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OLDC cum flow inside


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.
Old C (oldc.txt)- Rent Money Romp, Secretary, Mr. Cooper- butt
barter, for the rent, for a job, for grades.

Rent Money Romp
I can't really blame the economy for my situation. It was the April
shopping spree that left me without the rent money. When I saw that I
wasn't going to make it, I thought I could kid Mr. Bare along for another
I didn't realize he had to send the money in and that meant it came
right out of his pocket. He was good about it, though. Either I got out or
I put out. Then he wanted the rent money next month for two months.
I would be paying off the interest. It wasn't much of a choice. I
wasn't going to find any place much cheaper and I didn't want to move.
"When?" I asked.
"What you doin' tonight?" he returned.
"Nothing that costs money," I said, trying to provoke a smile.
He was stone faced.
"Then right now will do," he said and took my arm.
I wasn't ready for him, but I would never be ready for him. It was
probably better that I didn't have time to think about it. It would have
only have gotten uglier on reflection.
He started taking off my sweater and then put my hands to the
buttons and said, "You do that."
He turned his attention to his own clothing. I really didn't want
to be naked in front of him, but I wanted to see him naked even less. But
there we were, two naked individuals with liberty and justice for all.
At least he wasn't a hanging judge. His justice was high enough and
it looked like it was going to go over my case quite thoroughly.
He reached over and grabbed the flesh of one pliant tit.
"This is going to be fine," he said.
I was glad he thought so. He was hurting my tit and the nipple
popped out hard in protest. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. He
proceeded to bring the other nipple to the same fiery protest and then
pulled me to him. His mouth was like a vacuum cleaner on mine, sucking out
my breath and leaving me gasping for air.
His hard-on was rude to my belly as we stood smashed together. It
was evident that he could go at any time and I was torn between getting
him in, off and over and waiting to see if he could possibly get me in
the mood.
I don't really think my input would have mattered much. He was going
to enjoy this in spite of me. He tossed me on the bed like I was a rag
doll and climbed up after me.
Sticking his fingers into my cunt and pulling the lips wide was
just his preamble to the entrance of his tongue. It felt icky- that's why
I squirmed and when he let that tongue slip down and lick my asshole
it was the shock that made me jump. Having his tongue up my butt was so
perverse. How could I be expected to enjoy that?
It was part of the get it over idea that had me sucking his cock. I
figured if I flitted my tongue up the underside of my cock- oh so
teasingly- just before I suck him down that he'd get off quicker. And it
didn't take much of the sloppy blow-job before he wanted to move on to
other things.
"Get your ass up," he instructed. "I like to see it wobble when I
split your hams."
I'll admit I felt a little cheated. Watching his big cock sink into
my little cunt was the one thing that wasn't going to be so bad and now I
wasn't going to get to watch.
Buns up, kneeling, that was me. Just waiting as he approached it
from the rear. He grabbed my butt and worked it around on his straight
prick. Down through my snatch, up through my ass crack, he let me feel
just how big it was and try to get ready for its entrance. It wasn't that
I wanted it so, I just wanted the whole thing over.
He must have misunderstood and said, "Patience, bitch- I'll get it
up there in good time."
When I felt it touch me, I stopped the wriggling grinds of my ass.
I thought they had made him miss his mark. No such luck. He liked the
narrower way and that was where he was going in.
I protested and he shut me up with, "Your ass out of here, or me in
At least it was going to be an interesting attempt, I consoled
myself. It would never fit. Then he pushed and I knew it better fit, or
he was going to kill me trying to make it fit.
"I'd love to fight you. bitch, if that's what you want," he growled
out, "It just makes it that much more of a victory."
I had been trying to help from the first bolt of pain, but it wasn't
doing much good. A camel through the eye of a needle would be child's
play compared to getting his overgrown cock into my asshole.
He shoved. I spread. He jerked. I pushed back. He grabbed my hips.
I pushed on the headboard.
He was getting in, but it was fire every inch. He was filling me up
besides. The pain of stretched tissues filled my head, but its cousin, the
fullness, was a growing undercurrent. He decided to fuck then. Enough was
in- he was going to start.
It was better than I feared. The hard rod of his cock slipped back
and forth as if in a velvet casing and hardly pulled on my asshole at all.
The fullness leaped into prominence as he slipped in and out of the
sausage casing of my intestine.
I was spread and stuffed and I strained my mouth open in a vain
attempt to ease the pressure. He kept at it and then I felt his belly on
my ass. He had sneaked his horse cock all the way up my ass under the
cover of his thrusting.
It was mostly fullness that assaulted my senses then. He rode hard
on my upturned butt, boring deeper into me. Then he pulled back and I'm
sure the rush of emptiness made my eyes roll back in my head. It was
a brief sensation.
He rammed back with a roar and I greeted his ravage with a scream
of my own. That must have been the good part for him, because he kept
at it. Out to the head, then back to the roots- steady, insistent,
forceful with plenty of oomph as his belly thrust up against the cheeks
of my ass.
I was becoming numbed to the pain, but the very force kept the moans
rolling out as he drove up inside me. Then his control slipped away and he
banged my ass faster. IT was not so deep, but harder, rocking me violently
as his cock charged in and out of me like the piston on a train.
Finally he rammed deep with force enough to tip me off balance and
his fingers dug cruelly into the meat of my ass. I felt the warm, gooey
liquid of his cum flow inside me as I felt the pumping of his swollen
He pulled out with a plop and even his leaving brought a twinge. I
collapsed on my side and tried not to think about the burning of my
asshole or the slime that seeped out to stain my nice, clean sheets. All
in all, it was disgusting but tolerable. Really, I swear.

Mr. Cooper
I guess Mr. Cooper is all right for an old guy, but I didn't have
the hots for him or anything. It was purely business when I went to talk
to him about my grades.
We both knew what was in the wind as I tried to whine him into
raising my marks. I figured he'd cop a few feels and maybe have me give
him a blow-job, but Mr. Cooper had bigger ideas.
"You know I'm a teacher and you're asking me to cheat for you," he
said, "I've got to keep my self-respect somehow- so if you want the grades
you've got to realize that you've not done the right thing."
That had me all confused. He was saying something dark and
forbidden, but I couldn't figure out what it was. He asked me if that was
all right and I nodded, not knowing just what I was in for.
"Then assume the position," he said before my head had stopped
He was a discipline freak. I bent over his desk and he lifted my
skirt and pulled down my panties. He just looked at me there, bent over
with my ass hanging out for a long time and I got nervous.
Finally he got out a ruler and I wished he was still just looking.
He really gave it to me and I could feel my butt still burning even after
he had stopped smacking me with his stick. Then he got down on his knees
behind me and started licking my ass where he beat it.
It was really weird. I knda felt creepy about it, but it actually
wasn't that bad. His tongue felt good on my freshly whipped ass and I got
off on the feeling I could shit in his mouth.
Then I heard his zipper go down. I had thought he was just weird
and the spanking and licking my ass would get him off, but it sounded
like he wanted to fuck too. I spread my legs for him to put it in, but I
had guessed wrong again.
He walked around the desk and made me stretch across it to suck his
dick. I could see by that that he wanted the whole route. His cock
popped up hard and swollen and I contented myself with the thought of how
good it would feel in my hot little pussy.
Then he walked around behind me again and I arched my back to be
ready for him. There was no way I would have been ready. The idea never
entered my head. Mr. Cooper wasn't interested in teeny twat. He wanted
brown eye and he was seeing to it that he got it.
I tried to argue when I felt his cock nudge my asshole, but before
I could get my protest out, he had pushed the head in. I pleaded with him
as he rocked me against the desk, but he was on his way and wasn't
stopping for anything.
I felt like I had a pregnant belly when he had finally pressed into
the balls up my backside. I kept complaining, "No! No!" Over and over I
begged, but he wasn't listening.
"You've got to work for your grades," he kept answering every plea
and kept fucking my ass.
I felt like he was punching holes in my guts as he stabbed into me
again and again, harder and faster. My asshole got numb as he charged in
and out of its poor, torn grip and then he drove me into the desk with
a mighty thrust and snorted like a bull.
I thought I had wet myself as I felt his cum squirt out into my ass.
He pulled out and wiped his cock on my ass before putting it away.
Anyway, he did give me a "B". He said I could get an "A". but we'd
have to work that out and I didn't know if my poor butt could take that
good of a grade.

I don't know how this fits into the women's lib thing, but I have
an arrangement with my secretary. Now I know this is going to draw a lot
of flak from different corners. but it works for us and I don't see how
anyone else is involved.
First off, it's business so it doesn't have anything to do with my
social obligations, so you can leave my wife out of it. As far as
harassment- that's a charge that can only rightfully be brought by the
person in question and Judy seems quite happy with things.
It's an agreement and that implies satisfaction on both sides and
that's the last I'm going to say about that. It came about one day as I
stormed around the office too mad to see straight.
When I get keyed up like that my efficiency suffers and that makes
matters worse. I hadn't started on Judy, but I usually get around to her
when I have one of my rages, so I think she was heading it off with her
suggestion. Hear that? Her suggestion.
I remember quite clearly her exact words, "Just sit back and let me
relax you."
I was about ready to throw up my hands anyway, so I sat and she
began massaging my temples. It felt good, but I had the feeling it was
getting us nowhere and was ready to shoo her out when her hands started
trailing down my chest.
As she rubbed up and down, lower and lower, she was bringing her
breasts down to cradle my ears. I decided to give her a little more time
in view of the situation and soon she was resting her bosom on my head
as she stroked my belly.
"There now, just relax," she cooed somewhere over my head and I
closed my eyes to better feel the soft pillows that were formed to my
Now Judy isn't much of a secretary, but she is a hunk of woman and
her attentions brought up a natural response in my pants.
"There, I thought that was the problem," she said, bringing her arms
up to hug my head between her tits. "Now we'll take care of that and
everything will be all better."
She wheeled my chair out and turned it sideways so she could kneel
next to the bulge in my pants and run her hand over the tented material.
"This little fella is taking all your energy," she diagnosed as she
opened my fly and pulled out my hard-on.
I watched amazed as she held my stiff staff and lowered her mouth
over it. Her tongue ran around her cheeks, swirling the tip of my prick
and then she sucked. It was great. Her mouth was a warm fuck pocket that
she rammed down on my cock and sucked her way off again.
I figured she'd have me blow my wad in her mouth and then hit me
up for money. But she stopped after a while and with a little flicking
of her tongue over my cock looked up.
"Now we ought to really relieve your tension," she said.
She got me up and pulled down my pants and left me there while she
went to the my washroom. When she came out, she was naked from the waist
down. She bent over the desk in front of me and reached back to pull
open her buttocks.
"Follow the bubble trail," she said sweetly and I saw the lather
surrounding her pink little asshole.
Well, I didn't get to be an executive by having to be told twice, so
I took my cock in hand and approached the situation squarely. There wasn't
any evidence that it was a much-used passage and from what I've gathered
since, it had only been used a few times before.
That made it tight and I'm sure a lot of aggressiveness was
released as I shoved against that ring of muscle to force my cock inside.
Judy squirmed a little as I bored into her tiny back hole and muffled
sounds escaped her throat, but she took it like a trooper.
When I was fairly planted, she let go of her ass and slid her hands
out to grip the edge of the desk. Her back arched and I felt the pressure
on my dick lessen a little. She was making it easier on me now that the
head was inside. In response, I let go of my prick and grabbed her by the
hipbones and edged my cock into her ass little by little.
It was hot up her heine and my prick's response to being pressed
into that furnace was almost a cry of joy. the tight squeeze of muscle
traveled back the length of my shaft ever so slowly until I had
wrestled my cock to the balls in her ass.
Sheathed in heat, my balls soaking up the dripping of her cunt, and
the tight reminder gripping the base of my dick; I was in a little heaven.
I let my belly rub on the smooth globes of her bottom and pulled her
up against me.
"Go ahead and fuck," she told me, "I like that part the best."
"You like it hard?" I teased her.
"It's already hard," she countered, "But I like it rough if you
don't mind a little noise."
When I pulled back she sighed and then I rammed my prick back
into her backside. Her idea of a little noise was a moan like an air raid siren
played a speed too slow. Her siren kept up as I withdrew and rammed home
over and over. I was getting really hot from that tight ring moving up and
down my raging cock and I lost control a bit. I began really jamming her
ass and the siren cut off with a gasp.
Oh! Dick my dirty butt!" she exclaimed as my belly smacked loudly
on her ass, jarring her onto the desk with an increasing rhythm, "Ream
my butt! Fuck my ass!"
"Yeah baby, I'm going to drill you out and thread your ass!" I
answered, the voice coming out in a growl from deep in my chest.
"Oh yes! Pump my shit!" she answered.
I kept driving into the tight, hot hole harder and faster and we
kept calling encouragement back and forth until my poor brain couldn't
take any more titillation. I gave a mammoth shove and speared her on the
desk. I felt the cum travel down my cock deep into her bowels and
spatter forth in a warm enema.
I didn't need to pump at all. My cock was shooting out the jizm in
great gouts without ant further encouragement. She went limp after that
and we stood there for long moments as my cock wilted in her bunghole.
I pulled out with a plop and fell into my chair. Then I began to
wonder what kind of thing she would hit me with. It took her a long time
to recover enough to stand up, but when she did, I thought: here it
Instead she just smiled at me and sank down on my lap. Her ass felt
real good on my exhausted cock and I wrapped my arms around her.
"That's a relief," she said.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"I know I'm not the greatest secretary in the world," she started,
"But now I guess I've found something that'll make me valuable in your
I laughed at her and she looked at me.
"Go ahead," she said," You don't know what it's like knowing that
you could be replaced by someone better at any time."
"Well, now, as you said, you've found something that puts you on the
can't lose list," I reassured her.
She smiled, sighed and threw her arms around my neck, cuddling up in
my lap like a warm kitten.
So now we have an arrangement. She feels she is valuable for her
asshole and I reaffirm her feeling every day by taking a trip up the
Hershey highway. It may be just a great fuck for me, but to her it's job
security and who am I to make her feel threatened? Take that one and shove
it in your hat, women's libbers.


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