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OFFICE3 stretch her mouth wide enough


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My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


Just Another Day At The Office by Bob Peale (3/3)
Danny's cock throbbed painfully, his balls aching with the pressure of
unreleased cum, his shaft stiff, and his cockhead swollen to a daunting girth
that made Carnie wetter just looking at it.

"I'll be right back," she said from behind him, and he heard a door open and
close. Tied to the table like this, Danny had no sense of time, so it seemed
like she'd been gone for hours by the time she returned.

"Lift your head."

As soon as he did, she wrapped something around his head, covering his eyes
completely but taking care not to block his mouth or his nose. The room was
absolutely black.

The blindfold made Danny paranoid. It felt like his other senses kicked into
overdrive. He could smell Carnie's pussy as if it was straddling his face.
The pool of sweat and excitement that had collected under him felt wet and
sloppy. And it seemed as if he could hear her nipples stretching as she got
more and more excited. None of this helped to relieve the tension in
his crotch, which continued to build past what he thought was already an
unbearable level.

He jumped when she started licking his nipples, first the right, then the left
in alternating succession. She attacked each roughly, trying to lick them
right off his body. When she switched to sucking them long and hard, drawing the nipple as far into her mouth as it would go, he began to moan and hump the
air. Her own nipples were two fiery knobs, pressing into his arm when she
leaned over to reach the nipple that was farther away. For a change of pace,
she straddled his middle, letting his cock settle between her legs while she
sucked and continued playing with his nipples.
"Arrgh," he groaned, feeling the heat from her pussy as he slid between her
legs, rubbing on her outer lips.

His cock twitched from the torture, tapping her pussy lips in an uncoordinated
rhythm, while she continued the torment. This, of course, only excited her
more, increasing the heat from her pussy. Mercifully she stopped and padded
away. He didn't know whether his heart, never mind his cock, could survive
His respite was short lived. He soon felt her mouth go to work hungrily on
his cockhead. If he could have seen it, he would have been alarmed at its
size and color. Dark, almost purple, the head was now so large that there
was no way she could stretch her mouth wide enough to get it in.

The stimulation was too much, and a small amount of cum seeped out of his
slit, thick and white as it traveled the length of his cock. Greedily she
licked at it, taking the time to clean his slit of any residue that might
still be there. Once it was gone, she pulled away. Danny felt no relief from
the brief cum; in fact, it actually made things worse because his hopes for
relief had been raised.

Several minutes later (or was it hours? Danny really wasn't sure; he'd dozed
off), he felt the table move, then a hand on his cock and the unmistakable
sensation of a very wet pussy coming into contact with his cockhead. Oh God,
yes, he thought.

He had no idea what was in store for him, but he knew that he wanted to fuck
her really bad. She moved frantically above him, rubbing his cockhead along
her outer lips, soaking it in her juices. She was so hot, and so wet, that he
wouldn't have been surprised if she came right there.

She pressed down, applying pressure, trying to insert his cock in her, but the
head was too big. She whimpered and panted; her voice sounding high pitched
and desperate. He could feel her rocking back and forth, trying to get his
cock in; because of her position over him, he was unable to thrust upward to

Her efforts finally paid off and he felt his cockhead move forward and into
her pussy. She simultaneously sighed and moaned as it touched a sensitive
spot inside her. Once she hit bottom and he felt the hot sticky wetness of
her pussy on his pelvis, she slowly withdrew until only the head remained
embedded. He could feel her legs quivering with the effort, and would have
smiled in satisfaction had he not been juggling so many other feelings and

She felt incredible! He'd wanted to fuck her since she first bent over in his
office, and now here he was, his cock sliding into her, the movements
tortuously slow. He was so caught up in the act of fucking her that it took
him awhile to notice that there was a warm hot mouth on his balls.

Oh shit, he thought, how the hell did she do that. He could see her
dimensions in his minds eye, and could not imagine a position that would
allow her to screw him in this position AND lick on his balls; it simply
wasn't possible.

The tongue was doing incredible things to his balls while he was being
fucked, swirling around the sack, kissing and sucking, and occasionally
venturing up to the shaft in between down strokes. He wanted to call out, to
ask what was going on, but thought better of it, not so much out of fear of
breaking the rules and her filing her report as much as out of fear that she
(they?) might stop.

Whoever it was that was impaled on his pole started to chant (he could no
longer be certain that it was Carnie), "Uh huh, Uh huh" under her breath, and
started to slow her strokes to delay her cumming. He felt the mouth on his
balls move up to her pussy, trying to coax an orgasm out of it by matching the
strokes with that wonderful tongue.

Sure enough, that was all it took to push her over. He felt her pussy contract as her orgasm began, and the chanting got faster. Apparently, as
her pussy got tighter and encountered the thickness of his bound and
restrained cock, it set off a second orgasm right after the first started.
The force of cumming back to back twice caused her to knees to buckle,
ramming his cock in up to the hilt; as his cockhead plowed deep inside her, a
third orgasm was touched off and she screamed.

This was more than his abused cock and balls could handle. As her third
orgasm started his balls began to contract, trying to force cum through his
bound shaft. Unfortunately, Carnie had done a good job (actually, she had
redone the bindings while he slept), and nothing was able to break free. He
groaned in pain as his cock spasmed inside her, unable to drain any of the
cum that had built up. The spasms extended the third orgasm, causing the
woman to lean forward spent and exhausted.

Gradually the woman on top of him reluctantly removed his cock from inside her
by standing up, his cock withdrawing with an audible, wet pop. She climbed
down moved away from the table. All of this activity was taking an incredible
toll on his body. In spite of the pounding in his crotch, he fell asleep

He awoke with Carnie's voice in his ear. "Wake up sleepy head. We're not
done yet."

He shook his head to clear it, and quickly realized that his hands and feet
were now free, but his cock was still bound.

"You did good. As a reward, I've decided to give you a show. Sit up and
swing your legs over the side, but do not remove the blindfold."

Danny did as he was told. Carnie (at least this time he thought that it was
Carnie) grabbed his hand and coaxed him forward, off of the table. She
maneuvered him to a dinette chair that had been place in the center of the
living room.

"There is a chair behind you," she said. "Please sit down."

Once he did, she pulled his hands behind him and handcuffed them securely to
the legs of the chair. Next, she tied his legs tightly to the front legs of
the chair with his legs spread. Without warning, she began to kiss and lick
his cock, savoring the pussy juice that had dried on it from his earlier
encounter. He shifted his hips, trying to relieve some of the pressure in his

With a final lick, she stood up. "Ok, Danny; show time!"

As she leaned forward to remove the blindfold, her nipple grazed his lips.
He clamped his mouth around it, teasing the point with his tongue and sucking hard on it. Her hands faltered.

"Oh God damn. Yes!" She moaned. "Oh yes, that's it."

Reluctantly, she finished removing the blindfold and stepped back. As his
vision cleared, he was able to confirm that they were not in the room alone.
On the floor across him, rubbing her pussy feverishly, was his wife!

"Melanie!?!" he shouted, shocked and confused.

Carnie shot him a warning glance, and he wisely decided against following
through with the questions that sprung immediately to mind at the sight of
his wife on the floor playing with herself. Carnie moved over to where
Melanie lay and nestled between her legs.

Physically, the two women could not have been more different. Melanie had
small, lemon sized tits capped with slight, pink nipples. Her thin lanky
frame made it appear that she towered over Carnie, when in fact she was only
3 or 4 inches taller. Her hips were narrow and her stomach flat; she'd
always enjoyed sex but had never been particularly adventurous. Until now,
that is.

"Did the big thick cock abuse your poor little pussy?" Carnie asked as if
speaking to a child. "Would you like Carnie to make it better?"

Melanie's eyes were closed and it looked like she hadn't heard her. Her legs
were spread wide, and Danny could see where her pussy lips were red and
swollen from the onslaught on the table; she looked like she had been gang
banged. His cock throbbed at the realization that that had been his wife up
there. She'd never cum multiple times before with him, but from the looks of
her pussy, she'd been run through the ringer and enjoyed it. It was still
wet and glistening, and it looked like she was trying to work herself into
another orgasm.

Carnie firmly grabbed Melanie's wrist and removed her hand from her pussy.
Danny watched in amazement as Carnie used her free hand to spread Melanie's
pussy and suck deeply, making her tongue pointy and fucking her with it. To
his knowledge, Melanie had never cheated on him, and certainly had never been
with another woman, but she seemed to be getting into this. Freeing her hand,
Melanie grabbed Carnie's head with both hands and pressed it firmly into her

"Oh Jesus, yes! Yes!" she moaned, humping Carnie's face, oblivious to the fact
that Danny was staring at her slack jawed. "Swing around; let me taste that
wonderful pussy!"

What the hell was going on? Danny's head reeled as he watched the mother of
his children, a prim and proper woman by anyone's standards, engage in a hot
and steamy 69 session with Carnie. The women turned so that Carnie's ass was
facing Danny and he had an unobstructed view of his wife hungrily lapping
pussy, burying her face as deep as it would go.

"I'm going to cum, Carnie. Keep it up, right there!" Contradictorily, Carnie

"No!" Melanie whined. "I was so close!"

She tried to reach around Carnie and bring herself off, but Carnie blocked her
access. Frustrated, she dropped her hands to her sides.

"I think we can do better than this, don't you Mel?" No answer. Carnie stood
up. "You'll cum again, I promise, but it'll be my way. Go kneel in front of
Danny and get on all fours."

Walking toward her husband, Danny searched her face for some sign of
recognition, but she was too far gone, her face the picture of lust.
Following Carrie's instructions, she positioned herself in front of Danny on
her hands and knees, her face at his crotch, and her ass pointing at Carnie.

"Suck him."

Her mouth was incredibly hot, like she was running a temperature. He could
not believe the vigor with which she attacked his cock. She had no trouble
opening her mouth wide enough to get the head in, and she did so, doing her
best to swallow him whole. She reached under herself to finger her dripping
pussy, but Carnie slapped her hand away.

Unfortunately, the blowjob was anything but pleasurable for Danny; he'd built
up so much cum he was afraid that he was going to rupture something.

Without saying a word, Carnie nudged Melanie's head, and she removed her
mouth. Danny hadn't noticed, but Carnie had picked up a vibrator from
somewhere. It was cock shaped and 10" long, but not quite as thick around as
he was.

"Don't turn around," she said as she slipped the dildo between Melanie's legs,
getting it nice and wet from the juice dripping out of her pussy. When it was
well coated, she said "Time to take your virginity, dear. Tell your husband
that you want me to fuck your ass."

Danny's eyes grew wide with shock. There was no way she could take that thing
in her ass. During a particularly wild night early in their marriage he had
slid a finger in there, and Melanie hadn't spoken to him for almost two weeks.
Apparently, Melanie didn't remember that incident, or she simply no longer
cared. This time, she didn't even hesitate. "Danny," she begged. "Please
tell her to fuck me in the ass. I NEED to cum!
Please Danny, do it. Do what she wants!"

Dumfounded, Danny did as she asked. "Carnie, fuck Melanie's ass with that
thing," he asked, his heart in his throat. It wasn't fair that he wouldn't be
the first!

"Are you sure?" Carnie asked teasingly?

Danny looked at his wife and saw the wanting in her eyes. He looked at Carnie
and nodded.

Again from somewhere unseen, Carnie picked up a container of petroleum jelly
and scooped a glob out with her fingers. Slowly she spread it around
Melanie's asshole, and then started to work it in with her finger. Melanie
grunted as the finger entered her, but said noting else. As soon as the
first finger could move around easily, Carnie worked in a second, then a
third. Melanie laid her head on Danny's lap whimpering, but offered no

Carnie rubbed the dildo between Melanie's legs a few more times then placed
the tip on her asshole. Slowly but firmly she pushed on it until it pushed
past her anal ring. She waited a moment, giving Melanie a chance to get used
to its thickness. Danny looked down and saw his wife's eyes squeezed shut.
Carnie began sliding it in slowly again, and Melanie started panting in short
rapid bursts. At about six inches, Carnie reversed the motion, pulling it
all the way out, leaving Melanie's asshole gaping. She pushed it back in a
little quicker the next time, and was soon pumping it in and out smoothly.
Melanie's head began lolling back and forth in time with the dildo's
movements, and when Danny looked down the next time there was nothing but
pleasure on her face. She started pushing her ass back on the dildo, trying
to get more depth out of each stroke. Her moans were getting louder now, and
Danny knew from experience that she was well on her way to another orgasm.

True to her word, Carnie delivered a mind blowing cum. While fucking
Melanie's ass, she reached over with her free hand and began rubbing her
clit. Melanie's body grew confused, unsure which way to hump, pleasurable
sensations coming from two different directions. She finally worked into a
rhythm that involved her rolling her hips to maximize the pressure in both
places. As her pace picked up, Carnie rubbed harder on Melanie's clit, until
Melanie let out a long deep moan and collapse onto the floor, dildo still
sticking out of her ass. Danny's cock convulsed as he tried to cum again, but
still nothing came out.

It had been hours since Carnie had cum last, a condition she planned to
address immediately.

Standing and stepping over Melanie, she straddled Danny's chair and stuck a
nipple in his mouth. He suckled on it, nibbling and biting, causing her to
actually drip onto his lap. He increased his attention, moving between her
nipples in rapid succession.

"I can't stand this anymore," she said. "I need to cum bad."

Moving back slightly, she reached below her and tried to guide his cock into
her waiting pussy, but like Melanie, had trouble working the swollen head in.
After a little more work on her very hard, very sensitive nipples, it slid in
with a sucking sound. Danny saw stars! Carnie had the most amazing pussy he'd ever felt, soft and warm inside, it was as if each muscle had wrapped
itself around his cock and was steadily massaging it. When she rose up, it
felt like her pussy gripped and climbed, but when she slid down, it was like
fucking warm pudding. He moaned into her tit, which made her pump a little

Because she was so small, it took awhile to get Danny all the way in. Her
pussy felt stretched and tight and full. She thought she could actually feel
the ridge of his head and the veins on his shaft, she was so turned on. She
knew she wouldn't last long at this rate. As she increased her pace, she
felt his body tightening under him, and knew he was reaching orgasm again.
Deftly reaching behind her, she undid the straps and bindings that hat held
his cock and balls prisoner for all of this time. In reaction to this
newfound freedom, Danny's orgasm peeked, and he began shooting load after
load of hot cum into her. Deep inside, Carnie felt the cum stream into her,
and her orgasm also began. Her pussy clenched Danny's cock milking the cum,
as she slammed repeatedly onto his lap, unable to hear or see anything over
the roar of her orgasm and the slap of their crotches. It was a wonder the
chair didn't collapse under the pressure. It felt like he came for hours
there were so much cum, and in the end she must have reached her limit
because gobs started to drip out of her pussy as she leaned against his
chest, worn out.

She rose and kissed him, snaking her tongue into his mouth. cum continued to
drip down her leg as released his hands, then untied his legs, and walked over
and flopped on the couch. When she didn't say a word, Danny spoke up.

"Now what."

"Now nothing. I'm done. Every part of my body is sore. The two of you wore
me out."

He looked over at a clock that was sitting on the end table. It was 9:00 in
the morning!

"So then, we've got a deal?" he asked, mimicking her statement from the night
before. She nodded.

"Ok then, I have a question. What the hell is she doing here?" he asked,
pointing to Melanie, who'd moved to any easy chair in order to get a better
view of the last coupling.

"Oh that," Carnie grinned. "Well, I kind of called her and told her that it
was very important that she meet me, because you needed her help. Like the
good wife, she came right over. When she got here, I told her that you had
sexually harassed me at the office, and I didn't know what to do. She was
destroyed. Then I offered her a drink."

"And another," Melanie added. "And another. And then one more still. I was
so mad at you Danny! Eventually, I realized that I was in no condition to
drive home, and even if I could, I couldn't let the kids see me like this.
So I called Beth and asked her to pick them up and let them sleep over. I
said that I'd had a horrible day, and I would explain everything tomorrow.
Then I passed out. When I woke up I was naked, and Carnie," she looked over,
"was DOING things to me. I was appalled, but they felt so good; after
awhile, there was enough alcohol in me that I didn't care that it was another

"We were having so much fun, I finally came clean with Mel," Carnie
continued. "I told her the truth. She said it sounded kind of kinky, and
wanted to watch. One thing led to another, and now here we all sit fucked
out!" She smiled.

Danny didn't know whether to be mad, sad or what. This woman had blackmailed
him and basically raped his wife. But it was the most incredible experience
he'd ever had. His cock was already stirring at the memory. As it sprung
back to life, he looked down at it, then over to Carnie.

"Looks like somebody's still got some lead in his pencil!" Danny blushed.
Standing she asked, "Want to do one more round?"

Danny looked at Carnie, then at Melanie, then back to Carnie. Ahh, what the
hell, it's not like it was really cheating, was it? After all, Melanie was
here. Danny walked over to the couch and turned Carnie around.

"I want you from behind this time," he said.

She bent over and braced herself on the back of the couch, her ass pointed up
and her pussy spread wide. She was still dripping from the last fuck, so he
entered her easily. She pushed back on his cock, wedging it in tightly.
Slowly he pumped into her, drawing out and plunging in. Occasionally he would
"miss" on reentry and brush her clit, making her shiver. He could tell that
she was enjoying it, because she would snarl as he stroked.

Trying not to draw attention to himself, he gestured for Melanie to come over
to the couch. Without speaking, he indicated that she should come around and
over the back, so that her pussy would be in Carnie's face. As soon as she
was in position, Carnie took the hint began to munch on Melanie's pussy,
snaking her tongue in and chewing on her pussy lips like a woman possessed.

Danny used her distraction to his advantage and, on his next down stroke
plunged his cock deep into Carnie's ass. She may have gotten Melanie's ass,
but damned if he wasn't going to get some of hers. Already slick with his cum and her juices, her ass provided only minimal resistance as his engorged
cockhead forced her apart.

"Unnnhhhh," she moaned, but was cut of as Melanie pressed her cunt tighter to
her face.

Her ass was much tighter than her pussy, and Danny could actually feel the
friction as he plowed deep into her. His cock was definitely the widest thing
that had ever been in it but he was relentless, pounding into her asshole
without giving her time to adjust to his thickness. He leaned into her,
reaching over to tug on her nipples roughly while he stuffed his cock into her

The three moved in unison, Danny punishing Carnie's ass while she ate
Melanie's pussy like it might be her last meal. Melanie came first, possibly
because she stared intently at Danny's cock while it moved in an out of
Carnie to go along with the tongue bath she was getting. She bucked her hips
and flailed her arms as she came, almost falling backwards off the couch.

Danny pulled out of Carnie's ass and sat down, pulling her on top of him and
so that he could suck on her wonderful tits while they continued to fuck.
Grabbing her hips, he picked her up and pressed her down on his cock like a
doll, controlling the speed and force of their fucking. Melanie, recovered
from her orgasm, knelt between his legs and worked on his balls like Carnie
had done early. As he felt the cum building in his balls, Danny increased
the speed, angling Carnie so that his shaft rubbed her clit with every
stroke. This time, she came before him.
" Oh shit, oh shit oh shit, oh shit!" she screamed as her pussy squeezed
Danny's cock. He kept his thrusts steady, pushing in as deeply as he could.
When she was done, Danny let out a deep rumbling moan as his cum filled her
pussy for the second time this morning, his balls jerking in Melanie's mouth.

When they could muster the strength, the three of them dragged themselves into
one of the bedrooms and fell asleep in each other's arms, Melanie spooned with
Carnie, and Danny spooned with Melanie. Something told them that his wouldn't
be the last "deal" they made together.
The End.
I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I am currently
at work on others that will be posted as soon as they are finished. Thank
you for all of the constructive comments and words of encouragement. If you
have story ideas, feel free to email them to me; I can't promise anything,
but I'm always looking for things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.


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