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Night and Day 5


Night and Day 5 (incest m/b forced)

I was as happy as a pig in shit. Brenda had won the bet. I no longer
have to spread my legs for Mark. Instead I willing do it for Brenda and in
fact was looking forward to it, anytime, anywhere. Her cock was so much
bigger than Mark’s and I loved having it fill my ass. Just thinking of it,
made me hard.

I still can’t believe that only days ago I was an ass and mouth virgin.
Mark had taken my cherry with “Big Markie”; a candle about 8 inches long
and at it widest 4 inches in diameter. Since then, I’ve been fucked by
both my boys and the “inner circle.” In that short time, I’ve turned into a
cock hungry slut.

But the best was Brenda, my boss. I’ve worked for her for years and
never knew her secret yet she’s sitting on my couch, stoking the object of
my desire. She’s wearing a garter belt and stockings as she strokes her
long and thick cock. A bra emphasizes her cleavage and supports her heavy
breasts. Me, I’m naked, Brenda’s cum still leaking out of my ass. I
stroke my own dick in rhythm to her.

“Are you listening to me” she asked?

“Sorry, I was thinking about your cock in my mouth and ass”

“You want it, don’t you? Can’t get enough, right” she cooed, stroking
her cock seductively.

I just nodded, the heat building in my body.

“You’re in constant heat, DaddySlut, aren’t you” she again cooed, her
free hand squeezing her tits.

This time, I just moaned. My cock was concrete in my hand.

You want me to fuck your hot bitch ass, don’t you” she said so
seductively that I wanted to jump on her and impale myself on her cock.

I moaned and nodded again. The fucklust was raging.

“Well, I’m not going” She said sternly and lustfully

I was crushed. I needed it bad!

“Instead, you’re going to fuck me”. She cooed as she spread her legs
and played with her asshole.

That pushed me over the edge. Throwing her over my shoulder, I rushed
down to the basement. She put up a mock battle beating me with one hand
while the other found my asshole and teased it.

I quickly bound her, the way I had been a short time ago and attacked
her asshole with my tongue. Spreading her cheeks, I tongue fucked her as
fast as I could. She was panting and forcing her ass against me, trying to
get more of my tongue in her.

“Yes, you horny slut, eat my ass, get it ready for your cock.” she cried

Pulling my mouth out of her ass, I moved around to face her. Ripping
her bra off, I pinched her nipples as hard as I could. She screamed and I
covered her mouth with mine. I forced my tongue into her mouth and she
sucked on it, wanting more. I continued to pinch a nipple with one hand
and moved my other to her cock. I pinched the head and she bit down on my
tongue. Pulling away, I slapped her across the face.

“Yes, hurt me!”

The fucklust was overwhelming. I slapped her tits with one hand and her
cock and balls with the other. She struggled against her bonds not to get
away but to move into the blows. I moved behind her and spanked her with
all my might.

“Oh, god, yes” she cried

I kept slapping her asscheeks until they were bright red. She was
panting like a dog and I could feel that she on the verge of cumming.
Reaching around her, I squeezed the head of her cock and her ball sack.

She shrieked.

Moving my hands back to her cheeks and I spread them. Without aiming, I
thrust forward finding her anus with my cock and forcing myself into her as
far as I could go. She was so tight that I almost shot my wad.

Grabbing her hips, I pounded into her with all my might, straining her
against her bonds. The fucklust had taken over completely. I had become
pure cock and my mission was to fuck her silly. I fucked her hard and
fast. Occasionally I would slap her tit or cock.

She was panting and moaning. “Fuck me. split me open” she kept

My hips were a machine, driving in and out of her like a piston on a
car. I was going to make her cum with my cock. Grabbing a handful her tit,
I squeezed it with all my strength as I fucked in and out of her. I was on
a mission. Faster and faster I fucked her. Moving my fingers to her
nipples, I repeatedly pinched them as hard as I could. I was ramming deep
into her ass by now

She stiffen and couldn’t take the pounding anymore and shot her load. I
immediately released her hands and she fell to her knees. I pulled her
head up by the hair so that my cock was at mouth. She took me in her mouth
and sucked for all she was worth. On each stroke, my cock went halfway
down her throat and her nose hit my belly.

The pressure in my brain and balls were too much. Grabbing her head, I
embedded myself in her throat and spewed my juices directly into her belly.
Still holding her head I fucked her mouth until I was dry.

Pulling her head off my cock, I let her go. She sagged to the floor,
mumbling “oh god, oh god,” a contented look on her face.

Kneeling beside her, I wrapped her up in my arms and held her. Her arms
wrapped themselves around me as if holding on for dear life. We stayed
that way for sometime. Returning to reality, it was an awkward moment when
we let go of each other. I was supposed to be her slut, not she, mine.

Smiling and looking into her eyes, I said “At the office, I am yours; in
my house, you are mine.” She smiled back at me and I kissed her. She
responded, sealing the bargain.

We returned upstairs and putting our clothes on, we chatted like friends
and lovers. Brenda wanted me to stay way from Mark until the next day when
there would be a meeting of the inner circle. I agreed, even though I
wanted to get my revenge now rather than later. As for Matt, Brenda wanted
him to become her protégé in all forms. She wanted to teach him about
business as well as the ways of women. She could tell that Matt was just
like her and needed guidance.

I agreed to it all and kissed her sweetly as she left. By now it was
very late and the boys were already asleep. Very shortly, I was too.

At breakfast, the next morning, Mark wasn’t so cocky. I told him that
Brenda wanted him at the office right after school and that if he didn’t
show up, she would send people to find him. I could tell that put the fear
of god into him. To Matt, I told him about Brenda’s offer. He leaped up
and hugged me, squeezing the breath out of me.

As we headed out, I reminded Mark to be at the office right after
school. He just nodded. He had accepted his fate like a man even though he
knew he up shit’s creek. I told Matt that Brenda would be in touch and he
beamed. We parted; the boys off to school and me to the office.

As soon as I got there, I made a beeline for Brenda’s office. Knocking
and then entering, I locked the door behind me. She had come out from
behind the desk and was wearing a pant suit. Falling to my knees in front
of her, I unzipped her pants and pulled her cock out. In seconds, it was
in my mouth and making love to it. It felt so good and tasted even better.
I bathed the tip then sucked it down my throat.

Pulling me off her, Brenda told me; later, she had work to do. As I
left, she grinned and said that her asshole wanted to thank me for last
night and was looking forward to a repeat performance.

The day went so quickly that I was surprised when Mark entered my
office. He looked nervous. He knew that Brenda was going to fuck him but I
don’t think he knew about the boys. I was so proud of him that I hugged
him to my chest. I didn’t think he was going to show. He squeezed me just
as hard back.

Brenda knocked on the door and we stepped away from each other. She
motioned Mark to follow, which he did. I started after them but Brenda
just shook her head. This was between her and Mark.

“I’ll be here” I shouted at their backs. Mark raised a hand in

Time passed slowly, I was going crazy wondering what was happening to my
son. My imagination ran from a friendly blow job to rape and back again. I
must have worn out the carpet pacing back and forth. Finally, Brenda
walked by my office and said I could take him home. She continued that I
should be proud Mark as a son and there would always be a place for him at
the company.

My chest swelled as I rushed to the conference room. I was stunned at
what I say. Mark was on his stomach draped over the table, his arms
outstretched. He had no shirt on and his pants were around his ankles.
His asscheeks was slightly red and I knew that he had been spanked. I
wonder what his anus looked like but that would have to wait until we got
home. His eyes were closed and I could tell he was fighting back tears.
Turning him over, his stomach and crotch showed signs of dried semen.

After getting him dressed, I carried him to my car and drove home as
fast as I could. During the ride, Mark just stared out the window. When
we got home, I tried to carry him but he insisted on walking. Guiding him,
to his bedroom, I undressed him and laid him on his stomach. I went off to
get a washcloth and ointment as I figured that his asshole would be in
rough shape.

Spreading his cheeks, I groaned. His asshole was raw and bloody. My
initial response was to get bullshit at Brenda for using my boy like a rag
doll but I calmed down. I was as much at fault as she was. I had allowed
the competition to go on and was ultimately the one responsible for Mark
being in this condition.

Using the cloth, I swabbed the area clean and then applied the ointment.
Gently turning Mark over, I cleaned his stomach and crotch. Mark hadn’t
said a word but now he was ready to tell me what happened. Cradling him in
my arms, he began.

Brenda had come into the room followed by 4 other men. She began by
saying that she was impressed by the fact that he actually had shown up.
In fact, she expected him not to and because he had shown himself to be a
man, she continued, this would be the first and last session.

Then she commanded him to take off his shirt, drop his pants and lean
over the table. At this point he thought that he was going to get a severe
spanking and that would be it. Two men took hold of an arm each,
stretching them out as far as they would go. Another man kneeled across
his back and the last one stuck his cock in his mouth and held it there not
moving. Brenda, meanwhile, had taken position behind him. Somewhere along
the way a ping pong paddle appeared and she began swatting his butt with
it. At first it was easy taps but the force behind each swat grew so that
he was pushed forward, taking more of the cock down his throat. This went
on for some time and tears leaked from his eyes. After what seemed to be
an eternity, the paddling stopped and he felt a finger invade his
near-virgin asshole. He realized that the cock in his mouth was a gag and
not an invader. The finger in his ass turned into two fingers then three
then four and finally the whole fist. He was being fisted and he felt his
asshole tear. The cock in his mouth prevented him from screaming. His
belly felt so full. The hand was sawing in and out of him and each time it
went deeper. On the way out, it felt like his guts were going with it.

He paused, reliving the incident and I noticed that I got hard. I gave
him a quick kiss on the lips to let him know I was there for him and he

The hand was removed and he felt empty. But before he knew it, a cock
rammed into him causing his to bite down on the cock in his mouth. The
guy, whose cock was in his mouth, slapped him a few times telling him if he
did that again, he would rip Mark’s cock off his body and feed it to him
for dinner.

Brenda was savagely fucking him. As she pounded away, she slapped his
cheeks with the paddle. In and out of him, she fucked. Each time trying
to get more of her man cock into his body. He swore he felt it in his
stomach she was pounding him so hard. The guy at his face had taken his
head and forced all of the cock down his throat and held him there. He
felt skewered; a cock was enlarging his asshole and his throat at the same
time. He noticed that he was getting hard. When Brenda first entered him,
he felt his cock shrivel but now it was hardening and he was moaning around
the cock in his mouth.

Again he paused and I noticed that he had somehow gotten my cock out of
my pants and was stroking it. I had to admit that I was aroused by his
story and was breathing heavily.

Brenda continued to fuck him and his asshole had loosened up to accept
her huge tool. I could feel the fucklust build as I pictured her cock
violating my son. She finally came, shooting her load into his guts.
Without a pause, she was replaced by one of the guys and the others
repositioned themselves. Brenda had moved to his face and Mark cleaned her
cock, tasting her and himself.

Brenda took a seat and watched the other fuck him. Each guy was
merciless. They pounded away at him using him as a receptacle for their
loads. Somewhere along the way, Mark found the pain had disappeared and he
was raising his hips in response to each thrust. By the time the last guy
got his turn, Mark was panting like a dog in heat. Brenda made the guy
stand still and have Mark fuck himself on the cock, which he did. With the
strength he had left, he impaled himself on the cock faster and faster
until he shot his load onto the table beneath. Sprawling against the table
he was fucked out. The guy returned to fucking him and came shortly after.
At this point, Mark pulled me between his spread legs and told me to
fuck him! The lust in me took over even though his asshole had been
brutalized. Dropping my pants, I entered him and fucked him with all my

Wrapping his arms and legs around me, he cried


This turned me on even more and I pounded into him harder than I could


His story and his declarations were too much for me. I rose up and sent
my seed deep into his belly. For his part, Mark wrapped me tighter in his
limbs and forced his ass up so that he could get more of me in him.

I collapsed on top of him and he whispered in my ear “I’ll always be
your slut, daddy” and licked my ear.

Epilogue: Needless to say Mark turned into a cock hound and I have to
beat him off to get any rest. I heard rumors that he is giving himself
freely to whoever wants him at school. I’m worried.

As for Matt, he is now Mattie. Brenda pulled some strings and he
transferred to a new school, where he wears his girl clothes and is known
as Mattie. He is really blossoming into a gorgeous girl. We have sex
occasionally but Mark is takes care of my needs when Brenda isn’t around.

As for Brenda, it is hard to describe our relationship. At the office,
she still uses me whenever she wants and I love it. Occasionally she will
drop by the house where I am the master and the sex is even better than the
office. (Maybe I’ll tell you about some of them, let me know).

So that’s my family. A classic dysfunctional group if I ever saw one.
But we love each other, don’t we? (hehehe)

Tyler Thane


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