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OFFICE1 cum without someone least touching


Copyright 1998 B. Peale. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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This following story is a work fiction, and should be treated as such. None of
the characters or events herein are based on real people, either living or
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descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or reading sex stories upsets you, do not read any further.

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material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of
any of local, state, or federal law.

My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


Just Another Day At The Office by Bob Peale (1/3)
"Come in," Danny called without even bothering to look up from the papers on
his desk. Although he heard the door swing open, he didn't acknowledge that
someone had entered his office. He was a managing partner...whoever it was
could wait until he finished what he was doing.

After almost five minutes of playing the waiting game, Carnie finally spoke
up. "Mr. Givens? I'm from network support, and I need to..."

Danny was outraged; he could not believe that some network support weenie
DARED speak to him before she was addressed. It had been a long time since
he'd been a "little people"; he'd forgotten how to me polite. "Young lady,"
he interrupted, " I don't know who you think you are barging in here with
your little task, but ...JESUS!"

During his tirade, Carnie had moved in front of Danny's desk, waiting
patiently for it to end. As he was just getting revved up, he made the
mistake of looking up, only to find the most stunning set of tits he'd ever
laid eyes on. Danny had never really been attracted to black women (in fact,
he didn't think he'd ever had any desire to fuck one), but Carnie was
definitely capable of changing that.

Since she was not a member of the consulting staff, she wasn't held to the
stricter blue suit, white blouse dress code that women normally had to adhere
to. She had a little more flexibility, and used it to her advantage.

On a woman of average height, her 44DD breasts would have been large, but not
exaggeratedly so; however, Carnie barely stood five feet tall, and might have
weighed 100 lbs. with a brick in each pocket. Her skin was a deep, healthy
tan, light enough that Danny could see the veins tracing through her
magnificent tits clearly through the pale blue blouse that clung erotically to
them. Her nipples were a dark chocolate brown, almost black, about 3.5 inches
in diameter, and came to a point almost a half-inch long.

It was easy to tell all of this because Carnie wasn't wearing a bra. Carnie's
nipples slowly crinkled growing harder and longer Danny's intense stare. She
smiled as he reflexively licked his lips. "Yes Mr. Givens?" she asked
sweetly, her voice sounding both innocent and inviting at the same time. By
this time, her nipples were straining so hard against the material of her
blouse that Danny was certain they were going to punch right through. "Did I
do something wrong?"

Danny struggled to regain his composure. In business, he never let the other
person know that they'd had an effect on him. "I'm very busy today," he said
evenly, his voice calm and level. "What is it that you need in here..."he
scanned her employee badge, which hung at an obscene angle off of her chest,
"...Carnie? Can't it wait until after I've left for the day?" He put in an
impressive performance, one that would have been totally believable, except
for the fact that, other than when he read her name, he stared at her
hardening nipples the entire time.

"Well actually, sir, I need to look at your laptop," Carnie said
apologetically. "I have to run an inventory, but I promise it will only take
a minute." Taking advantage of his apparent distraction, Carnie made her way
around to the side of Danny's desk, over to the network port, as she spoke.
Danny turned to follow her movement, pleasantly resigned to "endure" the
interruption. Hell, this girl was hot! As if to emphasize the point, his
cocked stirred in his lap, lightly twitching as Carnie's lower half came into

To Danny's amazement, the rest of Carnie was equally impressive. Her waist
was very slim; Danny suspected he could probably encircle it with his hands.
Her hips were slender and slightly rounded, and her legs seemed unbelievably
long for a woman so small. Her slight heels supported toned, well-muscled
calves attached to thighs that could only belong to a distance runner. Once
again, Carnie had taken liberties with the dress code, and had opted for a
burgundy skirt that showed off her skin color well and, although pleated,
stopped at mid thigh.

She turned and smiled at Danny, and looked over at his laptop, pushed aside
to the far corner of his desk. "Good, you're not logged on. That will make
it go even faster. Let me just plug my laptop into the port and fired it up,
and I'll be out of here before you can shake a stick." She turned back
toward the wall.

Was she making fun of him? Danny adjusted his trousers, but kept his eyes on
Carnie's back. In a fluid motion, she bent from the waist, unzipped her
laptop bag and removed her network cord. She then attached the cord to her
laptop, fiddled around for a minute, powered it up, stood up and walked
toward Danny's desk. There was no way to hide the effect she was having on
him. The front of his suit pants were rigid, his cock filling the slight
area tightly, discomfort clear on his face. While she was bent over (which
couldn't have lasted more than a minute or two), Danny's cock got harder than
it'd been in years; not just hard, but steel bending, rock splitting hard!
He confirmed that she wasn't wearing any pantyhose, because when she set up
her computer, her skirt rose clear to her ass. Carnie's sense of style
extended to her underwear; today, she was wearing a burgundy t-strap to match
her skirt. Calling the t- strap clothing was being generous. From what Danny
could see, it consisted of a piece of material no thicker than a shoelace
that went down the crack of her ass (which was firm, and round, with no hint
of flab) and met a similarly small piece of material that should have covered
her pussy in the front. However, this material was not up to the daunting
challenge, and could only manage to gently separate her outer pussy lips,
spreading them so that Danny could see the pink edges when she was in that
position. He also saw that she was aroused. Her pussy glistened and the
material of her t-strap was damp where it spread her lips. He was surprised
that he didn't shoot right there in his pants. The problem was, how could he
fuck this woman without ending up on the bad end of a sexual harassment
inquiry, if not a racial discrimination charge as well.
Carnie walked behind him to his credenza, seemingly oblivious to the raging
hard on he was sporting or the obvious lust in his gaze. As she connected
the two computers, she bent slightly, and Danny was immediately rewarded with
the musky odor of pussy seeping from between her legs. That was more than he
could handle. With a soft throaty groan his cock exploded, showering his
boxers and suit pants with thick jets of cum.
Never in his life had he ever cum without someone at least touching him! The
beeps and tones indicated that Danny's computer was nearing the completion of
the boot up sequence. With Carnie's back to him, Danny hastily slid his
soiled lap under his desk. Breathing deeply to steady his voice, Danny asked
as casually as he could manage, "So, how is this inventory different from the
one that my assistant did last week?"

"Oh, that was a property inventory. This is a software inventory."

"Software inventory?"

"Yes, a software inventory. We have to make sure that all of the software
loaded is properly licensed, and that there are no files present that are
against company policies."

"Files?" Danny asked uneasily.

"Yeah, illegal software, pornographic pictures, that sort of thing. There is
a lot of strange stuff out there, and sense the laptops are company property,
we periodically check to make sure that there is nothing on them that could
unduly expose the firm. I have auditing software on my laptop that scans
your hard drive, and then uploads the results to the central system. When I
go back to my office, I download the results and submit my reports to

Danny hadn't heard a word she said after "pornographic pictures". Shit, did
he have any on there? It was amazing what you could find these days on the
Internet. Once or twice a week, he would go out to the websites and
newsgroups and download some pictures then jerk off as they scrolled across
the screen. What harm did it do? He’d always thought. He usually deleted
them when he was done, but he couldn't remember if he did the last time.
Shit! Danny realized that he hadn't heard any noise from the computers
in a little while. "Everything OK?"

"Almost done. Just one more test to finish, but it's the longest. We have
software that can analyze a hard drive and retrieve any files that have been
deleted, unless certain precautions were taken, which they almost never are."
As if on cue, Carnie's laptop started to beep. "Hmm, what's this?"

Danny's heart fell into the pit of his stomach. He decided that it was better
to pretend that he was still working, and that he wasn't paying attention to
anything that she was doing. His mind was racing trying to come up with a way
to get out of what he now knew was inevitable.

"Ho-ho Mr. Givens, it appears that you're pretty good with a search engine,"
Carnie chuckled. "You've got quite a collection of files here." He could
hear her fingers pressing series of keys as she retrieved the pictures Danny
thought had been erased. "And varied interests, I see..."

Believing that the best defense is a good offense, Danny interrupted. "Look,
Carnie, there are a couple of pictures on there that I looked at on the road,
to help me relieve the stress of a long day. There's no crime in that."

"True," Carnie admitted as she walked around the credenza and perched her cute
little ass on the edge of the desk facing him. He was still sitting with his
lap under the desk to hide his cum-soaked lap. "But it is in direct violation
of company policy. I think it's grounds for dismissal, but I'm not sure
what would happen to a managing partner. Never caught one before; most scrub
their drives."

Shit, Danny thought again. "You know I could have you fired before you got
back to your desk, don't you?" It was true; in a firm this size there were 4
managing partners, each with absolute dominion over all but the other 3.
Carnie nodded.

"Yes, you could. But it wouldn't help. The information has already been fed;
my work would just get reassigned and the data would still be accessed."
Danny slumped in his seat. The worst thing was, he really couldn't be fired.
He could, however, be humiliated in front of the 3 other managing partners, as
well a s the partners on the discipline committee.

In his dejection, Danny failed to notice that two thick points hard enough to
cut diamonds now capped Carnie’s nipples. As she reached across him to pick
up the photo sitting on his desk, they brushed against his arm. He snatched
his hand away; the heat and the hardness actually hurt!

"This your family, Danny?" Danny nodded. He noticed that she had dropped
the "Mr. Givens" and had now assumed a tone of familiarity reserved for
peers. "It sure would be a shame to drag them through something public and
embarrassing." Danny looked up, a glint in his eyes. He was, after all,
first and foremost a political animal, and recognized the opening of a
negotiation when he heard it.

"Yes. Yes it would be too bad." He had no misconceptions about the awkward
control Carnie now held over him. "I care for them very much; I'd rather
spare them that."

"I could understand that. We may be able to work something out."
"How?" Danny asked.

"Danny, Danny, Danny. I told you, I have to file a report. As long as I am
employed here, no one has access to the files but me. Even Everett can't get
to them as long as I am an employee," she said, referring to the managing
partner responsible for internal IS.

"Oh?" Danny saw the floodlights go on in his mind’s tunnel. Hell, there
wasn't light at the end, there was a whole fucking sun! "So, how much is this
going to cost me?" She was reasonable. He couldn't imagine her asking for
some ridiculously unjustifiable amount.

Carnie slowly shook her head. "Oh Danny, it's not going to be that easy.
No, not that easy at all." Still leaning against the desk, Carnie crossed
her legs at the ankles. "We are talking about the career of a managing
partner here."

"Oh come on! Let's not get melodramatic!" Danny felt like he was on a roller
coaster, scott free one minute, facing the inquisition the next.

Carnie uncrossed her legs and stood up and walked back to the credenza. "Fine.
I've got work to do anyway." She began humming to herself as she powered down
her laptop and began putting the peripherals away.

Danny panicked. Forgetting the wet spot in his lap, he pushed the chair back
and whipped the chair around. Because of her height, it was easy to grab
Carnie's shoulders. "Look, I'm sorry. This is hard for me. What do I have to
do to get you to fix this for me?"

Carnie smiled as she snapped her case shut. She'd won; they both knew it.
"First, you need to tell your assistant that you are going to be on a
conference call for awhile, and that he is to take any calls for you until you
call him back. Then put your telephone on 'Do Not Disturb'."

While Danny picked up the telephone to comply, Carnie went back around to his
desk and hopped up on it. As he placed the receiver back in the cradle, she
slid over so that she straddled his chair, one leg on each arm.

"Carnie, shouldn't I lock the door?" He had a good idea what was coming.

"No. It's more fun this way. Let's see how good your assistant is."

With her legs spread, her skirt rose above her hips, revealing a very thin
piece of material failing miserably to cover a totally shaven pussy. Her
outer lips were swollen from arousal, and the material was soaking wet.
Enough moisture had collected behind her inner lips that when she spread her
legs it slowly dripped out and pooled in a puddle just under her ass.
The scent coming from her pussy now was 30 times stronger than it was
earlier; Danny felt dizzy, it was so overpowering.

"So Danny, are you just going to sit there, or what?"

Danny wasn't sure what she expected, so he just went with his instincts. He
leaned forward, using his index fingers to move the t-strap aside and spread
her outer lips, and slowly began to trail his pointed tongue up her crack,
starting down near her asshole and moving all the way up to her clit. She
shivered then grabbed hold of his shoulders for support. Encouraged, he
flattened his tongue out, covering more of her pussy as he lapped. He probed
deeper, tasting her, feeling the warm wetness of her pussy. He was rock hard
again, but he knew that this was all about her, and it might jeopardize things
if he tried to relieve himself. She scooted forward a little, giving him
better access to her asshole, which surprisingly was clean but musky tasting.
He darted his tongue several times into her asshole on his way up, and was
rewarded with a low guttural moan from Carnie. Her pussy was getting wetter
and wetter, and he hoped that she would let him fuck her soon, because he was
going crazy with her writhing and rocking in his face like this.

After a while, he started to spend more time around her clit, which was hard
and throbbing and peeking up through her inner lips. He began to suck her
clit strongly, then to nibble, while she whispered encouragement to him. On
a whim, he reached up, and slid an unlubricated finger into her asshole while
he nibbled on her button. Involuntarily her hips bucked and she mashed her
pussy hard into his face. He responded by thrusting the finger in and out of
her asshole rapidly, while softly biting on her clit to the same rhythm.
Carnie started fucking Danny's face and whimpering. She reached over and
grabbed a ruler Danny had been using to do his work earlier, shoved it in her
mouth and bit down. Then she grabbed a thick black nipple between the thumb
and forefinger of each hand through her blouse and started to pinch them
forcefully in time with the thrusts in her ass and the assault on her clit.
Within moments, a low, guttural moan wafted up, seeming to start from her
pussy and move up and through her chest. Danny had never heard anything like
it, and immediately came in his pants again. He moaned deep into her pussy,
setting Carnie off again.

When she'd finished her second orgasm, she pulled herself back into a sitting
position, leaned forward, and kissed him deeply on the lips. "Not a bad
start, Danny. That was amazing."

"Start?" Danny asked breathlessly.

Carnie chuckled. Reaching down, she rubbed her t-strap between her pussy lips, and tore it off. She then wiped around his mouth and nose, and dropped
it in his lap. "That's what I said. Start."

Danny sat back in his chair, dumbstruck.

"Now, pick up the phone and call your wife. Tell her you have to go out of
town on business, and that you'll be back tomorrow night." She smiled. "I'll
be done with you by then, and you'll have your life and career back."

Woodenly, Danny picked up the telephone, punched in seven digits, mumbled
something lame about a client emergency, and hung up.

"Let's not cause any suspicion," Carnie said as he replaced the receiver.
"I'll meet you at the, let's see...," she thought a moment. "I know, the
Embassy Suites on Wisconsin. There's a firm suite there that you guys use for
out of town muckety mucks. I'll meet you there at 6:30." It was 11:45 now.
She hopped off the desk, walked over to the credenza, and grabbed her laptop.
At the doorway, she stopped before she pulled it open and turned back to him.
"Eat well, today. You're going to need your strength." She smiled, pulled
the door open and left, leaving it ajar.

Danny looked down at the t-strap laying in his lap and his cock stirred again.
End of Part 1.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently
at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Thank
you for all of the constructive comments and words of encouragement. If you
have story ideas, feel free to email them to me; I can't promise anything,
but I'm always looking for things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.


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