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Not so Big After All


Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

By Phoenix Arrow

Not So Big After All (Femdom, m/M, cock comparison, cock slapping, oral)

I noticed them across the room, the two young teens giggle cutely to
themselves every time they looked over to me. I could tell what was going
on, it happens all the time. young girls see a handsome adult man and they
go gaga. That's what must be happing now.

They continue to check me out until I give them that "I'm a man" smile
and they start giggling again. They must be 15 or 16, legal as far as I'm
concerned. How these underage beauties got in the bar I have no idea, but
I decide I might as well take advantage.

I look around to see gauge the scene. I'm in a side room of a bar.
It's meant to give extra room when the main bar fills up, but right now
it's just me and the girls.

I rise from my chair and approach the giggling teens.

"Hello there girls! How are we doing this fine evening?"

More giggling before one of them speaks. "We're doing fine, what's it
to you."

"Well I couldn't help noticing you girls looking over to me, you know,
checking me out and all."

"Oh we weren't checking you out, we were just judging."


"Ya, we were just making a bet as to how small it is."

"Small, what are you talking about?"

"Your little pee pee silly, Mary here says its only 6 inches, I bet its
no more than 5."

"Now listen, I don't know what they've been teaching you girls in
school, but what I've got here is 100% adult man meat, and its more than
any of you little girls would be able to handle."

"Oh we seriously doubt that. But the proof is in the pudding. Hurry up
and show us so Mary can pay me my five bucks."

"Excuse me?"

"Come on little man, lower your pants and show us how small it is."

I know I should have known better, but my man hood was challenged, even
by a couple of female teenagers its something I need to protect.

Making sure no one was around I slowly lowered my trousers.

"Hurry up, this isn't a strip show."

I hurriedly lowered my boxers and out came my semi-erect best friend.
Now these girls will be sorry."

"Ahhhhh, look at the poor little thing. It doesn't look like it's had
enough time to grow. How old did you say you were?"

"Well 27, but...."

"27? Oh I don't think so, this is a little boys dick. Mary, I think I
win, it looks no bigger than 5 inches."

"Excuse me? girls this is 7 inches of cock."

"It definitely is not. It has to be 5 inches, or at the most 6, but
definitely not 7".

I looked down at my cock and suddenly it did look a little bit smaller.
I started to get a little upset with myself that I couldn't impress these
little girls.

"Its ok big boy, why don't you help it out some, you know, pump it

I should have stopped right there. I should have pulled up my pants and
left with my dignity. But I was so desperate to prove myself to them that
I started to jerk myself off. I hadn't done this since I was a horny
teenager, yet now under the gaze of two teenage girls I was jerking off.

Mary urged me on: "That's it, keep going, it's getting a little bigger.
Very good, keep going."

I did as they told me and soon I felt my cock get as hard as it possibly
could get. Now they would see. Now they would be in awe of me and my
manhood restored. I looked down at their faces to see.......Them laughing

"That's it??? That's as big as it'll get? They laughed.

I looked down at my cock. It wasn't that bad. It was definitely 7
inches now....ok maybe 6.

"What are you girls laughing at, this is more than enough to satisfy a

"Oh you've got to be kidding, I would hardly feel that thing sliding
between my toes."

"Now just wait a minute..."

"Would you like to see what a real cock looks like?"

" do you mean?"

"My boyfriend is coming out of the bathroom now, Hey Billy, come over
here for a minute."

I watched as Billy came around the corner and walked up to Terry and
gave her a kiss. He was nothing special, some teenage punk with pimples.
He was a kid, I was a man. There should be no comparison. Though he was
the one fully clothed while I stood with an erect cock hoping for approval.

"Hey Terry, what's this perv doing with his slong hanging out."

"He was trying to flirt with us, but with a little pecker like that,
he's dreaming. Baby why don't you show him a real man's cock."

Billy gave a little smile right before dropping his pants. WOW! I
actually gasped as Billy's cock presented itself. It must have been 9
inches long. I looked down at my now shrinking cock again. Oh how very
small it now looked. Terry tenderly took hold of the snake between Billy's
legs and gently stroked. Before my eyes it began to stiffen to its full
size, 11 inches, and the thickness was unbelievable. This was definitely

"This is a Man's cock! That little thing you've got is a boy's cock.
Isn't it pathetic that a 27 year old man is smaller that a 16 year old boy?
Doesn't that make you sad?"

I could help it, I started to tear up "Yes, yes its sad <sniff>."

"It looks like your little pee pee has failed you. It's been a very bad

They were right. It was a bad cock. All this time I thought I was a
real man, but with this pathetic thing I'm less of a man. This mere boy is
more of a man than me. I suddenly got very angry at my penis for being so
small. Marry picked up on this.

"Maybe you should punish it. Go on, slap that bad cock. Punish it for
being so small."

With rage and confusion I brought my hand down hard, slapping my small
excuse of manhood. It stung but I didn't care as I began to rain down blow
after blow on my useless organ. I could hear them laugh at me as my penis
hardened under the slappings. This caused me to slap harder, and harder as
I cried hysterically from the pain and depravity.

"STOP!!!" Terry yelled. I paused. Hand in mid-air ready for another
blow. I looked down to see my small hardon had become a deep shade of red as an intense throbbing came from it.

I first looked at Marry, than Terry, and then the massive cock she was
still stroking.

"You've punished your boy penis enough, why don't you now worship a real
man's cock."

I could no longer deny it, he was the real man. To him I was nothing. I
slowly sunk to my knees as the gorgeous cock leveled with my face. I had
to, needed to feel what a real cock felt like. Suddenly Terry slapped my
hands away.

"Oh no you don't. That cock is for worshiping, not touching. Now
worship it!"

I leaned forward and kissed the tip. I had half expected it to bite me.
I kissed it again, and again. I kissed his shaft, his balls and back to
his head again. It was just so big. I look up from beneath his cock and
look at Billy's face. He had a look of total domination. Domination of a
16 year old boy over a 27 year old man. Domination of his cock over mine.
And this look commanded me to take him into my mouth and into the back of
my throat.

Soon I was taking him in and out of my mouth as I dutifully worshipped
his man hood. At the same time Marry was kicking my knees farther apart,
with my little cock and balls dangling freely. Suddenly a sharp pain shot
into my abdomen as Marry kicked me square in the balls.

My sucking continued unabated as Marry took her delights in kicking my
genitals around. I didn't even care, they were useless to me now. What
women would want to be pleasured by something so small. I spread my knees
farther to give her better access.

Terry in the mean time had taken my wallet out of my trousers, removed
all my cash, and placed it in her purse.

Soon the immense pain in my groin was accompanied by growing pleasure. I
was very much on my way to cumming. As Marry kicked, I sucked. My jaws
aching from the immense girth. Billy was now holding the sides of my head
as he furiously fucked my mouth. When Terry joined in the kicking of my
cock I exploded all over the bar floor as Billy's cock erupted just inside
my mouth. A flood of seamen flooded my mouth and rushed down my throat as
I allowed the boy to hold my head and empty himself completely.

I choked as my mouth over flowed, but kept my mouth on his massive tool.
When he was finished I completed my worship by cleaning his cock. I was in
love, this was the cock I had always wanted and never knew it. Looking at
his cock I whispered aloud "I have to have it!"

"I don't think so, this ones all mine" Terry said possessively "You've
already got that little one over there" She pointed between my legs and I
cried of shame, disgust, and disappointment.

"Ok Billy, lets get out of her before more freaks show up and bother us.
Marry you drive."

I tried to follow Billy, but Marry stopped me. "No no no, you need to
stay here boy, there are plenty of other real cocks here for you to
worship. Oh and do lick up that mess you made on the floor, we wouldn't
want any other women to see that junk.

So that's how it pretty much is for me now. I go from bar to bar
looking for large cocks. I've been beaten up many times and thrown out of
many bars, but in the end I can usually find a man who will pity me and
allow me to suck their cock. Unfortunately I haven't ever found the one
cock I truly crave.

The End!

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This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the author. All other rights
reserved. No alteration of the contents is permitted.



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