into the
world. I quickly brought back the images of my ex-wife and my seed
retreated. Mark continued to pound into me, putting his whole body behind
each thrust. My asshole was raw from his pounding. I had to hold on, just
a little longer. I was losing it. The fucklust was taking control, the
familiar orgasmic pressure building in my brain. All I could think about
was my ass and the dildo, in and out. I could feel in my belly. I wanted
more than anything to cum but there was still some control in my brain and
body. The pressure was intense and I was slipping. Resigning myself, I
gave into the pressure and…

“Time” Matt screamed.

Mark immediately stopped his fucking, leaving the candle dildo deep in
my ass. I slumped against my bonds. I did it! The little bastard did not

“You bastard” he hissed moving away from me.

I had been so close to losing it. I was exhausted from fighting Mattie
held a glass of water to my lips and I gulped it all down. She popped the
candle from my ass and I groaned. I felt so empty and drained. My cock
had lost it hardness and my ass felt like it was torn to pieces.

“Are we ready to continue” Brenda asked, first looking at me then Mark.
Both Mark and I nodded.

“Whenever you’re ready, Mattie

“Go” she yelled.

Looking me in the eye, Brenda unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. I
got hard. Her large breasts were nestled in a red silk bra which
emphasized her cleavage. Next she undid the clasp in the front of the bra
and pulled it off her mounds. Three simultaneous moans escaped our lips.
She just smiled and cupped them. Letting them go, she pinched her nipples
which made her moan.

“One minute” Matt panted

Moving her hand to the back of her skirt she unzipped it but didn’t let
it fall. Slowly she let it slide off her hips. As it got to her crotch,
she paused. I moaned. I knew what was under her skirt but the boys didn’t. With a Cheshire grin on her face, she dropped the skirt exposing
her massive cock framed by a black garter belt and stockings.

“Oh, god,” Mark moaned not believing what he was seeing. I shot my wad!

“We have a winner” screamed Mattie and she rushed to Brenda, taking her
organ into her mouth and sucking like a crazed person.

My hips bucked a few times and I was drained. I fell against my bonds,
exhausted. Brenda pushed Mattie off her cock, came to me and hugged me.
She licked my ear and whispered, “My Hero”. Letting me go, she move around
me, found my asshole and shoved her pole into me. In seconds, I was in
heat. I wanted to be her bitch now and forever. Pulling me against her
chest she lazily fucked me. I was moaning “Fuck me, Fuck me” over and over
again. Her cock felt like it was especially made for my gut. It was a
perfect match. We got into a rhythm where she would fuck into me and I
would push against her. Somewhere along the way, Mattie had taken me in
her mouth. Brenda picked up speed and was pounding in and out of me with
abandon. Her hips tensed and she shot her load, coating my guts. I was in
heaven. Though I didn’t cum, I had pleasured my love and that’s all that
mattered. She stayed in me until she fell out. Removing my bonds they
helped me up the stairs and into a chair. Mark tagged along behind us, his
head on his chest.

Brenda put her bra on but not her skirt stroking herself. She was
savoring the moment, deciding what Mark’s first act of submission would be.

As for me, I sat there naked; recovering from my “ordeal” I loved every
minute of it. My asshole spasmed as I replayed the scene. Brenda’s juices
were leaking out of me on to the sofa but I didn’t care. I was getting hot
all over again watching Brenda stroke herself. I wanted her in my mouth or
ass again. I didn’t care where.

I had turned into a cockslut and loved it!

(Next chapter – Mark gets what coming to him and then dad gets his

Tyler Thane


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