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Obsession 03 Sui Generis



Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


NOTE: This story may be archived and distributed free, but may NOT
be sold or otherwise distributed for commercial gain/profit.


Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
The blood sang in Deepika's veins, roared like thunder in her
head. Every nerve and every fibre quivered alive. It seemed almost
as though every corpuscle, every cell, every part of her body had
joined in the rising, throbbing demand for release, sweet, blessed
release, relief that would not come. She had never been fucked
like this.

Rajeev had been fucking her without a pause for the past ninety
minutes. Despite everything she did to him and for him, despite
the number of times his cock entered her cunt, her mouth, even her
anus, somehow, magically, he never came. Deepika was a mass of
jangled nerves and trembling limbs. Dizzy with the incessant
pleasure, part of her mind wanted to scream in frustration while
exulting in the sweet agony of his skill.

She had never imagined such joy. His cock was unlike any other,
bigger, thicker, harder, longer; in the past few weeks whoring at
Hedon & Venery, only one man, Kishore, had a fractionally larger
cock but even he had been nowhere as good in bed. Rajeev was in a
class by himself.

She lay on her back on the sweat-soaked rumpled sheets of the
king-size bed, her body writhing and jerking uncontrollably, her
voice erupting in cracked, rattling moans as he fucked her
rhythmically and unhurriedly. He had been fucking her like this
for almost ten minutes already and he didn't seem the least bit
strained or out of breath. He kept plunging in and out of her cunt with a wonderful, stabbing, snapping motion, thrusting in, pausing
for the tiniest fraction of a second, slipping outward, thrusting
in again, and yet again. Her body whipped and jerked on the bed,
her swollen breasts hurting as they jiggled, her nipples aching
with the tension. Her groin seemed to have a life of its own as
her hips pumped and bucked in unison with his thrusts. She dug her
fingers into the thick rounded bunches of muscle in his
outstretched arms. Her face, contorted with lust, the nostrils
flared, eyes closed, mouth open, flipped from side to side. Her
voice rang in her ears.

"Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh yes oh god yes uh ah uh ah uh ah uh
ah uh ah uh yes oh god oh god uh yes oh ma uh yes oh ma uh yes oh
god yes fuck me yes uh oh yes oh fuck me yes oh yes!" she gasped.

She heard him chuckle softly and felt him begin to move faster.
She gasped and moaned, her cries rising, getting louder and
shriller and more obscene as he gathered speed, pistoning
powerfully in and out of her cunt. His hands suddenly flipped up
to her breasts, crushing them under his weight, pinning her
beneath him and she gasped, writhing in a feverish delirium under
him. His cock was like the arrow of god, pulverizing her molten
cunt-flesh without respite in its passage.

The teenage girl's orgasm loomed and, sensing it, he slowed at
once and slid smoothly out of her. Deepika groaned in despair. He
smiled gently.

"Not long now," he murmured. "Another few minutes."

He turned her on her side and, lying behind her, lifted her upper
leg up and back over his thigh and squeezed his cock into her cunt again. Deepika gasped as the huge cock surged into her cunt,
driving an enormous wall of liquid fire before it, consuming her
flesh from end to end. In and in it went and the seventeen-year
old thought it would tear her body in two and rip out of her
throat. Her breath rattled in a low, guttural moan and her belly
snapped inward and her cunt convulsed on the huge, throbbing

"OHHHHHHHHh uhh Oh ma uhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHH!" she called.

He put an arm around her, squeezing her breasts, tormenting the
swollen flesh, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples, making her
gasp and shudder. His other hand on her flared hip, he began
fucking her rapidly, jerking her body back and forth on the bed
before him, snapping his hips to and fro. His thighs pummelled her
smoothly curved buttocks with loud slaps as his gargantuan cock
plowed and pistoned and crushed in and out of her cunt. Deepika
moaned and cried out, her body snapping and jerking under his

"Ohhh uhh Oh ma uhh oh uh oh ma uh ahhh uh yes uh oh ma uhh *hanh*
uhhh ohhh uh oh uh ohh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHH!" she called.

Faster and faster he went, his buttocks flexing and unflexing in a
powerful rhythm, his enormous cock sawing in and out of her cunt,
appearing and disappearing between the smooth curves of her
buttocks as his hips crashed at them. She twisted her face over
her shoulder and he kissed her hard, jamming his tongue into her
mouth. Her body shone with sweat and, breaking the kiss, he lapped
at a thin rivulet of perspiration that coursed behind her ear and
down the nape of her long neck. Deepika moaned, shivering in

"C'mon, whore ... take it!" he rasped, his tongue sweeping through
her ear. "Take it, you bitch, take it!"

Deepika moaned, thrilling at his words. She writhed her buttocks
against his crotch, shoving her cunt down greedily on the enormity
of his pistoning penis. Rajeev grunted and, slowing, gently eased
her onto her front without pausing in his in-out motion, without
moving his cock out of her cunt. Deepika groaned, her body bent
low and angled forward, her face and shoulders on the bed, her
head turned to one side. Rajeev shuffled his legs wide, straddling
her flared hips, then moved them wider still in a great obtuse V
and leaned forward over her, thrusting his hands under her
breasts, squeezing and crushing them in his palms, jamming his
mouth to hers again.

"That's it, bitch!" he grunted. "Hard and deep!"

Beneath him, Deepika moaned thickly as the huge cock surged into
her cunt, crushing and scrunching through her cunt-flesh, mashing
her gorged clitoris in its awesome passage. In and in he went,
burying himself in her to the hilt.

"Oh ma uhhhhh ahhhhhhhh uhhh oh god yes!" she gasped, her head
snapping up, her face twisting and contorting in a rictus of joy.

Slowly, he slid outward, making her gasp at the release in
pressure in her slit. He paused for a fraction of a second with
just his cock-head embedded between her cunt-lips and then,
flexing his buttocks powerfully, drove his cock into her again.
Beneath him, Deepika cried out, her body arching and tensing as
the huge penis seared inexorably inward, driving the breath from
her body. Again he drew out and plunged in and yet again and
gradually began to pick up speed. His cock ran smoothly in and out
of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the curves of her
buttocks, squelching audibly into her tight, hot slit. His
buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically and his hips rocked and
swung, snapping at the waist, bobbing and bouncing up and down
over her buttocks. Faster and faster he went and, beneath him, the
teenager cried out thinly, her body jerking and snapping with his
thrusts. The cameras in the room caught glorious close-up shots of
his cock pulverizing her cunt, his buttocks flexing and unflexing,
his tight anus winking alternately. His massive muscles rippled
and corded smoothly and the huge thick-veined shaft glistened and
shone with their comingled coital juices as it pistoned up and
down and in and out like a mechanical device. Up and down and in
and out it went, pulverizing her tender, throbbing, wet

UH OH UH AH UH OHHHHHHH!" Deepika shrieked in an agony of delight
as the huge cock plundered her flesh without respite.

"Yeh c'mon take it take it bitch come on you fucking whore take
it!" he grunted. "Yeh that's it c'mon take it yes oh fuck yes oh
yes oh fuck yes!"

"OH uh Oh uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHHHHH!" she went.

Unbelievably, he went faster still, plunging in harder and deeper,
his cock ramming and reaming and thundering in and out of her
cunt. Deepika almost passed out with the pleasure of it. Her
orgasm rushed at her and, this time, he let it run and it crashed
over her like a bolt of lightning, hitting her cunt and breasts and shaking her body, making her arch stiffly and cry out, tendons
popping in her long neck, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets,
her face arched and twisted in a rictus of lust. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his pistoning, thrusting penis and he
grunted thickly, crushing her breasts in his hands. On and on it
went, wave after wave of pleasure swamping her body. Rajeev
groaned softly and jerked into her with a snap, once, twice,
three, four ... a dozen times, making her body snap with his
thrusts, drawing a shuddering moan of pleasure from her. His cock
buried in her slit, his hips twitching at her buttocks, he
exploded and Deepika moaned, her eyes widening in shock as the
awesome flood of his loins saturated her cunt, jet after jet of
hot jizz shooting and stinging into her cunt in an endless stream,
the cannonade of spoot making her body jerk sexily as his cock
spat his angry, molten load. He emptied himself in her and the
jizz seeped from her cunt and dribbled out of her cunt-lips.

With a satisfied sigh, he slid slowly out of her. Deepika moaned
and sank down on the bed, her body trembling with shock in the
aftermath of the storm that had caught her, her chest heaving
hugely. Rajeev kissed her tenderly and took her in his arms. She
groaned, her head on his chest, her eyes closed. He toyed with her
breasts gently, kissing her lips and eyes, caressing her slender,
curved body. Deepika moaned. His very touch was erotic. Her
fingers traced the contours of his magnificent torso and crawled
down to his crotch. She expected to find his cock limp; instead it
was rock-hard and throbbing. Her eyes flew open in surprise and
she looked at him. He chuckled softly, kissing her again.

"Don't worry about that," he murmured. "You were very good. It's
just that I want to fuck you again. If you will let me."

Deepika glowed with pleasure and pride. He, the master of them
all, was asking her permission! He could have just mounted her
without her consent and she would have had to let him do what he
wished. But no, he was as concerned for her as for himself. He was
unlike any other lover. Her face was radiant and suffused with
pleasure. She lapped at his small, dark, hard nipple and, sliding
over his body, began to snake her way down to his crotch, rubbing
her swollen breasts against his body and cock. Rajeev sighed and
lay back, eyes closed.

"C'mon ... suck my cock," he murmured.

Deepika's lips fluttered over his penis and he groaned thickly as
they parted and she took his cock in her mouth and began to suck
him off. He yielded to the pleasures of her cock-sucking; she was
surprisingly adept at it and it was obvious she enjoyed it. He
craned his neck and watched as she lapped lasciviously at his
bulging cock-head, her fist curled around his thick cock-shaft,
her head tilted to one side, her eyes hooded, her lips parted, her
glistening white teeth and pointed tongue working his cock-head
hungrily. He bucked his hips under her face, holding her head and
moving it up and down over his lap. Her soft cheeks on his crotch
and her swollen breasts on his thighs felt sexy and erotic.

"Mm ... yeh ... that's good ... keep sucking, bitch ... that's
good ... yes ... that's it ... yes ... suck harder, you whore!
C'mon! Do it!"

Deepika thrilled to hear the unfaked delight in his voice. She
sucked his cock with renewed vigour and ardour, her head bobbing
up and down over his lap, her tongue lapping at the slippery gunk
that coated his shaft and cock-head. The mingled tastes of his
jizz and her cunt-juice on his cock aroused her. His cock spurted
pre-cum gunk and she moaned and swallowed it greedily.

He pulled at her head and, groaning, she slid up over his body,
dragging her tongue over his torso, swirling it through his hollow
navel, moving higher, sucking and licking his nipples, lapping at
the thin film of sweat on his body, brushing her breasts over his
hard flesh. He chuckled as she straddled his hips smoothly and
leaned forward on outstretched arms.

"C'mon whore ... sit on my dick," he grunted, sliding his hands up
the teenager's slender, superbly curved body, cupping and
squeezing her generous, swollen breasts, pinching and tweaking her
rigid nipples.

Deepika moaned, her long dark hair cascading over her shoulder,
framing her lovely face with a glossy curved curtain. She lifted
her hips over his cock and moving it to her cunt-lips, slowly
impaled herself on the huge penis. It bit into her cunt-flesh and,
as she forced her hips lower, seared upward into her cunt. She
gasped, biting her lower lip, her eyes fluttering shut, her face
arching. Rajeev arched his hips under her, sending his cock
surging into her cunt. She moaned in bliss, her cunt convulsing on
the enormous intruder.

"C'mon, whore ... take it!" he grunted.

Bent over him on her knees and arms, Deepika began rocking up and
down over his lap, sliding her cunt up and down the length of his
hugely swollen, long, throbbing penis. Rajeev let her take the
lead and then moved with her, matching her rhythm perfectly.
Deepika moaned and gasped as his hips rose to meet hers in
descent. Her cunt rocked up and down the length of his enormous penis, her buttocks flexing and unflexing and bouncing off his
thighs. The cameras behind her took loving close-ups of her wet
cunt grinding along his cock-shaft, of his glistening shaft
appearing and disappearing between the lobes of her buttocks and
the soft lips of her slit.

"Ohhhh uhh yes uhh Oh ma uhhh yes!" the seventeen-year old gasped.

Faster and faster she went, her breasts bouncing and jiggling, her
face radiant with a soft suffusion of passion. Her cunt and loins
burned with excitement, her breasts were swollen and her nipples
ached with the tension. The blood pounded in her head again.
Arching, she twisted an arm behind her, cupping his balls and
squeezing them eagerly, whining in pleasure as he bucked up and
down beneath her.

"Now," he murmured. "Show me what you can do."

For a second, the girl didn't understand. Then she sensed movement
and her eyes opened and grew wide with shock and surprise. Two men had entered the room. They approached the bed, naked, grinning,
masturbating their long, thick cocks. Under her, Rajeev chuckled

"Yeah. Take one in your ass and one in your mouth. C'mon. Show me
you can do it!"

Deepika trembled with excitement. She turned her face and one of
the men pushed his cock into her mouth. She gasped and took it
between her lips and sucked it hungrily, rocking her head back and
forth. The man grunted, fucking her face unhurriedly for several
minutes, pumping his hips to and fro. Then he pulled away and the
second man took his place. Deepika felt the first man move behind
her and, understanding their intention now, she pressed her cunt down on Rajeev's cock and leaned forward with a shuddering moan.
Her buttocks split open, exposing the dainty puckered flesh of her
anus. The man behind her pressed his cock-head to her anus.
Deepika tensed for a moment, pausing in her sucking of the first
man's cock.

With a soft grunt, the man behind her flexed his buttocks slowly
and eased his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her tight
rear-channel. Deepika shrieked thinly as the huge penis burned
into her asshole. He drove it in deeper and deeper in a slow,
relentless thrust that forced her cunt down harder on Rajeev's
penis. Her body thrashed wildly, her breath rattling in a broken,
cracked, ululating moan.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH uh Oh ma uhhhh ahhh uhhhh OHHHHHHHHH!"

There was no pain, just a wild, indescribable joy as the two huge
penises filled her flesh. Then the third man jerked her head to
his crotch and stuffed his cock into her mouth. Deepika groaned
deep in her cock-filled throat, her body pinned between the three
men. As if on cue, they began fucking her together, moving in a
superbly co-ordinated rhythm so that all three penises entered her
cunt and mouth and ass together, slid out, ran back in again, and
yet again. On and on they went and smoothly shifted into an
intertwining, syncopated rhythm so that as one cock went into an
orifice, the other two retreated. They were in no hurry and she
could hear them grunting and chuckling in pleasure. Their hands
were all over her, on her breasts and face and neck and buttocks
and there were tongues in her ear, on her neck, on her breasts and
she felt like one gigantic orifice from head to toe.

The three men fucked her in every orifice, taking their time,
moving with practiced ease and unhurried, confident skill. Several
minutes after they began, they stopped, drawing out of her one by
one. Deepika shuddered and trembled, collapsing in a heap on the
bed. Now none of them asked her if she wanted to continue. She had
to. She no longer had a choice.

Rajeev stepped away and let the two men take her. They fucked her
in turns at first, taking her hard and deep and fast. The first
turned her on her back and pulling her legs wide in his hands,
levering her thighs open with his knees, bent over her and quickly
ran his cock into her cunt in a long, rushing thrust. The breath
whooshed from her throat and she cried out, arching steeply.

"OHHHHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhhh ahhh uhhh OHHHH!"

The man grunted and began fucking her rapidly, heaving his hips up
and down, pounding his cock in and out of her cunt, his buttocks
flexing and unflexing, his hips snapping rhythmically as he drove
his enormous cock in and out of her cunt. Deepika thrashed and
cried out, her body jerking and snapping with his thrusts, her
breasts jiggling. Faster and faster the men went, ramming and
reaming into her cunt.

"C'mon! Take it ... yeh ... take it, bitch ... c'mon!" he gasped.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, he jerked out of her and yielded his place
in her flesh to his companion. The man turned her on her forearms
and knees and slowly shoved his penis into her cunt from behind.
Deepika moaned thickly, her head sagging, beyond caring what they
did to her. The huge penis seared in her cunt as it surged deeper
and deeper into her flesh. She moaned, writhing her buttocks
against him and he chuckled softly and fucked her deeply and
heavily, crushing her cunt-flesh with his massive cock, squeezing
and fondling her breasts as he moved, pinching her aching nipples.
In and out his cock went, his thighs slapping loudly at her
buttocks as he moved faster and faster, pummelling her body with

Then they took her together again, all three, Rajeev entering her
cunt from beneath while the other two fucked her mouth and anus.
Deepika writhed and thrashed in an agony of lust between them, her
body streaming with sweat, every orifice filled. The three men grunted and chuckled softly, fondling her breasts, their penises
sawing rhythmically in and out of her cunt and mouth and ass. The
man in her mouth was the first to come, grunting softly as he
exploding, shooting a thick wad of jizz down her throat and
spattering her face and neck and breasts. Then the one fucking her
ass came, his cock running deep into her rear channel and
exploding, spurting thick jets of hot jizz into her anus. He drew
out of her, still coming and shook his cock over her buttocks and
back, splashing warm jizz on her smooth flesh, smearing it into
her skin with his cock-head. Only Rajeev held back. The two men slipped out and murmuring their thanks left the room. Rajeev
smiled up at her.


Deepika moaned, rocking drunkenly up and down and back and forth
over his lap, every fibre quivering and tingling. She felt she was
dreaming, this couldn't be happening, there couldn't be fucking
like this, no one could fuck like this, it was too much. She was
too dazed to respond to his question. Rajeev smiled and, pulling
her head down to his, kissed her gently, fondling her breasts.

"Now," he said. "I want you again."

He rolled her over on her back again and, bending over, kissing
her, sucking and licking her breasts, began fucking her again.
Beneath him, Deepika hissed in delight, gasping and arching and
moaning in pleasure, her mind numb but her body curiously alive
and tingling with lust.

"Fuck me!" she groaned. "Fuck me, Rajeev ... fuck me hard!"

Rajeev smiled and rocked smoothly and swiftly in and out of her
cunt. She was a superb ride. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed on his
penis and her hips bucked and tossed under his thrusts. She looked
lovely, in the throes of passion, her face flipping from side to
side, soft and radiant with excitement.

"C'mon whore," he rasped. "Take it! Take my cock, you fucking
bitch! Take it, slut! Take it!"

Rajeev decided he would fuck her for a while still. She would have
to take it and he knew, with a master's instinct, that she could
and would. He was well pleased with her. For her age and relative
recentness at the trade, she was an exceptionally fine mount. He
expected her to do well as a whore. Unless, of course, she did
something silly. Like getting married and leaving Hedon & Venery,
for instance.
= o =


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