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Archived Sex Stories

OLDA split the air shook


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Old A (olda.txt)-Gertie's Gardner, Dentist, Klaus- encounters with a
stranger. M/F anal
Gertie's Gardner
First of all, let me say none of this was planned. At least not at
first. It just happened and I liked it. So I let it happen again.
And I really don't mind. I've never minded as long as the woman
didn't turn off to me. I like the idea of woman that wants it enough to go
out looking on her own. Not that Gert had to do much looking. Manuel was
right under her nose out in the garden.
Actually I feel a little sorry for Manuel. She never has been
particularly nice to him and I imagine he'd like it if she showed him more
consideration. Who likes to be used as just a body? Not that it isn't all
right, but it can be so much better if you feel some equality.
I don't know how long it had been going on when I first found out
about it. I just happened back from a business lunch and I didn't think
Gert was home. I was walking around the place, just looking it over.
Manuel is some gardener and I enjoy walking the grounds since he's got
them in shape.
The French doors were open and I heard voices inside, so I walked
over. There were Gert and Manuel in the study mother naked. I crouched to
one side and watched them. Naughtiness is extra exciting and I was
certainly excited by this chance to peep at their illicit encounter.
Gert was ordering Manuel around, but he didn't seem to mind.
"Harder!" she was saying, "Suck my nipples 'till they swell."
She had him standing with her in the middle of the room, head down
and mouth on her tits. Gert's tits are big and floppy and Manuel was
holding them up to work on the nips. She had her hands between their
bodies, working away, but I couldn't see Manuel's dick.
When she said, "Now get down and lick my cunt," Manuel dropped to
his knees and then I saw the proud cock he carried. It was bigger. It was
big enough to remark about. It wasn't a foot long or anything and I can't
really estimate inches from across the room, but it was a big one.
Gert straddled his face and pushed her pussy down on his mouth and
her face broke into that cruel smile of hers. She was enjoying herself
and, cock in hand, so was I. She had to hold onto Manuel's twisting head
for support as he rooted in her twat.
"Tongue-fuck me!" she ordered and her hips bounced up and down on
his face.
It looked like she was trying to shove his whole head up her twat
as she shivered and arched in orgasm. It looked like it was good one from
the way she was panting as she climbed off his face.
She walked over to the desk. She leaned against the desk and sneered
at him, "All right, I guess your tongue is good enough. Get over here."
She turned her ass to him and bent over and I straightened up a
little, thinking he was going to put it to her then. I was wrong.
Manuel crawled over on his knees and pushed his face into her ass
crack. He went to work again and Gert was in her glory.
"Around and in, around and in," she instructed, her fat ass
wriggling all the while.
Gert would like making a man tonguing her asshole, but I wondered at
Manuel being so willing. He had two hands-full of her meaty ass and was
spreading her cheeks wide to shove his face even further into the crack
of her ass.
"All right now," Gert said.
Then I saw what could have been the reason for Manuel's intensity.
Gert put her cheek down on the desk and reached back to part her own
cheeks as he stood up and approached her behind. Manuel spit on his hand
and rubbed it over the head of his prick. He gripped the base of the stiff
member and put it to the brown pucker of my wife's asshole.
He was blocking my view, but I could see Gert's face as his tight
little ass lunged forward and the look of lust twisted with pain was one
of the most erotic sights I have yet to witness.
Her face was a mask of tension as Manuel's butt jerked and jerked
again, driving his hard dick into her back door. I knew he had hit bottom
when one of his thrusts jolted her on the desk and her mouth opened in a
soundless scream.
His ass danced then, side to side, around, then back and forth. He
was giving her a good reaming and the look on her face testified to both
the pain and pleasure.
My cock was cumming in my hand as I imagined her asshole stretched
around the girth of Manuel's hard prick. She clawed at the desk as his
hips churned more, driving the length of his oversized cock in and out of
her tiny back door.
"Kill me! Kill me! Fuck me to death!!" Gert cried out, "Fuck my ass
and pump me full of your hot cum!"
Manuel's ass tensed and hollowed as he slammed into my wife's ass
and I could hear the fleshy sounds of the collisions as his belly drove
mercilessly against her fat cheeks with obscene splats. He was milking
animal sounds from deep in his chest as he labored over the tight hole.
He was holding Gert by the hips and had her off the desk to hold her
helpless for the battering he was pouring on her airborne ass. She
wrenched like a dying chicken with each thrust. Then he went deep and I
could see by the short, hard twitches of his ass that his end was near.
It was a cry of victory that split the air as he shook and delivered
his load deep in Gert's bowels. They remained as they were for a moment,
quivering and then Gert pushed him back and turned quickly around.
It was enough to start another hard-on as I watched her drop quickly
to her knees and pay the first respect I had seen her give the gardener by
mouthing his waning cock and licking her shit from his meaty tool.
I abandoned my post then and came in ten minutes later as if I had
just arrived. Gert must have noticed the change that night, because it
had made me a tiger and I'm waiting for another performance to get me in
that mood again. I hope it won't be long.

I guess it's not the worst thing that could happen. I was awake for
the whole thing, so it wasn't like I didn't have a say, but it makes me
wonder what happens when he puts you under.
I'm talking about my last trip to the dentist. Dr. Sam is a good-
looking guy and I'll admit that I have thought about what it would be like
to fuck him. When he mentioned it, thought, I was afraid.
He wasn't putting on any pressure. It seemed like just a remark in
passing, so I gave him a flippant answer.
He smiled at that and said, "I bet you'd rather be drilled that
Now a remark is one thing, but he was making a point of it mow and I
wasn't sure what to do. Fantasizing is one thing, but when a real man drops his pants you don't have the control you do with a fantasy.
I agreed anyway because it was easier and he hadn't said anything direct- yet. Then he told me the joke about the lady who couldn't decide
whether she'd rather be drilled or have a baby and looked at me
"So you want to know how to adjust the chair too, huh?" I said.
He laughed kind of nervously and then said, "I guess I shouldn't
say any more."
His prick was at my eye level and I couldn't miss the fact that his
white pants were strained over his hard-on. It got to me that he was hard
over me, but the clincher was the little boy in his voice when he decided
not to push it.
"That's too bad," I heard myself say. "I thought you might really
want to do me in this chair."
His eyes sprung open and he asked, "Are you serious?"
That made me feel like hot stuff, what could I do? The idea of being
screwed in a dentist's chair was exciting and I decided that I could
always change dentists if it didn't work out.
"No, I'm not serious- I'm playful," I said and let my hand slip off
the arm of the chair and touch his leg, "Does your hygienist join in, or do
we keep this private?"
He looked up at the door and then smiled.
"I'm sure she'll have other work to do," he said and stepped out for
a moment.
I took the opportunity to slip off my panties and stuff them in my
purse. When he came back he found me as he had left me.
"Now we'll want to adjust that chair," he said slyly.
He jacked the chair up a couple of notches and let the back down. I
found myself inclined with my head down and level with his crotch.
"I'm a dentist first and foremost," he said as he undid his white
pants, "So I'm going to probe around a little first."
He knew where to put the chair all right. When he stepped up, his
cock fit into my mouth perfectly. It wasn't much of a view- looking up at
his hairy ass and balls, but his prick fit in my mouth better than I ever
remember a cock fitting before.
The relaxation or the angle made it possible for him to slide his
hot meat stick clear to the balls down my throat and it didn't bother me a
bit. I sucked while he fucked my mouth and then he pulled back with a
"Nothing wrong with that mouth," he said happily.
He seemed to be gauging the height as he carefully moved the chair
up. When he had it right, I felt the foot support drop away and he walked
up between my legs. He smiled when he lifted my skirt and saw my naked
"I like that a lot better than the back of your throat," he said.
He went to work with his mirror and his probe as I squirmed from
the sheer delight he was bringing to my twat. My pussy was dripping from
the novelty of his probings and I was so excited by the whole scene that I
didn't see him pick up the syringe. It came as a complete shock when I
felt the prick right on my clit.
I must have jumped a foot and he laughed and said, "Don't worry, you
won't feel any pain in a minute."
I had no idea what he was planning, but I was going to find out. He
watched me as he stroked my clit and when he could tell the Novocain was
taking effect, he reached for a clamp from the table. I watched with
amazement as he clamped it to my numbed clit. There wasn't any pain at
all- in fact, it felt good. It was like a pressure urging me to cum, but
not quite providing enough stimulation to get me over the top.
"Uh-oh!" he said, "I see another cavity that needs filling."
He still had the hypodermic in his hand and he lifted my knees up
until my ankles rested on his shoulders. He started the needle toward me
and I flinched.
"Now, now, we have to de-sensitize the area before we can go to
work," he chided gently and went on.
He wasn't sticking the needle in my cuntlips. I felt the little
pricks and drips of Novocain around the edge of my anus.
"I don't knowww... I've never..." I sputtered and he gave me his
reassuring smile.
"We've got to work where the holes are," he said as he set the
needle down.
He rubbed my asshole with something slippery and after a while I
have to admit it made me want him in my ass. He wiggled the clit clamp and
I sighed and twisted on the chair. It was distraction enough for him to
step up and put his cock to the pucker of my asshole.
"Now push down and we'll get that hole filled," he said in his best
professional manner.
The muscles worked fine, but I couldn't feel my asshole. Not even
when he pushed. I knew he was there and I could feel the pressure he was
exerting, but I was oblivious to the entry. It was only when his cock was
in that I could feel the hard rod opening my intestines. He must have been
up against the back wall of my cunt, because it started to itch with the
familiar tickle of lust.
When he sank to his roots, his belly bumped the clamp on my clit and
I was off on a wild ride again. He fucked my ass with deep, hard strokes
and my cunt did flip-flops from the off-hand stimulation. I was writhing
and moaning like a bitch in heat as he buggered me without mercy.
"Come you dirty whore!" he growled as we and his thrusts got longer and more fierce.
"You're not fit to eat shit off the ground you filthy slut and I'm
giving your ass a nice fuck- now cum!" he went on.
His dirty talk excited me even more and I was on the verge of
following his orders. He rammed me exceptionally hard a couple of times
and then grabbed the clit clamp. As he fucked wildly, he shook the clamp
and I screamed as I came.
My climax brought him to the point and I felt his jizm pout out into my bowel. It was nice and I thought you'd like to know.

My husband an I were on the ropes and I didn't see much future in
our relationship. It was a difficult time and I don't think either of us
meant to make thing work, but that's what we seemed to be doing.
So, when I met Klaus, he seemed to be an oasis in a vast desert. He
was kind and understanding and that was what I needed right then. He
wasn't making moves on me- I was the one that wanted warmth. It was all my
idea to have the affair, but Klaus wasn't resisting.
He ran a ski shop in town and I simply went in one morning and said,
"Klaus, I want you to be my lover."
His eyes widened and he motioned me into the back.
"Perhaps you are just bored, liebchen," he suggested, "Why don't you
dress up for your husband and maybe he will give you a nice surprise."
"But I want you," I pouted.
"Maybe you will not want Klaus when you find out how Klaus makes
love," he said.
I thought he was talking about his ability. but it didn't make any
difference what he meant. I was ready to give myself up to him to use as
he liked.
I started taking off my clothes and said, "Then Klaus will have to
show me so I can decide."
He looked confused as he pondered the prospect of boffing me in the
back of his shop in the middle of the morning. I sidled up to him and did
my best to sway him and I did. After all, I had come to him and he had
even tried to dissuade me. What more could conscience require?
When I pulled away his clothes, the sight of his smooth, muscular
body made me nearly die. This was the body that was going to take me, rule
me, put me through my paces, and urge the finest ride of my life from my
already tingling body. He took over for me, removing my underwear and
laying my body naked to his admiring eyes.
I have firm tits that keep their shape no matter how I'm turned
and Klaus took pleasure re-forming them in his hands and letting them
spring back into shape. I just melted against him and let him lead the
way. I was his and I was going to take all the pleasure there was from
his using me. There was no comfortable place to lay down, but I was beyond
caring. Klaus set me on some boxes and went over my body with his tongue.
My breath caught in my throat as he approached my snatch, but I had
anticipated too early. Klaus put me on my side and started to lick my
buttocks. He tongue trailed down the crack of my ass and found my anus.
My pussy ached as his tongue explored my ass, but it felt too good to
try and move away.
He let me up and I went for his cock. It was a proud shaft of meat
already jutting strongly from his loins and I opened wide to let the head
into my mouth. Klaus sighed and let me suck him for long minutes and then
pulled me up. He kissed me deeply and then turned me around so I was
bent over the boxes.
"Now relax liebchen," Klaus cajoled and his hands kneaded the
fleshy lumps of my ass.
I was relaxed. I was pliant and ready to melt. Then I felt the
intrusion in a foreign place.
"Klaus?" I asked and he responded.
"Yes, liebchen, now you realize how Klaus is different. This is the
only way for him,"
He didn't move either to press on or retreat as if awaiting some
"Then take me your way!" I surrendered to him and tried to arch my
back to open the widest I could for him.
"Danke, patitse," he murmured and I felt him push the head in
against my asshole.
The saliva wasn't nearly enough and he pressed raw into my back
door. The scraping, splitting sensation drove a yelp from me, but I
persevered. He was part way in and he rocked gently, letting me feel the
the huge pecker invading my rectum slide over the restricting muscle.
Shivers ran up my spine as he used my asshole in this new way.
It was so dirty- bent over a box in the back of a shop in the middle
of the morning, taking it in the ass that I got hot even though Klaus had
never touched my cunt. He had waited to lull me into relaxing and then he
thrust forward. More of his cock jammed into my rear and I felt it clear
into the pit of my stomach. He moved harder now and I had to adjust to
the feeling of domination.
I was his dog and he was taking his bitch. I felt each time his
prick drove deeper while he thrust. The scraping told me there was more
meat ramming through my back door. From Klaus' grunting I could tell it
wouldn't be long before I had all of him plowing up my dirt road.
With a mighty lunge, he drove his cock to the roots in my rectum. It
felt like had had driven a stake up my ass with a mallet, but when he bent
down and folded me in his arms, I quickly forgot the pain.
I was his for sure now. He was on me and in me more totally than I
had ever been possessed before. He pushed against my asscheeks with his
belly and rotated his cock in my guts. Then it really happened. I felt
his pecker sliding out and then an explosio9n of bright blue behind my
eyes as he rammed it back in. His arms were crossed across my chest with
my tits in his opposite hands and he squeezed them as his hips hammered
at my ass.
I was taken away by the whole experience. There no longer was any
me- I was just an animal body being ass-fucked. Insistent meat driving
up the back hole, ramming, slamming, thrusting through my being- rhythmic
commands to give in or die.
I was overwhelmed and orgasm is too mild a word for what I felt as
I came. Hugged to this man, most intimately joined, I felt that my soul
had been driven out of me and into the ether. My asshole tightened and
there was a blur of pain as he ripped the constricted muscle with mighty
trip-hammer thrusts. He drove into me with a mighty lunge and my feet lost
their purchase and we went tumbling down onto the boxes, his cock driving
to the deepest and spewing hot jizm in my bowel.
I couldn't move and it seemed he had no mind to, so we lay with his
cock in my ass for long moments while his breathing returned to normal.
It wasn't until I stood up that I knew the extent of the damage.
I couldn't take a step without a reminder of the pain. After that I
read up on the subject in sex guides and smutty magazines and I'll never
do it again without lubrication.
I carry a tube of vaseline with me wherever I go now.


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