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ORANGE2 video tape had the


" Orange Touque 2 "

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) by the author. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Posting an unaltered
copy of this story to newsgroups or on websites is
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as long as the author's byline and e-mail address and
this paragraph remain on the story. No alteration of
the contents is permitted.

We try to look as legitimate as we can, but it's
difficult. In this part of the city, the only steady
businesses are hydroponics stores and pawn shops. They
provide a lot of our customers, in fact. Marty spends
most of his days making court appearances. He's the
only lawyer at the firm. The rest of us are, well,
pretty much not qualified to prepare a will, but we're
all the help that Marty can afford.
I don't suppose he really needs to keep all of us on
the payroll, but no one is going to tell him that.
Poor Marty. He still believes in justice. He's like
a little boy who never quite figured out that Santa
Claus was a lie. Every day, he goes to court hoping to
make a difference. I don't know how he keeps it up.
He's not much of a lawyer, really. He works hard,
but he can never seem to get ahead. To be perfectly
honest, half the problem is that he lets me handle the
firm's books. By the time I've taken my share, he
practically works for free.
Not that he makes the kind of money that a high
priced attorney can charge anyhow.
So, we have to come up with creative ways to bring
in some money.
Tess practically runs a telemarketing office from
the front desk. The law firm pays the long distance, of
course. Chilli, who does all of the investigation work,
keeps her desk full of treats for the local junkies.
Her prices are a bit high, but when they're desperate,
they don't argue too much.
And me, well, I just keep my eyes open for
opportunities. In the city, there are always
" Hey Jo, there's someone here to see you, " Tess
called from the front desk. I popped my head out of my
office door.
Not your usual visitor to the office, but in this
part of town, I'm never surprised. The girl looked
homeless. She shuffled her feet nervously in the
waiting room.
" Hi there, I'm Joanne, " I approached the girl, and
held out my hand. " What can I do for you today ?"
She shook my hand weakly.
" Um, the lady at the welfare office said that you
might be able to help me. "
" Yes. Maybe I can. Come on in to my office. "
Upon first entering my office, you might think that
I was actually a lawyer. There are a couple of official
looking diplomas framed on the wall, and bookshelves
full of legal references. As I said, we do try to look
legitimate. This is the office that most of our clients
see first, when I do the preliminary meetings. A closer
look at the diplomas would show that I'm a proud
graduate of a college bookkeeping program. The
makeshift law library was purchased second-hand from a
failed law office, and was already years out of date
when we got them.
I motioned for the girl to sit down across the desk
from me.
" What's your name ?" I asked her, as I rummaged
through the desk drawer for my tape recorder.
" I'm Kara, " the girl told me.
I placed the tape recorder onto the desk, and hit
the record button. She looked nervously at the device.
" Don't worry, Kara. I'm only recording our
conversation to cover my own liability. I need to make
sure that you understand all of the legal implications.
That was a load of shit. I didn't want any evidence
of my involvement at all. I make the tapes because the
buyer likes to hear the girls before making a final
decision. Hell, he'd want a video tape if I had the
" Okay. "
" So what kind of a deal did you hear about from the
case worker ?"
The girl's face flushed red. The girls who were
referred to me for this kind of work always seemed a
little unprepared. But, hey, that's why we recruit them
from the welfare office anyhow, so that we can get
these girls when they're most vulnerable.
" Well, she said that if I did whatever you wanted
for a few months, that you would pay my expenses, and
make sure that the baby was healthy, and that you'd
give me a cash bonus after I have the baby. Is that
" Sort of, " I explained to her. " Except, first of
all, it isn't me that you would be working for. It
would be a client of mine. In essence, you would sign a
service contract to perform sexual acts at the request
of my client and his friends. At the end of your
service agreement, you get the fifty grand. "
I wanted to give her a moment to think about what
fifty thousand dollars would mean to her. I found that
it was always the best method of getting these girls to
sign up. Just let her think about what that kind of
money will do for her and her child. To give her a
moment to think, I changed subjects.
" Now Kara, " I said, flipping open my notebook. "
I'm going to assume that you're at least nineteen years
of age. Don't say anything... I just need you to affirm
that you're of legal age to sign the contract,
otherwise I can't consider you as an applicant. "
Another load of bullshit. Even if this was a legal
contract that I was preparing, which is most decidedly
was not, I wouldn't be off the hook by simply having
her affirm her age to me. Anyone could see that this
girl was nowhere near nineteen. I'd give her fifteen
years... maybe sixteen on the outside.
The point here wasn't to write a legal contract. It
was to make the girl *think* that we were preparing a
legal contract, and to make her eager to adhere to the
contract, for fear of losing the bonus.
" Just sign this form to affirm that you are of
legal age, and we'll get on with the details, " I slid
a form across the desk to her. Kara signed the document
without reading it. Good. A desperate girl. She'd be an
easy one to sell.
I took a moment to look her over. The buyer often
gives me a bonus of my own if he is pleased with the
girl I deliver. I share a portion of the bonus with
whichever welfare worker refers the girl to me. This
one would be a good bonus for sure.
The girl was nice and young, just the way the guys
liked them. She was a cute little thing too, although a
bit unkempt from her time on the streets. She lugged
around this big old backpack, and was bundled into a
few layers of clothing. On her head was a silly orange
wool touque. Very cute. It gave her a little girl
quality. The touque was frayed from her time on the
street, and looked like it might originally have had
some tassels or something hanging from the side. They
hadn't survived.
She was probably a nice, clean-cut girl before going
out on the streets. Cute face, nice white teeth. She
had big brown eyes that dodged nervously around the
room as I inspected her signature on the form.
If there were any justice in the world, she would
still be at home with her parents. As I said, though,
there's no such thing as justice.
" I want to make something clear to you Kara, " this
is where I began to lower the boom. " My client isn't
paying you fifty grand out of charity. You're going to
have to earn the money. My client operates an exclusive
club for wealthy men. A lot of these men have specific
fetishes. In this case, he's looking for a pregnant
girl. "
" Especially over the last three months of your
pregnancy, these wealthy men will pay my client a lot
of money to have sex with you. These guys might pay up
to a thousand dollars a pop to keep you for an evening.
Obviously, at those prices, they expect the very
highest quality, and you'll have to be willing to do
exactly what they want. Do you catch my meaning ?"
Kara nodded her head slowly, and then paused.
" Well, I'm not sure... exactly what will they want
me to do ?"
Second thoughts maybe ? Maybe she had more brains
than I thought. But I wasn't worried. In the end, the
fifty grand would lure her. It was always the same. The
bonus represented a way out for her and her child.
" Before I get into the terms and conditions, I need
to make sure that you're the kind of girl my client
will want. He's gonna want to see pictures. As I said,
these guys will expect top quality. Why don't you take
off your clothes, and we'll begin. "
I began to rummage through the desk again, this time
looking for my Polaroid camera. Kara was watching me,
and wasn't making any move to take off her clothes.
" Did you hear me, Kara ? You'll need to get your
clothes off. "
Shy girl. Her face was going red. She would need
just a little nudge in the right direction.
" Listen up, girl, " I said in a firmer tone. "Don't
waste my time. You can't afford to be shy with these
guys. You're going to have to be ready and willing.
Don't try to play the good girl here. You wouldn't have
been knocked up in the first place if you were innocent
and pure. If you walk out of here because your too shy,
where are you going to go ? You'll be whoring yourself
on the streets within a week. Wise up. "
The girl was surprised by my change in demeanour,
but it certainly did the trick. I went back to looking
for the camera while Kara slowly began to shed her
outer layer of clothing. I found the camera in the
lower drawer, and snapped a test shot towards the girl.
She practically jumped out of her skin.
She had nothing to worry about, as it turns out. The
camera was out of film. Fuck. The buyer wouldn't be
pleased if I didn't get some good shots.
Kara was down to her underwear now. The young girl
had a fantastic body, despite the fact that her
pregnancy was clearly showing. From the bulge of her
belly, I guessed that she was in her fourth month.
Everything else about her body had the firmness of
youth. Her milky white skin was unblemished. As an
afterthought, she pulled off the silly touque,
revealing an unkempt head of auburn hair.
I was stewing. This girl was worth a bonus, and I
was blowing it by not having film in the camera. I hit
the intercom to Chilli's office.
" Yeah. "
" Hey Chill, you mind bringing a camera in here ? I
need to take a few pictures. "
She had some really nice equipment for her
investigations. All paid for by good old Marty, of
Kara stood awkwardly in her undies as Chilli
wandered into the room with a camera. The tall black
woman had seen me interview girls before, and wasn't at
all surprised by Kara. She gave the girl an appraising
look, and then set the camera down on my desk.
" If you want to stick around for the interview,
you're welcome to, " I offered.
" Sounds like fun, " said Chilli, sitting herself
down in a chair beside the desk.
Kara's face went a darker shade of red now that two
women were watching her. Her hands were crossed in
front of her crotch, even though she was still wearing
her panties.
This time, when I snapped a test shot, the camera
made a satisfying mechanical sound.
" Good. Now take off the rest, Kara. "
The cute girl bit her lower lip and then reached
back to unsnap her bra. I startled her with a photo as
her firm little tits were revealed. Sweet. The
wonderfully round breasts were capped with the kind of
puffy pink nipples that I know guys drool over.
Next, she bent forward to pull her panties down.
Again, she crossed her hands shyly in front of her when
she stood up.
" Turn around, " I instructed. I got a couple of
good shots of her tight behind as she turned for me.
" Okay now, sit down again. "
The girl seemed relieved to take her seat again, and
not be standing naked in front of us. Her relief didn't
last for long.
" Now raise your legs onto the arms of the chair
Kara, I want to get a few good shots of your pussy. "
Her eyes jumped from me to Chilli, and then back
again. Neither one of us gave her any sympathy. I
readied the camera as she slowly brought up each of her
legs, exposing herself totally.
I knew that Chilli would enjoy this part of the
show. She often took partial payment from street
junkies with sexual favours, and she didn't much care
whether the junkie was a male or female. I doubt that
she ever had a girl this attractive make the offer.
" Play with yourself a bit, girl. These guys are
going to want to know that you're eager to please. "
Kara obediently began to finger her pussy as I
" Of course, the fact that you've gotten yourself
knocked up tells us a little about you anyhow. Who's
the proud father ?"
" Um...I'd rather not say..."
" I'll mark that down as an 'unknown', my, you
really have gotten around haven't you ?"
She didn't answer. I could tell that my words upset
her, but to tell the truth, it didn't bother me much.
The men who would be using her in the following months
would be much cruller than this.
" The next step, Kara, is that I have to explain to
you some of the activities that you'll be asked to
perform. In order to be accepted, you'll have to agree
to each of them. Do you understand ?"
Kara nodded. I could tell that she felt silly
masturbating herself in front of us. She wouldn't meet
my eyes anymore.
" Will you perform oral sex to completion ?"
" Okay."
" Have you ever done it ?"
" A bit. "
" No... listen to the question girl... I asked if
you've done it to completion. Until the guy cums in
your mouth. You swallow the cum. Have you done it ?"
" "
" But you're willing to ?"
" Okay."
I watched as the pregnant girl continued to finger
her pussy. There was definitely some sexual excitement
there. I guess it was unavoidable, given the situation
she was in, and what we were talking about. Chilli
definitely took notice. I could tell that she wanted
this young girl badly. Maybe I could arrange something.
" You obviously have no problem with a guy cumming
in your pussy, so I'll skip that question. How about
tit-fucking. When they swell from the pregnancy, a lot
of guys will want to do that. They'll be a bit tender.
Are you willing to do that ?"
" I guess so. "
" How about taking it in the ass..." Kara's face
flushed red again, " have you ever done that ?"
" No."
" Looks like it turns you on to think about it. Do
you think you'd like anal sex ?"
" I don't know, maybe. "
Some old boy would pay a lot of money to find that
out. The buyer would love this part of the tape. The
next part I wanted to skip through quickly, as I didn't
want to scare her off. The terms would be in the
contract, so I had to cover them, but I hoped that Kara
didn't ask any questions.
" There are a few other particulars. Uh let's see,
some heavy bondage activities, bestiality, sex with
multiple partners, fisting, water sports... all the
usual stuff. "
Kara seemed to have only caught the last bit.
" Water sports... like what ?" The girl really
didn't know.
" Some guys will want to watch you pee, or have you
help them to pee, things like that. "
" Oh. "
" So you're okay with all of that ?"
" Yeah, I guess. "
Only a couple more things now. The girl was
obviously wet, and ashamed of her arousal. That was
good. Her new owner would make good use of her guilt in
training her.
" Oh, one more thing, Kara. You'll be expected to
have sex with women too. Are you okay with that ?"
" Um... I don't know. "
" You'd better figure it out. I'm not going to give
you your signing bonus unless you're willing. "
" Signing bonus ?"
" Yeah... you get fifty bucks up front for signing
the contract. "
The money must have sounded awfully good to a girl
who probably hadn't had a decent meal in days.
" Okay, I can do it with women too. "
" You don't sound convinced. Maybe we'd better just
forget this whole thing. "
" No, really. I can do it. "
" Show me. "
Kara's eyes went wide.
" Chilli, would you mind giving Kara a little
practice ?"
" Not at all, " said the tall black woman. " Come
over here, girl. "
The young pregnant girl lowered her legs to the
floor again, and rose unsteadily. A few days with her
new trainers would get rid of that hesitant manner of
hers. Kara walked over to the investigator.
" Mmm... you're a nice, soft girl..." said Chilli,
running her hands up and down Kara's naked body. " I'll
take down my jeans, and then you show me what you can
do. "
Kara waited nervously while my co-worker lowered her
jeans and panties. She sat back down on the chair, and
slid forward until her pussy was at the edge. I raised
the camera for a few more shots. The buyer would
absolutely love this.
The girl dropped to her knees, and tentatively
licked at Chilli's bushy crotch.
" That's a good girl. You'll get the hang of it.
Just use your tongue like you were using your fingers a
minute ago. Aaah, that feels good. "
I snapped a few photos while the girl explored
Chilli's pussy. In a few weeks, she'd be an expert at
this sort of thing, but this was the best part. To have
a hand in corrupting the girl. It brought a smile to my
lips to think of the things they would to this poor
little girl. Everything I mentioned from the contract
and more. Any time she protested, they would pull out
the contract and show where she signed each section.
In the end, she would never get the bonus. Fifty
grand ! Are you nuts ? She would be offered less than a
tenth of that amount to sign an extension to her
contract, and once she was legal age, they would sell
her off to a strip club.
I tell you, there's no justice in the world.
Chilli grabbed two hands full of the young girl's
short auburn hair, and pulled her face into the depths
of her pussy. In a minute, Chilli would be done with
her, and all that would be left would be to have poor
little Kara sign all the portions of the contract, her
face still slick from Chilli's wetness.
I got ready to snap another shot as Chilli climaxed.
These were going to make some nice souvenirs of her
visit her. They would go into my bottom drawer with all
of the others.
You know, I wouldn't even have thought about her if
I wasn't reminded of it a couple of weeks ago.
First, the buyer called. Kara and her kid had gone
missing from the strip club he sold her to. He wanted
to know if I'd heard anything about her.
" Hell, no, " I told him. " I don't keep track of
them. After five years, there's no way she'd come back
here. She's long gone. "
But not forgotten.
Actually, just yesterday, I heard about her again.
This time, it was a phone call from some hick out in
the valley. This guy just sounded plain slow. I
wondered how he knew Kara. Brother. old boyfriend.
" I think you ought to return those photo's you took
of Kara, " the guy said.
And give up my trophies. Not a fucking chance.
" Go fuck yourself. " I told him, and hung up the
phone. What the hell would some farm boy do about it ?
Not a goddamned thing, that's what.
A smile crept onto my face. I'll tell you, there
just isn't any justice in this world.


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