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Title: Night That I Forgot
Keywords: Mf, inc, dad, daughter Author: Caesar

Have you heard of those trollops of Birmingham
And the scandal that's currently concerning'em?
How they lift the frock
And tickle the cock
Of the bishop while he was confirming 'em?

Night That I Forgot

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.4 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:26 $

The sun was so bright that I pulled my blanket over my head as it
seemed to pierce through my eyelids like a lance. My head throbbed
and ached so much that I did not want to move it. My tongue was thick and the taste in my mouth could knock out a billy goat. Every inch of
my body ached and itched simultaneously and I was surprised that I was
completely naked.

My god, what happened last night?

I went to a bar with a couple of friends from work... the drinks were

Something moved beside me!

What was it... who was it... where was I?

Bundling my courage, I cracked open one eye and lifted the blanket
enough to pear out. I wasn't in my bed that was for sure - and the
accommodations did not look familiar. Quickly I shut my eyes and
groaned - how could I do this?

Someone, female, moaned behind me and I felt the pressure of a hand
over my ass through the blanket. A second groan escaped my lips and I
feared whom I had ended up in bed with - imagining some horrid

The person behind me wiggled closer and I felt warm soft flesh press
into my back, the hand had disappeared from my ass and now returned
beneath the blanket. My hairy hard butt was being generously fondled
and I was too sore and numb to move.

Lips kissed the back of my shoulder and I felt her large breasts press
into my lower back. Then a hairy dampness pressed into the back of
one thigh and gasped when I realized that she was pressing herself
against me in passion.

Whomever it was, seemed to want something from me! Perhaps more?

It was nothing special, the guys and I had gone to the bar after work,
to celebrate a Friday if for no other reason. We have been doing it
more of late, and I know its wrong but each week I drank till I barely
made it home. Well this time it doesn't seem like I had.

The hand that had been fondling my hard ass slide over my tired body
and found its way before me. I felt the small hand encircle my soft
tired cock and give it a firm squeeze.

Oh god.

I felt myself respond as my dick had a mind of its own and began to
grow in that small fist. The woman moaned with pleasure and pressed
her sex roughly against me.

How could I tell me wife? Should I?

How the hell do I get out of here when my head felt three feet wide
and felt like a group of midgets were hammering with mallets upon its

The small hand let go of my sex and then pressed down on my hip.

What the hell?

She slipped beneath the thick blankets and moved me upon my back as
she wiggled lower. It was incredible how much it hurt just to turn
ninety degrees.

I knew where she was heading but could not believe I was here with
some stranger doing this - what was my wife doing right now, what was
she think about? Knowing her, she had called the hospitals hours ago.

The mouth engulfed my half hard prick and though I was in a drastic
position, it felt damn good.

When was the last time my wife took me into her mouth? How many years

The mouth went slowly, sucking me like there was nothing else she
would rather do in the whole world. She wasn't doing it for my
pleasure but for her own I was startled to realize, as she relished
every second with my manhood.

My wife never did that with me.

I had to open my eyes, eradicate myself from this impossible
situation. Something like this could ruin me - a divorce could
destroy the company I had worked so hard to create, my wife would take
it all.

I was an adulterer, a cheater - but fuck that small mouth felt good.

I again steeled myself to peak out of my tortuous prison - the sun was
so damn bright! Within seconds I knew I was in a woman's bedroom -
the pink femininity obvious.

Another look, longer this time, and I was surprised to guess that the
mysterious woman was probably much younger than I. Rock posters and
objects from a different age group was everywhere.

No only did I cheat on my wife but with some young co-ed probably.
Could this get any worse?

My god she had a wonderful mouth!

I could hear sounds outside the room - were we in some type of dorm?
I ended up in a fucking co-ed's dorm room?

The more I learnt the worse this got!

The blanket was off my face and I could smell incense or some other
crap - it seemed to sting my nostrils as I breathed.

This sort of thing never happened to me before - to a male-slut friend
of mine of course, but never to me. Don't we all have friends like
that? Well now I was one of them - and I felt damn cheap and moronic.

My hips were moving now, pressing up into that wonderful warm inviting
mouth. The most incredible feeling was centred on her actions - my
rock hard cock throbbed insistently. Her response was to increase her
movements - accelerating so that it met with my thrusting loins. Now
she was doing this for my pleasure - don't ask me how I knew,
something in her movements.

Someone was laughing outside the room, another girl, and I stole a
look about the room till I found a clock - the screen saver on a
computer monitor actually, it was nearly noon. My wife will be livid
- even before she discovers where I had spent the night.

Somehow this was familiar - the room?

There was music down the hallway and a handful of mumbling voices from
the opposite direction.

So involved with my surroundings I almost missed when my tart released
my prick from her wonderful mouth and began kissing gently up my

Shit, she was getting higher up my body and I would see who it was
that I ended up with finally. Yet she was so tiny that her head only
came to my chest when I felt her wiggling her hips about my crotch.

Then I was inside her, sinking quickly into her warm wetness till our
bodies clashed with a sloppy wet echo. Her sigh was filled with
emotion and passion while I held my breath with the wonderful new
feeling and fear of what I do.

I swear that if my head had not been pounding I would have jumped up
and left this woman and her room... you believe me don't you?

Hardly - neither will my wife.

My hands slipped down and I grasped the hardest roundest little ass in
my big paws. The woman seemed to realize I was again conscious enough
to help with our coupling and hugged against me even as her hips
seemed to move with perfect precision.

This was no middle-aged woman but a petite hard-bodied young woman
that I found myself with. And though my wife was not much bigger than
this unknown woman - the differences were blatant. For one, this
young woman's sex seemed to be like a wonderful glove that gripped me
perfectly and timely. And she could not be butt-ugly in face with a
body like the one in my hands, could she?

Her mouth had found one of my nipples and I felt her teeth nibble.
God she felt wonderful.

My hands squeezed her delightfully sexy ass and forced her to slow her
smashing movement - my desire quickly rising to match that of my hard

I was going to regret being here no matter what this woman or I did
right now - if I had woken up and ran, I would still be in as much
trouble as I knew I was going to be in a few hours. My wife was an
intelligent and a heartless woman when she had to be. My life, as I
have known it, was over.

Her small body hugged me with her strong trim thighs and slender arms
- her face pressed against my chest.

The light did not hurt nearly as much and I was able to open my eyes
but it did not matter as I mentally watched that tiny ass move upon my

She was gasping now, panting with pleasure and I was surprised at how
quickly she ascended her summit. This caused my own pleasure to mount
and my breathing became harsher to echo her own.

We were like one, moving like this. An anonymous coupling for me and
perhaps the most pleasurable in recent memory.

Then I felt it, at first in the muscles of her sex as it suddenly
clasped me in a vise and then began to randomly ripple with pleasure.
The young woman squealed and pressed her lips against my hairy chest,
as if to muffle her pleasure.

Then my balls tightened and my shaft suddenly grew noticeably larger
within her sheath just before I suddenly blew my orgasm deep inside
her little sexy body. This caused her to pull her face from my chest
and, this time she did not hold back as she wailed with pleasure.

Minutes later the both of us breathed heavily, my chest lifting her
comatose little body easily. We had both broken out in a sweat at
some point and it caused our bodies to cling together delightfully.
My sex was much softer, smaller, but still inside her body - and she
used hidden muscles to keep me there.

It was the only place I cared to be right then.

And I no longer seemed to care what she looked like or who she was -
all that mattered was the pleasure we had mutually found.

I was spent, knowing without proof, that we had done this at least
once before during the night I could no longer recollect.

Reluctantly I took my hands from her tiny hard bottom and pushed down
the thick duvet till I uncovered her head and my chest. She had thick messy short blonde hair but her face was still hidden in my chest. It
didn't seem to matter - I only wanted to give her enough air to

Then this unknown younger woman did something that would forever
change my life - she lifted her head and looked at me.

I looked down into my daughters eyes.



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