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OUTAGE old you that the water pump


"Outage" {Pendragon} (MF nc reluc exhib)

IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to
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This material is Copyright, 1999, Uther Pendragon. All
rights reserved. I specifically grant the right of downloading
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as this notice is included. Reposting requires previous

All persons here depicted, except public figures depicted as
public figures in the background, are figments of my imagination
and any resemblance to persons living or dead is strictly
# # # #

by Uther Pendragon
"Rich, what happened to the water?"

I blinked myself awake. Amanda was decorated with something
white. It took me a minute to figure out what.

"Amanda!" I said. "You're all covered with soap." I love the
girl, but she is less accident-prone than disaster-prone. On the
other hand, the suds weren't thick enough to disguise her sexy

"I noticed," she said. "I took a shower while you were napping,
and the water petered out as soon as I had lathered up."

"I told you that the water pump was electric. It went out with
all the other juice." And she had drained the tank above the
rafters completely, of course. We would have a thirsty time
until the power came back.

"I can't believe it. The lightning stopped last night. It has
been nearly a day since the power went off. They still haven't
fixed it. Consolidated Edison would be hung out to dry for
something like this."

Now she was blaming the electric company. We couldn't drink or
fix food because she had drained the tank, the toilet would start
stinking soon, and she was blaming somebody else. "They have a
lot of lines to check," I said, "and it is still raining hard."
I could hear the drumming on the roof. "This isn't New York, you

"And *how* I know! We can't get water. Why? Because it is
raining. And you bitched because you got sweaty on the subway.
Well your 'better, simpler life' sucks!" She ran out of the

Sleep forgotten, I rolled out of bed and donned the pair of too-
tight cutoffs I wore around the place. At least they didn't need
a belt. Meanwhile, I was considering options. We could drink
pop and beer. Going to the cottage's large kitchen, I checked
those supplies -- plenty of beer, six liters of pop. The Murphys
were already in their cottage next door. They might spare us a
pan or two of water; but I hated to ask, since they had four
people in their cottage, and our need was caused by sheer
stupidity. I looked out the kitchen window in the direction of
the Murphy house.

On our lawn, ankle deep in mud, naked as the day she was born,
Amanda was trying to rinse herself off. As luck would have it,
the sun had finally sunk below the clouds, giving more light than
it had all day.

Tom Murphy is a horny 16 year old, and the family goes to the
same church as my mother does. Technically, I was supposed to be
at the cottage alone. I ran out to Amanda, splashing across the
slippery grass. The fool ran *towards* the hedge when she saw me
coming. The view of bouncing tits and flexing butt hardened me,
I could imagine what it was doing to Tom Murphy.

The rinsing hadn't been very successful. When I grabbed her,
every inch I touched was lubricated by a sheen of soapy water.
Amanda is hard to hold at the best of times -- fun though. This
twisting, slithery, kicking, screaming, version was impossible,
would have been impossible even with firm ground underfoot. I
managed to stagger to a position where the pine trees shielded us
from the Murphy house.

I would never have been able to carry her up the three stairs to
the kitchen door. And I didn't want to cross that space while
she was still yelling.

My mind could hold only fury at Amanda and fear that she had been
seen capering about in the nude. But my body was reacting to the
super-smooth skin of the girl squirming in my arms. The
resulting erection wasn't making it any easier to negotiate the
slippery grass, although it probably helped to keep my pants up.
They were slipping lower without the occasional hitch that I
usually gave them. Walking was bad enough as it was, and we
didn't need two nudists on the lawn.

"Put me down!" she screamed, and kicked my knee. The blow wasn't
that hard, but with the wriggling, overbalanced load I was
carrying, it was enough. We plopped together into a puddle. It
was maybe four or five inches deep, a little hard to tell since
the bottom was by no means firm. There was no grass right there,
nothing to keep the water and the earth apart.

"You asked," I said. Hoping nobody had noticed her in the fading

"You bastard!" she said. "What did you think you were doing? Now
I'm dirtier than when I started the shower."

"What did *I* think I was doing? What did you think *you* were
doing? Auditioning for a rape? This is a vacation spot for
families, not Fire Island. Your feet are still cleaner than your
mind." I pushed her off my lap.

I expected the retaliatory slap, and blocked it. Amanda always
leads with her right. What I didn't expect was the mud in her
hand; it flew right into my face. While my eyes were still
protectively closed, she pushed me onto my back.

I got her arms, though, and pressed her down into the puddle by
my side. "My hair," she screamed. Alarmed -- I love those
smooth locks -- I let her go.

She, however, was more interested in revenging her hair than in
rescuing it. A moment later, I was wearing a cap of mud. With
my eyes still closed, I groped for her. I caught an ankle and
pulled her towards me, sliding a little toward her in the
process. My advantages were upper-body strength and weight;
sight is relatively unimportant in wrestling.

Her advantages were slipperiness and malice. She kicked me on
the inside of my thigh as I pulled her closer. I don't like to
think of the damage it would have caused had her aim been better.

I used both hands to twist her foot. This put her far over on
her side. You can't kick very well with the leg you're resting
on. A minute later, I was across her legs and moving higher.
She gave up kicking to claw with her nails, but the mud seemed to
blunt that attack.

When my weight was across her groin, I could free my hands to
catch her wrists. But when I used one hand to wipe my forehead
free of the mud, she grabbed the waistband of my cutoffs and
tugged. The button popped, the ancient fabric ripped, and my
cock was suddenly in the air.

Now, I have always encouraged Amanda to touch my cock with her
fingers and palm; but I'll pass on clawing finger nails. I
rolled off her and away. She scrambled to her feet, but I
tackled her. By this time, my pants were about my knees. I
needed my torso to hold Amanda down and both hands to defend
myself, but I managed to push and kick the constricting fabric
off. Now there were two nudists in our yard, and now I was more

On the other hand, the rain had finally washed the mud off my
face. Dim as the light was, I could now see. Both of Amanda's
arms and one side of her face were plastered with mud. The rest
of her face and her torso was splattered with it. I grinned.

"Don't dream of it," she said. "You're not only not getting any
out here. You're not getting any ever again. Not from me."
Actually, above the waist at least, I hadn't been thinking about
sex. I had been thinking about how I had conquered her, and held
her at my mercy.

On the other hand, how different is the idea of having a woman at
your mercy from the idea of taking her? And, for all her
protest, Amanda's nipples were pointing at the black clouds.

"Yeah," I said, leering at them. "I can see that you are really
not in the mood."

"They're just chilly," she said. "Now let me *go*."

"So you can claw me again? But I will have mercy and warm them
up for you." Which I could only do with my cheek and my breath,
my hands being occupied. Somehow, that didn't result in any

As the last light disappeared, her writhing became ever more
rhythmic. I didn't really believe that she was trying to escape
any more. I risked freeing one of her wrists to feel a softer
part. She used her hand to move my head until my mouth was
against her nipple.

What the hell! It wasn't that muddy. The texture wasn't as
delightful as it usually was, but her response was as active.
When I let go of the other wrist, I used my hand to massage the
front of her mound. Done right, this could drive her wild. I
must have done it right, because she writhed more forcefully than

Suddenly, her torso stopped moving. She grabbed my hair with
both hands to tug me up her body. We enjoyed one kiss while I
fitted myself into the right place. Entry was a little slow.
Once in, however, I found a smooth, warm welcome. We took a
while to coordinate our movements. With all the churning we had
given it, the mud puddle had turned slippery as grease.

Soon we found ways to move against each other. Her nipples were
stiff against my chest as I moved above her; her walls were soft
around me as I moved within her. Her legs rose slightly as the
force of our motions grew. I felt the familiar tensing of my
loins, but knew from her gradual tightening around me that she
not only was matching me, she was ahead of me. I was sure that
nothing could stop us now.

But the voice from behind us stopped me: "Rich! Richard, it's
Karen from next door. mom sent me with two jugs for water. Do
you think that you could let us have that much." After a short
pause, she pounded on the door. "Rich. Can we have any?"

Fourteen-year-old Karen Murphy was at the back door. Dark as it
was, it was a miracle that she hadn't seen us as she walked
around the house. While she was pounding on the door, however,
her back was to us. Amanda had never stopped moving against me
and around me. I could no longer resist those luscious
sensations. I pounded into her, meeting thrust with thrust.
Maybe Karen wouldn't see us. Maybe we could finish and hide
behind the trees before she gave up. Anyway, it was too late to

Amanda was beginning to make the very low gasps that told me how
close she was, and that excited me even more. Her legs rose
behind me and pointed to the sky. I drove deeper into that freer
access. I was climbing the mountain; the external world withdrew
so I could sense nothing but the warmth sliding around my cock at
every stroke.

Even when we were suddenly surrounded by light, I only dimly
realized that it came from the kitchen window. By that time, I
was nearing my peak.

I could *not* stop.
The end.
Uther Pendragon

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