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OKINAWA thick Hispanic girl strip The club


Tired of the normal "fuck-suck" stories I read, I decided to write
some my own way. They are much longer than most, and have (I feel)
more character development than most other adult stories.

This story is intended only to be enjoyed by consenting adults. It
is based on both real life experiences and fantasy. Any
similarities to anybody, living or dead, is intentional. Only the
names have been changed to protect the involved parties.

If you are interested in more like these, my E-Mail address is All of my stories and more are now available
at my web site, "Adventures In Erotica". This is a free site, and
the address is

I welcome any input, or comments, or your own stories. Since I
distribute it for free, please do not place it in any "pay for
access" sites. Other than that, as long as nothing is cut out
(including these comments) distribution is unlimited.

Thank you, and enjoy.

By Mushroom

Part I

It was late Saturday evening. I was walking in Okinawa City,
Japan. I had been here for just over a year, and loved being here.
My normal routine was to get into my car (a piece of shit '82
Toyota) and drive down here. I was stationed in the extreme
Northern area of the island, and there was absolutely nothing there.
Okinawa City was just outside of Kadena Airforce Base, and had a
very active night life.

I had gone to a couple of the normal clubs for me. Bamboo had
their banana show, where an older Japanese gal shoved a banana
inside her cunt, then pushed it out in little pieces. There was an
airhead that actually got down and ate them as they fell out. I
watched the show, killed my beer, and left.

I stopped at Club Paradise, and spent an hour playing with a
little Philippino. Most of the bar girls here were from there. I
was never sure if that was because either the local women willing to
do this were to ugly, or that they wanted more money. This one
looked like she was barely 18, and was only 4'9". I bought her a
drink, and spent about 30 minutes playing with her large titties
while she rubbed my cock under the table. She was just a "buy me
drinkee" girl, and was only trying to get more of my money. So
after I refused to give her more money, she left.

The "buy me drinkee" girls never put out, and would never get
you off. They would tease you, and let you grope them until your
wallet was empty. They would then move on, leaving you frustrated
and broke. There were a few that I knew of in smaller clubs that
would jack you off, but they were exceptions.

I was heading back to my car, and decided to take a different
route. I had walked about half way down a dark side street, when I
heard a whispered "Psssst" from the side of the road. I looked, and
saw the shape of a woman next to a darkened building. "Wanna suckie
fuckie?" she asked.

I realized that she was standing in the entrance to a darkened
bar. The place looked closed, but through the crack in the door, I
could see a light was on inside. I was curious, so I went over to
her. She was older, maybe 40 or so. But her body was pretty good.
When I got next to her, she grabbed my hand, and pulled me into the

Once in the door, she locked the door. The place was
definitely a bar at one time. It was long closed, and in disrepair.
The tables had a layer of dust on them, and the mirror behind the
stage was broken. The only thing on the stage was a mattress, and a
lamp with a dim bulb.

"You want fast brow-job, $10. You want fuckie-suckie, $20.
You want long-time, $30."

I took a closer look at her, and was definitely interested.
She looked like she had been a knockout in her younger days. 5'4",
and no more than 100 pounds. She had long black hair, and green
eyes. She had large breasts for a Japanese lady, and her nipples
were faintly visible under her blouse. She was wearing a knee
length skirt, and blue silk blouse.

I decided "What the hell". I had just been paid, and had
nothing better to do with my money. I pulled out $40 and handed it
to her. "Tell you what, that is all yours. Give me my money's
worth, and I will be back again."

Her face lit up at that. It did not look to be with greed, as
much as anticipation and gratitude. This was no average street
whore I decided. I was surprised when she made a counter offer.

"Tell you what. You give me another $10, I do it all night.
I'll even make you breakfast in the morning. It has been long time
since I've been with somebody as nice as you."

I thought about it, and decided "why not". I peeled off
another $20, and told her to keep it. I was not looking forward to
the 45 minute drive home, and was a little drunk. I occasionally
got a hotel room for the night, and that ran $35. For just a little
more than that, I would spend the night, have breakfast, and get my
rocks off.

She sat me at one of the tables (I noticed that one of them
was recently cleaned). She left, and came back with 2 bottles of
Budweiser. On the way back, she turned on a stereo. It was an old
dancing tape, but the music was relaxing. It also helped set the
mood. We both drank one of the beers, as we talked. Her name was
Itsuko, but asked me to call her Annie. We talked, mostly me
telling her my background.

We were sitting next to each other, our hips touching. I
placed my arm around her, and she rested against me. She rested her
hand on my knee, and made no attempts to grope me. This was
actually nice, more like a date than a session with a hooker.

After finishing our beers, she turned me towards her, and
kissed me. Now I normally did not kiss whores (for obvious
reasons), but did not resist her. There was something unusual and
different about her. We kissed for almost a half hour, holding each
other tightly as we did so. I moved down and kissed her neck, and
she gasped. She moaned something in Japanese, and it sounded like a
name. She then pushed me away, and started crying.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Here, take your money. I let you go
now. Keep money."

I was shaken, and found that I did not want to leave her. I
gently took her in my arms, and held her as she cried. After almost
20 minutes, she relaxed, and she told me what was wrong.

It seemed that the bar had belonged to her and her husband.
Before they were married, it was a strip club. But after their
marriage, he closed it, and tried to rent it out. There were
occasionally renters, but never for more than a year or so. They
lived in the apartment on the second floor.

She was 39, and had been married for almost 20 years. Her
husband got a job on the base as a carpenter after the club closed,
and they had been living comfortably since then. They had no
children, but were happy. Then 6 months ago, he died of a heart
attack. He did not believe in insurance, and now she was almost
broke. Desperate and hungry, she cleaned up part of the bar, and
decided to try selling herself. I was to have been her first
customer. She had never done anything like that before, and was now

The problem is that I had kissed her neck, the same way that
her husband had done when they made love. It was his name she had
called out. Her story got to me, and I could not bear to take the
money away from her. When I told her this, she cried all over

"No, you take your money back. I've done nothing to deserve
it. You nice man, but you deserve young girl for your money. One
that make you feel good."

I assured her that I would be happy to simply sleep on the
mattress on the stage, and enjoy her breakfast in the morning in
exchange for the money. After our drinks, there was no way I could
have safely driven home. She agreed, and got us each another beer.

We chatted again as we drank, now feeling more comfortable
with each other. The money I gave her would pay for her electricity
bill. She was almost making her payments with her pension (she had
retired last year as a secretary) and her husband's pension. She
was looking for more work, but was rough because of her age and

Soon, I had her laughing again, my jokes making her feel at
ease again. I yawned, and told her that I was getting tired. She
left, and brought back a blanket for me to sleep with. She gave me
a warm hug of gratitude, and went back upstairs.

I got undressed, and climbed onto the mattress to sleep. I
fell asleep feeling good, knowing that I had helped Itsuko. I had
prevented her from prostituting herself, and comforted her.

I woke up with a jump, realizing that somebody was next to me.
I rolled over, and Itsuko was next to me on the bed. She was
wearing a white silk nightgown, which looked good on her.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I want to be with you tonight" was her answer.

"You don't have to do this" I told her. "The money is yours.
I do not expect anything else."

"You do not understand. I WANT to be with you tonight. I
have been lonely for 6 months. You the first to show me kindness
in all that time. I appreciate that, and want to thank you for
that. I am also a woman, and have needs and desires also. I have
not been with a man in over 6 months, and want to be with you.
Please, kiss me again like you did before."

I could not resist, and we started kissing again. I ran my
hands up and down her back, enjoying the feeling of the silk between
her skin and my hand. This time, she was the one to move away,
kissing my neck as she caressed my chest.

"Ohh, so big and strong" he whispered into my ear as she
caressed my chest. "And so much hair. I never been with a man with
so much hair before."

"How many men have you been with?" I asked, curious.

"Just one, my husband" was her response. I kissed her hard,
and dropped one hand farther down, rubbing her ass as we kissed.
She moved a hand down also, and grasped my cock. Her touch was
gentle, as she ran her hand up and down my length. It felt good,
and soon I had to pull back, gasping for breath as she manipulated

She had a very soft hand, and knew how to make a man feel
good. Soon, I was gasping, enjoying the attention she was giving
me. She was kissing my neck as she stroked me. I slowly moved one
hand from her back to her front, caressing her breast.

Itsuko had small breasts. They were 34C. However, the
nipples were things of wonder. Her areola were probably the size of
half dollars, and the nipples were almost 1/2" long. They were a
little thicker than a pencil in diameter. She gasped and pressed
her chest to me as I gently caressed and squeezed her breast. The
nipples were still as hard as rocks, and I gently squeezed then
through her nightgown.

She looked like an angel in that nightgown. I was laying flat
on my back. She was laying over me. I felt a gentle pressure
against my hip. I realized that it was her crotch. She was gently
rocking against me, pressing against me, then relaxing. Then she
repeated the motion. It was slow and gentle, maybe rocking to and
from every 5 seconds or so.

I reached down, and stopped her hand. She pulled back, and
looked up at me. "Don't you like what I doing to you?" she asked.

"I love it, but you are getting me close."

"Ahhh, I understand" was her response.

She then simply held me. She occasionally ran her hand up and
down, but her grip on me was more gentle then passionate.

I continued to caress her breasts, and carefully started to
pull the nightgown up her body. I moved my other hand down, and
caressed her legs as I inched it up.

Itsuko moaned as I caressed the tops of her thighs. She was
wearing nothing under the nightgown, and I moved one hand to caress
her naked ass cheeks. Our kisses turned more passionate, and I
gently reversed our positions. I rolled her onto her back, as I
rolled onto my side, and slightly over her.

It was obvious that this girl was not a pro, but used to
making love in a particular way with one man. I had been married
for 5 years, getting my divorce 5 months before I came over to the
"Rock". After the divorce, I had wanted to get away for a while (my
ex was still living in the same town I was based). I requested a
transfer, and got it quickly. Okinawa had not been my first choice,
but it was not my last.

However, like most married couples, we fell into the rut of
normally making love the same way. Not that it was not enjoyable,
but it was a routine. Itsuko was making love to me the same way,
obviously the way her husband and her had made love.

This was different from the way the professionals had done it.
I've had sex with prostitutes before, from the U.S., and also from
Mexico, Panama, and Japan. They performed their act almost
mechanically, and trying for speed, not quality. They also normally
varied the way they moved their hands and mouths, looking for the
way that gave the most pleasure.

Itsuko did none of the usual moves. This was like she was
making love to me, not simply turning a trick. I found myself
wondering what would have happened if it had been somebody else that
had found her first. She obviously had nobody in the next room, to
protect her if the guy got rough, or refused to pay. However, the
wonderful feelings that she was giving me quickly pushed those
thoughts out of my mind.

I gently removed her nightgown, and gazed down at her body.
She was a very nice lady, and had a wonderful body. She was 6 years
older than me, but that was not such a problem. I had dated women 8
years younger than me. Her skin was like ivory. Lightly coloured,
and very soft and smooth. Her lips and nipples were darker, and
shone in the soft light. Her black hair was spread about her head
on the pillow, like a black halo.

We resumed kissing, and I started caressing her body. My hand
move up and down, starting at her neck, and moving down to her
thigh, then back up. A couple of times, I teased her inner thigh,
but did not move further. I lightly caressed the side of her chest,
grazing the outside of her breast. Soon, Itsuko as moaning into my
mouth, and tried to move her body to make my hand touch her more

I had decided that this was a lady that I would make love to,
not simply have sex with. I moved down to her neck, kissing and
sucking on her soft flesh. She started to writhe under me, and
moaning something in Japanese. However, she did not mention her
late husband's name this time. She moaned mine instead. Then she
switched to English, and moaned "Please, you tease me no longer,

I ignored her for the moment, moving my mouth down to her
chest. I licked and kissed her chest, moving slowly down between
her breasts. I kissed her breast bone, and she moaned. I started
kissing the underside of her breast, as I moved my hand up the
inside of her thigh. Finally, I gave her what she wanted. I moved
my mouth to the side, taking her right breast into my mouth. At the
same time, I cupped her pubic region in my hand.

She acted like I had shocked her with a cattle prod. Her body
tensed up, then she laid back, grasping my head in her hands. He
pussy was soaking wet. I played with her outer lips, teasing and
caressing them as I sucked on her nipple. I moved to her other
breast, doing the same to it. She moaned and gasped as I did so.

I easily found her clit, and started caressing it. It was
like I found her "on button". Within 2 minutes, she was having an
orgasm. "Oh, that feel so good! Please, don't stop. Don't..."
The remainder of her words degenerated into moans as I brought her
to another orgasm. Now I had my middle finger inside her, as I
strummed her clit with my thumb.

I believed her about not making love to anybody but her
husband, and decided to do something that I have always enjoyed. I
started kissing my way down her body. I licked her navel, causing
more shivers to run through her. I started to kiss her thigh, and
started to move up between her legs. Then she grasped my head in
her hands, and stopped me.

"No, not that. I am dirty down there."

I paused for a minute, confused. She smelled nice, having
obviously taken a bath after she had left me earlier in the evening.
Then I understood.

"Has you husband ever kissed you down there?" I asked.

"No, it is dirty. I bleed down there."

"Are you bleeding now?" I asked. She shyly shook her head
no, so I continued to kiss my way to her center.

She tried one last time with her hands to stop me, but I moved
them away. I extended my tongue, and licked her clit. After 30
seconds, she relaxed her grip on my head. A minute later, she was
playing with my hair, obviously enjoying what I was doing. Within 5
minutes, she was holding my head to her, loudly moaning "YES", as
she achieved another orgasm. I quickly brought her to a second
orgasm before I moved back up her body.

I let her relax, simply holding her as she regained her
breath. "That feel very good. I done that for my husband before,
but he never do it to me. Now I know why he like it so much."

"Did you do it to your husband very often?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, he like that very much. I like it also." she said to
me, turning to look at me. "I like to feel a penis in my hand, in
my mouth, and inside me. My husband was smaller than you. You are
both longer and thicker that he was."

She was again caressing my cock as she said this. She moved
down, kissing my chest and belly as she did so. She got down to my
groin, and kissed the upper part of my thigh, right next to my
balls. It was like magic, how good it felt. She was holding me
straight up now, moving her hand from the base all the way to the
tip. She gently licked the tip, licking up the fluids that were
leaking from me. Then she opened her mouth, and took half of my
length in one gulp.

She was very good. She moved her head up and down slowly,
taking most of the length into her mouth. The rest she held in her
small hand, gently squeezing. I am not huge, barely 7" long, and 3"
around. But I have seen some Japanese porn movies, and the men were
proportionately smaller in their genitals also.

She had me close to cumming in less than 4 minutes. "I am
about to cum" I moaned, giving her the chance to pull off if she so
wished. But she started to move her head faster, moaning around my
cock. That pushed me over the edge, and I spasmed in orgasm.

I had not had any sex in almost a week (I had not even
masturbated). I came in 7 or 8 large spurts, the most I had shot in
longer than I can remember. Itsuko swallowed everything I gave her,
then kept me in her mouth until I got hard again.

She crawled up my body, kissing me along the way. We kissed
with her on top of me for several minutes. I could taste my sperm
on her lips, and I was sure she could taste her secretions on mine.
She nibbled on my ear, then whispered into it "I want you inside me

I rolled her onto her back, and slid between her legs. I
pressed my groin against hers, feeling her wetness against me. I
moved my hips around, teasing her with the head of my cock. She
would try to move so I would enter, but I would pull back again.
Finally, she pulled her mouth from mine and said "Don't tease me any
more. Please, I need you inside me. I want to feel you inside me."

I told her to put me in, and lifted my belly up from hers.
Her small hand moved down, and grasped me. She placed the head
against her opening, and pushed me into her. Itsuko actually purred
when I slowly slid into her. Once I was all the way in, I started
to kiss her, not moving an inch. She was incredibly tight, probably
because she had only made love to one other person, and he was
smaller then me.

"Oh, you make me so full. I never feel so full before." she
moaned into my ear.

I asked her if it hurt, but she shook her head no. "It hurt a
little at first, but no more. Now it only feel good. You make me
feel like a woman again."

I slowly, gently started to slip out of her, then back in. I
would pull about half way out, then all the way in. Itsuko kissed
me again, wrapping her arms around me and pulling my full weight
down. I thought I would crush her, but she whispered that she
wanted to feel crushed by me.

I started lengthening my thrusts, until i was only leaving the
head inside her. I would thrust that way a few times, then change
to short hard thrusts. I then felt a wonderful pair of legs wrap
themselves around me, clutching me to her.

"I knew you would be good. I wanted you to last long time.
That is why I do you with my mouth first. I want you to last long
time inside me."

I assured her that I would last as long as possible. When I
felt close, I would slow down, then stop. Once I felt I had control
again, I would start sliding again. Itsuko had incredible muscle
control, squeezing me when I was all the way in. She started to
gently bite my neck and moan, so I knew she was about to cum. A
minute later, we were kissing fiercely as she had her fifth orgasm
of the night. She came again, gripping my ass and making me thrust

I was close again, and stopped. "No, don't stop. I want you
to give me your seed. I want it inside me."

I thrust a few more times, then buried myself all the way into
her, filling her with my sperm. As I finished, she had another
orgasm, then relaxed. I laid on top of her for another 10 minutes,
kissing each other until I became soft, and slipped out of her.

I rolled off of her, and onto my back. Itsuko curled up
against my side, and we both fell asleep.

Part II

I awoke the next morning, alone in bed. I wondered for a
minute if it had all been a dream. Then I felt how sore my
testicles were. I had literally emptied myself, and was a little
sore. I could also see the hickeys on my chest, and feel the
scratches on my back. I inhaled deeply, smelling Itsuko's feminine
odor, which was very pleasant.

I was trying to decide what I should do, when she came back
into the room. She had not gotten dressed, and looked just as
beautiful in the light of day as she had the night before.

"You wait five minute. I making breakfast, and be right

She scurried back out of the room, and I heard her climbing up
some stairs. I sat up, and waited. While I waited, I considered
things I could do to help her out. I knew that the money that I
gave her would not last long, and she would have to sell her body
again. I had only delayed the inevitable. I was still considering
options when she returned.

She was back in about 10 minutes, carrying two plates with
eggs and bacon. She also had 2 glasses of orange juice. She sat
down across from me, and sat the tray down.

Neither one of us talked, just looked at each other. I
decided to let her know how I felt, and moved next to her. She
stiffened up a bit when I started to kiss her, then relaxed and
melted into my arms. After 5 minutes, we parted, and started

The breakfast was excellent, and I ate all of it. We chatted,
and she started asking me questions about me. I told her about my
failed marriage, my catching my wife cheating on me. I told her
about my job in the Marines, and what I wanted to do with my life.

She told me about her looking for a job, finding it hard to
find one after not working for several years. Of the young girls
getting all of the jobs, and her getting turned down. One boss had
even made it clear, saying that if she screwed him, he would hire
her. She walked out.

Now she was reduced to prostitution, her choice being that or
starvation. She started to cry, and I held her. The money that I
gave her would only last for 2 weeks, then she would be broke again.
I decided to go ahead and make her a proposition.

"Tell you what. I hate living on base. If you let me, I will
pay you $500 a month to let me live down here in the club. I will
clean it up, and do any other light chores you want. I do not
expect anything else, just a place to live."

"Oh no, I could not do that! You do so much for me already, I
will find a way, I do not want you to give me so much for this."

I assured her that I wanted to do this, and that I had been
wanting to get a place in town for months. I also said that I did
not want to see her do that to herself. AIDS was a real threat for
a prostitute, and would end her life real fast. I did not say that
I was hoping that it would give me a chance to make love to her

Finally, she agreed. "But you will not stay down here. If
you stay here, you stay up with me. Not down here where it is all

I tried to tell her that that was not necessary, but she would
not have it any other way. I decided not to fight her on it (and I
did not want to). She collected up the dishes, and stood up.

"Good. Now that is settled. You come upstairs with me. I
show you around your new home."

We went out a door in the back, and up a flight of stairs. I
walked behind her, admiring the view. Her ass moved back and forth
in front of me, and I got an instant erection. I could not resist.
At the top of the stairs, I gently grabbed her waist.

I decided that this would be a test. If she refused, I would
know not to expect sex in the future. I would still rent from her,
but would only be a roommate.

I reached in front of her, and took the dishes from her.
These I set on the top step, and gently pushed her forward. She
bent at the waist, asking what I was doing. She moaned when I
stepped up behind her, and pressed the head of my cock against her
opening. Itsuko spread her legs slightly, and whispered "Hai" as I
slid into her.

I made love to her there, reaching forward to play with her
clit as I did so. Within minutes, she was shuddering in orgasm. I
held her up as she almost collapsed. I pulled out of her, then
helped her all the way inside. She kissed me once we got into the
apartment, then showed me around.

It was fairly large by local standards. It had 2 bedrooms,
the second being an office and sewing room. There was a combination
kitchen-dining room, and a living room. The bathroom had both a
"benjo", and a conventional toilet. It also had a large bathtub,
and a shower.

For an American, the benjo was a strange sight. It looks
like a round sink set into the floor. Unlike those of us in the US,
over here the toilets were "squatters", with the Japanese
considering it unclean to sit on a seat that others had used before
them. I had used them a few times when I needed to, and had gotten
decent at using them.

The bedroom had a queen size bed, which she pushed me down
onto. She straddled me, and slid herself down on top of me.

"I have been wanting this since last night. I understand that
you young, and want a young woman. All I ask is that until you find
her, you love me when you want."

I pulled her down on top of me, and kissed her deeply. After
an eternity, we separated. "Do not worry about me finding somebody
else any time soon. I would like nothing more than to live with
you, and to be with you. You are not all that old, and very
beautiful. If you allow me to make love to you, I will be happy.
But I will only ask for what you are willing to give."

She laid down on me and started crying again. I understood
her relief. She had gone from almost being a prostitute, to having
hope again. But that thought was shattered, and told me how I had
misunderstood her.

"Now I am only prostitute for one man, instead of many. Thank

I quickly told her that was not true. I would take what she
was willing to give me, and nothing more. I would stop at any time,
and did not expect anything other that a place to stay. Anything
else came from each other as a gift, not as an obligation.

Now she shed real tears of relief. "I thank you. You are
very kind. However, I did not realize how much I missed this until
last night."

To emphasize what she said, she squeezed her inner muscles,
causing a wonderful feeling to pass through my body. We resumed
kissing, and she slowly started moving her hips up and down on top
of me. I reached down, caressing and squeezing her wonderful

We made love this way for almost an hour. It was slow and
gentle. We would pause, change positions, and continue. After 15
minutes with her on top, she rolled us onto our sides. We made love
this way, caressing each others bodies as we moved. Then I rolled
her onto her back, and she wrapped those wonderful legs around me

Itsuko wrapped those taught appendages around me, squeezing me
in them on each in thrust. It was all I could do to hold off myself
when she reached a hard climax. After she relaxed, I pulled out,
and had her get on her hands and knees.

I moved behind her, and slid into her from behind. This time,
she told me to stay inside, and cum inside her. 5 minutes later, I
did as she asked. I lightly bit her neck as I shot off inside her.
She collapsed, and I rolled off of the top of her. As I laid on my
back, she moved down, taking me into her mouth. After she cleaned
up our combined juices, she moved back up, and we cuddled and

The rest of the day passed, and we only got out of bed to eat
and to go to the bathroom. We also got ready for me to move in,
making room in the closet. We also made room in the office for my
computer, and arranged for a second phone line.

We fell asleep that night in the spoon position, with my cock
buried in her from behind. When I showed up at work the next
morning, I was tired, sore, and happy. He had Physical Training,
including a 5 mile run up the hills around Henoko-Village.

Afterwards, I went to take a shower. In the barracks, we have
a community shower. As soon as I walked in, my roommate whistled,
and said "Looks like somebody got real lucky this weekend. Is that
why you were gone?"

I looked, and noticed that there were hickeys and scratches
all over my body. I shook my head, and said "I did not realize that
they were that obvious."

"Wow, maybe you should give me her number. She looks like she
would be a wonderful fuck." He laughed at his own joke.

However, I was surprised at the sudden flash of anger I felt.
"You can go fuck yourself Wade! She is not that kind of girl!"

I immediately felt sorry, as he took a step away from me and
looked at me. "No, I guess she isn't. Sorry man, did not mean to
upset you. In fact, I am glad. I am tired of watching you mope
around the room."

We both laughed, and got dressed for our days duties. I
worked as a Maintenance Chief, pushing paperwork for the Logistics
section. I had spent 10 years in the infantry before this position
however, so I was now enjoying my turn at being a "pogue".

After I got off work, I filled up my car and drove to Okinawa
City. On the way there, I started wondering if Itsuko was serious,
and not just hustling me. I took the expressway, paying the extra
500 yen to save time. When I got there, I knocked on the door. I
was more than a little nervous.

Itsuko opened the door, then practically dragged me inside.
Once inside, she passionately kissed me, leaving me breathless.
Finally, we broke apart, and started moving my stuff upstairs. It
took almost an hour for me to get it inside, and set up.

Itsuko marveled at my computers. I own 3 of them, 2 desktop
systems and a laptop. I set the 2 desktop systems up in the office,
and showed her how to use them. I then placed my clothes in the
closet while she cooked dinner. It was fried rice and pork, and
delicious. She set up traditional silverware, but was surprised
when I pulled out a case from my jacket, and used my own chopsticks.
Having used them since I was a kid, I was almost as good as a native
in their use.

After dinner, we settled in the living room, playing Air
Supply on the CD and relaxing. We just cuddled and kissed, not
moving any farther than that. We did this for over 3 hours, just
talking and necking, enjoying being with each other.

Just before we went to bed, we had a glass of wine, and had a
dance to the music on the CD. It was almost like a date, and was
very enjoyable. She entered the bedroom first, and called me 5
minutes later. I entered, turning off the light and getting
undressed. I wore my normal bed clothes, which is simply my
underwear. I saw that she was wearing the same nightgown she had
worn 2 nights before. We kissed, and she moved her hand down to
grasp me.

"Itsuko, unless you want me to continue, I would like to sleep
tonight. I want to make love to you, but to say it simply, you took
all I had the last 2 days."

Itsuko laughed at that, And said she understood. We cuddled
and kissed some more, then drifted off to sleep, hold each other.

I was having a pleasant dream. In it, I was making love to a
beautiful lady. Then I slowly woke up, and found myself making love
to a beautiful lady. Itsuko was on top of me, slowly and gently
moving up and down on me.

I looked into her eyes, and she smiled down at me. "Sorry,
but I needed you to badly. I wake up, feeling empty. I hope you
not mad at me."

I assured her I was not, and pushed her back, so she was
sitting upright on me. She moved her legs, so she was squatting on
me, and continued to move up and down. I reached up, caressing her
breasts as she moved. She moved back down on top of me as her
orgasm approached.

I bent my head down, taking her breast into my mouth. This
was enough to push her over the edge, shuddering on top of me and
moaning my name. Afterwards, she laid on top of me until I grew
soft, and slipped out of her body. Then we curled up again, holding
each other. She said that I had not yet cum, but I told her it was
OK, and that as long as she was satisfied, I was happy.

The next couple of days were much the same. Waking up,
driving to work (something I had not done for several years), going
home, making love. On Thursday night, it was "Field Day" in the

Field Day is a Marine Corps tradition. Once a week, there is
a major cleanup of all major areas. Since I still officially lived
in the barracks (only married couples with special permission can
live out in town), I had to participate. Wade told me to kick back
and relax. Since he was the one to mess up the room, he would clean
it up. I messed around on my laptop until the inspection. I
finally got out of there at 7pm, and headed home.

When I got there, Itsuko had dinner ready. After eating, we
went straight to bed, and made love for several hours, until he fell
asleep in a sweaty tangle.

I got up early the next morning, and climbed into the shower.
a few minutes later, Itsuko joined me in there. She knelt down,
and proceeded to wash my cock. After she was finished, I had
another erection. She looked up with a wicked smile, and proceeded
to take me in her mouth.

I played with her hair as she sucked me off. Once again, I
gave her a quiet moan telling her I was about to cum. This time,
she pulled me out, and jacked me off all over her face and breasts.
I sagged down, and sat on the floor of the tub. She joined me, and
we squirmed around for several minutes until I had to get dressed
and leave for work.

When I got to work, there were leave orders there waiting for
me. During the last week, I had forgotten that I had requested
leave the next month. 30 days at home, before starting the next 18
months of my deployment.

When I got home that night, I told Itsuko about my leave. She
cried, but understood my desire to go home. I paid her that night
for the next 2 months rent. I gave her $200 extra, and she tried to
refuse. I insisted she keep it, as a gift from me.

I had 2 weeks until I left. I made my phone calls, telling my
parents and my ex-wife that I was going to be back, and when. Lori
would be the problem in this trip.

Lori is my ex-wife. We got divorced 2 years before, because I
could no longer tolerate her affairs. Our marriage was happy, until
she had 3 miscarriages in a row. The last one was so bad, they had
to perform an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. It saved her
life, but left us permanently childless. 4 months later, she had
her first affair.

After 3 confrontations, the final straw came one night when I
had duty. I had to take somebody to the hospital out in town, and
took an extra 10 minutes to go home and see my wife. What I saw was
her in the living room, giving a blowjob to the 16 year old boy next
door. I simply walked out, and returned to work.

I did not come home for 3 days. She left many messages at
work, but I did not return them. When I finally came home, I told
her that I wanted a divorce, on the grounds of adultery. She tried
to talk me out of it, but I told her that she could not be trusted.
Added to the fact that I had seen her with a minor, it was the last

Lori's family was rich, and we reached a peaceful settlement.
I stayed in the house with her until the divorce was final, and she
would give me an allowance of $25,000 a year. This was to get me to
file for Un-reconcilable Differences, instead of Adultery and

So she was left to screw whoever she wanted, and I had enough
money to live comfortably. Whenever I was in town, I would visit
her parents (her mom understood, and they both still liked me), and
stay with her. We still had sex whenever I was in town, but I wore
a rubber now.

I told Itsuko about my relationship with my ex-wife, and she
said she would understand if I had sex with her. I started to
protest, but she would not hear it.

"We are not married, and I have no, no,......"

"No claim on me?" I added for her.

"Yes, no claim on you. You can do whatever you want. I know
that I will be happy again when you are back."

After dinner, we took a walk. We walked around B.C. Street,
which was a shopping district. I saw several guys I knew, and 1
that I worked with. I introduced Itsuko to each of them. She was
wearing a lovely ankle length green silk dress. She was also
wearing a little makeup, and looked like she was 29 instead of 39.
Each of the guys gave her appreciative looks. We had ice cream on
the Air Force Base, and ran into Wade.

Wade saw us first, and came up to us. I introduced them, and
we sat and talked for a bit. Wade invited us to go to a club in
Kin-Village, and we accepted. So we all climbed into Itsuko's car
(it was the nicest of all of ours), and headed North.

I had occasionally gone to this club, and it was normally
good. "Sergeant Pepper's" was the name of the place. It featured a
large painting on the outside of the Beatles from the "Let It Be"
album. We walked up the stairs, and settled in.

Sgt. Pepper's was a "Rock Bar". There was a large stereo
system inside, and they played songs while playing videos on a large
screen tv in the back. When we got in, Pink Floyd was blasting
through the stereo, and a baseball game was on the TV. Unlike most
Military bars in Kin, there were no "Buy Me Drinkee" girls here.
This was simply a place to go, drink, and listen to music.

There were a small handful of people here, and we stopped and
talked to several that we knew. Lieutenant Okino was there. I
would occasionally run into Lt. Okino when I was out in town. He
was about 26, and was Japanese-American. In town, he insisted
everybody call him Lee. Since I did not work for him (I drove him
about occasionally, but that was all), I did not have a problem with

I introduced him to Itsuko, and there followed a conversation
in Japanese. Itsuko was pleasantly surprised, but switched back to
English, for Wade and me. Lee bought us the first round, and Itsuko
the second. After a few more, Wade said it was time for him to go
back to base. He had duty the next day, and had to get up early.
We left Lee, and continued north.

Itsuko by this time had insisted that I use "Itsu", which was
a shortened version of her name. Much like Mike is short for
Michael. I directed Itsu to drive into town, then had her park in
front of a small club. She was unsure of what to expect, but went
in with me anyway.

"Club Tokyo" was a more traditional Japanese bar. The main
entertainment was a Karaoke machine. There were 8 other patrons
inside, and I was the only non-Japanese inside. We sat at the bar,
and Tammy (I could not pronounce her real name, and she told me to
call her that) greeted us warmly. I was a regular, and she brought
me my usual first drink. She was pleased to meet Itsu, and they
chatted while she got our drinks. I had a soda, while Itsu had some
Orion, a local beer.

We watched while the customers took turns singing, and she
asked me how I found this club. I told her about my being here
years earlier, and a friend showing it to me. I liked it a lot, and
it was nice to meet the locals. Most bars that the Americans went
to were strip places, not like this at all. That was a traditional
Middle Class place, and Americans were rare.

The first few times here, I was greeted cautiously. Most
Americans simply poked their head inside, saw no strippers, and
left. After a week or so, I was slowly accepted. My eating sushi
helped, along with pitching in money for the karaoke machine (100
yen for each song) helped.

The real kicker was when I came back from SCUBA diving one
weekend. While I was out, I caught a medium sized octopus. Knowing
that it was popular, I brought it to the Bar with me. When I showed
it to Tammy, she almost flipped out. It took a few minutes to get
her to accept it. She promptly cut it up, and passed it out to
everybody, pointing to them who had brought it in. I was warmly
greeted by all of them, and was flooded with drinks. Tammy made up
a tab of those owed to me (I would have been in a coma if I drank
them all in one night). She also refused to take any money for 2
days from me.

It was later I found out that I had provided almost $80 worth
of octopus that night. It also established me as a regular, and I
was always welcome there afterwards. When I came back last year,
Tammy remembered, and re-introduced me to the old customers, and
introduced me to the new ones. I still stopped by at least once a
week, and whenever I wanted to get away from Americans for a while.

Itsu asked me to sing a song for her, so I sang "Yesterday" by
the Beatles. It was one of their two songs in English (the other
being "You Are My Sunshine"). When I asked her to sing, she asked
me what I liked. Tammy told her, and put on one of my favorites.
It had a catchy tune, and with a few exceptions, was in Japanese.
There were a few words of English mixed in,
"Black Cat" being the most common one.

The Japanese have a strange liking for English. Almost 1/2 of
their advertising was in English. American tv and movies were also
popular. After she sang the song, we had another drink, then Itso
excused herself for a moment. While she was gone, Tammy came up to

"She's a good one. You be good and keep her. I no wanna see
you in here no more without her."

"Tammy, I only settled for her because you would not have an
affair with me" I said. That had been a long time joke between us.
Tammy was married, and I had joked for a long time that I would
steal her away from her husband.

She laughed, and gave me a quick hug. Itsu came back out, and
we left. On the way back South, Itsu directed me to pull off the
road, then to drive up a back road into the hills. We stopped along
a hillside, and she got out. She asked me to stay with the car, and
walked up to one of the large "Turtle Back" tombs. She clapped,
then prayed just outside of it. After a few minutes, she came back,
and we continued our drive.

She had a death grip on my hand, and told me that she had told
her late husband about us. That had been his family's tomb. Now
that she had told him about us, she could feel better. The rest of
the drive was spent in silence.

When we got home, she had me go in the bar area. I was
directed to sit down, and she closed the door before she went
upstairs. I got 2 beers from the refrigerator, and sat down to
wait. 10 minutes later, I heard the stereo start playing. Then the
stage lights came on. Then Itsu came out. I was amazed. The
nightie was much like the strippers wear on-stage. It was black,
and almost see-through. The first song, she just moved around. The
second one, she moved about more erotically, lowering her top about
half way through. The third song, she removed her nightie, dancing
in a pair of tiny black panties. The last half of the song was done
nude. When she was done, I clapped as she gathered up the clothes
and walked off the side of the stage.

She came back out, dressed in the nightie again. She stood
next to the table, and asked permission to sit down. I realized
that she was role-playing, and played along. I moved over, and she
sat down. I gave her the other beer, and we chatted while we drank.
She rested a hand on my thigh, moving it slowly up and down my leg.
Several times, she came amazingly close to my cock, but teasingly
moved her hand away. I had an arm across her shoulder. I moved the
hand down, gently cupping her breast in my hand. As I teased her
nipple, she moved her hand to my zipper, and pulled it down.

"You want, I make you feel real good." As she said this, she
pulled my cock from my pants. Itsu then started to stroke, causing
me to get a full erection. I tried to slide my hand into her
nightie, but she pulled it away. "No-no. You no touchie me, I only
touchie you. You want me to touchie you, $20."

She said this with an exaggerated accent, sounding like one of
the bar girls. I pulled $20 out of my wallet, and placed it on the
table. Itsu giggled, and said "O.K. G.I., now I make you feel real
good." She pulled out a bottle of baby oil, and made her hand
slippery. She then went to town, jerking me off with long, wet
strokes of her hand. She avoided the head, jerking up and
down the stalk. I laid back, enjoying the feeling she was giving
me. I tried to feel her breasts again, and again she moved my hand

I pulled another $20 out and placed it on the table. "This is
yours, if you let me touch you" I moaned. Itsu seemed to consider
it for a minute, and agreed. When I lowered her nightie top, her
nipples were as hard as rocks. I caressed and rubbed them, and was
soon ready to cum.

"I'm about to cum, get ready to take my load" I said. Itsu
quickly bent down, taking the head into her mouth. I lost it at
that time, spurting into her talented mouth. After swallowing my
sperm, she wiped her mouth off with her clean hand, and sat back up.
I bent over to kiss her, but she pulled back.

"You no kissie me. You pay me good, but I no kissie my
customers. I only give hand job and suckie-suckie" she said, with a
pout on her lips. I laughed, and pulled her closer.

"Itsuko, you are wonderful. I loved what we just did, but now
I need you, not Annie. I want to feel Itsu in my arms, and Itsu's
lips on mine."

She melted into my arms with those words, kissing me
passionately. She wiped her hand and my cock with a towel, removing
most of the baby oil. I then picked her up, and carried her up the
stairs. She kissed and nibbled on my neck all the way up the

When we got into the bedroom, I removed her clothes, and
started to caress her body as she stood there. I had her stand
still, quivering as I suckled on her breasts, and tenderly caressed
her clit. Soon, she was moaning, saying how much she wanted me. I
got undressed, instructing her not to move.

She shivered in anticipation, not knowing what I was going to
do to her, but enjoying it none the less. Once nude, I pulled her
to me, continuing our kisses. I then moved down her body, spending
a couple of minutes on each of her breasts before moving down. I
finally reached her groin, and bent my head down, licking her vulva.

Itsu groaned at that, hissing "Yes" between her teeth as she
pressed my head tighter into her with those small hands. I licked
back and forth, tasting her fluids. She was already soaking wet,
and she tasted wonderful. She moved her legs farther apart, giving
me easier access. I moved up, taking her clit in my mouth. She
shook at that, then started small movements with her hips, like she
was fucking my tongue.

Within 10 minutes, she had an orgasm. Afterwards, I moved my
head back, and kissed her belly. Itsu sagged to the ground, her
legs unable to support her any longer. I again picked her up, and
laid her on the bed. I climbed on top of her, and slowly slid into
her body.

We moved together like a well built machine. She was tight,
and wet, and felt marvelous. She wrapped her arms around me, and
whispered into my ear how good it felt. She would gently bite my
lobe as a wave of pleasure would run through her, then continue
whispering me. She then started using those inner muscles of hers.
I told her I was close, and she told me that she was also. I
started to spurt in her, and she had her own orgasm at the same
time. We rolled onto our sides, then promptly fell asleep.

Part III

The rest of the month passed much the same way. My flight
reservations were confirmed. Both my ex and my parents knew when I
was coming. The morning of the flight, Itsu drove me to the
airport. She cried when my flight was called for the last time, and
I had to leave. We shared a tender kiss, and I got onto the plane.
My last sight of her there was her looking out the lounge window as
we taxied out to the runway.

After we took off, I turned on the laptop, and played a game
for a while. I was in one of the new JAL 747's, with power
connectors in the seat. I was flying first class, since Lori was
paying for it. There were some advantages to staying friends with
your ex-wife. Especially if she is rich.

I shut off the laptop, and started thinking. 19 hour flights
are good for that. I considered my relationship with Itsuko, and
where it was going. I had recently realized that I was falling in
love with her. She was everything that I love in a woman. She was
intelligent, friendly, and had a great sense of humor. She also had
a wicked streak, like the night she seduced me acting like
a bar girl.

I fell asleep pondering these thoughts. I woke up when the
stewardess passed out our lunch, then slept again. The rest of the
flight passed the same way. When I arrived at Los Angeles
International for my connection, I called Lori to know I had made it
that far. I used a kiosk in the airport to leave E-Mail for Itsuko,
telling her the same thing.

I had taught Itsu how to use the Internet, and how to use E-
Mail. There were 2 letters waiting for me from her, and I sent my
two (a new one, and one I wrote on the plane) back to her. Then it
was time for the flight to North Carolina.

Lori met me at the gate, giving me one of her kisses that
always knocked my socks off. She had moved to Raleigh since I had
gone overseas. She drove me to her new house, and I had to admit
that it was nice. A 150 year old Antebellum Farmhouse, 5 bedrooms
and 5 acres of land. Her father had bought it for her, and she had
a bedroom set aside just for me.

"This will always be your room Mike" she told me. "You will
always be welcome to use it."

As she said that, she undid the buttons on my uniform shirt
from behind, and kissed my ear. "I bought that bed just for you,
and have been waiting for now to try it out."

I gently removed her hands, and turned to face her. "Lori, I
don't think I can do this. You see, I am seeing somebody now.
Somebody in Japan." The last reaction I expected was laughter.

"Oh, we both knew you would be like this!" she laughed.
"Itsuko and I both had you pegged. Don't worry, she knows that I am
going to seduce you, and she said for me to tell you to pretend that
I am Annie, whoever she it."

She then told me about Itsuko calling her the week before, and
telling her about us. She did not mention how we met, simply that
we were living together, and that it was OK for us to get it on.
"After all, she comes from a culture which says that a man can have
an affair with no problem, as long as it does not affect his
marriage" Lori said. The look on my face must have told her
something more.

She had me sit down on the bed, and removed my shoes. She
then stripped me down to my underwear, then left the room for a
second. When she returned, she was wearing the same white nightgown
she wore during our honeymoon. I do not think she meant anything by
that, it was simply the most conservative one she owned.

We both crawled under the covers, and talked. A long standing
tradition of our marriage was to discuss serious issues in bed. It
was hard to get to mad when you are holding the other person. Plus,
in case we did get into a fight, it was more convenient to make up.
I told her about Itsuko, even about how we met, and the month and a
half since then.

"That figures. That sounds just like you Mike. You care to
much sometimes. You are lucky she was not a real whore, instead of
almost being one. I agree though, that you did a good thing. The
fact that you are probably in love means that your good deed is
being repaid. I hope the best for both of you. Sometimes, I wish I
had not done the things I had done. I have been in therapy for the
last year, and have finally brought my problem under control. I
have not been with another man in 9 months, not counting light
petting that I have done on a few dates."

She said that with a twinkle in her eye, then continued. "I
was hoping to ask you something while you were here, but I am now
doubly sure that it would be in vain."

It took 10 minutes of prompting to get her to tell me what
that was. With tears welling up in her eyes, she finally told me.

"Mike, I was hoping that I could talk you into marrying me
again. I have missed you so much, and I now realized how much my
infidelity hurt you. After I lost the last baby, I no longer felt
like a woman. Somehow, I thought that fucking other guys would make
me feel like a woman again. But after it was over, I just felt
empty again. The shrink I have been seeing finally helped me get
straightened out. But now, I see that I am to late. You always
have been, and always will be a one woman man. And at that time, I
was not that woman."

I held her, and she finally settled down. I felt like shit,
causing her so much pain. She saw that, and comforted me. We both
rested for a bit, and woke up as the sun was setting.

I woke up, and opened my eyes to see Lori. It had been over a
year since I had seen her like that. She was still sleeping, so I
relaxed, enjoying looking at her. I realized that I still loved
her, but was no longer in love with her. After about 10 minutes,
she woke up. She smiled as she saw that I was looking at her, and
we silently embraced.

No words were exchanged. We kissed with all the passion we
shared years ago. Making love with Lori was always good. Soon, I
was kissing and gently biting her neck. My hand moved up and down
her body, feeling the contours that I had loved for so many years.
She returned the same, finding all of my secret places, only known
to a long time lover.

We spent 3 hours making love, slowly stripping each other. We
broke up briefly, as I reached for my trousers. Lori understood,
and told me to stop. "Don't worry hon, I have had a complete blood
test 6 months ago. I am completely clean, and have not been with
another man since months before then. I have no venereal disease,
nor do I have herpes or AIDS."

Ever since my catching her the last time with the kid, I had
worn a rubber when we had sex (I no longer considered it love).
Neither of us liked it, but both of us understood the reasons. This
told me that she really was serious about trying to get me back. I
knew she was a sex addict, and her giving it up for almost a year
must have been torture. The fact that she was good looking and
subject to constant attempts by men must have made it even harder.

I rolled back to her, then moved down her body. I had not
done this for her since we broke up, and was looking forward to it.
I gently teased her with my mouth, moving from her lovely chest
(36C) all the way down to her toes. I moved up and down each leg,
teasing her by pulling her pubic hairs with my teeth, then moving
back down her other leg. Finally, I stopped teasing her, and
reached out and licked her clit.

Lori had an explosive climax as soon as I touched her. I
slowly licked her clit, then increased the speed and pressure as she
came back down. I did this roller coaster ride with her for 10
minutes, bringing her through 5 orgasms. Finally, she pulled my
head away, saying that she was to sensitive for me to continue. I
moved up her wonderful body, and we held each other.

"Oh Mike, you are still the best lover that I have ever been
with. No other person can do that to me."

I climbed over her, and slid deeply into her. We slowly
screwed each other, her hands on my ass, gently moving me the way
she wanted. Finally, I was unable to hold off any longer, and came
inside her.

"Oh, that feels so nice." she sighed. "I love the feeling of
your cum inside me."

I looked at the clock, and said that we had to get going. We
shared a quick shower, and got dressed. We then drove to her
parent's house.

Ed and Nancy greeted me warmly. They still treated me like
one of the family. When we got married, they were so supportive,
helping us move into a new house and everything. We got the
financing on our own, and were unable to sell it during the divorce.
Ed solved the problem by buying it himself. He has the attitude
that you never sell property. That gave me some extra money, and
added to his value. A friend of mine was renting it at the moment.

Ed had even paid for a lawyer for me during the divorce. He
insisted on the lawyers, to make sure that neither of us got
screwed. Lori and I did not have a hateful divorce. I just could
not take her affairs any longer. That shows what kind of parents
she has.

We had an enjoyable dinner, and I told them about Japan. I
bought Nancy a silk Kimono, and Ed was happy to get the Kabuki
Theater masks. I did not mention Itsuko to them, but Lori must have
mentioned it to her mom. Nothing was said, but she looked a little
sadder. After dinner, Lori and I went back to her home, and settled
in for the night.

When we got into bed, she practically attacked me. "I have
been saving this for you for 9 months, and even if we are not going
to get back together, I want as much as I can get."

After saying that, she took me all the way into her throat.
She started giving me the best head I have ever received. I played
with her long blonde hair as she sucked me off. Every time I got
close, she eased off, making it last longer. Finally, I gently held
her head down, letting her know that I did not want her to stop this
time. She gently grasped my testicles as I came in her mouth. She
swallowed all of it, and did not come up until I was hard again.

I slid into her again, and she groaned as I reach bottom
inside of her. After several minutes, she pushed up on my chest,
and I got off of her. She quickly turned around, and got on her
hands and knees. Grinning, I knew what she wanted. I grasped her
hips, and slid back inside of her. Doggie style had always been one
of her favorite positions. This way, I would press all the way
inside of her. Plus it allowed me to fondle her tits and ass. I
reached around, and caressed her clit as I slowly slid in and out.
This had the desired effect, and she was soon bucking with another
orgasm. After she came back down, she reached back, and pulled me

She grasped my cock, and carefully slid it up, then pressed it
back inside of her. It had been even longer since I had done this,
and remembered the last time. It was the night before our divorce
was finalized. We made love most of the night, knowing it would be
the last time as a married couple. The final time, she had wanted
this also. So once again, I was enjoying this act.

Once I was all the way in, Lori moaned "You are the only one
that I have allowed to do this to me. No matter what else, my ass
always belongs to you."

We both started laughing at that. But her laughter soon
turned to moans as I slipped in and out of her ass. We had first
tried anal sex right before we got married. I had brought home a
porno movie, and we watched it together. One scene showed a short
blonde girl getting it on with a tall black man. The final scene
had him pressing his long, fat cock into her asshole, then riding
her to a climax.

While making love afterwards, Lori left the room, then came
back, with a container of Vaseline she kept for chapped lips. She
had me grease her up, then she applied some of it to me. The first
time caused her some pain, and a little bleeding. But she enjoyed
it enough to want to do it again. After a few times, she got used
to it, and no longer had discomfort. After that, we would have anal
sex once a month or so.

We did it for 10 minutes, then I could not hold off any
longer. With a loud groan, I came inside of her. We collapsed on
the bed, and Lori thanked me for making love to her. She got up,
and came back with a wet washcloth. She gently washed my cock, not
stopping until it was clean. Then she took her normal "taste test"
to make sure I was clean, and crawled into bed. We gently made love
one more time, then fell asleep.

The next day, we drove down to Jacksonville, visiting old
friends, and enjoying dinner at the E-Club on base. Back in
Raleigh, we made love again. This time, we started in the living
room, and then moved to the bathroom, where we made love in her
large bathtub.

"Next time you come over, I will have them put in a hot tub"
Lori promised, as we snuggled together in bed. In the morning, we
made love one more time. This time, I surprised her. I pulled out
a pair of handcuffs, and cuffed her hands above her head to the bed

She always enjoyed this game, and today was no exception. I
teased her for over an hour, until she was crying for relief. I
then moved my head between her thighs, and she came explosively. I
thought she would break my neck when she clamped her legs on my head
and started thrashing around!

When she calmed down, I moved up and into her, without
removing the handcuffs. This time I really started teasing her. I
had cum so much the last 2 days, I was empty. So I decided to take
advantage of the situation.

I would fuck her until she was on the verge of an orgasm, then
slow down. Once she had half-way regained her senses, I would speed
up again. I did this over and over again, until she was begging me
to let her cum. I pretended not to hear her, and continued more of
the same. I would bend down, and lick and kiss the top, bottom, and
sides of her breasts. I would not touch her nipples at all. Then I
would move my hand down and play with the lips of her pussy, but
would not touch her clit. I decided to extract a promise from her.
She may not keep it, but it at least would get her thinking.

"Lori, is there anybody at work that you have been wanting to
get into bed?"

I had to ask her 4 times, until she answered. "Yes, his name
is Mark."

"Is he married, or seeing anybody else?"

"No, he is divorced like.. oh! Uhhh! Divorced like us."

I made her promise to ask him out for dinner after I left. "I
want you to be happy Lori. I still do, and will always care about
you. Even though we are no longer married, I want you to know that
I still love you..."

I had to stop talking there. That had been enough to push her
over the edge. Lori screamed as her orgasm finally overtook her.
Her legs were wrapped around my back, and she clung to me with them
as she thrust her groin against me. She continued to scream as she
had a multiple orgasm, having one orgasm after another. She finally
collapsed on the bed, covered with sweat. I was glad that her house
was so isolated, or else I was sure the police would be showing up.

I removed the handcuffs, and laid down next to her. I held
her to me as she fell back asleep. She woke up an hour later, and I
picked her up and carried her to the bathroom. I filled the tub,
and gently washed her off. She then returned the favor, washing me

Remembering Itsuko, I hooked up the laptop, and checked my e-
mail. I had 6 messages waiting, and left one for her. In the
message, I told her to wait on Internet Relay Chat for me. IRC is
like a giant CB, where people can type at each other in real-time.
I set my watch, then went back to bed.

Lori and I talked, and she said that she would ask Mark out.
I told her my concern, and that I was not sure what would be
happening in my future. I also told her about an idea that I had
been having, but was unsure of. She thought that it was a great
idea, and promised to give me some money to pull it off. I told her
that I did not want it, but she did not listen. "I want to help
both of you. I consider it an investment. If I help you, you will
help me. You already have helped me. You helped me relieve 9
months of sexual stress in a few days. I know that when I go back
to work tomorrow, I will be walking strange."

We both laughed at that. We talked a little more, and I
started caressing her breasts. I had always loved Lori's tits.
They were not quite as firm as they were when we first started
dating, but they were still wonderful. Quarter sized areola, which
were just a shade darker than the rest of her skin. The nipples
were small also, about the size of pencil erasers. Lori laid back
and closed her eyes, obviously enjoying what I was doing. Feeling a
little frisky now, I asked her if she was ready to pay me back for
what I had done with her body earlier.

I moved back up her body, straddling her chest. I slowly
moved my cock head to her mouth, and she took me in. She greedily
sucked me, and kept her eyes open and looking at me as she did so.
This was always something I enjoyed, looking into her eyes as we
made love. I reached behind me, and started teasing her nipples
again, lightly pinching them and rolling them between my fingers.
She closed her eyes, then re-opened them with a look of pleasure on
her face. I pulled my cock from her talented mouth, and slid down
her chest a little bit.

Lori pressed her tits together, allowing me to thrust my cock
in between them. Lubricated with her saliva, I slipped in and out
of her glorious cleavage. I reached down and tweaked her nipples as
I slid in and out, causing a small moan to escape her lips. After a
few minutes, I actually felt a load of sperm building up. I thrust
faster, telling her that I was about to cum.

"Oh yes, cum on my tits. cum on my chest. cum all over me
you tittie fucker!"

I pulled back, spurting my cum all over her tits and chest.
She rubbed my sperm into her skin, licking her fingers afterwards.
I moved down, and started sucking her clit. Within minutes, she was
shaking in her own orgasm. We finally fell asleep afterwards.

I woke up a few hours later when my alarm went off. I went to
the computer, and logged on. Itsuko was waiting for me there, and
we went immediately into a private chat. We talked for over 2
hours, and I told her that I had an idea I would tell her when I got
home. She did not like that, and begged me to tell her. But she
finally agreed to wait, telling me she would kill me if I did not
tell her as soon as we got home. Tired, I finally was able to say
goodbye, and went off to bed.

The next week passed much the same. We would have a quickie
in the morning, then Lori would go to work. I talked to Itsuko
almost every night in IRC. Lori had kept my truck for me while I
was overseas, so I had transportation. I drove around, buying some
gifts for Itsu, and checking some prices for other things. The day
before I left, I bought some electronics, and sent them to myself in
Okinawa. I also bought some toys for my computer, and took them
with me to my next stop.

Lori and I made love one last time the night before I left.
She told me that she had asked Mark out, and he accepted. It seems
that he had been attracted to her, but was afraid to ask her out. I
made her promise not to go to bed with him until I gave her
permission. I said that they could neck, and do some light petting
only after their third date. This was to help keep her
from slipping into her past habits. She agreed, saying that I had
satisfied her enough for the next year. With kisses and regrets,
she dropped me off at the airport for the next leg of my trip.

Part IV

In Los Angeles again, I had dinner with my parents, then
looked up some of my old friends. Two days later I borrowed a
friend's car and took a quick trip to Mexico. I wanted to buy
Itsuko a black leather jacket there, so I did a little shopping. I
stopped at several stores, looking at quality and comparing prices.
One place had a cute little sales girl. I was unsure what size
Itsuko would wear, and took a closer look at the salesgirl.

She was probably 18 or 19, and had a beautiful face and body.
A darker skinned Mexican girl, she had long black hair and brown
eyes. Her body looked almost exactly like that of Itsuko, and I
thought that she would make a good model for the jacket.

I asked her to try it on, saying that she was about the same
size as the friend I was buying it for. She asked me if I was sure
she was the same size, I said that by looking, she looked the same.
With a gleam in her eye, she asked if I had ever held that person in
her arms, I said yes. Nobody else was around, and she held her arms
out. I took her into my arms, holding her against me. I made a
show of being undecided, unsure if she was the same size or not. As
I did this, the girl gently blew into my ear. Feeling a little
naughty, I reached a hand up, cupping one of her breasts in my hand.
"Yes," I decided. "You are both the same size."

She whispered into my ear that her name was Blanca, and she
got off work at 6pm, and I said that I would be there. I bought the
jacket, and another one for myself. Before I left the store, I
asked her what size she wore, so I could use that as a guide to buy
more clothing. I admitted to myself that her body was almost
exactly like Itsuko's. Her breasts were a little larger, but not
much. I bought several more things around town, dropping most of
them off at the motel I was staying at. I bought 2 matching
dresses, both of them blue satin blouses with matching floral
skirts. I packed one in the suitcase, and set the other one on the

I got to the store at 5:45, and waited in the car. Blanca saw
me there, and gave me a big smile. There was a big Mexican looking
at me from inside the store. I entered the store, and she
introduced me to her father. He seemed friendly enough, and he said
to have a good night as we took off. The entire drive to my motel
room, she had her hand on my knee. She was a knockout in her
t-shirt and tight jeans, but I had other plans in mind for tonight.

She giggled when I pulled into the motel parking lot, but
followed me upstairs into my room. Once there, she turned to me and
kissed me passionately. After a few minutes, we broke apart to
catch our breaths. I pointed to the bed, saying that it was hers.
She gave me a puzzled look, then saw the dress.

She ran over to it, and picked it up, holding it against her
front. She said she loved it, and I asked her to put it on. She
looked at me, with a curious look. I said that I wanted to take her
out to dinner, and she would look better in that dress.

She agreed, and started stripping in front of me. I changed
my shirt, and put on a tie. I caught glimpses of her body as she
changed, liking what I saw. Once dressed, we went to a restaurant I
knew of on the beach.

We had a good dinner, then danced for a couple of hours.
During the slow dances, we clung to each other. I would bury my
face into her neck as she would play with my hair and lick my ear.
We took a walk, and each of us removed our shoes as we walked down
the beach.

We walked about 200 meters into the darkness, then she turned
to face me. We melted into each other, kissing passionately. She
moaned as I pressed my crotch into hers. I gently caressed her
breasts through the blouse, feeling how hard her nipples were. I
gently unbuttoned the three top buttons and slipped my hand into her
blouse, feeling her naked titties. Blanca gasped as I moved my head
down, taking one of her nipples into my mouth. She held my head to
her chest, moaning how nice it felt. I licked and sucked her hard
little bud, and gently moved my hands down to cup her ass.

After 5 minutes, I straightened up, and kissed her on the lips
as I buttoned her blouse back up. I could now see her stiff nipples
poking through the material of her blouse. I took her hand, and we
walked back to the restaurant.

We got back into my car, and drove to my motel. All the way
back, Blanca caressed my erection through my slacks. She said that
she was happy, that no man had ever taken her to a nice restaurant
like that, or treated her so nicely before.

When we got to the motel, I had her sit in a chair and we
talked for a bit. I told her that I thought she was beautiful (she
was). I did not think that she had to be as easy as she seemed.

"The way you come on, you act like a slut. I would have
normally just looked at you, but not asked you out. The way you
came on, you acted like you were in heat. If you want to get a nice
guy like me, you should act more demurely. The types of guys you
would get then would be more likely to ask you out to dinner,
instead of a motel."

"But you do want to fuck me, don't you?"

"Yes, I do. But I want to fuck a lot of women, and I never
do. When I was growing up, I wanted to fuck Dolly Parton because of
her large breasts. But of course I never did. Act more patient,
and you will get more in the end. God, I am sounding like a

She got a tender look on her face, and said "Yes, you are.
But my father never said things like that. Maybe if he did, I would
not be such a slut."

We talked for several hours. She had probably slept with a
hundred men, starting when she was 14. She was now 19, and was
running out of men. None of the local guys would touch her, since
they were now looking for wives. Because of her reputation, nobody
would marry her. She was left with one night stands, mostly with
"Touristas", men like myself who were down for a day or two. She
never sold herself, always willing to give her charms away to
whatever man attracted her.

I told her about Lori's problem, and urged her to get help
herself. I opened my wallet, and handed her $500.

"You can do whatever you want with this. But please, use it
to get yourself some help. I want to see you in a better lifestyle
in a year or so." I gave her my address, and she gave me hers. I
promised to keep in touch, and got ready to take her home.

"You are not going to make love to me tonight?"

"No, if you are going to try and stop this behavior, tonight
would be a good time to start."

But she would not move. She sat there, and said "I am not
moving from this bed tonight. I will start tomorrow, but not
tonight. If I am going to go without, I will start tomorrow.
Tonight, I want you."

I decided to compromise. "I can not make love to you Blanca.
I already have a lady. If you want, we can sleep together, but no
sex. You need to change before you destroy yourself. I will not be
helping you if I then do it myself. Will simply sleeping and
holding each other be enough?"

She agreed, and we stripped and got into bed. We made out for
several hours. She kept trying to have me make love to her, but I
reminded her of her promise. I finally decided to help her a little
bit, and slowly slid one hand between her legs.

Her cunt was soaking wet. She was not kidding when she said
that she wanted me inside of her. I found her hard clit, and
stroked it until she had an orgasm. She moaned into my mouth when
she came, soaking my hand. I brought her off 2 more times, until
she was to sensitive for me to continue. She then used her hand to
bring me to a wonderful climax, spraying sperm all over my chest and

Blanca got a towel, and cleaned both of us up before we curled
up together again, and fell asleep.

I woke up slowly, after having an erotic dream. But when I
came to, it was a reality. Blanca was sitting on my hard cock,
slowly moving her pelvis up and down. I looked at where we were
joined, and saw that she had slipped a condom over me before
climbing on. I scolded her, but not to severely. I reminded myself
that it took Lori over 2 years to control her desires.

She said that she woke up hearing me saying something. She
could not make it out, "but it sounded like you were saying 'It's
Suko'." She saw my erection, and decided to make use of it.

"After all, I did not want it going to waste."

I explained that Itsuko was my girlfriend in Japan. She
continued to make love to me, sliding up and down on me. She said
that she had already had one orgasm, and was working on another. I
rolled her over onto her back, and started to work her over myself.
I asked her about the condom, and she told me that she always uses

"I love life to much to die of AIDS."

We made love for 2 hours, and I filled 2 condoms with sperm.
I drove her to work in the morning, and said goodbye with a kiss.
She promised to get herself some help, and to keep in touch with me.
She wore the dress I gave her to work, showing how much she liked
it. Just before we parted, I took some pictures of her wearing the

The last week in LA, I spent with my parents. I bought some
CDs, and shipped them to Okinawa. I also got some more clothes, for
both myself and Itsuko.

One of the programs that I had bought was a drafting program.
I had done a little computer drafting a few years before, and it
took me a little bit to get back into doing it again. I messed
around, and got rather good again before I had to return to Japan.

On the trip back to Japan, I did some business plans and floor
plans on the laptop. I wanted to be prepared to move when I got
back. I would have just over a week of my leave left when I got
there, and wanted to make good use of it.

Part V

When I got back, Itsuko was waiting for me at the airport.
She cried when she saw me again, and we kissed passionately. After
claiming my bags, we drove to our place so I could take a shower and
change clothes.

We went out to a nice restaurant for dinner, and I told her my
idea. I had been keeping it from her for almost a month, and I knew
she was dying from curiosity.

"Itsu, I want to re-open the bar. I think that if we clean it
up, and give it some changes, it will be a hit."

She protested, saying that it would cost to much money. I
proposed being a silent partner, giving her the money to do it, if
she would run the place. Word getting out that I owned it could
ruin my career. She tried to refuse, saying that it would simply
cost to much. I finally stopped her, telling her something that she
did not know.

"Itsu, I am rich. I have almost $100,000 in the bank. I also
get an additional $25,000 a year in addition to my military pay. I
also have arranged to get an almost unlimited supply of money. The
other part will have to eventually be repaid, but that will be with
no interest."

I explained to her the terms of my divorce, and that my ex-
wife would give us whatever other money was needed. She asked what
kind of bar I had in mind, and she agreed. It would be like nothing
else on the island.

2 days later, we were flying to the Philippines. We made a
few contacts, and arranged for 10 girls to come over for 1 year to
work in the bar. They would arrive in 2 months, which meant that we
had to move fast. The girls understood what would be required for
them, and thought that it would be OK.

Once back on Okinawa, we started cleaning up the place. She
liked my plans, and we started tearing up the interior. Itsu made
the proper arrangements with inspectors and got the permits. I
talked to furniture makers, arranging for booths, tables, and a new
stage. I bought new mirrors on base, and also got glasses, and some
other supplies there. The boxes arrived that I had sent earlier,
and I set up the new stereo system. It was a truly professional
system, with a 10 channel mixer board, 5 speakers with a huge woofer
which I mounted under the stage. I installed lights both over and
under the stage. These were connected to both a sound activated
switch, and to a light mixer on the control panel.

The booths were all high backed. They had a partition almost
5' tall, which ensured privacy for whoever was inside. I also had a
hidden storage space inside each one. I had a small dance floor
installed, and had the bar re-surfaced.

I went to the bank, and had $1,000 in quarters with the
current year sent to me. I took those, and carefully placed them
all on the bar. Once it was covered, I placed a solid sheet of
plastic over them and secured it. This would both add to the looks,
and the uniqueness of it. The final arrangements was the rental of
the hotel next door.

It seems that when Itsuko's husband owned the bar, they had an
arrangement with the hotel owner. His bar girls stayed there, and
they split the money from any customers that took them upstairs for
more "personal attention". But the hotel closed after the bar did,
and had been vacant ever since.

The man's son now owned the building, and agreed to our
proposal. We renovated the top floor into private apartments for
the girls. The middle floor was to be renovated, and new furniture
installed in the rooms. We settled on a price, and an agreement was
made. We installed a private door between our places, connecting
the bar to the lobby of the hotel.

I returned to work, and told a few friends about the re-
opening of the bar. We decided to call it "Cheers", after the bar
on the tv show. The week before opening, the girls arrived, and we
explained to them what would be expected. The bar would be run more
like an American strip club than a Japanese one.

The girls would do 3 song sets. The first would be fully
clothed, maybe stripping to a bikini during the last half. The
second song, they could remove their top, showing the guys their
tits. It was only during the second half of the third song that
they would be allowed to fully strip.

When talking to the guys, they were free to spend as much time
with whoever they wanted, but spending no more than 30 minutes with
each guy unless they at least bought them a drink. And the "Buy-Me-
Drinkee" attitude was not to be allowed. The girls had to wait at
least 30 minutes before requesting another drink. They would be
free to either dance with the guys on the dance floor (several of
them liked this idea), or take them to one of the booths.

I showed them the secret compartment, which now contained
towels, condoms, and a bottle of baby oil. I explained what I would
allow and expect, and how much they should charge. Any money spent
for "favors" would be split 50%/50%.

These "favors" ranged from feeling each other up (free with a
drink bought), to a hand job ($10) or a blow job ($20). If a blow
job was to be given, a condom had to be worn. I stressed that no
sex would be allowed without one. All of them had been tested, and
were free of any disease. I also stressed that no drugs would be
allowed. Breaking either of those rules would result in being sent

The girls spent the rest of the week practicing, getting
costumes (which I requested), and passing out fliers. I had several
thousand made up advertising the opening of the club, which would be
Friday night. One of the girls would work as a DJ (no pre-recorded
loop tapes for my club), and the rest would rotate from dancing,
serving drinks, and working the bar.

I was watching the girls practice one night, and Itsu was
sitting next to me. The girl on stage was 18, but looked like she
was 15. Small tits and ass, she shaved her pubic hair to add to the
effect. Itsu noticed my reaction, and started to kiss my neck.
During Martha's third dance, she showed us her naked pubis, to the
laughter of all the other girls in the place. Itsu opened my
pants, and pushed them off of me and to the floor. She said "We
have to try this out after all", and pulled a towel and the baby oil
out of the compartment. She oiled up her hand, and started to
stroke me off.

When the break in the song occurred, the air was filled with
the squishing sound of her giving me a hand job. I now had my hand
in her blouse, and was playing with her tits. Martha looked over at
us, and jumped off of the stage to come closer. She moved in next
to me, and watched Itsuko jacking me off.

Itsu saw her, and handed her the bottle. I looked over at
her, and she grinned back. "I think she need practice with this
also. I will share you with them for tonight only. You stay here,
I go upstairs. Have a good night." She kissed me, and left.

I looked over at Martha, and she had already oiled up her
hand. She gripped my cock, and started to jack me off with long,
firm strokes. She knew her business, and licked her lips as she
stroked me. I reached out, and started playing with her little
titties. I was about to cum when she squeezed the base of my cock.
She then grabbed my hand, and led me to the stage.

I now noticed that all of the girls were watching us, and in
various staged of undress. They all helped remove my clothes, and
laid me on my back. I was soon in a tangle of arms, legs, tits, and
pussies. One after the other, all of the girls sat on my cock for a
short ride. After 3 or 4 minutes, she would get up and be replaced
by another girl. I kept my other 2 hands busy feeling other girls
up while I kept my mouth busy kissing whatever mouth or tit was
pressed into my face.

I looked up, and noticed that Martha was sitting on me again.
I gently pushed several of the girls aside, and pulled her down onto
me. I grasped her ass, and started to really pound it into her. We
were kissing passionately as I came inside of her. She pulled back,
and a mouth took her place. What followed was a 4 hour orgy, and I
was left with a satisfied, but sore cock. One of them joked that
they would all be fired, for having unprotected sex. We all
laughed, and I told them I would forgive them this one time. I also
told them to get a good night sleep, that tomorrow would be busy.

I arranged to get off work early Friday, and was nervous as
hell when the doors opened. Over the next hour and a half, the
place quickly filled up. Soon, there were couples filling up the
booths. All of the girls had to bring their money to Itsuko at the
bar, which helped prevent cheating. 10% of their tips were placed
into a pool, and split evenly. This was to help prevent somebody
from getting no money on a slow night. There were locked boxes with
each of the girl's names on it. Each had 2 locks, with us having
the key to one, and each girl having the key to the other. Their
half (-10%) was placed in their own box while they watched. There
would be little or no cheating this way.

Martha took one of my friends that showed up and drug him to
the dance floor. Corporal Maxwell (I did not know his first name)
was about 6'5", which towered over her 5'2" frame. They enjoyed a
slow dance, then the two of them retired to one of the booths. I
would occasionally catch glimpses of them kissing, but it did not
look like they were doing anything else. He bought both of them
another drink, then left with a happy look on his face. That seemed
to be common throughout the night.

I saw 2 couples going to the hotel during the night, and each
was back within 45 minutes. At the end of the night, we were all
amazed at how much money had been made. Each girl had at least $200
in her box (no pun intended), and another $25 in her kitty (again,
no pun intended). It was agreed by all of the girls to give the
kitty to Nancy, who worked as the DJ. That gave her almost $265.
That became the normal procedure, that the girl working as DJ got
the 10% pot.

Our take for the night was over $2,100! After taking out the
overhead, that was almost $1,400 profit for the night. Itsu and I
made love that night, being turned on by the sights of the evening.

We woke up at noon, and took a long bath together. One thing
I enjoyed was the Japanese love of baths. There is nothing like
sitting in a hot tub of water with somebody you love. Afterwards,
we went down to open the bar.

We opened up at noon, with 5 of the girls there. During the
day, they split up the work. 5 girls would work from noon till 4
pm, then were off until 8pm. They then returned to work from 8pm
until closing, normally around 2am. The others worked from 4pm
until 2am, with a 1 hour break from 8pm till 9pm. This way, they
all had some time for themselves. Some of them used his time to
spend some private time with special customers (fucking them).
Others took a nap, or relaxed in their rooms.

During the first 4 hours, I took over as DJ. I introduced
each of the girls by name, and encouraged the guys to enjoy
themselves. I was in the booth when I saw one of my Lieutenants
walk in. I quickly turned off the light, so he could not see me.
He settled into a seat, and soon Martha approached him. She sat
next to him, and he bought her a drink.

One thing about the DJ booth was that you could see into all
of the booths clearly. This was designed that way, as a way to
check on the girls, and to watch out for them. Nancy many times let
me know if a customer got out of hand with one of the girls.

I watched them settle in, and he started feeling her tiny
titties. A few minutes later, I saw him hand her some more money,
and she got into the secret compartment. Out came the baby oil and
towel, and soon she was jacking him off. He continued feeling her
titties, and then I saw some more money change hands. Martha wiped
off his cock and her hands, then rolled a rubber onto him. I had to
stifle a laugh when I saw her head disappear under the table.

After 4 minutes, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back.
Then Martha came back into view, threw the rubber into the small
trash can at the table, and cleaned them off. He bought her another
drink, and they chatted until it was her turn to dance.

During her dance, Martha seemed to be giving him a special
show. She spent most of the time in front of him, licking her lips
and sticking her tongue out at him. Now Martha was one of my
nastiest dancers, and she got downright raw onstage sometimes. This
time was no exception.

She slid her right index finger into her pussy, then moved it
around for a few seconds. This got some of the guys cheering. Some
of those changed into moans when she removed it, and bent over to
stick that finger into the Lieutenant's mouth. He sucked on it for
a second, before she removed it, and finished her dance.

After Martha finished her dance, she walked by the booth on
her way back to the floor. I called her in, and asked her if she
was going to take a break. She giggled, and answered that she was.
"That guy, he has small pee-pee. But it is big round!" She made a
circle with her fingers, about 3" across. "I barely fit him in my
mouth." I squeezed her ass, and she giggled again and left.

She went to him, and they soon left for the passageway to the
hotel. I knew what he was in store for!

The girls tried to schedule their screwing customers for the
daytime, when things were slower. During the evening, they tried to
restrict it to hand-jobs, which are faster. They also tried for
blow-jobs, which are just as fast, but paid more.

About an hour later, I was watching another couple taking one
of the booths when Itsu entered the DJ booth.

She wrapped her arms around me, and held me from behind. I
wrapped my arms around hers as she held me, and kissed my neck. I
changed the next song, putting on a slow one instead of the one that
Julie requested. She gave us a dirty look, but on seeing the two of
us in there, smiled and resumed her dancing.

I took Itsu into my arms, and we enjoyed a slow dance
together. We kissed passionately during the second half of the
song. I broke from Itsuko in order to announce Mabel as the next
girl, and place her three songs on the CD players. Itso however,
was also busy.

She unbuttoned my pants, and pulled them down to my ankles
along with my underwear. I turned around, and Itsu was on her knees
in front of me. She simply opened her mouth, and took me inside.
Julie stopped and looked into the booth. She giggled, then leaned
against the door frame to watch. Itsu broke away and looked at her
for a second, then smiled. She looked up into my eyes, and said "I
bet I make you cum before Mabel finished." She then went back
down on me.

It was a strange experience, having somebody give me head
while I watched another nude girl watching us. I closed my eyes,
enjoying the feeling.

I opened them a minute later, and saw that Julie was
masturbating. Our eyes locked, and we stared at each other as we
approached our own orgasms. She made it first, throwing her head
back and gasping as she came on her hand. I looked down into
Itsu's eyes, and the caring there was enough to push me over. I
moaned out her name, and came in her mouth. As I recovered, the
third song was coming to an end.

I prompted Itsu to take over, and she introduced Martha as the
next dancer and started her music. As she did so, I slid under her
dress. I moved her panties to the side, and inserted my tongue into
her pussy, which was already wet. I did this for a minute, then
pulled back to remove her panties.

I heard her gasp as I took her clit into my mouth, and sucked
gently on it. I licked and sucked on her for 2 songs, and I could
tell that she was on the edge of cumming. I moved out, and saw that
Julie was still masturbating and watching us. I whispered to Itsu
that we should give her a real show. She nodded, so I turned her to
the side, and bent her over the counter. I lifted her skirt, and
moved up behind her.

Itsu and Julie both moaned as I slid into her. I reached
forward and grasped her breasts as I slid in and out of her. Julie
was now masturbating with a passion, sliding 2 fingers inside her as
she rubbed her clit with her thumb. Her other hand was moving
between both her breasts, tweaking her nipples. I noticed Martha's
third song was almost done, so I got the tape ready. Even though I
did not like using tapes for the music, I had one anyway, in case
we were ever short handed, or for mixing special versions of songs.
As Martha finished and walked off the stage, she stopped at the
doorway and stared at us.

Now Itsu and I had 2 naked women watching us fuck. I was
getting close, and Itsu was coming down off of another orgasm. I
leaned forward, and kissed her ear. I softly blew into it, then
asked her if she would follow me upstairs. She agreed, and I left
Martha in charge as we both ran up, not even getting fully dressed

Once fully undressed, we collapsed into bed. We were both
burning with passion. However, I managed to get hold of mine for a
few minutes, and reluctantly pulled myself off of her.

I Rolled onto my side, and gently took her into my arms. This
change from the passion I was showing a few minutes before took her
by surprise, but she recovered quickly. After tenderly kissing for
about 10 minutes, We broke apart and looked into each others eyes.

I moved my hands up, taking her face in them. I knew that the
time was right.

"Itsuko, I love you." I softly said to her.

I could see the tears in her eyes, as she repeated it back to
me. I had known that I had loved her since my time home in the US.
But I held back, to make sure. We then proceeded to make love with
a passion that we had not done before, if that is possible.
Afterwards, we relaxed while listening to the music from the bar
under us.

I knew it was Martha on stage, because "Cherry Pie" by Warrant
was playing. That was her theme song, and she had threatened to
bite any other girl that used it. That was good for a laugh, and
they all agreed. I was about to mention this to Itsu, when she said
"Martha, she's dancing again."

This started me laughing, and Itsu joined me when I told her
why. She then surprised me by continuing to talk about her.

"Martha, she like you. I can tell the way she look at you.
If I not know better, I think you messing with her."

I started to protest, but she giggled and started caressing my
chest. "Silly, I only teasing. I know that you only touch her one
time, and that was when I let you. We talk a lot, her and me. You
make big impression on her. She say you only man to make her cum."

The way she said the last set me to wondering again. I had
suspected for some time that Martha was bisexual. She seemed to
touch the other girls a lot, and I thought I had even seen her
feeling up Julie one day when it was slow. I had thought I had
caught a glimpse of her eating out another girl the night of the
orgy, but was never sure if it was her.

"I am the only man, so I guess that normally, only women make
her cum."

Itsu giggled at that, and said "Yes. That is what she say.
She loves both men and women. Women make her cum, and men make her
feel full, and like a woman. She like all kinds of sex she tell me,
and says she likes everything but pain."

As she was talking, I slowly started kissing her neck, and
moved down to her breasts. She stopped talking, and held me firm.
I lick and sucked her hard nipples, and was rewarded with a purr of
passion. As I continued, I moved a hand down to caress her wet
pussy. She was leaking all over my hand, a slippery combination of
her fluid and mine.

Itsu gasped as I bent my head down, and started to lick her
swollen vulva. I was surprised when she pushed my head away, she
rarely did this. She rolled me onto my back, and squatted over my
face. I reached around, grasping her ass in my hands as she took my
cock in her mouth. I ate her out, trying to hold off as she did a
marvelous job on me at the same time. But I won, and had her
climaxing on my face.

She pulled off as she came, but was soon sucking on me again.
As she did so, I started whispering to her.

"Would you like me to make love with Martha again someday?"
When she did not answer, I asked the question again. When she did
not answer again, I became demanding.

"Answer me! Do you want me to fuck Martha again?" This time,
she hesitated for a moment, then nodded her head, while giving an
affirmative answer, muffled though it was, being my cock was still
in her mouth. I licked her a few more times, then asked her another

"Do you want to watch while I make love to Martha? Do you
want to be with us?" This time she paused for almost 10 seconds,
before again giving an affirmative answer. I rewarded her answer
with a vigorous sucking on her clit, which caused her to moan around
my cock. I licked her a few more times, then pulled my head back.

She thrust herself against my face, but I pulled her back, and
continued the questioning. "Would you join us? Would you help her
make love to me?" She made another affirmative moan, and I

"Do you want to make love to her also?"

At this, she pulled her mouth off of me, and hissed "Yesssss."

I returned to her pussy, licking her clit until she had
another orgasm. She sucked on me until I could hold off no longer,
and came in her mouth.

We cuddled some more, then regretfully got dressed and went
back downstairs. It was 10pm, the busiest part of the evening.
When we got back downstairs, the bar was packed. There was at least
one couple in each booth, and 2 girls were missing. I asked, and
was told that they went to the Hotel to take a "break". I took my
usual seat at the door, trying to look unobtrusive, but let the guys
know that I would not take any shit either.

That was when I noticed that the girl in the nearest booth was
not one of "mine". She looked to be about 27, and was Japanese.
She was obviously giving a hand-job to the Airman next to her. I
pointed this out to Itsu, who looked at her and giggled.

"I have heard of this. Some of the more 'liberated' women
will become predatory. Looking for men, they engage in behavior
that would shock their co-workers. If you check, she is probably a
professional, and does this more for kicks than anything else."

When she was done, he left and she took a seat at the bar. I
walked up, and asked her if I could help her. She got a little
nervous, but I told her to relax. I asked her to please come with
Itsu and I, and escorted her to our office in the back of the bar.

Once inside, I asked her to take a seat, while Itsu and I sat
next to each other on the other side of the desk. Itsu gently
started asking her questions, and she said her name was Tenko. This
was probably not true, but it would work for us. Just as Itsu
thought, she was a Secretary, with a good income. However, she
loved sex. She also was excited by Americans, but did not want to
settle for just one guy. She had heard about our place from an
Airman she had taken to bed the week before, and decided to check us
out. She complimented us on our establishment, saying that is was
by far the nicest one she had seen.

Itsu took over then, and a 10 minute conversation in Japanese
took place. I heard my name several times, and occasionally other
words I understood. Finally, they both reached some kind of

Tenko stood up, and Itsu reached back to turn on the stereo.
As music started to play, she started a sensuous strip. It was not
bad, and soon she was nude. Like most Japanese girls, she had
small, firm breasts, with nipples the size of quarters. Her hair
was jet black, and flowed down past her shoulders.

Itsu whispered into my ear "I told her that to continue, she
had to pass an audition."

"What kind of audition?"

With a twinkle in her eye, she answered "To show us her body,
then to make you cum."

"But I do not want her, I want you. Not only that, I think
you drained me for tonight."

"I know. That will make her audition especially hard. To
pass it, she will have to be extremely talented."

She pulled back at that, and Tenko came up and into my arms.
She kissed me for a minute, then looked at Itsu and asked "What
restrictions do I have? Can I do whatever I want?"

"You can do whatever you want. Anything goes, as long as I
see him cum."

With that, Tenko returned to kissing me, and started to remove
my clothing. I started kissing her back, caressing her body. Her
nipples were hard as I started to rub them. She moaned when I moved
my head down to suckle at them. She removed my pants then, pushing
them off with her feet. I caught a glimpse of Itsu watching us,
with a big grin on her face.

I gently caressed Tenko's body as she started to stoke my
cock. After the long session with Itsu, I was soft. She worked on
me for almost 5 minutes, with no obvious effect. She looked at
Itsu, and angrily asked her a question in Japanese. Itsu laughed,
and said "No" in Japanese, then a long string that I did not
understand. Seeing my confusion, Itsu laughed, and said "She ask me
if you prefer boys. She thought that maybe by you being a boy
lover, you could not get interested with her. I told her that you
liked girls just fine."

During this, Tenko started to move her mouth down. She
stopped when she reached my crotch. She sniffed, then looked up
with a slightly disgusted look on her face. Another conversation
started in Japanese, until Itsu said sharply "English!"

Tenko said that it was not fair, that I had been with another
woman that night. She looked at her, and said she thought she knew
who the woman was. Itsu told her than an agreement was an
agreement, and she was free to get dressed and leave.

Tenko then said something that seemed to stun Itsu, and took
my cock into her mouth. I asked Itsu what she said. "She said that
tasting another woman does not bothering her, she just prefers doing
it first hand."

I have to admit, Tenko was good. After almost 5 minutes, she
had me half-hard. Itsu had given her a hard test, and she knew it.
After 10 minutes, Tenko leaned back, gasping lightly for breath.

"I think I need to try different." she said, then laid on the
floor on her back. "Come over here and get in 69 with me."

I moved into position, and she said "You no eat me, you just
watch." She then pulled out a dildo from her purse, and slid it
into her pussy. I did so, fascinated watching the fake cock enter
her tight pussy. As she did that, she took me back into her mouth.

I was fascinated, watching it enter her body. She took almost
a minute getting it into her. The dildo was almost the same size I
was. I watched as she pulled it out. Her pussy clung to it, almost
like it was going to turn itself inside-out as she removed it. When
she slid it in, her outer lips almost turned inwards, she was so

While she was doing that, she was also sucking on my cock. I
started fantasizing what it would be like to enter her tight pussy.
The dildo was now wet with her fluids, but was still pulling her
inner walls out every time she removed it from herself. I was
finally unable to simply watch and reached out a finger to caress
her clit.

When I did this, Tenko moaned around my cock. I realized that
I was now hard, and Tenko was sucking on just the head of my cock.
She pulled her mouth off of me. She jerked me a few more times,
then guided me to turn around.

"Oh, I am so horny! I need you to fuck me Mike. That guy
Pete, I jack his cock, but get nothing in return. I need a cock in
me, and I want yours."

As she said that, she grasped my cock, and slid it into her
tight pussy. She was just as tight as I thought she would be. The
only cunts tighter were Itsuko's and Martha's. It took me almost 10
pushes to get all the way into her. She grabbed my ass, pushing and
pulling it to set the tempo. As she did that, I bent my head to
suck on her nipples again.

I could tell she was about to cum, and cum she did! She
pulled my ass tightly down, and did not let me pull back. She
almost screamed, and bucked her pelvis under me. I could feel her
tight pussy clutching me even tighter. When she was done, I started
to move in her again, now wanting to work on my own orgasm.

I pummeled her cunt, giving her full strokes, almost pulling
out of her, then grinding my pubic bone against hers when I was all
the way in. But I had already came many times that night, so it
took me a while. She came 5 or 6 more times before I was ready.

Itsu was used to my movements, and reminded me that I was to
cum where it could be seen. "After all, I want to be sure she no
cheats us." I could tell from the gleam in her eye she was joking,
but turned on at the same time.

I was almost there, and pulled out, climbing up her body until
I was straddling her chest. Se grabbed my cock, and started to jack
me off. She placed my cock against her lips, and licked the head.
I could wait no longer, and blasted my load into her mouth.

It was pretty weak, only 2 or 3 small spurts. But it was
obvious that I had cum. She moved it around in her mouth for a few
moments, then swallowed it. I barely had enough energy to crawl off
of her, and collapse on the floor.

Tenko curled up next to me, caressing my chest and laid her
leg over mine. She looked up at Itsu, and said "You are a lucky
woman. He is marvelous lover. If you ever stupid enough to loose
him, I will take him."

I said that part of the reason was that I had been almost
empty, but she did not care. She still said that I was great. We
got dressed then, and talked to Tenko about what we would do. We
arrived at her giving us 1/2 of her "tips", and 1/4 of what she made
from customers she took to the Hotel. She thought that was more
than fair. We would provide her a safe place for her interludes,
and provide condoms also. She would be entitled to free drinks, and
free lunch and dinner with the girls. She could also come and go as
she pleased. We thought that was a fair deal, since it would add
one more girl, and not cause any conflicts. We only asked that she
would dance occasionally. She agreed, saying that she loved to show
off her body.

She returned downstairs, and Itsu and I followed 15 minutes
later. When we got there, she was already giving head to a Marine
in a booth. So ended another night at Cheers.

Part VI

The next 2 weeks passed the same as always. I worked up
north, and went home in time to help out with the busiest part of
the night. We were always closed on Monday and Tuesday, which gave
everybody 2 nights off. This allowed Itsu and I to go to dinner, or
just relax at home.

It was then that I had another idea. Itsu and the girls were
complaining that there was nothing for the women to do around here.
There were bars like this for the men, but nothing for the women.
Tenko said that *SHE* enjoyed it, and that caused everybody to

Tenko had become "one of the girls". She tended to hang
around, even on her days off. Her and Itsu had quickly become
friends, and she even had dinner with us a few times.

I was about to tell them about some of the clubs in the US
when it hit me. Why not make this place one of those clubs?

Chippendale's was popular with the ladies. And there were a
lot of ladies around here. Why not have male strippers one night a
week? We could make Mondays "Lady's Night", and have men strip for
them. I mentioned it, and they all loved the idea. The only
problem was where to get the guys.

I mentioned using some Servicemen, but with masks to hide
their faces. Since they could get in trouble, this would help
prevent that. We could get 9 or 10 studs, then turn them loose. I
started making a list, and started to approach some of the guys the
next week.

I talked quietly to 10 guys I knew from Base. All of them had
well built bodies, and liked the idea of showing them off. Itsu and
I decided that we would split the tips with them 50%-50%, and let
them use the Hotel for free whenever they wanted. They all liked
the idea of also getting laid, and being paid for it.

We set the first one up for 2 weeks, and started advertising
it. We had 2 large guys passing flyers out on the street, and
posted them everywhere we were sure women would see them.

The night of the first "Chippendale's: Far East" performance
was unbelievable. When we opened the doors, there were already 15
women waiting outside. They all entered, and bought a drink. 10
minutes later, they were all yelling for the guys. I was MC for the
evening, and walked out on stage.

I had bought a Tuxedo for the evening, and was wearing it.
Itsu was in a beautiful evening gown, matching black silk.
Together, we were quite a pair.

I welcomed the ladies, and told them that the show would be
starting soon. I informed them that we would be doing this every
Monday for as long as there was interest (I got an enthusiastic
cheer for that).

I left the stage, then introduced Tom. Tom was a Lance
Corporal that worked with me. He was black, and had a body of a
track star. He came on stage wearing a waiter's uniform. He even
had a small tray. He started doing a break-dance, all the while
keeping a glass of coloured water (to look like wine) balanced on
the tray. Half-way through the first dance, he downed the drink,
then tossed the tray backstage. He did a few more gyrations, then
removed his jacket.

The women went wild when they saw his bare chest. He had
covered it with babyoil, and it shined. The second song started,
and it was a slow, jazzy bump and grind number. He removed his
trousers, and danced in a small g-string. The ladies went nuts, and
several started tossing money onto the stage. At the end of the
song, he went and collected the money, thanking each of the ladies.

I then introduced the next man. Brad was a Corpsman, and
started in his Sailor's Uniform. He did the classic "In The Navy",
by the Village People. The audience went wild with each pelvic
thrust of the song. For the second song, he grabbed the front of
his uniform and ripped! It had velcro, and ripped into 2 parts,
showing him in a tight g-string.

By now, the other men were circulating through the crowd.
They all were either wearing masks, or heavy makeup. I saw several
couples in booths. One booth had a woman (I recognized her as the
wife of an officer) masturbating a Corporal from the motor pool who
was dressed up as a Cop. Another one had Tom eating out a white
gal. Brad was disappearing upstairs with a homely looking gal. Her
ass was large, but she obviously had money.

Soon, all of the guys were involved with a gal if they were
not on stage. At the end of the night, all of them were happy, but
exhausted. I was looking forward to having tomorrow night off
myself. Most of the guys had cum 4 or 5 times, and made almost $300
each. Before he left, Brad admitted to me that the gal he fucked
upstairs was in the Airforce. And even though she was ugly, she was
one of the best fucks he had ever had.

The next night, I had made special plans. I left Itsu
instructions to be dressed in her Black silk dress, and to be
waiting for me. I stopped at the Hotel, and got into a suit before
I picked her up. I changed in Martha's room, and she was already
dressed. She waited in the car while I went to get Itsu. She was
surprised to see Martha with us, but said nothing.

We went to a nice restaurant, and had a marvelous dinner.
Afterwards, we went to a nightclub, and we all danced for a couple
of hours. When we left, we went to our place for drinks. I brought
a box up with us, and told Itsu to go into the bedroom, and put it
on. She left the room, then we heard a gasp from the bedroom.

5 minutes later, Itsu came out and joined us. She was wearing
a short green silk negligee. It went down just above her knee, and
was snug against her breasts. Martha and I could see her nipples
clearly through it. I winked at Martha, and she took over.

She walked over to Itsu, and took her into her arms. She then
gently kissed her. After a moment of hesitation, Itsu returned the
kiss. Soon, both of them were sitting on the floor, caressing each
other's breasts as they kissed.

Itsu was the first to go beyond that, moving her hand under
Martha's blouse to caress her breast. Martha broke off, and laid
back. Itsuko's hands trembled as she removed her clothes. Here I
was, watching my lover remove the clothes of another woman. I
removed my own clothes, and sat in a chair to watch.

Itsu started to suckle at her breasts, and Martha laid back,
holding her head to her. I was still amazed at how small and young
Martha looked. She looked more like she was 13 than 19. She shaved
her pubic hair, to add to that illusion. Itsu moved her hand down,
and started caressing her pubic region. She spent 15 minutes
fondling Martha, and brought her to orgasm. After she recovered,
Martha became a little more aggressive. She stood up, and took
Itsu's hand to guide her to the bedroom. Once there, she removed
Itsu's clothes, and started kissing her way down her body.

She paused at her breasts, suckling on her breasts. Then she
was kissing her way down her belly. Itsu gasped when she started
licking her vulva. Martha licked her a minute, then stood up.

Itsu started kissing her again passionately. I could see her
licking her own juices off of Martha's face. Martha then took her
to the bed, and made her lay down on it. She then squatted over her
face, and pressed her face into Itsu's pussy. In a flash, Itsu was
doing the same back.

I watched the two ladies eating each other out, hearing their
moans. I was incredibly turned on, but simply sat back and watched.
This was Itsuko's time, so I let her enjoy herself. After almost an
hour, and many orgasms each, they finally broke apart.

Itsu saw me, and asked me to join them in bed. The three of
us cuddled, then the girls both started to caress me. Martha moved
her head down, at the same time Itsu started to move herself up. I
felt a mouth sucking on my cock at the same time I started to lick
Itsu. I slid my tongue as far into her as I could. I reached up
and grasped her breasts, gently squeezing and feeling them as I ate
my lover out. At the same time, Martha was doing wonderful things
with her mouth. Within minutes, I was about to cum. I bucked my
hips, letting her know that I was close. She did not let off, and I
shot a huge load of sperm. Martha swallowed it, and continued to
suck on me until I got hard again.

Martha then moved up, and sat on my re-hardened cock. I had
Itsu get up, and turn around. I had her sit on my face again, this
time facing Martha. I continued to eat her out, and I could feel
them kissing and feeling each other. I felt a finger slide into
Martha's pussy next to my cock. It made her feel even tighter, if
that was possible. I reached up to cup Itsu's breasts, and found a
small pair of hands already there. Martha lifted hers up, and
pressed them on top of mine. Itsu started moaning then, and came
all over my face. A few seconds later, I felt Martha squeezing my
cock as she also had another orgasm. Unable to wait any longer, I
squirted her full of my cum.

We spent the night together, and all of us made love one more
time before I left for work. When I left, they were again involved
in another 69.

Just before lunch, I was called into the Administration
Office. It seems that my orders were in, and I was being
transferred back to North Carolina. I expressed my desire to stay,
and sent me to the Career Planner's Office. We talked for a bit,
and he put in a package to extend my tour here for another 3 years.
I took it to the Colonel, and he signed it. Now all that was left
was to send it to Washington, and hope they agree. The only
possible problem was that they wanted me to go to the school as an
instructor. If it came to a power struggle between my current unit
and the school, the school would win. When I got home, I told Itsu
about what had happened. She cried for a bit, but pulled herself
together. We went downstairs, and life went on.

We were both surprised at the amount of money that we were
bringing in. We decided that we could make a few changes. We made
an offer on the Hotel, and the owner gladly sold it. He was making
money for the first time in 10 years, but wanted out. We converted
the lower floor into an expansion of the club itself. The upper
floor was connected to a door in our apartment, so we could enter it
without having to go downstairs.

We also added some more girls. This time, we hired local
Japanese girls. This helped bring more variety to our ladies. We
now had 18 girls, and were looking to hire somebody full-time to
help us manage the place. Itsu and I talked about it, and decided
to ask Martha. She was both well liked by the girls, and a whiz
with math. She did a lot of our accounting already.

We asked Martha to come upstairs, and we made our offer. It
would mean more money, and a nicer room for her to live in. She was
very enthusiastic, but that stopped when we told her that she would
have to get a drivers license. Suddenly, she changed her mind, and
started to cry as she left the room. Itsu and I were both confused
and worried, so we went to find her. She was not in the bar, nor in
her room. We both went looking for her, and found her in the park
at the top of a hill about a quarter mile away. She was inside a
small viewing tower, crying.

I stayed below, while Itsu went up to talk to her. After
almost 30 minutes, she asked me to come up. She was no longer
crying, but both her and Itsu had tears in their eyes.

"Go on and tell Mike what you told me." Itsu said it in a way
that left no room for argument.

"I'm, I'm, I'm sorry. I did not mean for it to go this far, I
did not mean for the lie to go on for so long." At this, she broke
down crying again.

I took her into my arms, and held her as sobs wracked her
small body. I told her that we loved her, and no matter what it
was, we would try to forgive her. Then she told me her secret.

"I'm only 15 years old."

I thought I would die! I had made love to her 2 times now,
and she was a minor! I asked her what had happened, and she told us
her story.

Her mom had abandoned her when she was 4, and she lived in an
orphanage afterwards. She worked as a clean-up girl in a brothel,
and ran away from the orphanage. When she was 13, she was raped buy
one of the customers. After that, she decided to go ahead and sell
her body.

She worked on the street at first. Then an older whore took
pity on her, and got her a job at the strip club we met her at. The
owner convinced her to shave her sparse pubic hair, and to claim
that she was 18. That way, the guys would think she only looked

The club was OK. She only had sex with the guys if she wanted
to. She mostly danced, and let guys feel her up. When Itsuko and I
approached her, she jumped at the opportunity to get a fresh start.
She had been happy the last year, and now she knew it was going to

I looked at Itsu, and she must have read my mind, because she
nodded at me.

"Martha, you are not being send back to the Philippines. You
are going to stay here, with us. Of course, you will not be working
at the bar anymore, but we will not have a problem finding something
for you to do."

She looked at me in shock for a minute, then hugged me and
kissed me passionately on the lips. I kissed her back, then gently
pulled her back. I told her that that was the last time we would be
doing that. Now that I knew she was under-age, I felt like a child

Itsuko and her both laughed at that, but we all understood
that our relationships had changed. We told her to take the rest of
the night off, and we would talk about it tomorrow night. Back at
the bar, Itsu and I talked about what we would do with Martha.

When we remodeled a few months back, we added a spare bedroom
onto our private apartment. It had mostly been unused until now.
We decided to move Martha into it, and train her on the accounting.
She could still take over that part of the business, and do some of
the work necessary to open the club.

Martha was pleased at our decision when we told her about it
the next night. Then a sticky problem came out. Since she had been
having sex for over 2 years, she had come to really enjoy it. In
fact, she did not want to stop having sex. Itsu made the decision,
and asked me if it was OK after she said it.

On Tuesday evenings, she would leave for 2 hours. During that
time, "I will allow you to fuck his brains out." Itsu and Martha
laughed at that, but I was not so sure.

"Relax honey. I know you love her, but she is more a grown
woman than a child. You have already make love to her, and you both
enjoy it. I know I feel better if she with you, than if she is with
strange man."

Itsu went back downstairs to take care of the club, while I
stayed up to help Martha move her stuff in. She had an amazing
amount of clothes, half of them for her prior line of work. She
also had posters of rock stars, and kitties. Normal teenage girl

We finally got her fully moved in at around 10pm. We were
both relaxing when Julie knocked on the door. I was surprised when
she gave me a simple message.

"Miss Itsuko told me to tell you that 'pretend that tonight is
Tuesday night', whatever that means."

I thanked her for the message, and she left. She was
obviously confused by the message, but left without my having to
explain it. She was not even half-way down the stairs, when Martha
attacked me.

She savagely kissed me, then pulled me into her room. She
started to remover her clothes, but I stopped her. I told her that
this was to be special. I placed a CD on her stereo, then asked her
to dance with me. She slid into my arms, and we simply held each
other as we danced 3 dances. All of them were nice, slow dances.
Near the end of the third dance, I bent down and kissed her.

It was a very tender, gentle kiss. When the fourth song
started, we ignored it, and just stood there and kissed. I caressed
her back and cupped her ass as she ground her pelvis against my leg.
I slowly guided her to the small couch in her room, and we both sat
on it, our mouths still glued to each other.

We spent the next 20 minutes necking. I learned that Martha
has a very sensitive neck. She would softly moan when I would kiss
and suck on her neck and ear. She was grinding against me by then,
and she took matters into her own hand to continue.

Tired of my teasing, she took my left hand and placed it on
her right breast. I noticed that it was a little fuller than it was
the first time I felt them. Her nipple was rock hard under my palm.
I gently caressed it, not making any attempt to slide my hand under
her shirt.

After 10 more minutes, she started gently asking me to feel
her breast. I slid my hand under, and grasped her naked breast. As
I rolled her nipple between my fingers, she spasmed and held me
tightly as she practically sucked my tongue from my mouth. I
realized that I had her so turned on, that was all she needed to

She did not relax noticeably after her orgasm. She continued
to grind against me, and removed my own shirt, then broke away from
me long enough to pul her t-shirt over her head. Her breasts had
grown in the last year, and she said that they had. Almost 3
inches, and a full cup size. No longer wanting to torture her, I
gently picked her up, and laid her on the bed. I carefully removed
her clothes, then my own before I joined her there.

I caressed her pussy, which was wet and swollen. I could feel
the stubble of her pubic hair. I asked her not to shave it anymore,
and she promised to let it grow for me. I slid a finger into her,
and felt her tight walls clinging to it. She was still incredibly
tight, and responsive. I slid my finger back up, and caressed her
clit with my lubricated finger.

I bent my head down, and started to suck on her nipples. She
squirmed around, and ground her hips against my finger. Soon, she
was having another orgasm. I slowly moved down, kissing her belly,
then moving down to her hips. I spent 5 minutes, until she was
quietly begging me to eat her out.

She came as soon as I sucked her clit into my mouth. She was
so turned on, I was amazed. It seems like anything I did was making
her cum. I licked her pussy, sliding my tongue into her tight
snatch. I slid my hands up, caressing her breasts as I ate her out.
After 2 more orgasms, she grabbed my hair, and pulled me up.

"In me, I want you in me. Please, don't make me wait more!"

She grasped my cock, and gently pressed the head against the
entrance of her pussy. As I slid into her, she moaned "I love you"
softly under her breath. She was so tight and wet, it was all I
could do to hold off. I held still as her inner muscles milked my
cock. I held her tightly to me, then rolled us both over, so she
was on top of me.

I grasped Martha's ass in my hands as she raised and lowered
herself on me. As she was pumping on top of me, she was kissing my
neck and moaning into my ear.

"I want you to cum. I want you to cum inside me. I want you
to fill me with your cum. I want your cum."

She was saying this over and over again. I could not hold off
any longer, and told her I was about to fill her up. She started
moving her hips harder, moaning "Yes, now!" over and over again.
Unable to hold off any longer, I gave her 2 deep thrusts, then
grunted as I came inside of her.

She rested on top of me afterwards, and I caressed her back
and ass. We kissed and cuddled as my prick softened, and finally
came out of her. Martha groaned when it came out, but she was to
satisfied to complain much. After 15 minutes however, I was getting
hard again.

When Martha felt me pressing against her again, she giggled,
and said "You ready so soon? You going to give me long-time,
instead of other way around."

I slid out from under her, and she got up on her hands and
knees. Looking at her this way made my woody even harder. I got
behind her, and she guided me inside as I grasped her hips. She
rested her head and shoulders on the bed as I fucked her from
behind. I was going at it hard, and looked down to see myself
entering her. I reached down, and caressed her asshole with my
finger. She moaned, pressing back against it. I licked my index
finger, and slid it into Martha's ass. She pressed herself back
against me, and moaned how good it felt. I continued to slide into
her as I fucked her ass with my finger.

"Please, I have only done it once before, but I want you in
there. Please, put your cock in there."

I decided to play ignorant. "Put my cock in where?"

Martha groaned. "Please! Put your cock where your finger

"Say it. Say it Martha. Tell me exactly what you want."

She groaned, then yelled "In my ass! I want you to shove your
cock in my asshole!"

I heard a gasp behind me. I looked back, and saw Itsu
watching us. I silently mouthed "Baby Oil" to her. After 3 times,
she understood and got it for me. We keep it on-hand for sunburns,
and massages. I squirted a little on my fingers, and used it to
lubricate her asshole. I continued to lubricate her until I could
slip 3 fingers into her. I pulled out of her tight pussy, and
looked at how wet I was.

"I obviously don't need to lubricate myself" I said. "You are
so wet, nothing I place on my cock would be any more slippery."

Itsu moved up next to us, and watched as I slowly pressed the
head of my cock against her ass. I gently pressed, and the head
slipped into her tight little ass. I am not sure who moaned loudest
when I slipped in, Martha, Itsuko, or myself. I slowly started to
fuck her, slipping in deeper with each thrust.

Martha was constantly moaning now, telling me how big I felt
in her. Her ass was tighter than Lori's. Itsu was watching us,
fascinated. I had not tried to sodomize her. The closest that I
have done like this to Itsu was to caress her asshole while we
fucked. I never tried to place anything into it though.

I looked back at Itsu, and quietly told her to strip. Still
watching us, she removed her clothes, licking her lips as she did
so. Once nude, she walked up to me and we kissed. I continued to
pump into Martha's ass as we kissed. I asked her how it felt, but
she could only moan.

"Unless you tell me what you think, I will have to stop. If
you only moan, I am afraid I may be hurting you."

"Uhhhh, it feel sooooooo good. Uhhhh, ohhhh, mmmmm, yessss,
yesssss, harder. I want it harder!"

I started to fuck her faster, my cock slipping in and out
easier, now that she was warmed up. "Martha, do you prefer to make
love to men instead of girls?"

"Yes." she hissed.

"But you still like making love to girls?"

"Ohhh, Hmmm, yes. Yes, I do."

"Who have you done it with?"

Martha then went and named most of the girls that work below,
including Tenko.

"What girl do you like making love to the most?"

"That is simple, Itsuko. She is beautiful, and I love her."

As she finished the sentence, she had a strong orgasm. I
stopped thrusting, because I was close, and did not want to cum
myself yet. I reached forward, and played with her nipples as she
came. She sank onto her belly, limp with exhaustion after her

I started to pump again, and quietly told Itsu to lay down in
front of Martha. Itsu kissed me, then did so. She carefully laid
down in front of Martha, and reached down to caress her face.

Martha looked up, startled. Then seeing Itsu and her naked
pussy in her face, she moaned, and buried her face in it. I started
to loose it then, and warned Martha that I was about to cum. She
moaned into Itsu's pussy as I shot her ass full of my cum.

I slid out and laid on my back next to the girls. Martha
moved her hips around, and got into a 69 with Itsu. I watched as
they ate each other out for almost 30 minutes, then fell back,
exhausted and satisfied. We all cuddled, until I mentioned that
Itsu and I needed to get back downstairs.

Martha got up and came back with a wet washcloth and some
soap. She gently washed my cock, making sure that I was clean
before she finished. Itsu then gently washed her asshole. After
washing it, she kissed it gently, then rubbed a little baby oil on
it to help ease the soreness.

Once back downstairs, we both worked until closing time, then
went back upstairs and were soon both fast asleep.

The next week, Lori called me, and we spent a long time
talking on the phone. It seems that she had been dating Mark since
right after I had left, and she was really wanting to go further
than just kissing him.

He was satisfied with that, and accepted her reasoning to not
go any further because of a promise she had made (she did not say
who it was made to, just that it was a promise). But she was
wanting to make love, and asked my permission. I gladly gave it,
but said it was only good for Mark. If they broke up, she would
have to get it again before she made love to a different man.

We exchanged "I love you's", then hung up. I was glad that
she had changed her life around, and hoped the best for the two of

Part VII

Things went much the same for the next few months. Monday
being Lady's Night, and the rest of the time working at the bar and
on base. We had a few girls leave the bar, one of them even getting
married to a Marine from another base. We got some new ones, and
even had a few changes in the guys for Mondays.

One Saturday, I took some time off to go to the Exchange on
Kadena Airforce Base. Kadena had the best Exchange on the island,
so most of the service people came here. I ran into Brad there, and
we hung out together. We were about to leave, when we heard a
female voice call his name. We both turned around, and saw Amy.

Amy was the homely looking gal that Brad normally fucked on
Lady's Night. She was still homely looking, but he admitted to me
that he really liked her, and that her ability in the bed was worth
looking at her. She trotted up to us, and we saw that she was in
her Camouflage uniform.

What surprised us both was that she was wearing the Silver Bar
insignia of a First Lieutenant! "I thought that was you. Very few
men are as broad shouldered as you are, and M.C. Mike here (that was
the name I used when introducing the men) was the dead giveaway.
Can we talk for a minute?"

I walked away for a few minutes, and watched them talk for
about 10 minutes. She wrote something on a card, and handed it to
him. She touched the back of his hand gently, then she left. When
Brad caught up with me, he said that he had a date with her that
evening. He was to meet her at the McDonalds just outside the main
gate, and things would go from there.

I reminded him that he was enlisted, while she was an officer.
He admitted that they had discussed that briefly, and neither one
would meet in uniform, or at each other's quarters. That way, they
could deny knowing the other's rank if it became public.

I offered him a room free of charge if he wanted, and he
gratefully accepted. We drove back to the club, and had a drink
before he left. I went upstairs to show Martha how to use the
computer. I had just opened the door, and the phone rang.

I answered the phone, and was surprised to hear Blanca. We
had been writing to each other for the last year. She had been
doing OK, but was looking to start a new life. She said that the
economy had crashed, and her father lost the store that he owned.
She had been working at a bar the last 6 months.

"Gee Blanca, to bad you are all the way over there. If you
were here, you could work for me" I said, half joking.

However, she seemed to have been waiting for this invitation.
She told me that she had a 2 year work visa, and an entrance visa on
her passport, and was ready to move to Japan! I was stunned, but
told her that she would be more than welcome. She had saved enough
for a plane ticket, and could be here in 2 weeks. Since I had
already arranged to take a vacation in 1 month, I told her to wait,
and she could fly back with Itsu and me. She agreed, and would be
looking forward to meeting me again and Itsu.

I went downstairs, and told Itsu the news. She was excited,
both at the thought of meeting Blanca, and at having her work here.
A Mexican girl would be a unique thing here, and was sure to attract
men. I went back upstairs, and continued to teach Martha how to use
the computer.

I only had 4 weeks to teach her how to run the business before
Itsu and I left. We would be gone for 3 weeks, and unless there was
an emergency, our only communication would be through E-Mail.

I was downstairs when Brad and Amy walked in. Amy looked a
little uncomfortable, but that was probably because of what was
going on in the bar. Julie was dancing at the moment, and one of
the booths had a girl jacking off a Marine while he sucked on her

I took them to the Hotel, and gave them a key to a room. I
caught a glimpse of Amy, and from the side she did not look bad at
all. I decided to talk to Kristen about her.

Kristen was one of the girls, and was going to Beauty School
during the day. If anybody could bring beauty out of Amy, it would
be her. I talked to her, and she loved the idea. I excused her for
2 hours, so she could get ready, and look at a few magazines for

About 90 minutes later, I got a call from the lobby, telling
me that Brad and Amy were there. I ran over, and met them. I told
Amy about Kristen. She was reluctant, but agreed to go upstairs and
see her. Brad and I would wait in the bar for her to return.

We hung out for almost 2 hours, acting like customers the
entire time. Itsu laughed when I grabbed her and took her to a
booth. Once there, I started feeling her up as she unzipped my
pants. She proceeded to masturbate me like I was a customer, as I
fingered her wet pussy. We timed it perfectly, and both came at the
same time. She was just finishing wiping me off when Kristen came
up to her.

They talked for a minute, then left to go upstairs together.
She came back with some clothes, and went back to Kristen's room.
30 minutes later, she came to Brad and I, telling us that Amy was
ready for him.

We entered the lobby, and were stunned! Amy was wearing one
of Itsu's blue dresses, and she looked completely different. Her
hair was a shade lighter in colour, and was now draped around her
face, instead of pulled back. That and some makeup in the right
places made her look beautiful.

Brad stared for almost a full minute, then took her in his
arms and kissed her passionately. Kristen had performed a small
miracle. She had taken the Homely Duckling, and made her into a

The rest of the evening passed as usual. Sunday morning, Brad
and Amy joined the rest of us for breakfast. Afterwards, the five
of us (Brad, Amy, Itsu, Martha, and I) went shopping. Itsu and
Martha helped her pick out some flattering clothes, and we guys also
gave some suggestions.

It seems that Amy's mother had died when she was young. She
was raised by her father, and 2 older brothers. She never learned
how to dress, or do her hair and makeup to flatter her natural
appearance. Back at the apartment, Itsu and Martha gave her some
more tips, and she seemed fascinated. Brad helped me open the club
while they did this.

Brad and Amy stayed with us until Tuesday morning. Monday was
a holiday, so we all had the day off. I asked Brad if he was going
to work tomorrow night, and he admitted that he was. However, he
would not be giving private dances for anybody but Amy. She blushed
at this, and said nothing. I told him that it was OK, and handed
him a key.

With some of the new girls being local, we now had 2
apartments that were not being used. I handed the key of one of
those to Brad. "This is for the two of you to use, until I need it
again. All we ask is that you do not trash it out, and that you
teach the young lady that she should remove her combat boots before
she throws you into her bed."

This was met by good-natured laughter by all, and an
embarrassed smile from Amy. The five of us headed up stairs, Itsu
bringing along a bottle of wine and 5 glasses. I looked at her, and
she winked at me. I was not sure what my hot little lover had in
mind. I do know that the only times I have been with her when she
drank wine, a spectacular sexual encounter came from it.

Once up there, Itsu poured us all some wine, then sat in my
lap as we drank a toast to the new couple. We finished the bottle
quickly, and Itsu had Martha run off to grab another bottle. Soon,
that one was finished also. Itsu and I were still sitting on one of
the two chairs in the room. The new couple was sitting on the bed,
Brad behind Amy so he could caress her, and "accidentally" brush
against her breasts. I could see from 10' away how hard her nipples

We finished that bottle, and Itsu sent Martha for another one.
While she was gone, Itsu kissed me passionately, then started to
nibble on my ear. I glanced at Brad and Amy, and saw them doing the
same thing. Itsu surprised me by whispering in my ear "I want you
to pretend that it is Tuesday again." She resumed tonguing my ear
again, making my pecker as hard as a rock. I decided to go for
broke, and started to caress her breasts. I glanced, and saw Brad
and Amy watching us, his hand starting to caress her breast.

"I told Martha to wait 30 minutes before returning" Itsu
whispered into my ear again. I was wondering what she had in mind,
when she reached down and unzipped my pants. I heard a small gasp
from across the room, and glanced. Amy was watching us, and was
obviously staring at Itsu playing with my cock. I responded by
unbuttoning her blouse, and unfastening her bra. I heard Amy moan
quietly as I took one of Itsu's hard nipples into my mouth. I
suckled on her breasts, hearing the familiar moans of my lover
filling my ears. I could hear similar moans from Amy across the
room. After 5 minutes of this, I heard Itsu ask me if we could find
someplace more comfortable. I made a show of looking around, taking
in the sight of Amy's large breasts being sucked by Brad.

"Sorry love, there only seems to be the one bed here." This
room only had one bed, but it was queen sized.

Amy surprised me by quietly saying "There is plenty of room
over here." It was so low, it was almost a whisper. But one look
into her eyes, and she was obviously begging us to join them.

I gently kissed Itsu, then picked her up and carried her to
the bed. On the way there she again whispered into my ear. "I
watch and allow you to make love to other girls. Please allow me to
make love to Brad."

In response, I kissed her and whispered "OK." All this passed
unknown to Brad and Amy.

I stripped Itsu, and laid her on the bed. We resumed making
out, occasionally looking at Brad and Amy. He now had her down to
her panties, and was sucking on her breasts. Amy's breasts were
wonderful, large and soft looking, with large areola and nipples.
She moaned, and I looked down to see Brad's hand inside of her

Itsu rolled me over onto my back, and started to kiss her way
down my body. I caught Amy taking glimpses at us, watching as Itsu
got closer and closer to my hard cock. I heard her moan, and saw
that Brad had removed her panties, and was now kissing his way down
her body.

Itsu opened her mouth, and had me moaning as she started to
suck on my cock. I was soon playing with her hair as she sucked on
me. I glimpsed over, and saw Amy watching her. After about 20
seconds, she raised her head, and our eyes locked.

She closed her eyes and moaned as a wave of pleasure came over
her, then opened them again, looking right into my own. I slowly
reached out, and cupped her right breast in my hand. She closed her
eyes for a moment, then looked at me with a look of total lust in
her eyes.

I glanced down at Itsu, and she was watching this as she gave
me head. I slowly moved closer to Amy, Itsu moving to help us. I
was soon kissing Amy as our partners gave each of us head. I could
feel her tense up, and groan into my mouth as she came on Brad's
tongue. I continued to squeeze her breast as she came, causing her
to push her chest against my hand.

"Isn't she a great kisser?" I heard Brad ask me. I agreed,
then moaned myself, close to orgasm myself as Itsu worked her magic
on me with her mouth. Now it was Amy's turn, as she moved up
against me and kissed me, caressing my chest as we kissed.

I broke off for a second, and warned Itsu that I was about to
cum. She moved her head faster for a few seconds, then moved back
so just the head was in her mouth. She then started to jack me off
with her hand. Amy moved her own down, gently pushing Itsu's to the
side. She then proceeded to jack me off until I started cumming in
Itsu's sucking mouth. After Itsu moved off and moved up to kiss me,
she moved down and licked the head of my cock. It was at this time
that Martha re-entered the room.

She walked in, then stopped, watching the 4 of us on the
center of the bed. She slowly walked in, setting the bottle down on
the coffee table. She then continued to walk towards us, removing
her clothes as she came closer. She was nude by the time she
reached the bed. She sat in the chair next to the bed, and watched
the four of us, a look of lust in her eyes.

Her pubic hair had grown in during the past months, and it now
covered her pubic mound with a fine layer. Amy looked startled, but
said nothing as Martha joined the four of us. Itsu moved back up
the bed, sliding between Amy and Brad, so we were obviously paired
off with different partners. I gently kissed Amy again, then moved
down to suckle the breasts that I had been playing with a short time

Amy moaned, holding my head to her chest as I gently caressed
her belly. I heard a moan, and saw Itsu slowly sitting on Brad's
cock. Amy watched also, seeing her lover slide into my lover.

I was amazed at how responsive Amy was. The difference in the
last few months was amazing. Her nipples were large, and as hard as
rocks. I sucked them hard, my hand moving lower down her belly.
She gasped when I reached her groin, and slid then through her pubic

I slid my fingers through her hair, gently pulling on it. She
lifted her ass as I did so, not wanting my fingers to release her.
I continued to tease her as I sucked her breasts, moving from one to
the other. I started to kiss the underside of her breasts,
massaging the muscles with my tongue.

I heard a moan, and looked over to see Martha gasping as she
brought herself to an orgasm. I slipped my fingers lower, and slid
then along her vulva. She was wet and hot, and moaned as I slid my
fingers back and forth. I heard Itsu moan, and knew that she was
having an orgasm.

Amy was going crazy under me, and I moved a little lower,
kissing her belly. She had a little excess flesh there, but was by
no means fat. I slid lower, and plunged my face into her vagina.

Amy cried out as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth, sucking
as I slid a finger into her. She was so tight, and as wet as any
woman I had ever felt. I had only sucked her for a minute before
she exploded, bucking her pelvis into my face and clamping her legs
around my head.

When she finally released me, we were both gasping for breath.
She grabbed my ears, and pulled me up until I was lying between her
thighs. With a gentle hand, she reached down and slid me into her.

"Please, go easy" she moaned. "I have only been with a few
men, and am still very tight."

She was right. Amy was not as tight as Martha or Itsu, but
tighter than most women that I have been with. We kissed as I slid
into her, and started to slowly fuck her. We heard Itsu and Brad
both moaning, and knew they were having an orgasm.

I slid in and out of Amy for 10 minutes, until she moaned that
she was cumming again. I moaned that I was also, and came right
after she did, causing her to have another orgasm as I squirted my
cum into her. Martha moaned again, obviously having another orgasm.

We kissed and cuddled as we regained our breaths. Itsu was
caressing my back, and Brad was holding Amy's hand. We rolled back
to hold our partners, and soon were all asleep.

I woke up, hearing a moaning sound. I looked over, and gently
nudged Itsu awake. Amy was moaning, thrashing her head as she was
closing on an orgasm. It was obvious that the oral attention she
was getting was bringing her off. She moaned my name, and had an
orgasm, reaching down to grasp the head between her legs.

It was only afterwards that she realized the head was not
mine, but Martha's. Amy was shocked, but did not push her away.
Martha moved between her and Itsu, and Amy hugged her.

"I have always wondered what it would be like with another
woman, but I know that I can never do this. You were wonderful, but
please do not do it again."

Martha looked hurt, until Brad and I explained to her about
the prohibition that the Military had to homosexuality. "That is
dumb" was her only response. We all took turns in the shower, then
got dressed again for a night on the town.

After dinner and some dancing, the four of us (Martha stayed
at home to do the books) went home, and went to bed in our separate


The next day, Brad and I drove to work together. We decided
that why should we waste gas by both of us driving separate cars,
when we would be going to and from the same places. I was surprised
when the Regimental Sergeant Major called me into his office just
after lunch.

He told me that the night-club had become public knowledge to
both him and the Colonel, and that I would have to do something
about it.

"You see," he told me. "The problem is not as much the club,
as it is the guys you have there one night a week. The Colonel does
not like the idea of his Marines prostituting themselves, and that
has to stop."

We talked for a bit, and agreed to next weeks show would be
the last. It had become to widely known, and the Marines in it were
not a secret any longer. That gave us 2 shows left, and a chance to
make an announcement. He said that three or four shows a year would
probably be overlooked, but every week was just far to much.

Brad and I talked on the way home, and decided that next weeks
show would be the ultimate show. And that small, private shows
(parties and the like) would probably be OK also.

The Itsu and Martha, along with the rest of the girls were a
little upset at this, but said they could live with it. In fact,
Martha was the one that suggested the last show should be all-nude.
Brad said that that would probably not be a problem, and the two of
them started to make posters up to announce the closing of
"Chippendale's Far East".

That night, we handed all of the ladies a flier as they
entered, announcing the final show next week. It did not say that
it would be full nude however, we decided to leave that a secret.
The ladies were obviously depressed, but decided that they would
have to live with it.

The guys all agreed to do the last show nude, and that during
the last dance, they would all get on-stage, and remove their masks.
Since the girls had never seen their faces before (with the
exception of Amy), this would maybe help them in getting future
private parties with them.

The next night, Brad, Amy, Itsu, and I went out on the town.
After having Tempura at a nice restaurant, we went to a night club
and danced until almost 2 in the morning. We all fell asleep in our
bed, cuddled up with our respective partners.

The next morning, Brad got up to take a shower, and Amy rolled
over to curl up with me. Before I knew it, both her and Itsu were
caressing me, and Amy was playing with my cock under the sheets. I
told her that Brad might not like it, but she giggled (a rather nice
giggle too), and said that as long as Itsu and I did not mind his
being with her occasionally, it was OK if she was with me.

That was how our informal swapping arrangement started. When
Brad came back out, Amy was sitting on my cock, and bucking her
tight pussy up and down as I kissed Itsu. He came over, and dropped
the towel as he caressed Itsu's nude back. She rolled over, taking
his cock into her mouth as Amy continued to ride me.

Amy was still wearing her nightgown, draping it over us to
hide our joined private parts. I had been teasing her nipples
through the thin silk, and they stood up like two hard pebbles
through the material. I could feel her getting close, and I had to
hurry myself, so I could get ready for work.

I pulled her down, kissing deeply as her vagina spasmed around
me, and I had my own orgasm, spraying into her as I cupped her
delightful ass. We kissed one more time, then apologized as I had
to get a shower myself.

I took a quick shower, and came out just before Brad came in
Itsu's mouth, kissing Amy as he did. We both got dressed as Amy
took her own shower, then we kissed our girls goodbye before we
left, both of them nude and us clothed.

The next week was a blur, mostly being involved in work, my
plans for my vacation, and the last Male review. That Monday, the
crowd was larger than any of us expected. They filled the place,
and were standing around the bar. We actually pulled down some
tables and chairs from the girl's apartments, just to try and give
them all a place to sit.

Things went as normal, but the girls all gasped when Tom
removed his g-string, his long cock bobbing as he danced. Then they
went wild, actually reaching up for him when he came to the edge of
the stage.

One lady motioned to me, and I came over to her, recognizing
her just before I got there as the Colonel's wife. We chatted for
several minutes, and she told me that she did not like the fact that
the club was closing.

She gave me a few ideas, and I said that I would consider
them. She surprised me, giving me her home phone number, and the
times I should call to get a hold of her. It seems that she wanted
to attend any future functions, and would like to know of them in
advance! Not as a spy, but because she liked to watch also. She
also promised not to tell her husband about this last night here.

As each guy came out, the girls went nuts, Most of them seeing
them nude for the first time. And the action in the booths was
heavy. Most of the guys were pounced on as soon as the reached the
floor, and I could tell that a lot of hand jobs and other things
were going on. I saw couples leaving for the hotel several times,
and knew that the guys would be worn out for a week after this.

The only exception was Brad. As his dance finished, he went
up to our apartment, where he would wait with Amy until his next
dance. If this was not love starting up, I do not know what. The
final dance, the guys all got up together, and the yelling was
extremely loud when they all dropped their briefs, 14 guys all nude
on stage together. I was on-stage myself, introducing them
individually, wearing my tux as was usual. Then when they started
to remove their masks, the place went wild.

However, there was one surprise left, and I had not been let
in on it. I was about to thank the ladies for coming, when my mike
died. I heard Amy come over the PA, telling them that there was one
dancer left.

The guys all started to chant "Mike", and I felt a little
pale. Amy said that the show should not end without my having at
least one dance. The girls went nuts, and I tried to refuse.
However, they really were screaming for me to join the guys, and I
saw Itsu was also yelling.

I started to dance then, slowly removing my tux. I carefully
chose who to toss my clothes to, Itsu getting my jacket, and tossing
my cummerbund to another regular. I knew that it was traditional
here for the stripper (male or female) to kiss whoever was the
recipient of their clothes (Martha started that tradition). I
tossed my shirt to the Colonel's wife, and she waved it in the air,
like a trophy. The shoes and socks went off-stage, as I was not
going back out there barefoot.

My pants were next, those being caught by a cute young black
girl, maybe 19 years old. The girls were going nuts now, as I was
only wearing my briefs (white cotton, as I was not expecting to do
this). Amy placed on a slow "bump-and-grind" song, and I took my
time. I teasingly lowered them, only to pull them back up. I
pulled my leg band up a few times, teasing them with a glimpse of my
balls before pulling it back down.

I was now a little nervous, because another tradition was that
whoever caught the briefs was supposed to have "first call" on
having time with the dancer either in a booth, or upstairs. I saw
Amy in the crowd now, and looked to see Martha in the DJ booth. I
turned my back, removing my briefs, showing the girls my ass. They
went nuts, and I decided to throw them to Amy.

I turned around, and was shocked as half of the girls were
reaching up to get my briefs. I wadded them into a ball, and Amy
nodded as I got ready to throw them. I was half hard, and girls
were reaching for me, some of them actually touching my legs and
thigh as I tossed them to Amy.

However, another girl had other ideas, and reached out,
grabbing them in mid-flight. I had no choice but to finish the
dance, and left to put on a kimono that the girls had brought down
for me. The last hour was normally spent with no dancing, just
socializing, and relaxing before the club closed.

Wearing the kimono and sandals (also brought down for me to
wear, I went to recover my clothes. Itsu made me promise not to
break tradition as I kissed her, and that I would have to give the
ladies a kiss to recover my stuff. One by one, I made the rounds,
kissing them to get my clothes back. The Colonel's wife gave me a
very nice kiss, again apologizing for what her husband was doing.
The black girl gave me a nice, deep kiss. Our tongues did a little
dance as I gently caressed her boobs, and she caressing my cock
through the opening in the kimono.

Finally it was time to recover my briefs, and found the holder
sitting in a booth. I sat next to her, and her hand went
immediately to my knee as I bought both of us a drink. We chatted
as we drank, and I looked her over. She was actually rather pretty,
but I was unable to determine her ethnic heritage. She was dark
skinned, and her facial features could have been Hispanic, Asian, or
American Indian.

Her hand slowly moved up, and by the time we finished the
drink, she was grasping my hard cock. I leaned over and kissed her
neck, and asked her what she wanted.

"You, now, upstairs" was Kathy's reply.

Now I had never sold myself like this, but I looked over to
Itsu, and she nodded at me. We got up, and I took her hand as we
went to the hotel. Once in the room, she handed me $40, and I said
that would be enough.

We collapsed onto the bed, and I started kissing her as I
removed her clothes. She had very pretty breasts, and I bent over
to suck them as I removed her jeans. She was gasping, and holding
my head as I did this, writhing as I caressed her legs and belly,
working around her panties.

I reached down, and slid my hand into her panties, caressing
her wet pussy. She jumped as I did this, moaning into my hair as I
was still sucking her tits. I gently slid a finger into her, and
she was tighter than any girl I had felt. She gasped, and started
to hump herself against my hand.

I brought her to an orgasm, and held her as I removed the rest
of our clothes. After she recovered, we started to kiss and caress
each other some more. She bent down, and studied my cock as she
played with it. She moved it different directions, and looked
concerned when I moaned. She asked if she had hurt me, and I
assured her that it was not pain I was moaning from.

She said she wanted to jack me off, but would I be able to
continue afterwards. I assured her that I would, and she proceeded
to do so, moving her other hand down to caress and explore my balls.
After 5 minutes, I was no longer able to hold back and warned her I
was about to cum. She moved her head back a little, and gasped as I
sprayed into the air, covering my belly and her hand with sperm. As
I had not made love in s few days, it was a large load.

I handed her a towel, and she gently wiped us up, caressing me
some more. I was soon hard again, and she asked me to enter her. I
got out a rubber, and she asked if it was necessary. I told her
that it was, for both of our protection.

She amazed me then, by saying that she was a virgin! She
pulled out her birth control pills, and said that she would rather I
not use one, as she wanted to feel everything her first time. I
held her as I thought. I got the phone, and called Itsu, quietly
telling her the situation. As tight as she was, I believed her.
And the fact that she had a military ID, I was fairly sure that she
was disease clean. She told me to do what I thought, that a girl's
first time should be special. She also said to take as long as

I asked her if she was sure she wanted it to be this way, and
she said that it was. I gently started to kiss her, and moved to
her neck, gently kissing her neck and ear. She moaned, holding me
as I did. I asked her what experience had, and she told me that
other than kissing and letting a former boyfriend play with her
breasts, that she had none.

I moved down her body, kissing as I went. I did not tease her
much, and she moaned loudly as I ran my tongue along her wet slit.
She was very wet, and gasped as I slid my tongue into her. She
pulled at my hair as I ate her out, and held my head tightly as I
moved to suck her clit. I reached up to cup and caress her breasts
(the felt and looked like a C cup) as I ate her out. She had a
strong orgasm, and we cuddled as I let her recover.

When she was ready to continue, I slid on top of her and
between her legs. I told her to reach down and slide me into her,
and to tell me if it hurt, or she wanted me to stop. I felt her
small hand around me, and we watched her face as I slid into her.

I had never been in a girl so tight, not even Martha. Once I
was all the way inside, she held me closely, telling me that she
felt so full, and so good. For 5 minutes, I just held and kissed
her, letting her get used to the feeling. When I felt her hips
moving slightly, I knew she was ready.

I slowly slid out, almost half way before sliding back in.
Kathy moaned loudly, saying that she never knew it would feel this
good. I continued to slowly slide in and out of her, holding and
kissing her as we made love. Whenever I got close, I would stop,
wanting it to last for her.

After an eternity, she told me that she wanted to feel me cum
in her. I moved faster, and she groaned under me, saying that she
was getting close also. I felt her orgasm start, and as her pussy
clutched my cock, I came, spraying her with sperm for the first

"Ohhhh," she moaned. "I can feel it in me, I can actually
feel your sperm filling me."

I laid on top of her, and we kissed until I got soft and
slipped out. Her hand slipped down to lightly caress her pussy, and
she told me that she had never felt so good. We talked for a while
longer, and she told me that she was of chinese descent, with some
other races thrown in. I told her how beautiful I thought she was.

She continued to play with my penis, and marveled at how
slippery it was with both of our juices on it. Before I knew it, I
was getting hard yet again. "I have wanted to do this for a while"
she said, and slid back down to watch her hand moving on my cock.

She slowly bent forward, and took me into her mouth. She
started to slowly suck on me, licking with her tongue as she slid up
and down. She did this for several minutes, then pulled back, still
stroking me with her soft hand.

She told me that she had seen a few adult movies, but the real
thing was much more fun. She went back, and it was obvious that she
had learned something from the movies. She was definitely not
skilled, but her enthusiasm was very real. When I was close, I
warned her, and she pulled back.

"I don't want you to cum in my mouth, I want it inside me
again. Please, I want to do it again."

I cuddled with her, to give myself a chance to calm down
first. I was so close, I would have shot off just entering her
tight sheath again. After 10 minutes of kissing and caressing each
other, I was ready. I pulled her on top, and she sat on me, taking
several attempts to get back inside her.

As she slowly pumped her hips, I reached down to grasp them,
helping her to get a good rhythm. I had her pull up a bit, and bent
forward myself to suckle on her breasts again. Soon, she was
moaning that she was cumming, and I sprayed my second load into her.

I was worn out now, but we took a shower together to clean
ourselves off. It was almost 2am when I got back to my room, and
kissed Itsu goodnight as we cuddled to go to sleep. I told her what
had happened, and she told me that I had done a good thing, showing
her how good sex can be.

I spent the rest of the time getting ready for our vacation.
We gave Amy and Brad access to the account, trusting them to help
Martha run the place. They would do what was necessary to help her
run the place, and keep in contact with me via the computer.

The weekend before we left, I took Itsuko out to a very nice
restaurant. I had worried about this night for a long time, and was
determined that it would be perfect. I had reached a decision 2
months before, and this seemed like the perfect time to carry it

After dinner, we went to a nice nightclub, and danced for
several hours. When we left, I drove us to a nice beach that I knew
of, and we took off our shoes to walk along the shore. The night
was nice, with a half moon and the sound of the ocean.

We spent a long time holding hands while we walked, then
kissing and hugging. Finally gathering my courage, I suggested we
sit on a rock, and I told her how much I loved her. We kissed and
cuddled for almost an hour, and I finally built myself up.

I took the small box out of my pocket, and kneeled next to
her. "Itsu," I said. "I do not know how it is done here, but this
is how it is done where I come from." I handed her the box, and

She opened it, and gasped when she looked inside. "Will you
marry me?"

There was silence for almost a minute, then she started to
cry, and simply said "Hai, yes, I will."

Both of our hands were shaking as I slipped the ring on her
finger. It was a perfect fit. We hugged for a long time, then
kissed gently. After another hour of hugging, kissing, and gentle
words exchanged, we went back to the car, and drove home.

When we got there, the evening was winding down. The bar was
half empty, and we both helped clean up. Of course, one of the
girls noticed the ring, and we became the center of attention.
Everybody came in to see, even the girls off duty and Martha. There
were hugs and kisses exchanged by all, and more than a few tears.

We finally got everything closed, and the girls threw a party
for us. Even Brad and Amy came down, and both gave their
congratulations. Finally, most of us were to tired to continue, so
we all staggered off to bed, knowing that most of us would be dead
tired the next day.

Part IX

The day after my leave started, we flew to Los Angeles. This
time, we spent 3 days with my parents. Both were happy to meet my
soon-to-be wife. I rented a car at the airport, and Itsu insisted
on wearing a traditional Kimono to meet them. She said it was a
family tradition, and she wanted to continue.

They were impressed by her manners, and the Kimono (hand
embroidered) was truly beautiful. We went to a Japanese Restaurant
(my mom loves Japanese food), and they were very impressed also.
Itsu was the center of attention, and we were given complimentary
drinks and desert, seeing that this was her first visit to the US,
and we had been recently engaged.

When we got back, Itsu changed, and came back out in jeans and
a large t-shirt. She and my mom started talking about wedding
plans, and my dad and I talked about the bar. I quietly told him
that it was a strip bar, and he was not real surprised. I did not
tell him that sex was also sold there, but being former military
himself, he probably expected that.

The next 4 days, I took Itsu out sightseeing. Disneyland,
Universal Studios, Museums, and the beach were several of the stops.
At Santa Monica, she giggled, and shaded her eyes, claiming "I can
see home from here!"

We flew to North Carolina, and were met by Lori at the
airport. She gave both of us a warm hug, then we left for her
place. Mark got there shortly after we did, and he was a nice guy.
He actually looked a lot like me, and that surprised me a little.

The four of us shared a wonderful dinner, with each of us
giving a short version of our life's stories. We gave a brief
version of what the club was like, and about our engagement. Mark
had just become a junior partner at the law firm, and Lori was
moving to another firm nearby, so there would be no problems between
work and home.

We shared drinks in the living room, and then retired to bed.
Itsu and I made love, then fell asleep.

Lori was taking 2 weeks off before starting her new job, so we
spent a lot of time together. The three of us drove around the
sites, and even spent a day in Jacksonville, seeing friends and the
sites there.

2 nights before we left, I was having problems sleeping, and
went out into the living room to watch TV. An hour or so later,
Lori came in also, and curled up in my arms. She knew about my
occasional sleeping problem, and we simply cuddled, and talked about
our new lives.

Mark was out of town that night, having to go to Myrtle Beach
South Carolina to do some investigation for a case he was working
on. So it was just the three of us. Lori was wearing her white
nightgown again, and it made me a little nervous. Even though it
was over between us, I still got aroused seeing her in it. We
started talking about her and Mark, and I mentioned how much he
looked like me.

Mark was a great guy, and she admitted that his similarity to
me was one of the things that attracted her. "He is different from
you in a lot of ways though. For one, he is not as adventurous in
bed, but I am slowly changing that."

Then she giggled, saying that he almost had a fit, the first
time she suggested anal sex. "That was last weekend. We did not do
it, but I will get him to do me that way eventually. So at the
moment, my ass is still yours."

She leaned closer to me, and giggled again when she pressed
her arm lightly against my groin, feeling my erection. "Itsu and I
did a little talking the other day. Seems that you keep her very
'happy', should I say. I am glad for both of you, honest. You know
how girls are. We even did a little comparing of lovemaking styles
between the two of you. You should be happy to know that you won
with both of us.

"In fact, she told me that she would have no problem with you
and I saying 'goodbye' tonight."

I was startled by this, and she turned to look at me.
"Honest, she said it would be OK. I would never lie to you again.
I may bend the rules a little, but not lie. And I like her far to
much to hurt her."

I was a little surprised at this admission, and asked her what
rules she had bent. She looked a little embarrassed, and admitted
that she had sex with another person during the last 3 years. But
since it was not a man, there was no penetration, so not really sex.

It never occurred to me that she might be bisexual. We talked
about it, and she said that the girl and her were lovers off and on
for about 2 years. It was more than sex, the closeness being what
she needed.

"But I would like to make love to you, one last time. If you
say no, I will understand of course. Mark even told me before he
left that this would be a good time for us to say goodbye. I think
he knew I was considering this, so took the trip now. He really is
a very understanding person."

I told her that I would be right back, and went back to my
bedroom. Itsu woke up when I laid down next to her, and asked whaat
was going on. I explained to her what Lori had said, and she told
me to go back out there.

"She still loves you, and I know that you love her. I want
our life together to start with no regrets. If you not do this now,
you may always wonder what would have happened. I only ask that you
come back to me before you go to sleep."

We kissed, and I went back out to the living room. I turned
off the TV, and placed a CD into the stereo, then turned on the gas
log in the fireplace. The soft light was wonderful, and we cuddled

Soon, we were making out, and she was pulling my pajamas off
of me. Once nude, she proceeded to give me one of her wonderful
blowjobs. I played with her long hair, loving the feel. When I got
close, II gently pulled her off, then proceeded to kiss and strip
her, kissing my way down her body as I went.

I spent 20 minutes on her breasts. I gently suckled, then
sucked harder, trying to bring her off this way. She must have been
really turned on, because she cried out, an held me to her as she
came, moaning my name. I moved up and kissed her as she came back
down, holding me close.

I continued to gently caress her breasts and belly, and soon
started to kiss my way down again. I played with her breasts for a
minute, then continued my way down. I knew she did not want to be
teased tonight, so when I got to her groin, I proceeded to lick and
kiss her vulva.

Lori went crazy, moaning and clutching my head as I ate her
out. Soon, she was yelling "Yes" as she approached orgasm. As I
brought her over the edge, she called my name out and clutched her
legs around my head.

I ate her sweet pussy, licking my way up and down, then
sliding my tongue into her as far as I could. Soon she was calling
out again, swearing and yelling as I brought her to several more
orgasms in succession.

I had almost forgotten how vocal Lori can be during our love
making. Although normally we were alone in the house when we did,
this was not the case this time. I lay with my head on her belly,
feeling Lori slowly rubbing her pelvis against my chest. I waited
for her to catch her breath again, then kissed my way slowly up her
belly and chest.

I saw finally up, then I caught some movement out of the
corner of my eye. I looked into the hallway, and saw Itsu standing
there. She was wearing the same white nightgown she had our first
night together. She had obviously been watching us, and her nipples
were hard, visible through the thin silk.

I quietly whispered to Lori that Itsu is watching us, and she
giggled. "I know that my love. She has been there for several

"Itsu," I quietly called out. "Come on out here. It's OK."

Itsu quietly walked out. Lori looked up at her, then smiled
and climbed to her feet. The two ladies hugged, not a sexual hug
but a very friendly one. My ex-wife kissed my future wife on the
cheek, and suggested we go to our bedroom.

The four of us went back to the bedroom Itsu and I were using,
and climbed onto the large King Sized bed. Soon we were a tangle of
3 heads, 6 arms, 6 hands, 6 legs, 4 breasts, and 3 passions. I
found myself kissing one female, then the other. My hands going
from one nipple to another, caressing one ass, then another pussy.

I reached down to caress Itsu's pussy, and found a hand
already there. I found myself sucking on one of Lori's breasts, and
Itsu was sucking the other. The next hours passed in a sexual daze,
both giving and receiving many orgasms from all three of us. One
time while recovering, I saw the 2 biggest loves in my life engaged
in a long, slow 69.

Then Lori moved around and crawled between Itsu's legs, and
started giving her the most sensual head I had ever seen. Itsu was
moaning and caressing Lori's head as she licked and sucked on her.
Lori broke away for a moment, and whispered that she wanted to hear
Itsu say it in Japanese.

Itsu did this, and it obviously pleased Lori to hear her
moaning in her native language as she brought her to several
orgasms, then moved up to curl in her arms. The three of us then
fell asleep, waking up again at first light to make love one more

The next evening, Mark returned and we had a wonderful dinner
at a very exclusive restaurant. We danced for a while afterwards,
both couples switching several times, so both Mark and I got to
dance with both ladies. On the drive back, Itsu cuddled up in my
arms as we relaxed in the backseat.

The next morning, Mark and Lori drove us to the airport, and
there were hugs, kisses, and tears shared by all of us. Itsu and I
flew to San Diego this time, renting a car and driving down to

Itsu was fascinated with Tijuana. We went to several stores,
buying some clothes and souvenirs for us and the girls. We even
bought matching leather jackets for Brad and Amy. Then I called
Blanca. She met us at the hotel, and started to cry when she saw me
again. She and Itsu talked for a while as I got our new things

We went to her house, and talked to her family as we got her
stuff that we were taking back with us. They were very happy for
her, and excited. She was the first member of their family to go
overseas like this, and the money she would be sending back would
hopefully let them get their business going again.

That night, the girls and I went out to a few nightclubs.
Itsu was fascinated with them, and the music being played. It was
much louder then we had it at our club, and the street hookers was
another revelation to her. The girls in Japan were not as open or
bold as these girls were.

One even propositioned me in the street, groping my crotch as
they looked on. When I mentioned that she was my fiancée, the girl
looked at her, then said it would only be slightly higher. Itsu
blushed as Blanca and I laughed with the whore.

We went to a little club that Blanca worked at, and watched a
short thick Hispanic girl strip. The club was similar to ours, and
we saw several couples heading out the front door to the hotel
across the street.

The owner came over and talked to Blanca, then brought over
drinks for all of us, sitting also so we could compare storied about
our bars. Jose was fascinated about our place, and I made some
drawings, describing our floor plan, the design of our booths (he
was impressed when I said that they were my own design), and the
stereo system used.

He liked the idea of a live DJ, and said he would consider it.
The open dance floor also interested him, since it would allow him
to bring in other people, and attract more business. Several drinks
later, he mentioned an idea he had.

Oriental girls were rare in Mexico, and he would be interested
in getting papers for and hiring any of ours that were interested in
coming over here. He would also refer to us any girls that were
interested in going to Japan. This got our attention, since it
would allow all of us to get more variety, and the girls could
travel more.

Itsu liked the idea, and we agreed to mention it to our girls.
One thing that could work for them is the closeness to the US.
Several of our girls had married servicemen in the last couple of
years, and being as close to San Diego and Camp Pendleton would
definitely interest some of the girls.

That night, I sent e-mail to Martha, telling her about the
proposal, and asking her to mention it to the girls for us. Jose
said he would ask around also, to see if any of his girls would be
interested in a change.

We made a final shopping spree, getting more clothes and
music, then made the drive up to San Diego again. Since we were
leaving on Saturday evening, I took the girls to the Marine Recruit
Depot, to watch a graduation Friday morning. I wore my dress blues,
and was the center off attention as we sat in the stands. We saw
many young Marines staring at me as I walked around the Depot with 2
lovely ladies.

Both girls were impressed with the ceremony, including the
Pass In Review at the end. I gave them a tour, and ran into an old
friend of mine. Staff Sergeant White went through boot camp with
me, and I was surprised to see him there as a Drill Instructor. He
took the afternoon off, and took us around to some other areas.

We watched the recruits go through the Obstacle Course, and
both girls were impressed with the Confidence Course. The
Confidence Course is like a Super Obstacle Course, including a 100'
log ladder, jumping across 7' gaps, and other tough drills. It is
mostly to build up confidence, and instill the fearlessness that
Marines are famous for.

Then we watched SSgt. White drill some of his recruits, and
the girls were impressed with the precision in which they marched.
His group was graduating in 2 weeks, and he had me come out and talk
to them. I gave them a 20 minute talk, telling them about the "Real
Marine Corps", and they were impressed that I was living in Japan.
When I introduced them to Itsu, they all smiled. Knowing that none
of them had really seen a female in 3 months, this was not

Finishing my little pep-talk, the four of us went off to the
club for drinks. Bill and Blanca paired off, and got along pretty
well as we had a Lobster dinner, then drinks and dancing. Bill and
I talked, and I learned that his tour was about to end, and he was
considering where to go for his next duty.

I mentioned that if he came to Okinawa, I could show him a
great time. I told him about Cheers, and about other plans I had.
He was impressed, and said he would consider it. His specialty was
Motor Transport, something that was always in demand everywhere.
After some more dancing, the four of us called it a night. I drove
Bill back to his place, and saw him and Blanca making out in the
back of the car. I had a feeling that Bill might be joining us

The flight to Japan fascinated Blanca. It was her first time
in an airplane, and she loved it. 20 hours later, 3 tired people
got out of the car, and were met by Brad and Amy. The girls chatted
on the way into town as Brad got me caught up on recent events.

There had been a minor fight, but not much else. One of the
girls decided to get married, and would be leaving us in a few
months. Until then, she would only be dancing, and working the
booths. No more hotel work for her.

Blanca loved the bar, and caused a real sensation that night
when she first went out to dance. She brought several Spanish CDs,
and the guys loved her. I saw several guys trying to get her to sit
with them, and most of them were Hispanic. Obviously, she would
work out great.

The next day, I went out looking around. I had my eye on a
closed nightclub a few blocks away, and had Itsu get a real estate
agent to take me in. It had a large dance floor, and a decent sound
system. The bar was long, and the back area was very modern.

Looking around, I saw that there was an upper level, and that
there was a full kitchen in the back. This seemed the perfect
place. We had looked at several other clubs the last month or so,
but the first one was the one I wanted. The agent left me with a
key, and I brought Itsu to look at it.

As we looked it over, I told her the idea that I had for it.
I painted the picture with words, telling her my vision for this
place. This would be so different, that I would not be afraid to be
connected to it. She liked the ideas, and gave a few of her own.
The rest of the day we talked it over, and decided to give it a try.

It had been vacant for over a year, so the owner was desperate
to do something with the property. We signed a one year lease, with
an option to buy at the end of the year. This way, we could always
walk away if it failed. If it was a success, we would buy it.

Once again, I went to work with the CAD, designing the new
floor plan, the sound system, and the lighting. Itsu went to
restaurant supply stores, choosing fixtures and appliances. She
also contacted culinary schools, acquiring both American and
Japanese cooking students, looking for something new instead of the

The week I went back to work, the demolition and construction
started. The old fixtures were ripped out, and new ones were put in
their place. A hardwood dance floor was installed, as well as a
clear plastic one. Under this, I had lights and mirrors places, so
that it was like looking down a surreal tunnel. I had the eating
area covered with a bamboo mat, like a traditional restaurant. The
coat room had multiple cubbyholes for shoes, and a large sign was
made in Japanese and English saying "NO SHOES BEYOND THIS POINT".

Once again, I had the bar top resurfaced, and covered with
brand new coins. This time, they were alternating rows, both
Japanese and American coins. I wanted this club to be for all that
wanted to come. We made arrangements for live bands, and only had
to come up with a name.

Our brainstorming group included, Itsu, Blanca, Martha, Amy,
Brad, and myself. It was only 2 weeks until the opening, and we
still had not come up with a name.

Finally, it was Itsu that came up with the Name. One of the
ideas I had was to specialize each night with music from a different
decade. The 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's would be the specialty
each night. She is the one that proposed "Decades". It was
perfect, and we sent the order off to the sign maker the next day.

The music style would change each night, with Sunday through
Thursday being 50's through 90's, each night being the next decade.
On Friday and Saturday nights, the music would change every 2 hours,
to give it more variety. We also thought this would work well,
since the older people that came in would get what they want to
listen to, then leave when the music moved up and the younger crowd
appeared. On the first weekend of each month, we would book a live
band, and that would always change.

The next week went fast, with the auditions for the band (a
rather good band made up of Airmen from Kadena Air Force Base was
the winner for the first weekend), the passing out of fliers for
opening night, and the multitude of other last minute details. The
only rough part was when I got a call to see the Career Planner

I had been nervous for months, because my initial request to
extend had been turned down. I was finally able to get a 1 year
extension, but that was about to expire. We talked for about an
hour, and he said he would see what he could do. But the School Of
Infantry really wanted me bad as an instructor, and they were not
refused very often.

Itsu was upset again, and it was all I could do to calm my
fiancée down. Of all times, this was the worst to face a transfer.
With Decades about to open, and our marriage not yet done. We
talked to Martha, and started to make some plans in case it was
refused. Basically, I expected it to be turned down. I had been
here for over 4 years, and that was not very common.

The one good piece of news came on the Thursday before
opening. I was once again called to the admin offices, and I went,
expecting it to be the final refusal for my extending. However, I
was told to go report to the Regimental Sergeant Major.

He welcomed me in, and told me to have a seat. He held up a
piece of paper, and asked me if I knew what it was. Of course, I
did, and told him that it was my refusal for extension, and that I
would be rotating back home.

But he laughed, and said "No, this is not what that is. You
know that the Corps does not move that quickly unless it is for a
Court Martial.

"This here is from 8th and I Streets in Washington D.C. (The
Marine Barracks there is the Headquarters for the entire Corps). It
seems that somehow, they decided that you were a satisfactory
Marine, and after such a long tour of duty, with such low pay, that
you should get a raise. This is to inform you that effective next
Tuesday, you will be a Staff Sergeant in our glorious Marine Corps."

With numb fingers, I took the memo he handed to me. I was in
shock. I had known that I was eligible for promotion, but I did not
actually think I would get it so soon. I had only been in for 12
years, and this was a little fast. But suddenly it sunk in, and I
yelled out a loud "Ooh Rah!". The Sgt. Major just laughed, and
congratulated me again.

The entire section was thrilled to hear about my promotion.
Handshakes were exchanged by all, and I called Itsu to tell her the
news. She was thrilled, and said that she would be there for the
promotion ceremony. I then called both my parents, and Lori to let
them know the good news. They were all thrilled to hear the news
also. Finally after the end of what seemed to be a long day of
getting congratulated, I headed home. Brad congratulated me also,
and said that he would be happy to continue to drive to work with
me, even if I out ranked him now.

Itsu made me a wonderful dinner, and all of the girls came by
to congratulate me. Then Itsu and I went out to Decades to give it
a final once over before opening night.

The Radiomen (the band we had hired) was practicing when we
got there, and sounded just great. And since this was the last
practice night before opening night, all of the employees were there
also, learning to find their way around, make table arrangements for
the waitresses, and the like.

This time, I knew that it would be to much for me to handle a
club of this scale. Itsu had hired an experienced manager from
another club, and he would be doing most of the work from now on. I
had also chosen an assistant for him.

Gunnery Sergeant Gus Caldwell had retired about 4 years
before, and had stayed on Okinawa with his Japanese wife. Itsu and
I had had them at our club many times, and also had dinner at their
place many times. He had worked at the Dive shop on Camp Schwab for
a couple of years before they closed it. He loved the idea of
working again, and jumped at the chance.

Gus and Max (I never could pronounce the Japanese Manager's
name, but he said that everybody called him Max, and it stuck) got
along real well, and were a great team. We talked about the last
minute things, and headed back home. Tomorrow was the big night,
and we were all looking forward to it.

Part X

Finally it was opening night. I had invited just about everybody
I knew, and it would be a great party. Itsu and the girls also invited
just about every Japanese National they knew also. Considering we had
a maximum capacity of around 3,000 people, we were wondering if that
would be enough.

Those fears were gone when I got a call right before I left work.
It was Gus, telling me that the dining room was full, and that they had
actually made reservations for the next 2 weeks. For some reason, our
club had gotten a lot of interest, and people were wanting to see this
strange combination of Japanese and Western culture.

I got home, and changed into my suit and headed on over. One
thing that we had decided on was a strict dress code. Slacks, button
up shirt, and a tie were required for admittance. Women had to be in a
nice looking dress, or a pant suit. This was not to be a grunge club,
or a place to look sloppy.

We went in, and heard the DJ playing some nice 80's soft rock.
There were a few couples dancing, and a small crowd at the bar. We
walked upstairs, and went immediately to a table that we had set aside
for ourselves, visiting friends, and VIPs. We got a few dirty looks
from people that had been waiting, but they were easily silences when
Max and Gus told them that we were the owners.

This table was an idea of Itsu's. It sat right in the divider of
the Japanese and Western section of the dining room. It was a long
table, with half on the raised section of the mat, and half on the
floor. This allowed people to take their choice whether they wanted to
sit Japanese or Western style. It was a large table, able to sit 4
comfortably on each end.

I had a sudden idea, and asked Itsu for her permission. I saw
her eyes light up and she easily agreed.

I walked back, and asked Max and Gus if there was anybody
important waiting for dinner. I was told that 4 of the people waiting
were part of the city council, and that one couple was the commander of
the Security Police on the Airforce base. This was perfect, and told
him to ask them if they would join us as our guests.

Soon, all 6 were there, and joining us around the table.
Handshakes were exchanged by all, and we sat down to order dinner. Now
Itsu and I had chosen to sit on the mat, and so did the other couple.
This left the city councilmen and their wives sitting at the Western
half of the table. Another part of the design, the Japanese half of
the dining room was along the east end, while the Western half was
actually on the west end of the room. This was not intentionally done,
but was discovered during construction. So when reservations were
made, you chose to sit on the East or West end of the room.

The Colonel was surprised that such a young person as myself was
the owner of this club, and that our other club had been as successful
as it was. It seems that we had hit the right ideas for price, and
what the customers had wanted. He was also amazed when he found out
that I was only a Sergeant. He jokingly said that if he had more
sergeants like me, he would have a lot less troubles.

The councilmen were also impressed. It seems like our club
caused them some of the least amount of trouble, and that was one
reason our plans for this club were approved so quickly. It was hoped
that if we succeeded, it might help revitalize the neighborhood.

After a toast by our guests, dinner started to arrive. We all
shared a great dinner, and everybody was impressed by the quality, and
the quantity of the food. We sat around and talked after eating, and
heard the band start up. I insisted that they were our guests, and
that they not pay for the dinner. Even though it was a totally
unplanned occasion, we now had some influential new friends.

We retired downstairs, and saw that the bar and dance area were
already almost full. The band was pretty good, and the crowd was
yelling their approval at the end of each song. The 8 of us sat back
and watched, and started to count heads.

The crowd was a mix of about 60-40 American to Japanese. An
unusually high amount of Japanese for what was an American club. The
waitresses were also a mix of Japanese and American, most of the
Americans being wives of servicemen. Since it was hard to find a job
out in the area, they appreciated the chance to work. And since this
was a legitimate club, there was no sex on the premises, nor was there
with any of the employees.

After another hour, our Japanese guests wished us goodnight, and
hoped that the club continued to be as successful. They were obviously
pleased with the class shown there, and were happy that they let us
build our dream.

Itsu and I shared several dances, and stayed around until 2am,
when we closed. We actually had to politely force the last of the
customers out of the door, because they did not want to stop. That
night, we walked home, pleased with the success.

We got there just as the girls were finishing the cleanup at
Cheers, and helped with the final chores. Itsu and I headed up to bed,
and gratefully collapsed. We did not make love, but did share several
long and passionate kisses before we fell asleep, cuddled together.

The next morning, I got dressed, and helped with the opening of
Cheers. Then I walked down to Decades, and looked everything over. It
was obvious that the lunch crowd would be a good source also, since the
dining room was over half full. If this continued, it would be no
question as to our buying the property.

I left, and talked to several of the store owners nearby. They
were all happy with the crowds the night before, and the increase in
traffic so far that day. Our club was clean, fresh, and new. This
made it very popular. Later we were to find that that is what made it
popular with the younger Japanese group also. It gave them a place to
come and hang out with the Americans, but did not make them
uncomfortable or feel out of place.

I returned home just as Tenko was taking a gentleman over to the
hotel. I hung out, talking and flirting with the girls as a way to
kill time. Itsu and I took a walk down to the shopping arcade, and did
a little shopping, and basically did the typical husband and wife

She was nervous about my promotion ceremony, more so than I was.
I finally assured her that the navy blue dress she had bought would be
perfect to wear. And I insisted that she drive my car, so there would
be no problem with her at the main gate.

Once back at home, we both showered together, giving each other
special attention as we washed up. One thing I still loved to do was
to caress her soapy breasts, with the water running down over us.
After about 20 minutes of teasing each other, Itsu leaned back against
the wall, and grasped my now hard cock. As he kissed passionately, she
pulled me into her. I slid in easily, both the water and her juices
making my entry smooth and slippery.

I tried to hold back, since the long teasing had left me very
aroused. But Itsu would have none of that. She slipped into her Annie
role, whispering that she wanted me to "fuck me, fuck me harder".

We still occasionally slipped into the roles we almost shared
that first night together. I knew that when she did that, she wanted
me to treat her like my own private whore, and not try to hard to
please her. When she was like that, it was my pleasure that she

However, this time I really fell into the role with a vengeance.
I started to whisper back to her, calling her my "little jap fuck-
slut", and that I was going to "fuck her until her tight little pussy
was overflowing with my cum".

Itsu (no, Annie) went crazy, pumping her hips hard against me,
fucking back as hard as I was fucking her. She was now muttering
almost non-stop that I should fuck her harder, and fill her with my
cum. I was now close, but was not quite ready to finish off yet.

I roughly pulled out of her, causing her to moan as I slipped
from her body. Then I turned her around, and had her bend over,
placing her hands on the wall of the shower. I slipped inside of her
from behind, causing her to moan again.

I grasped her hips, standing still as I pulled her back and forth
onto and off of my cock. I knew it would only be a matter if minutes
now. I started to tell her that I did not want to look at the whore I
was fucking, and that if she was good and begged, I would cum inside of

"Annie" went nuts then, whimpering that I was the best fuckie-
fuckie she had ever had. I slipped one hand down, and tried to slip a
finger into her ass. "Oh no, not there!" she moaned. "No 'Merican
fuckie me there. You take finger out now, or Annie no fuckie no more
with you."

I pulled it out, really loving this game. Never before had we
gotten into it quite so much. I was on the verge of cumming now, and
moaned that I was about to "shoot my thick cum in your tiny gook cunt."

Itsu surprised me by pushing me back, and turning around to kneel
in front of me. Her hand went onto my cock, and she started to jerk me
off like crazy. In 10 seconds, I was cumming, and she was aiming my
spray at her face. I was treated to the sight of her taking my sperm
all over her face and breasts, and then sucking me a few times to make
sure that she had captured all of it.

When she stood back up, I tried to give her a kiss. But still as
Annie, she pushed me back. "You no kissie Annie. Annie no kissie guys
she boom-boom with."

I laughed, then pulled her tight against me, saying "Annie may
not want to kiss me, but I do want to kiss Itsuko, the woman I love
more than any in the world." This melted her, and we shared a long
passionate kiss before I helped her wash me off of her and exiting the

We were both surprised to see Amy outside the shower door,
leaning back against the wall and breathing hard. I looked again, and
saw that she her right hand was glistening with moisture. It did not
take a genius to realize that she had played with herself as we were in
the shower.

She blushed, and apologized, saying that she had come up to tell
us that one of the girls had burned herself on the beach, and would not
be working that night. And because of our living arrangement, we never
felt anything wrong with walking in on each other.

But she came in right as we had started to make love, and was
fascinated with how much different than it normally was. Amy had seen
us making love many times by now, and I had even made love to the
lovely lady myself. But she had never seen "Annie" before, and was
fascinated how Itsu could do and say things like that.

She blushed again, and admitted that she had gotten so hot, she
could not help but play with herself as she heard us and saw our
silhouette's against the glass of the shower stall. I quickly took a
towel and exited as Itsu started to tell her about our first night in
more detail, and about our occasional role-playing of whore-john.

I got into my suit, and headed downstairs to wait for the girls.
Brad was already down there waiting, and we both got a beer and watched
the show while we waited. We knew several of the guys there, and sat
around bullshitting white we waited. One of the Airmen got a little
drunk, and took offense when the girl he had been trying to get
upstairs tossed her panties to a Sailor instead of him. When she sat
next to the other guy, he got up and started to head over there.

Brad and I moved quickly, and intercepted him. We both knew
Mark, who was one of the Navy Corpsmen from our Regiment. The only
thing near as protective of a mother to her young is a Marine grunt to
his Navy Corpsman.

When we tried to calm him down and get another girl over for him,
he decided to act tough, and gave Brad a push. Wrong move. Brad
quickly had him on his face on the ground, and would not get up until
he swore that he would never come back. I took a quick Polaroid of
him, to post at the door as one of our "not allowed in". There were
maybe 9 or 10 pictures there, and very few made more than 1 attempt to
come back in.

About 30 minutes later, the girls came down, and we walked off to
have dinner and enjoy our new place. We were also celebrating, because
Brad had made a decision. He and Amy were getting very serious, and he
decided that when his contract ended the next year, he would get out of
the Marines. He would rotate to the Reserves, and move back here to
spend his time as a civilian. That way, nobody could say anything
about his being with Amy.

Because of my worry about being rotated back stateside, this was
working out perfectly. This way he could manage the clubs, and have
his girl and career in the Marines also. He would have 8 years active,
so 12 more in the reserves would give him a nice retirement pension
when he did finally get out.

Amy and Brad were both impressed at the turnout at the club, and
we again invited 2 other couples to join us for dinner. This had
become somewhat of a tradition already. After all, why waste 4 more
seats when others were waiting to eat. This time, it was a young
Marine couple and a Japanese couple. Itsu and I sat on the west end of
the table with the Marine couple, and Amy, Brad, and the Japanese
couple sat at the east end.

They were all impressed with our graciousness, and were pleased
to discover that the dinner was our treat. This tradition became known
as the "Decade's Lottery". We would eat there 3-4 nights a week, and
unless we already had a full table of guests, would invite enough
people waiting to fill the table. This made it a special treat, and
helped keep people coming back. Since the Japanese couple spoke very
little English, Itsu happily translated, so the conversation was fun
and flowed well.

They were all pleased to see that we were engaged, and we invited
them to the wedding in 3 months. We were already making plans for it,
to be held at the Prefecture Peace Park, with the reception to be held
there at Decades.

The Peace Park is a very special place on Okinawa. It is a large
park, filled with shrines, memorials, and edifices dedicated to those
that died in the Second World War. It only seemed fitting that we be
married there, to symbolize the love of two people from different

The 8 of us then moved down to have some drinks and dance. All
of us took turns, and even danced with each other's partners. Meeko
was a tall, thin girl with deep brown eyes and a stunning smile. She
spoke almost no English, but was a great dancer. Lois was a Lance
Corporal with an admin unit on Camp Butler, and this was her third date
with Ken, who was also a Lance Corporal and worked in another office in
the same building. We all had a great time, and finally parted when it
was time to close up.

Next morning, I headed down to Decades before opening, and was
surprised when I talked to Gus, who was just finishing up the books for
the first 2 days. After a rough figuring of expenses, it seemed that
we were ahead almost $4,000 for the 2 days. That was amazing! Of
course, that was not counting for rent and utilities. But at that
rate, it was apparent that if it continued, we would have a gold mine
on our hands.

I hurried back, and shared the news with Itsu, Brad, and Amy.
They were as stunned as I was. If it stayed like this, we could afford
to pay off the loan, and make a large down payment on the club to buy
it. Now it was just a question as to what to do with Cheers.

It had become obvious that we would not want to keep it much
longer. The stigma of owning what was basically a prostitution house
would not look good for my career. And now that we had another
successful nightclub, we could consider selling it. But that was
something that we had lots of time to consider.

That Sunday flew by, and we again had dinner at Decades, this
time with 3 older couples. This time, they were all Military couples,
enjoying a night away from their kids and listening to music they
liked. They all praised us for giving them a place to go, and enjoy
things from their youth. There were still a large number of younger
people there, but the mood was suitably more subdued, in keeping with
the music and age of some of the guests.

Monday morning, I had to report in for the practice for the
promotion ceremony. There were 7 other promotions, 2 re-enlistment's,
and 4 medals to be awarded also. We spent all day, and I was to give
the orders to march the 14 of us in front of the Colonel to receive
them. After a long morning practice, I was escorted by the Sgt. Major
to the Staff NCO club, to be shown around, and introduced to the staff.
He paid for my lunch, and I invited him to Decades the next night, to
show him my new place.

He knew about the club, since it was the talk of the Island. It
seems that everybody was talking about it, although few knew that I was
the owner. Even several of the people I talk to during the day at work
had no idea it was my place. And I did nothing to change that, as I
knew that it could cause problems if I did.

Since it would be 70's night, he agreed. We shared a pitcher of
non-alcohol beer before we headed back for the afternoon practice.
After a long and fun day marching and basically goofing off, Brad and I
headed home.

I was surprised when I got there to see all of my uniforms had
already had my new chevrons sewn on. It seems that Brad had bought
them, and one of the girls that had been a tailor in the Philippines
had sewn them on for me. I gave her a big hug and kiss in thanks, and
tried them on. I had to admit, the lower rocker looked damned good on
my sleeve.

When I got to Decades that night, Gus took me aside, and handed
me a pair of metal chevrons. He told me it was the last pair he wore
before he was promoted to Gunny, and he would be honored if I would be
the next one to wear them on my first day as a Staff Sergeant. I
thanked him, and actually had to fight back a small tear. After all,
it would not be dignified for an almost-Staff-Sergeant to be seen
crying over something like that.

That time, we invited nobody to join us, as it was Brad, Amy,
Martha, Joe (a Marine she was dating at the time), Gus, his wife, Itsu,
and me at the table. Itsu and I headed home early, and spent several
hours making love until we fell asleep.

I got up the next morning, and we took off for Camp. My Cammies
were well pressed and sharp, and the guard congratulated me when we
entered the Camp.

After one final practice, the 14 of us went to the mess hall for
breakfast, and told some sea stories before heading to the parade

The Parade Grounds at Schwab are really wonderful. Although it
smells of Jet Fuel because it is also used as a Helicopter refueling
pad, it is mostly grass and overlooks the ocean. The spectator stands
were already 1/4 full, and Itsu was there, looking very proud. I spoke
to her briefly, before taking my place for the ceremony.

They actually had a small band there, and the 2 Infantry
Battalions were there, in addition to the Recon Company and Amphb Track
unit. Everything went perfectly, with the 14 of us stepping out in
front of the units to get our awards and promotions. The 2 that re-
enlisted took their oaths, and we marched off to be dismissed.

My Lieutenant gave me the rest of the day off, and I spent it
with Itsu, introducing her to everybody and showing her the Camp. We
had lunch at the Staff NCO club, where I quietly stepped into the back
room to have my new stripes "pinned on".

Now this is an old tradition, and one I never really agreed with.
Basically 2 other people of your new rank or higher get on each side of
you, and both slug your arm and knee your leg on each side. This
symbolizes the "pinning on" of the rank, and the "blood stripe", that
all Marines over the rank of Corporal wear. The only thing I was
grateful for is that they were not as rough as when I was promoted to
Corporal and Sergeant. At Staff Sergeant, it was more for tradition
than for the pain sadistically inflicted.

At Decades that night, the Sergeant Major and his wife were very
impressed. And somewhere, he had even dug up a cream colored Polyester
Leisure Suit. He was a hit, discoing up a storm, looking a lot like
John Travolta. Everybody had a blast, even clearing the floor to let
him give them a treat of dancing solo, showing us younger folk how it
was done "back in the old days". Before he left, he said that he would
be back, and that he loved the new place.

I had a talk with Gus and Max, telling them that on the theme
nights, the dress code could be ignored if the clothes worn were
reflective of the period. Since Leisure Suits were not normally worn
with ties, it had caused a minor problem with Max. But it all worked
out, and seeing Leisure Suits on Tuesday night was not an uncommon

The month after Decades opened, I was surprised to see a clothing
rental place open up next door. It seemed that a local businessman had
gotten an idea (one I wished I had thought of). He got a bunch of
clothes from thrift shops and dry cleaners, and rented out suits to
people that did not have any so they could come to the club. He
eventually even gathered up some Leisure Suits, Western Wear (for the
"Urban Cowboy" look of the 80's), and other clothing just so people
could enter the club without having to buy them.

The worst part though of that time was finding out that my
extension had been denied. I was scheduled to rotate to Camp Pendleton
in 3 months. This did not give us much time to prepare.

We trained Martha harder, and had Tenko become her assistant.
Legally, it was Tenko that was in charge because she was an adult. But
everybody knew that it was Martha that would be giving the orders.
They were both satisfied with this arrangement, and would occupy our
apartment after we moved to the US. There were also plans for the
wedding. All of the girls were invited, along with everybody that I
knew from work, and Lois, Mark, and our parents.

Itsu and I paid for my parents, while Lois and Mark paid their
own way. I offered to pay, but they refused. Another big shock was
when Lois told me that she was NOT going to cut off her payments to me.
I tried to tell her that I did not need it anymore, but she would not
hear of it. "Think of it as my guilty conscience making me do it.
Mark and I will have more money than we need when we are married, and I
want to be sure that you two are comfortable. You both mean that much
to me."

Two nights before the wedding, Itsu told me that she wanted to go
somewhere before we went home. I followed her directions, until I
realized where we were going. I then silently drove the rest of the
way, needing no more instructions to get to the destination. I drove
up into the hills and parked in front of the tomb where her husband
was. She insisted I come outside with her, and waited respectfully
outside of the tomb. She clapped her hands, then kneeled and prayed
for about 10 minutes. When we got back to the car, we hugged again,
and she told me some of what she told her late husband's spirit.

She told him that she would always love him, but that she had to
get on with her life, and that she loved me also. And even though she
was leaving the island soon, she would carry part of him in her heart.
I softly cried on her shoulder as she cried on mine, touched at the
love and devotion in this lovely lady.

On Friday night, we had Cheers closed so that we could have
private bachelor and bachelorette parties. Some of the members of
"Chippendale's Far East" would give Itsu and the girls a show, while
Brad and a bunch of my friends would take me out and have a stag party.
It seemed that Tammy had gotten permission from the owner of a closed
bar in Henoko to hold it at his place. Right before I left, Itsu gave
me a long kiss, and told me that anything I did would be fine, but "you
had better save some of you for me tomorrow night."

When we got there, at least 6 girls were there, and the party was
already going on. There was a keg for anybody that wanted beer, and a
small selection of booze for mixed drinks. I grabbed a beer, and we
all sat around drinking and having a good time. Everybody took their
turn, harassing me and giving me little presents for the wedding night.
I got at least 4 boxes of rubbers, a blow up doll (in case my future
wife was not in the mood), and several other such gifts.

The guys then placed my chair on the stage, and a cute little
Philippino girl named Jenny then gave me a special dance. Needless to
say, I got very aroused. She was maybe 5'4", with lovely little tits,
and a wiggle in her ass that would give a dead priest an erection.

This became obvious to her as she sat that ass of hers on my lap,
and guided my hands to her tits as she rubbed it up and down my cock.
By the end of the song, I just knew that I wanted to feel myself in her
tight little body before the night was over. After all, Itsu and I had
already agreed that this was the last night that we would spend apart,
and that anything was fair. I gently pinched her nipples as she
wiggled around, grinning at me over her shoulder as she grabbed my cock
through my pants, and showed the yelling crowd of Marines that I had a

The two of us headed to the back room, and I was all over her. I
had slipped a box of the rubbers into my pocket, and was more than
ready. Jenny wasted no time, shoving one of her hard nipples into my
mouth as she opened my jeans, pulling out my hard cock. She firmly
started to pull on it, telling me how it had been over a month since
the last time she had fucked.

She opened and removed my shirt, and started to kiss her way down
my chest. I pulled out a rubber, and handed it to her. She smiled at
me, and opened the foil package, rolling it expertly onto my cock as
she bent down, taking it fully into her mouth in one gulp.

Her style was very good. I could feel the head entering the back
of her throat, and I held her head in my hands, pulling her back and
forth on my aching cock. In just a few minutes, I knew I would cum
soon unless I had her stop. I wanted her to continue, but remembered
my promise to Itsu, and told myself that I would only shoot off one

I gently pulled her back, and told her that if I came more than
once, my wife would be upset. Jenny giggled, and said that she would
make that one a good one then. She pushed me onto my back, and climbed
on, sliding my cock into her hot pussy.

This girl had internal muscle control that was incredible.
Without moving up or down at all, she was milking my cock tightly,
almost feeling like a hand squeezing me over and over again. In just
another few minutes, I started to moan, close to shooting off without
her even moving one bit.

She sensed I was close, as she stopped the squeezing, and laid
down on top of me. She started to kiss around my neck as I reached
back up to squeeze her hard tits with one hand, and moved the other
back to fondle and caress her ass. It was just as I imagined it would
feel, hard and firm, with enough padding to give her that wonderful
little wiggle.

We must have spent 45 minutes like that, with her moving and
squeezing and moving on top of me, and my squeezing her ass, and
playing with and sucking her titties. Finally, she told me that she
was also close, and she wanted me to cum also. The final time, she was
sitting upright, and I had moved one hand down to play with her
distended clit. It was like a hard little pea, and was covered with
her fluids.

Finally she pulled my hand away and fell forward, bucking her
hips as she came around my cock. The squeezing was great, and I
grasped her hips to give several hard thrusts before I went over the
edge, filling the rubber with my cum.

Recovering afterwards, she whispered thanks to me, saying that it
had been very good, and she had wished that she had met me sooner.
"You are a good man, your wife very lucky. If you ever want more of my
pussy, you call me. I give you my number, and we do this again."

I took her number, but not for the reason she suspected. I had
already decided to give it to Martha, and arrange for Jenny to come
work for us. This was one super lady, and with her hot body and super
pussy, would be very popular if she decided to come work for us.

After coming back out to the cheers of my friends, we continued
the party until almost 1am. For the goodbye, they again sat me in the
chair, and had each of the girls come out and sit on my lap nude, and
give me a last kiss as a bachelor. Several of them took my hand and
placed it on their breasts, so I got to feel some truly wonderful
titties as I did this. Jenny was the last girl, and she took my hand
like the others, but placed it at her pussy instead. She was still
damp, and I gently slid a finger inside of her as we shared a long wet

Brad and I then drove home, and I took a shower before I crawled
up behind my Itsu. We were both nude, and she rolled facing me, and we
shared a long, tender kiss. She asked me how it went, and I gave a
shortened version of the night in the club. She said that she had no
problem with asking Jenny to come work for us here.

She then told me about her night, and it was similar. Each of
the guys gave them a full nude show, without the masks since most of
the girls already knew them. Towards the end of the night, Tom took
her backstage, lifting up her dress and eating her out through her
panties. After 2 strong orgasms, she removed her blouse, and had him
rub his cock back and forth between her breasts. Tom gave her a good
tit fucking for about 5 minutes before he shot his load on her chest,
neck, and bottom of her chin. They then cleaned up, and rejoined the

We shared several long tender kisses before she rolled back over,
and I curled her in my arms, holding her tight as we slept one last
time as fiancé and fiancée.

The next day was nice and sunny. All of our friends were there.
Tammy from the Club Tokyo was there with her husband, as was Lieutenant
Lee Okino, and all of the girls. The party was about 300 people total,
and the ceremony was a wonderful mixture of East and West.

After a brief ceremony by the Regimental Chaplain, we had a
second ceremony done by a local Monk. There were many happy tears
shed, and it all went off perfectly. When we gathered again at
Decades, we did the typical things done at a wedding. Both Cheers and
Decades were closed that night, with the wedding guests being the only
ones allowed in.

Itsuko gave us all a show of the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which we
had practiced for several weeks prior to this night. The symbolism was
explained for those that did not understand it, and then we did the
typical American customs. Amy surprised us all by catching the bouquet
when Itsu tossed it, and Lee Okino caught her garter after I removed it
from her leg and tossed it to the bachelors. The last I saw of him
that night, he was heading out the door with Gina, one of the Japanese
girls that we had recently hired at Cheers.

We made out exit at around 8pm, with rice being thrown all over
us, and finding "Just Married" all over the car in both English and
Japanese. We then drove to a hotel on the beach to enjoy the 5 day
pass that my CO had given me.

When we got there, we wasted little time. I gently removed the
lovely white gown from my wife, and watched her go into the bathroom in
her slip as I got into a pair of pajamas and slipped into bed. There
was a bottle of champagne, 2 glasses, and candles lit by the time she
came out.

Itsuko was wearing a beautiful blue silk nightgown, and seeing
her in it almost made me stop breathing. I got up, and took her in my
arms, carrying her over to and gently lying her on the bed. I poured
us both a glass of champagne, and we kissed before we sipped from the
glasses, never taking our eyes off of each other.

After finishing our glasses, we shared a long tight hug, and I
whispered to her that she has made me the happiest husband on Earth.
She told me that she was the happiest wife, and we laid back and shared
a long, passionate kiss.

It seems like forever we just held each other, our kisses growing
deeper and more passionate. Our hands started slowly caressing each
other, and I felt her nipples pressing against my chest through the
thin silk. I lowered my hands, and was again amazed at how hard and
long they got when she was aroused. Itsu moaned my name as I gently
caressed them, and pressed her groin against mine.

I felt her hand move down, and caress my hard cock through my
bottoms. My hands moved down also, caressing her bottom then moving
down to slowly lift the hem of the nightgown. She moaned as I ran my
hand up the outside of her leg as the silk slid over her smooth skin.
We were both getting warmer, and I sat her up, removing the gown,
gazing at her lovely body in the candle light.

Itsu rolled me onto my back, and removed my pajamas, lying on top
of me so we could kiss as we caressed each other. For a long eternity,
we rolled around and kissed, her on top, me on top, lying on our sides,
caressing each other. We explored almost every inch of each other,
caressing gently as we kissed and moaned words of love to each other.

Finally, neither of us could take any more. Itsu rolled onto her
back, and gently took my cock, placing it against her entrance. With a
long shared whispering of "I love you" by each of us, I entered her,
making us fully husband and wife.

What followed was a deliciously long and slow lovemaking. There
was no speed, just tenderness and love. I raised up on my arms, and
looked down into her eyes. We were joined by our organs, our hearts,
and our eyes. The look in hers was fabulous as I slid slowly in and
out of her body, the little gasps and moans were shared by me, as I
held for a moment whenever I slid all the way inside of her. Finally
after what seemed like hours, Itsu started to moan my name, and I knew
that she was very close. I started to lower my restraint, but
continued the slow deep thrusting.

My wife was going crazy under me, and I refused to speed up,
wanting this moment to last forever. She started to claw my back hard,
legs entwined around mine as I felt her finally pulsing around me. We
kissed deeply as we both had long and intense orgasms, made stronger
because of the slow buildup we had shared.

Itsu moaned, feeling my sperm shooting into her at the peak of
her orgasm. We laid there kissing and caressing, keeping myself in her
for as long as possible. When I finally slid out, she moved me onto my
back and curled onto my chest, neither of us wanting to move as we just
fell asleep, holding each other and sharing our love.

Part XI (afterward)

It has now been 7 years since the end of the last chapter.
Itsuko and I now live in a lovely house on the outskirts of Kin
Village, with the bedroom and living room overlooking the ocean.

I had retired from the Corps just a few years ago, and we both
decided to move back here. We are still happily married, and the twins
are doing great. They are 5 years old, and Junior looks just like his
mom, and Niko looks just like me. They look more Japanese than
American, but I would not want it any other way. They are both
learning English and Japanese, and we will probably move back to the US
before they start school.

Martha got married 3 years ago, and her and Tenko now share
ownership of Cheers. When she reached 18, we had ownership transferred
to her, knowing that she would appreciate the business and take good
care of the place. Itsu and I still share ownership of the Hotel, not
wanting to loose all ties with where we started.

Decades is still a huge hit, with people having to be turned away
almost every night. In addition to that, we now own Decades clubs in
North Hollywood California, Tijuana Mexico, and in Portland, Oregon.
We are considering opening one in Raleigh North Carolina. We started
the second one after my transfer to Camp Pendleton. I was a very good
instructor, and the secret was pretty well kept that by the time I
retired, I was worth around $3,000,000. But the pension is nice, since
no matter what happens to the clubs, I will have money, medical care,
and almost free transportation anywhere in the world.

Lieutenant (now Captain) Okino married Gina, the girl he was with
the night of the reception. They have 1 kid, who looks just like any
other Japanese girl you would see on the street. I guess that the garter
brought him the luck that it is supposed to. They live in San Diego now,
where he is in charge of a Recruit Training Company.

Brad and Amy are also married, and stationed in Germany, where
she is a liaison with the local Air Force. They have no kids as of
yet, but he insists that they keep practicing, so that it will be easy
when they do decide to have some. Their wedding was great, held in the
wine country of Napa Valley California. I was his best man, and Itsu
was a bridesmaid. He still gets teased about being a "dependant
husband" of an officer, and when he reports in for his monthly reserve
drills, gets heckled about what orders she must give him in bed.

Jenny did join the girls at Cheers, and is still there. Oddly
enough, she is Tenko's lover. She still dances in the bar and
entertains the men in the hotel, but her heart is only for Tenko. She
is now a permanent resident, and will probably live the rest of her
life there. But she seems happy with it, so who am I to complain.

Most of the original girls are gone. We have many Mexican girls
also now. The arrangement with Jose has been working very well, and he
is my partner in the Decades down there. The Japanese and Filipino
girls are a hit down there, as are the Mexican girls at Cheers. And
several of the girls rotated to his club after boyfriends moved back to
the US. Many of them are married also. Some are even asking to work
as waitresses at the Decades we open in North Carolina, so they could
do the same thing with Marines and Airmen that move to Camp Lejeune and
Pope Airforce Base.

Sadly, Gus died of a heart attack the year after I moved
back to the US. I was able to get 2 weeks leave, so Itsu and I could
fly back for the funeral. His wife had him cremated, and laid to rest
in her family tomb. Knowing how much Gus loved Japan and his wife, I
knew he would have wanted it that way. She is now Max's assistant, and
helps him run Decades.

Another sad loss was Tammy and her husband. They were killed in
a traffic accident 2 years after I moved, and I did not find this out
until I tried to visit them during a vacation to Okinawa 6 months
later, and found the club closed. It seems that nobody had the money
to take it over, so it was just closed. I changed that quickly,
placing the other bartender in charge, and re-opening it once again as
a small, Japanese club. Although this club looses money, I do not
care. It is done for the love of Tammy, of the community of Henoko,
and simply wanting the local citizens a place to go without having to
worry about rude Marines. A place of their own in an area almost taken
over in many ways by Americans.

I drive down to Henoko at least 2 times a month, as a guest during the
city council meetings with the Camp Commander of Camp Schwab. The
meetings that I used to drive my CO to 15 years earlier as a Corporal I
now attended as a guest. The Mayor is a nice old man, who remembers my
being the only Corporal he remembers that did not look away in disgust
when offered sushi. I even have a certificate on the wall that I
display proudly, naming me an honorary citizen of Henoko, Okinawa
Prefecture, Japan.

Life has been very good to us. Itsu and I still make love
frequently, and have been completely faithful to each other. Our lives
have been anything but ordinary, but we have no complaints. Who could
have ever suspected the turn my life would take when I walked into that
dusty, decrepit bar that night. And the changes since I made Itsuko my
wife can never be told in words. Her and the children are my life, and
I would give anything for them. But that is how it is, when you love
as much as we do.
Authors Note:

Most of the places talked about during the course of this story are real.
If you go to Kin Village, you will find a loud rock club called Sgt. Pepper's.
If you walk the streets of Okinawa City, you will find clubs like I described
existing, but not a place like Cheers and Decades. Those are figments of my

If you walk the quiet streets of Henoko, you will find a nice, quiet
little place called Club Tokyo. I shared many nice evenings there with 2 of my
buddies, sharing drinks and talking with the Japanese Nationals there. As far
as I know, we were the only Americans ever to frequent it. The scene about the
octopus is real, as I did do that back in the summer of 1990 in that very same
Club Tokyo.

The people are all made up from my imagination. Some are based on real
people, and others are complete imagination. And as far as the sex, that is
entirely part of my imagination. I was happily married during my years spent in
Okinawa, and was faithful the entire time. But I still have a deep love for the
Japanese culture, and want to keep that for the rest of my life.

So for thanks for reading this far, I can only say Domo Arhigato.


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