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Copyright (C) 2000 by . All rights
CODES: M/F/F-1st, oral, voy, exhib.

The Nudist Beach

What a good decision it had been! When I saw the forecast for the
day on the Internet, I couldn't resist. After all, twenty-two degrees
Celsius did not occur pretty often down here, not in mid-October.
So I left a quick note to my boss, then escaped and drove fifty
kilometers with the car windows down and the music up. A half-
hour trip and here I was in the parking lot of the state park. I could
already see the strand of beach from here and I couldn't wait to get

Too bad it wasn't California, the place would have been crowded
with sexy girls. But this was Canada so it was mostly deserted this
late in the season. The lack of people would help me for now
though, because I wanted to change and I'd have to do it in the car.
I double-checked everywhere to make sure nobody was around.
Some twenty cars were in the huge parking lot besides me, people
walking in the woods and on the beach.

I could see no one, so I started undressing. The shoes, the jeans,
even the socks because the color wouldn't match the Bermuda's.
Sitting half-naked in the crammed space of the driver's seat made
me both nervous and aroused. Why put underwear on such a nice
day? Having no time to lose, I arched my back and pushed my
boxers down my thighs.

At this exact moment, the passengers of the car next to me decided
to show up. Two pretty girls were standing there and looking at me,
or rather, at my exposed penis. Then I realized the awkward
position I was in, with my ass up and my flaccid dick resting on my
right thigh. With the window down, they had a nice view of my
best body part and they were either surprised, or taking advantage
of it. I flushed instantly.

Frozen at first, both girls looked at each other and displayed a smile
that said "we've seen it, body!" and I felt like a small boy surprised
by his parents while masturbating. At last, I recovered from the
shock and sit back in the seat so as to hide my appendage with my
hand. I was totally stuck in the cramped space of the car. I didn't
know what to do or say, who would?

They pulled some stuff from their car with that funny grin on their
face. " I'm sorry about that, I just needed to change and I didn't see
you coming" was all I managed to say, with a shaking voice. The
brunette on my side of the car closed her door and said "you're
lucky there's a nudist beach here, it sure looks like you're heading
there…" pointing to my dick with her eyes and smiling, making fun
of me. I felt the head of my cock force its way through my fingers.
All this was exciting me and I'm sure she saw it before they both
left, giggling like little girls.

Although it hadn't been totally unpleasant, I didn't want to get
caught again, this time by a police officer maybe. So I finished my
job quickly and finally got out of the car. I headed for the beach,
still thinking about what happened and fantasizing about what
could've happened… I wasn't much popular with girls, so just the
memory of two beautiful girls actually looking at my dick was
enough to get me hard.

I loved walking without anything under my shorts. Feeling the
wind on one's private body part was great. For a man, loose shorts
were the next best thing to being a girl with a skirt and no panties;
what a feeling it must be! The problem for a man though, was
crossing girls on the beach. That would be the challenge because if
I got excited somehow, the absence of underwear would show
instantly. I wondered if girls looked for such details?

The sun must have been playing tricks on me, like mirage in the
desert because I thought I saw a naked man far ahead. Not that I
care for naked man, but that would be unexpected on a public
beach. I forced my eyes to look further, as if that would be
possible, and the more I looked, the more people seemed to be
parading without clothes; even some women! Could it be true that a
nudist beach existed here, as the girl had said earlier? I marched
forward with a faster rhythm, eager to get there.

Advancing toward my goal, I crossed more and more people. At
first, most were clothed, but that was changing rapidly. I could see
no "nudist beach" sign or any such notice anywhere, but it was
getting pretty obvious that it was at least "clothing optional…"

A young couple was coming right at me, walking slowly near the
shore. They looked pretty well shaped and liked to show it off, I
guess. I was about to cross them within a minute, and I wondered if
I could handle it. Seeing the beautiful young woman's breast and
pussy already gave me some twitches between my legs. The nearer
we got and the more I felt my rod hardening. They would see it for
sure and I wasn't certain the guy would like it. I had to concentrate
on something else, such as a math problem or images of a horror
movie. Yeah, something horrific would probably release the
tension in my half-erect penis.

As we got very near I clearly saw the girl's well-trimmed pussy
hairs. Even seeing the guy's cock, hanging beside his girlfriend's
nude body was very much exciting. Opportunities to compare one's
cock with another guy's dick was a rare event.

Erection or not, I couldn't take my eyes off the couple's sex organs
as our paths crossed on the beach. They both had a smile on their
face and I'm sure they knew of the effect they had on me. One
didn't have to be Einstein; just a quick look at the bump on my
Bermuda shorts was enough to convince anyone…

I couldn't continue to walk with a bulge like that in my pants and I
started to regret my boxers. I stopped and looked at the water for
some time while I fought my erection, trying hard to suppress it by
thinking of something else. That's when I heard someone behind
me say, "So you finally got here after all, were you looking for
us?" The voice was familiar somehow, and I heard muffled
giggling sounds.

I couldn't do anything but turn around, but I still had a problem in
my pants. I put my right hand in my pocket and tried to seize my
shaft and hold it so it wouldn't show too much. That was a usual
trick men use when they get an uncontrollable urge at an
inappropriate moment.

I turned around and my eyes met with the two girls who had seen
me naked in my car. They were both unclothed and reclined on
their beach towel; I flushed. The one with long, dark brown hair did
the talking, as she had done before, "Now you get it all wrong
again; you're supposed to be dressed in your car and naked on the
beach." She was teasing me of course, with a large smile. Her
friend was smiling also. "Well, hmm, I'm sorry, well, I didn't know
this beach…" was all I could say, with a feeble voice, when her
black-haired friend interrupted me, "hey, you're not going to stand
there and look at us like a pervert. Drop those pants or leave".
"Yes, it would be more polite to undress. Would you like to join us
for a picnic?" asked the other girl.

What could I do? No way I was going to leave when two really
cute girls asked me to join them! girls didn't ask me often enough
that I would reject an offer like that. I smiled and said, "Well then,
it would be more fun talking with you two than walk alone, I'm
sure". They laughed and smiled in return.

God, I still had a problem on my hand, and it just got bigger with
every heartbeat. "I'm Sylvie," said the first girl, the one with the
long, brown hairs and extending her hand towards me. I was
damned; I took my right hand out of my pocket and a pointed bulge
appeared on the right of my slacks, where my sex organ's head got
jammed in the fabric. I shook hand with Sylvie and both girls
started laughing for real now.

"Hey, I'm Judy and it looks like you have something stuck there,"
the other girl said, still making more fun of me but extending a
friendly hand at the same time. I shook hands and laughed, what
else could I do.

I had to say something, "yeah, I think I've got a small problem
here. Can I join you anyway?" Judy answered that one, "as I said,
not with your pants on, but that shouldn't be a problem. It's not like
we've never seen you naked right?"

"Yes but I didn't have this, huh, big problem… you understand?" I
pleaded. "Drop your pants," they both said laughing yet again.

Well, they had asked for it and they would get it! Having those two
beauties telling me to undress sure excited my cock so badly it hurt,
because it was still held down by the fabrics. I unbuttoned and
unzipped, then started pushing downward until my rock hard dick
popped out, liberated and standing proud. It wasn't like I was
showing off. I was very shy actually and excited as I was, I must
have been blushing nonetheless.

"Wow, you're not supposed to show off like that around here, but
who's to complain," said Sylvie, grinning to her girl accomplice.
For an eternal second I stood there, wanting to hide myself while
the girls seemed to hesitate between looking away, as good girls
should do and their own desire to look at a young man's erect penis
at arm's length.

At last, they decided to free a little spot for me to sit on. "So it's
true there's a nudist beach in this park? I certainly didn't know
about that and there's no sign advertising it either," I said. Judy
answered, "It's not an official nudist zone. People started doing it
some thirty years ago and only on this more secluded part of the
beach." It's true that I had to walk more than a kilometer in the
sand before I got here.

I asked why they came here anyway? Judy said it was to get a
perfect tan, everywhere. Sylvie then added, "and of course to have
a good look at all those guys and their penis; it's so much fun
watching them fight their arousal when they see a beautiful girl."
Here they were, giggling like little girls again and adding "but it's
the first time we have such a nice view…" looking between my
legs again.

We got acquainted while they offered me to share their sandwiches
and even offered a beer. After a while, and another beer, the
conversation turned more and more about sex. They made
comments and jokes on all the men passing by, and if there were
nobody, they would make fun of my persistent, nonstop erection.
After a while, Judy even asked if it hurt. The more extroverted
Sylvie added, "Poor little guy, we really should help him! He's our
friend now…"

"Yeah, why don't you do something to help your friend here," I
replied for fun, taking a gulp of beer. I choke instantly when I felt
something take a solid hold of my cock. I couldn't believe what I
saw. Sylvie was acting on my words, holding my shaft tightly her
right hand and stroking it already. "Oh, I'm sorry about that, I
thought you had asked for it, do you want me to stop?" feigning
ignorance. "No way!" I shouted.

Judy looked pretty damn stunned also, biting her lips and looking at
her friend's moving hand with a wide-eyed look. "For God sake
Sylvie! What are you doing?" she said hastily. Sylvie looked at her
friend and answered with a naughty look, "Come on Judy, let's
have some fun here for once. The summer won't be back until next
year!" Judy made a half-hearted smile.

Meanwhile, Sylvie's hand was driving me crazy and by now, she
could probably see it in my eyes that I had never been touched
there before. I thought about sex all the time of course, but I didn't
have the muscled body type that most girls sought after. All the
girls who had felt the warm contact of my sperm had been in the
form of a glossy photograph in a men's magazine.

Sylvie began using her second hand to rub my scrotum and the two
balls it contained. Just seeing her hands playing with my sex was
such a turn on; I had to work hard not to explode in a matter of
seconds. Feeling her skin on my shaft and my circumcised head
was mind-blowing.

"Don't be so prude Judy, you're twenty years old, damn it! Don't
you think it's time you get acquainted with a man's dick? You've
got to get some practice somewhere…" she said to her bewildered
friend. I understood that Judy must have been a virgin, like me. I
felt a bit like being used as a sex-training dummy, but I couldn't
care less. They could use me all they wanted!

Hesitantly, Judy came forward and began caressing my thighs for a
while. She would have done that all day I guess, but Sylvie grabbed
her hand and wrapped it around my rock-solid cock. Then she
wrapped her hands around her friend's, squeezed and forced her to
rub my swollen dick. Judy looked shy and excited all at once.
She'd never touched a real shaft before.

Sylvie told me more about her friend; "she never got to touch a guy
when she was a teenager because she thought she was too young.
Now she doesn't want to have a boyfriend because she will look
stupid not knowing how to handle a dick at her age." That
explained it and at nineteen years old myself, I certainly could
understand the problem. It was even worse for a man I thought.
Men are expected to have experience and to take control. All my
experiences came from books and X-rated movies.

"Oh, that feels good!" I moaned. Judy was working all alone now
and she learned fast! "Oh yeah, just like that baby." She smiled,
glad that I was pleased. I wasn't pleased; I was thrilled! Her skin
was so soft and warm and the entire setup was so horny. A
beautiful teacher, showing her student friend how to handle guys,
was using me as a sex object.

Sylvie showed Judy everything there was to know about a penis
using mine, instead of some dumb body diagram. She even stopped
for explanations, not hesitating to move my penis left and right so
Judy would get a good look and have her touch the veined surface.
She had her try to bend my shaft with her fingers to see just how
hard it was. I was getting more aroused with each experiment they
tried, more so when Sylvie had her friend slowly feel my balls and
my scrotum between her fingers.

They must have played with my volunteering penis for over a
quarter of an hour when Sylvie said they were up to lesson number
two... "Come on Judy, you have to see a man cum, stroke him until
he ejaculates," she told her. The docile Judy obeyed her raunchy
friend's demands with less and less hesitation now. She took my
sex organ firmly in her right hand and started yanking it. Listening
to Sylvie's advice, she then started squeezing my balls with her free
hand and let her other hand glide up to my penile head.

I was enjoying the show and accelerating my breathe when Sylvie
stopped the action and used her own fingers to open my slit, so as
to show the pre-cum oozing from there. I said, "Hey girls, I'm not
sure I can handle this much longer, this is all too exiting!" Sylvie
smiled, "this is all too good. We have to show Judy what happens
when she does a good job… Go ahead Judy, show this guy what
you've learned."

She must have taken this as a seriously as a year-end exam,
because she started to play with my dick in ways that gave me
pleasures I couldn't even give myself. My rod was as hard and
large as it would ever get and my balls seemed ready to explode. It
felt like my shaft was totally jammed with cum and something was
holding it there by force. I could no longer bear it. My whole cock
was dark red by now, and Sylvie didn't fail to describe that and
what it meant.

With both girls' eyes locked on my penis and Judy playing all over
it with both hands, I felt a sudden surge of pressure from the base
of my cock to its tip. I grimaced for a second and groaned at the
same time. All of a sudden, I had crossed the invisible "point of no

My eyes closed and tension built in my thighs and groin. My mouth
opened as I gasped for air, and the whole world seemed to stop
while my heart skipped a beat. Then it started. The huge pressure
inside my cock was released in the form of a long, thick, white rope
of cum expulsed over a distance in the air. The girl stopped
stroking my cock, although still holding it. She was in awe, looking
at what she had done. With or without help from her hands, nothing
would stop it now.

I groaned again, as I expulsed another strand of white gooey, with
all the force given to me by the girl's manipulation. It crossed the
previous strand on its way down and the whole of it fell on the
ground and on Judy's hand. I felt more pressure building up as my
manly sex quickly braced itself for another round.

I grimaced yet again, feeling the next load of sperm going through
the length of my exploding rod. Blasted out less violently but with
no less pleasure, more cum found its way down my shaft and onto
Judy's cum-drenched hand. So much of it actually, that cum
overflowed and continued down my pouch of skin. I could feel the
wetness of the dripping cum on my own balls.

The powerful jolts finally subsided as Sylvie got back in her
teacher's role yet again. She had Judy put some pressure on my
dick while pulling her hand towards the head, so as to finish the job
and extract the last drops of cum from the softening dick. She did
just that and the last scummy residue of thick sperm oozed from my

"If you really want to hook a man, then there's one more thing you
must learn to do, Judy…" said the young woman. Like she didn't
hear anything, Judy resumed stroking my now flaccid penis,
pulling it left and right and enjoying the looks of the mess she had
done. She seemed to enjoy playing with my cum and smiled when
she heard the wet noise of sperm, when she stroked my thick rod of
skin. It was so obscene, I couldn't do anything but let her use me
and enjoy the ride.

She finally bowed and I do not know which of me or Sylvie was
the most amazed. The virgin girl who, not even an hour ago,
hesitated so much before she would even touch a penis, was
bringing her lips down and started sucking my cum-covered dick. I
was both stunned and thrilled. Seeing my limp cock full of sperm
being licked by this virgin chick was mind-boggling. I had never
experienced or even dreamed of anything as lewd and sexy.

As her head came back from between my legs, a long rope of my
sperm extending from my shaft to her mouth, both Sylvie and me
understood that she was no longer a chaste little girl. She had
become a woman, right before our eyes. She smiled.

The End

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