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ORIENT cum out for the business woman


Taste of the Orient
Story codes: FF NC humil

By Orestes

This work is copyright (c) 2000 by Orestes. You may
download and keep copies for your personal use as long
as the author's byline and e-mail address and this
paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
story to any web site without permission from the
author. All other rights reserved. No alteration of the
contents is permitted.

A car horn sounded as Ruth almost stumbled into the
street, only to be pulled back by her new friend,
Coriander. They had been drinking just a little too
much this night, and Ruth had completely lost her sense
of direction in the narrow streets of Hong Kong. This
was more that she had allowed herself to see of the
city in six months living here.

" You're on the wrong fucking side of the road, "
she shouted at the driver, and tossed a half-empty beer
bottle at his back bumper.

This was exactly what she needed. To cut loose a
bit. For six months, she had been cursed with
responsibility for the Hong Kong factories. She hated
those stinking factory floors, filled with cheap
Chinese women, and the smell of real work. Compared to
her lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles, this city had
little to offer her. Finally, her demands to be
transferred had been met, and she intended to celebrate
a bit.

The woman who had been sent to replace her was a
pleasant surprise. Far from being upset by being sent
abroad, Coriander Easton was delighted to see the city
again. The young blonde had spent teen years here with
her family, and even knew the language. Besides, for
her this was a promotion.

Cori even offered to help Ruth celebrate her
transfer. " If I remember anything about this city, I
know exactly where we'll want to go to celebrate. Just
a little bit of money, and we'll have a real night on
the town..."

A tantalizing offer, in Ruth's eyes. She made no
secret around the workplace that she was a lesbian.
Despite having spent several years in a steady
relationship with a wealthy heiress in Los Angeles, her
womanizing was becoming legendary in company cirlces.
It was just something that was expected amongst the
male executives, and Ruth saw no reason to stay out of
the game. The prospect of spending an evening with a
stunning young woman like Coriander was tempting.

Anything could happen, she figured. Why not ? It
would be just one last fling before going home to the
lavish comfort of the Andrea Hilton. Just one more
little conquest to be added to her mental tally.

Now that she knew she was leaving, she could allow
herself to enjoy the city a little. So far, the warm
summer night with Coriander had been exhilarating. A
breeze of sezchuan spice wandered through the crowded
alleyway, dissipating in the warm night air. The
foreign words of the street vendors somehow rang
comical to Ruth's ear. She just couldn't stop giggling.

" Hey, I need another beer, " Ruth told her new
friend, breathlessly leaning against the side of a food

Coriander smiled. " I'm still working on mine. Maybe
you could help me out. "

The girl was standing so close, and there was a
sparkle in her eye. Ruth could feel the flirtatious
energy of the evening buzzing between them. Yes, this
was definitely turning out to be an exciting evening.
Cori raised the bottle to her lips, and took a
mouthful. She then leaned in even closer, and brought
the bottle to Ruth's lips.

Ruth's hand wandered onto her young colleague's hip
as the two women swapped the bottle back and forth.
Finally, when the bottle was empty, their lips met. The
bitter taste of cheap beer danced between their tongues
as they locked together in a forgotten corner of the
busy alleyway.

"Let's find someplace more private, " suggested
Ruth. She couldn't wait to get this girl alone. It had
been a while since she had taken a girl so sweet as
this one. " How far is my apartment ?"

" Too far. I've got a better idea. " Coriander took
her by the hand, and began to lead her again through
the narrow alleyways that made up this part of the
city. The bright lights of night clubs and restaurants
drew in the tourists, but Coriander led towards a
darker part of the city.

After a few minutes of walking, it occurred to Ruth
that they were probably the only two white women on the
street. The area Cori had led her to was alive with
energy, but it was a different sort of commerce that
drove the economy on this street. Massage parlours, and
strip clubs were the most prominent businesses, but
filling the gaps between these were doorways with no
fancy advertising. Men, both white and Asian, wandered
into these darkly lit buildings.

That was the direction Cori led.

" What are you up to ?" asked Ruth.

" It would take an hour to get back to your place.
We'll just borrow a room. I'm sure the girls won't

A thrill of danger passed through Ruth. She knew
what these places were. They were brothels, serving the
sex tourism trade. The thought of being brought to one
of the seedy little rooms of a whorehouse with
Coriander was quite a thrill.

Standing in the doorway, Cori spoke a few words to a
woman who seemed to play the role of hostess. They
conversed in Chinese, and so Ruth couldn't understand.
She did see Cori hand the woman a ten dollar bill to
secure the room. Coriander had borrowed a couple
hundred dollars from Ruth earlier in the day, just
until her set up her local bank account. She had since
broken it up into a roll of small bills.

" This will keep us entertained for the evening, "
the blonde girl had told Ruth. And so far it had. They
had spent a bit on food, more on drinks, and a couple
of bills had gone for a cover charge into a dance club.
Still, Coriander must have had about a hundred and
fifty left in the roll.

The younger woman took Ruth by the hand again, and
led her back through an impossibly small hallway to the
final room on the right. The smell of this place was
pure, dirty sex. They passed a couple of young women on
their way into the room. Something about them looked
different than the women who filled the factory floors.

"Are these girls chinese ?"

Coriander shook her head. " No. Probably not. In the
sex tourism business, the brothels usually bring in the
cheapest girls they can find. These girls were probably
brought in from Thailand or the Philippines."

From the door across the hall from their room, Ruth
could hear the loud grunting of a man as he used one of
these women. The sounds provided an extra sexual
thrill. Everything about this place was sexy, and
dirty, and dangerous. Perfect.

The little room was lit by a dim yellowing bulb in a
ceiling socket. A pile of clothing covered a stained
mattress on the floor.

The two women kissed again, dropping to their knees
on the mattress. There was no room for other
furnishings in the room. There was only the makeshift
bed, the dim incandescence of the light, and walls
which were shedding their flesh in great brown patches.

" This is so damned nasty, I can't believe you
brought me here. " Despite her words, Ruth's voice
betrayed her excitement. She played the part of the
stern businesswoman while at work, but in truth, if she
had known about a place like this, she might have been
drawn into this twisted world long before.

" Do you want to leave then ?" taunted Cori, pushing
the older woman down on the mattress.

Ruth answered with a groan of pleasure as the young
blonde's hands explored her body. From somewhere in the
building a young girl cried out, whether in pleasure or
pain, Ruth couldn't tell. Her mind was centred on the
sensations that Cori was giving her.

The two women wrestled a while in the dirty
clothing, grinding their bodies into each other.
Coriander roughly pulled away Ruth's blouse, popping
buttons off with the effort. It was clear who was the
aggressor in this room, and Ruth was willing to play
along with this game. Once her clothes were discarded
into the pile, she allowed herself to be pushed face
down into the mattress.

Cori's lips found the back of her neck, the heat of
her breath sending shivers across Ruth's body . She lay
there passively, allowing the blonde to explore her
body, while her own face was pushed into the lingering
odours of the mattress. Rough dirty sex. It was


The older brunette was rolled over onto her back
again, but she could no longer mover her arms. A moment
of confusion followed, before she realized that
Coriander had handcuffed her.

" My, my, you are a dirty girl. " Ruth told her
companion. By the fire in Cori's eyes, she could tell
that the fun wasn't yet over.

The blonde girl dropped out of view, as she somehow
secured Ruth's legs to the base of the mattress leaving
her completely immobile. Then she was back, straddled
across Ruth's lap, with a wicked smile on her face.

" I thought you might like this place. I heard that
you like your sex rough and dirty... am I wrong ?"

Ruth couldn't deny it. " Where did you hear a story
like that ? "

" One of your many lovers, no doubt. You wonder
which one. I'll tell you soon. Right now, I want you to
enjoy every indecent moment of this. "

Cori remained on her lap, but let one of her hands
wander down to Ruth's exposed crotch. Gently, she
rubbed her thumb against the moist lips of the
brunette's sensitive pussy.

" I made some arrangements in advance for tonight.
Any time now, a girl will come in to help me out. You
see, these girls make very little money. They have sex
with dozens of men per night, all for a very small
share of what the brothel takes in. It's sad, really.
They're eager to make a little extra in tips."

Ruth's mind was spinning. The effects of the alcohol
were still clouding her head, but she was sure there
was something wrong here. Cori said she made plans
previously, but she had only arrived today, hadn't she
? That's why she had to borrow money for tonight.

There was a timid knock on the door. Coriander
called out something in Chinese.

A young girl slipped into the room. It was one of
the prostitutes. Ruth didn't care to guess how young.
In an uncertain voice, she asked Cori for instructions.

Even through her apprehension, Ruth couldn't control
her excitement. Not only was she being treated to some
kinky sex with her blonde co-worker, but now Coriander
had brought one of the prostitutes in to join the fun.
This could lead to anything.

The asian girl stepped over the mattress, and began
to hike up her dress. A shudder of pleasure jolted
through Ruth's body as she caught sight of the girl's
glistening pussy. This was too perfect. Too much like
her own fantasies. Slowly, the young woman lowered
herself, squatting over the executive's face, and
positioning her dripping pussy directly above Ruth's

" How did you... ?" Ruth's heart felt like it was
going to burst. This was her deepest fantasy, and
somehow, Coriander had known about it. She licked her
lips, watching as a droplet of cum slid down towards
her mouth.

Coriander continued heighten Ruth's arousal with her
hand, and chuckled at the question. " How did I know
that you're a dirty little cum licker ? Someone must
have told me what nasty tastes you have. Someone must
have told me what an odd sort of lesbian you really
are. But what are you waiting for ? She's ready for
you. "

The girl lowered herself further, her sweaty thighs
resting against Ruth's cheeks. Ruth felt like she
should stop herself. This was just too bizarre. How
could Cori possibly know about her lust for this most
depraved sort of sexual contact ? The only one who knew

The thought was lost as she gave in to temptation.
This was more exciting than anything she had ever
known. It was the pure, sickening, nasty thrill that
had always drawn her towards this most secret desire.
Now, as the young whore squatted over her face, and
deposited an unknown foreigner's cum into her mouth,
Ruth couldn't help but lap it up with delight.

" Hmm... I think that our whore is taking some
enjoyment from this after all, " Cori announced. " It's
probably been some times since anyone has wanted to
taste her pussy. "

Cori was right. Ruth could feel the girl grinding
into her face now, and the swollen lips of her well-
used pussy quivering with every lick. This was nastier
than Ruth had ever dared to imagine. She could smell
and taste how many men had used this whore over the
course of the evening. She could feel their slickness
coating her cheeks.

It was heaven.

As the girl finally pulled away, Ruth raised her
head to try to get a final lick. There was no end to
her hunger for this degradation. Cori handed the girl a
five dollar bill as she left the room. Then she leaned
forward and whispered into Ruth's ear, all the while,
still teasing her clitoris with her thumb and fingers.

" You seemed to enjoy that. Don't lie to me. Your
body tells me everything. "

" Yes. "

" I'm glad you're finally enjoying Hong Kong. Who
would have guessed it by looking at you ? The great
Ruth Merchant, who so quickly ascended the corporate
ladder... but inside, this is where she belongs,
lapping up man juice from the pussy of some five-dollar
Thai whore. "

Ruth's body shook again. It was almost an orgasm,
but Coriander denied it to her. The pretty blonde
raised back up onto her lap, and looked amused down at
the brunette.

" Do you want me to let you cum ?"

" Please... " This felt wrong to Ruth. She wasn't
used to being teased this way. She was accustomed to
having all of the power.

" Not yet. I'm sure another girl will be along any
time now. "

Mixed anticipation and anxiety fought in Ruth's
head. Yes, she wanted more. Her body was begging for
it. But she didn't like being this out of control. She
didn't know how far Cori intended to go with this. How
many women did she plan for this evening ?

The second girl didn't even knock. This one was
older and heavier than the first. She carried extra
weight around her belly and thighs, but that wasn't
where Ruth's attention was drawn. She could feel her
heart pounding with anticipation as the woman stepped
across the mattress, and allowed her to view the cum
that was seeping out of her crotch and down her heavy

This one wasn't tentative at all. She lowered her
fat pussy onto Ruth's lips without pause, and
immediately began to groan as the brunette cleaned her
sloppy privates.

Coriander continued to tease her too. The
combination was driving Ruth wild. The blonde was
carefully delaying her orgasm, but teased and pinched
her nipples with her other hand. It was just like
Andrea did when they were having sex...


A sinking feeling hit Ruth as she continued to lap
at the heavy woman's ass and pussy. Andrea was the only
one who had ever known about her cum drinking fantasy.
Andrea knew exactly how much this all would turn her

The whore bucked up and down with an orgasm, almost
cutting off Ruth's supply of air. By the time the woman
raised herself, the brunette was gasping for breath.
Again, Coriander paid from the money she had borrowed
earlier in the day.

" Andrea... " Ruth managed to choke out, her throat
thickly coated with sperm.

Cori had a stunning smile. " I can't believe it took
you this long to figure it out. You're much slower than
I thought. "

Ruth cursed her body. Even while she was being
taunted by the younger woman, her body ached for
release. Her hips pumped shamefully into Cori's hand.

" Andrea told me all about your sick fantasy. That's
how I planned tonight. You enjoy dirty sex, and I'm
going to show you just how dirty it can be. "

Another whore let herself into the room. This third
girl didn't straddle the bed, but instead knelt at the
side of the bed, and placed her face above Ruth's.
Apparently, her last client had cum in her mouth, but
she still wasn't willing to give up her bonus.

She cleared her throat, and then began to spit the
cum out for the business woman. Ruth couldn't believe
her own reaction, but she hungrily opened her mouth,
and waited for the whore to drool every last drop onto
her tongue.

The blonde girl laughed. " Well, I guess that's a
different approach, but she's still earned her bonus. "
She flipped a five to the girl.

Ruth couldn't believe the depths of depravity she
was sinking to, and her body ached for more. The
humiliation of letting the younger woman control her
this way was making her face burn. She imagined how she
must look to the young woman now, her face coated in
mixed juices, and her body trembling with desire.

" You're wondering now why Andrea would have told me
about this. We have the whole evening to figure that
out. In the meantime, I'll bet there are other girls
hear eager to earn a little extra money. Let's see...
at five dollars a pop, I should be able to afford at
least ... twenty five more loads of cum. "

Ruth couldn't believe the situation. She was
completely at Coriander's mercy, and she found herself
craving this continued humiliation at the girl's hand.

A light tap on the door brought another girl. This
one positioned herself a little differently, pulling
apart her ass cheeks, and centring her rear hole over
Ruth's mouth. It was clear that her last customer had
done her in the ass, and her hole gaped open from the

The business woman groaned with pleasure as Cori
renewed her attentions to her frustrated pussy.
Tentatively, she pushed her tongue between the
prostitute's spread cheeks. The smell was overpowering.
Apparently, the conditions of the brothel didn't
promote much in the way of hygiene. Nonetheless, Ruth
soon found herself grunting and slurping away at the
girl's ass.

The shame was washing through her. Once again, Cori
pulled her skilled fingers away when Ruth began to
shake in climax. She whimpered in frustration, but
continued to suck the cum from the asian whore.
Finally, when the girl pulled her ass away, Ruth began
to beg.

" Please. I really need to cum. I need it so bad. "

Coriander chuckled as another girl took her place
over her colleague's cum filled mouth.

" Maybe in a while, " the girl answered. " There
seems to be a bit of a line-up outside our door, and I
wouldn't want to distract you from your task. "

With each girl who came into the room to empty her
mouth, ass or pussy onto Ruth's eager lips, Ruth
wallowed deeper in the depravity of the position. For
six months, she had held power over the lives of
hundreds of poor girls like these. Now, her lips and
tongue serviced them, emptying them of cum from unknown

In the meantime, Cori continued to taunt her with
both words and actions. " That's right, Ms. Merchant.
Clean out that fat bitch's pussy. This is right where
you belong, isn't it ?" As cruel as her words were, it
was her fingers that Ruth cursed. She allowed Ruth to
come ever closer to an orgasm, only to pull back at the
last moment. Cori slid herself back, and brought her
tongue to Ruth's pussy, teasing with the heavenly
sensations for too short a time to allow release.

Finally, during a break in the action, Ruth begged
again for an orgasm.

" I need it. Please...I'll do anything. "

" Those are beautiful words, " Cori said with a
smile. She slid herself back on Ruth's legs again, and
lowered her face to the woman's pussy. " You only need
to do one thing. Give me the passwords to your
computer. "

" Why...?"

" You let me worry about why. Just give me the
passwords, and I'll lick you to the best orgasm of your
life. "

This was too dangerous. Ruth new how much sensitive
information was contained in her files. For years, she
had been careful to protect the security of the
company. It was something of an instinct now, and she
couldn't bring herself to tell the passwords to Cori.

The blonde paused a moment there, her breath warm on
Ruth's sensitive flesh. " I guess we go a little longer
then. "

Ruth whined, her body so anxious for relief.
Coriander stood, and began to unbutton her pants.

" Watching all of this action, I'm getting a little
horny myself. Since there are no girls waiting, maybe
I'll take a turn. Of course, I'll have to wipe off your
face first. You never know what kinds of diseases you
might get from a place like this. "

Cori picked up a discarded pair of panties from the
bed, and used it to wipe away the cum from around
Ruth's lips and cheeks. She then stood over her co-
worker. The brunette looked upwards, eager to get a
taste of the body that had tempted her into this
position to begin with.

There was a sting in this. Ruth had always been in
control. She had always just taken what she wanted,
without any thought for others. Now, the same girl who
had so cruelly teased her body for much of the evening
was going to take her pleasure on Ruth's tongue.

There would be no argument. As soon as the young
blonde's pussy was within reach, Ruth hungered to taste
her. She couldn't stop herself. As she licked and
pleased the girl, Cori talked a little more.

" Andrea is a sweet woman. She was always willing to
do anything for you. You lived in her house, spent her
money... no wonder you wanted to get back to Los
Angeles. But that wasn't enough for you, was it ? "

Cori took hold of the hair of the woman beneath her
as she rocked towards her own orgasm.

" No... you had to screw around on her, didn't you ?
You had to know the rumours would get back to her
sometime. But not before you humiliated her. You told
her all about your dirty little fantasy. You asked her
to go out and find herself a male lover, to help fulfil
your dirty little desires. Week after week, she shamed
herself by going back to this man, simply so you could
live out your cum licking fetish. "

Ruth remembered those nights. Andrea had always been
so embarrassed as she came in the door from one of
those dates, carrying a slippery load of cum for her
lesbian lover. Andrea's humiliation had always been
part of the spice of the fantasy, and Ruth had enjoyed
it thoroughly.

" She did it because she loved you. Because she
would do anything for you. But you betrayed her, didn't
you ? "

So this was Andrea's revenge, Ruth told herself.
This was her way of returning the humiliation to her
lover. She had sent Coriander to even up the score a
bit, and the girl had certainly done the job well. She
had reduced Ruth to licking pussy in an asian brothel,
and left her begging for her own orgasm.

Cori was the powerful one. She didn't need to beg.
She just took her orgasm violently, her body shaking as
she creamed on her co-worker's slick face. She even let
Ruth lick her for a while as she recovered, only
pulling away when there was another tap on the door.

" Back to work, slut. You led poor Andrea into your
disgusting fetish, and now you're going to get all of
the cum you ever wanted to drink. "

It was torture again. This was wilder and sicker
than any of the fantasies that Ruth had ever harboured,
and yet she was loving every minute of it. Her
sensitive nipples were erect with arousal, and her wet
pussy begged for attention. As she licked an slurped at
another of the prostitutes, she whined in frustration.

Coriander wouldn't stop her taunting. " Your pussy
is dripping, Ruthie. You're adding another stain to the
mattress with all of your juices. You must be just
itching to get off. I can feel it in your pussy. Your
whole body is shaking. Just tell me your passwords, and
I'll give you the best orgasm of your life. That's what
you need, isn't it ?"

Involuntarily, Ruth's body was jerking up and down
on the mattress. She so desperately wanted the climax
that was just outside of her reach. Above her, a
Philippine girl's body jerked with her own orgasm,
filling Ruth's mouth with the cream of her last
customer. The semen tasted bitter on Ruth's tongue, and
the excess rolled down her cheeks.

She couldn't take much more. Yet another girl
squatted over her, dribbling cum onto her nose and chin
as she positioned herself. The pleasure was intense.
Coriander was using her tongue again. Then she stopped,
leaving Ruth frustrated one more time.

" Please, " she begged, muffled a bit by the pussy
of the young asian girl atop her face.

Cori pinched her nipples, forcing another little
shudder of pleasure. " I didn't hear you. "

" Please, I'll give you the passwords. "

The asian girl spread her ass cheeks to have her
rear hole cleaned too. Maybe she had heard one of the
other girls talking about it, and despite having not
been fucked in the ass, she wanted the same service. In
utter humiliation, Ruth found herself eager to lick the
girl's dirty tight hole.

When the girl pulled off, Ruth's breathing was
ragged. She needed an orgasm so badly that it actually
hurt. Cori was giving her that stunning smile again.

" You're ready to give me the password ?"

Anything. Ruth would deal with the consequences
later. She could change her passwords, and check for
any security problems. Right now, that wasn't
important. She needed to cum so badly.

" The system password is isis242. "

" And your e-mail ?"

Cori brought her tongue tantalizingly close to
Ruth's swollen clit.

" It's alberta3b. "

The blonde reached for her purse, and pulled out a
cell phone. Ruth squinted in confusion.

" Hi love, it's me. Check these passwords..."

Ruth couldn't believe it. Cori already had someone
ready to break into her files. What was she trying to

After the passwords were entered, Cori dropped her
phone back into the purse. She brought her lips up to
Ruth's pussy, and give her a gentle lick. Ruth's body
shook in response. She was so close now. So very close.

" You're one stupid girl, Ruthie. I hope you enjoy
this orgasm, because it has cost you dearly. "

Another quick series of tongue movements had Ruth
panting in near ecstasy.

" You see, now that I have the passwords, I don't
need you anymore. If you had just been able to control
yourself, you would have had a chance. "

It was so hard for Ruth to think. Her concentration
was on another part of her body.

" In a few minutes, a large sum of money will be
transferred into one of your personal accounts. In
return, you will e-mail company files to an unknown
party. "

A flick of the tongue almost got her off. Ruth
whimpered. Just a little more.

" They'll look for you, of course, but not here. In
a while, they'll give up. Everyone will just assume
that you're on the run from the law, and eventually,
you'll be forgotten. "

Ruth raised her hips. Her legs shook with

" Andrea and I won't forget, though. We'll pay Mrs.
Chow a thousand dollars a month to keep you here and
make sure you don't wander away. What else she does
with you is up to her. Maybe the girls will enjoy using
you the way they have tonight. Maybe she'll use you for
something else. "

Just a couple more licks, and she was ready. Ruth
whined in desperation. If Cori would just stop talking.

" We look forward to the photo's she'll send us each
month. Try to smile for the camera, Ruthie. I'm sure
Andrea will like to see how happy you are in your new
life. "

With those last words said, Coriander sucked Ruth's
clit into her mouth, and worked it with her tongue.
Ruth's body convulsed as this massive orgasm finally
came to her. She squealed in delight. Her firm breasts
shook back and forth as she thrashed around on the
filthy mattress that would now be her home.

Cori pulled away, leaving the business executive to
catch her breath, and to reflect on the words that had
so easily flown past her in the last few minutes. As
she stepped out of the room, another of the young
prostitutes pushed her way in. In fact there was a bit
of a line-up.


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