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ORNERY video camera you guys cant


Ornery by Lostgirl

"Dubois here," Meg heard over the pay phone.

"It's me, Meg. I'm at the airport. You still working?"

"Yeah, shit, I didn't realize it was so late. We're installing the
upgrade on the network this weekend so that we don't disrupt the
faculty too much."

"If you're busy, I can take a cab."

"No, no, no, I'll be there. O.T. can finish up. We were almost done
anyway. Let me finish a few things and I'll be over there," Meg could
hear the smile in Tommy's voice, "I've missed you."

"I've missed you, too. See you then."

Meg sat outside the small terminal and pulled a book from her bag. It
would difficult to guess when Tommy would arrive. She had read at
least one chapter when Tommy pulled up in his Saturn. Meg considered
the curiosity that Tommy was the first man she had dated for any
length that could afford a new car. It was also the first new car
Tommy could afford to buy. They were becoming adults, imagine that.

Meg rolled her bag to the curb while her big man unfolded himself out
of the driver's seat. His gut was getting more pronounced, and she
herself was feeling more than a little overfed after a week with
family. They both needed exercise, and Meg knew what Tommy's solution
would be.

"What are you grinning about?"

"Oh, nothing. Just imagining you trying to climb out of that old Civic you told me about."

"It was a good car! It served me well."

"Oh really? That must have been the first ten years."

Tommy shut the trunk after loading the suitcase. Meg placed a new
soft-sided briefcase in the back seat and stepped into the passenger

"Is that what I think it is?" he asked.

"Yep, it's a laptop. Dad gave it to me. I had made a random comment
about wanting one..."

"Geez... He just gave you a laptop?"

"Well, it's a 'belate graduation/help Meg get a real job' gift," Meg
chuckled quietly. "I had really wanted a trip to Europe, but I had to
start the postdoc right away... Anyway, that's just how Dad shows he
cares, to not accept his gifts would be a slap in the face..."

"So how was dear old Dad, how does he feel about us living together?
Did he give you a hard time?"

"He doesn't know, I mean about the relationship part. I've had male
roommates before, so unless you told him... He didn't comment," Meg
looked at Tommy as he drove. He opened his mouth to speak, and then
closed it. Meg's postdoc position would last another nine months, and
then she would have to find a faculty appointment somewhere. Whether
Tommy would come with her was still uncertain, it was clear he was
satisfied with the status quo. She hadn't told her father because she
didn't have anything to tell. "Besides, I like to pick my battles.
He was concerned about the job situation."

Tommy was silent for a moment, "So you haven't said anything about the
vacation. Did you have fun?"

"Oh, I guess it was all right, if you like emotional minefields..."

"Surely you're exaggerating," Tommy's eyebrows furrowed as Meg watched
him drive. It was rush hour in the college town, complicated by the
presence of moving vans. The kids were back. Those in academia will
tell you that college towns would be perfect, if it weren't for the

"Well, not that much. We just had to get used to each other again.
If it had just been me and my dad, or me and my brother and his
family... You put that many strong-willed people in one room
and... and don't call me Shirley."

"Ha! I was wondering if you'd catch that. So what did you do?"

"Well, things ran a lot smoother when I kept my mouth shut and stayed
in the kitchen."

Tommy laughed, "As it should be, woman!"

Meg didn't answer right away. "Yeah, I suppose."

"What's the matter? You sound depressed or something."

"I'm just tired, it's ragweed season back home, and I got a headache
on the flight. I just need to rest."

They were sitting at a long light and Meg became lost in her thoughts.
Visiting her family was a strain, walking on egg shells like that. The
idea of a minefield wasn't far off. Like the lush, green countries of
Southeast Asia, they appeared a peaceful family with no trace of the
open hostilities of the past, but a careless word during a stressful
moment could detonate the buried animosities. In the midst of this,
Meg had felt the ground give way beneath her as she dropped into a
forgotten cave. She had seen at her feet that once familiar
subterranean pool of rage. Meg had gazed into its still depths, she
knew the taste of it, pure, dark, and bitter. She felt shame, for
mixing her metaphors, and for knowing the pool still existed, that
forgiveness and understanding had not caused the pool to fade away, or
at least diluted its potency. She wanted desperately to be free of
it; Meg did not want such a terrible resource from which to draw the
power to hurt others. She knew she would ultimately hurt herself and
end up alone. Gratefully, the now latent anger felt as distant as a
dream, Meg could not get close enough to see her reflection on the jet

Tommy was watching her, "I missed you." He smiled down at her and
squeezed her knee gently.

"I missed you, too." Meg tried to look relaxed as she smiled up at

"I'm going to have to call O.T. when we get home."

"I could have gotten a cab if you needed to work."

"No way! I plan on making you squeal tonight," he grinned. "What's
your pleasure?"

"It's up to you. I've gotten out of the habit of making the decisions
this week. You can make the call."

"Be careful what you wish for... With that kind of attitude, I might
request something very special. Hehehehe..."

"Such as?"

"Such as... a little sub/dom?"

"Gee, I should have known."

"I should have known, SIR."

"Well, considering I've been practicing all week, now is as good a
time as any." Meg blew her nose vigorously. "Damn allergies."

"Do you want to wait until you're feeling better?"

"Nah, you're lucky to get me while my resistance is down. Jest let me
take something for the headache and get cleaned up. That should give
you enough time to think stuff up."

"My dear, I've been thinking stuff up since the seventh grade!"

They pulled up into the driveway, and Tommy carried in Meg's bags as
they walked into the house. Meg walked up the stairs and grabbed her
bathrobe before heading to the shower. She could hear Tommy talking
with O.T., his assistant, while she pulled out the pain reliever from
the medicine cabinet. Meg sat on the edge of the bathtub, unable to
decide whether she wanted a shower or a bath. She ached from sitting
in the cramped plane, but there was also the issue of time. Beside,
she'd probably fall asleep in a bath. This night was going to be for
Tommy, so she set the water to cool, and took off her robe. As Meg
was stepping into the tub, she heard a quick rap on the door and
turned to see Tommy's head poke in.

"Meg, guess who called, while I was talking to O.T.? Brian
Lefevre... I invited him over... Remember how you once said you could
imagine a threesome with him? This is going to be great!"

Meg looked stunned for a moment, trying to decide how to react. She
wanted to know if Tommy had already told Brian about their
speculations, how long he had known, how he had reacted. Meg paused.

"As you wish, Master." Meg lowered her eyes and held still, making no
attempt to cover herself as Tommy stared at her.

Meg couldn't see the slow, wide grin appear on Tommy's face, but she
could hear it in his voice. "Oh, this is going to be good." The man continued to look at the naked woman in front of him. Meg did not


"Huh? Oh yeah. Yes, Margaret?"

"May I be allowed to finish my shower, Sir?"

"Oh, of course. Please continue, Margaret."

"And, Sir?"

"Yes, Margaret?"

"Does Master have any special requests as to what his humble slave
shall wear?"

Tommy paused. "I know, that thing we bought last month. And those
shoes you have... uh... you know the ones... Damn, I wish I had a

Meg's eyes flickered for a moment before she said, "If it pleases you,
Master, I do have a velvet choker that may give the impression of a

"Oh, it pleases me very much... but I'll let you get ready."

Meg stepped into the shower in a lighter mood. She was a performer at
heart, especially when costumes were involved. Whether or not the
actress was ready for this little improvisation, they all would have
to wait and see. Meg was hardly submissive ordinarily, but she was a
trouper and knew when to back off for the sake of the ensemble. But
how far would Tommy take this? Meg felt a tug in her gut and told
herself to treat it like a game, that if it didn't work out, so what?
One night, give him what he wants.

Refreshed, Meg stepped out of the shower and toweled off quickly
before scurrying into the bedroom. She brushed out her hair and saw
that the summer sun had brought out the red highlights in her
otherwise mousy locks. Meg had let it grow and the months old, but
expensive perm gave her relaxed cascade of warm, soft, wavy hair.
Sometimes you get lucky.

Meg dug into her lingerie drawer and pulled out the 'thing.' At
first, it looked like a baby-doll nightie, with sheer black fabric
swinging below the bra portion. But the cups were merely crescent
moons, stiff with padding and underwire. It would support Meg's ample
breasts while exposing all of the nipple and most of the pale, round
flesh. Meg liked the jet beading that dangled from the not-even-demi
cups, giving a Victorian look... yearite. Meg had hoped that they
could have found one whose skirt was more opaque, to obscure her 30+
year old hips and belly, but hey, you do the best with what you've got.

Meg slipped on the matching thong and searched for the velvet choker.
She then pulled out a clutch purse with a removable chain strap.
Slipping the choker through a wide ring at the end of the chain; Meg
was now leashed. Since the velvet strip was held closed with velcro,
it was a collar in appearance only. Any real resistance on her part
would destroy the illusion. Small comfort once Brian showed up, since
Tommy and he were both over a foot taller than Meg.

The woman's hand trembled a little as she applied her makeup. After a
few dabs of perfume, Meg stepped into the high black suede pumps. She
turned to examine the saucy slave in the mirror, so different from the
bespectacled scientist Meg knew herself to be. It was funny how the
color black worked for her, it set off her ivory skin. She never
looked sickly, even in her artsy malcontent days. Meg decided she had
stalled enough. She opened the door to the upstairs hallway.

"Are you almost done up there?"

Meg took a deep breath. "I am ready for you, Sir."

"Lord, I do like the way you say that. Come on, let me have a look."

As Meg walked to the head of the stairs, the light from the living
room below caught her. Tommy was looking up at her as he blinked in
disbelief. Meg could just see the camera in Tommy's head panning up
from the stilletos to the thong, pausing to zoom in her now stiff,
exposed nipples and then to the collar. Tommy's smile told it all, he

"My, but you are a saucy wench, Margaret."

Meg quickly dropped her eyes at the sound of her full name.

"Thank you, Master."

Meg stepped down the stairs slowly, unsure of her footing as the
trembling returned. At the foot of the stairs, Tommy waited silently.
Meg handed him the free end of the chain.

"My leash, Master."

"Ah yes, Margaret. Come over here, Margaret. Let me look at you."

"Yes, Master."

Tommy led Meg to the sofa facing the television. Anticipating, Meg
picked up a pillow.

"Margaret, did I tell you to pick up a pillow?"

Meg's eyes flickered, but she kept them lowered. "No, Master."

"Why do you want the pillow, Margaret?"

"To kneel on, Master."

"Did I tell you would be kneeling?"

"No, Master."

"And do you trust your master so little to assume that I would not
think of your comfort?"

"I trust you, Master."

"Then give me the pillow, Margaret."

Tommy took the pillow and tossed it on the floor, "Bend over,

Meg felt her face flush with anger as she bent over.

"You understand I'm doing this for your own good, you need to
understand the rules," Tommy reached out to caress Meg's exposed ass.
Meg felt a jolt of pleasure from the touch of skin on skin. She felt
his hand leave and then a quick rush of air before the sting of a
slap. Meg hadn't been aware she was holding her breath until she
cried out.

"It's really for your own good," Tommy said.

"Th-thank you, Master," Meg's body shook as she felt her control of
the situation slip away. She tried to remind herself that she could
stop this at any time. Meg took a few deep breaths to calm down.
Tommy sat down on the sofa.

"Margaret, now you may take the pillow and kneel before me. I'd like
to look at you for a while."

"Yes, Master," Meg replied. She stooped over to pick up the pillow,
and her breasts dangled beneath her. Meg placed the pillow on the
carpet in front of Tommy and began to kneel down. She stopped.


"Yes, Margaret?"

"May I take off my shoes, Sir? The heels will dig into my thighs."

"Yes, Margaret, go ahead. See, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

Meg felt the heat rush to her face, but said nothing but a soft "No,
sir." That boy better be enjoying this and be damn grateful, she
thought. Meg stepped out of her shoes and kneeled on the pillow, she
tried to will the muscles in her neck and shoulders to relax. Meg
could feel the weight of the chain pull on the velvet choker. She
kept her eyes focused on Tommy's shoes and her hands in her lap.
Tommy moved his feet apart and Meg heard him unzip his pants. Meg
tried in vain to look through her lashes at Tommy's lap.

"Do you want to watch me stroke my cock, Margaret?"

"I only want to do what pleases my master."

"You look so sexy like that, Meg. You've got me so hot right now."

"It pleases me to know I arouse you, Master." It was true, Meg could
hear Tommy's voice thicken with excitement and his breathing become
shallow and raspy. Therein lied her power, and Meg felt herself
relax. She didn't have to see him stroke himself, Meg could picture it in her head. She felt her pussy tighten in response. Meg waited
for the next command.

The doorbell rang.

"Stay, Meg!" Tommy stuck his hand out as if Meg were a pet. "It's
Brian, oh fuck, I wish he had waited about five minutes and then he
would have seen a beautiful sight... Not that you don't look fabulous
right now, Margaret." Tommy tucked his erection into his pants and
zipped up, hopping to the door.

Meg brought her hand up to adjust the bra and thought better of it,
men had this thing about disheveled women, and Tommy would take
another whack at her for moving. Meg had no intention of being
'disciplined' in front of Brian. Oh god, Brian, Meg thought. She
just decided not to think about it, what ever will be, will be.

Meg would have killed to see the expression on Brian's face as he
walked into the room. Actually, she could only see that his long legs
stop just short of the hallway.

"Uh... Is this some kind of a joke?" Meg heard him say.

Meg risked it, she had to see. She slowly raised her head, keeping
her lids low... really going for effect. Her heart stopped a moment
as she gazed fully into the handsome man's face. Oh god, Brian was

"Good Evening, Master Brian."

Meg felt herself ooze between her legs as Brian seemed to drink her
in. Brian was currently single because yet another beautiful,
charming, intelligent woman got tired of waiting for him to commit.
Brian was young, it was understandable. Once Tommy introduced Meg to
his friends, they always talked and flirted. Brian made girls feel
like they were the only woman in the world, let alone the room. Brian
cracked a grin, and Meg was released from his spell. Tommy didn't
comment on her impertinence as Meg lowered her gaze.

"All right, where's the video camera, you guys can't be serious!"

"Video camera! I knew I forgetting something! Shit, too late now

Brian slowly walked around the couch to take a closer look at Meg.

"Can I touch her?"

Meg laughed in spite of herself, this getting a little silly now.
However, she could feel her legs begin to cramp. She tried to work
them out somehow without moving.

"I think she's getting stiff, maybe we should let her walk around or
something," Brian said.

Meg flinched a little again, chaffing at being spoken of in the third
person or more correctly, third pet. She kept quiet.

"Okay, Margaret, you can stand up. Turn around so Brian can get a
good look at you."

"Yes, Master."

Brian looked from head to toe as Meg displayed herself to him, still
keeping her eyes lowered. The young man's erection was evident.

"I'm serious, can I touch her?"

"Sure, but right now I need her lips around my cock. Have I told you
that Meg gives incredible blow jobs?"

"No shit?"

"Margaret, bring your pillow close to the sofa. Are you ready to
please your master?"

"Yes, Sir." Meg really did like the feel of a cock in her mouth. She
was good at it and was proud of that. Meg bent over to give Brian a
clear view of her ass as she moved the pillow forward. She smiled
when she heard a guttural "Oh!" behind her. Meg knelt between Tommy's
now bare legs. He had scooted himself to the edge of the sofa, giving
her easy access to him. Meg reached one arm around his thigh and hip
for support as she bent over. Her behind stuck out like an invitation.

Meg began. She lightly grasped the shaft to hold Tommy's cock steady
as she ran the tip of her tongue lightly over the cockhead, licking up
the precum. Meg ran her tongue in circles at the crown where the head
met the shaft. Tommy's cock throbbed in her hand and Meg took the
cockhead into her mouth and sucked it lightly as she rubbed her tongue
against it inside her mouth. Meg took another chance and smiled up at
Tommy, she was in familiar territory.

"Oh god, baby, take it all now. I can't hold out much longer!"

As Meg tilted her head, she could see Brian standing over her,
watching her suck Tommy. Meg heard the insistent soft slap-slap as he
stroked himself. Meg tilted her head and relaxed her throat as she
sucked Tommy's cock deep into her mouth. She kept her tongue rubbing
against the shaft as Tommy began thrusting, Meg felt the head pop back
into her throat. Now she had to stay focused, to remember to breath
carefully... Meg just heard Brian's slap-slap...

"I want to fuck her, Tommy. I'm going to take that wet pussy of hers
hard," Brian was breathing heavy.

"Not yet, Bri... Oh god, baby... shit... She might ... might tense
up... oh fuck!"

Meg felt the bitter taste swirl a little up to the back of her mouth,
but for the most part, Tommy came deep in her throat. He shuddered
beneath her. Meg continued sucking on Tommy's familiar cock until his
hand came to rest on her head. She pulled herself up, and Meg smiled
up at Tommy.

"Does that please my Master?"

"Oh yeah... let me catch my breath... Bri, what's your pleasure?"

"Brace yourself, woman. I'm coming in."

Brian grabbed Meg's hips roughly and she felt his cock press between
her lips. She was pretty slick and Meg reached between her legs to
guide him in. Brian was not quite as thick as Tommy and Meg gripped
his cock with the walls of her pussy to compensate.

"Oh god, you're loving this, aren't you, Meg? This is what you
*really* want, isn't it?"

Brian fucked her fast and hard as Meg braced herself against the sofa.
She was still positioned between Tommy's legs and she looked up at
him. He smiled at her and brushed the hair from her face. Meg was so
focused on squeezing Brian's cock that her orgasm startled her. Her
hands slipped and her legs trembled. Brian pulled her up and Meg
bounced like a ragdoll until the young man came into her shuddering
cunt. Meg came to rest kneeling with on arm on Tommy's thigh and
Brian slumped over her.

"Shit, Tommy, she's like a fucking milking machine or something!"

"That's my Meg!"

Meg felt spent. On other nights, she could outlast Tommy, although
she wouldn't speculate about the well-conditioned Brian. Meg let her
head and arms drop to the floor. She stayed there, feeling the sweat
cool and her throbbing heartbeat slow.

"Meg, get up," Brian commanded.

She stayed put.

"Bri, leave her alone, she's tired."

"She hasn't wrapped those hot lips around my cock yet. Meg's loving
this, can't you see that?"

"Okay, okay, Bri... if you want it that badly," Meg started pulling
herself up onto her shaky legs, wetness dripping down.

Tommy stood up, "Meg, sit down! Meg is done when I say she's done,

Meg's voice sounded deep and angry, "Meg is done when *I* say she's
done!" The men were stunned into silence. Meg glared at them and
then exhaustion took over, she sunk down into the sofa with the
grunt. "Unhhh... and I'm done."

Brian had the look of angry embarrassment, "Yeah, well, sorry... I
guess I'd better go... and .. um..." His expression softened, "You
were great Meg, really."

"Thanks, Bri, maybe I can suck your cock another time, eh?"

Brian laughed a little, "Yeah, maybe. Good night you guys."

Meg had already begun drifting off to sleep when Tommy lifted her off the
sofa. She could hear him grunt as he carried her up the stairs.

"You don't have to do this... I can walk"

"It's okay, I'm sorry about Brian."

"I'm sorry that I didn't let you 'defend' me, I guess I don't do
submissive well."

Tommy gave a soft chuckle, "Heh, you were fighting it every minute...
except when you ate my cock like an icecream cone."

"Does it bother you? That I'm not submissive and I get angry like that?"

Tommy had laid Meg in bed and as she unhooked her garment he slid into
bed beside her.

"No! I'm amazed you went as far as you did tonight. Thanks a lot, Meg,
for trusting me. Now go to sleep."

"Yes, Master."


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