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Ob e diens

Ob-e-diens (mc, nc, MF, FF, MD, oral)

By Aerosol Kid <aerosol_kid@hotmail.com> Visit me at
http://www.asstr.org/~AK_Home The people and events in this story come from
my brain, not the real world. Regardless of what that tells you about my
brain, it means that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or
your friend's friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

This one is straight up wish fulfillment with a creepy protagonist, I'll
warn you of that right now, gentle readers. If that's your bag, then read
on. If not, there's something at the end that may interest you (don't
peek!). You might like where I'm going with this...

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Erik didn't really care for raves; he was here out of necessity. When
you lived for the thrill of subjugating young girls, you did what you had
to. Erik looked much younger than his age, which helped him move
undetected in promising circles. And these parties were invariably rife
with possibilities.

He stalked through the crowd with purpose, evaluating girl after
ecstasy-fueled, dancing girl. Yet so far, none struck his fancy. So he
bided his time by checking out DJ Sasha's nimble stylings. After all, it
wasn't the music he objected to, it was the shallow scene that routinely
failed to become a moving spiritual experience. But tonight the DJ led the
tribe of exultant kids to a sun-drenched, smiley summit - ETA about two

For a moment, Erik thought his search was over when he spied a frenetic
Latino beauty. She was dressed as a Sailor Scout, with a silver pacifier
in her tightly pursed lips, moving assuredly in her thigh-high vinyl boots.
But then he noticed the young man - unmistakably her boyfriend - dancing
protectively a few feet away.

He'd been here for two hours already, searching. And it looked like he
would keep on searching, perhaps until the sun rose over the tireless
children in the morning.

And then, through the pulsing lights and dry ice, he spotted something
that commanded his attention. A tiny figure, mischievously moving to the
Trance groove, insouciantly throwing her weight right and left, her arms
clasped together over her head. Erik waded through the sea of dancing kids
to get a closer look.

She was small - no, she was tiny - but with broad shoulders and wide,
generous hips. He could tell by her round face that she was barely of age,
her mature physique contrasting sharply with her nave deportment. There
was substance to this one, with her pale skin and Nordic blonde hair done
up in pigtails. She bore a curious, interlocking geometric tattoo on her
left shoulder blade, bisected by the thin strap of her little backpack.
She was dressed, however briefly, all in white. Her lips and eyes were
shaded with luminous, glittering makeup, thrown into stark relief by the
ultraviolet lights overhead. It was obvious from the baroque detailings of
her getup that she'd spent considerable time getting ready tonight. She
looked fabulous and she was well aware of this. And best of all, her
pupils were enormous - the calling card of ecstasy. Effortlessly in sync
with the crafty DJ, she drew descriptive arcs and waves in the air, a
kabuki raver princess.


Looking from side to side cautiously, Erik drew a tiny vial from his
pocket and dabbed a little of its contents onto his finger. Then, like a
great cat on the hunt, he made a slow pass around his intended, sizing her
up before he struck.

Looked like this diminutive hottie was here with a few friends, all
girls. They staked out a protective half-circle in the center of the
massive dance floor. He'd have no problems with any troublesome boyfriends

Emboldened by what he perceived as vulnerability, he made a beeline for
her, through the vivacious, sweaty throng. He was disoriented then by a
pulsing strobe light, but he kept his eyes fixed on the girl's pale,
muscular back. Erik made as if to brush by her on his way across the dance
floor, and as he did he traced a line across the canvas of her back with
the potent substance on his finger. As he did this, he couldn't help but
look down to confirm his success. An iridescent line on her skin shone
delicately in the ultraviolet light.

The young girl, senses heightened to superhuman degrees by the E, was of
course hyper-aware of his touch, so she turned smoothly toward him as he
passed. Looking into her gold-flecked hazel eyes for the first time, Erik
made motions with both hands to indicate that he was sorry for bumping into
her, but he was just passing through.

She grinned hugely at him, brimming over with enhanced empathy, and
danced invitingly. She even reached out and playfully massaged his arm to
keep him from moving on. Erik shrugged and began to move stiffly to the
music. This was even better for him - he could stay close and make sure
everything went as planned, and she was rolling so hard that she'd overlook
what a shitty dancer he was.

Again, it was perfect. She flirted around him in sly orbits; her back
turned to her friends, playfully seducing him with her quick, sure
movements. Obviously, the girl was peaking, thus eager to connect with
everyone around her. So Erik just waited and watched her closely.

It didn't take long. The ob-e-diens in his vial was tailor-made to
dovetail with most street varieties of ecstasy. It was designed to
commandeer the effects of the roll and combine them with a certain...
devotion. Erik could see this taking place in the way she matched his
dance steps and locked her gaze to his. The way she brushed against him
more and more frequently. Time was of the essence, so he made his move.

"Hey, what's your name?" he mouthed. There was no point in straining
his voice over the insistent 303's belching out of the bass-bins.

She leaned in eagerly within millimeters of his ear and yelled, "Grace!
What's yours?"

"Erik! Are you here with your friends tonight?"

She turned momentarily to make sure she was. "Yeah! Just here with my
girls!" She was comically enthusiastic about everything.

Erik was sure he was free and clear, so he gently gripped her elbows and
pulled her close to him. "Say, how about meeting me in the parking deck in
about five minutes?" he asked.

The idea seemed to strike her as the best she'd heard all night. She
beamed at him and nodded vigorously. "Sure! Where?"

"Just come out to the parking deck. I'll be there," he assured her.

With the ob-e-diens working its charms, he gave a jaunty wave and took
his leave.

Grace was so stoked. School had just let out for summer, and she was
finally out of high school. And this was the perfect place to celebrate.
Her mind sang with E - she wanted to fuck/touch/embrace the entire

She'd spent a good two hours getting ready; she knew she was drop-dead
gorgeous tonight. Which made her positively throb with self-confidence.
Grace was holding court with her friends, rolling her balls off and looking
for adventure. And no sooner had she begun looking for it when this cute
guy had bumped into her.

It was pretty obvious that he was close to twice her age, even though he
looked young. Grace wasn't an idiot - she was in fact unbearably
precocious, something her family viewed with increasing alarm each year.
But he was hot, in a Keanu kind of way, and she was partying on Alpha
Centauri, while her inhibitions waited primly back on Earth. When he'd
first touched her it had kind of creeped her out, but she'd agreed to meet
him in a few minutes.

Fuck! Not in a few minutes, a few minutes ago!

Grace tried to make her escape as discreetly as possible, but it was no
good. No sooner had she turned her back on her friends, when she felt a
firm grip on her upper arm.

She turned to find Sylvie looking sternly into her eyes. Well, as
sternly as she could with monstrously dilated pupils and a blissed out
smile. "Where are you going?" her pixie-haired pal demanded.

"To get some fresh air," Grace answered.

"I think I should go, too," Sylvie replied responsibly.

Shit, sometimes she acts too much like my big sister. This could fuck
up my grope session in the parking deck, Grace speculated, but the ecstasy
won the day. "Sure. Come on, then!" she agreed with a sunny smile,
certain things would work out.

They made their way off the dance floor, toward the hot, red exit sign.

For a few minutes, Erik thought she wouldn't show. He'd just checked
the contents of his vial and was almost ready to rejoin the crowd inside,
when he saw two petite shapes giggle their way into the dark parking deck.
From their silhouettes, one of them was unmistakably Grace, the other was
simply in tow.

Erik panicked briefly, wishing Grace had come alone. Then his
improvisational skills kicked in.

The two young ladies lurched up to him under the austere fluorescent
lamps, which seemed to take some of the otherworldly luster away from them.
The music that had sounded so joyous inside was muffled and clangorous
here. Grace giggled again nervously at him. "Um. Hi," she mumbled,
suddenly bashful.

Erik shot her a meaningful look. "Hi. Who's your friend?"

"Sylvie," the captivating girl on Grace's arm responded. "We were just
out for some fresh air. Who're you?" She looked at Grace accusingly when
she said this.

Before Grace could say something, Erik smoothly brushed his laced, wet
finger along Sylvie's forearm on his way to find her hand and shake it.
"Sasha's tearing it up in there!" he enthused. "Why are you girls out

Grace looked at him like he was a retard. In a heated glance, she
indicated that she was trying her best to get rid of her well-meaning
friend, and would he please just let her handle this?

She threw another look at Sylvie. "Don't you think you should check on
the others?" she hinted, jerking her head back at the entrance.

Her dark-haired friend didn't seem to get it. "Wha..." she attempted.
Obviously she'd tagged along to chaperon Grace, who took her answer to be a
stubborn refusal to leave her alone with a strange boy. But Erik knew

"You two look thirsty. Want to stop by my truck and grab some water?"

Both of the tipsy, overheated girls brightened and chorused, "Yeah!"

"Follow me, ladies." At that moment, Erik felt more than lucky. Grace
was already bagged and he gave Sylvie five more minutes tops.

It didn't take long to reach Erik's charcoal gray Blazer with its
conveniently tinted windows. Opening the back door, he invited them to
step inside with a gracious sweep of his arm. The girls practically
scampered in, so he followed and smoothly shut the door behind them. He
was home free in a playground of his own design.

Erik squatted on the floor of his truck, meeting the confused, hungry
gazes of his prey. Now he was sure that they were completely under his
artificial spell. The insistent beat from the music back at the party
could be felt through the floor.

Erik rooted around in an Igloo cooler for a moment, then produced two
bottles of spring water. "Here," he said, tossing one to each girl.
Befuddled, they paused to remember what water was, then fumble with the
wrapper. Grace was having more trouble, as she'd been dosed for several
minutes. Erik took the opportunity to climb into the front seat and turn
on the stereo. A mix CD of Transcend and Neotropic tunes immediately
lowered the temperature in the truck by about ten degrees. His ride was
now the de facto chill room. Only they wouldn't be chilling in here for

He returned to the back to find his unwitting captives greedily downing
their water. Erik paused to appreciate the working of eager neck muscles
and contended grunts, slurps and sighs before intervening. "Slowly, girls,
you don't want to get sick. There's plenty more where that came from." He
appraised the sweaty little bodies kneeling across from him, then smiled.
"You look so hot," he said. Two eyebrows arched a bit at this ambiguous
comment. Evidently it took a lot to make these two susceptible to bad
pickup lines.

"I mean from dancing," he clarified. "Grace, why don't you pour the
rest of that water all over yourself?"

Grace grinned at him, opened her bottle and raised it over her head.
With no hesitation, she gamely poured the rest of it over her head, her
face, her cleavage. She knew she was putting on a show, so she made sure
to go "Mmmmmmmm," and run her hands from her wet hair down to her chest,
arching her back. Her makeup was running down her face now, but that only
served to make her more tawdry and desirable to Erik. Unable to sit still,
he scooted over and began to stroke her. She sighed, closed her eyes and
leaned into him.

"Your turn, Sylvie," he said. Sylvie was utterly fascinated with wet,
amorous Grace. But her eyes flicked over to Erik when he addressed her.
She, too, opened her bottle and lifted it into the air. The motion seemed
to have nothing to do with Sylvie - she was back to staring wide-eyed at
Grace. Then, water was splashing onto her short raven hair, running in
droplets down her olive skin, pooling into crevices and darkening her shiny
green halter. The empty bottle slipped from her fingers and her eyes
closed; she was having a private, tactile moment. Sylvie hugged herself
and shivered.

Erik reached out and slowly pulled Sylvie into his and Grace's embrace,
and her eager fingers found purchase on both of them. He'd never been
alone with two girls on ob-e-diens at once - this was surely a high point
of his exploits. Left to their own, they were more into touching than
kissing, but for the moment he simply reveled in the fragrant young flesh
pressed against him. Intermittently, he found Grace's full, pouty lips
with his own.

Soon they were all shirtless, groping each other and moaning with
superheated abandon. Erik probed Sylvie's dark nipple with his thumb.
"Yeah dude," she breathed. She was lean and hard, with sharp, almost feral
features, where Grace was round and soft. While he initiated another kiss
with Grace, Erik guided Sylvie's hand to his crotch. She wasted no time
massaging him, then she surprised everyone by slowly pressing her face into
Grace's boobs. Grace squealed and gripped the back of Sylvie's neck.

Some kids passed by outside, in the parking lot. Their jubilant
shouting brought Erik back to the moment. He gently pried the two girls apart and rose up on his knees. Grace and Sylvie, his courtesans for the
moment, watched silently.

He waited until the rowdy group had passed, then unbuttoned his pants,
slid them down to his knees and scooted forward, posing each girl until
they flanked him. They were so touchy-feely that he was finding it easier
to command them by moving them rather than speaking, so he guided Grace and
Sylvie until they were both crouching down on their knees on either side of
his cock. They didn't need further prompting to guess what he wanted.
Simultaneously, two pink tongues began to lick along his shaft. Erik
rubbed along their flanks as they worked, looking down at their bobbing
heads with near disbelief at his good fortune.

Then they started kissing each other around his rapt rod. This dual
slurping and moaning was too much to bear. An unwelcome chill blew across
Erik's spine and he knew he was going to cum. He barely had enough time to
point himself at Sylvie before he began to ejaculate onto her. The hot,
sticky ropes slithered between her small breasts, down her tummy. Erik's
strong scent pervaded the truck cabin. He whispered a one-syllable
directive in her ear. She complied helplessly, shivering and squeezing her
thighs together. Grace moved in eagerly to suck Erik clean, then she went
to work on Sylvie's sticky torso.

Grace couldn't remember having more fun. She had never made out with a
guy on E, and now she was rolling around the back of a truck with Erik and
one of her best friends. This was her first time kissing a girl, too, and
she was pleasantly surprised at how good Sylvie was at it. There was
something weird about the vibe tonight - the strange way she hung on Erik's
every word and the way everything he suggested was perfect - that seemed to
be making all this possible.

A red flag went up when she'd first climbed into his Blazer, like she
was in a Lifetime tv movie full of bad touching, poignant monologues and an
overblown court scene finale, but those feelings were long gone by the time
Erik got her shirt off. She wasn't even thinking about how much shit her
big sister was going to give her if she ever found out.

Next thing she knew she was crouching submissively, ass in the air, legs
and feet rubbing against the scratchy carpet of the Blazer, dutifully
sucking Erik off. She felt Sylvie's hot breath on her face as she
hallucinated twinkling lights that bobbed in time to the awesome Riz Maslin
song on the stereo. She was having a hard time distinguishing between
Erik's cock and Sylvie's tongue, so she met each with no sign of

Then Erik gasped and grabbed Sylvie roughly as he bursted all over her.
Grace thought that was kind of gross, but something made her want to taste
it, and once she started lapping it up she couldn't stop until it had all
slid down her throat.

Things got really out of control after that. Grace could remember
grinning, hazy flashes. Erik taking her pants off. Grace taking Sylvie's
pants off, giggling. Grace with her head wedged between Sylvie's brown,
sweaty thighs. Her own ass in the air, Erik worshipping it with his

Now, they were all melted into a cuddle puddle, and she could tell when
she ran her hand along Erik's crotch that he was going to be ready for more
action soon.

She sighed, growing restless in the back of the truck. She wanted to
get up and go back to the party, but she couldn't find the strength to rise
and put her clothes back on. A weird sort of gravity emanated from Erik
and pinned her to the floor. She was getting claustrophobic, with mild
flashes of anxiety crackling in her chest. But Erik started to whisper in
her ear, and she dozed off.

Erik knew from experience that he didn't have much longer before he'd
either have to let these girls go or figure out something else. Usually he
had his fun, then sent his victims on their way. Anything else was asking
for trouble. And he didn't have a problem with cutting Sylvie loose. She
was cute and all, but Grace was something else - a precocious, coy beauty
with unbelievable skills in the sack. He wasn't through playing with her.

It wasn't time to worry about that yet. He'd commanded them to sleep,
to extend his time with them and take stock of the situation. So he let
Sylvie doze and moved on top of Grace. Her eyes fluttered open as he let
his weight sink into her softness. Although she immediately started
kissing him, Erik could tell by the way she kept her eyes open as they
kissed that the ob-e-diens was wearing off, but he still had a firm grip on
her reins for while longer.

"Grace," he said. "Don't fight it. Feel yourself open up to me." She
was still in the grips of the drug such that her breathing quickened.
Slowly, she wrapped her arms around him. "Feel yourself getting wet for
me." Her legs opened for him. It took a minute or two, but he patiently
made his way inside her.

"Gawd," she whispered dreamily, as he began to fuck her. Sylvie snored
next to them, but Erik was lost in the universe of Grace. Her hips moved
in a tight circle as she worked her clit against his pelvic bone, and she
bit her lower lip tightly. Erik looked down at her cute, intense
expression and tried not to go off too early this time. He shifted his
angle slightly, and she began to draw sharp breaths in his ear. He thought
she might crest, but as it turned out she wasn't quite there.

Erik reared up, pressed her breasts together tightly and renewed his
assault. Her eyes flashed open as she groaned - a mixture of hot pleasure
and the slowly dawning realization that she was being violated. Grace
began to shiver as she raked her fingernails down Erik's back. She was
cumming and simultaneously lashing out at him. Her mixed signal caught
Erik by surprise, causing him to savagely erupt inside her.

He rested on top of her awhile, trying to suss her out through her body
language. When he rose up onto his elbows, Grace was looking at him,
neutral. He knew he had scant minutes before she'd be free of his hold.
"Don't move until I tell you to," he ordered.

"What did you do to me?" she demanded. But she wasn't moving. Erik
hurriedly pulled out of her and began to clean her up.

"Don't worry about that," he told her. His back was wet, tingling
unpleasantly. She'd scratched him but good.

"You did something to me, and you raped me," she continued.

Erik quickly moved into the front seat and fumbled around in a black
bag. Stalling, he looked over his shoulder at her and said, "No I didn't.
We were just having a good time." His hand found a delicate syringe.

"Why is Sylvie asleep? Why can't I move?" There was hysteria in Grace's
voice now.

Erik turned and jabbed the needle into her neck in one smooth motion.

"Uh! God..." Grace protested weakly as he gave her the entire dose.

He breathed a sigh of relief as the two girls finished putting their
clothes back on. He was still being reckless, but the situation was more
manageable now. Sylvie was still acceptably pliant, and Grace was now
heavily medicated, though not nearly as much fun as she'd been earlier.
All in all, they'd been gone for about an hour and a half - more than
enough time for their friends to grow curious and start looking for them.

It was time to saddle up.

"You can go now," he ordered, swatting Sylvie's bony behind. "But Grace
is staying with me. You'll remember hooking up with a nice guy in the
parking lot, and you'll tell your friends that I gave Grace a ride home."
He opened the back door of the truck and gently pushed Sylvie out.

Sylvie paused, while Grace looked at her from her crouch inside the
Blazer. Both girls wobbled, regarding each other. Dopey and uncertain.
Then Sylvie nodded at Erik and was gone.

Erik shut the door and looked at Grace. She was frowning at him. "This
isn't gonna work," she murmured.

"What's not gonna work?"

"My big sister won't like this," Grace said, shaking her head.

Erik looked at her, growing hard at the thought of Grace's big sister.
"Come again?"

As if on cue, Grace's cell phone rang from inside her tiny backpack.
She pointed her thumb at it over her shoulder. "My sister Gina. She's
supposed to come get me. She'll know something's up."

This wasn't good. Erik was being stupid, trying to keep this girl. It
could end very badly. But he was smitten; she was easily the most radiant
creature he'd ensnared in his sociopathic, nighttime doings. He had to
hold on to her somehow. The cell phone continued to chirp.

"Don't answer it," he told her. "We're leaving."

"My sister's gonna kick your ass, man," she warned feebly through the
powerful effects of the narcotic, as Erik pushed her into the passenger
seat and belted her in.

"We'll see about that," he replied. He gunned the motor and pulled


By Aerosol Kid <aerosol_kid@hotmail.com> Visit me at

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