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Archived Sex Stories

OLDE split the meat buttocks


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so
we can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

Old E (olde.txt)- Cheatin' Clamps, The Boss- revenge B&D and anal.

Cheatin' Clamps
I guess I deserved it. Not for something I did, but for something I
didn't do. Maybe I was trying to get caught.
I lock the door normally, so leaving it open was some sort of
invitation. And Jerry took the invitation and walked right in. From the things
he told me, he must have watched me for quite a while as I wiggled
my ass under the guy from the grocery store.
I didn't know what had happened until Jerry came over again. He was
too cool so I was on my guard, but I didn't know how much he knew. I tried
to evade his questions without lying, but he kept asking more and more
directly until he finally said it.
"Are you saying to have too many lovers you don't know which one?"
he asked.
I had tried to get out of it, but it was no good, so I confessed. Jerry said
he was glad I hadn't tried lying, but it still wasn't
Okay. He wanted me to learn my lesson and I agreed to whatever he wanted.
"You've been a bad girl," he said, "And I know just what to do with
a bad girl."
He led me into the bedroom by my wrist and held me with one hand
while he piled the pillows and bedclothes in the middle of the mattress.
"I know I can't trust you, so we'll have to do this the hard way,"
he told me.
He tied my hands to the bed with my pantyhose so I was face down
with the pile of stuff holding my ass in the air.
Then he pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles. I was
going to enjoy this far too much for it to be a real punishment. I was
turned on already.
He let me lay there for a while as he looked around. He went
through my drawers and took out some stuff, but I couldn't see what.
"First I'll warm you up," he said and started to rub my butt with
silk panties covering his hand.
I was already warm and the sensation set my butt to wiggling. He
ran his fingers down into my cunt a few times and then said, "You like
things up that tight little snatch, don't you?"
I just moaned and the next thing I knew, he was pushing something
up my hole. When it was in a couple of inched, I knew it was my vibrator.
He kept pushing it in slowly as I twitched around, trying to ease its
passage up my honey hole.
He pushed on even when the fluted part was already well up me and
kept pushing until only the knob was sticking out of my pussy.
"You like the big ones, huh?" he inquired.
"It's too much!" I complained
"That's what I thought when I saw the delivery boy humping your ass
off," he answered.
Then his hand came down on my ass with a splat. He still had the
silk panties wrapped around his hand and he was gurgling like the panties made it something special for him.
I jumped every time he hit me and it made the vibrator lurch in my
snatch. I didn't know what to feel or what to think. In a way it was
nice, but I wasn't comfortable with the big prod in my jam box. His hand
stung each time it landed on my defenseless ass.
He let me rest for a moment and then he turned on the vibrator.
Ohhh! that was something. The insistent whirr had me vibrating along
with it in no time.
Then he let loose with the belt. I shrieked when the lash landed,
but the pain was mixed with pleasure and surprise. He had touched
something running deep in me and I actually ached for more. It seemed
every welt was lifting me up higher.
"This will make you think," he said and snapped down one last powerful blow.
It stung so much the scream caught in my throat and only escaped
as a gurgle. He climbed up on the bed and straddled my legs, surveying
the rosy butt criss-crossed with welts.
"Think of this when you want more, because I'll give you more if
there's a next time," he growled and his fingers dug into the tender
meat of my abused ass.
My clit was humming with more than the influence of the vibrator
as the pain ripped through my inflamed butt.
"Have you learned?" he demanded.
"Oh yes!" I answered- a trifle too much lust in my cry.
"You hot bitch!" he yelled and smacked my ass once more.
It was pure animal drive that twisted my buttocks, searching for
more. I had been shaken loose from all my reserve and was only searching
for the grand fulfilling climax that seemed only inches away.
"You're asking for it," he said, "And here it comes."
He leaned over me and I felt his steely hard-on pry a path between
my buttocks. I wailed- for more or mercy, I'm not sure which. He found my
anus and worked his rod to center it in the round eye of my sphincter.
He wasn't allowing me to open my legs. He had them trapped and he
was forcing his way in with no way for me to relieve the tightness of my
back hole.
That way it was so huge!! My asshole stayed tight as he drove into
it, first having to split the meat of my buttocks to get to the
forbidding circle of muscle.
He grunted with the exertion and bore on into the humid tunnel. I
wriggled to help all I could, amazed at my ability to aid the rape of my
anus. It hurt and a lot and I gloried in the pain.
Something about the helplessness. the subjugation, turned a
forbidden key and I could only pant and cum as he rammed his turgid tool
through the screaming protest of my back door.
He mistook my cries of ecstasy for pleas of pain and said, "Don't
use it all now. Your lesson hasn't started to get hard- yet."
With that he lunged. I didn't know what to think. It wasn't fun any
more. It was like being boarded by pirates. Nothing was going to hold him out.
All I could do was react to the brutal entry and take it up the ass.
Mercifully, he hit bottom in about three lunges and his bouncing on
the sponginess of my ass wasn't so bad. He had me speared and I could
feel every inch of his hot hardness up inside my vitals.
He was possessing me fully and I got turned on again by that. He
was obviously turned on too. He must have liked the opposite feeling
of dominance, because it was clear he was the boss.
When he felt like pulling back, he did. When he felt like ramming
his cock back up my ass, he did that too.
Between the vibrator and his cock, I was a stuffed honey, hardly
able to believe all that congested my bottom end. I kicked my feet within
the confines of my pants and that did nothing to change the filling and
emptying of my ass.
I screamed as I came again and he said, "Yeah, honey, I'll help you
get louder yet."
With that he doubled his efforts and my raw asshole turned to
bloody meat. I couldn't make it again before he filled my asshole with
his burning, stinging cum.
I came close enough that I had a look of frustration when he pulled
his cock out of my ass and turned me over.
"Now remember that. If I catch you again, you'll get the same and
more," he warned.
I don't know what my expression saved me from, but I do know what
he thought and what I felt were two very different things.

The Boss
Now I'm not a wuss, so getting a lot of lip from the old lady
didn't set too well with me. When she finally shut up long enough to realize
I wasn't paying her any attention, she really got on me.
She finally ticked me off and I shut her up with a look. She
started getting all cringy and scared and that was smart. I was pissed and
ready to teach her a lesson.
She knew better than to resist, but I had to push her into the
bedroom one shove at a time.
"You don't deserve clothes to wear, you little bitch," I spat at
her, "Jay-bird naked is good enough for a slut like you."
She started on her buttons slowly, but too slow. I ripped her
blouse off and threw her on the bed. She scrambled to get out of the rest
of her things before I ripped any more of her wardrobe.
"There, that better suits your social development," I told her.
She wasn't doing any talking now.
"Come here, dog," I commanded.
She crawled off the bed on her hands and knees and squatted beside
"That's a good dog," I said as I patted her on the head and slipped
the leash on her.
It had a good choke chain and left no doubt who was the master. I
pulled her up high on her knees and held her there.
"Now we'll teach you about yapping," I said.
The leather loop at the end of the leash left pretty little swirls
of red on her white butt. She squirmed as best she could to avoid the
whipping, but the chain around her throat held her captive for the blows.
The sound of the leather on her flanks quickly drained all my anger
and replaced it with a hard-on. I yanked her up on the bed and tied the
leash to the headboard. Buns up and beautiful, her rear end called to me.
"You know what your whiney voice feels like?" I asked her.
"Like this!" I exclaimed as I took my place behind her.
Her hot little hairy asshole stared up at me from her spread cheeks
and I crammed the tiny brown eye with my prick. She whimpered as I threw
my weight behind my cock and opened her anus.
It fought me for every inch, stretching only at the insistence of
my force. Then a might lunge drove the rock-hard spear straight through
the resisting ring of muscle.
Her asshole had lost the battle and she began to moan in earnest as
I pressed in to the deepest. I could feel the heat from her still
stinging weals as I pressed against her pliant ass.
I had her now. She was spitted like a pig and I was the bar-be-
quer. I rotated the spit deep up her colon and her guts slid over each
other as I stirred her intestines.
It was hot and nice up there and I almost hated to pull back and
fuck her. She grunted like a pig as I stretched her asshole with my
twisting dick.
I pulled back and she moaned- a moan that was cut short as I pumped
my rod back up her dirt road. She yelped like a bitch as I forced entry
and I slapped her reddened ass to shut her up.
"That's how your whining feels sticking in my ear!" I gloated as I
stuck it in her ass again.
This time I worked on her asshole from deep inside her colon. My
sausage-case rod-on dug in the depths of her dark, hot hole as I worked
her asshole open. She was looser when I pulled back again.
This time there wasn't the resistance as I drove up hard against
her bruised ass. She grunted as I slammed into the tender flesh and I
tried to drive a little harder with my next thrust.
I found I could lean into her as hard as I wanted and be cushioned
by the meat of her ample ass, so I gathered all the momentum I could and
rammed her butt hard. It was a symphony of a fuck- her sharp little
grunts ending in the whack of my belly meeting her hams.
Boleroesque, I made the tempo slowly speed, spanking her buttocks
a little faster, a little harder and with a growing frenzy as my
throbbing schwantz grew in her hiney hole.
God! It was good and did I want it! My balls were straining with
growing pressure as my belly flew against her butt, sending her cheeks a
dancing and catching them in mid-wobble with another thrust to send them
shivering again.
Her breath was hissing through her teeth as I pounded her asshole
like a battering ram, threatening to break in her back door.
"OH Gawwwwwd!" she whined as the flood burst loose and I stuck her
deep and poured out my ropy jizm.
The slippery fluid made her ass a bit of heaven and I tried
desperately to keep my hard-on by ravaging her colon with even more fire.
When it was clear that it wouldn't work, I let the shrunken worm slip
out of her ass and let her off the leash.
She was good for two days before she needed another treatment, but
then- as long as she asks for it, I'm willing to dish it out.



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