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" A Kind Offer "

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

" Mr. McGill, could I have a word with you ?"

I waved the young woman into my office casually. It
was tough to read her expression as she closed the
office door behind her, and took a seat across from me.
I didn't know the girl very well. She had been working
in the office for only a couple of months, and I hardly
knew a thing about her.

" What can I do for you... uh... Gwen ?"

I caught a whiff of her perfume from across the
desk. A little strong, but pleasant. She paused for a
few seconds before speaking.

" It's about my boyfriend, Robert..."

Ah. That was it. Her boyfriend had been hanging
around the office recently while she worked. He was
usually around at lunch time, or just before closing.
She probably just wanted to apologize for the way he
was hanging around and joking with the staff, I

" I wouldn't worry about it, Gwen. A lot of the
girls have their husbands or boyfriends come around.
Unless it really gets in the way, we don't worry about
it. "

" Uh, no. That's not it. "

That was a little embarrassing, jumping to the wrong
conclusion. But the moment passed quickly as I wondered
what else she would want to talk about involving her
boyfriend. I had only seen the guy a few times in
passing. From what I could recall, he was a college
athlete of some sort.

" My boyfriend, " she began again, " he's willing to
let you suck his cock. "

There was a moment of puzzled silence between us as
I tried to figure out if I heard her right. She was
watching me for reaction.

" I'm sorry. I'm not sure I understood. "

Gwen looked self-conscious for the first time in the
conversation. " It's just that he's, well... he's
black... and..."

The words hung in the air. Of course he's black. I
tried not to think in racial terms at all, but I had
obviously noticed that he was black. So was Gwen. What
difference was that supposed to make ?

" And he thought you might want to suck his dick
because he's a black guy. He's pretty well hung too. So
he thought you might like it if he let you suck him
off. "

To say that I was stunned would be an
understatement. I was hardly able to sputter out my

" No... I mean... he was mistaken... I don't really
want to..."

" I'm sorry, " she cut me off. " I'm really sorry.
He wanted me to ask you, is all. I hope you don't hold
this against me. "

" Of course not. It's just a misunderstanding. Why
don't you go back to your desk, and we'll forget this
conversation happened. "

Easier said than done. It was such a bizarre
conversation that I couldn't get it out of my head. It
wasn't the only odd conversation I had that day. When I
talked to my wife, Tanya about it, her reaction wasn't
what I expected.

" Why ?"

" What do you mean, 'Why ?' "

" I mean, why did he think you wanted to suck his
dick ?"

Now, I've always known that Tanya was quite open
about sex. She meets with a group of girlfriends every
week, and they talk about all sorts of things. More
than I'm comfortable with, really. Nonetheless, I had
still expected her to be a little shocked by the odd
proposal. Instead, she just seemed interested.

" She told me that it was because he was black, and
had a big cock, so he thought I might want to suck it."

" Oh, he's black. "

" I'm sure I mentioned that before. What difference
could that make ?"

" No, Paul, you didn't tell me he was black. I'm
surprised you didn't tell me that. "

" Well, I hardly noticed it myself. I mean, I don't
even think about what racial group they belong to. It's
just not an issue. "

" Oh, come on, Bryan. You obviously noticed that a
big black guy was hanging around the office. Don't try
to gloss this over. "

" I never said he was big. Why do you jump to that
conclusion ?"

She shook her head and smiled. " Don't try to avoid
the issue. You said he was an athlete and Gwen said he
had a big cock. I just figured he was a big guy. But
you still haven't admitted that you noticed her big
black athlete boyfriend was indeed black. "

" Okay, so I noticed. "

" Which returns us to our original question. Why ?
Why did he assume that you wanted to suck his dick ?
Maybe it was the way you looked at him while he was
hanging around the office. Maybe you paused just a
moment too long, trying to catch the outline of the
bulge in his shorts. "

" How did you know he was wearing shorts ?"

" Think about it, honey. It's summer. He's a college
football player. He's not likely to be hanging around
your office in a business suit. And you're avoiding
again. Maybe your eyes just gave him a signal, and now
he thinks you're looking for a little black cock. "

" That's ridiculous. I'm sure he didn't think any
such thing. It's just a stupid misunderstanding. "

" Well, I guess we'll never know. "

She seemed almost smug about it. Tanya knew this was
bothering me, and she just had this innocently
obnoxious look on her face. She was enjoying making me
second guess myself.

The next day at work, I couldn't concentrate. Black
or white, I had never sucked cock in my life. Sure,
maybe I had noticed the difference a couple of times in
the locker room. And maybe I had noticed the obvious
bulge in Robert's shorts while he was hanging around
the office. It's not like he was trying to hide it.
That still didn't make me a cock sucker.

As annoying as it was, Tanya's question really got
to me. I called Gwen into my office early in the

" I'm sorry to disturb your work, Gwen, but there's
something I needed to know. When you came in here
yesterday with Robert's... uh, offer... was there some
specific reason that he thought I would be interested

She began to blush all over again. " It's just,
Robert says that a lot of white guys, from the locker
room and everything, want to suck black cock. I don't
know if it's true, but he says that white boys... um,
white guys... do it because they have such small dicks
themselves that they're really like girls compared to a
black man. It's only natural, he says, that a white boy
should want to service him. "

This guy sure had a high opinion of himself. Yes, he
probably had a big cock. Okay, maybe I had sized it up
a couple of times when he wore those cotton shorts
around the office. That didn't mean I automatically
felt inferior in some way.

" So, guys have done this with him before ?"

I couldn't believe I asked the question.

" Sure. At my last job, one of the junior executives
approached me about it. I even watched while he did it.
I wasn't jealous or anything. Robert was just doing
this guy a favour by letting him suck some black cock.
I got a raise out of it too. That guy sure liked to be
on his knees. He had Robert come in every week. "

" Why me ? I mean, was there something specific
about me that made him think..."

" Oh, I don't know, " Gwen shrugged. " I guess he
just figured that you'd want to... you know."

So that was it. No big explanation. And I was ready
to forget the whole thing...

...until I talked to Tanya about it the next night.

" I really can't believe you called Gwen back into
your office to ask about her boyfriend again. "

It had been her damned questions that put me up to
it, but she stared at me in disbelief.

" Well it turned out to be nothing. Just a
misunderstanding. You see, her boyfriend had an
arrangement with Gwen's previous employer, and..."

" What ? How would you find out something like that

I paused. I just knew that she was going to read
something more into this. " I asked. I mean, I asked if
he had done it before, with other guys. "

Tanya cracked a smile. " This is actually funny,
Bryan. You've *got* to know how this would look to
Gwen. Just a day after she asks you about sucking her
boyfriend's cock, you call her back in to pump her for
details. If she didn't think you wanted to suck cock
before, I'll guarantee you that she does now. "

It really hadn't occurred to me.

" Do you really think so ?" This whole thing was
turning into a bigger deal than I wanted.

" Definitely. Okay, think about it this way: every
week I meet with some of my friends, and we often talk
about sex. I mean we talk about all the details...
size... style..."

" Okay, I get it. You talk frankly about sex. " I
was a little annoyed. She knew how I felt about those
meetings. I didn't like her revealing our private
details so openly to her friends.

" Anyhow, we talk about our husbands and boyfriends.
Let's say Janice came to one of the meetings..."

" Janice who ?" I'd never heard the name before. Was
Tanya's group of friends larger than I thought ?

" She's an ad executive. She came with Tracy. But if
you keep interrupting, I'll never finish... let's say
Janice came to one of the meetings and told us that her
husband got an offer like the one you received from
your secretary."

" You wouldn't tell them about this, would you ?"

" Hush, Bryan. You're not letting me make my point.
If Janice were to tell us a story like that, we'd get a
good laugh out of it. Now, let's say she told us that
her husband called the secretary back into his office
to press for details. "

" That's not how it happened. "

" Let me finish. Then, let's say that Janice *also*
tells us that her husband likes to watch porno movies
that always seem to include well hung black guys. "

" That's not fair. We picked those out together. "

" Okay. Not quite fair. But you can see how it would
look suspicious. "

Damn it, Tanya really knew how to get my goat. " So
what do you think I should do ?"

She was smiling smugly again. " Do whatever you
want, Bryan. It doesn't bother me. It'll just make for
some nice anecdotes for future meetings. "

" You're a brat. "

I couldn't stay mad at her, though. It's hard to do.
She's a dynamic personality in everything she does. One
minute, she's verbally tying me into knots, and the
next, she's flashing me a grin that can only mean one
thing. We ended up having rough, uninhibited sex while
watching a video.

It was a new one, and I guess Tanya picked it out
recently. The bitch... she actually picked a video with
some white guy sucking off these big black guys in a
locker room. God, she sure knows how to play on my sore
spots. Despite myself, I had a huge orgasm in her mouth
while watching the video.

Of course, once I was at work again the next day, I
couldn't shake the feeling that Tanya was right about
what Gwen must think of me. It was driving me nuts. I
even thought I caught her talking on the phone about
it, because when I cam near, she hung up, and tried to
casually cover the notes she had written.

I wondered if it was just paranoia. Tanya really had
me wound up about this.

There was no way I was going to call Gwen into my
office to confront her about it again. I watched her
through the window to my office while she worked. One
more time, when she thought I wasn't watching, she made
a phone call, and finished writing something on her

As quickly as she was done, she slipped the notepad
into the top drawer of her desk.

I was dying to know what she had written, and by
this time, I wasn't above using a little deception to
find out. Just before closing time, I sent Gwen down to
make some copies. While she was out, I casually walked
over to her desk, and, trying not to look too
conspicuous, I opened her desk drawer.

The notepad was plainly in sight.

' 11:00 pm, tonight
bring Robert along
2324 Main St (upstairs)'

This was more then a little strange. I closed the
desk drawer, and retreated to my office to think. The
address she had written down was that of my wife's
restaurant. It was also the place that Tanya met with
her friends every week on Thursday nights.

They didn't know each other, though... did they ?

Curiosity would get the better of me, of course. I
sat in my office for the next two hours, long after the
rest of the staff left, trying to convince myself not
to go down to Tanya's restaurant. In all the time since
we had married, I never interfered with Tanya's social
life. These Thursday meetings, as much as I
disapproved, were her private time with friends, and I
had always respected that.

But I just had to find out what was going on. I
needed to know why Gwen and Robert had been invited.

I arrived just shortly after eleven, and then sat a
few minutes in the car, looking across at Tanya's
little Italian restaurant. The place closed at 10
o'clock, but the lights were on.

The restaurant was just another expression of
Tanya's adventurous spirit. While I had committed to a
steady management job that bored me to tears, she had
risked our savings on opening her own restaurant.
Almost effortlessly, the place had become a success. So
it was only natural that her friends now took their
weekly social gatherings to this place.

I waited for as long as I could stand, but I finally
stepped out of the car, and fished through my pockets
for the spare set of keys to the restaurant. At the
very least, I wanted to see if Gwen and Robert were
actually there.

The back door was the less conspicuous entry. I
could come through the kitchen quietly enough.

So that's how I ended up peaking through the door to
the kitchen while I drank in an unbelievable scene.
When Tanya set up the restaurant, she had renovated the
place to include a little lounge area by the fireplace.
It was a comfortable setting where a customer might
relax on a sofa and enjoy a drink after dinner.

This lounge area is where all the action was taking
place. Gwen sat amongst the other women in Tanya's
circle of friends. They had all taken seats on the two
long sofas facing the fire.

Their attention was centred on Robert. Or, I should
say, on Robert and Tanya.

He was naked, sitting back on an overstuffed chair
in front of the fire. In his lap, was my pretty petite
wife, Tanya, slowly grinding her body against his. The
flickering warmth of the fire tied together the relaxed
sexual atmosphere of the room. I could see that some of
the women had openly pushed their hands down the front
of their panties, and were rubbing themselves as they
watched my wife toying with Gwen's boyfriend.

It was hard not to get caught up in the pure
eroticism of the scene before me. Tanya was putting on
a sexy performance for her friends, and they were
enjoying every moment of it. She pressed her swollen
nipples between her fingers, and soaked up the
encouraging words of her girlfriends.

My own feelings were more than a little mixed. Tanya
had always teased me with her appetites. Tormented me
even. I knew she was a free spirit, and much sexier
than the limits of our relationship had allowed her to
be. But, even over the last week, with the strange
conversations we had about Gwen and Robert, I hadn't
suspected anything like this.

Now, while watching Tanya's sexy little lap-dance,
my chest was filled with confusion and betrayal. The
funny thing is, I knew it wouldn't do any good. As with
everything in our relationship, it was a waste of time
to try to control her. She was going to do what she
wanted, with or without me.

So I watched impotently while she finally squirmed
out of her panties and lowered herself onto his cock.
She faced the other women, her back to Robert. He
reached his big hands around front of her and squeezed
her delicate breasts as she rocked up and down, trying
to accommodate his size.

" Mmm... you look like you're in heaven, Tanya, "
one of the women cooed. I looked her direction, and for
the first time, noticed that the woman was holding a
video camera to capture the action.

Gwen agreed. " Oh yeah... get a close-up of her
face, Janice. That's damned sexy. "

I looked back to Tanya. Her eyes were closed, and
her mouth hung open with lust. I'm ashamed to say, I
don't think I'd ever seen my wife quite that aroused.
It was like she was re-enacting a scene from one of our
favourite videos. My own cock was hard and twitching in
my pants as I recalled the same scene.

When Tanya's eyes finally opened again, my heart
almost stopped. She was looking directly towards me. I
froze in place. She couldn't possibly see me through
the darkness of the restaurant, could she ?

Nonetheless, she knew that I was there. A smile
crept to her lips, and her eyes locked on my position
as she began to slide herself down the full length of
Robert's cock. The other women giggled from some inside
joke as Tanya licked her lips in my direction.

God. They knew that I was here too.

Watching. While my wife rides the cock of another

Even though I was sure that none of them could see
me through the darkness, the shame of the situation
rose to my cheeks. Even if I hadn't been here, I knew I
was the subject of their jokes. No doubt Tanya had told
them about Gwen and Robert's offer. They would all know
the way she had teased me about it. And now, as if
intent on stripping away the last of my manhood, Tanya
was showing her girlfriends how much she was enjoying
Robert's cock over mine.

On top of all that, I could hear them all laughing
as my wife directed her performance towards me. What
kind of a man, they would wonder, would stand by and
let this happen ?

I wondered the same thing.

Tanya slowed down now. She was ready for something
else. Deliberately, and still with her eyes locked on
me, she lifted herself from his cock.

The large tool popped free of her, and stood
glistening in the firelight, rigid between her legs.
Tanya sat on Robert's pelvis now, her knees still
firmly hugging his legs, and her wet pussy against his
pubic patch. The image was almost comical as she faced
me, leaning back against him with his large cock
protruding from between her legs.

She was still teasing me, I knew. She knew how much
this scene would arouse me. She knew it better than
anyone. It was the reason why, despite all of my
denials, she knew that Gwen's offer would gnaw at me.
Tanya knew me better than any person on earth, and
right now, she knew the effect that it would have, with
her little hand encircled around his cock, taunting me
with it.

Tanya had me trapped with her eyes. I knew she
couldn't see me, but she held me there easily.

The amused look on her face told me what she had
planned. It was that devilish, mischievous look she
gets when she absolutely knows she's going to get her

Then she made a simple gesture towards me. " Come
here, " she told me, with a single finger, and a her
smouldering eyes.

I couldn't do this, I argued to myself, silently.
Not in front of all of these women. As much as I always
played along with Tanya's games, this was too much. I
couldn't bear the humiliation.

But even as I argued with myself, I pushed against
the swinging door that concealed me in the kitchen. The
burn of humiliation was hot on my face as I stepped out
from the darkness, and realized that every eye in the
room was following me.

Gwen laughed, and exchanged knowing glances with my
wife. I dropped my eyes to the floor.

" Come on, Bryan, " Tanya was having too much fun
with this to back down. " All the girls know what
you're here for. You wouldn't have come this far if we
were wrong about you. "

God, how much had she shared with them ? My body was
awash in shame and arousal, and I couldn't even manage
a half-hearted denial. Tanya knew she had me in the
palm of her hands. I walked unsteadily towards her.

" Stop, " she ordered me. " I want you to crawl the
rest of the way. You should approach a magnificent cock
like this one on your knees, shouldn't you, white boy

The women laughed. Tanya and I had played games with
her dominant side before, to a much lesser extent, and
those sessions came back to me now. I slowly dropped to
my knees, and crawled towards her with my head down.

It burned in my chest to think of who these women
were, watching me crawl for their pleasure. They were
Tanya's closest friends, and all professional,
assertive women like her. Executives. Entrepreneurs.
They were already the kind of women who could look down
on a middle-management drone like myself.

All except Gwen, that is. God, I couldn't believe
how low I was sinking in front of my own secretary. I
tried not to think about how rumours of this would get
around the office.

The smell of sex filled my nose as I crawled up
between their legs. I could see Tanya's wetness on
Robert's cock. I struggled to suppress a wave of
jealousy as it jolted through my mind. It was too late
for that. With my mouth inches from his cock, and Tanya
looking down on me knowingly, it was too late to
salvage my pride.

Even as I opened my lips and extended my tongue
towards his shaft, I knew I'd relive this embarrassing
scene in my sexual fantasies for years to come.

" Stop, " Tanya ordered me, just as I was about to
make contact. The other women laughed as I reluctantly
pulled my tongue back. " I want my friends to see how
much you really want this. Take off your clothes for
us. "

I was so horny now, I couldn't conceal my
desperation. With shaking hands, I began to shed my

" He's not half bad, " her friend, Trish commented.
I'd met Trish and her husband a couple of times at
social functions, where we had exchanged pleasant
chatter over dinner. Now she was appraising me like a
piece of meat, and I had no one to blame but myself.

Naked now, I knelt between their legs again. Tanya
was stroking Robert's cock between her legs as if it
were her own. My own cock hung erect between my legs,
exposed to all the women in the room.

" Okay now, " Tanya told me. " You know what you
want. Go ahead. "

Then, despite my shame, I proved to everyone that
Tanya was right about me. Her flavour was strong on
him, and filled my mouth as I bobbed my head up and
down on the tip of his tool.

" That's a good little cock sucker, " my wife
encouraged me, as she took hold of my hair with her
left hand, and guided my pace. With her other hand, she
stroked the lower portion of his shaft. I raised my
eyes to hers now, which added to the strange
incongruous feeling that it was actually Tanya's cock
that I was sucking.

Everything she said now was to add to my
humiliation. She knew she had me where she wanted me,
but was showing off for the other women. She wanted
them to see how her words aroused me.

" You like to play the part of such a liberal, don't
you, hubby ? You pretend that colour doesn't matter.
Hell, you pretend that you don't even notice it. Do you
notice it now, with a big black cock in your mouth ?
You've repressed it, dear, but I've always known you
had this little secret. I could see it in the magazines
you buy, and the videos we rent. On the inside, you've
got all sorts of little prejudices..."

Robert groaned as I continued the treatment. Tanya
pushed my head further down, forcing me to gag on his
cock as it pressed against my throat.

" Oh yeah... you like all of the stereotypes. You
don't even have any black friends. Gwen was your
secretary for two months, and you barely knew her name.
You just take everything from your silly porn magazines
and stories. In your little fantasy world, every black
guy is just some dumb cock to be sucked. "

" Would it surprise you to know that Robert is a
medical student, and in a couple of years, he'll be
making more money than you'll ever earn in your crappy
office job ? Gwen's a student too. I'll bet you didn't
even know that. With her college degree, and with the
excellent performance evaluations you'll give her from
now on, she'll be promoted ahead of you in no time. "

She was really laying it on thick now, and there was
some truth in everything she said. I had only thought
of Gwen as some lower-class black girl with little
education and a jock boyfriend. Now that she was seeing
me embarrass myself this way, I knew that she must be
enjoying every moment. My cock twitched and dribbled
with pre-cum.

" God, you were so easy to fool, " my wife told me,
in almost a whisper now. My mouth was letting out
slurping noises as my jaw went numb. I was vaguely
aware of Janice bringing the camcorder around for a
better view of my face. " After I told Gwen to make you
the offer, I knew it was only a matter of time before
your curiosity won out. And you believed the whole jock
stereotype completely, didn't you ? The truth is,
Robert has no interest in you. He only agreed to do
this for Gwen's sake. He didn't even want to watch you
do it. "

Her words stung. If at all possible, I felt like an
even bigger fool in front of these women. But now I
couldn't stop myself. I could feel his cock beginning
to swell in my mouth, and god help me, I wanted to make
him cum so badly.

" Pull your head back, Bryan, " Tanya ordered me. "
He's going to cum, and I want it to be on your face. "

I levelled my lower lip against the head of his cock
as Tanya masturbated him onto my face.

" Get a close-up, Janice, " instructed Gwen. " I
want a really good money shot. "

And she got it. He squirted across my eye and
forehead with his first ejaculation. Janice squealed
with satisfaction as she video taped him depositing
rope after rope of jism onto my waiting face. Tanya
continued to milk his cock over me until all that was
left was a weak dribble into my mouth.

" Nnnng, that was hot, " said Trish. I could see her
in the firelight, fingering herself on the edge of the
sofa. " If you don't mind, maybe I could invite Glen
over. He's always after me for oral sex, and I don't
think he'd mind getting a little of this. He might even
want to try Bryan's ass. "

Tanya was looking at me with a gleam in her eyes.
Now that the sexual floodgates had been opened in our
relationship, there was no telling how far she'd take

" Maybe some other time, " my wife smiled. " For
now, I think our little white boy owes Gwen a little
attention, for lending us her boyfriend tonight. What
do you think, Gwen ?"

" Mmm... yeah, " the black girl answered. " I think
I can find a few good uses for my boss' tongue. Come on
over here and get your first taste of my ass, boy,
because I have a feeling you'll be kissing it for a
long time to come. "

I had the same suspicion.


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