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Night and Day


Day and Night (incest, m/t, t/t, forced)

(Author’s Note: this story starts out slowly but read till the end. You
won’t be disappointed)

Chapter 1

Another typical Sunday, I was reading the paper and watching the ball
games. My 16 year old twins, Mark & Matt, were upstairs in their room.
Even though they were identical twins, they were like night and day. Mark
was the assertive one. He was outspoken and had a magnetic personality.
He had a way of making you agree with him even though you knew that he was
wrong. I had learned to not fall prey to his ploys yet I have watched in
amazement how he has manipulated men and woman 30 years his senior. He was
the athlete of the two. In the fall, he played soccer and the spring,
baseball. His body was lean but not muscular. When he took of his shirt,
his teenage chest was hairless and you could see the muscles of his stomach
starting form. Matt, on the other hand, was a bookworm. He had the brains
where Mark had the brawn. He was a very thoughtful kid who would voice his
opinions but would back down if confronted. Matt’s body was soft where his
brother’s was hard. He rarely took off his shirt because his chest and
stomach were a little pudgy. His brother teased his about having breasts.
Over the last 6 months, he seemed more and more withdrawn and unkempt.
Even though I repeatedly told him to get a haircut, he never did it. He
just tied his shoulder length hair back in a ponytail. I chalked it up to

Me, I’m pushing forty and have been taking care of the kids since they
were small. Their mother left one day unexpectedly, never to return. To
this day, I still don’t know why she left. The divorce was handled thru
the lawyers and she wanted to be contacted in case of emergency only,
period. I think I’ve done pretty well with the boys. They aren’t on drugs
or had no trouble with the law. I go to work, come home and try to be the
best dad I can. I do a daily workout in the basement. I’m not muscle
bound by any means but I don’t have a belly. I haven’t dated in many years
and my left hand has become my constant companion and lover.

I heard the boys bounding down the stairs figuring they were headed out
so I didn’t look up from my paper.

“Dad”, looking over my paper I saw Mark. He was holding the hand of a
girl about his age. She was wearing a simple jumper, knee socks and shoes.
Her head was down, her hair hiding her face. I was confused. I didn’t
hear anyone enter or leave the house. How did she enter? I wondered.

“Dad,” Mark started again, “I want you to meet your new daughter,
Mattie, and she wants to suck your cock.

The paper dropped and so did my mouth. Matt lifted his face to me,
shame and humiliation in his eyes. He was wearing makeup. Whoever had
done it did an excellent job. His eyes had a crisp line around each and
the eye shadow accentuated them. There was a hint of rouge on his cheeks
and his red lipstick made his boy lips fuller. I understood why he
wouldn’t cut his hair. His long hair was perfect for this face.

I got hard! Matt looked exactly like the girls in my masturbatory
dreams of late. He was so pretty and I was turned on by my son dressed as
a girl. The shock and desire must have registered on my face and Mark
grinned ear from ear.

“Told you, Mattie, he’d get a hard-on”, Mark exclaimed, proud to be
proven right.

Pulling Matt along with him towards me, he made Matt kneel between my
legs. Before I knew it, Matt had pulled my cock out of my pants and was
stroking it. I was dumbfounded, part of me wanted to yell and scream,
other, impatient for his pretty mouth to engulf me. It had been such a
long time. I fought with myself back and forth but the decision was taken
out of my hands. Matt had taken me in his mouth and was gently sucking on
me. A moan escaped my lips. It felt so wonderful. I consider my cock to
be about average size but I felt huge when I felt it slide down Matt’s
throat. He sucked me like a pro. He puckered his lips, as he let me out
of his mouth. Each time, I felt my juices move higher up my dick. I was
about to explode when Mark pulled Matt’s head off my cock.

I moaned and whispered “please, let me cum”

“Not until you suck me” Mark responded in kind. This time I knew the
decision was all mine. The idea of having a cock in my mouth disgusted me.
I don’t have anything against gays but to me sucking cock was sick, yet, I
wanted my son suck me and I wanted him to finish

“What will it be?” Mark demanded.

The lust was too strong and I nodded my assent.

“Ok, Mattie, finish him off” Mark commanded

As Matt took me in his mouth, I moaned and my mouth was filled with boy cock. I gagged and forced him out of my mouth.

“STOP, MATTY”, Mark yelled. He did, my cock deep in his throat.

The feeling in my crotch overwhelmed the revulsion in my brain. I
opened my mouth, this time ready for his cock. As Mark’s cock entered my
mouth, Matt renewed his sucking. I moaned around the invader. Mark was
sawing in and out of my mouth slowly, each time forcing more into me.

Speaking to me, “it’s easier if you relax your throat and breathe thru
your nose.” I did and his boy cock slid down my throat. The repulsion was
still there but my awareness was in my cock. I could feel my cum moving up
and falling back into my balls on every stroke of Matt’s.

Matt sped up, sucking me like a vacuum. I couldn’t take it anymore and
shot my load. Matt didn’t blink and gulped down my seed without taking me
out of his mouth. My lips instinctively closed around the boy cock. Mark
feeling this fucked my mouth faster. Each time he moved forward, it felt
like I was being stabbed in the throat. Matt was still trying to suck
every drop out of me. I felt Mark’s dick get thicker. My brain never got
as far as eating Mark’s come but here it was. Steeling myself to eat boy juice, I tried to duplicate Matt’s sucking and get it over with. Instead,
Mark pulled out of my mouth and shot his boy goo all over my face. My
reflexes kicked in and I shut my eyes and mouth as I felt his cream hit my
eyelids and lips.

I felt humiliated. My lust had gotten the best of me and I had let one
son suck my juices out of me as the other spat his juices in my face.

Grabbing Matt and pulling him toward the stairs, he said, over his
shoulder, “Told you he’d do it.” A smug expression on his face.

I just sat there. My limp dick still exposed, Mark’s boy cream dipping
down my face. I was in shock. Suddenly I was overwhelmed with guilt and
loathing; guilt for enjoying so much my son sucking me off and loathing
because I allowed my lust to win out and suck my other son’s cock.

The rest of the day, I wrestled with my guilt and lust. At dinner, Mark
did all the talking. I couldn’t look at Matt and he couldn’t look at me.
Mark seemed to be oblivious to our internal torment or he didn’t care.
After dinner, I worked out trying not to think about my dilemma. I worked
myself into exhaustion. Getting into bed, I finally started to relax when
the image of Matt in his girl clothes crept into my mind. Unconsciously,
my hand found my prick and stroked it. The images changed to me fucking my
boy as a girl and I came, gushing all over my hands. Without thought, I
licked at my hand. It didn’t taste as bad as I thought and there were no
feeling of revulsion. I fell asleep.

Chapter 2

I woke up the next morning feeling like a weight had been lifted off my
shoulder. I knew I could separate Matt from Mattie and that if Matt needed
to be Mattie, I could accept it. I was even comfortable with the lust I
felt and if something happened, so be it. My dick was hard.

At breakfast, Matt seemed even more dejected than last night. Mark ate
a quick breakfast and left, leaving Matt and I.

“Want to talk about it, Matt?” I said in my most fatherly tone.

He surprised me by jumping up and curling up in my lap his head buried
in my neck, crying.

“It’s ok, baby”. I wanted to call him Mattie which is what I called him
in his younger days but didn’t. When he was all cried out, he returned to
his chair, the story spilling out of his mouth.

About a year ago, Mark and Matt started jerking each off which moved on
to sucking each other off. From there the real story began. They decided
that they would fuck each other. Mark would fuck Matt first then Matt
would fuck Mark. They were clumsy but Mark got his cock in Matt. At
first, it hurt so bad that Matt pleaded with Mark to take his cock out.
Mark was so excited that he came quickly and pulled out. Matt curled up in
a ball; his asshole feeling like it was on fire. Mark, meanwhile, was
bouncing around the room, he was a man now. Matt swore that he’d never do
that again.

The next day, it was Matt’s turn to fuck Mark. They got into position
but Matt couldn’t get an erection. The more he tried the more limp his
dick became, all the time Mark calling him names like “sissy” and “pussy”.
To shut him up, Matt offered to suck him off. Mark shut up and Matt took
him in his mouth. As he sucked, he realized that he liked the taste of
cock which made him want to experiment. He found that he could take all of
Mark’s cock by relaxing his throat and that using a suction made Mark
writhe even more. What amazed him most was that he was hard. Pulling
Mark’s legs up, he prepared to fuck him. As he attempted to push his cock
into his brother but his cock wilted again. Undaunted he went back to
sucking. When Mark came, so did Matt.

After that, Mark’s taunts got aggressive. At first, Matt fought back as
best he could but in the end gave Mark a blowjob to shut him up. One night
he woke up to find Mark spooned against him. One of his legs was up in the
air and Mark was struggling to find his asshole with his cock. When he
did, he rammed his hard cock into Matt. The pain was intense and Mark just
covered his mouth his hand and continued fucking him. This time, Mark
lasted a long time. The pain had gone and Matt found himself panting and
as hard as a rock. As Mark fucked him, his breath got shorter and he felt
a pressure build in his brain and his balls. Mark rolled him over onto his
stomach and rammed into him again and again. The pressure in his brain and
crotch built and built. Wanting release, he used his hips to grind his
pole into the bed hoping for release. Mark took this as a sign that his
brother wanted more, so he fucked him harder. When Matt thought he
couldn’t stand it anymore, his cock erupted, his hips fucking into the bed
which caused Mark to shot his load into his brother’s ass. Matt had never
felt anything like it before. The combination of his orgasm and the
feeling of his brother’s seed coat his guts, was exquisite. Laying there
with Mark on his back, he felt so happy.

From there, things got either worse or better depending on how one
looked at it. Mark wanted sex more and more and Matt was willing to give
it to him. Then Mark stopped asking. When Matt asked his brother to fuck
him, Mark always had a reason why he couldn’t. Matt was very frustrated.
Finally, Mark gave in on one condition. He wanted Matt to dress as a girl,
makeup and all. Matt readily agreed as he needed to be fucked.

They went to the local charity bin and took various girl clothes that
they thought would fit. Then they bought makeup and nail polish. Getting
home, Matt tried on the clothes. The only thing that fit was plaid jumper.
Mark said it was ok and they moved on to the makeup. No matter how he
tried, Mark was not satisfied and Matt ended up gulping down his brother’s
seed like thirst starve castaway. Mark told Matt that there would be no
sex until Matt looked and acted like a girl. Each day after school while
Mark was at practice, Matt would don his girl clothes and practice putting
on makeup. It was it this point that he let his hair grow long. It took
him almost a month to get the makeup right. He bought panties and knee
socks to add to his wardrobe.

When he felt ready, he put his only outfit and pranced in on Mark.
Mark’s reaction was immediate; his cock tented in his pants. Matt’s heart
soared. Not because he was going to get fucked but he felt more alive in
these clothes than his boy clothes.

Mark led him over to the bed, laying him down. Crawling beside him, he
took Matt in his arms and kissed him. Matt’s cock sprung to life. Their
tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths. Mark’s hand had found
Matt’s pudgy tits and kneed them. Matt, alive like never before, wanted to
be fucked. He wanted to feel Mark’s cock in his ass, pounding away at him.
Mark was just as horny. Pulling down Matt’s panties, he rammed into his
brother. Feeling the cock entering him, Matt spread his legs wider and
grabbed his brother’s ass forcing him deeper.

Matt was in heaven. He felt so full and feminine. He thrust his hips
and pulled on his brother cheeks, trying to get more into him. But it was
over before it really started. Mark arched his back and shot his goo into
his brother. Matt was frustrated but that didn’t matter. He had found
himself. He was a girl trapped in a boy’s body. The thought permeated
every cell of his body and he knew it was true.

After that, Mark would not fuck him unless he was dressed as a girl.
Matt was only too happy to comply. After awhile Mark got bored and the
fucking tapered off. Mark became more and more demanding. He even
threatened to tell people that Matt loved to dress as a girl. Matt was
crushed. His brother didn’t understand and was now going to blackmail him.
It started with doing Mark’s homework then escalating to sucking off some
of his friends, dressed as himself. When Mark felt like it, he would fuck
his “sister”. It culminated in the scene that had played out the day

He stopped talking and his whole body relaxed. He had finally gotten it
off his chest. I was so proud that he felt safe enough to confide in me. I
wanted to hug him to my chest but somewhere during the story I got hard.

Without thinking, I told Matt that we would both call in sick and get
him some proper clothes, with the emphasis on proper. His eyes light up
and I could tell he was ready to jump up and hug me. Before he could, I
told him there were some conditions. His eyes dulled, waiting. I told him
that he was to never leave the house as his other self; that all times
proper decorum was to be displayed and that no one except the three of us
were to know. I went on to say that we lived in a small town and if
something like this got out, we probably either have to move or run out of
town on a rail.

Then I told him that if we were going shopping for proper clothes then
he needed to be properly dressed and to hell with the rules this time. He
jumped up and kissed me on the lips, his tongue slipping into my mouth. My
cock jerked and I though I would come right then.

I sat there as he ran to get ready. It amazed me that I was not angry
at the activities going on under my roof. It was even more amazing that my
son turned me on. I did make a mental note to keep an eye on Mark as he
could be a problem.

Chapter 3

Feeling very uncomfortable about shopping close to home, I drove 60
miles to a mall where I was sure I wasn’t known. I had decided to call
Matt, Matt, when he was dressed as a boy and Mattie when he was dressed as
a girl. Speaking of Matt, he had put on the same outfit he wore yesterday.
His makeup was perfect again but this time he added nail polish.

During the ride, Mattie was a chatterbox. She was so alive and vibrant
and it was contagious. She kept catching me looking at her. She just
smiled with her eyes and kept on talking.

Our excursion cost a fortune but I didn’t care. Watching Mattie being
happy was enough for me. We bought 6 outfits and accessories such as
panties, stocking and jewelry. Mattie picked out earrings while her ears
were pierced. At the shoe store, we caught the clerk trying to peek up her
dress. She giggled, I smiled and the clerk was embarrassed.

On the way home, Mattie talked about her purchases. If I didn’t know
that there was a cock under that dress I would have sworn on a stack of
bibles that the person sitting next to me was a girl.

When we pulled into the garage and stopped, she moved close to me and
thanked me with a kiss on the cheek and a grab to my crotch. The lust from
yesterday roared thru my body. Entering the house, she dropped all her
packages and hugged my tight telling me that she didn’t know how to thank
me. My cock was hard and I knew how she could. Scooping her up in my
arms, I told her how. She squealed and said “goody”

Throwing her on my bed, I took her in my arms and let the lust take
over. I wanted her more than anything in the world even if she had a cock.
I kissed her and she kissed me back. I was surprised by my passion as well
as hers. My hand found her “tits and kneaded them. I felt her nipple get
hard. In its harden state, it was smaller that I remembered a woman’s to
be. I didn’t care.

Pulling her dress over her shoulders I attacked her chest; sucking and
biting her nipples making her squeal. Slipping my hand into her panties, I
found her hard cock. I was momentarily stunned. I jerked my head off her
chest and my hand out of panties
Realizing what was happening she quickly said coyly “That’s my clit
daddy, my pussy is a little lower”

It was then that I fell in love with my little boy/girl. Pulling her
panties off, I saw she had no pubic hair. I took her boyclit in my mouth.
I felt no revulsion only love. I wanted to please my little girl. She was
not big, in fact, she didn’t hit my throat. I sucked up and down, using
various pressures. She was panting and moaning.

“Fuck my pussy, daddy. I want you in my pussy”

Happy to comply, I licked my way down to her hole. I lapped and licked
at her hole, getting her ready for my now concrete cock. The thought that
I was licking an asshole never crossed my mind. I had the fever.

Spreading her legs, I thrust into her.

“Oh Daddy, you so big” she moaned

I didn’t move. The sensation of her anus around my cock held me in
place. Never in my life had I felt such pleasure. No woman ever made me
feel like this. I fucked in and out of her. Her legs beat on my ass
driving me deeper into her. I had the fucklust. I pounded her and pounded
her; my hips slamming against hers. The fucklust filled my brain;
squeezing my brain into a peanut to make room. My hips had a mind of their
own. They were pistoning my cock in and out her tight ass pussy. I was
consumed. The fucklust held me and I wanted release. I fucked my little
girl as hard as I could. I needed release. Faster and harder, harder and
faster I fucked her but the lust wouldn’t let me go. Bending down, I bit
her nipple causing her to cry out and the fucklust released me. I shot a
gallon of goo into her bowels. Mattie pulled me down to her and kissed me,
her tongue raping my mouth. My hips continued to ram her as the remnants
of my orgasm spit out of my cock. Then I collapsed on her. She wrapped
her legs around me holding me tight. I felt stickiness on my stomach. Her
boyclit has shot its seed and I didn’t know it. She nipped my ear and
whispered “I love you Daddy”

“Love you too! baby”

After awhile she asked me to let her up as she wanted to try on her new
clothes. Rolling off her, she took me in her mouth and gave me a quick
suck before leaving. I lay there, basking in the after coitus glow. The
thought that I had just fucked my son never crossed my mind. There was no
guilt or revulsion either. Just love and thoughts of fucking her again.

I cleaned up and headed to my study to do some work. Sometime later, I
heard the front door slam. It was Mark and he was home from school. He
ran up the stairs two at a time. Within minutes, I heard him come down the
stairs and enter my office.

“I’m glad you made Mattie happy” he began, “now it time to make me

I forgot all about him. I said nothing

“Since one call to the police puts you in jail for a long time, you are
going to make me happy”

I knew exactly what he meant. Thoughts of a jail cell and a monstrous
black cock filled my mind. “What do you want,” dreading the answer.

“You’re going to be my slut. Your mouth and your ass will be mine.” He
said with a glint in his eye.

A shiver ran thru me. My son wanted me to be his fuck toy. There was
very little choice; It was a no-brainer, his fuck toy or some prisoner’s
fuck toy. But I wasn’t going to give in that easily. At least this way I
could still have Mattie.

“Ok, but I have conditions. 1.) My mouth and my ass are yours for a
period of 3 months. In everything else, I’m still the father 2.) No one is
to know about this. If they do, you will be shipped off to your mother’s

He winced

“3) Matt is mine, you will keep your hands off him, you will protect him
and his secret and you will not tease him”

“Till I go to college” he responded

“6 months”

“18 months”

“10 months”

“15 months”

“A year”

In response, he stood, dropped his pants and stroked himself until he
was hard.

I fell to my knees in front of him, his cock inches from my face.
Taking him into my mouth, I sucked as best I could.

“Not bad daddy slut but I’ll teach you. You have a year to learn” he
said as he grabbed my head and fucked my face.

What have I gotten myself into, I thought, a mouth full of boycock.

(To be continued)

Tyler Thane As always:



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