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March 2nd is a day to celebrate the birth of one of our most
loved authors - Theodore Giesel, also known as Dr. Seuss.

Although I doubt that Thing One and Thing Two were ever invited
to participate in the world of erotic experimentation, I offer
this very small tribute to the man who inspired me (and perhaps
millions of other children) to learn to read.

That being said, this is nominally a work of adult fiction and
should be read only by adults. It is also my work. Although I
receive no compensation other than your comments, it is still my
work. Please respect this and do not repost it somewhere else
without talking to me first about it. If you are not allowed to
read works with sexual content, either due to your age or by
virtue of the laws in the geographical location in which you
reside, please do not continue.

If you do choose to continue, this brief piece is best read while
wearing a red and white striped hat.

All comments are welcome and will be responded to.
But Not With A Fox (mf, first, humor)

To my house he did come,
late at night, after one.
My parents slept snug in their bed,
Off to our rendezvous we then fled.

I grabbed his hand and held him tight,
As we ran into the night.
Behind the house over the hill,
Beneath our feet, the grass was chill.

Into the barnyard we did go,
I hoped that we would get no snow.
Horny although I might be,
I want no risk of frostbit knees.

We stood beneath the moonlit sky
and gazed into each other's eyes,
his lips met mine, a kiss--just one,
and I was his, my resistance done.

My clothes they vanished on their own,
I know not how but I did moan.
His arm behind my back was firm
as I sunk onto the grassy berm.

I looked at him as he did strip,
and with his fingers he did grip
my nipple, and I bit my lip.

He took me slow, he was just right
as we finally fucked that night,
my first time with him, my first time at all,
I have to say, I had a ball!


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