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ONLYWAY asian ancestors Her body had


The only way A graphic novel By DLG <>
--------- Kids : OK brats, now this ain't for you, not that it contains
anything dangerous, but you're just not going to understand much of it, and
you'll end-up bored, so back off, and on to OK ?

Kids 2: OK so you want to keep on reading ? Fine by me ! But if that's
illegal by your home, at your age, that's not my problem, got it ? In my
opinion, if this interests you, then you're mature enough. Come on now : OK ?

Warning : This story contains graphical depiction of various violent
and/or sexual acts. The author is in no way promoting these, and wishes to
protect readers from psychological shock, so if you don't like this, or if
your country's laws forbid you to read such material, please take a step
backwards and go surfing somewhere else, for example

Disclaimer : The author of this story (DLG) takes no responsability
concerning your well-being, sanity or social/mental balance. By reading
further, you agree that the author may not be pursued as a result of
mental/physical damage done to you by reading this story. I also take no
responsability as for the well-being of your kids on

Copy & Archive notice : This story may be the subject of
reformating/scripting/scanning/printing/proofreading ... and any other
things in "ing" you might want to do with it, as long as these 5 paragraphs
and the author name (DLG) and e-mail address <> remain with the main text
body. Commercial use is prohibited. I mean prohibited, not because i'm
gonna sue you, but because if i ever see this, you're gonna have a one hell
of a problem : i've been in computers for 15 years, and shall i decide to
blast your site, i'll find a way that's gonna make you regret not eating
your own balls before you did this with my text. Knowledge is power. I
repeat, free reproduction is granted. (Except for
--------- On to the stuff
--------- The only way A graphic novel By DLG <>

Chapter I One (mast,mmmmmf,mmmmmff,viol,rp,nc) Chapter II Ride the
lightning (mf,mff,ff,rom,bd) Chapter III For whom the bell tolls
(mf,bd,viol) Chapter IV Learning to live (ff,bd,nc) Chapter V Nature's
inflexible grace (rom,nosex) Chapter VI Take the time (mf,ff,mff,bd)
Chapter VII 3 AM Eternal (bd,f-solo) Chapter VIII Discovery
(mf,ff,humil,bd) Chapter IX To France (mf,ff,bd,humil,slave) Chapter X
Epilogue (rom,nosex)
--------- Chapter I One

"Now the world is gone, I'm just One. Oh, God help me ! Hold my
breath, as I wish for death. Oh please, God help me..."

Metallica, One (from the album 'And Justice for All')


She lay there, broken, a small,lithe and helpless form quietly sobbing
in the darkened hotel room. The acrid smell of sweat and sex filled her
nostrils, causing her to retch from time to time. The floor around her
tainted by blood, juices and vomit. They had let her an hour ago and the
only thing she could do was crawl to this corner of the room, as far as
posible from the bed where everything had taken place. A few hours ago,
she was still a human being, with dignity and shame. Now she was just a
heap of broken limbs, matted hairs and hate for everything that walked in
the world. She heard a nearby door slamming shut and shuddered, recalling
the events that had brought her to this near-animal state.


Stephanie was a young woman, or maybe an old girl. Hard to say those
things when you've just left adolescence behind you, and life comes to a
turn. She was physically attractive, her face was soft, her features
almost childish, denied by a long mane of jet-black hair, mostly due to her
asian ancestors. Her body had no less nice, firm curves, her hips were
nicely rounded where they should be, and her waist slim as most of her
friends wished. Her breasts had caused more than one hard-on in the school
gym, and overall, most of the boys from school had, at one time or another,
asked her out. She never really found the one she was looking for, maybe
because she had high standards about men. She had left the parental home a
few months ago, at the end of her school training, to find a job that could
give her some value on the job-market. Times were tough, especially for
commercial jobs. After a few weeks, she had started to lie to her parents,
telling them how life was delicious, and how the people at work were nice.
She had many deceipts in those few weeks, stumbling from "you get the job
if you're nice to me" to "we need someone but your outfit won't go, maybe
something more suggestive". She hated it. She knew she was nice, but
wouldn't accept an offer based on how much cleavage she would show.

After a few weeks though, the rent became hard to pay, she had some
savings at first that allowed her to pay the first month, but it soon
became a major problem as her money melted as fresh ice in the sun. That's
when she saw the ad in the paper. "Looking for maid to serve in neat
motel, contact Mr Coolidge at XXX-XXXX". That seemed like an easy job,
that ought to leave her with a certain amount of time to investigate for
better jobs. Serving in a bar would'nt do, but the motel stuff, she
thought, ought to be like bringing fresh towels or breakfast to the room.
Simple, easy, and most of the time spent waiting for customers calls.

She arrived there around 8:30pm, the guy on the phone didn't seem to be
much in charge, so she decided to go for the "who's the boss" line. The
motel was a few miles out of town, and upon arrival, she noticed most of
the vehicles there where bikes, trucks and old cars, the kind frequently
used by long-distance travellers. That settled her down, and her dreams of
a vast place lined with marble, receiving rich zillionaires flew away. The
motel smelled diesel and dust. The neonlights were flickering like in a
lousy movie.She headed straight for the reception. The main hall was old,
as the rest of the place. The old carpet was so dusty she couldn't make
out the original colors. The counter was empty, and she rang the bell
several times before someone showed up. It was a young woman, about her
age, with blond hair cropped short, a kaki T-shirt and a pair of jeans.
She had a kind of sad look on her face, mostly due to very pale eyes with
signs of tireness showing.

-"Hi" -"Hi, i'm Stephanie Baker, i phoned earlier to make an appointment
with the boss" -"Ah, yeah, Johnnie told me you'd come by. Sorry to
disappoint you but the boss is on... ah, a kind of meeting ya know ?" -"No
problem, may wait for him here ?" -"Yeah, anyway you want. Coffee ?"
-"Yes, please"

The girl disappeared behind a closed curtain and came back a few seconds
later, bearing two cups of hot juice.

-"So, you've been working here for long ?" -"Na, my brother's helping
Collidge from time to time, so i just kinda hang up.. by the way, name's
Michelle." -"Nice to meet you Michelle." -"Nice to meet you Stephanie."
-"So what's he like ?" -"Coolidge ? I, ah 'd rather not give you wrong
ideas, you'll see for yourself." -"And your brother ? works there often ?"
-"Oh, two, three times a week maybe, when Coolidge has work for a plumber
or electrician. Johnnie's always been good at handywork." -"And you keep
the place while they're busy..." -"Kinda... Here they're back"


Two men entered the room, the first one was rather young, early twenties
maybe, wearing a biker's leather jacket and pants, with just a white
t-shirt underneath. He deftly looked Stephanie up, detailing her legs,
skirt, blouse, pausing a moment on her tits before looking straight in her
eyes. The older one, probably Coolidge, was wearing old brown pants, with
hangers, and an old white shirt stained with coffee and grease. His eyes
almost bulged when he took in Stephanie's form, encased in a rather
conventional grey business suit.

-"This is Stephanie. She's here for the 'maid' thing."

Stephanie approached Coolidge. They shook hands and he said :

-"Let's move to my office"

Johnnie remained with his sister, sitting on a stool near the counter.
Stephanie followed Coolidge down a corridor, where they finally reached a
old wooden door with the standard "private" sign. He opened the door and
led her into the office, which looked more like some sort of broom closet.
He freed a chair by spilling the pile of papers that rested on it to the
floor, and offered it to Stephanie, before moving to sit behind the desk on
an old leathered armchair. The phone rang almost immediately, and Coolidge
went into a conversation of sorts, mainly fueled with yeahs and humphs.
Stephanie detailed the room. The walls were plastered, most of them
supporting girly posters and calendars. She quickly wondered why an old man like that would manage such a mass of paperwork. Maybe the motel was
just a cover-up for some other activity. Coolidge hang up, and looked her
almost straight in the eyes.

-"Well, you look like you're worth the job..." She was dumbfounded.
-"Excuse me Mr, but what is exactly this kind of job ?" -"Come on, you're a
big girl, and if you're so deep in need of a job to take an offer to serve
in this kind of place, surely you know where you're putting your feet, aint
ya ?" -"I don't really understand, i just thought it was about bringing
breakfast and such things..." -"Listen girl, this ain't no palace here, but
the clients have good money, and they're looking for something they can't
get elsewhere. Have you seen the room prices ? Do you thing i'd charge
300 bucks for a lousy bed and an old tv ?" -"No, i can't, i mean, this is
...." -"Hey, relax, i didn't mean to scare you, maybe you're a first timer,
so i'll try to make it clear. For the girls that maid here, each client
call is a 150 bucks, and you might get as much as three on a night. Take
it or leave it, but that's easy money, quickly earned, and i got enough
backup to allow you two nights break after each shift. You're not supposed
to answer right now, take it back home, sleep it over, and call me when
you've made the go, is that good for you ?" -"But..." -"Shht, no need to
say anything. Just keep in mind i'll have to see 3 other applicants this
week, but i think i may manage another job in a month or so, so you're in
no hurry." -"I..." -"Oh, and i have to say i scarcely see girls with your
looks here, most of them i have to see naked right in this office, just to
have a sample of it. But you've got it allright, and that won't take place
for you, is that okay ?" -"I don't know Mr Coolidge, you sound like someone
reasonable, but this is crazy, i'm..." -"Girlie, the world's crazy, believe
me. All we have to do is try to keep our heads above the stinking water,
otherwise you drown. I've seen a few, and, believe me, the ones that seem
the most reasonable are often the more wicked, got that ?" -"Yes, thank
you. I'll think this over" -"OK, now get out of my office, i got a call to


Stephanie was troubled, but Coolidge's attitude seemed almost normal
after all she had seen. She went back to her flat. The bus trip was in a
haze. Thoughts kept swarming in her skull, making her head throb. When
she reached the place, she fumbled quickly with the keys to get in and
crumpled right on the bad, without even taking care of her clothes.

Sleep was hardly refreshing, and she dreamt about strange faces, naked
men, and dirty things.

She woke up frozen, drenched in cold sweat. A glance at the clock. 4
AM. She shrugged off and disrobed quickly. As she took her bra off, the
thin material brushed against her sensitive nipples, making her shudder.
She had always be touchy there, but this was like a shock. She palmed her
breasts, weighing and finding them strangely hard and swollen. She ducked
under the covers. God, she was horny. She thought a second time about her
evening, and strange visions flashed in her mind. She pictured herself in
a skimpy maid's uniform, waiting nervously in front of a door. Someone
inside said "Come in". She touched her breasts again, making her dreamy
self enter the room. There was someone here, no, they were two. One of
her real hands traced the way down her body to reach her silken panties.
They were soaked. Knowing her dream twin wouldn't wear any of these, she
worked them off her body beneath the covers. A gust of musky aroma filled
her nose, making her blush in the darkened room. Her twin was now in the
room, and she stood there, carrying her silver tray like an old-fashioned
english maid. She looked at the people in the room. They were a couple,
man and woman. Their faces remained blanks, as she didn't want to picture them. Her breathing was heavy, her fingers had found the top of her mound,
and she laid them here, causing tingling feelings all around her sex. The
Maid-Stephanie laid the tray on a table and turned around to leave when a
husky voice, the man, said : " Come here".

As the voice resounded in Stephanie's real self, she felt a surge of
lust course through her body, and her fingers entered the sweet lips of her
cunt. She was sooo wet. She started fingering herself as her dreamy
character turned around to face the couple. The man was sitting on the
bed, while the woman (his wife ?)lay on it, propped on her elbow. She
approached the bed and stood right in front of him, feeling her boiling
cunt seeping between her thighs. -"Undress" The voice was soft, the woman
looked at her as she carefully untied her white apron, dropping it to the
floor, and started unbuttoning her blouse, discovering her braless chest
for the couple to see. She removed the blouse, unzipped her skirt, and was
soon standing stark naked in front of total strangers. The idea inflamed
Stephanie and she soon had a couple of fingers inside her wet cunt, while
her free hand pressed and mauled her breasts in total frustration.

Her dreamy self knelt and took the stranger's cock in her mouth, and she
was soon on the bed, on all fours, sucking this man's love tool and getting
licked by his beautiful wife. This was too much for Stephanie, and her
real self started bucking in her sheets. Her dream-twin looked up to find
a face on the man she was blowing, and Johnnie's blue eyes stared at her, a
wicked smile on his lovely lips. She let go of his cock and it started
erupting right in her face, matting her hair, eyes and trickling down her
neck. The licking at her pussy never let go, and as she felt the waves of
a tremendous orgasm flow through her, she peered intensely in Michelle's
sad eyes, and let go in a rocking sea of aftershocks...


-"Judy ?" -"Stephanie ? Do you know what time it is here ?" -"Earlier
than you'd usually get up, but still too late to catch the bus right ?"
-"Fuck you, let me sleep awhile..." -"Come on, you know i wouldn't have
called you if it weren't important." -"OK what's the deal dear" -"Remember
what i told you last time ?" -"Yeah, job's not that easy to find when
you're too good looking right ?" -"Well, things have changed recently and i
wanted to talk with you about it." -"What, wanna go-go dance ?" -"Well..."
Stephanie went on with her tale of yesterday's appointment, and the
dream/wank session that had followed. Judy was as close as a friend could
be for Stephanie, they had talked sex a lot during their high-school years
and had great understanding for each other. They had shared beds several
times, and often found themselves touching each other, without going "all
the way down". They were friends, and didn't want to spoil that. For the
main it was the reason that kept them from "turning dyke". -"Woah, you
mean he offered you a whore job ?" -"Well, we din't ever use the word, but
it was that in substance, and he was so cool about it, you know, not the
sleazy kind, rather the family father ..." -"Fucking family... And did
that make you horny ?" -"I don't really know what made me that hot, but it
was incredible. Imagining those strangers abusing me, i mean, i was ok
with it, but i felt like out of it and inside at the same time, yeah, one
of the best ones i've had..." -"You slut, how come you think about all that
!" -"I didn't at first, but the money got my head turning. 450 a night !
Picture that !" -"Four fifty... that's a sum" -"Yeah, and, i mean, i don't
have to do this lifelong, i could, you know, get enough for the rent for a
few months and then stop it, kinda wicked short experience." -"Mmmh, looks
like you're ready to do it ?" -"I wanted your advice Jude, i haven't made
up my mind yet, but if i don't find a job quick, i'm out of the flat next
week, and back home, and then confront the parents..." -"Quite a mess
you're in, right ?" -"Fuck, i'm out of it now, i've already borrowed a
hundred bucks from a neighbour to buy food for this week, i'm really bad.
Besides, i've always had this fascination for sluts like you." -"Hey !"
-"Come on, Jude, you know what i mean..." -"Well, if i were you, i'd give
it a one-night shot, just for fun. But if i were you, i'd get a life
insurance as well. You never know." -"You mean that, don't you." -"Oh,
Steph, i'm worried about you. You know you can always come to my place
anytime. Why don't you take a break." -"Jude, i have to go through this,
if i ever wanna be able to look at my parents in the eyes." -"OK, but watch
you back hon, okay ?" -"I'll call you later to give you the juicy details."


She called Coolidge right away, and accepted to do a one night shot for
the job. Just to see...


That evening was special. She had dressed to kill. red vest and
miniskirt, white blouse, no bra, no panties either. She felt so excited
about all this. When she arrived at the motel, her hard nipples peeked
through the white satin of the blouse, and she was rather proud of it.
Michelle welcomed her at the reception desk, and she couldn't help but
blush when she saw her eyes. They sat and chatted idly while waiting for
Coolidge. -"So you made up your mind ?" -"I think so, i'm gonna try this
for tonight, and then we'll see..." -"I used to do it for awhile, but you
can't keep up for too long..." -"Whaddya mean ?" Michelle drew a worn out
morlboro pack from her pocket, and extracted a joint from it. She lit it
up and inhaled deeply before blowing smoke rings. -"I mean, this isn't
cool stuff." -"I know, but i badly need the money..." -"Yeah, so did i.
That's how he catches 'em" Stephanie giggled, a bit uncomfortable. -"Was
it, i mean, did you have to do scary things." Michelle looked up with a
sleazy smile. -"Nothing i wouldn't do normally, but i'm saying this now,
and didn't think that way back then." -"You're scaring me.." -"That's what
i'm trying to do." She passed the spliff to Stephanie, who accepted, more
to show that she was "cool" than anything else. She hadn't ever smoked,
and coughed loudly, eliciting a wry smile from Michelle. -"Sorry..."
-"Look at you, you look like a white goose about to fly in the crow's nest"
She blushed again. -"You're right, i'd appreciate if you would look after
me this night." -"I don't mind waiting for you, but i can't go in or
interfere or whatever you know..." -"I'd feel safer if i knew you were
somewhere out there." -"And what do i get ?" -"Whatever you want !" She
handed the joint back, Michelle took a drag and cautiously replied : -"You
got a deal" When Stephanie looked up at her, her eyes didn't seem that sad,
she wondered...


Coolidge entered at that right moment. -"Ready ?" She blushed
instantly, feeling her nipples ache and her pussy wetting at the thought.
She replied in a soft, husky voice. -"Yes" Michelle interfered. -"Hey, i
hope you're going on easy with her, it's her first time." -"You don't have
no advice to give me, I run the thing and you're only helping remember ?"
-"Yeah but..." -"If she's gonna do it, she's gotta do it right !" Michelle
patted Stephanie's shoulder and winked. -"Gotta go girl, i'll be right
there" -"First appointment is room 217, second floor, two bottles of
scotch, and don't disappoint me" He handed her the bottles, and headed
straight for his office. She stood there for a minute, shivering slightly
from fright and anticipation. -"I... I.." -"GET GOING" He shouted,
slamming the office door. She headed for the elevator, under Michelle's
sorrowful eyes. The lift was old, and smelled piss and dust and retch.
Somebody must've thrown up here, and though the thing seemed clean, the
nauseating smell lingered. She finally reached the second floor. She felt
a bit awkward standing there with a bottle in each hand. She stopped in
front of the 217 sign. Tucking one of the bottles under her arm, she
knocked softly. -"Come in" Came the reply, hard as a brick. She
maneuvered the knob between her fingers and managed to open the door.


Johnnie was there. She didn't know why, but she figured it was rather
cool. The guy seemed relaxed. His jacket was hanging on a chair, and he
was sprawled on the bed in his jeans and t-shirt, watching TV. -"Come on
in, put the bottles back there on the table, and serve us two glasses." She
smiled broadly and did as she was told. She filled the glasses and
approached the bed, handing him one. -"I knew it would be you." -"Oh,
really ?" -"I supposed so from the looks you gave me last time." -"Right,
you're one hot little piece of ass, you know that ?" -"Thanks" -"Now we're
here, why don't you start by showing me those big tits you got." The words
resounded in her head. They felt so dirty. She felt so hot. She drank a
big gulp of whiskey, shuddering as it burned down her throat, laid her
glass on the table, and started taking off her clothes. This seemed so
much like her dream. She laid her vest on Johnnie's jacket, and started
unbuttoning her blouse, slowly, as she had seen many strippers do in films.
Finally, when all the buttons were done, she threw it down her shoulders
and crossed her arms below her breasts, pushing them up. -"Mmh, Yummy.
Come here !" She approached the bed, now wearing only her red skirt, and
leaned over him. His right hand took first contact. He cupped the left
tit, feeling it's weight and firmness, before doing the same to the the
right. He pinched her nipple, sending a shock in her spine. He swiftly
downed the remaining of his glass, dropping it to the floor, and looked her
straight in the eyes. -"Suck me, slut." She winced at the name, but
eagerly complied. Johnnie was really handsome, and she would have gone
down on him, even on a first date. She fumbled with his zipper until it
came free, pulled out his pants and boxer shirts. His cock was nice,
throbbing and becoming slowly erect. She looked at him a last time before
diving on her prey. She thought to herself : "Now i'm doing it, really
doing it". She bobbed up and down on his shaft, licking away everytime she
could get her tongue somewhere. -"Yes, that's good, a nice little slut.
Mmh. So you're a first-timer, and you know what tough men do to
first-timers ?" -"Hmph" She moaned on his cock to acknowledge -"They fuck
them ! They fuck and ass-fuck them. You know that ?" -"HmmMmph" She
started shivering slightly. Assfucking. She had never thought of that,
though she knew it was a men's favourite. For the first time, she feared
she might feel some pain. Johnnie's voice raised to a shout. -"Okay guys,
come in she's ready !" She felt panic suddenly and tried to back up, but in
the same movement, Johnnie had grabbed her neck and was forcing her back
down on his tool. She struggled to suppress the gag-reflex as the massive
dick forced her jaws open. She stopped moving, realizing suddenly this
must be part of a test or something. She waited a few seconds and heard a
door open, then several people walking in the room. She briefly wondered
how these people would look upon her, naked, down to her knees, her mouth
impaled on Johnnie. She had no time to breathe though, as several hands
closed on her body, and she was soon blindfolded, hands tightly bound
behind her, still in the original position.


-"Ain't even struggled, hah ?" The voice came from behind her, a deep,
raucous voice, that recalled of someone who smoked far too much. -"Nope,
looks like a natural to me..." Johnnie's voice was sure, cool, this kind of
tickled Stephanie's pride, as she was still supposed to be sucking him, and
he wasn't supposed to be cool at all, so she resumed her blowing
activities, keeping her ears up for whatever info she might get. She knew
she was in dire straits, these guys had to be sex maniacs or sectists,
anyway, she knew if she behaved, she could get away without so much as a
gang rape. My god ! A gang rape...


-"Ooooh, look at that, our slut seems to understand ..." -"Is she good
Jo'?" -"I've had better, she seems a very young cocksucker to me..." -"OK,
stop it" Somebody yanked her hair back and she was kneeling, her head up,
feeling a strand of whatever-it-was dribbling down her chin. Her hair was
roughfully passed from hand to hand. -"Listen to me slut" -"Please..."
Somebody slapped her. Hard. -"Did i say talk ?" She was helpless, she
hesitated a bit too long. A reverse slap caught her by surprise. -"Did i
say talk ?" -"N.. No" Another slap, harder than the first two. -"So
listen to me. You are our slut-to-use for the night, and we're going to
use you understand ?" -"Y..Yes" She was whispering, her jaw ached. -"So
start with this first..." She felt something touch her lips, she
instinctively started sucking again. The feeling was different. The cock
was bigger, and tasted muskier than Johnnie's. She knew she should do her
best to please this man, lest she got hit again. She was afraid she could
do something to anger them. So she sucked. She sucked. She vaguely heard
the guys commenting to each other. -"...nice tits..." -" good
?..." -"...'d love to..." -"...great ass..." She felt like a piece of junk
on display. After a while, she felt the member in her mouth throb and
pulse. Being no idiot she realized what was ahead and tried to back but
the guy caught hold of her head and started pumping furiously, using her
face to wank. When the flood came, she was already sobbing. The guy tried
to keep her down but she coughed and felt a messy thing explode around her
mouth and nose. -"Hey, watch out you cunt !" And a knee contacted with
her, sending her sprawling down the floor. A hand pulling her hair yanked
her up on her knees, and the first voice said : -"One more of this, and we
won't be gentle anymore..." Her head turned, were they being gentle ?
-"Maybe you need more practice ?" A hail of laughter erupted in the room.
She felt degraded and humiliated. She forced herself to stop choking, and
hold her head up. The laughing came anew. -"Hey, look at this, she wants
more !" -"Proud bitch..." And another cock was rammed between her lips.


That's when she took the full measure of it. They were five. She knew
that because after awhile, she recognized their cocks. She had to suck
them all and swallow their sticky cums.After all they weren't going to kill
her, she thought. So when she was laid down on the bed, she knew what was
about to happen and her brain (or what was left of sanity in it) switched
in automate mode. The first penetration was painful. After, she said she
barely remembered it. But every single second seemed carved in her
memories. All five men raped her cunt, and it was sore for days. All five
men raped her ass, and it took a whole week, just to sit again. They had
her in sandwich. She had to suck their cocks after a buttfuck, and the
first time she vomited. They hit. They used and abused her until the sun
finally rose...


"Now the world is gone, I'm just One. Oh, God help me ! Hold my
breath, as I wish for death. Oh please, God help me..."


She lay there, broken, a small,lithe and helpless form quietly sobbing
in the darkened motel room. The acrid smell of sweat and sex filled her
nostrils, causing her to retch from time to time. The floor around her
tainted by blood, juices and vomit. They had let her an hour ago and the
only thing she could do was crawl to this corner of the room, as far as
posible from the bed where everything had taken place. A few hours ago,
she was still a human being, with dignity and shame. Now she was just a
heap of broken limbs, matted hairs and hate for everything that walked in
the world. Everything, except maybe the lithe frame that just entered the
room. She backed in her corner anyway, just in case. The feminine form
approached cautiously, and she felt, more than saw, that someone was slowly
cleaning her face with a damp towel that felt so good.... -"Stephanie ?
Are you alright ? No, of course not. Here, let me take care of this." She
felt she was drawn to the bathroom, and slowly, ever so slowly, her mind
began to shape things back into reality. -"M..Michelle ?" -"Yes ?" -"I
want to die !"


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