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Archived Sex Stories

Obsession 02 Making The Grade



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
Nishi gasped and cried out loudly. Her slender, creamy-skinned
body rocked and jerked violently back and forth. Her breasts were
swollen, pendulous. Her nipples were stiff, aching. The thin gold
chain around her neck jumped and tossed. She whimpered, her
buttocks writhing and swaying. Her face was a vision of lust, her
mouth open, eyes hooded, lips drawn back. She gasped again and
rocked forward on her forearms and knees as the man thrust into

"Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes uhhhh oh yes! Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhhhhh!"

Behind her, bent over her back, Rajeev grunted softly, hammering
his hips up and down, pummelling her buttocks with his cock. His
enormous cock rocked and rammed into her tight cunt. She turned
her face over her shoulder and he kissed her hard, jamming his
tongue into her mouth. She was good, this one, a recent find,
married and horny as hell. Her cunt spasmed on his penis and he
grunted in pleasure. Sliding his hands up under her slender body,
he cupped and squeezed her swollen breasts, pinching her nipples.

"Ohhhhh uhhh yes!"

She groaned and writhed her buttocks in his crotch. Her body was
hot with lust and her cunt blazed, desperate for release. She knew
she was on test and had to please this man, the lord and master of
the bordello. If she satisfied him, she would be moved up a grade
and that would fetch her added benefits - selective clientele,
further perquisites, much more money. She tried to stave off her
orgasm and he grunted in satisfaction as her cunt convulsed on his

"Fuck me," she gasped. "Oh god yes, Rajeev ... fuck me ... fuck me
hard, lover ... just keep fucking me!"

Rajeev reared upright and began fucking her rapidly, gripping her
hips and rocking her body back and forth under his to suit his
pleasure as he powered his hips to and fro, slapping his thighs
loudly at her buttocks. Beneath him, Nishi gasped and moaned, her
head lifted, her face twisted in a mask of lust as the enormous penis plunged and pistoned in and out of her wet, clonic cunt,
plundering and mashing her tender cunt-flesh and gorged clitoris.
His balls swung against her buttocks as he plowed in and out of
her flesh.

"C'mon ... take it ... take it, you whoring slut ... take my
prick, bitch! Take it, you fucking whore ... yeh ... that's good
... yeh ... squeeze it harder, whore! Yeh! That's it ... bite
right down with your slit, bitch ... oh fuck yes! That's it ...
c'mon, you rutting bitch! Do it! Take it!"

Nishi loved it when they talked dirty. It turned her on. She
gasped and moaned, her body trembling, her breath coming in
heaving, rattling gasps, her breasts and gold necklace tossing and
jumping as he pummelled her body with his. His cock was
magnificent, enormous, hot, hard, hugely thick and it seared in
her steaming slit as it rocked in and out, making waves of
pleasure surge through her slender frame.

"OHHHHHH uhh OHHHHH uh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhh ohh uhh
oh yes oh fuck yes oh yes oh god oh god oh god yes fuck me fuck me
uhhh yes ohhhh uhhh yes fuck me, baby ohhh yes c'mon ... shove it
in ... ahhhhhh oh god yes ... harder ... c'mon ... ram it in uhhhh
yes ohhh god yes!" she gasped.

She began to orgasm and he let it grow and deepen, kept stroking
powerfully in and out of her cunt till it passed. Then he slammed
into her furiously, once, twice, three times and with a shuddering
groan, let himself go. Nishi moaned as the thick hot jizz spewed
from his cock-head and flooded her slit.

He slid out of her and, with a soft chuckle, slapped her bottom as
she sank onto the low divan. Her body trembled. He had been
fucking her for almost an hour now and she had lost count of the
number of orgasms that had powered through her slender, curved
body in that time.

"Good fuck," he said. "Thank you. Nishi, right?"

Nishi moaned and nodded. "Would ... would you like to fuck me
again?" she whispered. It was the demanded response from the whore
at Hedon & Venery.

He laughed. "No, that was good enough. You need a break."

Nishi closed her eyes. He couldn't be blamed. There were so many
women who worked for him, how could he possibly remember all their
names? It was a privilege enough that she had been summoned to
service him. He took no one but the best, they said. This was an
honour. She had spent a year whoring for Hedon & Venery and this
was the first time she'd been called for him.

He pulled up his jockstrap and strode out of the room into the
buzzing beehive of his administration headquarters. There were men and women everywhere, at computer consoles, fax machines, across
desks. Most were scantily clad. Some were entirely naked. As he
stepped out, everyone looked up and there was a perceptible rise
in the tension and the hubbub. He strode across the room
powerfully, moving with the lithe, deadly feline strength that
made him so sexy. Instantly, there were people moving around him
like a massive bow-wave before a supertanker.

"Harsha! Schedules!" he snapped. "Vinod! Nishi's inside. Give her
a drink and fuck her. I want it on tape. Take her ass. Jay, I want
the Tokyo-Oslo-Rio despatches. Now! Shirlyn! That new tape that
just came up. Inside!"

He slammed into his cabin, flung himself into his chair. His
minions clustered around the door, swarmed through. Papers were
slid onto his desk, he studied them with astonishing speed, making
corrections, snapping orders, sending the employees scurrying
back. Finally, they all left except Harsha and Shirlyn. He got up
and put his arms around them, kissed them both in turn.

"Come on girls. Time for a little fucking. Shirlyn."

Harsha looked disappointed and pouted. "Why not me?"

"Because, my sweet," he chuckled. "You've got a client waiting and
if you don't get down there within two minutes, you'll be out of

Harsha looked at her watch and gasped. "Oh god, I forgot!" she
cried and, turning, fled the room.

Rajeev chuckled. Shirlyn giggled. "What's the problem with Nishi,
wasn't good for you?" she asked.

The girls were under Harsha's care and if anyone needed
improvement or further training, she saw that the girl got it. It
was Shirlyn's responsibility to pass on any such information to
Harsha. Rajeev smiled at her, marvelling at how quickly she had
risen through the ranks, chiefly with her legs spread wide. But
that wasn't entirely fair. Shirlyn was intelligent and eager to
learn, a drive that, unlike many of his other women, wasn't
limited only to new types of sexual positions. Already, she
handled a heavy administrative work-load.

"What's her grade?"


"Move her up one."

"That good?"

"Definitely. One of the better ones recently. She's been at four
long enough, besides. She'll get better very soon. Suck my cock."
He dropped his jockstrap.

Shirlyn smiled. She was very pretty, slender and curved. She had a
lovely oval face with a pointed chin, a slim, straight nose and
slightly flared nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears. Her face
was narrow so that, from some angles, her cheeks looked plump, but
even that was cute. Her cheekbones were high. Her eyes were
lovely, large, dark brown, full of magic and lined with *kajal*.
Her lips were light and full and her teeth were white and strong
and even. Her skin was like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a
grape, without a trace of body hair. Her hair was dark and
flounced in a sexy pony tail. Her neck was superb, a long,
slender, graceful column. Her arms and legs were nicely turned and
slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and slim fingers and toes,
beautifully shaped and arched. Her breasts were large and high and
full and ripe with long nipples in bright aureoles. Her belly was
firm and flat. She wore transparent harem pants with long slits
running to the hip and crotch on the outside and inside of the
legs. Above that, she wore a twisted white muslin bodice that was
wrapped around from the small of her back and was knotted in her
cleavage. The cloth was twisted to a taut, slender strand and her
breasts were squeezed taut and bulged from it, showing her deep
cleavage and the prominent stubs of her nipples. With the pants
slung well below her navel and riding low on her gently flared
hips, her midriff was completely naked. There was a long gold
chain around her neck and a gold girdle looped sexily around her
belly. She looked good enough to eat.

Rajeev sank back into his wide, deep tan leather desk chair, drew
her closer, plucked open the knot of her muslin bra and, cupping
her large breasts, kissed her gently. Her breasts swelled
immediately in his hands, her nipples shooting erect. Fondling her
gently, he pushed her downward. Clad only in her harem pants,
Shirlyn dropped to her knees before Rajeev and began sucking his
enormous cock. She pumped it deftly in her fist and worked the
bulging cock-head with her tongue. It rose slowly, thickening and
hardening to an impossible eleven and half inch long, two and half
inch thick magnificence. She took his cock-head and part of his
shaft between her lips. Caressing his body sensuously with one
hand, Rajeev held her head with his other hand and rocked it up
and down to suit his pleasure.

"Mm ... yeh ... suck it, cunt ... yeh ... that's good ... keep
sucking, bitch!"

Shirlyn loved sucking cock and did it well. She whimpered deep in
her cock-filled throat, winding her tongue cunningly around his
bulging cock-head, sucking it eagerly, rocking her head up and
down over his crotch. His cock ballooned rapidly in her mouth,
filling it and distending her face. Pre-cum gunk spurted from the
long slit in its tip and into up her mouth. Shirlyn moaned in
pleasure and greedily swallowed his seed.

"Mm ... yeh ... that's good ... keep sucking, bitch," he grunted,
rocking her head up and down in his hands, pumping his hips
rhythmically, his head bent, watching his cock glisten in and out
of her mouth.

Shirlyn moaned deep in her cock-filled throat, dizzy with the feel
and taste of his cock in her mouth. Whimpering, her eyes hooded,
she licked his bulging cock-head wantonly, her head tilted to one
side, the fingers of one hand curled around his monstrous shaft,
the other hand working her breasts.

"Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... that's it ... suck harder, Shirlyn whore
... yeh ... good, that's good ..." Rajeev fucked her mouth for
several minutes before he pushed her head back and pulled her up
to her feet.

She got to her feet between his legs and bent over him. Her eyes
were bright with lust, her nostrils flared, her lips parted. Her
breasts were swollen and heavy. She looked sexy beyond belief. He
smiled gently and cupped her breasts and drew her head down to his
in a lingering kiss. He could taste his seed on her lips and
tongue and her body smelled sweet and sexy with a gentle,
tantalising fragrance that aroused him. He squeezed her breasts and she moaned, her eyes fluttering, her lips moving against his,
her tongue slithering into his mouth. Her breasts were wonderful,
full and ripe and heavy, sloping like succulent fruit and tipped
with long, stiff nipples. He pinched them and she shuddered. He
drew her forward and closer and, opening his mouth, squeezed one
succulent mound into it. Shirlyn moaned thickly, clenching his
head, moving up to kneel astride his hips on the armchair.

"Fuck me," she gasped. "C'mon, Rajeev, fuck me!"

He sucked her breasts unhurriedly, whipping her nipples with his
tongue, nibbling delicately, scraping them against his teeth and
gums and the roof of his mouth. Shirlyn gasped and moaned, her
fingers twined in his hair, her head above his and bent down, her
face radiant with excitement, her hips writhing over his lap. He
slid one hand down her body and fondled her crotch. The harem
pants were cleverly designed with generous cuts at her crotch and
buttocks for unimpeded access without having to remove the pants
at all. His fingers went damp with her cunt-juice. Slowly, he
arched a finger into her slit while he sucked relentlessly on her
breasts, tormenting them. Shirlyn whimpered and moaned. Her cunt spasmed on his finger as he arched it into her and, curling it
backward, flicked her gorged clitoris rapidly with his fingertip.
She hissed loudly, biting her lower lip in tension, her body
trembling in pleasure. He slid his hands back and, moving the
opening in her harem pants, fondled her naked buttocks.

"Oh god," she breathed. "I want it! Fuck me! C'mon ... please ...
fuck me!"

He pressed his fingertip to her anus and chuckled softly as she

"Want it in your ass, bitch?" He knew she loved being sodomized.

"Yes! Oh God yes!" she groaned.

Suddenly he gripped her hips and pulled her down onto his cock.

"C'mon, bitch!" he snapped. "Sit on it! I'll fuck your ass later!
Take it!"

Shirlyn sank her hips and swiftly impaled her cunt on his massive
cock with a long moan of sheer, visible bliss.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh uhhhh yes!" she gasped as the huge cock pieced her

Her belly sucked inward and her long neck arched as she tossed her
head back. Rajeev grunted at the fierce, stinging wet heat of her
cunt on his cock, at its greedy convulsion and, flexing his
buttocks, arched his hips, pushing his cock up deeper into her
body. Shirlyn moaned, her back arching, her breasts thrust
outward, her fingers clawing at his thickly muscled shoulders. Her
knees and thighs were bent in a great obtuse V as she sank her
hips lower and lower, flexing her buttocks taut. He held them in
his hands and pulled her down deeper onto his upright, throbbing
penis. Her cunt felt wonderful on his cock. She hissed sexily, her
face thrown back, soft and radiant with excitement, her lips
parted, her nostrils flared, her eyes closed. The gold girdle
around her flat, sucked in belly trembled and shook. He slid his
hands up her body and squeezed her generous breasts.

"Yeh ... c'mon, bitch ... ride it! Ride my cock! Take it, whore!"
he grunted and began pumping his hips under her.

The fever in Shirlyn's cunt raged in a terrible fire. His cock
filled her flesh and she felt like one enormous slit from head to
toe. Her breasts were swollen turgid and heavy, the nipple almost
painfully stiff. She sank her long nails into the thick pads of
muscles in his shoulders and began moving with him, gasping and
crying out loudly and obscenely.

"Yes! Oh uhhhhh yes oh god yes uhhh ohhh yes oh fuck yes Rajeev
yes uh ohhh uhh oh ma uh ahhh uhh yes oh god oh god oh god yes!"
she cried. "Oh uhh oh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes!"

They fucked feverishly, Shirlyn bucking and bouncing in a frenzy
on his lap, rocking her cunt up and down the length of his massive
cock while he pumped and heaved his hips powerfully under her. Her
breasts jumped and wobbled as she bucked on his lap and her gold
necklace tossed and slapped on her golden skin. Rajeev held her
hips and moved her cunt up and down the length of his cock-shaft,
grunting in pleasure as her flesh convulsed on his. Leaning
forward, he took one breast in his mouth and sucked sharply,
nibbling her rigid nipple. Shirlyn gasped, her face contorting and
twisting in a mask of lust. Faster and faster she went and his
chair bounced on its springs, rocking and creaking. Her cunt slid
up along his cock-shaft and squelched down hard again. Rajeev
teased her buttocks open and fingered her anus. She gasped,
writhing her crotch on his lap, her face contorting with pleasure.

"Yes! Ohhh uhhhhh yes oh god yes!" she gasped.

"C'mon ... take it ... take it, whore!" he grunted.

Her orgasm neared and he sensed it from the quickening, snappy
convulsions of her cunt on his cock. Abruptly, he pulled her cunt down hard on his cock.

"I'm hungry," he murmured suddenly, pinning her to him. "I want to
eat some pussy."

"Oh God oh God oh God yes," she moaned.

Gently, he lifted her off his lap and pushed her back onto his
desk. She perched at its edge, spreading her legs wide and leaning
back with her arms outstretched, her palms on the desk behind her.
Rajeev grinned and, bending forward, buried his face in her

"OHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh ma uhhhhh ahhhh uhhhh yes!"

Shirlyn cried out, her shoulders hunching, her head arching back,
her long neck craning, her back bowing, her belly sucked inward.
Rajeev's tongue rippled down her crack. She moaned, her face
turning to one side, her chest heaving, her lips pursed, her face
twisted into a mask of lust.

"Oh uh yes uh oh god yes uhh yes ohh uhhh yes!" she panted.

He parted her cunt-lips delicately with his fingers and drove his
tongue into her wet slit, lapping at her streaming cunt-juices,
flipping her gorged clitoris back and forth. She moaned thickly,
her hips writhing and shuddering on the table, her legs forked
wide open, her feet on the arms of his chair. Rajeev savoured the
musky, tangy, heady odour and taste of her cunt, lapping at the
flowing cunt-juices, tormenting her clitoris relentlessly. Shirlyn
whimpered and, turning her body on one hand, clenched his head
with the other and pulled it deeper into her crotch, moving it
round and round to suit her pleasure. His tongue was incredible in
her slit, hot and heavy and thick, rippling and darting like an
eel, flipping at the stiff stem of her clitoris, dancing through
her molten cunt-flesh. She hissed in delight, arching her tongue
wantonly over her upper lip and squeezed and crushed her breasts in a frenzy, rolling the stiff nipples under her palm, pinching
and tweaking the rigid stems.

"Ohh uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes, Rajeev yes ... ohhh uhhh yes ... oh
god yes ... do it, baby ... yes ... that's it ... ahhhh uhhh yes
... there! Oh yes that's it ... yes ... lick me, lover! Lick my
slit! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhh uhhh yes!" she gasped. "Ohhhh uhhh yes oh
god yes!"

Her lust grew and grew and she slid down on her back across the
width of his desk, spreading her legs wider still. Rajeev pushed
his head deeper into her crotch and, drawing her clitoris between
his lips, sucked it tenderly, nibbling on its very tip. Shirlyn
cried out, the breath hissing from her throat as her loins burst
with desire and pleasure. Her body jerked and snapped on the desk
as though she was being fucked. Her breasts bounced and jiggled.
Her head flipped sexily from side to side, her face a vision of
lust. Her hips heaved and writhed under his face. She lifted and
squeezed her swollen breasts, clenched his head, moaned in
feverish desperation.

"Oh ma uh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhh ahhh uhh *hanh* uhh oh
ma yes oh god yes!" she moaned.

She was on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm when Rajeev stopped,
tormenting her. She moaned in frustration and despair.

"Oh god no," she whimpered. "Don't stop, you bastard! Don't stop
now! Not now! Fuck me! Oh god I want it! I want it!"

He chuckled, rising to his feet and slapped at her hands when she
tried to force her fingers into her crotch to masturbate. He
pulled her thighs open in his hands, gripping them through the
sheer, silky smoothness of her harem pants and, shuffling forward,
pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips. Shirlyn moaned eagerly
and, stretching her hands, her breasts squeezed and bunched
between her outstretched arms, gripped his cock, guiding it to her

"Fuck me!" she gasped. "C'mon Rajeev! Shove it in! Fuck me!"

Rajeev grinned and with a slow, measured, unending thrust,
squeezed his gargantuan cock-mass into her cunt. Shirlyn gasped in
pleasure, her face creasing in blissful relief as the enormous cock crushed into her cunt, filling it more than any other cock
could, driving a huge tidal wave of ecstasy before it. Her cunt convulsed on the intruder and she moaned, her hands sliding up to
her breasts, lifting and squeezing them wantonly.

"Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes ... that's so good, baby ... yes!
C'mon! Shove it all in ... ahhhhhhhhh uhhh yes oh god that's so

Chuckling softly, Rajeev began fucking her with slow, even
strokes, taking his time, in no apparent hurry. It was superb
fucking, spun out and infinitely nuanced, masterfully controlled
so that Shirlyn was constantly on the verge of an orgasm, yet
never allowed the release. Her head swam with delight. His cock
stroked smoothly in and out of her cunt, retreating a good ten
inches or more, then crushing slowly back in again, making her
body arch and bow and driving the breath from her throat in a
rattling moan. In and out he went, his hips swinging back and
forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing rhythmically. On the
desk, Shirlyn whimpered and gasped, her hips rising and falling in
an erotic cadence with his thrusts, her cunt convulsing greedily
on his cock as he drove it into her.

"Mm ... oh yes ... oh god that's so good ... yes ... oh fuck yes
... ohhhh uhhh yes ... oh baby yes!" she whimpered.

"C'mon ... take it ... mm ... yeh ... that's it ... fuck ... your
cunt's so hot, slut ... feels good ... yeh ... c'mon ... take it
all ... ahhh uhhh yes ... that's it ... c'mon ... squeeze my prick
harder, whore! Ahhhh yeh ... that's it!"

On and on he went and smoothly picked up speed till he was moving
in a quick, seamless back and forth action, one hand on her belly
now, the other on his hip, swinging smoothly from the waist. His
cock glistened as it stroked in and out of her cunt, appearing and
disappearing between her cunt-lips like a mechanized piston. On
the desk, Shirlyn moaned and gasped erotic obscenities, her hands
working her breasts sexily, her head flipping from side to side,
her face creased in pleasure, eyes closed, mouth open, nostrils
flared. Her body rocked and jerked with his thrusts and her
breasts began to wobble and jiggle as he moved faster and faster.
Her cries rose, getting sharper and more urgent.

"OHHHH uhhh yes! Oh fuck yes uhh oh yes oh yes oh ma uh ah uh oh
ma oh ma oh ma uhh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHHHH!" she called.

This time, he relented and let her have her orgasm. It hit her in
a slowly building wave that seemed to start from her toes and
moved upward, hitting her thighs, her crotch, her belly, her
breasts, flushing her face, then redoubling in intensity, growing
in strength as he continued stroking powerfully in and out of her
cunt. Shirlyn gasped, her chest heaving, her breath coming in
rattling moans, her cunt convulsing frantically on the enormous cock. On and on it went, drawing out and lengthening and Shirlyn
felt giddy with lust. Finally it began to ebb, seeping slowly out
of her flesh. Rajeev kept fucking her, slowing gradually till,
finally, he had stopped, his cock buried deep in her slit.

"Good?" he asked gently, bending over and kissing her, pushing his
tongue into her mouth while he fondled her breasts.

"Fantastic!" she murmured, caressing his sprawling shoulders, her
cunt still writhing under his groin.

His erection had not waned at all and she her mind leaped with
joy. He would fuck her for some time yet, and she wanted nothing

"Want more?" he asked.

"Yes. What a question."

They laughed softly and Rajeev eased his cock out of her, making
her gasp at the sudden release in pressure. She started to get up
after him but he pushed her back down gently.

"I want to lick you cunt again," he murmured.

Shirlyn smiled and opened her legs wider. Rajeev bent his head to
her cunt again and she sighed as his thick, heavy tongue rippled
down her crack and then swirled into the molten pool of her wet
cunt. After the demanding hardness and weight and size of his
cock, the touch of his tongue in her cunt was exquisite, fine and
delicate. She murmured in pleasure. His hands slid up her body and
he fondled her breasts, squeezing them gently. Rising, he dragged
his tongue up her slender, curved body to her breasts and sucked and licked them for a bit, toying with her nipples. The lust-fire
in Shirlyn's body crackled to life again. He went back to licking
her slit. She murmured softly, caressing his head as he worked her
cunt gently with his tongue. Her body jerked gently on the desk
and she closed her eyes and cupped her breasts, squeezing them
erotically, savouring the exquisite sensations of his tongue in
her slit. Her face was radiant with pleasure, her fine features
softened and glowing with enjoyment.

"Now suck me," he said, stopping at last and leaning back in his

Shirlyn slipped off the desk and kneeling on the floor before the
chair and between his legs, bent her head over his lap. Rajeev
murmured softly, caressing her lovely, silky dark hair and naked
back and pretty face and heavy breasts.

"I want you," she murmured, kissing and licking his belly, taking
his cock between her breasts, sliding her tongue wantonly up his
body. "Fuck me."

He pulled her up and turned her around, her back to him. "Sit on
it," he said.

Shirlyn moved her cunt over his cock, one hand between her legs
holding the thick shaft and maneuvering to her cunt-lips.

"Not there. In your ass," he said suddenly. "Take it in your ass."

Shirlyn loved being sodomized, and the bigger the cock, the
better. With a little moan of delight, she slid her hips forward
so that his cock was at her buttocks. He creased them open in his
hands. Her dainty puckered anus slipped lower and quivered,
hovering over his cock-head. He gripped her hips and gently pulled
her lower.

"C'mon, bitch! Take it!" he grunted softly, his tongue in her ear,
his hands sliding up to her breast.

Shirlyn took a deep breath and with a shuddering gasp sank her
hips and impaled her anus on his cock-head. It burst into her
rear-channel and, instantly, her face contorted and twisted in a
savage rictus of lust, her lips whipping back and exposing her
perfect, white, even teeth, her head jerking up, tendons popping
in her long throat, her eyes screwing shut, her belly snapping
inward in shock. The cock-head was huge and her anus convulsed
frantically on its monstrous bulge. The breath rattled from her
throat in a choking, broken gasp.

"Ohuh-huh-uh-uhOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She called. "Ah uh ah uhh
ohhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhh!"

Rajeev waited, grunting in pleasure, fondling her breasts, sliding
his hand down to finger her slit. Shirlyn gasped, her chest
heaving. His cock was too big, much too big, it felt so good, so
very good, as though a huge, red-hot poker was piercing her anus.
Her body trembled and tensed and her arms whipped back, fingers
clawing at the arms of his chair, her shoulders hunching. There
was no pain, just a glorious, burning, sharply biting, delightful
joy unlike any other. Rajeev didn't hurry her, just kept fondling
her breasts and cunt, licking the nape of her neck and the backs
of her ears, nibbling her lobes. Shirlyn groaned and, biting her
lower lip, forced her hips lower, taking more of his shaft in her
rear channel.

"That's good, baby," he murmured. "That's good ... keep going ...
keep going ... I want you to take it all ... c'mon ... you can do

He thumbed a console set flush in his desk and, on the wall
opposite, a huge screen descended noiselessly from the ceiling. It
flickered to life. It was a gigantic monitor of this room and it
showed Shirlyn and Rajeev at the desk, as though in a reflection.
Shirlyn moaned, immensely turned on by the image. She knew that
all fucking in Hedon & Venery offices was videotaped as a matter
of routine; most areas also allowed instant monitoring so that the
players could watch themselves as they were being filmed.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god," she sobbed, cupping his heavy balls
and squeezing them eagerly. "Oh ma uhhh yes ... ohhhh uhh yes oh
god yes ohhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes ... ohh uhh ohhh uhhh ohh ...
god you're so ... big ... so big ... oh ma uhhh yes!"

Lower and lower she went, taking more and more of his cock in her
anus till she had a good ten inches or so of the monstrous eleven
and a half inch long, two and half inch thick cock embedded in her
asshole. It was all she could take, and it was more than most. She
groaned, coming to a stop, her cunt impaled deeply on his enormous shaft, her chest heaving, her breath coming in wracked, tearing
sobs. Gently, Rajeev pulled her back against his chest and,
turning her face to his, kissed her tenderly and deeply, pushing
his tongue in and out of her mouth while he fondled her breasts,
squeezing the luscious mounds, tweaking and pinching the rigid
nipples, and fondled her open slit, flicking the hard stem of her
clitoris with his fingertip. Shirlyn groaned, her buttocks
writhing and squirming erotically on his lap.

"Okay?" he murmured, his tongue in her ear.

She nodded dumbly, biting her lower lip.

"Let's watch that new tape, shall we? What's her name?"

"Deepika," Shirlyn gasped.

"Yeah. Deepika. Set?"

Again she noticed and he punched another set of buttons on the
remote console. The image of the two of them vanished as the tape
she had slotted into the VCR when she first came into the room
began to roll.

The film was superbly made, opening with a slow roving pan over
Deepika's naked body, starting with her eyes, drawing back to her
face, sliding down over her breasts, then going lower, showing her

"Looks good," he murmured. "C'mon ... start moving ..."

Shirlyn moaned and slowly lifted her hips, sliding her anus up the
length of his cock. He grunted thickly. She whimpered. He fondled
her breasts. Up and up she went, till just his cock-head was
inside her asshole. Pausing fractionally, she groaned loudly and
then sank her hips again, beginning her asshole's downward descent
on his inflamed, throbbing erection. Again the breath rattled from
her throat and she cried out as he squeezed her breasts and
fondled her clitoris. Up she went again, and down.

On screen, Deepika was sucking a huge, bloated cock, licking it
hungrily, rocking her head back and forth. The soundtrack filled
the room with the man's gasps and groans of pleasure. The man began to come, thick creamy jizz spurting into her open mouth and
spattering her face and breasts. The shot faded.

Shirlyn continued rocking up and down slowly and heavily on
Rajeev's cock, grinding her rear channel up and down its enormous length. Her body tensed and trembled and shook. He knew she would
not be hold back for too long and began to fondle her clitoris
rapidly, squeezing her breasts with his other hand. She gasped,
her body writhing and squirming on his lap, her face twisting, her
breathing coming in rattling moans as she struggled to find a
rhythm. Up and down she went, up and down with heavy scrunching
motions, her anus riding along the length of his cock-shaft.

"Yes ... oh god yes ... fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck my ass,
Rajeev! Ohh uhhh yes!"

Quickly he picked up a pencil from a jar on his desk and slid the
eraser end into her cunt. Shirlyn gasped and cried out. He began
masturbating her with it, twisting the pentangular wooden stem
round and round in her slit. Shirlyn's body jerked and spasmed
like a marionette and her anus convulsed frantically on his penis.
Slowly, he pushed her forward so that she was leaning on his desk
on her forearms with her feet on the floor and gently slid off the
chair so that he was standing behind her. The pencil protruded
from her cunt. He leaned over her and kissed her, twisting her
face around to his and began to sodomize the young girl slowly and
heavily and deeply, sliding his hips to and fro and back and
forth, running his cock in and out of her rear channel. His penis
glistened with their comingled juices as it appeared and
disappeared between the smooth creamy curves of her buttocks. Her
breasts hung succulent and pendulous and her gold necklace swayed.
He crushed her breasts in his hands and then, reaching down
between her legs, began moving the pencil in and out of her cunt,
twisting it round and round in his fingers. On and on he went, his
huge cock grinding heavily in and out of her anus, piercing her
deeply. Shirlyn sobbed in pleasure, her chest heaving, her moans
rattling loudly.

"Ohh uhhh oh ma uhhh ohhh uhh oh yes oh ma yes ... oh god yes ...
fuck me ... fuck me, baby ... fuck my ass!" she moaned in a sexy
guttural tone.

Her body was hot under his, her breasts turgid, her nipples stiff
and she began to sweat with the tension. The fire in her loins was
unbearable. He chuckled softly and swept his tongue through her

"So. What do you think? What grade should she get?" he murmured.

Shirlyn gasped, gazing at the screen with glassy eyes, her vision
blurred. On the screen, Deepika was being fucked demonically on
her back by a muscular youth with an enormous penis. Her body
whipped and thrashed uncontrollably under his as he plunged and
pistoned and rammed and reamed into her, his buttocks bobbing and
bouncing over her thighs. Her swollen breasts jiggled and jumped
and her face, a mask of unfaked lust, flipped sexily from side to
side and her cries were loud and lewd.

"Ohhhhh uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhh yes oh god yes fuck
me yes ohh yes c'mon shove it in uhhhh yes ohhhh uhhhhh yes!" she

At the desk, Rajeev repeated his question. Shirlyn moaned and
didn't answer, leaving it to him.

"Would four be all right, do you think?" he asked and she knew he
genuinely wanted an answer.

"High," she gasped. "High ... but ... oh uh ohhhhh uhh oh god
Rajeev yes! Ohhhhhh uhhh yes ... yes ... that's okay uhhh yes ...
ohh god uhhhhh yes!"

He looked back at the screen. The man came violently, jerking out
of her and shaking his cock, spewing jizz over her slender,
delectable body.

The shot faded and now she was on her front, on her forearms and
knees while another man fucked her from behind. He pounded his
bloated cock in and out of her cunt, gripping her slender waist
and rocking her body back and forth under his and her breasts wobbled and shook and her face was contorted, turned to the
camera, riven with lust.

"Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh uh oh uh oh uh ohhhhhhh uhh yes fuck me yes
oh god yes fuck me!" she cried. "Ohhhhhhh uhhhh yes oh ma uhh

Faster and faster the man went and now the shot showed her sucking one man's cock while another fucked her from behind. Her body
rocked and swayed between the two men, the antipodal orifices
plugged by the huge penises that sawed rhythmically in and out of
her cunt. The final sequences showed her taking three men, her
cunt impaled on a huge penis, her mouth filled with another while
a young, reedy youth with a long penis ground into her anus from
behind, sodomizing her heavily and slowly. Her body thrashed in
evident pleasure between the three men. Rajeev made up his mind.

"Fine," he said softly. "Four it is." He punched a button on his
telephone. A female voice came on the line. "Nisha. Send a message
to the studio, about Deepika's grade. Slot her into Four." He
heard Nisha's gasp of surprise and chuckled. "Yeah, you heard
right. Four. And schedule me one hour with her some time this
week. I want to fuck her myself. Thanks." He laughed softly.
"Yeah, I know. It's been a long time. Okay, book an hour with you
for me. Whenever convenient. Shirlyn will give you a free slot.
She has my schedule."

On screen, Deepika was astride a man, moaning and whimpering,
cupping and squeezing her breasts as she bucked up and down on his
cock. The man grunted, thrusting his hips rhythmically up and down
beneath her. She was in a deep squat astride him and, as Rajeev
watched, she leaned back on outstretched arms and began to swirl
her hips in tight erotic circles, mashing her cunt-flesh with his
cock. Her head flopped back between her hunched shoulders and the
camera panned in to a close-up of her face, showing it distorted
with lust, spasms of delight twisting her lovely features, making
her more delectable. Her breasts wobbled and jumped as she jogged
and gyrated in a frenzy on the enormous penis.

"OHHHHHH uhhh ohhh uhh ohma uhhh ahhh uhh ohhhh uhhh yes uhh oh
god yes uhh yes!" Deepika cried.

Rajeev grinned. He had made the right decision. He punched a
button on the remote console and the image died. He bent over
Shirlyn and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth and
slowly slid his cock out of her anus and the pencil out of her
cunt. She moaned, her chest heaving, panting and gasping hoarsely,
delirious with joy.

"Now," he said softly. "I want your cunt again, whore! C'mon!"

Shirlyn moaned and then gasped, chewing her lower lip as the huge
penis surged into her belly in a deep, cruel, piercing thrust,
ramming in all the way.

"OHHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me
Rajeev yes ... ohhhh uhhh yes ... c'mon ... ram it in again, baby!
Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore! Fuck me hard! Yes uhh oh yes oh god
yes uhhh oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"
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