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Archived Sex Stories

OLDB hurt her but didnt care


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Old B (oldb.txt)-Mother Love, Sis, Sis2- incest with young and old themes. M/F anal, oral, first
Mother Love
I don't think Tommy would recognize his mother in this, so I can
finally tell somebody about what happened. Tommy had always been my best
buddy all through school, so Mrs.. M. was used to having me hand around.
I was in and out of their house as much as my own.
I don't know exactly when it all started; I didn't notice any change.
Mrs. M had always been swell to me, so taking an interest in my
girlfriends seemed perfectly natural.
Tommy didn't like her questioning me, so she would only talk like
that when I was waiting for him and we were there alone. Like I said,
she'd always been swell to me, so I didn't think anything of it when she
was always touching me and smoothing down my hair or something. It seemed
like a motherly thing to do.
Then came the day when it wasn't motherly at all. I was waiting for
Tommy, but Tommy wasn't coming back for a long time. Mrs. M knew that,
but I didn't. She was sitting real close and asking questions. This time
the questions made me nervous.
She wanted to know if I ever put my thing in a girl, or had it
handled 'till it shot off and real personal stuff like that. It made me
feel funny, but I told her the truth.
She seemed surprised that the girls didn't want to do that kind of
stuff and said she'd thought they'd be anxious to try it out. It made
me feel grown up to have her talk about stuff like that to me, but I was
just a kid and it made me nervous too.
Now that I think about it, I guess I sensed something was afoot.
Not that she gave me any sign out of the ordinary other than the
frank conversation- at least not until she started lecturing.
She started saying how it was important for young people to know
what they were doing and that education of that type was important to
keep kids out of trouble. I don't think I was supposed to believe that
was her motive, but it made a good excuse for her to put her hand into
my pants.
She tried to make it come off motherly, but my mother doesn't
fondle my dick even when we're having 'heart to heart' talks. I didn't
know what to do. On one hand, I was getting turned on by her hand and I
liked that very much. On the other, I was afraid that we'd get caught or
something terrible would happen.
I needn't have bothered about it because there was no decision
needed on my part. Mrs. M. was going to have me and I could have relaxed
and let it happen for all the good disagreeing would have gotten me.
She got my dick out and I swear she was drooling.
"Now we'll have a nice time together and you'll find out some
things that'll help you as you grow up," she said as she stroked my
growing erection.
Now Mrs. M was a nice looking woman and the thought of finding out
about sex first hand was great, but I kept wondering how Tommy would take
it if he knew I was putting it to his mother. But she wasn't letting me
off the hook.
The next thing I knew, she had her face in my lap and her mouth was
on my dick. I had heard of such things, but I could never believe that
anyone would really want to put their mouth on a cock- at least without
getting a whole lot of money for it. But here was Mrs. M going at it like
she thought it was fun.
I sure liked it. I knew then why guys talked so much about blow-
jobs. They felt great. I was about to blow my nuts when Mrs. M took her
mouth off me and squeezed my prick down my the balls.
"Not yet," she said, "You put the first one inside me and maybe
later you can cum in my mouth."
Her dirty talk was nearly enough to make me shoot off in the air,
but she didn't give me much time to think about it. She took off my
clothes and then her own and we were sitting on the couch buck naked. She
looked real serious at me and said, "Now we're not going to be able to do
this the normal way because I'm right at my peak time and I don't want
you to have to wear a condom your first time. You ought to feel what it's
like bareback, so I'm going to put you in the other hole where you can
have a real fuck."
It was all pretty much gibberish to me, but I nodded my head like
it made sense. It was her play anyway and I guess I'd have let her do
almost anything but cut my dick off for a souvenir.
"You've got to be real slick to do it this way," she said and
pulled a jar from between the cushions of the couch.
She greased my dick with it and then reached back to her butt and
rubbed some in there. The whole time I was just staring at my first real
up-close naked lady and trying to remember to breathe. Then she lay over
the arm of the sofa with her butt pointing at me and reached back between
her legs.
"Put your cock in my hand," she told me and I did.
She took my dick and rubbed it around the funnel of flesh to her
pit and then set it to her bud-like asshole.
"Push!" she told me and I leaned forward on her.
"AAhhrrooowwwhoo!" she moaned as my dick slid into her hole.
I stopped and she cried out desperately, "No! Keep pushing!"
I leaned again and again she moaned as my cock slipped into her
"I was against her ass and she said, "Push some more to make sure."
I pushed real hard and this time she sighed.
"Now work your butt back and forth and make the forth good!" she
I did what she said and I was fucking her- up the ass yet. I didn't
know what it was supposed to be like, but it was real good. Her ass was hot
inside and she asshole was so tight on my cock. I had to go faster
and faster and she liked that a lot. Then I felt the tickle like when I
beat off and asked if I should stop.
"Nooo!!!" she moaned, "Fuck me hard and let it come off in my dirty
I did and boy! It was a come like no jerk-off ever. I thought my
balls were twisting off as I shot off in her ass. She pushed me away and
turned around to grab my head to her tits.
"There," she said, "Now you're a man, my little boy."

I think my sister is a nymphomaniac. I think she always was. When
we were growing up, she was always looking to try out things as soon as
she found out about them.
Imagine a twelve-year-old trying to get laid by anyone that would
help her. The boys her age weren't interested- yet, so she turned to the
only one she think of- the little brother that she could easily get under
her thumb- me.
At nearly eleven I was loathe to have anything to do with girls as
the next guy, but that wouldn't stop sis. She knew how to handle me. She
had been doing it all my young life.
I don't know who really broke mom's vase, but sis would make them
believe it was me if I didn't do her some favor. That was always her way
of blackmail.
This time she wanted almost too much. I was scared still of what
might happen. Not that I had any idea of the dangers that might be
involved. I just had a fear, general an uncompromising.
At the time all she wanted to do was examine my parts and show hers
off. She tried to jack me off, but I was too scared and kept losing my
It didn't take her long to move on to other things. She had me
licking her hairless slit and jacked me off for a while and then was
ready for more. Her breasts were beginning to grow and she looked
appetizing enough that she had gotten some older boys interested.
She was halfway to fourteen when the game changed a little. The
boys were still afraid to attempt intercourse, but they persuaded my
sister to suck their cocks and naturally she couldn't get enough. She had
to drag me into it.
By this time my fear was abating and I actually was getting
interested in the things she was learning, even if I was careful not to
let her know. I guess I didn't know how good I had it.
Even if it was just my sister, how many thirteen-year-old boys get
their cock sucked almost every night?
When she was fifteen, the boys her own age had decided girls weren't
so bad and she found one that would 'do the dirty deed'. She
rushed right home anxious to repeat the performance with me, but by this
time I knew what was what and I turned down the incestuous fuck.
I never saw her so mad. She told me then that she'd never suck me
again if I didn't fuck her, but I was firm on that point. I was convinced
that she'd get pregnant and have an idiot child and then everyone would
know about the shameful dirty things we had been doing.
My resolve lasted a little more than a week. You don't miss your
water until the well runs dry and I didn't know how much it meant to me
to have my cock drained until I couldn't get my sister to suck me off.
The discovery drove me to research and I approached sis with my
plan. I told her of my fear of getting her pregnant and offered my
alternative approach. Nobody had ever suggested her ass as a possible
entry point and she was intrigued by the possibility.
It didn't take any persuading to extract a promise form her that
she'd go back to sucking me off if I'd fuck her that way. For the first
time I saw an advantage and I used it. I hadn't been ready for such a
quick acceptance, so I made her blow me to show good faith and told her
I'd fuck her ass on Friday. Our parents would be gone and I'd have time
to take care of anything that went wrong before they got back.
Friday came around too soon for me and not soon enough for sis. Our
parents were off and sis had me down in the bedroom avidly sucking me
hard. She was ready. We had a little confusion about how to get in
position and finally settled on laying on our sides.
Sis stuck her top leg straight into the air and we both tried to
fumble my prick into the tiny back hole. We hadn't thought of vaseline or
anything, but my cock was wet with her spit and we succeeded in getting
the head lodged in her asshole. She wanted me to push, but the whole
scene was looming large in front of my eyes and my nerves were shot.
She tried to push herself down on me, but my hard-on wilted and she
let out an anguished cry. She called me useless and faggot and everything else
she could think of and I just hung my head. I still felt it was
unnatural to fuck your sister- and in the ass yet, but I wondered why I
couldn't keep it up.
How could anyone not be turned on when they were already halfway
in? Maybe she was right and there was something wrong with me. When she
cooled off a little it hit her that her tirade was getting her nowhere and she
changed her tactics.
Expert that she was, she played on my fears by explaining that if I
wilted and then didn't so anything about it, I'd never be good to a woman
again. That was a big enough fear to make the others take a back seat and
I let her suck me hard again.
This time she got on her hands and knees and told me to pretend she
was Miss Bolder, a teacher I had a crush on. I really tried hard this
time. I didn't want to be a limp dick forever. I got the head in again
and pushed, but nothing.
Sis invigorated me with a fakey voice.
"Get it in there or you get an "F" forever," she imitated Miss
I guess that did it, because I gave a huge lunge and my cock wedged
deeper into her asshole. I hurt her, but I didn't care. I guess it was
the fantasy of Miss Bolder all rolled up with punishing my sister and I
rammed into her again.
She tried to crawl away cursing and screaming, but I had her hips
in a death grip and kept jamming my prick into her asshole until I was
buried to the hilt. It hurt me too, but I liked the kind of pain it was
giving me.
My cock was strangled, but that made my balls swell like never
before. I slammed into her, feeling that choke hold slide up and down my
cock and trying to slam into her ass hard enough to spank her.
About halfway through the fuck, her cries changed from outrage to
need and before I was through, she was throwing her ass up and begging
for more.
It was Miss Bolder's voice to me and I rammed my cock home and
squirted a gallon of cum into her ass. After that, sis and I fucked as
much as she had blown me before and I made her blow me in addition as
payment for giving her cock.
I got the blow-jobs at school, but that's another story.

Sis 2- Getting Bolder
I told you it was another story and this is another place to tell
about the blow-jobs at school. I was fifteen at this particular time and
sis and I had been going at it for over a year.
We would go into the gym or onto the stage when no one was there.
It was great after the way she had treated me while we were growing up.
Then one day the ultimate happened.
It seemed at first to be the ultimate disaster, but it turned out
to be the ultimate fantasy. We were on the stage and this time my sis had
chosen to pull my pants down to my ankles so I was standing there
literally with my pants down and my sister hoovering me for all she was
worth when Miss Bolder found us.
She had come down to check something for the school play and there
we were. I'll never know how long she watched or what she thought. I
just heard her clear her throat and when I saw who it was, I nearly died.
Sis, true blue as ever, ran like hell and Miss Bolder never got a
clear look at who she was. To her credit, Miss Bolder didn't try to pry
her identity from me. She just clapped her hand on my shoulder as I tried
to pull up my pants and held me there.
"We're going to have a little talk," she said sternly.
At least she didn't know it was my sister. That was a small
consolation. I was in plenty of trouble, but they weren't going to find
out I was a pervert on top of it.
Miss Bolder had me come in after school and gave me a long talking
"I can see you don't need any sex education, but I think you idea
of appropriate behavior needs some adjustment," she said and launched
into a rap on responsibility and respect for others.
When it was all over, I found sis waiting for me.
"What's she do?" sis asked.
"Put me on work- study," I answered, trying to sound cavalier, "I
got to go to her house on the weekends and do chores for a while."
"That's slave labor!" sis exploded, "She can't do that!"
"No, but she could turn me in to the principal and have me expelled
and get mom and dad in on it," I said.
All in all, I was happy with the deal. I had escaped better than I had
thought and even if I was embarrassed thinking about how Miss Bolder
had caught me, I was going to be around her for days at a time.
I guess my pleasure at that idea kept me from thinking that the
whole deal was a bit strange.
By Saturday, I had developed a class project to throw my parents off the scent and I showed up at Miss Bolder's bright and early. She
hadn't dressed yet and I was shocked to see what she wore to bed. I
hadn't given it any thought. I just didn't connect any of my teachers
with frilly silk nighties.
My prick had no conception of the situation and got hard in my
pants. I didn't think she notices and come in when she told me to.
"You can start by cleaning the bathroom," she said.
She led me up the stairs and was showing me how she wanted things
done when the shower nozzle slipped and drenched her. Talk about pulsing
hard-ons! The wet silk clung to her and became transparent. I could see
the big, brown nipples on those melon tits like she was naked and her
dark bush made a bulge that nearly had me shooting off in my underwear.
She didn't cover up quickly, she just said, "I guess I better
I was debating with myself whether I could beat off before she
found me when I heard her call my name. I followed her voice into her
bedroom and found her in her underwear.
"I just wanted to talk to you again about your attitude," she said.
It was hard to hear her while my eyes were drinking in all that
creamy flesh crammed into her sexy underwear.
"You seem to connect everything to sex," she started in that
teacher tone, "Not that there's anything wrong with sex, but it's just a
part of life. I could take off these things and spend the rest of the day
nude, but that wouldn't mean I was looking for sex."
Go ahead, I thought, my head spinning with the picture.
"That's a very special thing between two people that love each
other very deeply and are ready to make a commitment to each other, not
some sleazy brag for 'the boys'," she said and then her face darkened as
she snapped, "Are you listening to me? If you think you're so smart
nobody can teach you anything, maybe we ought to do something about it."
I don't know what made her snap at me. I wasn't even close to
smiling. I was trying to get my eyes back in my head as I looked at her
in her abbreviated costume.
"If you've nothing to say, then perhaps a lesson is in order," she
snapped again and motioned for me to sit on the bed. "Now Mr. Hotshot,
you brag to me about what you know and all that you've done."
My eyes were level with her navel, but my eyes were focused on her
snatch as I tried to tell her that she had me all wrong.
"Don't tell me I caught you your first time," she laughed
derisively, "Tell me all your bigshot experiences."
Here I was being humiliated by my fantasy fuck, standing three feet
in front of me in bra and panties. I didn't know what I could do or say
to redeem myself in her eyes or even just to get off the hook. True, I
had been getting blown for two years and been fucking sis in the ass half
as long, but I didn't think of that as real sex and I couldn't tell her
about that anyway.
"Come on, tell me what you know," she demanded a little too
I finally sensed there was something going on here that I wasn't
getting. it was all far too strange. Under her browbeating, I confessed
to the blow-jobs and the anal sex, but I told her right out that I wasn't
telling on the other person.
"Well, I've seen that it is a girl, so I don't have to worry about
that," she said, "but anal sex? I don't think I can believe that. Not at
your age."
I told her again that I had and she told me I must be mistaken and
we went back and forth for a while. She had been nice, but then she got
nasty again.
"Then if you know so much about it, you wouldn't mind showing me,
would you?" she asked.
I said no as a reflex and she pounced on it.
"Caught in your lie, hmmmm?" she purred, "You don't know what
you're talking about, so you can't show me."
She had pushed me enough and I couldn't hold my temper down.
"If you want it, get buns up on the bed and I'll give it to you!"
I shouted, bouncing up off the bed, "You get me over here because you
catch me in the act and then tell me I don't know what I'm talking
about. You drop those drawers and I'll give it to you all right!"
I kept shouting, not thinking what I was saying, just letting my
pent-up frustration loose in her direction.
"Now this is a problem," she said, suddenly the teacher again, "I
supposed I would call your bluff, but it seems you have called mine."
She had turned the tables on me again. She had all the trumps and
was playing them to make me a fool. I just stood and let the emotion
drain away as she considered me.
"There has to be a way to resolve this that keeps our dignities
intact," she said very reasonably, "Maybe you could describe it and then
I'd believe you."
I couldn't believe what she was doing to me. She had missed the
option of letting the matter drop. Now she wanted me to tell her dirty
stories, but I could see no way out of it.
"Aha!" she interrupted me part-way, "No lubrication! You can't have
anal sex with no lubrication."
I was fed up.
"Look," I said, "I did it and I was thinking about you the whole time."
There. It was out. No reason to stop my mad rush now so I growled
"You bend over and I'll show you if you can get it in, lubrication
or no, but then, you probably don't know yourself," I taunted.
It was big talk. I didn't even have a hard-on anymore, but I didn't
seriously expect Miss Bolder to let me fuck her any where.
"Whether I do or not is none of your affair," She said stiffly,
"But I am shocked that you would think of me in that way."
I had just jabbed a nerve without knowing it. I knew I had to take
advantage of it- living with my sister taught me that.
"Ho ho," I snorted, "I guess I can see who's the innocent here.
You're all set to give me a lesson about something you've just read
She didn't like that. This was her game and I wasn't supposed to
have answers. She decided to raise the ante.
"I see someone needs to be taught a lesson," she sighed and reached
for the catch of her bra as my mouth dropped open.
She was calling my bluff- not that I minded. As the filmy fabric
dropped from her breasts, my only problem shot to attention and I
wasn't bluffing anymore. She was watching me intently. That made me a
little nervous, but seeing her tits took precedent over just about
anything and I just sat and watched.
"You think this is a free show?" she asked.
I looked up dumbly and she said, "Get undressed if you're going to
show me your bigshot style."
I didn't need a second invitation. I suppose I should have been shy
about my body, but the prospect of getting my pecker into Miss Bolder
ruled my head. I tossed of my shirt and had my pants down before she had
a chance to move. I was stepping out of the last of my clothes as she
reached for her panties.
It was then my thoughts caught up with me. As that beautiful, round
ass slid into view, my hard-on jumped. It lagged, it wavered, it sprang back. I
wasn't so sure of this anymore. I remembered what happened the
first time with sis and I really worried.
Miss Bolder didn't look too sure of herself either as she stood
naked in front of me.
"You think you can really carry out this charade?" she asked,
looking me over as if she was calculating something.
"I guess we'll have to find out." I said, a little less than steady
We were both stalling. I wasn't sure how to make the first move and
she didn't look like she was about to.
"You just want to get it, or would you like to get ready a little
first?" I asked finally.
That sparked her and she became miss teacher again.
"No one just gets it," she pontificated, "There ought to be some
I thought I was just proving a point, but I wasn't about to turn
down the chance to get my hands on her body. I stepped up so her tits grazed my chest and reached around her. My hands rested lightly on her
ass and I looked across into her eyes. She was no help at all. It was
clearly my move. I yanked her tight against me hard-on and ground it into
her belly as her tits were crushed to my chest. I no longer had to worry
about disapproving looks and let my fingers worm their way into the
crack of her ass.
"You really intend to show me, don't you?" she asked.
"I'm sure not afraid to," I told her.
I let up so she could pull back to look into my face, but she didn't
interrupt the contact of my cock against her belly.
"Then could we at least kiss?" she asked.
I dove into her mouth. As our tongue wrestled, I could feel my hard-
on jumping on her belly with its own excitement. She was ready to kiss on
and on and I grabbed a handful of tit to play with while we were locked
in the smoldering liplock.
She was breathless and weak when we broke the kiss and fully ready
to be put down on the bed. Even in the passion, I climbed on the bed with
reverence for this fantasy lady that sprawled lewdly for my pleasure.
I had groped her and I was going to stick my prick in her, but I
knew even that wouldn't make it seem real. I pressed the robust hills of
her tits together and nursed her magnificent mammaries.
That seemed to touch some fantasy of her own and she went wild under
me. She reached between us and found my straining prick which she stroked
lightly with her fingertips.
"Oh little baby, give your big momma this hot stick," she moaned as
she stroked me.
She pushed my cock down and let it rummage through her cuntlips and
I found how wet she was. I had never been in a cunt. The temptation to
shove my pecker in and ran her till my back broke was almost too much,
but I remembered the things she had said and I knew I wouldn't really
be satisfied unless I popped it up her ass and reamed her till she cried.
I also wanted to explore her tonsils and that was the next on my
list. I pulled away from her squirming mass of flesh and knelt just out
of range.
"Come here," I instructed, "I've got something to show you."
"What baby?" she asked as she rolled up to look.
"I want to show you that I know how to get my cock sucked," I said
and grabbed the hair at the nape of her neck to pull her up to the level
of my prick.
She didn't exactly struggle, but she was no help as I pressed my
cockhead to her lips and eased it in. I felt it slide down her palate and
slip into the soft at the back of her throat.
There was still no reaction, so I jerked my hips forward to trigger
her gag reflex. That worked.
"There," I said, "I want to feel your mouth one way or the other."
She got the message and started sucking. She didn't have the
desire or imagination sis did, but it was Miss Bolder and that made up for
a lot. All I wanted was my prick wet, so after I'd soaked up a little of
my teacher on her hands and knees sucking my cock, I let her go.
She had cooled off from the tit-sucking I had given her, but that
was all right by me. Her lust had put me in control and now I was happy
to have her back to her senses so my mastery wouldn't be wasted on such
a pliant victim.
"Now I'll show you," I said, taking up my position behind her
tempting flanks.
I rolled her cheeks apart and grabbed a handful of each of them.
"No- really- you can't do that with no lubrication," she complained.
I shook her by the ass and said, "But that's the whole purpose. I'm
going to show you."
Instead of the effort to crawl away I half expected, she just
whimpered at the turn of events. I began to suspect even more strongly
some kink that had her buns up in front of one of her students.
There was nothing left now but to put it in. Her pretty pink asshole
peeped up at me from between the overshadowing lumps of assflesh and I
dropped one hand to my pecker to guide it into the tiny, tight muscle.
"You'll kill me!" she howled as she felt my cock press the dime-
sized opening.
"Don't worry," I comforted, "If I do, I'll leave a note explaining
what happened.
That caused her back to tremble- whether from fear or excitement,
I couldn't tell. I took the opportunity and leaned against my hard-on.
She was right. It might kill her.
It was nothing like pushing into sis, who was open and easy and
ready. Miss Bolder fought me every inch. she begged as I forced the head
past her sphincter.
"It won't go! Please stop a minute! Please let me get my breath!
Please just a second," she begged frantically.
I gave her a jolt when the head popped in and answered, "Come on,
you know you want it this way. It's just what you asked for."
"I didn't think you could do it," she pleaded. "but stop now- please?"
"Don't you want to know what its like?" I teased.
"Okay- yes," she admitted, and I could swear she was blushing even
if I couldn't see it, "But please, please take it out now and we'll try
it again with some vaseline."
I jabbed her once more and asked, "You sure you don't want it dry
She howled and then pleaded, "No! No! Take it out, I'll let you do
it, but you have to use something."
I loved it. My teacher pleading with me to ass-fuck her. Even if she
turned on me again, this was enough. I pulled out and it was as hard as
getting in. Her asshole gripped my knob and my dick stretched as I
pulled back. When my cock popped out, she was off the bed in a flash.
I figured I had been right and she was going to renege on her
promise, but a moment later she was back with a jar in her hand.
"A deal is a deal," she said as she stepped toward the bed, "but I
thought you'd never let me go."
"I didn't think you'd come back, but I decided I couldn't force
you," I answered.
She smiled a secret smile and crawled back up in the bed.
"You want me to do this for you?" she asked, offering me the jar.
"Let's do each other," I replied.
We lay head to toe and she greased my tool lovingly as I spread her
thighs and probed the lubricant inside her tight anus. I was beyond the
wonder of it all by this time. I was just going to take it as it came and
figure it all out later. If I got to thinking, I might never get to
"Well," she said, "I guess I'm ready."
I rolled away and she asked, "You want me like before?"
"You mean on your hands and knees or up the ass?" I asked back.
"You tell me," she said.
"Get around here with your back to me and we'll see," I teased her.
She scooted around and I cuddled up behind my teacher. This was
much better. I could reach her without straining and I wouldn't be
bothered when my knees went weak. I stroked her flank and then lifted the
top cheek.
"You're still going to do it, aren't you," she asked with some
"You know you've got to find out," I said, taking a shot in the
She didn't protest, so I took it for a hit. I eased my cock against
her asshole and pushed. It was still hard. There was less leverage in this
position, but we had more lubrication. I jerked my hips and the head sank
in. Miss Bolder yelped, but toughed it out. I slipped my arm under her and
worked on her tit. That loosened her up somewhat and when I let go of my
prick and slid that hand over her hip to her twat, she even wriggled back
against me.
I lunged again and I had her good. She wasn't sis at all. Her ass
was divinely tight in a way sis's had never been. It even seemed that the
muscle was thicker- deeper than sis's. She wasn't loosening up at all,
but now it was easier to push deeper.
She groaned as I invaded her rectum, but wasn't saying anything. The
muscle slid down until I had pressed my prick to the hilt. Her ass was hot
on my belly and she had drawn up her legs so my balls rested on her gash.
I stuck my chin over her shoulder and asked, "How does that compare
with what you thought?"
She was breathing hard and gasped, "It's so big! It feels so huge
back there!"
"It'll feel better in a minute," I warned her.
She let out a little cry of disbelief and I started to fuck her ass.
"Oh God!" she yelped as I rammed my prick back in,
It was going to be good. She was squirming like a hooked fish and
the meat and the motion were making this a fuck like never before. Miss
Bolder was a real woman and I was driving my prick balls-deep against her
woman's ass. It was too real. The squeeze of her asshole, the heat of her
guts, the meat of her ass, real tits in my hands; all in quivering motion
punctuated by tremors each time I thrust back into her grudging pit.
I worked off my nervous energy with the hand on her twat. I dug into
the furrow and rubbed fast, now faster as her rotating ass drove me
closer to the brink. We were a concert of howls and moans as my pecker
forced her back door and her cunt sucked on my fingers.
She was driving her ass now, somehow caught in the web of lust as
we slammed together with solid sounds. It was enough to cum, but perhaps
too much. I drove harder to complete my need and she responded by moving
faster. I was sheened in sweat and lost to reason as I fucked harder and
faster in my chase after the elusive trigger that would pump out my
seed into her bowels.
"Oh please!" she begged, "Please- please"
I didn't know what she meant, much less care. I was after a pleasing
of my own. It slowly dawned on me that this wasn't getting it and I made
my move. Tossing my leg over her was enough to upset out balance and I
was on her back, driving her into the bed.
My knees were clamped between hers and she lay bent over my hand,
which was still in her crotch.
"Now take it, teacher!" I exulted and drove into her with whip-like
thrusts that started at my shoulders and sinewed their way down to slam
my cock into her rectum.
I felt as if I was jabbing into her resisting flesh- stabbing again
and again, driving my point home. The release of pent-up energy and anger,
putting it UP THE ASS! of my teacher!
I jabbed deep into her heat, deep against the strain of her anus,
hard into the meaty pillows of her buttocks and it came! She let out the
howl of a street dog as I plunged my deepest and the jizm spurted into
her colon.
"Oh Jesus!" she exclaimed as my thrusts became short and deep as the
cum flowed from my prick into her ass.
I jabbed her deep again- for the memory- when I was done and
collapsed on her back. She wilted too, her legs slowly spreading out like
some flower opening to the rising sun and we laid there trying to gather
our wits.
I wrestled my two fingers out of her cunt and pulled that arm from
beneath her. She moaned at that, but when I drew the limp worm of my
pecker from her ass, she groaned like a dying woman.
I flopped on my back, still trying to catch my breath and she
started to hum to herself. Then she jumped up explosively and ran from
the room. I followed and found her on the throne. It seems the cum enema
had caught her short.
For the rest of that weekend and for many after, Miss Bolder worked
on my morals and ethics in every war I ( or her) could think of.


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