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Not a Mark on Her


Not a Mark on Her {John Jabbin} {rape MF roofie}
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I've received some good feedback on my stories so far,
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Not a Mark on Her
Her new stage name was Jennifer Singer and she was
gorgeous, young and full of energy. I could tell she
had a lot of talent, too. She wouldn't be singing in a
dump like this very long. Somebody would find her and
take her away. Or else one of the sharks would get
her, the mean aggressive guys that frequented the
joint on busier nights.

This was a slow night and it was one of her first
gigs. The manager had given her a shot because she was
a babe, still young and pretty. I wondered if she had
to suck his cock to get it, but she didn't look like
she'd have done that. She was classy, sexy; she made
my balls ache.

Especially when she sang. She did a number called
"Love on a Sidewalk" that had a nice backbeat. The way
she tilted her eyes down and looked at us so sultry
and sensually, she made me want to crawl up on stage
and do her right there. Then she sang one called "What
I Need is You," that sounded just like she was singing
to me. Damn, she had me horny.

But I was just a little fish here, not even close to a
shark. No way I was gonna get close to her any normal
way. But the more she sang, the more she made me want
to do something. I had always had one plan, something
really nasty that I had wanted to do, but never found
a girl worth getting busted over. Never until now --
never until this young singer.

She had dark hair, long and a little wavy. That's
common here in the islands. The Hawaiian Islands, that
is. Probably at least one of her parents was a local.
But there was something else too. Maybe it was her
eyes, large and moist as the ocean. Maybe it was her
lips, full and pouty. Maybe it was those bare
shoulders that her dress left uncovered and that
seemed to go on for days until they ended in a soft
curve, turning into beautifully thin arms.

It may have been her high cheekbones or her delicate
looking ears. It may have been the flower in her hair
or the tight, sexy black dress that showed off her
very feminine figure. It may have been that she was
young and I wanted her before she grew old and bored
with life. It may have been that I was just so horny
that her voice made me desperate to fuck her.

No matter what, I decided that I had to have her.

As the fill-in bartender, nobody usually watched over
me or what I was doing. I mostly just hung around in
case the place got too busy. Most of the time I wasn't
even on the clock. When she came off the stage for her
last set, I gave her a "house special" to drink. She
was thirsty, nervous after her first real gig. She
drank it up trustingly. I figured the roofies that I
had mixed in it would start hitting her in about
fifteen minutes.

It was a small crowd, but everyone in the joint wanted
a piece of her time. Everyone told her what a great
set she had just done. Everyone wanted to talk to her.
Every guy wanted to fuck her. Ten minutes passed. She
looked like she was starting to feel the drug a
little. Now came the dangerous part.

I walked up behind her and leaned in to whisper so
only she could hear.

"Boss says the back dressing rooms are closing up
soon. He wants you to get your stuff before we lock it

She looked at me over her shoulder. Her beautiful
brown eyes were beginning to glaze. She squinted at
me, trying to focus.

"Here, let me help you to your dressing room," I

When roofies first start to act, women follow
suggestions very well, at least if nothing scares them
or appears dangerous. I wasn't a danger to her. I only
wanted to fuck her, not hurt her. She stood up
shakily. With one hand under her elbow, I steadied her
and led her to the back as quickly as I could.

She had used a narrow dressing room in the back. It
was little more than a mirror and a chair and a place
to hang some clothes. But it was quiet and out of the
way and had a lock on the door. It was perfect for
what I had in mind.

By the time I sat her down in the chair in front of
the mirror, she was already almost passed out. Her
head kept falling forward and she rested it on her
arms on the dressing table. She moaned and mumbled
something about not feeling good.

"It's okay Jen, I'll take care of you," I whispered in
her lovely ear. "Just go to sleep, baby. I'll take
care of you. Nothing will happen to you, baby."

As I leaned in, I put my hands on those smooth, soft
shoulders. A thrill ran through my cock just touching
her. She was so warm. I rubbed her shoulders,
pretending to be massaging her but really just using
it as an excuse to caress her skin. So soft. When she
didn't moan at all, I shook her just a little. No

Just to test, I slid my hands under her arms and
rubbed her exposed chest, feeling with my rough hands
the soft flesh where her heavy breasts began to rise.
Jennifer moaned just a little, really more a sigh than
anything. With no more response, my hands went lower,
cupping both breasts through the silk of her dress and
the strapless bra underneath it. I gave them a firm
but gentle squeeze that almost made me cum in my

Since she didn't complain, she must have been fully
under by now. I knew I didn't have all night. Someone
would come looking for a sweet piece of ass like this

I unzipped the dress in back and quickly unhooked her
bra. I leaned her back against me and looked at her in
the mirror. They were beautiful; full heavy breasts
topped with chocolate brown nipples. The areola were
tanned and since it was just a little cold back here,
they were wrinkled slightly. In my mind, they were
wrinkled because she wanted me to touch them, so I

I bent down slightly and cupped her big tits in my
hand; god, they were gorgeous! Her head bobbed back
against my cock and I shivered. Reluctantly releasing
one breast, I unzipped my trousers, pulled out my
erect cock and pushed her back, burying my hard cock
deep in her soft hair.

Then it was both hands on those tits again, squeezing
them, rolling the nipples with my fingers, pushing her
back firmly against me. As much as I loved those
nipples and those succulent breasts, there was
something else I saw that I wanted badly -- those big
pouty lips wrapped around my cock.

Reluctant to quite looking at her in the mirror, I
turned the chair around so that she was facing me. It
was difficult to do with her sitting limply on it, but
I managed to do it and rewarded myself with a hard
suck on her nipple. I wanted to bite them, I wanted to
suck them so hard I left a hickey, but I didn't. I
didn't want to leave any marks on her. I had promised
myself I wouldn't hurt her.

But I finally got her turned around and I straddled
her lap. Her head was just at the right level. I
shoved my fingers deep into her hair and aimed my cock
between those beautiful lips. I had to hold her mouth
open. Even unconscious, she kept trying to close it.
It was an effort, but eventually I got the head of my
circumcised cock past her lips and pushed in.

At first it wasn't as pleasant as I had wanted. Her
mouth was a little dry and her teeth scraped me. But,
the image of my cock in the mouth of this beautiful
babe was awesome. I wanted to shove my whole dick down
her throat. I wanted to, but I didn't.

I pushed down on her jaw gently with my thumb and
squatted just a little more to angle my cock into the
roof of her mouth. Then, using my hands in her hair, I
began to draw her head to me and pump my hips toward
her. I pumped the first three inches of my cock into
her, setting a gentle pace, tenderly fucking her

What an awesome rush! To see my cock pumping in the
mouth of this gorgeous babe, I was in heaven! Just a
little deeper ... just a little deeper. Now when her
teeth scrapped the top just a bit, it felt good. I
could see those thick lips press in a little.

For some reason I glanced up into the mirror. What I
saw mesmerized me. The back of her head bobbed back
and forth on my cock like she was doing it herself. In
the mirror, she looked awake and alert. In the mirror,
this beautiful young girl was sucking me off. I could
imagine her moaning and sucking me hard.

I didn't last long. I buried my cock to the root in
her mouth in one final thrust and fired off a load of
my hot cum down her throat.

She sputtered a little -- god that felt good! -- and I
backed off so she could breathe easier. As the last
bit of sperm leaked from its head, I smeared the gland
around her lips, painting her lips with my sticky cum.

Then I just leaned down and held her head to my chest
and pretended that she had done it because she loved

"You give such good head, Jen. You're so beautiful, I
wish I could fuck your mouth every night, baby. I wish
you were my baby so I could eat you and fuck you every

I knew I couldn't stay much longer. I was getting
nervous taking this much time, but she was fucking
wonderful and there was one thing more I just HAD to

I quietly pushed aside everything on the dressing
table. I cleared a space wide enough for her body and
picked her up, laying her face down on the table with
her ass hanging over the edge. Then I rucked up her
dress and pulled it up and over her hips towards her

Damn, her ass was just as pretty as her face! She was
wearing stocking and a black garter belt, and
underneath it all were black silk panties. I got down
on my knees behind her and pressed my face into the
warm, musky heaven of her ass.

So beautiful ... so beautiful! I sniffed and nibbled
and licked the silk-encased glory of her, then
abruptly, pulled aside the panty panel and shoved my
tongue into her cunt.

I could taste her nervousness about the show. She had
been perspiring under the lights. I tasted the
gaminess of her crotch sweat. And I think she had been
aroused, singing in front of people. I could taste her
lingering arousal.

As I fucked and licked her with my tongue, my nose
pressed into her sweet ass. I pulled her asscheeks
apart firmly with my hands and pressed my nose into
her asshole. I fucked her ass with my nose, wiggling
my head, working to get it as deep into her bottom as
it would go.

As I sucked and licked her, I wet her pussy with my
saliva. My erection had returned in full force. I felt
full and hot and hard as iron. When I could stand it
no more, I raised up and shoved my cock into her
tight, sweet cunt.

Oh god, what a sweet fuck! What a glorious hot, sweet
fuck! I grabbed her hair on the top of her head and,
as gently as I could, I lifted her face so I could
look into it in the mirror as I fucked her motionless,
peaceful body.

I didn't dare fuck her rough or hard, but each thrust
was heaven. I screwed her gently, lovingly. I
pretended that she wanted it, was begging me to fuck
her. I could almost hear her grunting to me, "Fuck me
harder! Fuck me deeper!"

I did get a little rougher than I had planned, but I
couldn't have hurt her. She was soft and warm and oh,
so wonderfully fuckable. I didn't last long, even
though I had just cum only minutes before. Seeing her
spread out before me, seeing our reflection as I
humped this beautiful babe, I found myself shooting my
cum in her even before I wanted to!

I looked at us in the mirror as my cock spermed off in
her. What a beautiful couple!

All I could think was; I wish I could fuck you every
night, Jen! Oh god, I wish I could fuck you every

I looked at my watch. Oh shit, I had been back here
more than twenty minutes. Someone might come looking.
I wiped myself off on her dress, enjoying the
luxurious feeling of silk on my cock and balls. I
zipped up and took another look at my sweetheart. My
cum was already starting to drip out of her gorgeous
cunt. It only made her look more beautiful to me.

I had to decide quickly, what should I do with her?
She would be out for hours yet. It was late and the
club had slowed down. We would still be open for a
while though so I decided to just leave the door ajar.
Someone would find her.

Of course, whoever found her might not be as nice as
me. I hadn't left a mark on her.


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