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OFFICE jism off each other then


Office Fantasy
by Kelly Adams (

It's still early in the morning and you're sitting in your office at
your desk, drinking a bitter cup of coffee in an attempt to
jump-start your day. You've just finished up with your
'recreational' email reading and are prepared to jump into doing so
actual work when suddenly a vision of loveliness shows up in your
door. Two visions, actually: young women, a blonde and a brunette.
Both are about the same height with voluptuous, sexy bodies, long
legs and large chests. They are dressed identically, in a sexy
version of the classic schoolgirl uniform: navy blue pleated
skirts, white knee socks, black patent leather shoes, white blouses
and navy jackets. Completing the look, the brunette has her long
hair tied back in a ponytail and the blonde is wearing her hair in a
pair of cute pigtails. Neither is wearing much makeup, allowing
their fresh-faced beauty to shine through with remarkable clarity.

"Can I help you ladies?" you ask, not getting up from your desk for
fear that the hard-on you've developed will be readily apparent.

The brunette answers you: "Well, after that latest fantasy you sent
us, we decided that we just had to come see you in person!"

Recognition instantly dawns. "Ohmigod, you must be Kelly and

"That's right," the luscious blonde says, closing the door to your
office behind her. "We're hoping that you can do for us in person
just as good as you did in the fantasies you've been emailing!"

The two girls cross the room and come up on either side of you
behind your desk. "You're even more handsome than we thought!" Kelly
says. "Yeah, this is going to be a lot of fun!" Gretchen agrees.

They each take one of your hands and move them up underneath their
respective skirts. Feeling up to their crotches, you find that
neither is wearing any panties and both girls have shaved their
pussies bare. You slip a solitary finger up inside each slit,
feeling the tight wetness of their fuckholes. They moan in tandem as
you gently finger fuck them, rubbing their clits with your thumbs as
they get wet with desire.

"Enough of this!" the blonde exclaims, pulling your hand out from
under her skirt. "Finger-frigging is fun and all, but I think it's
high time we got naked!" She quickly sheds her blazer, and her
lovely young friend follows suit.

"Hang on, let me help you with that," you say, stopping Kelly's
hands from undoing her skirt. "Oh yeah, that's a good idea," she
says, turning around to present herself to you for disrobing. You
briefly rub your hands around her hips before pulling down the
zipper to her skirt. Even unfastened the skirt is still tight around
her hips, so you gently tug it down past her curves before letting
it fall down to the floor. She steps out of the skirt then bends
forward, leaning her hands on the desk and thrusting her luscious
ass out towards you.

"Beautiful, just beautiful," you say as you run your hands across
Kelly's bare ass cheeks. You can barely see the outlines of her
labia between her thighs, but she is keeping her legs tight together
and not letting you in for petting or licking--at least not yet!

You move your hands up Kelly's sides and turn her around to face
you. Without her blazer on, you can see that the blouse she is
wearing is about one size too small, and without a bra on underneath
her erect nipples are clearly visible through the thin sheer fabric.
You squeeze her nipples lightly through the blouse, eliciting a
sharp moan of pleasure. Undoing the buttons of her blouse, the
fabric quickly parts and her tits spring loose, large and luscious.

"Your tits are even better than I had imagined!" you say, cupping
one in each hand.

"Suck them, please," she asks you, with a wicked smile and a swing
of her ponytail. You bend down to take her succulent breast into
your mouth, teasing her nipple with your tongue before moving your
attention to the other side. The randy brunette, it appears, really
loves her breasts being played with. To show her appreciation, she
moves her hands down to your crotch and starts to rub your hard cock
through your trousers.

"Let's get you up here on the desk," you say to Kelly, pushing aside
the stack of papers which seemed mighty important just a few minutes
ago but are now the absolute furthest from your mind. You grab Kelly
by her waist and help her leap up to sit on the edge of the desk.
She spreads her legs open wide, displaying her lovely bare pussy in
all its glory.

You start by kissing Kelly's cleavage, then move down her chest and
stomach, intending on reaching her crotch and giving her slit a good
licking. But you are stopped in your tracks by Gretchen. "Hey, what
about me?" she asks with a playful pout, standing in her blouse and
skirt with her arms behind her back, tossing her pigtail back and
forth. "Don't I get some attention too?"

Turning your attention away from the lovely naked brunette sitting
on your desktop, you focus on her equally lovely yet still clothed
friend. Like Kelly, Gretchen is not wearing a bra beneath her too
small blouse, causing her tits to be fully displayed beneath the
sheer taught fabric. As Gretchen starts to unbutton her blouse from
the bottom, you undo the buttons from the top, your hands meeting in
the middle and her shirt springs open. You move behind her and
squeeze and rub her tits from behind while she grinds her ass into
your ass, giggling like a schoolgirl.

"Let's get a look at that hot pussy of yours," you say as you unzip
Gretchen's skirt. Like with Kelly, you have to peel Gretchen's skirt
down from her hips. As it comes down, you go down with it, ending up
with your face at the blonde's bare shaven crotch. Gretchen spreads
her legs to expose her pussy, which you immediately start to lick.
"Mmmm, delicious," you remark as your tongue laps up the fragrant
sex juices that are oozing from her slit.

"Hey, baby, come over here on the desk with me," Kelly says to her
friend. "That way he can take care of both of us at the same time!"

"Great idea," Gretchen agrees, pulling away from you and jumping up
on the desk next to Kelly.

Side by side in front of you, they are almost too much to take in at
once. Two visions of female beauty, naked save for their knee socks
and shoes, spreading their legs open for you. Kelly reaches down
with her hand to rub her friend's fresh pussy, and Gretchen returns
the favor. They look into each other's eyes deeply, then move in to
lock their lips in a passionate kiss.

"Time for a taste test," you say, kneeling down in front of the
girls. You move back and forth between the two wet pussies, tasting
each deeply. Both taste sweet, but each has it's own distinct

After getting each of them to come, you pull back, sit in your
chair, and give the women a big smile with your face slick with
their juices. "How's that cock of yours doing?" Kelly asks. "I bet
it's long and hard and ready for a warm wet pussy!" Gretchen says.
In response, you undo your pants and drop your trousers, presenting
your stiff rod to the horny vixens before you. "Oh yeah," Kelly
says, "he's definitely ready!"

"Me first!" Gretchen says, hopping down from the desk. She turns
around and crouches sideways over your lap, taking your hard cock in
her hand and rubbing it against her pussy lips. "Are you ready to
fuck me, baby?" she asks, licking her lips seductively. "Oh yeah,"
you respond. "Ooooooohh," Gretchen moans as she sits down around
your cock.

It's like a dream come true, fucking this hot sexy girl who until
now you've only been able to dream about. With her legs together her
pussy squeezes you like a vice.

"Lick my pussy, baby," Kelly says to her blonde friend impaled on
your cock. Gretchen leans over and starts to lick at Kelly's crotch.
You slowly move your cock in and out of Gretchen's hot snatch while
enjoying the look of pleasure on Kelly's face.

"Let me get a good look at you guys," Kelly says. She gets down off
the desk and kneels in front of you. Gretchen turns so that her back
is facing you and spreads her legs open, draping them outside of
your own. Kelly now has a perfect view of your cock going in and out
of Gretchen's pussy. "Wow, his cock looks so great inside of you,"
Kelly says to her friend.

"Feels great too!" the blonde replies, turning her head around to
give you an appreciative kiss.

"And his balls are shaved," Kelly says, cupping them in her hand.
"That's so hot!" She leans her head in and starts to suck on your
dangling testicles.

"Oh fuck!" you cry out. "If you keep doing that, I'll come for

"That the idea, big guy," Gretchen purrs. "Shoot your come up inside
my hot, steaming pussy!"

"Oh fuck, here it comes!" you cry out, spewing your jism up into the
sex-craved blonde. As your cock spurts, Kelly moves her mouth up to
Gretchen's clit, and with just a few brief licks Gretchen starts to
come as well.

Gretchen gets up off of your lap, your cock coming out of her with
an almost audible pop. Kelly puts her hand to her friend's crotch,
wiping away your combined sex juices and licking them off of her
fingers. "MMmmm, hope you saved some for me!"

You open your legs wide to give Kelly access to your cock. "Don't be
going soft on me yet," she says, "I still need a good fuck!" No
worry about that happening, as your cock starts to grow hard again
with Kelly's first touch. She wraps her hand around the base of your
cock and takes the rest of your shaft between her luscious lips.
"Mmmm, his cock tastes like your pussy, Gee," Kelly says to the
blonde bombshell looking on. As the brunette continues to suck you,
you grab her hair by the ponytail and gently but firmly guide her
mouth on your cock.

Once you've attained full readiness again, Kelly gets up, turns
around, and leans on her hands on your desk in front of you. "Now
take that big hard cock of yours and fuck me hard!" she commands,
spreading her legs and wriggling her ass. With a satisfying moan,
you push your dick up inside Kelly's pussy. "Ohmigod that feels
fucking great!" she exclaims as she starts to move herself back and
forth on your shaft. You join in the motions as well, and soon the
two of you are thrusting together with a fierce rhythm.

While you fuck the luscious Kelly, Gretchen comes up behind you,
pressing her breasts into your back and her wet pussy against your
ass. "Rub her tits," the blonde whispers into your ear over your
shoulder. "That really gets her juices flowing!"

No sooner do you begin to rub Kelly's tits and squeeze her erect
nipples than she starts to come--you can feel the walls of her pussy clamp down on your cock, squeezing it while she spasms with delight.
Her arms give way and she lays her entire torso down on your desk,
but you continue to fuck her, encouraged by Gretchen urging you on.
"Yeah, fuck her! Fuck that horny girl! She loves it! She loves being
fucked by your cock!"

"OOooh! OOooh! OOooh!" Kelly cries out with each thrust until she
comes again, her flailing arms nearly knocking your computer off the
desk and onto the floor.

"Come on, baby," Gretchen says, helping her panting friend up from
the desk. "Let's finish this guy off right." The two girls kneel in
front of you, passing your cock back and forth, each sucking and
licking you while pausing every so often to enjoy a pre-cum tasting
kiss. Two hot young women sharing your cock is just the ticket for
another explosive orgasm, and before long you are shooting your wad
into their mouths and onto their faces.

While you sit back down in your chair to rest, the two foxes
tenderly clean your jism off of each other, then stand up and start
to get dressed.

"Thanks, that was a great way to start the day," Kelly says as she
gives you a warm, thankful kiss.

"Yeah, we'll have to drop by again sometime," Gretchen agrees,
thanking you in the same manner as her friend. You can't resist
giving each girl's ass and tits a couple of goodbye squeezes before
they walk back out your door.

Did two incredibly hot young women just stop by your office to give
you the fuck of your life, or was it all just an early morning
fantasy? Whatever it was, you hope it happens again real soon!

the end... for now...


The Fine Print: This story is copyright 1999 Kelly Adams. Permission
is granted to distribute as long as my name and this notice are
attached, and no financial gains are made.

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