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Oakleaves05 Gay Lit


Oakleaves Chapter 5

That isn’t all. The island was like a mountain. It slowly rose on the
south side, then the north side was a sheer drop off. The whole place was
really cool. As if ‘cool’ could explain it. It couldn’t.

We literally tossed our things out of the canoe. Mrs. Anderson took
the camp stove and put it on stone near a tree. It was seriously uncanny -
the stone was cut with right angles so we could put utensils there. All
three tents were placed on the flat grass spot and the sleeping bags
unpacked and laid out. Clothing bags were tossed into the tents and
everything made comfortable. The fishing equipment was placed near the
boats. The cool part about that was, it was a three-foot rise from the
landing to the rock plateau. Indescribable.

Apparently, this place has been used before, because there was already a
blackened spot where a campfire had obviously been. A bit away from the
main camp Mr. Anderson insisted upon the hammock.

When we were done, about an hour, Noah and I took a survey of the
island. We hiked up the hill and walked the ridge. It actually was pretty
high. The ridge took a turn toward the east on the far side of the island,
from here I could see where we came in.


“Yea, Garrett?”

“Come here.” He did so and I just gave him a hug. “I have been wanting
to do this for the entire day.”

“I know. Me too.”

“So, isn’t this place beautiful.”

“Majestic. Only made more by you being here too.”

The only response I could have was a smile. I reached my hand toward
his cheek and brought him to a kiss. This wasn’t just one kiss - it was
multiple. Small, fleeting kisses that lasted only fraction of seconds.
But they were followed by another and another. Finally I just pulled him
into another hug.

“Come on, we have to get a move on. They might suspect.”

“Ha. They would have no clue, if it bit them in the butt.”

We continued around the island until we came on the other side into a
thicket of blueberry bushes. Perfect a ripe.

“We will have to remember this place.”

We were again by camp in no time.

“Well, did you guys see anything interesting?” Mr. Anderson asked us.

“The north and east sides of the island are cliffs and there is a bunch
of blueberry bushes a little way east of here,” I reported.

“Ripe ones?” Mrs. Anderson asked.


“Perfect for pancakes,” she spoke more to herself than anyone else.


While we were on our hike, Brook and Alex were instructed to get some
firewood and they had a blaze going. The fish was on the stove and paper
plated dragged out. Dinner was soon to follow.

Tonight the fish was served with a little pepper and some other spices
with weird names. Then we just sat down by the fire and enjoyed its
warmth. We soon were hushed to bed. We didn’t give much argument. It has
been one of those really long days.

My eyes were droopy when I entered, but were soon awake. Noah, was in
the middle of dressing. Quite erotic. I snuck in and just watched. Still
facing away from me, he said, “So are you just going to watch or are you
going to join me.”

“Hmm, I think that I will just watch.”

“Shut up and get your ass over here.”

“Ohh, so now its all about my ass?” He just shook his head back and
forth. “Fine, fine, I’ll come and join you,” I said.

“Good, wouldn’t want it any other way.”

“Ha-ha.” With that, I got up to my knees and peeled off my shirt. The
shirt was halfway over my head when I heard him take in a deep breath.
“What was that?” I murmured

“Ohh…just so impressive.”

“Bite me.”


“Arrg. You have a mind of a gutter mouse.”

I completed pulling off my shirt to see that he was lying, obviously
enjoying the show. Just to spite him, I did a shoulder shake.

“Ohh, baby.” Once my shorts were off, I lunged at him and pushed him
down sitting on his stomach. ‘Yea, he was aroused.’

“Are you happy now?”


“Hmm,” I leapt out of the sitting position and landed flat on top of him
with an oomph. “Are you happy now?” I whispered to his ear.

“Very,” he whispered just as quietly.

“Good.” With that my hands snaked up his body and weeded themselves in
his hair as I gently placed kisses onto his lips. Those full lips. Of all
things he started to giggle in the middle of a kiss. “What is this?” I
said holding him at bay.

“I don’t know, I just think its funny.”

“You think I am funny?” I said stressing the ‘I’

“No!” he shoved me off of him.

“Than what?”

“I’m just so damn happy.” He rolled half on me half off and reached for
a kiss. A lip smacker at that.

“Glad your happy, now come here and be happy with me some more.”

“You evil person, you.”

“You know it…that’s why you love me.”

“That’s not the only reason.” Saying this he gave my swelling groin a
gentle squeeze.

“Tut, tut, tut,” I said while swaying a finger in front of his nose.
“Not tonight.” I pulled on his shoulders dragging him face to face. “Maybe

“Ok, I am not ready anyhow, just having fun.”

“It will be, I promise. Now, bed.”

“K.” He rolled over onto his side and away from me.

“I don’t think so.” I rolled into a spoon position with him. I slipped
my arm around him and pulled him close.

“I was waiting for that,” he said drowsily.

“Mmm,” was my only response. Well, that and a light kiss on the back of
the neck. I fell asleep shortly after.


I woke up early, still pressed firmly against Noah. I could feel the
breeze through the slit windows. I reluctantly pulled up and opened them
all the way revealing what a beautiful view we have of the eastern sky.

The sun was just beginning its trek through the sky. The azure sky
turned to navy, then to blue. I heard a rustling next to me but was
transfixed by the rising sun. Finally the ball came into view. It was a
huge orange glow. I was awestruck.

“What are you looking at,” I heard Noah’s voice. He crawled up right
next to me and sat resting his head on my shoulder. “It’s beautiful.”


We sorta just held each other, watching the sky though the film of our
tent window. He started to sway, back and forth. I just went with it. It
felt nice; for some odd reason, it just felt nice. “So, are we going to
get up?” he asked.

“Not likely. I am far to comfortable in your arms.”

“Mmm, I second that motion.” With that, we both flopped down to the
ground again. “I never want to get up again.”

You ever wake up and never want to get up. Just that perfect morning
that you never want to end? That is what this day was like. Well, just
this morning. There was nothing wrong with it. A Hawk rang its call
somewhere deep in the island, which just added to the perfection. The cool
air circulated through the tent, just making us cling to each other more.
It just added to it. Yea, this morning was perfect. Almost.

“Well, it is about time you two woke up, I was wondering where the hell
you two…Oh…My…God.” I heard Brooks voice. She had obviously seen us.

‘And there went the perfect day.’

“ALEX!!” She yelled. I didn’t even bother looking where she was. It
didn’t matter anyway. I just lay there content. Of course, inside I was a
nervous wreck. And I know that Noah was too. He was shaking all over. I
was shaking all over.


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