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No Deposit Return


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sites will be vigorously pursued by the hounds from hell, or my legal
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This work is copyrighted to Homer Vargas (c) 2001.
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.

No Deposit, Return (M/F, cuck, preg, parody/humor)
by Homer Vargas (


"A year has pased since the wedding and Cynthia is
STILL not pregnant. The grandmothers take action."
I wish to acknowledge use of an altered scene from the
hot story, "Ebony and Ivory Acres" by Stormbringer.
The spirit of the story, however is much closer to the
stories of CDE.

Arthur sat at Cynthia's side gripping her hand
tightly. Across from them sat Cynthia's mother,
Mable, and his own mother, Ruth. The two women
regarded the nervous pair seriously. Ruth spoke
first. "I suppose you know why Mable and I invited
you two over, don't you?"

"Because it's our anniversary?" Arthur offered,
glancing shyly as his beautiful young wife.

"Well, yes, that is the occasion, darling, but not the
real reason," Ruth smiled encouragingly. "We thought
by now you two might have something you wanted to ...
tell us." Both women leaned forward slightly. Mable
was not smiling.

"Er, 'tell you,' mother?" Arthur asked.

"Of course, dear," she replied kindly. "You don't
have to be shy with us. It's very normal for a young couple, especially this long after the honeymoon. We
wanted to be the first to know."

"Know, uh ... what?" Arthur asked, glancing over at
Cynthia who was biting her lip and clasping and
unclasping her hands.

"She means have you knocked up my daughter yet,
twerp!" Mable burst out in exasperation. "It was bad
enough that she didn't have a nice bulging tummy for
the wedding ceremony, though that was partly her
fault," the scowling woman admitted. "But now twelve
MONTHS have gone by, boy. Any normal man would have
had her nursing one baby and be working in a second
one for us by now!"

"Mother, please!" Cynthia interjected in defense of
her cringing husband. "This is a very private matter
between the two of us."

"Of course getting a baby fucked into you is private!
I didn't ask to WATCH him putting the first bun put in
that cute little belly of yours, Cynthia, although
that would be sexy," her mother leered. "I'm just
interested in results. You're almost eighteen, young lady. This is your most fertile time of life. You
could be popping out grandchildren for me once a year.
Remember what happened to your older sister. She
didn't start until she was almost twenty and now and
is going almost two or more years between babies. At
this rate, she'll barely reach a dozen and SHE has
both her husband's brothers helping her.

"Excuse me, mother Dunn, but Cynthia is right. When
and how many children we have is none of your

"Now Arthur, you can't really mean that. I'm just as
eager to see lots of grandchildren as Mable," Ruth
interjected, "Although I might have expressed it a
little differently," she said, looking over at Mable.
"I naturally want you to keep Cynthia constantly
pregnant for the next twenty years of so as much as
Mable does."

"Yeah, what's wrong with you, anyway, shrimp? Are you
shooting blanks?" Mable demanded. "I know she had the
absurd idea of not having sex before the marriage, but
what kind of boyfriend were you to take that shit? If
all else failed, you should have gotten the silly
filly drunk one night and slipped a baby in her. I
swear, I can't figure out youngsters nowadays!"

"Arthur! Is that true?" Ruth asked. "You asked a
girl to marry you without at least fucking her stupid
for a few months? Suppose you are inadequate? I made
that mistake with your father. I'd certainly hate to
think that my son could do that to another woman!"

Arthur was stunned to see his soft-spoken mother so
animated. Mable continued.

"Well, that's water over the dam, but what about now?"
Mable demanded. "You've been fucking my daughter for
a year. A little minx like her, I guess she wants it,
what, three times a day, more on weekend, I guess?
You fill her hot little cunt, say, twice each
session..." Mable was lost in her mental calculation.
"Load for an average man is three ounces." She cast a
disparaging glance at her son-in-law. "Say, one-half
ounce for YOU ... makes ...<mumble mumble> ... over eight
gallons of spunk you've pumped into my little girl!
That's enough to give her a swollen belly right

"Mother," Cynthia exclaimed. "You've got it all
wrong. We don't do it quite that often."

"What? The bastard fucks you fewer than three times a
day? What kind of undersexed wimp did you marry,
anyway, honey?"

"Well, it's not all Arthur's fault. I don't think it
is proper to, you know, just RUT it all the time like

"Shit, girl. I knew I should never have let you hang
out with that crazy church crowd. And you?"

Mable turned on Arthur with fire in her eyes "You put
up with that kind of frigidity? What kind of man doesn't fuck a wife just because she says she doesn't
want to? A real man would take her and paw her until
the little bitch was crying for it. You ought to be
fucking the shit out of my girl several times a day.
After a few times, she'd have begged you for it.
That's what Leroy did to me."

"Don't feel bad, Cynthia, dear," Ruth interjected,
trying to be sympathetic to the distraught young woman. "I felt the same way before I met Jethro. But
once you get a taste of hard nasty sex, you just can't
get enough.

"Jethro?" Arthur asked.

Ruth looked a little pained. "He's the little brother of Mable's friend, Leroy."

"Leroy?" Cynthia asked.

"Don't play games, Cynthia! You know I've had a big
black stud screwing my brains out every night since
your father passed on."

"Since before you FUCKED him to death, you mean," the
daughter replied bitterly. "You should have known not
to make daddy have sex with you as soon as he got home
from a triple bypass, especially that half-hour doggie

"He died a happy man, Cynthia. The undertaker
couldn't get the grin off his face. And you've never
complained about the millions in insurance money he
left us. Besides, I was only doing what I had to do.
Lord, girl, your father had been in and out of the
hospital for weeks! If Leroy hadn't been working as
an orderly in the intensive care unit, I don't know
what I'd have done. Leroy," Mable sighed and smiled
for the first time. "Now there's a man! I'll
guarantee you, Leroy would have you knocked up higher
than a kite by now."

"I'm not a shameless hussy like you, Mother, bearing a
little black 'posthumous' child eight moths after
Daddy died! How can you even think about me being
unfaithful to my darling Arthur."

"Don't tell me YOU don't!"

"Of course I don't!" Cynthia protested.

"Then what ARE you thinking about when you have this
buried in your twat, you horny little bitch?" her
mother asked triumphantly and pulled out a huge black

"Where did you find ... er, what do you mean, Mother?"

"I took it from the second drawer of your night stand,
the same drawer you've kept it since you were 13,
Cynthia. That was the reason I was never too worried
about you running around with those religious nuts,
promising to remain a virgin and all that nonsense. I
knew that every night you were sneaking back into your
room fucking yourself silly with Junior here. I could
hear you writhing in ecstasy and moaning 'Fuck me, you
big black bastard, fuck me pregnant.'"

"Cynthia!" Albert exclaimed in shock. "You were ...
touching yourself, even when we were dating?"

"Of course she was, dear," Ruth put in. "All women
have to masturbate. Don't think badly of her, or of
yourself. Very few men can give women all the
hard-pounding sex we require. Even if you did her
several times a day, a healthy young woman like
Cynthia would still need lots of sex toys to keep her
mental equilibrium. Without six or seven good
gut-wrenching orgasms a day, we girls become bitchy
and hysterical. I certainly was, even though I was
spending several hours a day coming with my vibrator.
I was nearly a wreck, until Mable introduced me to
Jethro, that is." Ruth smiled gratefully at her

"Hell, no, I don't blame her," Mable added.
"Especially since this wimp isn't exercising his
marital rights. I just blame her for settling for an
artificial fuck stick that can no more put a baby in
that belly than her useless husband. Lemme see your
equipment, boy!"

"What are you talking about, mother Dunn"

"Your baby-making tool, dammit! Your dick, your cock,
your prick, your Johnson, you twerp!"

"She means we want to see your penis, darling," Ruth
tried to explain.

"Mother! You expect me to expose my private parts in
front of all three of you? Why I insist on lights out
to spare even Cynthia the trauma of having to look at
a man's ... you know.

"What crap!" Mable exploded. "A real man shows off is
dong every time he gets a chance, 'cause he knows
seeing it turns a woman into a mush of rutting woman
flesh. So, fish it out and lets see it, buster,"

"Do as she says, dear," Ruth said, reaching over to
unbutton Arthur's pants.

"My god! Jockey shorts and I don't see no bulge,"
Mable exclaimed as Arthur's pants dropped around his

"Go ahead. Pull down your shorts, honey" Ruth said.
Mortified, Arthur complied.

Mable gasped. "I don't believe it! It's even smaller
than my late husband's. How do you expect to get a
girl pregnant with that thing? Why that's not a cock,
it's a weenie!

Mable glared at Arthur, daring him to answer. Cynthia
was too embarrassed to say anything. She regarded
Ruth with more affection. "Don't mean no harm, Ruth,
Honey, but you've got to admit, we've given him a fair
chance. I think it's time we follow through on what
we agreed with Cynthia before the wedding."

"Cynthia? mother Dunn? What are you talking about?"
Arthur asked nervously pulling his pants back on.

"Do you want to tell him, Cynthia, or do you want me
to?" Mable asked.

The young woman just hung her head, so her mother barreled ahead. "It's this way, buster. I told Ruth
when you asked my Cynthia to marry you, I didn't think
it would work out. Even before seeing that sorry
excuse for a dick, I could tell you take after your
daddy too much. Why look at your mother; she's got
the hips and the tits to pop babies out every year.
And how many did her dippy husband give her? One!
And a sorry one at that, if I do say so!" Mable
glared at her son-in-law.

"Mother Dunn! Besides being a vulgar butinsky, you
are totally wrong to impugn my father's virility.
Perhaps you don't know, but I have EIGHT little
brothers and sisters!" Arthur shot back, looking
proudly at his mother, glad at last to have a comeback
to his intrusive mother-in-law.

"Now, Arthur, darling, don't be hasty," Ruth said.
"It's more complicated. After I saw it had taken your
father almost three months to get me pregnant with
you, I was pretty desperate. I had to make up for
lost time because I wanted babies, lots more babies.
Unfortunately, I found your father really wasn't up to
it, so I naturally turned to his boss and friends and
several men I picked up in night clubs for help."

"Haven't you ever noticed that the younger ones don't
look nothin' like your pappy?" Mable sniffed. "One is
obviously a Spick and if your little sister got those
slant eyes from your daddy, I'm a monkey's uncle. And
looks like you are worse than he was. A whole year
and not able to make even one baby!" Mable growled.
"There's nothing else to do; I'm taking her back,
Ruth, just like I said."

"I don't care what you two agreed. You can't 'take me
back,'" Cynthia protested. "I'm staying with my

"And let me turn forty-five without seeing a clutch of
grandchildren from my youngest daughter? No way! The
little wimp had his chance. You can stay married to
him if you want to, but I'm turning your breeding over
to a real man."

"What is all this about, Mother?" Arthur demanded.

"I'm afraid it's true, darling. What she demanded
seemed only fair. I had to admit that I shared some
of Mable's, er, concerns about you. I remembered when
you were a teenager and I walked into your room
unannounced, I never caught you masturbating."

"But said it would make me go blind!" Arthur

"Holy Toledo!" Mable shrieked. "The only teenage boy in the world actually to believe that shit, and MY
daughter has to marry him!"

"Arthur, I told you that so you would feel guilty and
think sex was sinful and dangerous. That way you
could enjoy it more when you rebelled, don't you see?
Oh, I should have know something was wrong," Ruth
sighed. "When I paraded around in the house showing
off for you half naked, all you did was look away.
Even when I started coming into your room to give you
a good-night kiss with my boobs hanging out, you never
pulled me into bed with you and played with my pussy until I was crazy and fucked the shit out of me. Your
erections were so puny when I shot you beavers of my
shaved pussy, I was sick with worry. Eventually I
realized you were never going to come into my room at
night when you though I was asleep and fuck me and
make me pregnant like a normal teen-age boy. But you
were mixed up with that church crowd at the time. I
tried to convince myself it was all those crazy
notions about incest being a sin."

"But ... but it IS a sin" Arthur sputtered.

"Of course it's a sin to fuck your mamma and come
buckets in her and knock her up with your own little
brother or sister," Mable exploded. "But to any
NORMAL boy, that's half the fun, sliding your prick
inside her loose, hairy cunt and unloading a charge of
jism that will put another baby in her for your father to raise. When Ruth admitted she had never been able
to seduce you, my worst fears were confirmed. I knew
you just didn't have the powerful wild urges to fuck
that any healthy woman, especially a potential little
baby-factory like my Cynthia, is entitled to. Your
mother had to agree."

"Agree to what, Mother?" Arthur asked fearfully.

"Agree to take you back if you didn't succeed in
making Cynthia pregnant within a year of the wedding,
dear," Ruth answered.

"And I get Cynthia back to let a real man take over
the job of putting babies in her tight little belly,"
Mable continued triumphantly.

"Didn't you hear me, mother. I absolutely refuse to
let any man except Arthur to make love to me," her
daughter exclaimed.

"Who said anything about having anyone make love, you
silly bitch? Luv! Schmuv! What you need is a man's
big cock deep in your pussy fucking you out of your
mind and pumping you full his baby-making seed. Once
you've got a baby growing in you making your tummy so
big and round that all you want to do is sleep and
play with yourself and get laid, then you can be in
love with the man that got you that way."

"You heard her, mother Dunn!" Arthur said with relief.
"Your disgusting 'agreement' won't work. My Cynthia
is totally faithful to me."

"Oh yeah? We'll see how faithful she is once she
meets the prong this was modeled after!" Mable replied
brandishing the dildo with a smirk. "Leroy!" the
older woman shouted. "Come her, baby."

A huge black man clad only in athletic shoes and
shorts walked in and stood by Mable. He was still
panting slightly from working out and a sheen of
perspiration glinted from the hardest set of abs,
delts, and pects that Arthur had ever seen. Not to
mention what appeared to be a water pipe barely
concealed by his shorts. Cynthia's mouth dropped

"How's you be, Miz Mable?" he asked, leaning down to
let the older woman plant a wet, sizzling kiss on his
dark thick lips.

"Horny as a skunk, you no account bastard. What do
you mean leaving me hanging like you did this morning,
Leroy. I was just getting warmed up when you played
out on me," she replied accusingly.

"I's sorry, Miz Mable, but we's a been a fuckin' for
almost two hours and I done cum in you three times. I
jes couldn't get it up no mo' right then."

"Not good enough, Leroy! I'm going to supervise your
taking the steroids myself. And you'll have you spend
more time in the gym to improve your stamina."

"I's sorry, I does sometimes fergets to take all those
pills you gives me, but I's already workin' out six
hours a day."

"You'll have to do better, but meanwhile I think
you'll be OK for the little chore I have for you."
Mable slipped her hand inside Leroy's shorts. "Oh,
yeah! You'll do very well."

"What's I got to do Miz Mable?" the black man asked
with concern. "I's still a little tuckered from dis

"It's easy, Leroy. You don't have to fuck me yet. I
just want you to impregnate my daughter," she said

"M-preg-Nate?" the big man looked at Mable
uncertainly. "Oh, yo' means to fuck her and give her
a big belly," he brightened up. Then he looked over
at Cynthia and his face fell again. "That little
girl?" Leroy sneered. "Why she ain't hardly got no
meat on those bones. Purdy good tits, though," he
admitted, taking a closer look.

"She'll start looking like a woman once you've put a
few babies in her, Leroy. How soon do you think you
can get her knocked up for me?"

Leroy walked over to Cynthia who was looking up at the
bulge in his pants. "Depends. You ain't been taking
no birthin' control pill, has you?" he demanded of the
cowering girl?

Cynthia shook her head. "No, Arthur and I ..."

"Whenja have your last period?" Leroy asked, cutting
her off.

"Uh, ... about two weeks ago," she whispered.

"Dat's good. Prob'ly do it today. Lemme check yo' to
be sure. Spread yo' legs, girl!"

Arthur jumped to his feet. "Now see here, Mr. Leroy,
I will not have you ... <thwack>

The back of Leroy's hand sent the young husband
reeling back where he collapsed at his mother's feet.
"Shuddup, whiteboy! You don't know nuthin' 'bout
breedin' no woman. I's gotta find out if she's ready
to make me a baby." He turned his attention back to
Cynthia who had dutifully hiked her skirt and opened
her legs slightly.

"What the hell is this?" Leroy demanded, looking over
at Arthur again with disdain. "You let your wife wear
pantyhose? How you expect to expect to fuck a woman
any time you feel like it, if she's got somethin' on
her pussy getting' in the way of your cock? I don't
even let my women panties, 'cept the ones with a

Mable smiled and nodded in confirmation. Arthur, his
mother tenderly stroking his battered face, said
nothing. Cynthia tore her eyes momentarily from the
big man's crotch and looked up to her mother for
support. She received none.

"Cynthia! You make me ashamed: a daughter of mine
hiding the pussy I gave you under layers of spandex!
Dammit, girl, you can't even get yourself off with a
nice long finger-fuck when you need one, much less
have the wimp eat your horny little twat every time
you get the chance, if you keep your cunt covered up!"

"Mother Dunn," Arthur interjected, his head clearing
from Leroy's vicious blow, "Cynthia would surely would
never commit such a degrading act as allow man to
place his MOUTH on ..."

Arthur's affirmation was interrupted by a low moan
coming from his wife. For Leroy, paying no mind to
the intra-family dialog, had peeled off Cynthia's
pantyhose AND panties, and was now beginning to lick
the young woman's gushing slit methodically. Cynthia
had fallen back on the couch in the space Arthur had
vacated, her legs splayed, starting to twitch.
Momentarily replacing his mouth with his fingers,
Leroy grinned up at the dazed young woman. "Yo' sho'
do likes getting' yo' pussy eat, doncha, Miz Cynthia?
Yo' so wet, I's 'fraid I's gonna drowned in there."

"That's the way, Leroy, baby! Sex the little minx up
'till she's crazy for a breeding," Mable exclaimed
excitedly and she reached over and opened her
daughter's blouse, quickly freeing the girl's still
modest breasts from the bra.

Leroy grinned his thanks at Mable and fell back to
work, his large black hand squeezing one breast, its
fingers twirling her long nipple, while he took her
other nipple into his mouth, biting it gently. Cynthia
moaned again as her neglected body quickly began to
respond to his touch.

Just when her nipples turned so sensitive, she
couldn't take anymore, Leroy began kissing back down
her belly. Cynthia's commitment to and even the
memory of her marriage were rapidly melting in the
heat of lust. Leroy's tongue slipped out and licked
down into her pubic hair traveling towards the tip of
her crotch. It slipped down the inside crease of her
leg and the young wife found herself spreading her
legs wider in anticipation. As he reached her thigh,
Leroy ran his tongue over to her pussy and licked up
her labia. Cynthia's eyes opened wide and her pussy spasmed. This was like nothing she had ever felt

Leroy wiggled his long, hard tongue in and out of the
folds of her pussy lips causing her to shake with
pleasure. His skillful tongue was igniting a sexual
fire Cynthia had never felt before. Something intense
was building deep in her body.

Leroy lapped her slit several times and then worked a
beefy finger into her that felt as big as her
husband's penis. Unlike Arthur's penis, however,
Leroy's finger knew what it was doing. He worked it
deep inside the aroused young woman and began rubbing
the tip around a spot deep in her pussy. Mindlessly,
Cynthia began humping his finger as the fire within
her grew until she thought she would die from
pleasure. Just when she knew she couldn't take any
more, Leroy administered the coup d'grace. He ran his
tongue over his finger and up her pussy. With one
quick lick, his tongue twirled around her clit.

The second Leroy's tongue touched the young wife's
love bud, her pussy clamped down around his finger and
then ballooned up as she came. It felt like a series
of bombs going off inside her and Cynthia screamed out
her pleasure. This was the first time a man had ever
made her come and Leroy was just getting started. He
continued fingering her and licking around her clit
until it hardened like a miniature penis. She had
several smaller orgasms before the pressure built
again and an even bigger climax overwhelmed her when
he sucked her clit in his mouth. The last thing
Cynthia remembered before passing out was Leroy's
soaked face grinning up at her.

Arthur tried to stand, but he was still too dizzy and
Ruth easily pulled him back down on the sofa beside
her. "No honey, you'll just get hurt. Can't you see?
He's breeding her. A man like that won't let
anything stop him when he's about to plant a baby in a

"But it's in my wife. I can't just watch!" the
distraught husband cried.

"That's all you CAN do, wimp," Mable taunted. "Keep
him out of this, Ruth."

"She's right, sweetie; I'm sure you'll learn that
watching can be very exciting. Your father never
comes so hard as when he sees Jethro between my legs,
shooting me full of his jism while I beg for a black
baby. Now settle down and enjoy this."

"Mother, noooooo ..." Arthur's feeble protest was
stifled as Ruth deftly slipped her hand into his pants
and began massaging his cock.

"See baby, you little weenie is already getting hard
just knowing your sexy little wife is going to get
bred. I know it's frustrating to see your wife about
to get a big belly full of a superior man's baby, so
let me make it better for you, honey." Ruth was
beginning to work Arthur's half-hard miniature prick
between her fingers.

Cynthia was struggling to regain her senses. She
hadn't fully recovered from the intense orgasm when
she felt Leroy's hands on her ankles pulling her legs
far apart. Leroy was kneeling now, the tip of his cock
moving in towards her pussy as she sat on the couch.
"No, Leroy don't. I'm not protected!"

"I knows that, Miz Cynthia. That's why yo' pussy's
drooling for my cock." He moved the tip back and forth
along her slit causing her to writhe in pleasure. "Yo'
know yo' want it."

"No! No! ...Ohhhh ... Yes!!!" she screamed as Leroy
pushed down on his cock watching her pussy lips spread
wide for him as they closed back up around the head.
Cynthia groaned as Leroy worked the head in and out of
her. "Feels good don't it?"

"Uh-huh," the young woman grunted in agreement.

"How about I give you another inch or two?"

Cynthia just gurgled as Leroy pushed in another couple
of inches. "God, you're so big," the woman gasped as
the thick part under the head schlocked in.

"Gonna give you more'n the white boy ever did," Leroy
sneered " slowly fucking her with the tip of his cock.
"How big is duh wimp?"

"Uh ... Uh ...Dunno, ... three? ... four inches?" Cynthia
panted as Leroy's cock slowly moved in and out of her.

"Po little thang," he said pushing another inch in.
"Dis feel like yo' husband?"

"Oh, no! God, no. You're so much thicker, it feels
... so much better."

"Cynthia! How can you say that" Arthur cried out.

"It has to be true, Arthur," Ruth whispered as she
continued fondling his sex. "Can't you see? Leroy
has a magnificent cock, a pussy-reaming,
woman-pleasing, sperm-shooting DONG. You just don't
have much equipment down here for spewing hot jism deep in a woman's fertile cunt, Honey. Your little
thingie is just adorable, perfect, in fact, for you
and me to play with, but for making babies, Leroy's is
much better," his mother explained gently.

Cynthia's almost constant wail of pleasure seemed to
confirm Ruth's words as Leroy continued slowly fucking
the young wife. Cynthia was raising her hips to meet
his thrusts, slowly allowing more and more of the
giant cock inside her. Mable grinned as she saw her
daughter come yet again.

"Isn't Leroy wonderful, darling?" Mable exclaimed And
he's still fucking you with only half his cock. Don't
you want to feel the rest of it in you?"

"Oh, God! Yes! More, More" her daughter panted as
Leroy's cock pushed deeper into virgin territory.

"God yo' tight, Miz Cynthia," groaned Leroy pushing
about nine inches in. "Ain't yo' never been fucked

"Not like you fuck her, Leroy baby," Mable remarked.
"Give it to her good."

"Yes'am, Miz Mable," Leroy replied and resumed his
rhythmic plowing of the spasming young wife.

"You do like his cock don't you, Cynthia?" Mable

"Oh, yes, Mother. Oh, oh, oh ... yes!"

"Only black cocks get this big, Hun. Do you know what
big black cocks do to little white pussies? It that
what your want?"

"Yes, yes," she groaned, her belly undulating down
towards her pussy as she came again.

"Then tell him, darling. Tell him what you want him
to do."

"Fuck me, Leroy. Please fuck me with your big black
cock. Oh God, I'm coming...Ahhhiiiii."

Leroy pushed her legs back towards her head, sat up on
his knees a little, pulled his hips back until just
the tip of his cock was in her pussy, and then he
lunged forward.

Cynthia thrashed in ecstasy as his entire cock plunged
deep into her frothing pussy. He had to maintain a
tight grip on her ankles as she writhed until she
calmed down after a couple minutes. Arthur stared in
disbelief as Leroy's huge fuck-hose had disappeared
into his tiny wife's belly.

"Look!" Ruth said in admiration. "She took it all,
honey, the very first time! You should be so proud of
Cynthia. Not many wives can take a huge prick like
Leroy's so easily. I guess you had left her really
needing a good fuck." Arthur's moans were not of
admiration as he was torn between the anguish of
seeing his wife respond to the brutal fucking and the
incredible pleasure of his mother's expert hand job.

When Leroy felt Cynthia's pussy relax, he slowly
pulled his cock out and pushed it back in several
times until she moaned and he increased his speed.
The rutting white girl began pushing into him to meet
his thrusts as Leroy picked up the tempo. Cynthia
started screaming each time he buried it; she was
coming every fifth stroke.

Suddenly, the orgasms ceased as Leroy's cock began to
grow. It felt like a damn had blocked the flow, the
pressure building up as he continued rapidly fucking
her. He was sweating and his rhythm was starting to
suffer as his orgasm approached.

"He's about to come," Mable hissed. "He's going to
come in you and make your pregnant with his black
bastard if you let him, Cynthia. Tell him if you want

"Yes! Yes, Leroy! cum in my pussy," Cynthia begged,
not knowing what had come over her, desperately
needing to cum one last time. "Pump me full of your
fuck-juice. Give me your baby, Leroy; I want a real
man's baby!"

The words of the delirious wife seemed to suck the cum right out of Leroy's balls. He bellowed as his sperm
shot up his cock and sprayed her womb. The helpless
woman shuddered as the damn broke and a giant orgasm
took possession of her body. Leroy held his cock
buried in her pussy as he blew four more wads of cum,
bombarding her waiting egg with millions of sperm.

Simultaneously, Ruth gave her boy's little cock a
definitive jerk and he began to come as well.
Arthur's thin jism flowed out of his little hole in
short, pathetic spurts as his mother gently squeezed
and massaged his tiny penis. "Oh, that's so
beautiful, Arthur!" his mother sighed. "You made a
big mess in your pants at just the moment your wife was getting knocked up with her first black baby."
Removing her hand from inside his messy shorts and
giving him her fingers to suck, Ruth cradled the head
of her defeated son to her bosom. "This is a special

Arthur sobbed with passion and shame. "Oh, Mother,
Mother what am I going to do?" he wailed.

"It's alright, sweetie pie. You're going home with
Mommy to let her take good care of you. I'll talk to
Jethro. I'm sure he will let you watch while he fucks
me. Maybe he'll even let you clean up my cum-drenched
pussy with your tongue after he has shot his cum in
me, the way he lets your father. I could even let you
watch him make me pregnant next time." At these words
a final twitch sent a last spurt of semen oozing from
Arthur's limp little organ and he fell asleep.

Mable beamed at the sight of her fucked-out daughter,
unconscious from the massive orgasm, her head lolling
to one side and a silly grin on her face. Leroy
started to pull out but his older lover placed a hand
on his tight butt. "Hold it in there for a while
longer stud until I get a pillow under her ass. Let's
keep all that baby-juice in where it will do us the
most good. I want the little vixen to catch the first
time. That way I won't have to give you time off to
try again if this doesn't do it."

"What?" Ruth asked in surprise. "How can you be so
cruel? Now that Cynthia's gotten a taste of what
getting fucked by a real man is like, she can never be
satisfied with Arthur's attempts at sex. You've got
to let Leroy keep fucking her."

"Like Hell!" Mable replied. "I need all of that
magnificent fuck machine I can get, especially now.
Would you give be willing to share Jethro with her?"

"Well, of course not. Jethro can't quite keep up with
me as it is, but she is YOUR daughter."

"But YOU'RE responsible for me having to use MY man to
do the job YOUR useless SON was incapable of doing."

"Now there's no reason to get bitchy," Ruth stiffened.

"Who are you calling a bitch, you overage slut!" Mable
spat back.

"Miz Mable! Miz Ruth!" Leroy exclaimed, at last
pulling his long, slick member out of Cynthia's
sperm-flooded pussy, alarmed at seeing the two friends
argue. "It's OK. It's OK"

"It is NOT OK." Mable retorted. "I'm not sharing you
with my little slut daughter even if she is pregnant.
You know I need you more than ever, right now, Leroy,

"I knows that, Miz Mable. M' little brother Jethro
tol' me Miz Ruth be the same way. Since y'all's
gettin' big with our babies again, y'all's wearin' us
bof out, way y'all's needin' t'be fucked all the time.
But I thinks I know what we kin do,"

Both women regarded him skeptically, but listened.

"We's got another brother, name Darren. He jes twelve
and his cock ain't more'n 'bout nine inches, but he
still growin'. I reckon he could take care of Miz
Cynthia. He done pregged up seven little girls in his
sixth grade class, two of his married teachers, and
the principal's wife."

Ruth's and Mable's eyes grew wide in amazement as they
both smiled.

"He sounds PERFECT," the pregnant grandmothers-to-be
agreed in unison.

The End.

From some comments received earlier, both negative
and, even worse, some *positive* ones, I realize some
readers did not understand that this is parody of a
certain class of stories. That's what humor (= funny,
a joke, not serious, dig?) means.

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