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OVERTIME sucked one nipple massaged



I had just started a new job at an advertising agency. I worked as
a secretary, and had been employed there about a month. Everyone I
worked with was really friendly and I was enjoying it.

Even my boss, Mrs. Johnson, was really nice. I had never been a
secretary before, and she was really patient with me while I learned.

Every once in awhile, Mrs. Johnson and I would chat for awhile
after work. She told me how she was bored with her husband, because
he never wanted to try anything new in bed.

They had been married about fifteen years and had two children.
One was twelve, and the other was ten. The children were the only
reason she didn't divorce him.

She sometimes asked me questions about myself. She thought it was
interesting that I was gay. I always dressed in skirts and blouses,
and she was under the inpression that gay women would dress like
men all the time.

This one night, Mrs. Johnson came out and asked me if I was able to
work a couple hours overtime.

ME: Sure Mrs. Johnson. No problem, I have nothing better to do.
MRS. J: Okay, terrific, I just need you to go over some stuff with me.
Thanks, Jessica.
ME: No problem.

I was single and lived alone, so no one would miss me.

After the agency closed, and everyone else had gone home, Mrs. J
and I went into her office. She called down to security and told
him that she was extremely busy and wasn't to be bothered.

She hung up and we got to work on different ads and clients that
needed to be sorted out.

As we were working, I kept finding myself staring at her. She was
a beautiful woman. Even after having two children, she had a nice
figure and firm breasts. She had shoulder length blonde hair,
and shiny blue eyes. I had to keep reminding myself that she was
married and my boss.

We continued working for about an hour and a half.

MRS. J: You about ready for a break, Jessie?
ME: Oh yes, that would be great. I could go get us some drink from
the machine.
MRS. J: That would be nice, and just call me Susan ok? This is informal work.
ME: Okay, Susam, be right back.

So, I went downstairs and got two sodas. When I got back, Susan
was lying on the couch in her office.

I came in and sat down on one of the chairs after handing her a soda.

We sat there talking and relaxing for about fifteeen minutes.
Then without warning Susan asked:

What's it like to be with another woman?

I was a little shocked. I just sat and stared at her for a minute.

ME: Well, I like it because a woman knows what she likes. Therefore,
she knows all the right places to touch. Why do you ask?
SUSAN: Just curious, I guess.
ME: Ever thought of actually trying it?
SUSAN: Yeah, but I'm married. Not many women want that risk. Plus I
don't know any gay women, except you.
ME: Oh and we work together. Probably not a good idea.

She didn't say anything. She jst smiled and stared at me. I could
feel myself getting wet just thinking about it.

After a couple of minutes, instinct just took over. I got up
and walked over to her. I took her by the hand and pulled her to
her feet.

ME: Do you have any idea how gorgeus you are? Your husband is a very
lucky guy.

She started to say something, but I kissed her before she could.
She pulled back and looked at me in total shock.

ME: I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. If you want to fire me,
I totally understand. I was out of line.
SUSAN: I probably should, but that felt incredible.

She started to lean forward, and I kissed her again. This time,
she pulled me closer and put her arms around my neck.

Then I could feel her unbuttoning my blouse and pulling it off.
Then she took off her own. She pulled away from me and smiled.

SUSAN: You'll have to guide me through this. This is all new to me.

I walked over and locked the door.

ME: Just do whatever comes to mind. Just think what makes you
feel good and do it to me.

Then I took her by the hand and led her to the couch. I took off
the rest of her clothes. I could feel her start to get nervous.

Then I laid on top of her and started kissing her. There wasn't
much room on the couch so we moved to the floor.

I kissed all around her face and neck. Then I moved down to her
breasts. I licked and kissed around her nipples. She started moaning
and playing with my hair. I loved the feel of her firm breasts.
As I sucked on one nipple, I massaged the other breast.

Then I moved one of my hands down to her pussy. I went back up to her
mouth and kissed her. I started massaging her clit with two fingers.
She stopped kissing me and put her head back and moaned loudly.
I smiled and started kissing my way down her body. I could feel
goosebumps all over her.

Once I reached her pussy, I licked slowly and softly.

SUSAN: Faster, Jessie, that feels so good.

I continued to lick slow and soft until I had her begging. Then I
licked and chewed at her pussy. She tasted so good. I was loving
it. When she was close to cumming, I stopped briefly.

SUSAN: Oh, Jessie, please don't stop.
ME: You like that, huh? How bad do you want it?
SUSAN: So bad, please!!!!!
ME: Okay, I'll do it again, but I want to hear you say my name. Scream it!
SUSAN: Okay, anything, just don't stop.

I started chewing and licking again. I went a little faster this
time. She screamed my name over and over. As she got closer to
orgasm, she screamed louder. Then I could feel her cumming, and
she let out a long, loud scream and pulled at my hair. I could feel
her cum spill all over my mouth and chin.

I lifted myself up and wiped my mouth and chin with a tissue.
Then I rolled her on top of me, and pulled her down to kiss her.

She kissed me hard. She was almost biting me. Then she went
down to my breasts and sucked and massaged them. It felt so good.
I started moaning softly.

Then I started pushing on her head softly. Eventually she understood
what I wanted. So, she kissed her way down my stomach and then down
between my legs, Then she stopped.

ME: Why did you stop?
SUSAN: I have no idea what to do.

ME: Just do whatever comes to mind. Don't think, just do. I'll try
and guide you. Just start by licking like I did to you.

So, she put her face into my pussy and started licking fast. It felt
so good.

ME: Oh yeah, just don't stop. A little faster.

She sped up, and started chewing. I screamed out in pleasure.
I started moaning her name. It felt terrific. When I felt myself
cuming, I screamed her name as loud as I could and pulled her hair.
When she realized I was cumming, she tried to sit up, but I pushed
her head back down.

When my orgasm was over, I let her go and told her to lay on
her back. Then I straddled her, and pulled her pussy lips apart.
Then I pressed my clit to hers. I started moving back and forth.
Then I took her hands and put them on my breasts.

After awhile we switched and I guided her on how fast and where to
straddle me. Once she got going, I started slapping her ass every
now and then. When I saw her orgasm coming, I slapped her ass harder.
She moaned so loud.

Then I felt my orgasm coming, so I told her to go faster and I
screamed in pleasure. As I came, I squeezed Susan's ass hard.

When we were both done, she collasped on to me, and I kissed her.
Then she looked at me and smiled.

ME: How was it? Did you enjoy it?
SUSAN: It was great. It was probably the best sex I ever had. WOW!! I
had no idea a woman could pleasure me better than a man.
ME: Good. I'm glad you liked it. Can I have the rest of the night
off, boss? I'm exhausted.

She just laughed and we both got dressed. Then we both headed home.

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